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Obama Proclaims June to Be...

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month

It's right on the White House web page (our tax dollars at work!).  June also marks "5 months until the 2010 elections"!  Then perhaps 2 years later, we can clean the filth out of the White House.

Just Faith Reading List - Introduction to Dissent

The "Just Faith" program is a 30-week session where attendees learn the ropes of "social teaching" or at least the progressive version according to Jack Jezreel, the founder.  Much reading is done, and there is a reading list.  The Just Faith people have put this reading list on Amazon, so that the attendees can just click once to buy the whole kit and kaboodle.  Here it is.  A perusal of this list will tell a lot.  A goodly portion is benign, but there are a few clues contained therein of the real progressive nature of Just Faith. 

One such book is entitled "The Powers That Be: Theology for a New Millennium".  It's by Walter Wink.  A google search of his name reveals that he has written other books.  One is "Homosexuality and the Bible".  A glowing review of this book is to be found on Soulforce's webpage (that says a lot right there, doesn't it?).  Here is a key snippet as he puts his spin on the Old Testament.   He says of Jewish prohibitions against homosexual relations: "One can appreciate how a tribe struggling to populate a country in which its people were outnumbered would value procreation highly, but such values are rendered questionable in a world facing uncontrolled overpopulation." (emphasis mine)  In other words, one can understand the reasons why sodomy was prohibited in ancient Israel, but now that we've got "overpopulation" (another progressive myth) on our hands anyway, there's no real reason to forbid sodomy or other perversions - got that?  Please read that page for other gems, e.g., how he tries to make the claim that St Paul was ignorant of homosexuality.  Now how's this for an article on social justice - entitled "Jesus and Alinsky"?  Is this the sort of man whom Catholics should be studying?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

When Consciences Are Pricked...

As I arrived at the Planned Parenthood at Spring Street and parked across the street, I saw my pro-life colleague ask a woman her opinion about abortion.  The woman was clearly angry.  I thought no more of the incident until I saw the woman again as three Montgomery County police cruisers pulled up at the intersection of Spring Street and First Street.  Mind you, at least a half-hour had passed.  I pulled out the camcorder and recorded what I could.  (Click here if you can't see embedded videos)


In my opinion, something other than my pro-life friend's presence was enraging her.  What was it?  We don't know in this case.  We do know, however, that when we proclaim God's truth, there will be such reactions from people who would rather not face sin in their own lives.  Pray for this woman and others like her.

The Broadening Scope of Child-Killing

Remember back in 1973, after Roe v Wade passed, how truly intelligent people realized that the floodgates were just opened for legalized murder?  The pro-abortion wags tried to pooh-pooh our concerns, saying, "Oh, it's just the first trimester."

Comes now Ozzy Osbourne, a heavy metal rocker, who wrote a song about the very topic (inspired by a Canadian convicted of murdering his 13-year old daughter with cerebral palsy).  Get what he says.  "To put your child to death is a big decision. I'm not one to go, 'You're wrong, you shouldn't do that,' or 'You did the right thing.  I'm in the middle of the road. I question myself, thinking 'How would I deal with that?' It's a very big decision to make."

He'd better keep on questioning himself.  Some questions he ought to ask are:
"How could I have taken leave of common sense and morality?"
"Since when is murdering your child a big decision?  You simply don't murder other people!  That is not rocket science!"

The folks who mocked our concerns in 1973 knew damned well that this was just a matter of time.  This is how the culture of death proponents planned this, to allow for (not so) gradual dulling of consciences and stupifying of intellects.  As I look at Osbourne's picture to the upper right, it would appear that he is indeed a few sandwiches shy of a picnic.  By the way - I understand he has a new album coming out, entitled "Scream"; rather makes sense, doesn't it?

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a lot of work.  Do we all realize that the groundwork for Osbourne's macabre beliefs are ensconced in the current Hell Bill (the one that Sr Carol Keehan and other CINO's are so gaa-gaa over)?  It's the death panels.  We have elections coming up this November.  They are critical as we try to stop the train wreck that is even now underway in our civilization.  We must work for decent candidates and then hold their feet to the fire.  We must pray for God's mercy on our nation as never before.  Let's get going!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Niggers of the New Age! That's US!

