Friday, May 31, 2013

Maryland Public Schools Terrorize Yet Another Play-Gun-Toting Youngster

The nitwits and progressives who run Maryland's public schools have just suspended their fifth child for toy-gun-related playfulness.  The Washington Post reports that this latest act of school-official-instigated nonsense occurred in Calvert County.  A five-year-old child showed another the cap gun.  The driver overhead it and that's when all hell broke loose.  Over-reaction is too kind a word for the behavior of those darlings of the NEA.

Ladies and gentlemen, if bringing a toy gun to school is against policy, fine.  Confiscate the gun for the day and let the little guy go about his school day.  But why, oh why, was a two-hour interrogation of a five-year old necessary?  Why did they not contact his parents immediately?  His parents have retained an attorney.

The little guy has been suspended for the rest of the year (unless intelligence makes a come-back very soon).  I have a better idea.  Instead of suspending the little boy, let's suspend the principal and the other school officials who seem to think that hysterical behavior is a necessary qualification for the brainwashing of children.

Follow-Up To The May 29th Post Regarding Abortionist's Identity

A commenter posted that Iris Dominy's license and those of two other abortionists were suspended two days ago.  To view and download the suspension orders, go to and put in their last names.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

"Catholic In Good Standing" Label - A Tactic Of Progressives

In today's Vortex, Michael Voris talks not so much of that phrase as it was recently used in New York, but how it's being utilized to officially ostracize traditional Catholics and other good people of morals.  He cites as an example the treatment meted out to Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch.

Listen to him as he speculates what one must do to be considered a "Catholic not in good standing" (starting at 6:36).  Must he/she be a "homosexual abortionist who lives with his gay partner".  Then he says, "no".  I'm sure Voris wasn't thinking of what happened a year ago this past Lent at St. John Neumann in Gaithersburg, but Father Marcel Guarnizo was essentially booted from the Archdiocese of Washington for denying Holy Communion to someone who fulfilled all the hypothetical criteria (except that she was not an abortionist - probably "pro-choice", though).

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Abortionist In Baltimore Fatality Identified

This past week we've been reading of the 75% of Maryland abortuaries that are not measuring up to the standards that were enacted last summer.  Four of these, affiliated with Associates in OB/GYN Care, had their licenses suspended for the second time.  The abysmal conditions in the Baltimore mill were a factor in the death of a woman.

Operation Rescue has learned the identity of the abortionist who did the procedure on the woman who subsequently died.  The abortionist's name is Iris E Dominy.  Please read the OR report for a description of her misconduct.  The first link contains a link to the Maryland Department of Health website.  That in turn contains the reports for the various mills in pdf form.  I believe you'll see an account of the death in that mill's pdf.

I looked up her license.  She has no disciplinary actions on her record - at this time.  Her primary place seems to be the mill on Georgia Avenue; that mill's license has been suspended.  She has another Montgomery County location on Falls Road in Potomac.  She's also listed on Darnestown Road in Gaithersburg and Fernwood Road in Bethesda.  I've no way of telling if these listings are current, but am certainly displeased that she seems to spend the bulk of her time in my neck of the woods.

The Mess Isn't Dolan's Alone

While Michael Voris mentioned the Archdioceses of New York and Detroit by name, we can surmise that many more are implicated.  In fact, I would be very surprised (albeit pleasantly so) if a similar situation did not exist within the Archdiocese of Washington, given what lurks within those halls on Eastern Avenue.

Dolan's Mess Just Got A Whole Lot Messier

Last week Judie Brown of American Life League wrote of Cardinal Dolan's Mess.  At the time it described quite well the abysmal joke that Cardinal Dolan is making of his role and responsiblity as Archbishop of New York.  It appears that Cardinal Dolan was beginning to exhibit just the tiniest signs of a backbone when he said that he and Governor Cuomo "have very grave differences".  He was referring to Cuomo's rabid pushes for the legitimization of perversion and the promotion of the murders of babies.

However, the Cardinal hurried to "correct himself", lest he be seen as dissing Cuomo, no doubt.  Through his spokesman Joseph Zwilling, it was made clear - crystal clear, mind you! - that "the cardinal, who is the archbishop of New York, ‘would not, and did not, suggest the governor might not be a Catholic in good standing going forward."  Well, why not????  Precisely because Cdl Dolan is the archbishop of New York he should have loudly proclaimed that Cuomo is not in good standing!  So much for any hint of backbone.

But it gets worse!  Much worse!  In the first paragraph, I stated that Mrs. Brown described the mess well at the time.  That was last week, this is now.

Comes now the announcement that the Archdiocese of New York, through insurance plans of various Catholic institutions within its borders, provides payment for contraceptives and even abortion.  These particular institutions are offering it for employees who are members of the SEIU (we've heard of them before, haven't we?).   It is true that this arrangement predated Cardinal Dolan's ascendancy to that see - but given today's political climate, why is he allowing that to continue?  That's utterly inexcusable

Again we hear from Zwilling, "we provide the services under protest".  Under protest!!!  (An important aside - these are occasions of mortal sin, not "services") So that just clears their consciences and restores their credibility, right???   NOT!!!!  Can anyone imagine St. John Fisher acquiescing to King Henry VIII's demands "under protest"?  St John Fisher and all martyr-bishops, pray for your timid brother bishops!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Voris On The VA Gubernatorial Race

In today's Vortex, Michael Voris details the stark differences between Ken Cuccinelli (a faithful Catholic who integrates his Catholic morals in his public life) with his opponent Terry McAullife (a CINO who trashes Catholic morals in his public life).  While Voris didn't come out and say it outright, my Les Femmes colleague and I will.  Before I reiterate this, I advise my progressive readers to please have some blood-pressure meds handy, as well as some smelling salts!  Here goes..

