Friday, December 3, 2021

Father Meeks On The Vaccine Mandates

On the Feast of Christ the King, Father Edward Meeks of Christ the King parish in Towson MD preached a sermon regarding the allegiance that we owe to Jesus Christ.  Furthermore, he stated that we must not pay that same allegiance to the tyrants who would dare to tell us what we must inject into our bodies.

The Archdiocese of Baltimore was quite quick to point out that because Father Meeks is of the Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter, they have no authority over him.  Frankly, I'm sure that if they did, they'd be all too prompt to silence him.

Monday, November 29, 2021

Habemus Virus!

From that impeccable news source known as the Babylon Bee (next to mainstream lame-brain media, that is not a facetious statement) comes the glorious news!  Yet another C-19 cootie variant has been manufactured discovered!  Read the joyous news here.

We wonder about their usage of the Greek letters for they seem to be bobbing about with no particular order.  Well, maybe that's just reflective of their entire handling of the situation.  Anyway, please bookmark that site, so you can see what next month's farcical scam variant will be!

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Michael Matt On The Movement For The Traditional Latin Mass

Ever since progressives used Vatican II in their attempts to suppress the Mass of the Ages, faithful Catholics have been resisting them.  Some even hosted underground Masses in their homes, as did Walter Matt, first publisher of the Remnant and Michael's father.  Michael Matt now gives a brief synopsis of that history.  We can expect to endure some similar hardships; these must be embraced and not avoided.

Friday, November 26, 2021

Catholic University Of America's Blasphemy Icon Is Stolen

Some dunderhead(s) at the Catholic University of America Law School thought it would be a dandy idea to mock the Pieta by painting an icon of it, depicting Jesus as George Floyd.  Students rightly complained, and those complaints were picked up by the Daily Signal, thrusting the blasphemy into the national limelight.

Well, lo and behold, the filthy thing is now stolen.  The school promptly replaced it with a replica, that is, the same likeness albeit smaller.  It's still blasphemous.  Some might say a crime was committed in the taking of the picture.  At civil law, they are correct.  However, Catholic University of America must place Church law above civil law in these matters.  They should have removed the blasphemy themselves, along with undertaking some public reparation for the scandal.  Instead they repeated their blasphemy.

Therefore, I for one will not condemn the removal of filth from the vicinity of a chapel.  Perhaps the CUA administration will repent of its obtuseness and once again remember that it is an institution of higher Catholic learning.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Doggy Spam

 To the dog breeding individual trying to hawk your own wares on this blog, give it up.  I won't publish your spam.  You and your ilk are a key reason why I moderate comments on this blog.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Pro-Abort Mark Shriver Named As President Of DC Area Catholic School

Mark Shriver, the pro-abortion ex-politician, has been named as President of Don Bosco Christo Rey School in Takoma Park, MD.  This appointment was announced and presumably made by both the Archdiocese of Washington and the eastern province of the Salesians.  The Catholic Substandard article to which I linked reports that Cardinal Gregory slobbered his praises of Shriver, saying among other things that Shriver is "dedicated to serving...children".  Well, yes, provided that they have escaped the clutches of abortion.  Most glaring for its omission is any mention whatsoever for Shriver's facilitation of abortion while in the MD House of Delegates and the fact that he ran for US Congress on a solid pro-abortion ticket.

One wonders just what kind of education those poor students will get.  Will they be allowed to have a pro-life club that will actually be involved in the struggle to save babies from being murdered in their mothers' wombs?  Will they discuss politics through the prism of "social justice warriors"?  And what might happen, should those students stumble across the history of Shriver's pro-abortion activities?  By no means will true Catholic education flourish at that school with a pro-abort at the helm.  Cardinal Gregory knows that.  We can only presume that he doesn't care.  After all, Shriver is a dyed-in-the-wool progressive.  Whether he knows it or not, Shriver will serve to further the Great Reset and the New World Order.  He is in an excellent position to corrupt many Catholic young people to that demented way of thinking.

But wait!  The Catholic Substandard had more enthusiastic slobbering to do all over Shriver.  The latter wrote a book, you  see, called "10 Hidden Heroes".  The editor of the Standard, Mark Zimmerman, penned the book review himself.  Except for his own parents, Shriver seems rather coy about who these "heroes" are.  The website isn't much help, either.  However, are some of these truly stalwart people considered heroes in this book?