Watch this video and understand that incidents like this are happening with greater frequency to those who hold traditional Christian beliefs and moral principles, and who have the audacity to exercise First Amendment rights.  (Click here if you can't see embedded videos)

Also understand that secular officials are NOT the only such bigots.  Many of these bigots are to be found in high offices of the catholyc hierarchy.  A most stark "case in point" happened at the Red Mass last October.  Recall that this Mass happened just after Sonia Sotomayor, a rabid pro-abortion "catholyc in name only", was confirmed to the Supreme Court.  She attended that Mass, along with a plethora of dissidents who had no business receiving Communion.  HOWEVER - a faithful Catholic was denied entrance to St Matthews, where she normally attends Mass.  For what high crime and misdeanor was she denied entrance?  She wore a shirt that had the words "Pro Life" on the front!  I suppose the spaghetti-spined officials didn't want their pro-abort pals to see that shirt, with its sentiments of truth on it - why, they might have been offended!  Oh, horrors.  I link back to that post now so that you can see what happened to that poor lady. 

If we don't speak out now and put some calcium in our spines, incidents such as these will become more and more frequent as evildoers and their boot-lickers are emboldened.  Assistance can be found with Alliance Defense Fund; they are currently working on a number of related cases in Maryland.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Help End a Maryland Abortionist's Career!

An abortionist named Romeo Ferrer is being brought before the Maryland Board of Physicians on Wednesday June 2 for a hearing regarding the tragic death of a young women who went to Gynecare in Severna Park in 2006 for an abortion.  

On the preceding day (Tuesday June 1) there will be a pro-life press conference starting at 9:30am at the Maryland State Office Complex, located at 301 West Preston Street in Baltimore.  Please join if you can.

For further details about this conference and other actions that you can take, please visit

Graduation Speaker Outrage Scheduled at DC's Gonzaga High

Gonzaga College High School, located on North Capitol Street between H and K Streets NW in Washington DC, will hold its commencement ceremony on Sunday, June 6, at 1:00pm.  The graduation speaker is Sister Carol Keehan - the same woman who used her influence to support the Obama Hell Bill last March.

I've posted much on her treachery in this blog, along with actions taken by clergy and organizations that have been truly commendable.  For instance, I call to your memories a letter written to Sr Keehan by Bishop Tobin when he severed ties with the Catholic Health Assocation (of which she is president).

Here is some pertinent information on Sister's Hell Care debacle: in this post, and now this post.  More information can be gleaned from Lifenews.  Also, please read this article from Catholic Advocate.

Two months ago, Sister Keehan was slated to speak at the John Carroll Society Annual Dinner.  When Sister's malfeasances were highlighted to the dinner planners, it was announced that Sister "couldn't make it".

Gonzaga's official address is: 19 Eye Street NW, Washington, DC  20001.  Its president is Rev Allen Novotny, S.J.  His email address is and his phone is (202) 336-7171.  The headmaster is Rev. Vincent Conti, S.J.  His email address is and his phone is (202) 336-7161.

When you contact these men, please be very matter-of-fact and cordial.  It's quite possible that they booked her appearance before she disgraced her religious vows in March.  I'd appreciate hearing of any replies you receive.  That will help determine whether or not further action is necessary.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

SEIU - Our Heroes! NOT!!!

NOTE - This is a long read, but it is important that you read this to the end.  It is of particular relevance to those living in Montgomery County, MD and to those who are partaking of "social justice" projects of the Archdiocese of Washington, particularly of Just Faith.

When I downloaded the cartoon to the left, I thought it a bit farcical, although the SEIU did display some hints of anti-social behavior at some tea parties and town halls during this past year.

Silly me!  It turns out that the cartoon is really all-too-accurate in depicting the sentiments and actions of these thugs.  On May 16th, the SEIU brought 14 busloads of protestors to the home of Greg Baer, deputy general counsel for corporate law for Bank of America.  They were joined by an outfit called National Political Action that hails from Chicago (kinda makes sense, doesn't it?).  Over 500 of these individuals protested at Baer's home.

Did they confine themselves to the sidewalk?  No!  They were all over his front lawn and even went onto the front porch!  Boys and girls, can we all say "trespassing on private property"?  The only one home at the time was Baer's 14-year-old son.  Needless to say, the poor kid was frightened out of his wits.  Nina Easton is a neighbor of Baer's and a columnist.  She had much to say about the travesty.  As you read her column, take a look at the photo.  Click "read more" for more crucial details.

Support Bishop Olmsted

On May 17th, I relayed the action that Bishop Olmsted took when a renegade administrator of a Catholic hospital gave permission for the mortal sin of abortion to be committed in her hospital.  He pronounced Sister Margaret McBride excommunicated.  As you can imagine, the good bishop is under vile attack by the mainstream media and dissidents within the Church.

