Friday, October 18, 2019

The Attempt To Replace The Faith With Paganism - A Key Purpose Of This Amazon Synod

Stop the presses!  The pope has written a new book!  What can the topic of this book possibly be?  Did he write on the Last Four Things?  With Christmas coming, is he offering meditations on the Incarnation or perhaps the Holy Family?  Maybe he is explaining why the Roman Catholic Church is the One True Church?

Oh, silly us for holding such hopes!

The title of this pontifical work is (trumpets and drum roll please!) - Our Mother Earth!

As you can see from that link, the announcement is not a joke, although the book itself most likely is.  I wonder how many times the word "Jesus" will be mentioned therein; they probably can be counted on one hand.  The pope and his vatican henchmen are seeking to establish an earth-worship, pantheistic paganism and to portray Jesus as being merely on par with His Creation.  They aren't even trying to camouflage their intentions any longer, yet some still deny what is plain as the noses on their faces.

In previous posts you have seen the pagan idol worship in the Vatican gardens.  The false idols have now been taken into St Peter's Basilica where more sacrilege is occurring - with even the pope participating.  See the LifeSiteNews video below.

I realize these matters are distressing to contemplate, but that is the state of affairs with the Church today.  With many of the US bishops being on board with this apostasy, (and all signs indicate that the DC archbishop is one of them) we have to be informed and prepared in order to pray intelligently.  We may even need to consider some practical resistance, should affairs deteriorate.

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  1. Absolutely we need to RESIST! How? Not exactly sure yet. I agree with Dr. Marshall, however, would some brave soul in Rome please destroy these pagan idols? I guess the problem with this is: they seem to have a multitude of 'Pachamamma' idols to replace them....and, a multitude of the 'nursing' posters as well. They seem to be well stocked. The cost of these idols is no doubt pocket change out of a budget of several million donated by the Ford Foundation. (I read somewhere that they are reproduced very inexpensively in China) Mary help of Christians PRAY FOR US!!


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