Saturday, March 18, 2023

Do NOT Donate To The Catholic Relief Services Collection!

Many dioceses are having their in-pew collection for the CRS this weekend, March 19.   Others will have their collections next weekend.  PLEASE BOYCOTT THIS COLLECTION!

Michael Hichborn of Lepanto Institute produced a comprehensive report of the many ways in which they operate at variance with Catholic morality - promotion of contraception (even going so far as to have their workers distribute it), homosexuality, etc.  In addition, this blog has featured many articles about the details of their disregard for Catholic teaching.  One of the articles reveals that a high-ranking CRS official was in a "gay marriage" and quite open about it.

Clearly these people are not to be trusted with one penny of your money.  Tomorrow, when that collection basket comes about, drop a note in it (maybe even put that note in your CRS envelope) detailing exactly why you won't be contributing.  Then give that donation to a truly worthwhile charity.  Again, we can thank Michael Hichborn for researching many charities and determining which ones would use your donation dollars properly.

Friday, March 17, 2023

Would St Patrick Be Pleased?

I have posted before on the ways that Catholics mistreat the Feast Day of St. Patrick.  One of the ways that otherwise-good Catholics do that is by disregarding the Lenten discipline when the feast day falls on a Lenten Friday.  Immediately they chortle over a dispensation that modernist bishops dole out without nary a thought, acting like naughty little children who get to raid the cookie jar.  

A facebook friend posted this video, and I repost it here.  This gentleman's words are worth your attention.

There are other voices of sobriety and proper respect for the saint.  I post one of them now.
Ireland was once a Catholic holdout against much of the modern corruption.  Recently it has abandoned its lofty place by legalizing child-slaughter and gay "marriage".   Last year a teacher in Ireland was jailed for refusing to go along with a student's transgender fantasies.  How Ireland has betrayed Patrick and forsaken the One True God.

Let us keep Ireland and our once-Christian civilization in prayer for true repentance.  Remember that it is still Lent.

Monday, March 13, 2023

The German Catholic Church - Into The Pits, Or The Groove?

We see some of the rotten fruits of "synodality" as the German bishops vote to "bless" same-sex shack-ups.   The word "blessed" is in quotes for in reality sinful acts cannot be blessed by any stretch of the imagination.  These errant bishops are also tinkering with the ideas of women "priests" and whether or not clergy should be celibate.  Now it remains to be seen whether or not Francis, who today celebrates 10 years after he took over the chair of Peter, will do anything about it.  Will he be at least as decisive with this cabal as he was so quick to throttle the Mass of the Ages?  I regret we know the answer to that.

Not to be outdone by their superiors, some of the German clergy are joining in on the mockery of their priestly vows and dignity.  I don't know the name or precise location of this priest and parish.  He decided to deliver a homily by rapping it - complete with chain and skewed cap.  In other words, he's behaving like an adolescent jackass.  Observe...

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Mark Crutcher - Requiescat In Pace

"We are not here just to put up a good fight.  We are here to win, because winning is how this killing stops."   I first heard Mark Crutcher make this (or a very similar) statement about 15 years ago when he gave a talk at Blessed Sacrament Church just on the MD-DC line.  That was the talk of true leadership and conviction that the babies deserve our best, not the namby-pamby pabulum that came from too many pro-life personalities.  From that talk, I also recall him commenting about groups such as "Priests for Life" and "Baptists for Life".  He asked if anyone considered how ridiculous it was that these groups had to exist, saying "Shouldn't it be understood that ALL priests and Baptists are for life?"

Early today Mark passed onto his final reward owing to a heart attack.  Among many other accomplishments, he was a mentor to many other pro-life leaders including Lila Rose, James O'Keefe, David Dalaeden, Missy Smith and others, particularly as they focused on the marketing of baby body parts.

The organization he founded is Life Dynamics, with its site here.  Many, many resources are located here and I hope it is maintained.  Let us pray for his repose and the consolation of his family, and also let us carry on with our efforts to turn this culture back to God.

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

The Cheapening And Commodification Of God's Children

In late autumn of 2022 in College Park Maryland, two women opened a late-term abortuary on Route 1, just across the street from the College Park campus of the University of Maryland.  The two gals are Diane Horvath, a long-time abortionist who was involved with a botched abortion at the now-closed Planned Parenthood facility in Silver Spring Maryland.  The other is Morgan Nuzzo, a certified nurse midwife.  Thanks to the abortion-adoring legislature in Annapolis, Nuzzo is authorized to kill babies, despite not being a physician.

