Saturday, August 31, 2019

Something's Fishy With This Poop Video

Bear in mind that every day babies are being deliberately slaughtered by the thousands.  In the middle east Christians are also being murdered simply because they are Christians.  In China, as a result of the pope's betrayal, Christians are seeing their churches destroyed and their lives being placed in jeopardy.  All manners of sexual perversion are now being celebrated as Christians find themselves persecuted for simply living their faith.  Just recently we saw the Seattle Church utterly betray Jesus Christ as they literally ushered an unrepentant gay "shaman" to his likely eternal perdition.

Now the September installment of the "Pope Video" has been released.  In it, for what does Pope Francis suggest we pray?  Is it for any of the serious problems listed above?  Nope!

We are being asked to pray for a bunch of damned fish!

Notice that when the pope says that fish "are threatened for various reasons" we see one of those evil motor boats with propellers churning?  That's because big bad mankind is killing all the fishees, see?

So now we're supposed to pray that "politicians, scientists and economists work together to protect the world's seas and oceans".  Not babies, not marriage, not persecuted Christians but "seas and oceans"!

It's obvious that this poop video is nothing more than a cheesy attempt to prime us for the Amazon Sin-nod and its gaia-worship, environmentalist screeds.  By the way - I still haven't finished my penitential study of that Instrumentum Laboris mess.  I hope to do that soon.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Regarding Fuller's Suicide, The Clergy Knew Beforehand

Father Dupont knew of Fuller's diabolical plans at that Mass.  Dupont is not the pastor of St Therese in Seattle; rather, he is a priest who regularly assists with Masses and who frequently said Masses at which Fuller attended.  He gave Fuller a "blessing" and even embroiled First Communicant children in his stunt, giving scandal to them.  Now what was it that Jesus said about those giving scandal to little ones?  Oh, yes!

Regarding Fuller's funeral, Seattle Archbishop Sartain gave approval for a Church funeral, in direct contradiction to Canon law.  In recent years, funerals have been granted to suicides, assuming that they were not in their right minds when they committed the act.  However, Fuller's suicide was methodically planned.  He had a party to celebrate his planned sin and even compounded that sin with the celebration of his sodomite relationship by "marrying" his accomplice in sodomy just before his suicide.  I link now to a Church Militant article where two bishops are cited as stating that unrepentant homosexuals cannot be given Church funeral rites.

So here we have two clerics, one a bishop, cooperating with several mortal sins committed by Fuller this past May.  They have cheapened God's laws and the value of human life.  We pray for their own repentance.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Did A Seattle Jesuit Facilitate Murder And Likely Damnation Of A Catholic In A Catholic Church??

The Catholic blogosphere just learned of an "assisted suicide" of a sodomy-practicing man in Seattle Washington.  He learned he was terminally ill.  Instead of preparing for his death to ensure his salvation after his mortal sins of sodomy, he mocked the Sacrament of Matrimony with his accomplice in sodomy and announced his planned suicide with great fanfare.

Mr. Fuller was Catholic, although obviously dissident.  On the Sunday before he ended his own life, he attended Mass and received Holy Communion - obviously sacrilegiously.  Moreover, Father Quentin Dupont, SJ, led the First Communion children in "blessing" Fuller.  Fuller's plans were widely known at that parish.  Unless the priest was inexcusably oblivious, he had to have known them too.  I am unable to determine the nature of Dupont's relationship to the parish; he appears not to be the pastor.

