Friday, June 14, 2024

God Will NOT Be Mocked!

On Monday I wrote of an impending insult to the dignity of the Vatican vis-a-vis some very worldly comedians being invited to a meeting with the pope.  It happened today, and quite frankly, I don't know who offered more insults to our Lord - the pope or the comedians.  The reports go into more detail about what the pope said as opposed to the comedians, so I think that booby-prize goes to the pope.

He gave a pep-talk of sorts to the comedians, lauding their abilities to "spread peace and smiles".  He also said that "you unite people because laughter is contagious".  Full stop!  What kind of "unity" does he advocate?  Unity is not a supreme good, especially when the basis of that unity is evil.  For instance, no one can gainsay that in its early days, Nazi Germany was united.  But that unity was evil as it was designed by Adolf Hitler to further his warped purposes.

He also praised the comedians because they "know how to bring together diverse and sometimes contrary realities".  Another full stop!  "Contrary realities"??  Boys and girls, can we all say "oxymoron??  There can only be one reality, based on objective truth that in turn has its basis in God.  Recall that Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the life".  He never said that He was one of several different but equal "truths".  There can be no other "reality" other than what God has created.  I suspect we have here an attempt to legitimize the heresy of indifferentism.

He also told the comedians that it's ok to "laugh at God" as "we play and joke with the people we love".  His comparison is quite faulty, if not downright deceptive.  The "people we love" are our fellow creatures, of equal status as human beings.  Not so God, the Lord and Creator of the universe.  His dignity is infinitely greater than ours.  The love we are to give Him will surpass what we give to our fellow humans.  Moreover, we owe Him reverence, as we would a king if we lived in a worldly kingdom.  

Here he is justifying the downright blasphemous and sacrilegious bile that often oozes out of the mouths of several of these comedians.  One might state that the pope is not aware of that, but I think he is; else he would be a complete dunderhead.  That the pope is suggesting that we should "laugh AT God" is nothing short of a supreme sacrilege.  Galatians 6:7-8 states very clearly that "God will not be mocked".  Anyone who suggests that it's fine to do so, says so to his/her own eternal peril.

Monday, June 10, 2024

The Vatican Is Becoming A Joke - Literally

Pope Francis never got around to meeting with the surviving Dubia Cardinals.  How many years has it been since the Dubia were issued?  Moreover, he couldn't find any time to meet with the much-persecuted Cardinal Zen, who traveled all the way from China for the express purpose of meeting with him.  But with whom does he find time to meet?

Comes now the news that on June 14th, he will meet with a select group of individuals.  Are they superiors of religious orders?  No.  How about theologians?  Wrong again!  He's meeting with comedians from around the world.  Whoopie Goldberg, a rabid pro-abortion person, is among them.  So is Brazil's Fabio Porchat.  He's the one who produced "The First Temptation of Christ", that depicted Our Lord as a gay.  Porchat himself played the role of "the boyfriend", as it were.  Oh, and gay-enabler F James Martin will also be in attendance.

So what does this tell you about the pope's priorities?  Clearly he doesn't take seriously the charge that Jesus gave to Peter and his successors.  If you haven't noticed by now, Francis is doing his level best to besmirch Holy Mother Church and to turn the Bride of Christ into an abysmal joke.  We need to wake up and we need to so yesterday.

Friday, June 7, 2024

The Den Of Iniquity Known As The State Of Maryland

Three recent happenings served to remind me that my home state is quickly swirling down the sinkhole of immorality into decadence and insanity.

First came the news that last Saturday June 1, two dead babies were found on a Metro Transit Authority bus in Baltimore.  This news account calls them fetuses and officials are saying that they were stillborn.  The usage of the term "fetus" suggests that the babies were below the normal age of birth.  Now how, oh how, did these babies get onto the bus?  Presumably no woman went into labor, for surely someone would have noticed that.  Did someone do one of those telemed abortions and then just think that a bus would be a convenient dumping ground for their poor dead babies?  So far, the pro-abortion city officials are keeping mum about their findings.  This is not the first time that some poor child was just dumped as so much refuse.  As these pill-induced abortions increase, so will these incidents increase.

Then the Miss Maryland Beauty Pageant happened this week.  The winner is Bailey Ann Kennedy, a so-called "transgender woman".  That's right, the winner of that dubious crown is a guy.  The authorities should be utterly ashamed of themselves for letting an obviously confused guy even enter, let alone win.  More disgraceful is the slobbering and adulation that he (yes, he, not she) is receiving.  He'll go on to compete in the Miss America Pageant.  Wanna bet that the politically correct lemmings will let him win it?