American Life League has launched a website for the express purpose of mobilizing support for Bishop Olmsted.  It is  Please visit it and sign the online petition.  A large showing of support will not only encourage him but will show the world that faithful Catholics will once again act as the Church Militant.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rainbow Sash Agitators Denied Communion in Chicago

From Renew America, we have this account.  The Archdiocese of Chicago displayed backbone.  Deo Gratias.

Oklahoma Legislature Overrides Governor's Veto to Limit Abortions

Read the Lifenews article here.  My main point in saying this is to reiterate that we must focus prayer and hard work on the upcoming 2010 elections.  I hope that there is the possibility that such a scenario can be repeated in many states - and even in Washington, DC.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Judie Brown on KofC Cowardice

Judy Brown, president of American Life League, has some choice words to say about the mess that John Marrella et al have made of the credibility of the Knights of Columbus.

I echo Judy's suggestion that what is needed is a mass exodus in protest.  Rip up your cards publicly.  Barring that, you might try not paying your dues in protest.  Then when the brass threatens you with expulsion, point out the irony of them allowing fomenters of baby-murder to prowl their halls while driving decent Catholic men away.

Kagan's Political Contributions

Here is a list of her various political contributions!  Before you look, though, I bet you can't guess who got $6,600.00 from her over the years!

What??  You guessed correctly??  Without peeking??!??!  You're right - it's Barack HUSSEIN Obama!  Others in the "usual gang of suspects" who were her beneficiaries are Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Al Gore, etc.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pentecost Sunday Tidbit

Another discussion website that I look at from time to time had a question about "speaking in tongues", occasioned no doubt by the fact that today is Pentecost Sunday.  For grins, here's what I posted.  It's just my opinion, certainly open for debate, but here it is, if you're interested.

"I'm going to look at Acts 2:11 outside the "charismatic" box, as it were. The various Jews are admitting that they heard the Apostles in their own languages. Does it then necessarily follow that the Apostles were speaking those languages? No. In fact, given the probable crowd distribution, I think it highly improbable. For instance, let's say St Matthew was preaching to a group. That one group most likely was comprised of several nationalities. They most likely heard Matthew in their own languages - while he was speaking Aramatic! I contend there was a miracle indeed, but the miracle lay in the people's hearing in different languages, not in the Apostles speaking in different languages. By the way, as they recite the various nationalities, I count 16 groups - but there were only 12 Apostles. To me, that's another indication that the miracle lay in the hearing, not the speaking.

By the way - I'm a former charismatic. Been there, done that, won't do so again." (end of post)

"Priestess" Wannabee Denied Catholic Funeral

The Archdiocese of Chicago has denied a Catholic funeral to Janine Denomme.  Lifesitenews reports that she was a practicing lesbian who accepted "ordination" from the "Womenpriests" movement.  She was 45 years old when she succumbed to liver and colon cancer.

By participating in that sham of an "ordination", she incurred excommunication automatically.  Not having sought to correct that situation, she was not eligible for a Catholic funeral, owing to the scandal that would be caused. 

When faithful Catholics (such as we) were outraged over the scandal caused by the funeral accorded to Ted Kennedy, Archbishop Burke took our part when he stated. "neither Holy Communion nor funeral rites should be administered to" politicians who support abortion or same-sex "marriage. To deny these is not a judgment of the soul, but a recognition of the scandal and its effects."

Amen, Archbishop Burke.  The Lifesitenews article has contact information for the Archdiocese of Chicago.  Please contact them and thank them for standing for the integrity of the Church.  Be assured that the progressive/liberal types are giving them hell galore.

Of course, we'll also pray God's mercy on Ms. Denomme's soul.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Why We Should Read Laws That Are Passed!

To the left-wing, progressive types:  OK, boys and girls!  We know you like things that are all huggy-kissy, touchy-feely.  So Governor Brewer of Arizona has so kindly decided to help you understand the importance of reading with this cute little video!  We know that the Hell Bill was a bit too much to read (and thus a bit too much to pass, but we've already discussed that before, now haven't we?) but this law is very simple.  Now watch the video and learn the importance of reading.  (Click here if you can't see embedded videos)

I truly hope the progressive population enjoys a basic modicum of literacy.

Now that we all understand the importance of reading, here's the link to Arizona's S.B. 1070.

Clinic "Escorts" - Chump-ions of Choice!