The faithful Catholics (and other decent people) of Virginia should cast their ballots this November for Ken Cuccinelli, as well as his running mate E.W. Jackson (I've posted on him earlier) and Mark Obenshain.

By now, the progressive readers should have recovered from their apoplectic seizures.  If any of you are of a mind to report this to the IRS (Infernal Robbery Syndicate), don't bother.  We decided long ago to forego any "501c" status to avoid voluntarily muzzling ourselves in such a ridiculous and useless fashion.  By the way - the Les Femmes site has a link to Cuccinelli's campaign site.  You can bet the progressives have him in their cross-hairs (if you didn't already catch that drift with the EW Jackson post).

Monday, May 27, 2013

75% Of Maryland Abortuaries Fail Health Inspections

The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene made that announcement Friday (ht LifesiteNews).  This is the result of the regulations that went into effect this past July.  We announced a few days ago that the licenses of four of them were suspended; this is the rest of the picture.

LifesiteNews alerted me to this situation.  However, you can read the individual reports yourselves that are on the Department's website.

The regulations were a partial attempt to undo the legislative slop that was SB 162, passed in 1992, that essentially removed all regulations from abortuaries.  Now abortuaries will be accountable for proper instrument washing, licensure of personnel, training.  Now why did most of the mills fail in these basic facets of the practice of medicine?  Because baby-murder has calloused their minds and hearts; that's why!  Time to wake up and smell that coffee!

MSNBC Calls E.W. Jackson "A Black Puppet"

But of course MSNBC, that impeccable voice for compassionate progressives everywhere cannot possibly be racist, right?  After all, only those mean ole' right-wing conservatives are racists, right?  Stop that snickering right now!

Of course it's a racist slur on the part of MSNBC and we're calling them on it (no wonder Dick Durbin wants to stifle us - see the previous post).  And thanks to Lifenews and MRC.

Dick Durbin - Gunning For Us Bloggers

Senator Durbin is sworn to uphold the Constitution.  There goes that oath of office - right down the crapper. What part of the First Amendment does he not understand?  It must be the part that says "Congress shall make no law..".  It certainly isn't up to Congress to imperiously declare who or what constitutes the "press".  Any citizen can report on what he/she sees or thinks.  Watch him below.  Of course he's targeting bloggers and other users of "new media"; their mouthpieces in the New York Times, NBC, Washington Post etc no longer have monopolies on the flow of information.

By-the-bye..  Dick Durbin is another faux-katholyc who pushes marriage perversion and baby-murder.  Therefore his arrogance isn't startling at all.

Catholic Charities Sits On Board Of An Advocate For Planned Parenthood

Catholic Charities of the USA is a dues-paying member of Coalition on Human Needs.  CCUSA Senior Director of Policy and Legislative Affairs, Lecreda Cobbs, sits on CHN's board as a representative of CCUSA.

From LifesiteNews and American Life League we learn that Coalition on Human Needs fought against federal funding cuts for Planned Parenthood and Title X family planning in 2011.  I refer you to the LifesiteNews link for further details.

I will highlight this.  CCUSA disavows accountability for CHN's advocacy of abortion.  Rubbish.  Catholic Charities isn't just a low-level member organization.  It sits on CHN's board of directors; that entails a high level of accountability.  And even if CCUSA wasn't on the board of directors, CHN's actions in championing the largest baby-killing chain in existence should have warranted Catholic Charities' immediate resignation of membership and cessation of all relationship.

I've moved beyond asking for reform of Catholic Charities.  It needs to be abolished as it has become so entangled with governmental monies as to be irreparably corrupted, as I've documented in the past.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Another Archdiocese Of Washington Moral Failure?

First, ht to my colleague An Archdiocese of Washington DC Catholic.  I got the first hint from him.

If the Washington Post article is accurate (and I suspect that it is), then the Archdiocese of Washington is again capitulating to the gay cartel in the DC area.  As I think of it, this is no surprise given the way the archdiocese threw Father Marcel Guarnizo under the bus when he dared to act as a real Catholic priest a year ago this past Lent in not permitting a practicing lesbian to receive Holy Communion.

Rev. William Byrne, archdiocesan Secretary for Pastoral Ministry, is the one who allegedly stated that this new Scout policy of admitting openly gay youth does not violate Catholic teaching.  Father Byrne et al, if a boy proclaims his deviancy, he proclaims mortally sinful dissidence from Catholic teaching.  He most likely intends to pursue the sinful lifestyle, if in fact that isn't already happening.  Would you look the other way if a young man celebrated a tendency to kleptomania?  I hardly think so.  While you would encourage him to seek help, you would not allow him to influence other impressionable youth.  The only reason why you look the other way in the case of homosexuality is that you're afraid of that noisy cabal in the DC area - and perhaps that same cabal in the DC chancery.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Cardinal McCarrick Praises Culture Of Death Icon Father Hesburgh

Father Theodore Hesburgh, president of Notre Dame University for thirty-five years, used his influence and position to severely compromise Catholicism in the United States (maybe the entire western world) and to promote the Culture of Death.  Part and parcel of the Culture of Death is socialism.  This blog and a number of others have documented his rather putrid career.  He has:
  • Played a pivotal role in creating and promulgating the heretical Land O' Lakes Statement, that declared de facto rebellion of Catholic colleges against the Magisterium.
  • Gave aid and comfort to Alinsky-disciple Msgr Jack Egan (when the latter was evicted from his diocese), allowing Notre Dame to be used as a base to create the Catholic Campaign for Human Development
  • Chaired the Rockefeller Foundation, advocates for "population control"
  • Go to this link to see how Notre Dame University has done tremendous insult to Christianity.  The 2009 commencement was just the most notorious example.  I've no doubt that this list is not exhaustive.
I think it's fair to say that if it weren't for Fr Hesburgh's influence, Catholic institutes of higher learning would not be polluting the minds of their students.  The CCHD may not have gained the footholds in so many chanceries that it now has.  And yes, Obama may well not be president.

