Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Pope Francis Calls EWTN "The Work Of The Devil"

How many remember various sit-coms that featured a manipulative mother/mother-in-law who was always complaining about how close she came to death's door and how no one appreciated her?  That's what this recent exchange between the pope and some of his fellow Jesuits calls to mind.  In Slovakia last week, a Jesuit priest asked him how he was.  The pope replied, "still alive, even though some people wanted me to die".  The poor priest got quite the earful.  "Drama queen" are the words that come to mind.  Did Pope John Paul II carry on like that after he was shot?  I don't recall him doing so.

  • He railed against EWTN (albeit not by name) for "speaking ill of the pope".  He called them the "work of the devil".  Funny!  I seem to recall him asking "who am I to judge"?  Hmm...
  • He said of young priests seeking permission to celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass, "it is a phenomenon, that indicates we are going backwards"..."This is the evil of this moment - namely, to seek the path in rigidity and clericalism, which are two perversions".
  • He complained that "it frightens us to accompany people with sexual diversity", urging the Jesuits to "go forward in pastoral experiences."
So from the last two bullet points, can we gather that he thinks those of us who attend the Traditional Latin Mass are perverts, while sodomites are simply "diverse"?  If he thinks that the latter need "accompanying", these "pastoral experiences" better include the Sacrament of Confession for the sake of all involved.

Below I'll post a video of a Traditional Latin Mass that took place two days ago.  Fr. Chad Ripperger gave the homily and spoke about Traditionis Custodes.  He linked this to modernism, and mentioned that a key feature of modernism is its hatred of the sacred.  I regret to say that he nails it when it comes to how the pope is simply railing against the Mass of the Ages at every opportunity.  Go to the 33-minute mark where Father's sermon starts.  I will say I differ with him when he opines that we should "be silent".  St Catherine of Siena lamented such silence, blaming that in part for the condition of the papacy in her day.  We have to speak and shed the light so that others aren't led astray.  Of course we pray and offer sacrifices, but these alone will not suffice.  Ora et labora.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

What's Up With March For Life?

Nellie Gray, founder and long-time president of National March for Life, passed away in 2012.  During her tenure at MFL, she ensured that her organization stayed true to the teachings of her Catholic Faith.  When I attended the Traditional Latin Mass at St Mary's just outside the Chinatown area in DC, Nellie was always there.  That to me was a clear indication that Nellie would never waver one iota from the Catholic nature of MFL's mission.  One of her key Life Principles that she gave to National March for Life was "not even a little bit of abortion".

Shortly after her death, I got a whiff of things amiss at MFL.  There was talk of making the March "appealing to young people" (as if there weren't already thousands of young people at the marches), making me believe that personnel selections would be influenced by that consideration.  It did seem to me that MFL might have been "going soft" on its principles, although at the time I couldn't substantiate my opinion, save for one incident of "seamless garment" garbage finding its way onto the rally stage.  Last year, when the leadership decided not to have the march out of fear of covid-cooties, I realized that my suspicions weren't just baseless paranoia.  Not since the March's founding had an annual march ever been cancelled until 2021.

Last October Louie Verrecchio released a video detailing how the Knights of Columbus seem to be adopting what is essentially a pro-abortion excuse.  An important aside - I mean this in no way to be a rebuke to the millions of "rank-and-file" Knights throughout the country, many of whom pray in front of abortuaries and exercise their laudable pro-life apostolates.  However, I suggest that they be aware of what "supreme" is doing and saying.  

I found evidence of the cozy relationship between the Knights and March for Life on MFL's webpage; apparently the two organizations are swapping board officers - often a clear indication of close relationships and common control.  In the video below, Verrecchio mentions sources to which the video links.  You can access them by clicking the "youtube" at the bottom right corner of the vide.  That takes you to the clip's home page and to the linked material.

Saturday, September 18, 2021

The Papal Paradox Stumbles Along

Pope Francis continued to spew poison on his return flight from Slovakia.  He was asked about same-sex mowwidge.  While he did reiterate the Church's teachings on marriage being between a biologically-born man and a biologically-born woman, he said same-sex unions are "helpful" for those of "diverse sexual orientation."

Stop right there!  No, any union that exists to provide the occasion for mortal sin is not at all helpful.  It literally facilitates the damnation of at least two souls.  It lends to these squalid associations a legitimacy that they simply do not deserve.