Speaking of all manners of sexual perversions, we all know that June is "pride month".  Some locales will even have "pride parades", with parade participants appearing in all manners of garish dress or various degrees of nudity.  The garish dress is preferable for at least they aren't exposing themselves, but I digress.

I live in Montgomery County.  As most people know, we got hit with some tornadoes two days ago.  One touched down less than five miles to me.  No one was killed, but much havoc was wreaked.  Today our County Executive, Marc Elrich, a hardcore progressive, put out his weekly update.  In talking about the tornadoes, he blamed them on.. you guessed it!  CLIMATE CHANGE!  What else?

In that same update, he waxed lyrical about pride month.  He related, with stinking pride, how he raised the "pride flag" in Silver Spring, then went on to list other pride-related debaucheries planned in various locales in the County.  

That brings me to this rather common-sense observation.  To the progressive trolls who are reading this blog (I know you're out there), would you please suggest to Marc the Dear Leader that maybe, just maybe, the tornadoes might be a shot across the bow from our much-offended God who will not tolerate the baby-slaughter and disobedience to His commands much longer?

Friday, May 31, 2024

May 29th Was A Very Special Day! Yes, Really!

Why was May 29th so special?  Because it was the first ever (drum roll and trumpets, please),


Ta-da!  Thus sayeth our overlords at the Department of Labor as they search for ever-new and innovative ways to squander put our tax dollars to frivolous good use!

Take a good look at that link and see how politically correct they are.  Even though only women can menstruate, they carefully avoid the word "woman".  Instead, we are "menstruating persons" or "menstruators".

Menstruators!  What a word!  Is this what the feminist movement was really about, that the word "woman" became one of the new unmentionables?  Can you just imagine what the late Helen Reddy would do with her iconic song?

"I am menstrator.  Hear me roar in numbers too big to ignore... I am strong.  I am invincible.  I am menstruating person!"   Somehow it just doesn't have the same sound to it!

The Department of Labor is a colossal waste of tax dollars. 

Here's a fun little exercise.  Below is Helen Reddy's song, with lyrics.  Join with the singing, but substitute "menstruator" for woman.  Feminists, you did this to yourselves, and us too.

Thursday, May 30, 2024

President Trump - Latest Kangaroo Court Target

After the Garland 9 were tried for their roles in a clinic rescue last August, we knew we would see more kangaroo trials.  Today former President Donald Trump was the latest victim of another kangaroo court that progressives seem to be producing with increasing blatancy.  In New York City, he was found guilty on all 34 counts of falsifying documents in hush money matters.

If it sounds confusing to you, you're not the only one.  Anticipating such confusion on the part of jurors, the judge told them that they need not agree amongst themselves just what specific crime was at issue.  According to the AP, all the jury had to do was to agree that "something unlawful was done to promote Trump's election campaign", and it wasn't necessary to agree on that "something".  The judge gave them three categories of crimes, so the jurors could make their own choices from that smorgasbord.  Again, they didn't have to agree on the specific crime(s), just that something bad was done.

Trump's attorneys will file appeals very quickly, and I cannot see how New York's case will stand under higher scrutiny.  Frankly, their batting average in that respect is rather laughable.  Earlier today, the US Supreme Court ruled that New York violated the free speech rights of the National Rifle Association by pressuring banks to sever relationships with the NRA.  Let's also not forget the 2022 Bruen decision that reigned in New York's trampling of Second Amendment rights.

Regardless of political leanings, one can see that this is yet another miscarriage of justice that cannot be allowed to stand.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Father Fidel Rodriguez Defended The Blessed Sacrament In Florida

At the 10 am Mass on Sunday May 19, in St Thomas Aquinas Church in St. Cloud, FL, a woman presented herself for Holy Communion.  Because she didn't open her mouth or reply "amen", Father Fidel Rodriguez had reason to question her eligibility for receiving Holy Communion.  When he asked, she refused to tell him when she last went to Holy Communion or Confession.  He gave her a blessing.  The woman's name is Jetty Nique.

