Thursday, October 10, 2019

Confess Your Ecological Sins NOW, You Rigid Reprobates!!

Remember Father Lefty Goodvibes?  Yes, him!  That post was a satire that I posted to point out the absolute banality of the "lenten carbon fast" that was promulgated by Catholic Climate Covenant and other envirowhacko groups.  At the end of that post, I expressed my hope that it was only a parody.  Sadly it's closer to truth than fiction.

We are hearing from the Scam-azon Sin-Nod that we need to "recognize our ecological sins" and come to "ecological conversion".  Now I'm all for not wasting food, electricity and other resources and for properly disposing of garbage, but what these people are proposing is just more of earth worship pantheism.

Speaking of "ecological sin", just how did these "synod fathers" get to Rome from their various homes?  Did they trek across the European continent on foot or horseback?  Did the ones domiciled in other continents sail across the seas?  Please tell me that they didn't (gasp!) fly in planes, thus belching all that plane exhaust in the skies!  The scandal - making such huge carbon footprints!

Here's a novel concept for the ones who persist in this nonsense!  They can advocate for the ban of artificial contraception.  Evidence now exists that estrogen from the Pill is leaching into the waterways, affecting fish so that they cannot reproduce.  It's a win-win!  They can preach against actual mortal sin while satisfying their ecological pet peeves!  Think that will happen?  Neither do I, but I remain open to being pleasantly surprised!

Meanwhile, Father Goodvibes' confessional light is on!


  1. So INFURIATING these people are that pretend to be leaders of our Church! I'm waiting now to hear if we don't live in grass huts and sew leaves together for clothing, we are in MORTAL SIN, and if we don't confess, our souls will evaporate upon death. (Remember Bergoglio has said that bad people just evaporate instead of going to Heaven, because there is NO HELL)...UGH! They just get more insanely loony toons by the day.

  2. Oh, and as addendum to my 1st post: I hope we are all praying also for the conversion of Bergoglio and all of his cronies, but I think it's time to throw in for a stable mind and sanity for all of them. St. Dymphna is a great saint for that!


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