Monday, October 28, 2019

What Really Happened To The Pachamamas

Allegedly the pachamama idols were fished out of the Tiber, with nary a scratch on them!  Amazing, when you consider that the things would have floated miles away before the Vatican got wind of the heist!  C'mon!  Does anyone really believe that the authorities took the time and trouble to fish some cheap baubles out of the Tiber?  They had to have had more of the things in stock, and that is what we saw.

Come to think of it, to make that many replicas of pachamama, they would have had to (gasp!) kill lots of trees, right?  For shame!  The poor ole' earth must have cried and bled a storm when those trees were cut down!  Talk about ecological sins!   In fact, this leaked video gives the inside story on what happened behind Vatican walls when the gang heard the idols were missing.  But I digress!

In his groveling apology, the pope hinted that the idols might appear at the closing Mass in St Peter's Bascilica.  That was enough for some cardinals to state that if the statues appeared, they wouldn't participate.  It appears the pope did an end-run around them, for a potted plant was processed at the Offertory and placed on the altar - in direct violation of the GIRM.  My blogging colleage, Vox Cantoris, goes more into detail of this more covert idolatry.

Below is a video of the Mass.  Watch for yourselves.

Some wonder now what the decent cardinals will do.  I think the more relevant question is what will we do?  That is a serious question to ponder as we pray our Rosaries for Holy Mother Church.


  1. The SSPX has just come out with a very direct statement about the apostasy.
    I think the SSPX are going to gather up a lot of Catholics. The Roman Catholic Church has rejected Catholicism and tossed it to the dogs. Catholics are sick and tired of this, it's become torture, and there is no way to reconcile supporting this Church of Satan any longer. Who can give one dime to this Satanic church now! We would be giving money to Satan himself, because he has been enthroned in the church. He replaced Jesus Christ officially on the Feast of Christ the King, or in the Vatican garden in the ceremony where our pope blessed and worshiped demons.
    It's not the end folks, it's not. God will answer, but in my opinion since there is no way to continue to support this church and there is no reason to continue to be abused by abusers, the alternatives are starting to look more appealing. We know it's not perfect, but then again, what is except God.
    I don't have answers yet, it's too early. Tomorrow's a new day. Let's hope for better things, like even ONE faithful Cardinal who fears God more than he fears Bergolio.

  2. At least there weren't any girl altar boys. Or did I miss them in the procession?

  3. The FIRST people in the procession entering St Peter's consisted of a row of 4 women including the woman with the potted plant.


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