Two days ago in the US Capitol Building, some Catholic (using "Catholic" loosely) politicians hosted a birthday party for Father Hesburgh.  We can guess why there was no screeching and howling from the "separation of church and state" crowd over this - because their champion was being honored!  Among the "usual suspects" in attendance were Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi: two CINO pro-aborts who enjoy their positions of influence due in no small part to Fr Hesburgh.  

One of the other attendees called Father Hesburgh "one of four great Americans", the other three being George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.  For the profuse amount of slobbering, kissing-up and toadying that oozed from such a stupid statement, this attendee made an utter fool of himself.  And who was that who stuck both feet in his mouth?  Cardinal McCarrick!

Today was not at all the first time that Fr Hesburgh and Cardinal McCarrick met.  Thanks to a colleague in the Catholic Media Coalition, I was informed that Cardinal McCarrick is a signer of the Land O' Lakes Statement.  Go to the link to the statement and scroll down.  Sure enough, his name is there.  He stood "lock, stock and barrel" with those who deliberately introduced dissension and heresy into our Catholic schools!

This past Sunday, Pentecost Sunday, Cardinal McCarrick was the main celebrant at the 9:30 Mass at St John Neumann Church in Gaithersburg, MD.  I was in attendance and recorded his homily; I link to it here.  Take note of the homily between 4:50 and 5:10.  He says that "once we leave the teaching of the Apostles...then Islam comes.."  While that statement is true enough, I was aghast when I heard it for I remembered other times when he affirmed Islam.  As you continue to listen him praise (rightly so) the "purity of doctrine", recall how he helped adulterate that same purity with his affirmation of the poisonous Land O' Lakes Statement and his squalid associations with Sister Carol Keehan, Ted Kennedy, John Sweeney, etc.

In his Pentecost homily, Cardinal McCarrick deplored the confusion that his ongoing actions create!   His celebration of Father Hesburgh just a few days ago after that homily is merely the latest in the litany of contradictory messages that he sends.  Holy Mother Church is suffering through want of fidelity of action on the part of her shepherds.  Pray that God would send these to us quickly.

Associates In OB/GYN Care - Suspended Again!

A little over two months ago I reported that a string of Maryland abortuaries had their licenses suspended after a number of slipshod practices were discovered - and a woman died in their Baltimore location.  It seems that shortly afterwards their licenses were reinstated.  That didn't last too long.

Today the abortuaries affiliated with Associates in OB/GYN Care had their licenses suspended again.  It seems that all four mills had been administering misoprostol to women past 11 weeks.   Moreover, they are allowing non-licensed staff to dispense the drug and perform sonograms.  Sounds rather "Gosnellian", does it not?

Yoo, hoo!  State of Maryland!  It's time to make these "suspensions" into permanent revocations!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Et Tu, Brute? Yes, The Boy Scouts Have Capitulated

Today in Texas, the Boy Scouts of America voted to allow gay youth into their ranks.  By "gay" we mean those who celebrate perverted inclinations.  The ban on gay leadership remains in place - for now.  I predict that will be a matter of time before that falls by the wayside.  Gay activists are calling it "a step in the right direction".  In reality, it's a step in the wrong direction.

Here's the Scout Oath: "On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight."  Today the Scout leadership threw that oath into the trash.  No one can talk about "duty to God" and look the other way as members are disobeying God's most fundamental moral laws.  And how can "gay scouts" take an oath to be "morally straight" when to so many of them, "straight" is a characteristic that they regularly pillory?

The article predicts that many boys and their families will pull away from the scouts as a result of this deplorable kowtowing to political correctness.  I think whole troops will cease affiliation with the Boy Scouts, if not entire councils.  I certainly will have to reconsider some of my purchases from their fund-raisers in the future.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

IRS - Rotten To The Core

Like dandelion weeds suddenly sprouting all over a lawn, we have all seen more and more manifestations of IRS thuggery appearing almost hourly throughout the internet.  There is not time to comment on them all.  I will list below some key links.

IRS Targets Catholic Critics of Obama Regime
IRS Targeted Conservative College Interns
True The Vote Waiting on Tax-Exempt Status
Bachman: IRS Admissions Cast Doubt on Validity of 2012 Elections
Tea-Party Protesters Met By Armed DHS Guards
Reporters Given Forced Armed Escort in IRS Building
IRS's Lerner Has History of Harassing

Speaking of Lois Lerner, she's going before the House committee tomorrow.  She plans to refuse to answer questions and to invoke the Fifth Amendment.  She doesn't want to incriminate herself.  But doesn't that constitute a tacit admission that her answers would incriminate her?  But really - she needn't resort to that! She could just join some of her fellow progressives in laying the blame for the IRS debacle at the feet of (betcha can't guess!) - George Bush!  Surprise!

It's probably long past time that the Internal Revenue Service was abolished.  It is a threat to our republic.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Planned Parenthood, Gosnell, Carhart - There Is No Difference

Well, there might be some difference in how much of our tax dollars they get, but if the Messiah Most Miserable has his way, all the pigs will feed equally at the federal teets.   Those who work in the baby-killing industry, and even those who support it in any way, will have their hearts and minds perverted until they too become cold and calloused to all decency.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Maryland Revokes Abortionist's License Permanently

Nicola Riley, fellow abortionist and accomplice to Stephen Chase Brigham, has had her medical license permanently revoked in the State of Maryland.  The Board made note of her deceit in obtaining the license as well as her incompetence.  She is enjoined from ever re-applying in Maryland.  Operation Rescue has more details, as well as the link to the revocation document.

