Monday, May 25, 2015

With Bishops Like Him, No Wonder Ireland Is Going Down The Sewer

The Archbishop of Dublin, Dairmuid Martin, stated that the Church in Ireland needs a "reality check".  What kind of "reality check" he has in mind is anything but reality.  He started out by saying "we have drifted away from young people".  Young people!  Not the truth, not Jesus Christ, who is the Way, Truth and Life, along with His teachings - but young people!

He said he voted "no" in the referendum (well we should hope so!), he said he wanted Irish society to be (get this!) "creative in finding ways in which people of same-sex orientation have their rights and their loving and caring relationships recognized and cherished in a culture of difference, while respecting the uniqueness of the male-female relationship."  Wow!  Talk about satanic double-talk!  Let's unpack this heresy, shall we?
  • There is nothing "loving and caring" about sodomy.  Actual love happens when one  desires what is beneficial for another.  Sodomy is a mortal sin: one that will, unless repented, damn the sodomites to hell for all eternity.  How can sodomites claim to "love" one another when they act in ways that will facilitate the eternal damnation of those whom they claim to "love"?
  • In saying he wants Irish society to be creative, well, let me translate. "We want Irish society to facilitate the mortal sin of sodomy".  Martin is also saying that he wants the Irish church to cooperate formally and materially in mortal sin - which would be its own mortal sin.  That is what we call the blind leading the blind straight into hell.
Here's the kind of "reality check" that the Irish Church really needs.  This vote happened the way it did precisely because of the de facto treachery of bishops such as Martin.  A real "reality check" will involve an admission that the Church has been wimpy and lackluster about proclaiming the Faith and moral teachings of Jesus Christ.  The Church should not concern itself with "drifting away from young people" but drifting away from Jesus.  It's time that the Catholic Church should drop all this fascination with "climate change" and progressive "social justice" (euphamism for socialism) and get about its real mission of saving souls.

Will the Church be ever so popular for doing so?  Probably not.  But Jesus was not crucified because He was popular.  We can expect no less - certainly not from a world that has become not only indifferent but murderously hostile towards Christianity.  We have been given a mission by Jesus Himself - a mission upon which hinges our own salvation.

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  1. This man by all rights should be sacked. Have we heard one word from the Vatican? Anything??? Do we hear 'crickets chirping' again as usual? It's really disgusting. Meanwhile Ireland burns in their depraved sodomy, and have all but invited the Lord God to wipe them out. I like what I read on another site: "Ireland drew a big circle in the sky with a big red X in the middle with a message to God........SEND THE METEOR HERE."

    The Church in Ireland, as in the US and other countries has been all but completely absent in teaching the faith for 50 years now. Ha! According to an interview of the Irish people by Michael Voris, there are a good number of them who said it wasn't a sin at all to miss Mass on Sunday, but 'it used to be'. Kind of gives you an idea of how well they know the faith, and what the Priests have been teaching them. They don't and the Priests haven't. The wolves have purposely highjacked the faith and the laity haven't bothered to pick up a catechism to even look at it. The 'revolution' all started with Vat ll and now they're poised to put the icing on the cake. Vatican ll succeeded alright,,,,,,,,,,, in the destruction of the Church. Talk about the sheep being led to slaughter!! Angry??? You bet I am!! Who wouldn't be???


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