If Father Dupont, at that Mass, was aware of the impending sin of suicide that Fuller was to commit, then he is guilty of that sin by way of being an accessory to the sin.  Several other parishioners would also be in that status.  In a previous post, I listed the nine ways of being an accessory to sin and participating in its guilt.  I'll run through them now.
  1. Counsel - Did Father Dupont suggest that Fuller was taking a correct step?
  2. Command - Probably not present in this situation.
  3. Consent - That "blessing" would appear to constitute consent.
  4. Provocation - Did that happen?
  5. Praise or flattery - That seemed to be oozing from many parishioners.  What about Father?
  6. Concealment - Well that certainly didn't occur.
  7. Partnership - This is defined as sharing the fruits of the sin.  Not present here.
  8. Silence - Father did not act or speak to prevent Fuller's sins
  9. Defending evil - That was all over the praise from the other parishioners.
The Seattle bishops intend to "review" this matter.  If Dupont didn't know of the impending suicide, then what reason did he have of "blessing" Dupont and even inducing children to be props in his stunt?  Will the bishops really do an honest review of this matter or are they simply trying to stall in the hopes that we will forget about this atrocity?

Unless Fuller made a perfect act of contrition right at the moment of his death, he is not in a good place.  Let us pray that he did.  But let us also take action.  Contact St Therese Parish and the Archdiocese of Seattle to demand that real investigations be done regarding the apparent approval that Fuller received from Fr Dupont.  That atrocity can never again happen in a Catholic Church.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

St Louis Jesuits - Bid Them Good Bye And Good Riddance

The St. Louis Jesuits, producers of much of the watered-down mush that is called "modern Catholic music", are giving a farewell concert.  The concert is scheduled for Sept 29 and will happen in St. Louis, near the seminary where they met.

Take a look at their picture (circa 1070s) and consider that they met towards the end of their priestly formations.  At that stage, they should have been wearing clerics.  Why did that not happen in this photo?

Only three of them are now priests.  Tim Manion left seminary and became a Buddist.  Dan Schutte was ordained and left the priesthood.  The CM article points to evidence that Schutte is living in gay perversion with another named Mike Gale.  Now take a look at this review of a book written about the SLJesuits.  The book was edited by someone named Mike Gale.  It would take some doing to convince me that this is just some strange coincidence.  When I learned of that several years ago, I resolved never to sing anything written by the St Louis Jesuits.

They might not garner anymore income from public appearances (we hope), but they'll still be raking in the dough from royalties, etc.  Let's pray that they understand how they participated in the damage and repent.  Schutte and Manion are in desparate need of prayers, not commercial patronage.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Left-Wing Bloggers Are Reacting To Uncensored Truth

The Catholic left-wing mainstream media are bunching their undies over the fact that  their monopolistic stranglehold  over the flow of information to faithful Catholics has been broken.  They cite specifically LifeSiteNews, Church Militant, and Crisis magazine.  Frankly I think that we  smaller bloggers have had our hand in this too, and I find it curious that they omit mention of George Neumayr. is a site run by one such left-winger, Mike Lewis.  In his post yesterday, he comments on an article  by Michael Sean Winters, in which Winters plays Chicken Little by accusing us of fomenting schism.  Apparently Winters is suggesting that the bishops, in their November USCCB meeting, address the all-important question of "to what degree are the seeds of a de facto schism being sown within the U.S. church?"

So that is what he suggests should be the diversion main question instead of minor matters such as:
  • "How many of us in this USCCB meeting need to resign yesterday over our coverups and even personal commissions of homosexual rapes?"
  • "How will we bring fidelity and discipline back to  the celebration of the Sacraments?"
  • "What steps will we take to begin immediate obedience to Canon 915?"
But those things are such trivialities, you see?  They don't amount to a hill of beans comparied to facilitation of border crashing, governmental gun-grabs from decent people, climate change (more on this later), etc.

So this Mike Lewis doesn't like us mean old "extremists" spouting "dangerous narratives".  Let's take a look at Mr Lewis.  His bio sketch at the end of his site indicates Maryland residence - not too surprising.  Looking at his Linkedin profile, we see that he's Director of Operations at Catholic Climate Covenant.  He appears to be relatively new at that organization so he wasn't there when I and other "extremists" exposed their shenanigans.  Maybe had he looked at what we said, he might have had cause to pause.  But maybe they were right up his ally anyway.  Lewis is also a frequent guest on Mark Shea's radio program.  Mark Shea is another left-leaning pundit who has from time to time had hissy-snits to hurl our way, with language that some could call "colorful".  I refuse to link to his stuff for Patheos pays its bloggers according to the click counts accumulated by the sites.