That's another one down, with many more to go until unborn babies are safe again in Maryland.

Gay-Nazis At Department Of Justice

The Liberty Council obtained a copy of a Department of Justice pamphlet entitled "LGBT Inclusion at Work: Seven Habits of Highly Effective Managers".  It's quite a hoot, paid for by our tax dollars.  World Net Daily has an excellent piece on this latest attempt to coerce speech and yes, thought.  Why?  They are being ordered - ordered! - to positively affirm immoral behavior.  It is not enough for these tyrants to merely silence good people.  They seek to force actions and words from them that violate their consciences.  Bear in mind that this is a governmental agency - not some private company that is merely implementing the beliefs of its owners.  We the people are paying to have good managers bullied into compliance with perversion.

Speaking of private companies merely implementing their beliefs, that too has incurred the wrath of the gay-nazis.  In the state of Washington, a florist is being harassed because she won't facilitate a gay wedding.  In her case, she is not taking this sitting down.  With the assistance of Alliance Defending Freedom, she is counter-suing the state.  Here's hoping she wins.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Georgetown U - A Scandal A Minute

First, ht to "Good Jesuit Bad Jesuit".

Georgetown University's part-time employees are unionized now.  "Under which union?" you ask with bated breath.  But knowing Georgetown, do we really need to ask that question?  It's SEIU, of course!  I've written quite a bit about SEIU, its disgusting doings and equally disgusting ties to Catholic institutions; here is a smattering of those posts.

What is disappointing, but not at all surprising, is the cooperation that the union organizers received from the administration at Georgetown.  I would be surprised that Georgetown still retains its status as a Catholic institution, if it weren't located within the bounds of the Archdiocese of Washington.

In Most Ladies' Room In Catholic Churches

You will see one of these (see the picture) on the wall.  It is a poster from Project Rachel reaching out to
abortion-wounded women to offer them a chance to heal after their horrifying ordeal.  Note the jagged edge at the bottom.  These flyers come with phone numbers at the bottom on "tear-off" strips that women can take to make their phone calls later.  More often than not, I will see these with all the tear-off strips taken.

That fact alone points to the far-sweeping devastation of abortion, with its tentacles ensnaring Catholic women (or someone for whom they care).  While we are all grateful for the efforts of Project Rachel and other post-abortion healing apostolates, we are all in agreement that an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure.  There is the Gabriel Network and the crisis pregnancy centers, but more than that we need desperately to hear from the pulpit on Sunday mornings that the Culture of Sexual Permissiveness is to be abhorred.  That means that fornication must be denounced, with people being challenged to behave as Catholics and not wild beasts who haven't an iota of self-control.  Contraceptives are not the answer; they fail and are absolutely useless in regards to STDs.  In fact, more fundamental to contraceptives being "not the answer", they in fact ARE the problem.

The government today has no problem telling people to "just say no" to drugs, drink and even to trans-fats and "big-gulps".  The only reason they don't take the same attitude towards sexual licentiousness is that they want the cash to flow into the coffers of Planned Parenthood and thus to their political bank accounts as well.

So, dear clergy, the onus is on you to preach life-saving truth from the pulpit.  And if you're discouraged from doing so for "fear of hurting women or others", that's not the real reason.  More often than not, the real reason some (even chanceries!) attempt to stifle you is found in the preceding paragraph.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Montgomery County Double Standards, IRS Style - Surprise!

Ladies and gentlemen, we who offer Christian witness in front of the Planned Parenthood in Silver Spring Maryland have incurred some local displeasure over the exercise of our First Amendment rights.  See here for one such example.  Here's another.  Often, the police (I should say only "some" for one seems to have an axe to grind) have gotten in on the act, complaining that the signs have violated local ordinance.

How diligent they are, always on the lookout, to remove those nefarious, ordinance-violating signs!  Well, not all the time apparently.  Watch the video below, taken today.

Friday, May 17, 2013

IRS Asked Groups For "Contents Of Their Prayers"

You know, I could be optimistic and opine that the rogue IRS agents were simply "getting religion" and wanted some pointers on how to pray themselves, but I'll leave the sarcasm aside - for now.  A representative from a Texas Tea Party group relates that the IRS asked for back-end access to their website.  Read this from the Gateway Pundit.

Now read this from Breitbart News.  It delves into when the Messiah Most Miserable learned of the naughty foibles of some of these IRS Minions Most Mindless.  He claims he first heard of this from - wait for it! - the news media!  So none of his subordinates thought to tell him?  Uh, huh!  Nice try, Barack - but no cigar!

Below the jump break I'll post two videos from the hearings that are now occurring.  You'll hear the reference to the groups being asked for contents of their prayers.  Kudos to Reps Michael Kelly and Aaron Schock for asking direct questions and for giving these folks some needed reminders that it is We the People who are the ultimate authority, not the IRS.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Abortion - Enabling Men To Abuse Women

Today we read of a woman in Florida whose boyfriend gave her abortion-inducing pills without her knowledge.  She wanted the baby, he didn't.  Thanks to legalized abortion and attendant ease of procuring these medications, he was able to get them.  He has been arrested and is facing first-degree murder charges. He murdered his own baby.

This is just the latest story to date of a woman being victimized by abortion.  Several years ago a man was convicted of trying to force an abortion on his girlfriend - at gunpoint, no less.  Here's one of an oaf who hired other oafs to kidnap his girlfriend and beat her belly until she miscarried.

It isn't just boyfriends who victimize pregnant women.  Sometimes it's their own parents.  Here's a story of a Texas teen who successfully staved off her parents who wanted to abort their grandchild.  And who can forget Nicholas and Lola Kampf of Maine, who kidnapped their daughter to take her for an out-of-state abortion.  They actually bound her; she managed to escape and called the police.

