Thursday, May 7, 2015

Year Of Mercy Logo: Throw-Back To The 1970s

As you gaze upon the felt-banner leftover from that decade, you might opine that the this post's title be changed from "throw-back to the 1970s" to "throw-up of the 1970s".  It is an eye-sore.  Speaking of eyes, do you notice anything?  Yes!  Jesus and the badly-contorted guy seem to share an eye-ball.  So are they supposed to be Siamese twins, cojoined at the eye-ball?    It's not only grotesque but also quite new-age, hearkening to Hinduism, Taoism and theosophy; read this write-up.

Heretic Father Richard Rohr also seems to be interested in "third eye" gobblygoop.  I've written a bit about him previously.

Didn't the Vatican learn anything from the artistic disaster point forth from the Pontifical Council for Culture three months ago?  To refresh memories, I refer you to a prior post.  I suppose we can be grateful that this "year of mercy" logo doesn't hearken to BDSM activites as the below logo does.  But really!  Why won't they use real art treasures from centuries back - ones that inspire true piety and love of Our Lord, His Church and our fellow man?

For an example of real art, I refer you to the Divine Mercy image incorporated into this blog's logo.  While it dates back only to the 1930s (coming to us via Saint Faustina), it depicts the true nature, source and communication of mercy.  It comes to us via Our Lord Jesus Christ and is communicated to us through the Sacraments and ministry of the Church.  May all come to know authentic mercy through Christ's Church and sacraments.

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