We are getting their attention; that is why we are seeing all the temper tantrums.  We can surmise that others of good will are being given food for thought as well.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Undermining Church Teaching On Marriage And Family Life

I'm going to refer you now to this LifeSiteNews article about this facet of this pope's efforts to remake the Church into some kind of progressive wasteland.  His destruction of the John Paul Institute for Marriage and the Family marches on.  Read that article and watch the video below.

What I find peculiar and somewhat ominous is how quickly the pope moved with that motu proprio just days after Cardinal Caffara (one of the dubia cardinals as well as founding director) died.  How could that have been made ready so quickly?

Sunday, August 18, 2019

SJW Ditty Was Our Communion Hymn Today

I will now link to a post I wrote a few years back and ask you to pay particular attention to "zinger 2".  We are revisiting that matter for "zinger 2" revisited my parish today, masquerading as the Communion hymn at our 9:30 Mass.

Several years ago I've adopted the practice of reviewing the hymns before Mass begins.  The last thing I want to do is to catch myself mouthing some heretical poison as I "go along with the crowd".  Regrettably many people do that, not even thinking about the words coming out of their mouths.  Could that possibly be a subtle way of brainwashing?  We can and must arm ourselves against these tricks with constance vigilance.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Priest Disciplined By Cardinal Ratzinger (Now Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI) Is Driving Force Behind Amazon Sin-Nod Mess

Remember how I poked fun at the Laboris Instrumentum for claiming that the "earth cries"?  That concept comes from Leonardo Boff, the dissident and heretic behind that document and much of the sin-nod itself.  Note that he left the priesthood after he was silenced by Cardinal Ratzinger.  Sound familiar?  That's because Boff was not the only one disciplined by Benedict XVI and rehabilitated by Pope Francis.  Recall that McCarrick himself was ordered to conduct no public appearances but who had those sanctions lifted when Francis took the throne.  It's quite possible that some of the motivation here is to provide yet another poke in the eye to Benedict XVI.

Did you also catch that this sin-nod will take place in Rome and not near the Amazon itself?  Wait a minute!  What about all that highfalutin talk about "smell of the sheep" and "accompaniment"?  Now I just wonder how many private jets will be spewing their carbon footprints all over the place to ferry their well-heeled passengers to this gab-fest?  At any rate, the two surviving dubia cardinals have outright condemned the Instrumentum Laboris. I would think that by extension they have rightly condemned the upcoming sin-nod itself.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Rossi To Be Investigated And Absp Gregory Botches Theology On Tap

As many know, Catholic journalist George Neumayr has been unearthing scandalous details regarding Msgr Walter Rossi's perverted misdeeds.  Now comes the announcement from the Diocese of Scranton (Rossi's diocese) that both Bishop Bambera and Archbishop Wilton Gregory will conduct a joint "forensic investigation" into the allegations regarding Rossi.

Archbishop Gregory had to have known that we would never let the Rossi matter fade from the memories of Catholics.  Not only was there my 5-second reminder to him this past Saturday, but at yesterday's "Theology on Tap" session, the first question from the audience was in regard to the Rossi matter.  You'll find that at the 17-minute marker.

One other teensy little news item might have served as impetus for at least putting up a facade of an investigation (if that is what it is).  Church Militant has published the news that James Grein, the man whom McCarrick savaged for years is now filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the Vatican and the Archdiocese of New York for doing absolutely nothing about the abuse that he suffered.  Perhaps that is not a factor behind Gregory's present decision to do something about Rossi, but often money is a key motivating factor for our errant shepherds.  My blogging colleague, A Washington DC Catholic, has additional questions regarding this matter.