She tried it again at the 12pm Mass.  When Fr. Rodriguez asked about her last confession again, she replied it's "not his business".  Then she extended her hand towards the ciborium bowl, grabbed several Hosts, crushed them and threw/dropped them on the floor.  There was a struggle.  Father had to hold the bowl and defend himself.  It was then that he bit her, to defend both the Blessed Sacrament and himself from Nique's aggression.  LifesiteNews has an account of the incident.  Other video can be found at WRAL News.  

A commenter on the LifeSiteNews piece raises some interesting points.  The existence of these two videos speaks of an accomplice of Nique's who was at the ready to record her actions and the fallout.  It was a set up, no doubt.

Later Nique told the police "he wouldn't give me the cookie".  The cookie!  Either she is ignorant of just what the Consecrated Host really is, or she is being flippant to the point of blasphemy regarding the Real Presence.

As of this writing, charges have not yet been filed against Father Rodriguez.  None should be.  She grabbed at him and what he was holding.  He acted in defense of self and the Blessed Sacrament.  Parishioners who witnessed the altercation substantiate Father's account of the matter.

At Florida law, if a person "willfully and maliciously" disturbs a religious assembly (such as a Mass), it is a first-degree misdemeanor that can become a third-degree hate crime.

To their credit, the Diocese of Orlando is standing by Father Rodriguez.  Let us stand by him, too, and invoke the intercession of St Tarcisius. 

Monday, May 27, 2024

Oafish Behavior By Catholics

This post regards a not-so-new phenomenon prevalent among some Catholics on the internet to post and giggle at memes that are irreverent towards sacred matters or that utilize flagrant grammar and/or spelling errors.  When these are pointed out (and by far I have not been the only one to do so), the posters - or perpetrators - seem to take perverse pride in their irreverence and/or sloppiness.  They scoff at anyone who points out their errors.

This sacrilege is considered funny by some.
This sacrilege is considered funny by some
We are accused of not having a "sense of humor".  Behind such accusations I suspect is a bit of group-think.  The memes are posted on Facebook with the expectation of eliciting laughter.  When someone voices an opinion that isn't one of hilarity, that person is subjected to none-too-subtle peer pressure to get with the program and to mindlessly giggle along with the rest of the crowd.  That group-think peer pressure is often invoked in the mantra "lighten up".  Their "lightening up" is really a dumbing down of holiness, piety, intellectual integrity, language integrity, and serious thought,  I touched on this several years ago, and not much has changed, except that I am seeing this more and more among people who call themselves Catholic.

The routine is that someone posts a meme that treats with flippancy matters of the Catholic faith, or involves crude jokes of sexual or scatological matters.  Obviously the poster intends others to giggle and chortle like mindless hyenas or chimpanzees.  That establishes the group-think expectation and many people fall right in.  Should anyone dare to question the so-called joke, the mob mocks them, accusing them of not having a "sense of humor".  It's rather similar to the snow-flakes accusing independent thinkers of engaging in "hate speech".  They are attempting to squelch thinking contrary to their own, most likely because it stings their consciences.  I find it eerily reminiscent of nazi-like behavior.

Since I wrote that post eleven years ago, I have been pondering that, plus the nonsense that has come up since.  Lately tik-tok videos have been cropping up, in blind compliance with various "challenges" that are made.  One of them involved a parent or other adult trusted by a baby, cracking an egg on the child's head and giggling over the child's distress by the assault.  Yes, it is assault.  Others involve the throwing of food at the child's face, again to record the child's reaction.  I am stunned that some Catholics take a nonchalant attitude towards these actions.  At what level of harm would they finally wake up?

I tried to come up with a word that defines these folks - again, many of them Catholics - who engage in this behavior, under the seeming anonymity of the internet.  While I wouldn't say they are acting in a manner typical of apostates, they certainly conduct themselves in manners that are more adolescent.  They act as though they are devoid of common sense and common manners.  The word I think, is OAF.  Most of the online definitions of that word include the word "stupid".  

If some reading this bristle at the definition, are you the sort that glories in your demonstrations of lackluster language skills?  Do you take pride in guffawing at irreverent and/or crude memes and jokes simply because they flash across your screens, being slaves to internet group-think?

If the shoe fits, wear it.  Or better yet, you could always decide that you will grow up and act like a reasonable adult, both away from the computer and online.