  • The faithful Catholics who kneel to receive Holy Communion on the tongue while others (including the minister!) mock them?
  • The parents standing up at school board meetings to protest critical race theory in the schools, sexually explicit reading materials being thrust on their children, the insipid mask mandates
  • The good people who may lose their livelihoods because they won't be de facto cannibals in accepting the abortion-tainted vaccines
  • The ever-growing number of parents homeschooling their children rather than turning them over to godless schools (some ostensibly Catholic)
  • The Catholics who drive many miles each Sunday to attend a Traditional Latin Mass rather than the clown Mass at their own parishes
  • The pro-life people who spend hours in front of abortion mills praying in reparation for the baby-slaughter and trying to extend true help to desparate mothers?
Sadly, I think we know the answer to that.  I strongly suspect the "heroes" in this book will all tow a politically correct line or not be considered as "heroes".

Anyway, if the Catholic Sub-standard were at all concerned with the mission of the Church, that is, to save souls, it would evince some concern for Shriver's soul and those belonging to the students that stand to be scandalized by the placing of a pro-abort in authority over Catholic students.  The Archdiocese of Washington has yet another reason for shame.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Father Pfleger Goes Ballistic On The Rittenhouse Verdict

As most know, Kyle Rittenhouse has been found "not guilty" on all five counts brought against him.  We can dispense with whether or not a 17-year old should have been in that situation.  The fact is that he was and his life was threatened; at least that's what I would call it if people pointed a gun at me and were beating my head with a skateboard.  What was he to do?  Just suffer it in silence?  He had no choice but to defend himself.

Well, Father Michael Pfleger got his panties in a wad over it.  "A travesty" is what he calls Rittenhouse's acquittal.  But you see, Pflegar really, really hates guns.  In fact, he hates them so much that he took issue with a Chicago gun owner, stating that he (Pfleger) would "sufff" the gun owner.  My post on the matter, complete with the clip where Pfleger uttered his charming screed, is here.  

So on one hand a court of law recognizes that a young man defended himself from otherwise-certain murder.  On the other hand, a Catholic priest threatens the life of a gun owner.  Which one of these is the real travesty?

Saturday, November 20, 2021

News Flash! Blasphemy Is No Joke!

Social media has its uses and benefits.  The left discovered that back in 2008 as they utilized it to help elect Barack Obama.  Admittedly good Christian people were simply outclassed in the use of electronic resources.  One of the features of this electronic means of communications is the ability to communicate to others while obfuscating one's own identity.  However, such anonymity means reduced accountability, leading some to believe that they can let loose with their less-than-noble impulses.  One might expect leftwing atheists to wallow in that swill, and they do.  Sadly, some who profess to be Christian have also succumbed to such temptations.

There are sites devoted to Christian (?) humor.  While for the most part the jokes and memes are decent enough, there are troubling instances where they cross unacceptable lines.  The comments on these posts are also quite disappointing.  A few of us have attempted to remind others of proper Christian morality and decorum only to be mocked as having no "sense of humor".  I will post some examples, apologizing in advance for the regrettable nature of these, but if we want to see some reasons why we are not proceeding in the fight for Christian culture, we must be prepared to see what some in our midst consider to be acceptable behavior.

This gem to the left is taken from a site called "Casual Christian Comedy 2".  Sometimes with this group more emphasis is placed on the "casual" as opposed to "Christian".  

Faithful Catholics will see the problem with this immediately, as this flies in the face of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception.  Our Lady, from the moment of her conception, was free from original sin and its effects.  However, we see here that she is portrayed as harboring a grudge and being disrespectful to her husband.  Moreover, there are well-founded traditions that Joseph, while not being immaculately conceived, was sanctified in the womb of his mother and remained free of all actual sin during his life.  Is this how the parents of Jesus, whom He Himself honored, should be portrayed?  To their credit, several non-Catholics also took issue with this meme.

