Thursday, October 24, 2019

Homophile Priests Emboldened In Their Advocacy Of Mortal Sin

Sooner or later, for someone who has lost his/her faith in the One True God, hubris will win over any vestige of discretion.  We are seeing that unfold with the pope and other Vatican henchmen as their idolatry is visible for all the world to see.  Now we see it for Father James Martin in this revelatory tweet.

Yes, he is saying that the Bible, the Holy Word of God, is in error for calling the mortal sin of sodomy an actual sin.  Of course in so doing Martin is committing several objectively sinful acts himself - most likely mortal for he is not unaware of the gravity of them.

DC-area Catholics, please bear in mind that Archbishop Gregory holds this heretic in high esteem; he has clearly stated that several times.  Also, recall that while Wuerl ran the show here, he had Martin give the Good Friday homily at St Matthew's Cathedral in 2017.  I think we'd better be on alert and be prepared to picket/protest if/when he shows up at another local Catholic venue.

Speaking of priests cooperating in the mortal sin of sodomy, my blogging colleague at An Archdiocese of Washington Catholic has given us an update on Father Peter Daly - yes, him.  He has struck hands with New Way Ministries and is speaking at their "retreat".  In other words, he's going to urge people to continue sinning mortally.  He retired several years ago after being pastor of St John Vianney in Prince Frederick, MD.  Alas, he just can't stop using his Roman collar to lead souls to hell.  Let's pray that he repents before it's too late, for he is getting on in years.

I'll close this with a clip from LifeSiteNews providing more commentary on Martin's elevation of his warped theories above the Word of God.

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  1. Another commandment is under attack by the Church -- the 5th Commandment!!! After two Soros scholars (Foley and Sulmasy) became members of the newly reconstituted Pontifical Academy for Life the Vatican launched the PAL-Life Project which is designed to expand palliative care globally. The title of the Feb/March, 2018 PAV Assembly was -- "Palliative Care: Everywhere and by Everybody." All those videos are online.
    Today's palliative care is a tool of the low profile wing of the euthanasia movement. Two important decades of this timeline are at PAV member Dr. Kathleen Foley was in charge of Soros' Project on death in America which transformed medicine in America by introducing palliative medicine which requires an additional year of medical school training. It is the vehicle for hastening death in America now built into the healthcare system. For details of how there were able to do this in 12 short years see "Transforming the Culture of Dying", 2013 by David Clark.
    Unfortunately, the USCCB has announced it will support the Palliative Care and Hospice Education Training Act or SB.2080/HR. 647(PCHETA). This bill will authorize government funding of palliative medicine in ways that will change healthcare in America for generations. The USCCB claims an amendment they wish to propose will prevent any death hastenings. Please let your legislators know about the evils of PCHETA! Thank you.
    Elizabeth D. Wickham, PhD


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