I see these scenes with some regularity at the Planned Parenthood on Saturday mornings.  These scenes are in fact played out at abortuaries all over the world.  Abortion does not "empower" women; it only leads them to become more brutalized and objectified.  We've got to end this.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Critic Of Progressive Katholyc Groups Targeted By IRS

Doctor Ann Hendershott, a sociology professor and Catholic author, found herself undergoing a grueling
audit by the Internal Revenue Service after penning a number of articles critical of the Messiah Most Miserable.  The full Blaze article can be found here.

Although she made no profit from her writing ventures, the IRS demanded to know who paid her.  Moreover, they called her to their office and insisted that she come alone.

It should be noted that she not only criticized Obama in her articles, but also some notoriously left-wing "katholyc" groups, such as "Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good" and "Catholics United".  Hendershott exposed their financial ties to George Soros just a few months prior to the IRS harassment.

Moral of the story - if you criticize the Messiah Most Miserable or even just the Minions Most Mindless, you might get a rap at your door or a phone call.  We trust that they will be so decent as to do so only during waking hours.

However, in all fairness to the Man-Child of the White House, the IRS has been doing such strong-arming long before he was born (wherever that was).  It appears that FDR got them started on their wicked ways and many Dems - and at least one Republican - made use of their arm-twisting tricks.  A Wall Street Journal piece has a decent summary of the IRS's chequered career.

By the way - the Treasury Inspector General's office released its report on the matter.  Go here and download a pdf copy to your own computers.

Nazi-Esque IRS Targets Christian And Conservative Organizations

Even the mainstream media has been unable to ignore the (one of) the latest scandal involving the Internal Revenue Service and its thinly-disguised animosity towards conservative organizations seeking tax-exempt status.  For instance, this Washington Post piece from yesterday acknowledges that the IRS was targeting for special scrutiny those organizations whose names included the phrases "tea party", "9/12", "patriot", "constitution"... you get the drift.  Still questions remain.  Lois Lerner, who oversees tax-exempt groups, told reporters that "front-line people in Cincinnati" were responsible, intimating that it was limited to those lower-level IRS operatives.  However, IRS offices in Washington and California originated very intrusive questionnaires to conservative applicants.

By the way - Ms Lerner's apology makes plain that only conservative groups were targeted.  To further amplify that point, consider the speedy, expeditious manner in which the application for a differently-oriented group was processed.  It took one short month from application date.  The charity was based in Arlington VA, but not registered in VA.  The name of this charity?  The Barack H. Obama Foundation!  It's run by Malik Obama, the president's half-brother.  Ain't that sweet??

Michele Bachmann, Chair of the House Tea Party Caucus, voiced her outrage at these revelations.  I understand that the GOP leadership is talking of hearings.  Let's hope that this saber-rattling of their is substantiated with some real back-bone.

Today I learned that the IRS, as part of their harassment of conservatives, targeted a local pro-life colleague of mine.  Peter Shinn sought tax-exemption status for his Cherish Life organization - an organization that has as part of its mission the education of churches about the horrors of abortion.  He was told that if he didn't present abortion from all perspectives (including the pro-murder one) that his organization was "political".  He didn't back down.  Here is the World Net Daily piece about this situation here.

The IRS also told the Pro-Life Coalition of Iowa that their non-profit status would not be granted unless they limited their picketing and protests at the local Planned Parenthood.  The Thomas More Society is representing PLCI in their kerfuffle with the IRS.

The IRS has gone so far as to target the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  I've no doubt it's because Franklin Graham has been outspoken regarding the threats of both Islam and "gay marriage".  I'll post more as I learn more.  But as I said, even the mainstream media is no longer ignoring this.  For now, I'll leave you with this cheery thought: this Infernal Robbery Syndicate will be a key enforcer of Obamacare!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gosnell Will Die Behind Bars

It is announced that Kermit Gosnell avoided the death penalty by waiving his right to appeal his two consecutive life sentences.  There will be no possibility of parole.  These two life sentences are for Baby C and Baby D; he is expected to receive another life sentence for the murder of Baby A.  At the age of 72, he still will have some time to ponder eternity - an eternity that will come soon for him.

Operation Rescue compiled a list of the various crimes for which he was found guilty.  What a guy.  At least he will shed no more innocent blood.  He has enough on his hands.  Let us pray that while he sits behind bars he will come to repentance and conversion before he is arraigned before the Supreme Judge.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Father Guarnizo At Italy's March For Life

Gosnell Declared Guilty

Today the jury found Kermit Gosnell guilty on three counts of first-degree murder (of three of the babies whose spinal cords he severed) and one involuntary manslaughter of a mother.  He was also found guilty of performing twenty-one illegal abortions and over two hundred counts of violating informed-consent provisions.

Operation Rescue, instrumental in forcing this sordid affair into national attention, has its account.   Jack McMahon, Gosnell's attorney, is blaming the media for the conviction - you know, the mainstream media who had to be shamed via tweetfest into paying attention to this mass-murderer.  Why not try blaming the criminal for committing the crime?  What a novel idea that would be!  But McMahon wasn't finished spreading the blame around.  Apparently there's something called a "baby-factor" that caused Kermit's conviction.  Baby-factor!  That's a new one!  In other words, we blame the babies for being, well, babies?

He is eligible for the death penalty.  On May 21 the jury will determine the sentence.  At the very least, he'll have the rest of his life to ponder the mess he's made out of his life, safely kept away from any more babies.  For his sake, we pray that he repents lest he be condemned to far worse punishment when at last he must answer before God.

Oh, by the way - recall that Planned Parenthood coddles "post-birth" abortion!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Just One Big Happy Family! Now Isn't That Just...Special??