I and a number of prolife activists are in front of abortuaries on a regular basis to pray and offer women real alternatives to the violence that they contemplate for themselves and their babies.  Extremely misguided individuals who consider themselves "escorts" attempt to hide the truth from the women.  Sometimes the "hiding" is quite overt.  Observe!  (Click here if you can't see embedded videos)

Pray for the conversion of these individuals.  They are obviously cooperating formally and materially with the sin of abortion.  Thus they themselves commit acts that are, objectively speaking, mortally sinful.  Their immortal souls are in grave danger.  Pray that they repent and veer off the path to damnation on which they currently exist.

Bringing the Blessed Mother to the Abortuaries

American Life League has an idea that's well worth considering.  (Click here if you can't see embedded videos)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Real Catholic TV' on the KofC Wimp-Out

(Click here if you can't see embedded videos)

Response to a Comment on Yesterday's KofC Post

My response is rather lengthy for the comment section.  I'll post it here.

I must take issue with several things written in the first comment to yesterday's post on the KofC. First, he is correct in saying that we must not try to be "more Catholic than the bishops". However, by the same token, we must not try to be less Catholic than the bishops. Each of us is called to be as faithful to Jesus Christ and His Church to the greatest extent that we can be.  Should that have the unintended effect of making a person or collection of people appear to be more or less Catholic than we, then what of it?

Now I think we have to be honest here; it is - unfortunately - not that hard to appear as though we are "more Catholic than the bishops." That might be more a reflection on them than us. I don't know. Whatever it is, I don't think that is an occasion for pride. We might want to also be on the lookout for false humility, if we're going to go that route.

Now as far as bishops "not wanting to cut a soul loose", I think that's factually incorrect. When a person publicly supports and/or facilitates abortion, they incur excommunication latentae sententiae, do they not? They cut themselves loose, not the bishops. What is lacking is the bishops not disciplining these recalcitrant Catholics, so that they will seek repentance that will lead once again to full communion - and perhaps stave off eternal damnation.  Again, I'll reiterate "kudus" to the Bishop of Phoenix for dealing with the abortionist-enabling Sister Margaret McBride.

There is also the issue of scandal. Perhaps the focus is too much on the disobedient Catholics, at the expense of those who are struggling with doubts and who may be led astray by the two-fold prong of 1) bad example and 2) lack of resolve on the part of the bishops. I realize that half the attendees at Mass might be pro-abortion, but the operative word there is "might". We don't know.  The pro-abortion politicians trumpet their dissidence; there is no uncertainty as they proudly and arrogantly display their disdain for the Magisterium

One more thing about this "not being more Catholic than the bishops" schtick. How was that insinuated into this conversation? From whence did that originate? I have my suspicions!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Good for Bishop Sartain!

Bishop J. Peter Sartain of the Diocese of Joliet (Illinois) removed the pastor of one of his churches after it was discovered that the pastor engaged in homosexual relations with another man.  A diocesan investigation revealed that Rev Jerry Simonelli broke his vows of celibacy, and he will no longer lead St Isodore's.  Simonelli is on administrative leave, which means he cannot wear clerics, perform as a priest or identify himself as such.

Hearing this news is like a breath of fresh air.  I hope this is a trend that continues to spread.

The Flower of Pro-Abortion Feminism!

I need not reinvent the wheel, since this is basically Jill Stanek's post.  But do read it, and see the perverse pride these poor gals take in degrading themselves.  For those unversed in street lingo, "hos" is a mutation of the word "whores".  This gal is bragging about being a whore who can rid herself of the baby so she can go out and be used by promiscuous males (no, they aren't men).


On Tuesday I reported that the Leadership Council for Civil and Human Rights, of which the USCCB was a dues-paying member, had launched a web-based intiative to lend vocal support to Elena Kagan.  Today it was made known that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has now severed ties with the chequered LCCHR.

We are pleased that they have done so - at long last.  Now if the USCCB can discard the Campaign for Human Development and sever its other shady ties, it will at least stop doing harm to the Faith.

Knights of Columbus Play the Wimps

Catholic Culture reports that the national leadership of the Knights of Columbus has forbidden local councils from disciplining members who publicly take stands in opposition to Church teachings on abortion and "gay marriage".

At a Massachusetts state convention, a member proposed membership suspension for any member-politician who supports abortion and same-sex marriage.  The Supreme Advocate of the KofC, John Martella, brought the hammer down on that, declaring "a subordinate council may not impose fraternal discipline with respect to a public figure's official actions on matters pertaining to faith and morals. Rather, any such discipline must be made by or at the direction of the Supreme Board of Directors."