Before we all entertain wild hopes that some changes might be coming to the Archdiocese, please be advised that the rest of that video will snap you back to reality.  The camera is always facing the archbishop, so we can't see those posing the questions and I find the questions somewhat inaudible.  Gregory's responses, though, are rather distressing. At the 20-minute mark, in reply to someone from St Matthew's about those engaged in perversions (not his terms), Gregory rehashes his deplorable track record in Atlanta and sings the praises of dissident priest Fr James Martin and a sodomite-enabling bunch called Fortunate Families.  One glance at that web page will leave no doubt as to the spiritual poison to be found therein.

At the 30-minute mark, we hear from someone who identifies him/herself as a "transgender Catholic".  Again, the camera faces Gregory and the acoustics are poor, so I've no way of telling if that person was male or female.  At least I have a reasonable excuse.  Anyway, he/she asks "what place do I have in the church?".  To that  Gregory responds "right in the heart of the Church".  He added that Jesus "engaged such people".  Well, not as equals, Your Excellency!  He always called sinners to repentance, not "accompaniment".   Of course all the liberals clapped and whistled over that nonsense.  It's nonsense because the bishop of the local Church failed to preach repentance from the mortal sins of perversion as a necessary step to eternal life.

In Washington DC, the swamp will be fetid for quite some time.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Question Of Tubal Pregnancies

A kerfuffle between Eponymous Flower and Live Action has arisen over the release of this video by Life Action.  Here is the video and my commentary will follow.

I believe the doctor is incorrect in claiming that all ectopic pregnancies will prove to be fatal to the babies involved.  In fact, a number of the children survived.  She seems to be confusing the term "ectopic pregnancy" with "tubal pregnancy".  It is quite common to confuse the two.  While tubal pregnancies are ectopic pregnancies, not all ectopic pregnancies are tubal.  The term "ectoopic pregnancy" means that the baby has implanted elsewhere besides the normal uterine wall.  He/she can implant in the tubes, but can also implant outside the uterine wall.  As noted earlier, some of those do survive.  However, I have no knowledge of a tubal pregnancy being successfully carried to term.

The author of the EF piece commits the same error in terminology - and quite a few other errors besides.  Some of those errors are committed by commenters who support Ms. Swetz's position.  For instance, David Martin erroneously states:

Abortion defined is the artificial ejection of the living child from the woman's body, which is exactly what happens in the "treatment" of an ectopic pregnancy. Therefore, it is an abortion. Ectopic pregnancy diagnoses are often just fabrications and used as excuses to eliminate the innocent.

This "definition" is extremely sloppy.  Notice that his definition doesn't touch upon deliberated death.  It might be helpful to differentiate between spontaneous abortion, commonly called miscarriage versus induced abortion, that which many prolifers simply call abortion.  The person committing the abortion always has as his/her purpose the intention of destroying the child.

Commenters named "Kathleen 1031" and "Dymphna" (also commenters on this blog), along with Peter Watson and "Fatty" attempted to interject some valid considerations into the overly simplistic take of Ms Swetz and others.  For their efforts they (particularly Mr. Watson) were treated derisively.  But don't take my word for it.  Pop over there yourselves.

Two Good Young Men

I was contemplating a post on another topic, but realized I had to put that aside when I saw accounts of these two young men on social media.

The first is Jakub Baryla, a 15-year-old in Plock, Poland who describes himself as "Catholic, traditional, conservative and patriotic".  A "gay-pride" parade took place in his town.  He decided to block the parade by himself, holding only a crucifix and a Rosary.  I will let you read it for yourself from Church Militant's site.  My one question is why was he alone?  Where were the clergy?  Speaking of "clergy", Baryla aspires to the priesthood.  At his age, that vocation is not cast in stone but we simply pray that he remains steadfast in the onslaughts that will now be hurled his way.