Below I post an address given by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in 1983.  We must continue to pray for Pope Francis, even as we have to resist his errors publicly.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Taylor Marshall On Pope Francis' Eastern Europe Trip

Taylor Marshall, in the podcast below, examines various aspects of yet another abysmal plane interview given by Pope Francis on his return from eastern Europe.  As an aside, I'll highlight some new terms: "cootie-jab".  Marshall coined this and it just might bypass the obnoxious and ubiquitous "fact-checkers" of Facebook.  The second one is from someone commenting on the video on the you tube page.  He asked, "since Pope Francis supports the jab, can he be called Poke Francis"?  Hmmm... 

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Editor Of Catholic Virginian Apologies For Crass Cartoon - Well, Kinda!

From LifeSiteNews we read that Brian Olszewski, editor of the Catholic Virginian, uttered what can only be called a "cya" apology.  The Catholic Virginian is the official newspaper of the Diocese of Richmond.  The bishop there is Barry Knestout.  That name should be familiar to Catholics in the Archdiocese of Washington. 

In the Sept 6 edition of that paper, a very spiteful cartoon was published featuring a woman gloating over the COVID-related death of a man.  Here it is, on page 6.  Oh, by the way, should this pdf "disappear", I downloaded it as many other probably did.  It just reeks of progressive smugness and ugliness.  They most certainly do have an agenda of shilling for the Falsey narrative; more evidence is found on page 9 of this rag.  Someone should tell Ms Barbara Hughes that the exploitation of the bodies of murdered babies does NOT mean "love of God, self, neighbor".  The by-line indicates that she fancies herself to be a "spiritual guide".  If that thinly-disguised blasphemy is a sample of her "spiritual guidance", I think I'll pass for I seem to remember Our Lord warning against "the blind leading the blind".

Getting back to the cartoon, I understand that Olszewski issued an "apology" of sorts.  Here it is.  Notice that he acknowledges that he was slammed for that cartoon, as well he should have been.  He's sorry, alright.  But is he simply sorry that he caught flak?

But now let's address Bishop Knestout's responsibility in this matter.  In addition to being the publisher of the Catholic Virginian, he is the local bishop.  Will he accept Olszewski's "apology"?  If so, would he have done so if the cartoon had mocked another grouping of people, like practitioners of gay sex, for example?  If Knestout's history is any indicator, then he would have tossed Olszewski out on his ear with great alacrity and little ceremony.

To what history do I refer?  Let's go back 9.5 years, when Knestout was an auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Washington.  Saturday, Feb 25, 2012, Father Marcel Guarnizo presided at a funeral Mass.  He was compelled by his duty under Canon 915 to withhold Holy Communion to the daughter who was living in lesbian sin.  For his priestly fidelity, his faculties in the Archdiocese of Washington were revoked by Bishop Knestout.  See here and here for the account of Knestout's vindictiveness against a good priest while he refused to speak truth to someone in mortal sin.

By the way, doesn't Bishop Knestout read his own diocesan newspaper?  Why do we not hear of him being one of those who showed proper indignation at that cartoon?

But maybe there really isn't inconsistency in Knestout's reactions to both these situations.  In the first incident, he retaliated against the defense of truth.  Last week he was willing to let an attack on the truth continue, and would have done so to this day had it not been for the public outrage and possible reduction in donation dollars.

I suggest that Richmond Catholics reduce their donations until real discipline is meted out to Olszewski and any one else who had a hand in this cartoon's publication.

Monday, September 13, 2021

Pope Francis Spews Gaffes Galore In Eastern Europe

Today in Slovakia, the pope gave a talk that was, quite frankly, a multi-faceted embarrassment.  I link now to the summary from Catholic News Agency and will link to the full version when I can find it.  Anyway, he started by setting up another of his infamous false dichotomies, this one between the Gospel and the Catholic faith.  He used the pejorative  term "defensive Gospel" against what seems to be a lovely term, "creativity of the Gospel".  No, the Gospel is the message of Jesus, as taught by the Church over these past two thousand years.  There is no novelty in the Gospel, as evidenced by the end of public revelation after the death of John the Evangelist.  While we may attain greater understanding of already-exisiting truth, there is no new "truth" to be revealed.  Gosh!  One might get the feeling that he's trying to cajole us into accepting some heresy under the guise of "creativity"!  (ahem!)