Now here's a key statement.  He said that "if the public figure's bishop has not excommunicated him for his public positions on issues relating to matters of faith and morals, it would be highly inappropriate for the Knights of Columbus to do so,"

Marrella's logic is flawed in several respects.  To wit:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Centro Tepeyac Sues Montgomery County Over CPC Strangulation Bill

With assistance from the Alliance Defense Fund, Centro Tepeyac Pregnancy Center of Silver Spring filed suit on account of the pregnancy center "regulation" bill that the Montogmery County Council passed several months ago by a 7-2 vote.  Lifenews relates more detail on the suit.

The council held a public hearing on December 1, 2009.  I attended it and recorded it.  Several snippets of that recording are posted on this blog.  I invite you to go back and review the clips and related information.

As additional developments become known to me, I will post them here.  Please pray that truth and justice prevail, and that the pregnancy centers can save babies and mothers unfettered by the pro-death elements within our government.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Good Bye, Arlen! And Good Riddance!

Pennsylvania had their primary election today.  Pro-abortion and one-time-RINO Senator Arlen Specter was rejected by the PA Dems for a sixth term as US Senator.  This defeat is seen by many as a slap to Obama, who supported Specter.

Specter enjoyed the dubious distinction of being the only Republican to receive a campaign donation from the now-deceased late-term abortionist George Tiller, a.k.a. Tiller the Killer.  Joe Sestak won the Democrat nomination.  He'll run against Pat Toomey, who defeated Peg Luksik to become the Republican candidate.  Those of decent memory will recall that in 2004's Republican primary, Toomey and Specter faced off.  Toomey would have won that primary, had he not been thrown under the bus by then-Senator Rick Santorum and President Bush in favor of Specter.

Specter's defeat was long overdue, but now the air in the Senate hallways will be just a tad bit fresher.

USCCB-Affiliated Group Endorses Kagan

Deal Hudson has reported in several online Catholic news services (including the Catholic Advocate) that the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights has started a project called the Coalition for Constitutional Values.  On its website is a 30-second ad that endorses Elena Kagan's nomination to the Supreme Court.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is a dues-paying member of the LCCHR.  In remaining part of the LCCHR, the USCCB is lending support to a pro-abortion nominee to the US Supreme Court.  I would call for the USCCB to dissolve its ties with the LCCHR, but I believe they wouldn't.  They really are controlled by the same elements. 

Perhaps it's time to petition Pope Benedict XVI to proclaim the USCCB dissolved and/or invalid.

Dissident Stench from Austria

Watch this.  I'll comment below.  (Click here if you can't see embedded videos)

I wouldn't go so far as to call this the "Anschluss"; that occurred quite some time ago (perhaps the Land O' Lakes Statement, or the repercussions of "spirit of Vatican II"?).  At any rate, these high-ranking clergy desperately need repentance.

Lifesite News brings us news of Bishop Paul Iby of Austria.  He has submitted his retirement and Pope Benedict XVI has accepted it.  Unfortunately, he must now feel that the "muzzle" is off, for all sorts of garbage is spewing from his mouth.

Wright: Obama "threw me under the bus".

We hear again from Jeremiah Wright, who so loudly pronounced (and no, I WON'T bleep it) "God damn America!"  He is now whining and sniveling that the Obama administration is ignoring him, treating him as "toxic".

Well, Jeremiah old boy, join the crowd!  The Messiah Most Miserable is throwing the entire country "under the bus"!  You and Father Pfleger (that other miserable excuse for a clergyman) helped him get into position to do that to us all!

You will forgive the sane people of this nation if we fail to shed a tear for your poor widdle hurt feelings!

GOP = Gutless Old Poops

So what is the latest manifestation of calcium deficiency in their spinal columns now?  It has to do with how they plan to (NOT!) fight the Kagan nomination.  Lifenews reveals that John Kyl, ranking Republican of the Senate Judiciary Committee is dismissing the tactic of filibuster in the Kagan case.  Says the Senator, "The filibuster should be relegated to the extreme circumstances, and I don't think Elena Kagan represents that."

What is necessary, in their opinions, to qualify as "extreme circumstances"?  Must the nominee in question be a reincarnation of Atila the Hun, or Adolf Hitler, or Joseph Stalin?