In Albany, NY we meet 9-year-old Jack Thimons.  He became motivated to act when Governor Cuomo signed New York's radical abortion bill into law.  He has begun a prayer campaign for Cuomo's conversion to the Faith.  He had written letters to both Cardinal Dolan and the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal.  Dolan of course did not respond but the Friars did.  Based on their suggestions, Jack and his father designed the site to collect prayer pledges for that intention.

Speaking of Cuomo, perhaps Jack might throw in a prayer or two for the governor's brother, Chris Cuomo.  He seems to have a nasty temper.  To wit: (and forgive his f-bombs)

But I digress.  Kudos to both Jack and Jakub.  May more people take their Catholic faith seriously as do these young me.

Saturday, August 10, 2019


This evening I did something that I hardly ever do; I went to a Saturday evening Mass.  Normally I go on Sunday because that day is the Lord's Day.  However, I went because Archbishop Gregory was going to celebrate that Mass.  And he did - more on that later.

As I was going into Mass, I saw the CCHD collection envelopes in a bin for usage.  I grabbed one and had time to jot a note to explain why I won't give to "Catholic Cash Helping Demons".  I signed my note, put it in the envelope and dropped it in the second collection basket.  Read this little compendium for more reasons why not one penny should be forked over to that bunch.

There was a respectable number of people at that Mass, but it was by no means crowded.  After Mass I greeted him and said that I was looking forward to having some of the current mess cleaned up.  He replied "I'll try" then turned away. Clearly I brought up an unpleasant topic, but it was necessary.  I believe that he will be showing up at many archdiocesan parishes.  I hope many others join me in letting him know that we will not rest until the rot is cleaned out of the chancery.  This excellent article by Christopher Manion will explain why I'm not optimistic that Gregory will join us but rather will have some 'splainin' of his own to do.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

We'll Probably All Need To Do This

If you are in one of the few dioceses that has a strong, orthodox bishop who obeys ALL Church teachings and laws, please count your blessings and pray for the majority of us who are not nearly so fortunate.  Everyone else please keep reading.

I will now post a link to an open letter written by Eric Sammons to his bishop.  Once upon a time Eric and his family were members of my parish within the Archdiocese of Washington.  His letter is instructive, especially for us in the ADW who are still coming to grips with the fact that for so many years, predators and their enablers were our bishops.  In fact, an enabler is most likely our current bishop.  We should be prepared to speak words of truth to our prelates, as is Mr. Sammons.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Reveling In Sin By Dance

Eureka!  We've found it!  The cure for global warming!  Oh, joy!  The world and all humanity is saved!

Of course this dance company would be from San Francisco, the home of everything silly and tooty-fruity.  Speaking of which, notice the gay-themed dance beginning at the 0:22 mark?  Doesn't it bear some resemblance to this sacrilege?  I say "sacrilege" for that piece of pornographic "dance" was done at St. Peter the Apostle Church in Montreal.

By the way, does anyone else grasp the irony of this envirowhacko "dance company" throwing green confetti all over the place?  Maybe they recycle it afterwards, but eventually they will trash it.  For shame!  How many poor, helpless trees died for this production?  How many other pieces of long-green did the audience plunk down to watch this drivel?

As far as the other, the people who put on that sacrilege at St Peter's Church - especially the clergy who allowed it to occur - had better repent of the sin of sodomy before their eternal fates revolve around "global warming" of the most horrifying kind.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Thugs At The Shrine

No, I do not refer to criminals lurking outside the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.  I refer to those employed by the Shrine.

First, I will relate a story to put this in context.  About 20 years ago, I visited the Shrine on a monthly basis (approximately) to go to Confession and peruse the book store.  At that time, the security staff was comprised of older, even elderly, men who quite frankly would never have been able to handle a real security emergency.  On one visit, I was strolling through the cafeteria and for some reason that I cannot fathom, I attracted the attention of a man who was obviously mentally imbalanced.  He followed me and demanded that I wait at his beck and call.  I loudly demanded that he back off and walked into a women's rest room.  I waited, hoping he'd loose interest and go away.  He didn't.  When I emerged, he started right back up and again I had to yell at him to back off and don't dare follow me.  Again, this was in the cafeteria.  There were at least three of the less-than-intrepid security staff sitting by, watching the entire confrontation - and making not one damned move to assist me.  He didn't follow me and I left.  Needless to say, my visits to the Shrine were greatly reduced after that.

