Thursday, May 28, 2015

More Details On What Is Being Called The Shadow Council

I wrote yesterday of the Shadow Council that happened in the Vatican a few days ago.  Edward Pentin wrote a follow-up piece that listed some of the key invitees to that meeting.  He pointed out that there was not a variety of perspectives represented at the meeing.

One Peter Five linked to a translation of an Italian news source that gave some details of the discussion proceeds.  I link to it here but must warn you that some of the ideas expressed at that meeting appeared to border on pornographic.  If the transcripts of the meeting are indeed made public, we may have to rate them "x" or "r" as we do some movies.

Pope Paul VI is said to have lamented the "smoke of satan entering in the Church."  It seems that a large component of that smoke may be carbon monoxide.  Pray.

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