If it seems like the Obama administration and the mainstream media are more than cozy - almost like kindred - there's a reason for it.  There ARE several - several familial ties between members of the mainstream media and the Minions Most Mindless.  There is no way on God's green earth that these media kinfolk (and by extension, their collaborators and subordinates) can lay claim to impartiality.  They really should have disclosed these ties long ago.  Since they won't, we will!

By the way - does the word "collusion" come to mind as we consider their cover-ups of Benghazi-gate?

Pope Francis Joins Italian March For Life

In today's "Marcia per la Vita" in Rome, the pope (in popemobile of course) went into the street where the marchers were congregating and greeted them in person.  Obviously this is a first.  I'll let you all read the Lifesite News report and to take a gander at the picture of the Holy Father.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

As The Toad Squirms...

Jay Carney, Obama press secretary, fits the toad role perfectly.  I've never seen him without that pained expression on his face.  Watch him now as he tries to wiggle his way out of the tangled web of deceit that he helped weave.  It doesn't work.  This video would be comic if it weren't for the serious subject matters being discussed, matters involving Americans who were killed because of the incompetence of the Obamanista regime.

Carney should just resign now (Lord knows, though, who in their right mind would hire him).  Moreover, it would be lovely if this Minion Most Mindless would take his "messiah" with him as he leaves.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Little Boys Saying Mass - Cute

Thanks to Pewsitter, I saw this cute video, posted by Catholic News Agency with a write-up on this little boy from Columbia.  Might this be a future vocation in the making?  Maybe two, if we consider the little acolyte! They're speaking Spanish of course, but it does seem that "Mass proper" begins at the 1:30 mark.  I understand that many a priestly vocation got off to a similar start.  Who knows?

I understand there's a homily in here.  If any of my readers can give a brief translation via the comments, I'm sure we'd all appreciate it.  It appears that the "consecration" occurs at the 12:00 mark, with "bells" being supplied by "the congregation".  But it appears to be followed immediately by Benediction.  Hey - he's only three years old.  Notice the prayers for "Papa Franciso" at 12:55.

Enjoy!  With all the darkness in the world today, it's great to see some innocence and love for Jesus in children!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Maryland Catholic Conference Errs (Again) With Death Penalty

In today's Catholic Standard, page 3 in print and online here, the Maryland Catholic Conference is beating its chest over its faux-victoire regarding the abolition of the death penalty in Maryland.  I stated my case clearly how the abolition of the death penalty actually runs counter to Church teaching and Evangelium Vitae in particular.  I needn't rehash all that here.

I also stated in that post that there is an effort underway to petition this abolition to the next Maryland referendum.  I signed that petition, no doubt to the consternation of Mary Ellen Russell.  In the Standard article, read that little insert of hers that's designed to cajole faithful Catholics into eschewing the referendum petition.  She talks of the repeal of the death penalty as "an integral part of our pro-life efforts to uphold the sanctity of all human life."  No, it is not!  I'd strongly suggest that she study Evangelium Vitae and notice that there is a world of difference between the inherent evil of taking the most innocent human life - that is, murder and the exercise of legitimate authority a charge laid upon it by God Himself.

She then takes a direct pot-shot at the referendum effort itself, saying "the referendum will only divide the prolife community and drain scarce time and resources from other more important prolife goals".  Well, guess what, Ms Russell?  On both counts here, it's the Maryland Catholic Conference (under your less-than-stellar leadership) that stands guilty as charged!

Impromptu Canonization

Yesterday I received a notice, via email broadcast, of the death of a fellow Catholic.  The author of the announcement started by saying (I'll change/obscure details to protect privacy), "At time of death, she heard those words that we all long to hear, "well done good and faithful servant...come and share your master's happiness."   Sooo.... does this author have knowledge that the rest of us mere mortals lack?  I'm not trying to be snarky, but for all his good intentions, the author stated as a matter of fact that this woman had immediately entered heaven at the moment of her death.  I'm sure the author meant well, but he wrote what he had no way of knowing to be true.

I also know that this woman was a very sincere and dedicated Catholic who no doubt frequented the Sacraments during her final illness.  However, as we all know, the least attachment to venial sin will - barring unusual circumstances - necessitate a time of purification in the place called Purgatory.  Very few of us will go straight to heaven.  To be honest, knowing my own nature, I can be fairly assured that if I were to pass at this time, a purgatorial pit-stop for me would be in order before I were to proceed any further.  The Church does acknowledge the existence of Purgatory by dogma.

With that in mind, I saw in this announcement no requests for prayers for her eternal repose.  Yes, there was a prayer offered for her in one of the tributes, but the context indicates that this tribute was offered while she was still alive.  This fellow Catholic has passed beyond the Church Militant.  Perhaps she is among the Church Triumphant, but if not, she is among the Church Suffering.  We know that our prayers, Masses and other offerings are efficacious towards alleviating the pains of Purgatory and even in expediting the work to be done in Purgatory so that those so enclosed may attain heaven.

So please pray for this lady and her eternal repose - as well as for all the dead.  Should in fact they not require our prayers, know that these prayers can still redound to the benefit of other souls still languishing in Purgatory.  Perhaps you might wish to direct the prayers for the poor folks who have no one to pray for them.

Let perpetual light shine upon her, and may all souls through the mercy of God rest in peace.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Joe Biden Preaches Morality Again!

I wrote yesterday that progressives seem to be rediscovering the importance of religion - albeit rather selectively.  That story featured Joe Biden in his quest to take self-defense from American citizens.  Today we read how that new-found religious fervor is playing out in terms of "voting rights".  According to Plugs, it's "immoral, callous" to make voting difficult.  To what "barriers" specifically does he object?  He thinks it's unfair to require voters to show identification.