Ladies and gentlemen of the GOP, in case you haven't noticed, we are fighting for the soul of this country, if not civilization itself.  We certainly are fighting for the babies being slaughtered by the thousands everyday in this country.  Whether or not these seems like "extreme" statements, I defy any one of you to dispute the factual accuracy of them.  Lose the "country-club, oh-so-genteel" veneer and realize the stakes involved here.  If there is one thing you'd better learn from the Tea Party Movement, it's that the votes and support of conservatives can no longer be taken for granted; they must be earned.  With this most irresponsible statement of John Kyl's, you have done much to alienate true conservatives.  You'd better wake up and do your utmost to fight the Kagan nomination.  We won't forget this November.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Thank You, Bishop Olmsted

Late last year, St Joseph's Hospital, a Catholic hospital in Phoenix, committed the sin of abortion on a female patient.  This was done with the express consent of its head administrator, Sister Margaret McBride.  We read that Bishop Thomas Olmsted confirmed that by giving the "go-ahead" for this baby-murder, this woman incurred automatic excommunication.

This is not the first time that the Bishop of Phoenix has demonstrated through action what it means to be a real bishop after the model of the Twelve Apostles.  Deo gratias!

Disruption Planned for Pentecost Sunday Masses Nationwide

"American Papist" informs us that the Rainbow Sash crowd (a CINO "gay rights" group) is planning to disrupt Masses nationwide this Pentecost Sunday, e.g., next weekend.  While they are emphasizing their intentions to strike at Cardinal George in Chicago (presumably because he's USCCB president), I've got to imagine that they won't pass up the Nation's Capital.

Ladies and gentlemen, faithful Catholics, has anyone any information regarding plans for local profanation of Holy Mass?  It may be up to us to guard the dignity of the Eucharist.  Remember the martyr St Tarcisius, who gave his life to protect the Eucharist from desecration.  Yes, Tarcisius was a lay person.  In fact, he was a 12-year old boy when he was martyred.  Therefore, let's hear no cop-out excuses that "it's the clergy's job".

St Tarcisius, pray for us!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Border Control = Racial Profiling? Guess Again!!

Most intelligent people have known all along that Hispanics were NOT the only ones sneaking across the US-Mexican border.  Other nefarious types are coming across, too.  Now here's documented proof.

Yoo-hoo!  Cardinal Mahoney and other USCCB drones!  Are you looking?   Do you care?

Out of the Mouths of Babes...

We read in the first two chapters of Paul's letter to the Romans that God's law is written in the hearts of all men.  It seems that Yale University may have proved that.  Their Infant Cognition Center did a study on babies as young as six months.  Their findings lead them to believe that an inate sense of morality may be "hard-wired" in the minds of humans from the earliest moments of existence.

So much for the atheistic, humanistic hypothesis that a baby's mind is a "blank slate".  So how did that sense of right and wrong get there?  Well, let's be honest.  It's there because each and every one of us is created in God's image and likeness.

My colleague at Les Femmes, commenting on the same study, opines that some babies are probably a lot smarter than some bishops.  That idea certainly has a lot of merit.  I've no doubt that the babies are much smarter than what currently sits in the White House these days.

The Most Dangerous Challenges, According to the Holy Father

In Portugal last week, Pope Benedict XVI described abortion and "gay marraige" as being among the "most insidious and dangerous challenges that today confront the common good.”

That's right!  Not "immigration reform", not "climate-chage"!  The fundamental issues for true Catholic social justice are the life and family issues.  These must come first.  No other issues may take precedence, least of all the bogus issues fed to us by the progressives via mainstream medial.

It is these issues that must govern our votes this November: 1) abortion, euthanasia and other direct attacks on innocent human life 2) preservation of marriage as being between one man and one woman 3) cessation of embryo abuse (embryonic stem cell research, cloning, etc).  In my humble opinion (which I believe to be well-founded), any attempt to distract from these or to dilute their importance (vis-a-vis lesser matters) is a direct attempt by the Evil One to lead souls to hell.

The Bishops and Bogus "Immigration Reform"

In the previous post, I mentioned the USCCB's embrace of "environmentalism" as a way in which they seek to bring the US Church into lock-step conformity with the progressive agenda being crammed down our throats.

Another avenue into which the USCCB seeks to drive us, as sheep to the slaughter, is through "immigration reform".   I now link to an article written by my colleague, Stephanie Block.  She lives in New Mexico (a border state) and has done extensive research on various Alinskyite groups and those within the Church that seek to corrode the mission that Jesus gave to the Church..  I urge its study.