Erstwhile Mayor of College Park
They are located within the bounds of the City of College Park.  So what kind of city government is down with nearly-full-term babies being butchered?  Well, I think we got a hint this past week.  The (ahem!) "recently resigned" mayor of College Park is Patrick Wojahn.  He has recently taken up residence behind bars, being held without bond as he faces multiple charges of child pornography: 40 counts of possession and 16 counts of distribution.  After his arrest, he resigned his mayoral office this past Wednesday, which I believe would be March 8.  Since he already served four terms as mayor, and several terms on the City Council prior to that, we may surmise that he was conducting his little porn business while governing the City of Collage Park.  In fact, Wikipedia states that his work email was used as a recovery email for the account on which child porn was found by investigators.

Wojahn is quite chummy with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, whom he seems to hold as a mentor.  That shouldn't surprise anyone!  He received his law degree from Georgetown University.  I would opine that he neglected to pick up any Catholic morals from Georgetown, but recalled that there are probably no Catholic morals left at Georgetown anyway - but I digress!  He considers himself "married" to Dave Kolesar, a WTOP engineer.  I pray he too is being investigated.

So we see how a long-term mayor of College Park views children - as commodities to be abused and exploited.  Truly he is a kindred spirit to Horvath and Nuzzo of abortuary notoriety.  I understand that if Wojahn is convicted, that he may face 360 years in prison.  If that happens, I pray that it is without possibility of parole.  I only wish he'd take Horvath and Nuzzo with him.

LifeSite News Interviews FBI Whistleblower

Following up on yesterday's post, I am linking to a LifeSite News page, where FBI whistle-blower Kyle Seraphin is interviewed by John-Henry Westen.  Recall that Searphin is the one who had that FBI memo published - the one that explicitly stated that the FBI, and by extension the Biden administration, has it in for faithful traditional Catholics.

One thing Michael Matt asked a while ago is why would the FBI care about Latin Mass Catholics.  Well, I think the meme below answers that.  The New World order that Schwab, Soros, Gates et al are trying to cram down our throats will never take root as long as the truths of Jesus Christ are promulgated.  Those truths are found in their fullness in the Roman Catholic Church, and those truths are best expressed in the Tridentine Latin Mass - more so than the Novus Ordo.  The people who attend the Latin Mass, on the whole, adhere more faithfully to Sacred Tradition than their Novus Ordo counterparts.  Having attended both, I can readily attest to that.

At one point, Seraphin asks how the bishops could have been so cowardly in the face of the Covid restrictions.  I think he's mistaken.  They weren't cowardly, at least not the ones closest to the occupant of the Vatican.  They are part of the cabal that wants to neuter the Church to make way for a "one-world religion" that will be in full compliance with the new world order.  The shutdowns that they imposed upon their churches were in many cases more draconian than those mandated by the respective civil governments.  For example, I had to travel 2.5 hours each way to attend a Mass in an SSPX parking lot.  All of us were in our cars and we emerged only to receive Holy Communion.  The local government permitted the in-vehicle Masses.  The SSPX used that permission while the diocesan churches forbade Mass.  The diocese was under no order by the government to do so, but they did anyway.  The bishops ordered that because they, not necessarily the government, wanted to strangle Mass attendance.

In addition to remaining faithful, we will continue to shine the light on their misdeeds.  For now, they retain some sense of shame and they need to feel that.

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Why Satan And His Sycophants Hate The Mass Of The Ages

 Lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivandi.  The meme encapsulates why the modernists hate the Latin Mass.  It hinders them as they attempt to mutate the truths of Catholic faith and morality, truths taught by Jesus Christ Himself through His church.  That is why the Latin Mass is evicted from the Church while we see Bozo the Clown Masses being conducted with impunity in our Churches.  That is why the current occupant of the Vatican casts slurs upon us as he calls us "neo pelagians", "rigid" and all manners of derogatory terms.

We will stand fast with this Mass, even if eventually we must go underground.  The Mass will not be suppressed, despite all the hell-spawned attempts to do so.

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Archdiocese Of Baltimore Swirling Down The Gay-Enabling Cesspool

The following pictures are of handouts distributed at the Archdiocese of Baltimore Social Ministry Convocation this past Saturday.

Please understand that these papers were not obtained from a booth set up after one of those gay-pride parade-orgies.  These were openly displayed and distributed at an official function of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  That is to say that the Archdiocese of Baltimore openly promoted and facilitated mortal sins of homosexual perversions.

