Sunday, May 31, 2015

Update On Yesterday's #RosticaFactor Episode

The first wave of our protests must have been noted for today Father Dan Fitzpatrick released a letter withdrawing his threat to sue the blogger who authors  On her post, Ms. Short published his letter.  While he also retracts his "female Holy Spirit" heresy, he still continues to insinuate that Ms. Short "insulted and harrassed" him.  In other words, he continues to slander her.

I recommend that we still alert the pastor and the bishop that the slanders continue.  Of course we will keep Father Fitzpatrick in prayer.


  1. Why is this fool wearing a priest collar and allowed to guide Catholic Laymen and women with his heretical garbage?

  2. Just a quick question, who is "Ms. Rock"? "FaithInOurFamilies" blogger Clare's last name is


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