Catholics are by no means guiltless when it comes to these memes.  This questionable sampling is taken from a page called "Catholic memes".  Whereas the meme above blasphemed Mary and Joseph, here we have God the Father being blasphemed.  He is being portrayed as pulling a prank on Abraham and is likened to some voyeuristic photographer skulking in bushes.

Anyone who has read that passage in Genesis understands that the episode was to cement in Abraham's mind the priority of God in his life and to prefigure the Father's sacrifice of His Sone for the salvation of humanity.  Some pointed out on the comment section that it posed also an antidote to the notion of human sacrifice prevalent at the time.  

Instead, though, the meme blasphemed God the Father by portraying Him as a childish and somewhat sadistic prankster who was simply using Abraham and Isaac for some sick jollies.  The angel being portrayed as using "dude talk" (for lack of better term) is an additional affront to the dignity of the angels.

An aside: I cannot imagine Catholics who attend the Traditional Latin Mass would ever snigger at either of these memes.  Those who don't take seriously God's teachings on life, the Real Presence, marriage, etc would be more likely to fall sway to these blasphemous memes.  

Another aside: A constant "talking point" against our objections is that "God has a sense of humor".  He does.  But these memes simply do not conform to a proper sense of humor.  Blasphemy is a sin against God's dignity, against the Second Commandment.  How can we not take Him seriously and yet expect to bring the culture back to Him?

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Pray The Latin Mass Wherever We Can

Traditionis Custodes might well be renamed "Traitorous Custodians" for that is what the pope and his handlers are to the Sacred, God-given Traditions of the Church.  No one who has the barest modicum of reading and comprehension ability can gainsay that TC reeks of animosity towards the Mass that has been the mainstay of thousands of saints, martyrs, Doctors of the Church.  There is a saying that "as goes the Mass, so goes the world".  Saint Padre Pio once said that it would be easier for the earth to survive without the sun than without the Mass.

We can see during these past few decades how civilization has been crumbling ever since Bugnini et al dared to tinker with the Mass.  Michael Hichborn, president of Lepanto Institute, delves into some of the subterfuge of Bugnini and buddies that resulted in the vastly inferior Novus Ordo Mass; please read here.  Their end game is the destruction of the Holy Mass.  

But this Mass is of Divine origins, so ultimately the forces of evil cannot succeed.  As more than a few of us did during the lockdowns, we may have to find this Mass done "off the radar", so to speak.  Hundreds of years ago, Catholic Ireland faced the same dilemma.  They took to the hills and offered Mass there.  We may have to do the same as did our forefathers long ago.  Our Lady of Fatima promised that in the end, her Immaculate Heart, and Our Lord, would triumph. Meanwhile, with Rosary in hand and hearing the Latin Mass wherever we can, we must stand firm.

Friday, November 12, 2021

Abortion At The Catholic University Of America

The College Fix, an online publication run by conservative college students, published an article detailing how the Catholic University of America allowed its student health plan to cover abortions.  This was no short-term glitch as this coverage existed for three years.  The CUA personnel claim that their carrier simply stopped the abortion exclusions.  I find that highly unlikely; in my experience of administering health plans, I know that carriers announce any proposed changes well in advance.

College Fix personnel repeatedly attempted to contact CUA personnel about the coverage prior to publication of their first article, but those attempts were ignored.  After College Fix published that article, however, CUA became busy little bees and got their carrier to correct the situation.

Some questions come to mind:

  • Who at CUA was responsible for administering the health plan and ensuring that it remained in conformity with Church teaching?
  • How was that abortion coverage allowed to remain for three years?
  • I know that there are pro-life students there.  Did any of them raise questions, and if so, how were they treated?
  • Why was College Fix initially rebuffed?
  • The abortion coverage is now allegedly removed.  How will that be verified?
These questions need to be answered.  Quite frankly, some CUA administration heads need to roll.  Such a lapse was too easy to notice for anyone with half a brain to claim that it just slipped by them.  Only when College Fix exposed this scandal was correction taken.

Speaking of exposing scandals, might incidents such as this be part of the reason for two of those false "commandments" that the pope recently plopped?  When publications such as College Fix shine the light of truth upon scandal, it makes the undermining of the Church's mission rather inconvenient for the progressives now, doesn't it?  But this incident proves why we must keep speaking the truth.