The letter to the left alludes to the Rosary in reparation that we planned to hold on the sidewalk, if the transgender-enabling session occurred.  I don't know what they thought a group of Rosary-praying Catholics were going to do, but I understand that there was heightened security in that meeting.

Please note that they "intend to coordinate with the Archdiocese to safely hold this workshop soon".  I don't know what is "safe" about the approval of homosexual conduct, since that does constitute formal cooperation with homosexual sins, and will tend towards eternal damnation for all involved.

Please look at the pink flyer.  Father Buening replaced the dissident Father Joseph Muth at Saint Matthew's on Loch Raven Boulevard.  The Archdiocese did indeed create that position of "LGBT+ Coordinator".   So what precisely does that mean?  Yes, Father was involved in the Courage outreach, but we also note that LEAD still exists at St Matthew's.   What gives?

If all this "welcoming" and "including" does not entail usage of the Sacrament of Confession as part of repentance of the sin of homosexual conduct, it is nothing but the bestowal of false comfort as deluded and self-deceived souls literally head straight for hell.  All of the Gospels make crystal clear that Jesus' message was that repentance was a necessary prerequisite for the reception of God's mercy.  He dined with sinners -repentant sinners.  This "social ministry convocation" is evidence that the Archdiocese of Baltimore has forgotten this crucial fact, and had better recall it quickly.

Merrick Garland Gets His Clock Cleaned!

Just sit back and enjoy!

This hearing happened March 1st.  I don't know what clout these hearings actually pack, but still is good to shine the light on these cockroaches.

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Baltimore's Mercy High School In Serious Need Of Repentance And Mercy

Let's look at Mercy High School in Baltimore.   Because they hosted what appears to be a gay gab-fest on Saturday Feb 25, one might surmise that Mercy as an institution might itself be gay-pandering.  As I look about the internet, I think they might be correct.

Let's look on Mercy's web page, specifically the subpage entitled "Clubs and Organizations".  Way at the very bottom, we see something called "VALID", a club that poses a deadly peril to the souls of confused young girls.  Read it for yourself.  Nowhere is there mention of overcoming same-sex attraction or taking recourse to the Church sacraments to keep from falling into homosexual relationships.  Instead, its aim is to "support" them by "connecting them with allies and other students like themselves".  Is this a thinly-disguised gay-dating service?

The moderator appears to be a woman named Hogg.  I don't see her as a current faculty or staff member, but a quick google shows her history with Mercy.  A Catholic Review article from two years ago states that she was a theology teacher there.  Her facebook page shows her clear alliance with the gay agenda.  Observe for yourselves.

Two years ago, Becky Egan Hogg was teaching theology at Mercy.  One wonders what kind of "theology" was being taught, but I digress.

Now we have a glimpse into her Facebook page

Now let's take a look at the Sisters of Mercy, the order of sisters running that school.  I was none too surprised to see on their website a page dedicated to "bisexual, transgender and intersex resources".   Isn't that just typical?   One book touted there is entitled "The Bible and the Transgender Experience: How Scripture Supports Gender Variance".   One gets to read how "helpful new interpretations can be for creating inclusive communities".  In other words, the reader learns how he/she can twist and distort God's word to justify any sin that they want.  The rest of the reading list is similarly oriented.

There's another gay-pandering page called "links to helpful resources".  Naturally it had all manners of websites devoted to the promotion of vile perversions: New Ways Ministry, Dignity, Human Rights Campaign, Fortunate Families (a favorite of Cardinal Gregory's!)  Anything with that rainbow-heart logo will lead you to all manners of satanic propaganda designed to normalize and even lionize the most base perversions.

The rest of the pabulum there is just a litany of the usual "social-justice-warrior" tripe: earth day, racism, border-crashing enabling,   If you want to get a glimpse into new-age pantheism, this page won't disappoint.  It may bore you to tears, but it will open your eyes to what is being force-fed to young Catholic girls.  Now here is a piece of irony in that clip.  They quote St. Thomas Aquinas as he said "a sin against nature is a sin against God".  Well, given their advocacy of sexual perversions, they themselves are sinning against nature big time, and most definitely sin against God.

I don't have time to pick this whole website apart.  I leave that to my readers, particularly those who have relatives involved in Mercy High School, to do some "due diligence" research on your own.  By the way, as you do so, please advise if you see them denouncing abortion.  I couldn't find any such mention.

I regret that there are many schools like it.  Our Lord spoke of those who scandalize others, that it would be better if a millstone were tied around their neck to drown them.  Now we know how they could have allowed that "social ministry convocation" to be held on their premises.  I hope to have more on that debacle in the next few days.