If my last sentence seems rather far-fetched, read on a bit further.  He laments that "for many people, tradition is a relic from the past.  It no longer speaks to them or affects the way they live their lives".  But let's get one thing straight.  They don't need anyone to twist the timeless truths of Jesus Christ into some newfangled heretical monstrosity.  They need to be taught the faith because, quite frankly, the progressives following "the spirit of Vatican II" have deliberately cheated us of our heritage and continue to do so.  The piece of pig-slop known as Traditionis Custodes is just the latest attempt to rob us of our Tradition and yes, the graces of God that flows through the Traditional Latin Mass.  The pope may thus rest assured that no one is "judging and blaming the world".  No, the blame lies squarely at the feet of liberal clerics who have sought to twist Church teaching into all manners of banal jokes.

Then he bemoans the Church "viewing life with a detached gaze... The center of the Church is not the Church".  That's true enough, but that center is certainly not this world.  Rather, the Church's "center" is none other than the Holy Trinity.  He then asks what people expect from the Church.  Wrong question.  What does God expect from the Church?  It is NOT "freedom, creativity, dialogue".  The Church's main mission is to save souls from hell and assist them to heaven, in obedience to the commission that Jesus gave to His apostles.  

Then he says "young people...are not attracted by a faith that leaves no interior freedom".  So does that mean that he will rescind Traditionis Custodes, that screed that is overtly designed to put the screws to those who attend the Latin Mass?  Surely he knows that a high percentage of those attendees are young people, with spouses and children, right?  Or is "interior freedom" only for those who dissent from Church teaching?  Speaking of the actual definition of "freedom", may I suggest that he examine the Benedictus?  It's a key prayer found in Lauds, part of the Divine Office that he, as a cleric, is bound to pray daily.  It's most educational.  I won't give it away; I'll let readers read the Benedictus for themselves.

So much error and chicanery, so little time.  I haven't time to tackle the whole thing, but perhaps will take it up later.  Other good bloggers are posting about this, too.

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Soul-Killing Tyrants On The Prowl

We seem to be having a spate of leaders, CINO leaders at that, playing the irascible tyrants and attempting to grind underfoot the people whom they are charged to serve.  Two months ago, it was Pope Francis with his Traditionis Custodes.  Even those not inclined to attend the Traditional Latin Mass - and some liberals, too - could not help but notice the sheer venom and vitriol embodied in that document.  In holding us in contempt, the pope seems to be evincing contempt for Our Lord.  Much prayer is needed.

Then two days ago, President Plugs issued his tin-horn-tyrant dictatorial screed.  He dropped all pretenses of civility as he outright threatened the livelihoods of private citizen who object to having the cells of poor murdered children injected into their own bodies.  He threatened private employers who refuse to carry out his petty dictates.  The video below is prima facie evidence of the progressives' contempt for those who would disagree with their great reset goals.  

Listen for yourselves.  Then understand that in both cases, we will need to engage in civil disobedience to unjust orders.  I will elaborate at another time.  Suffice it to say for now that I don't think the timing of these two draconian attacks upon us was any coincidence; it has the smell of a coordinated strategy.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Might An Event In Tennessee During 1946 Have Some Relevance Today?

Stolen elections seem to be emblematic of the Democrat party, and has been so for decades.  Watch this video and you'll hear clear references to the party affiliations of the key individuals involved.  Given what we heard today from President Plugs, we know that the tyranny will continue unless we stand firmly without blinking.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Freedom For Me But Not For Thee

Catholic News Agency informs us that Slovakian authorities are relaxing their Covid restrictions a bit to allow more Catholics to see Pope Francis when he visits there next week.  Now isn't that interesting?  Is Covid somehow supposed to be less deadly during those three days of the pope's visit?  When he leaves, will Covid resume its alleged deadliness?

Consider that the pope is what the so-called "experts" call an especially vulnerable person.  He's elderly, he just had major surgery and he only has one lung.  Moreover, he's a world leader.  Why, one might think that the Vatican progressives would be very solicitous to protect him from that deadly plague!  Or ... maybe that plague isn't all that deadly after all?

Hey - if the pope can hobnob with his adoring fans, why cannot ordinary people shop and go to church without those submission-trainers known as masks?  Ladies and gentlemen, if this little stunt by the Slovakians and the Vatican doesn't show what a pile of manure this vax-and-mask schtick is, it's only because people want to be deceived and enslaved.  Recall that sin darkens the intellect and weakens the will.  Don't we see that in those shrieking for more mandates and more poisonous medications?  Wake up!

Sunday, September 5, 2021