Now just what harm would be done by removing our national border controls, as suggested by these groups?  Well, remember the Cloward-Piven strategy.  In a nutshell, the aim is to bring down a society by overwhelming it with impossible demands.  Open the floodgates to unregulated immigration and demands galore will suddenly assail us: social services, etc.  It is unreasonable to expect any system or society to meet that kind of demand, all good intentions notwithstanding.  We have only to look to California to see how that state has become bankrupt due to overwhelming demand.  The capacity of any society is limited; it is not reasonable to expect any society to be a boundless cash cow.  Despite their self-righteous attempts to "guilt-trip" us to try to meet these demands, the progressives know we can't!  That's their idea!

There's yet another angle.  Do you remember that clip from the previous post, where it talks about the demise of democracy, where it says democracy will end when folks decide they can "vote themselves" extra goodies?   The progressives want those types of voters; that's why they have engaged in their various "community organizing" stunts for much of the 20th century.  They believe that these immigrants will vote their way.

Sadly, I believe the USCCB realizes all this, too.  They are acting as willing accomplices to the destruction of the USA.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wake Up, America!

Please click on the link that follows, then watch the video in its entirety.  It gives an excellent synopsis of the motoves and machinations of Obama and the progressive cartel in power currently, and who are in fact knowingly facilitating the deconstruction and rot of our country.

I have blogged on a number of influences in the past
  1. Cloward-Piven strategy
  2. ACORN
  3. Saul Alinsky
Just put anyone of them in the little search box and click on the magnifying glass. 

Unfortunately, the USCCB is also a participant.  Many of the state Catholic conferences follow suit.  Why do you think that their first answer to any social problem is to petition for some governmental funding (with the money ultimately coming from taxes)?  Think of that the next time "Junk Faith" peddles its nefarious teachings (often in contradiction to the Magiserium on personal morality and life issues).  Think of that the next time some "environmental committee" snorts about "carbon footprints" and global-warming junk science.  It's all a ploy to justify more governmental intrusion into our lives.

I'd like to say that they are simply dupes of the left-wing, but the people who occupy high positions in the USCCB have too many nefarious ties to other left-wing outfits for me to given them any benefit of doubt.  In fact, no doubt exists in my opinion is that the leadership of the USCCB (certainly the lay leadership if not some bishops) are in complete cahoots with the progressives and are fully culpable for any harm that comes to this country and its citizens.

Remember all of this in November.  Your vote counts!

Friday, May 14, 2010

NJ Gov Christie Smacks Down Mainstream Media Whiner

Watch and enjoy!

Gov Christie calls S-L columnist thin-skinned for inquiring about his 'confrontational tone'

Don't you wish more political leaders were willing to call the spade a spade?  In fact, don't you wish our bishops and clergy had that same courage of their convictions?

Kagan's True Colors Starting to Show

Despite attempts to depict Elena Kagan as a "moderate" regarding abortion, proof of her murderous sentiments are emerging.  Lifesite News informs us that she has financially supported National Partnership for Women and Families: an outfit that proclaims its support for baby-murder on its own website.

Now aren't you glad that you have resources such as Lifesite News and, yes, this blog to put you in touch with information that the Messiah Most Miserable and his Minions Most Mindless would rather that you not have?  It's called Free Speech.  It's a God-given right.  The First Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees that the Federal government shall not attempt to abridge that right.

In another responsible exercise of that free speech right, Wesley Pruden penned a piece in today's Washington Times (to which I now link) detailing Kagan's disdain for free speech.  Pruden reports, "It's perfectly OK, she wrote in the University of Chicago Law Review, for the government to restrict free speech as long as it means well and calls it something else."  I link to the article to which Pruden refers.  She is indeed a lawyer, as witnessed by the 105 pages in this pdf.  What difference does "governmental motive" make?  The First Amendment is clear and simple - no restrictions.  Long and short - she wants to ascribe to the governmental de-facto deities the power to define their speech - and ours!  Is this the kind of Orwellian society that we want? 

Kagan must be rejected by the Senate.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Moral Injustice of the First Order

Elena Kagan, Obama's pick to replace John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court, is very worred about a "moral injustice of the first order."    And just what hideous evil has rankled Ms. Hagan?  Why, it's the military's "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy regarding gays within its ranks.  She was so incensed about it that she used it to ban miliary recruiters from Harvard Law School's campus (while she was dean).

One might wonder what does she think of the bestial dismembering and murder of babies that occurs in this country at least 3500 times a day?  Oh, silly me!  Of course she thinks that's just fine and dandy!  Murder of helpless children, in her eyes, is a "good"!  Do we need another of these on the Supreme Court?