Fast forward to today.  We now have a rogue security staff, directed by a gay-mafia Msgr Walter Rossi ejecting George Neumayr for asking questions.  They even lied about having a legal order to eject Neumayr from Shrine property.

In the course of researching his treatment at the hands of Shrine staff, he learned that a key security staffer at the Shrine has an actual crime history replete with violent crimes.  Rossi may well be covering for this fellow owing to a past friendship with his father.  But what the heck?  Covering up the crimes of each other seems to be a favorite course of action for this local gay-mafia that infects this Shrine and Archdiocese.

Now I wonder how my encounter of 20 years ago would have been resolved had this criminal been in charge of Shrine security at that time?  There probably would have been no difference.

Friday, August 2, 2019

Archbishop Gregory Opens Mouth And Inserts Both Feet

Archbishop Gregory made one of his first public addresses a day or so ago.  He took the occasion to lob a pot-shot at President Trump for accurately stating that parts of Baltimore are filled with both trash and violent crimes.  He spun the president's remarks to insinuate that Trump aimed derogatory remarks at the Baltimore citizens themselves.  Quite frankly, both Gregory's and Lori's remarks are themselves dishonest and nonsensical.

Both Lori and Gregory are part of the liberal Church establishment.  They get lots of favors by doing the bidding of their Democrat task-masters.  They are coming to the defense of those task-masters because it's the Democrats that have been in charge of Baltimore for over 50 years.  Baltimore has not seen a Republican mayor since Theodore McKelden left that office in 1967.  Democrats have been at the helm since then - and two of those Demorats were the father and brother of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  But that's just a coincidence, I'm sure (ahem)!  There are many questions as to how Baltimore handled Federal grants throughout the years; where did that money go??

By the way - Washington DC has gone down the tubes as well.  DC's mayors have all been Democrats for the past 45 years.  Lori and Gregory should take a walk on their respective cities' wild sides and see for themselves how their cities have fared under their Democrat buddies.  One left-wing reporter from Fox 45 Baltimore did that in a run-down Baltimore neighborhood.  As she sniffed that Trump should "take a look at things for himself", a rat photobombed her video.  Take a look.

If Lori and Gregory can't give honest appraisals of the situations of their dioceses, maybe they should stick to their God-given jobs - you know, like, making sure the Faith is taught properly in their parishes, cleaning perversion from their parishes (like St Matthew's, Abhp Lori!), disciplining pro-abortion Catholic pols in their Churches by obeying Canon 915, you get the picture!

Until these things happen, I'd suggest complete boycotts of any archdiocesan collections in both DC and Baltimore.

Amazon Sin-Nod - One Of The Final Touches Towards Schism

Archbishop Vigano himself is sounding this alarm, as are others.  I haven't gotten very far in my attempts to digest the Instrumentum Laboris, but from what I've read, it is an apology for both pantheism and environmentalism.  In trashing western culture, the authors of the IL are also denigrating the Catholic faith, the very basis of western culture.  In turn, they downplay Jesus Christ Himself, from Whom the Catholic Church sprung.

The archbishop sees it as an amalgamation of liberation theology, socialism, pantheism, and a deconstruction of the Faith in its insinuation of married clergy, female deacons and sexual license.  Cardinal Brandmuller flat out called the IL "heretical" and "apostacy".

We should point out that the proceedings of no synod are binding upon the faithful, especially when they run counter to Church Tradition.  In that case, they are heretical and must not only be opposed in our personal lives, but must be outwardly and forcefully resisted if and when they are brought to bear in our churches.