Monday, May 18, 2015

Protest Of DC-Area "Abortion Spa" This Saturday

Some may have heard of the new "abortion spa" that recently opened in Chevy Chase, Maryland.  It is called Carafem and is featuring spa-like amenities to women as they cajole them to subjecting their babies to chemical abortion.  The Washington Post had a write-up on them; given the Post's own pro-baby-murder sentiments, one can imagine that the write-up was glowing.

Notice something as you read the article.  The mill is being lauded as "part of a trend to destigmatize the procedure".  I'm sure the authors didn't realize it, but they are making quite an admission.  Consider that there should be no impetus to destigmatize "the procedure" if there did not exist a stigma to it.  Of course there is; abortion is a heinous form of murder and will always have the stigma of evil and death about it, for such is the truth of abortion.  All the fluffy bathrobes and cups of hot tea this mill provides will only be the proverbial "lipstick on the rattlesnake".

This coming weekend, Created Equal (led by Mark Harrington) will drive home the truth in the last paragraph by a picket in front of Carafem this coming Saturday morning.  This link has pertinent details; please visit it.  For most of my readers, distance will limit your participation to financial contributions.  For those in the area, please plan to join them.  Again, visit the link.

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