Monday, May 20, 2024

Larry Hogan, MD RINO Senate Candidate, Throws Babies Under The Bus

Disgraced by his son
Larry Hogan is falling all over himself to state that he now supports "restoring Roe as the law of the land" and now calls himself "pro-choice".   He is showing himself to be quite the chameleon.  The usual pro-abortion cabal look askance upon Hogan's statements, and quite frankly, I can see their point.  See here and here, for example.  This seems to be a clear case of him trying to please everyone but in the end, pleasing no one.

Regarding Roe v Wade, a little history lesson might be in order here.  That decision was handed down on January 22, 1973.  Five days later, a congressman from Maryland condemned the decision and introduced a Human Life Amendment in Congress.  He also gave one of the speeches at the 1974 March for Life.  The name of that MD congressman?  Lawrence J. Hogan Sr., father of the present-day turncoat who is now doing everything possible to trash his father's legacy.  Hogan Sr. was assisted in his efforts by his obstetrician brother, William Hogan MD.  Lawrence Sr. is pictured at the left.

Larry Hogan is a disgrace to his father's memory.  I certainly cannot support his campaign and I may well not cast any vote for the US Senator come November.

By the way - Hogan Jr, owing to his public espousal of the "right" to slaughter babies, needs to be denied Holy Communion until he repents and recants his errors.

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Harrison Butker's Commencement Address

Harrison Butker, a kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs, gave the commencement address last week at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas.  The school is a small Catholic liberal arts college.  In his address to graduating students at a Catholic school, Butker gave a solid address, full of Catholic truth.  Alas, that truth runs counter to most of the pernicious myths polluting our culture and sadly, too many of our Catholic institutions.   Recall the Chicago priest who, inside a Catholic church, facilitated homosexual perversions; this was covered in my previous two posts.  Also recall that from April 17 through May 3, I relayed my first-hand account of the bile swilling forth from the Archdiocese of Baltimore's social justice offices.

He spoke much of "leaning into one's vocation".  Absolutely true.  I'm not sure what precisely he meant by "staying in one's lane".  One's vocation as a parent means that the parent must be fully aware of all the threats that have his/her family in their cross-hairs.  It means that they must be prepared to meet these threats where they make themselves known, even if the threats don't seem imminent at the time.  If the parent waits until his/her family is being immediately impacted, he/she has waited too long.  I pray that is not what he meant.  Anyway, here is the video, the one that has much of the progressive elements - including those within the Church hierarchy - railing and gnashing their teeth.

Friday, May 17, 2024

Archdiocese Of Chicago's Laughable Attempt At Damage Control

Regarding the debacle of which I wrote two days ago, it seems that Father William's order has put out a smoke screen apology of sorts.  Here it is.  Try not to laugh and/or scream too much as you read this cow-plop.  Commentary below.

In the first paragraph one gets a hint of the true motive for the apology - the video of the blasphemy/sacrilege that has now gone viral.  So is Father sorry for his gross sins in this matter - or the fact that he got caught and is now catching well-deserved heat?  The Vincentians are attempting to deflect scrutiny away from Fiducia Supplicans itself - scrutiny that must continue.

They quote Williams as saying that he wanted to provide the lesbians with "a meaningful moment of God's grace".  In reality, he did the opposite.  This would have been a true statement, had he urged them to repent of their mortally sinful sexual relationship.  Instead, he scandalized the lesbians as he confirmed them in their sin.

He said the episode has been a "valuable learning experience".  What was there to learn that he shouldn't have learned in religion classes and seminary classes?  What in hell do they teach in those seminaries?  I presume that Williams' priestly studies happened under the direction of the Vincentians.  They need to seriously revamp their priestly training.

Then he is quoted as being "deeply sorry for any confusion and/or anger that this has caused".  How about being "deeply sorry" for the peril to which he subjected the lesbians, as well as his own immortal soul?  Is he "deeply sorry" for the sacrilege against the Church, his own sacrament of Holy Orders?  Is he sorry for the obvious blasphemies that he committed?

This pathetic attempt at a "mea culpa" just won't suffice.  He committed public sin.  What will be his public acts of reparation?  Will that Church building, now defiled, be exorcised and reconsecrated?  Are they hoping that this one little attempt to cover their derrieres suffice to avert our gaze, or far more importantly, God's gaze?

I can't help but notice that we are not hearing anything from Father Williams himself.  Does he lack the courage and integrity to face good Catholics himself?  Perhaps the Archdiocese and/or Vincentians are afraid that if they allow him to talk, he'll just garner more eggs on the face for them.

It will be most illuminating if he remains pastor.