He claims that by making these requirements, we're "telling someone we're going to make it difficult for you to vote."  In actuality, what we'd be saying is that "we're going to make it difficult for someone to steal your vote".  I'm sure he understands the difference because the latter doesn't bother him in the slightest - as long as they vote Democrat.  So showing some form of photo id (like one would have to show to drive or buy alcoholic beverages or - gasp! - buy a gun) is a "barrier"!  Well, in the sicko world of the progressive, it is indeed a barrier - to election fraud, that is!

On second thought, perhaps I'm being too harsh on Ole' Plugs!  After all, some of that spiritual vigor seems to be on display in his home state of Delaware.  Since the latest Planned Parenthood scandals in Wilmington, Delaware is the first state that has no surgical abortions since Roe v Wade!  No doubt the Vice President is rejoicing over this news.  Right, Joe??  Joe???  Hmmm...

Meat In A Crock Pot??

That is how abortionist Leroy Carhart described a baby dying in utero (after the lethal injection) to a Live Action undercover investigator.  During the exchange he lied (of course) about Christin Gilbert and Jennifer Morbelli - two of the (known) women that died at his hand.  I'm presuming that this exchange occurred in Nebraska, as he suggests that the woman go to Maryland where the late-term procedures are legal.

I post the shorter video below.  The unedited one can be found here in two parts.  Leroy Carhart is being investigated in Maryland.  To be frank, it's rather apparent that the state of Maryland government, run by abortophiles, is dawdling and dragging its feet.  We need to keep them accountable and hold their feet to the fire.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Religion And Politics

When it comes to mixing religion and politics, progressives have clear-cut preferences about the mixing of these two areas of people's thinking.  We all know that they don't ever want to hear of religion or religious beliefs when abortion is being contemplated.  For instance, the Daily Beast whines about religion being part of the pro-life discussion.  Then we read a similar "letter to the editor" from the Indystar.

However, when it comes to promotion of liberal and left-wing causes, the progressives "get religion"!  Vice President Joe Biden is urging clergy of all faiths to exhort their congregations to support gun control.  Why?  Because, in his none-too-humble opinion, it's the "moral thing to do"!

Eeek!  Eeek!  Where, oh where, is the Americans United for Separation of Church and State when you need them?   What do we hear from them?  (crickets)

Faithful Catholics Protest Outside As Gumbleton Commits Sacrilege Against The Mass

At a Dignity anniversary event at Detroit's Marygrove College (run by liberal IHM sisters) retired Bishop Gumbleton, in disobedience to Bishop Vigneron, presided at a "gay Mass".  No doubt numerous gays and their homophile enablers committed the mortal sin of receiving the Eucharist unworthily.  Bishop Gumbleton, by cooperating materially and formally with those mortal sins most likely laid some mortal sins to his own charge.  He failed to serve those in attendance in that Mass, owing to his horrible example. brings welcome news that this blasphemy was publicly protested on the Marygrove campus.  I post the video below.  Having engaged in similar efforts myself, I can only urge one and all to step out and make your voices heard as these sad situations are occurring.  Yes, it will be uncomfortable and will involve some confrontation - but so what?  We as Catholics are not called to be comfortable but to be signs of contradiction.  Moreover, as American citizens, our free speech rights are guaranteed under the US Constitution.  So while we have rights we also have responsibility to use those rights.  Let's get to work.

By the way: here are the links to which the video refers:

Monday, May 6, 2013

NCR Article Likens Martin O'Malley To Jesus Christ

Please do not have any food or drink in your mouth as you read this NCR dribble, for you may wind up spitting it all over your monitor and keyboard as you laugh out loud.

Tom Gallagher of course celebrates the abolition of the death penalty in Maryland.  However, he takes the Maryland Catholic Conference to task for "not mustering up a simple thank you to the leadership of O'Malley.."  He then draws a parallel of this imagined slight of O'Malley to the ingratitude of the nine lepers healed by Jesus.  I'm not kidding!  He just compared aborto-phile and homo-phile Martin O'Malley to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

One must wonder why Gallagher sees fit to engage in such unabashed boot-licking for O'Malley.  Yes the latter is posturing for the White House.  Is the former posturing for some cushy administrative position?  If not, why the mindless pandering?

By the way - "NCR" means "Not-At-All Catholic Reporter".

When We Raise Our Voices..

Good can result!  Here are two examples.

Last year in Reno Nevada, a rogue judge was on the verge of ordering an abortion for a mentally-disabled woman.  Neither the woman nor her family wanted that abortion to happen.  No matter, that judge was bound and determined that the abortion and subsequent sterilization were going to happen.  My!  How quickly they jettison the "her-body-her-choice" schtick when it doesn't suit their murderous purposes, but I digress!  Well, enough of us shed the light on this murderous plot and made our displeasure known.  Our hue and cry gave the judge some "cause for pause".  On May 2, the little girl was born.  See the LifesiteNews article for her picture.  An adoptive family has been found for the baby.

Many have been following the saga of the military brass's campaign to stifle Christianity within the armed forces.  Again, under the withering gaze of the public, the military has backed down - for now.  This is a matter that will require our constant attention.  Remember that light scares away the cockroaches and that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Bret Baier On Kermit Gosnell

Yesterday Bret Baier of Fox News did a special report on Kermit Gosnell, the butcher of Philadelphia.  Actually, Gosnell is not THE butcher, but just one whose sloppiness and murder trial has placed him in prominence.  All abortionists are butchers, when you get right down to it.

The "youtube" is up and I'll post it below.  In many ways, it's an indictment on the State of Pennsylvania (particularly the Health Department) as much as it is on Gosnell himself.  Hint: the State of Maryland may want to sit up and take notice regarding its own conduct (or lack thereof) in its handling of the Leroy Carhart situation.

UPDATE - I see the video below has been pulled.  Please go here to see the same thing; please note that the video is now divided into five parts so you'll need to be careful to select them in proper order.

The Death Penalty

As most readers know, the State of Maryland has just abolished the death penalty.  Oh no, I don't mean that Maryland has halted the murder of nearly 100 babies every day vis-a-vis abortion; I mean for the 1 convicted felon who was executed every 4-6 years (at most).  For that, the Maryland bishops lavished praise upon the CINO governor who has been known to use his bully-pulpit to raise funds for Maryland NARAL.

Initially I thought the abolition of the death penalty was a matter on which there could be legitimate disagreement amongst Catholics.  I no longer believe that.  Let me start by differentiating between two concepts that are often erroneously thought to be equivalent; they aren't.  They are:
  1. Opposition to capital punishment
  2. Abolition of the death penalty
One is a matter of personal belief, of prudential judgment.  The other is a matter of public policy.  One does not necessarily imply the other.  Let's now refer to Evangelium Vitae, section 56.  Please read the entire section.  I'll copy below a paragraph from that section.

"It is clear that, for these purposes to be achieved, the nature and extent of the punishment must be carefully evaluated and decided upon, and ought not go to the extreme of executing the offender except in cases of absolute necessity: in other words, when it would not be possible otherwise to defend society. Today however, as a result of steady improvements in the organization of the penal system, such cases are very rare, if not practically non-existent."

Well, these cases are not non-existent.  They might well be rare, but from time to time they do exist; that's just reality.  In those rare cases, Church teaching provides for the imposition of capital punishment by legitimate civil authority.  Why?  Because as the encyclical clearly states, in those cases capital punishment is required to defend society.

 Acknowledging that God alone has supreme authority over life, the Church also acknowledges through Scripture and Tradition that God delegates the responsibility of capital punishment to legitimate civil authority.    Such delegation cannot be abdicated by state authorities, for in so doing, they stand in disobedience to the God who laid that charge upon them.   And once again, progressives within the Church hierarchy (and I mean you, Maryland Catholic Conference!) join the Maryland governor and other officials in their arrogance and disobedience as they thumb their noses at the Lord of Life and abdicate their duties and responsibilities to protect innocent life on one hand - and on the other hand, foster the murder of innocent children.

The Maryland bishops would do more for the culture of life if they demanded that the stonewalling of the Carhart investigations cease and that abortion be banned in Maryland.  Stop the murders of the 90+ babies everyday in Maryland before braying about false "triumphs".

My colleague at An Archdiocese of Washington DC Catholic links to a petition to put the matter to referendum.  I in turn will link to his piece.  I will sign the petition.  Knowing that this petition will never be allowed in Church, I urge interested readers to visit that site.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

From The "Et Tu Brute" Department

Paul Ryan disappoints me.  He now appears to be a bit of a turncoat with regards to "gay adoption", that is, the deliberate exposure of an impressionable child to perverted sinful lifestyles.   See this and this.  Clearly he's off my "acceptable" list.

Illegal Immigrants And AmChurch

Today's Vortex raises some questions that should be broached to our prelates. I'd like to see emphasized the question of why the USCCB puppets are so quick to take up the Washington oligarchy's talking points on these matters (gun control is another in which the bishops are allowing themselves to be the Minions Most Mindless of the White House).

Father Guarnizo On Gosnell And Banality Of Evil

On appears an article that Father Marcel Guarnizo wrote to explore how Kermit Gosnell is simply symptomatic of the culture of death in which the western world now wallows.  Granted, Gosnell is a rather stark symptom but he's not the root.  Please read the article here and share widely.

They Won't Resuscitate

First, let's examine that word "resuscitate".  Verbs that start with the preface "re" usually connote the bringing back of the object to a former condition.  In this case it means to bring back from apparent death to live.  When the quack-doctor uses the word, she acknowledges that the baby was - and most likely is - alive during the abortion procedure.  She admits to the murder and her unwillingness to do anything to help the baby; I suppose that's redundant since she's doing all in her power to murder the child.

Without further ado, I post below the third installment of Live Action's "#inhuman" videos - this one from Arizona.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Contraception And Gosnell

Bishop James Conley of Lincoln Nebraska reminded us all that the atrocities committed by Gosnell and all abortionists are a logical consequence of the contraception mentality - one that allows the sexual act to be severed from God's plan for marriage and family life.  He points out that one reason the media has been ignoring the Gosnell situation (until very recently) is that they themselves are mental and spiritual slaves of the anti-life climate that infects so much of modern (or more accurately, post-modern) society today.

He is spot-on correct.  Until we attack the culture of death at its roots and eradicate it, we'll continue to see "houses of horror" emerge everywhere.

Military Chaplains - Targeted For Court Martial

It seems that the Pentagon is vetting its religious tolerance policy with the Military Religious Freedom Foundation - a group that has compared Christian evangelism to "rape".  Its president, Mikey Weinstein, claims that Christians who proselytize are "guilty of sedition and treason".  He says a number of ridiculous things about Christians that only betray his own irrational hatred and yes, bigotry against Christians.  He obviously wants his bigotry ensconced in military policy.  Regarding "rape", Weinstein targeted his venom at Christians in saying proselytizing is "a version of being spiritually raped by fundamentalist Christian religious predators."

Weinstein also claimed that proselytizing is (wait for it!) "a national security threat".  So let me get this straight.  We have an absolutely porous border in the southwest, we still don't have clear answers on what happened in Benghazi, we are obviously dealing with jihadist "sleeper cells" as evidenced in Boston - and the Pentagon is doubling down on Christian chaplains?  Why is Weinstein being allowed to give this input?  Is the Pentagon at least entertaining input from Christian chaplains?  Who's the Commander in Chief anyway?  On second thought, maybe that last question answered the preceding questions.

We need to keep a close eye on this, as there is an obvious attempt to purge Christians from the military.  It's not hard to figure out why: because they recognize God as Supreme Authority.