Real Catholic TV on Elena Kagan

Real Catholic TV speaks out against Elena Kagan.  One thing they point out is her complete lack of judicial experience.  Frankly, I can see why the Messiah Most Miserable looks favorably upon such lack.  After all, he has no substantial experience either - just some very dangerous, crackpot ideas that suit the purposes of George Soros and other progressive "deep-pockets".  (Click here if you can't see embedded videos)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pelosi Urges Bishops to Talk Politics From the Pulpit

That's right!  "Pope" Pelosi has given her imprimatur to the Catholic bishops to talk up "immigration reform" from the pulpit.  This prompting came during the same conference last week where Michael Steele rubbed elbows with all kinds of pro-abortion politicians (including Pelosi).  Mind you, she expects them to tow the progressive line on this issue; sadly, many of them will comply.

On the other hand, if the clergy can "talk politics" from the pulpit, with the benevolent permission of Her Nibs, they now have no excuse whatsoever not to preach the truth about abortion, the perversion of homosexuality, etc.  They also now have no excuse to disobey Canon 915.

Yoo-hoo, Madame Speaker!  After your urgings last week, please don't raise that phony "separation of church and state" canard when clergy do preach the inherent evil of abortion.  Else, you'll only give the watching world yet another example of left-wing hypocrisy, ignorance and arrogance!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Elena Kagan - Another Disaster Looms for Supreme Court - Prayer Vigil to Combat It

President Obama has nominated U.S. Soliciter General to replace John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court.  Naturally she is pro-abortion and pro-gay "marriage".  Would the Messiah Most Miserable have nominated her if she wasn't?

From Raquel Welch

This 1960s star has seen the sexual revolution and may well have profited by it to some degree.  Still, she has the honesty and clarity to see it for the debacle that it is.  Read her CNN article.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Socialism Is Evil

Anyone who has paid attention to Papal writings is quite aware of this fact (for Algore types - substitute "inconvenient truth" for "fact", if it helps).  One huge problem is that government becomes the de facto deity, the object of worship (hence the need for subsidiarity).

Father John Corapi has a bit to say about this plague called socialism.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

What's Up WIth Michael Steele?

The Chairman of the National Republican Party is appearing to be less and less worthy of trust.  My colleague at Threshing Grain (see right side-bar) reported on a "Catholic Democrat" conference that happened in Washington DC a few days ago.  It appears to have been sponsored by National Catholic Reporter and Trinity University; thus it's no surprise that it was nothing more than a dissenter gab-fest.  It's a pity that I learned of this just now.  Had I known soon enough, I would have called for a picket.

There was a "usual gang of suspects": Nancy Pelosi, Sr Carol Keehan, Fr Thomas Reese, etc.  What saddened me, though, is to see that Michael Steele joined these CINOs.  He's gone the way of Casey Jr and Stupak, it seems. 

The Republican Party had better take note of this, and/or Steele really should reconsider.  It seems like Steele may be going both RINO and CINO.

More Profanation of Marriage

With all the nonsense about "gay marriage", I bet you thought things couldn't get worse - right?  WRONG!

A few days ago, some very confused man in Germany "married" (sit down, now!) his cat

There's more.  News from Korea tells of another man who "married" a pillow.  There's an interesting twist to this one.  One person who took umbrage (and rightly so) at this is none other than Perez Hilton.  He's the gay blogger who raked Carrie Prejan over the coals when she defended marriage as being between man and woman.  Hilton will not see how his embrace of "gay marriage" has led to the "marriage" between people and inanimate objects.

I hate to speculate out loud how things could possibly get more bizarre - for fear that some delusional person would take me seriously and try to implement "the idea".

Borrowed Faith

I usually don't pull from Protestant articles, and don't necessarily agree with all points from the one that shares titles with this post.  However, some things are worth pondering.

I've delved into some factors that have precipitated the Church's decline: Alinskyite influences, Vatican II misinterpretations, gays infiltrating clergy, etc.  However, all that being said, don't you still wonder how it is that many Catholics, faced with all this, simply crumpled like a house built of cards, and just went away?  It's because they never made the Catholic faith their own.  They learned it as children, they observed external obedience. 

Saturday, May 8, 2010


A number of pro-life and conservative videos have been removed by Youtube (not all, but some).  In response, Todd Bullis (the Ventura man who was sprayed with vinegar by a minister for displaying truth about abortion) has come up with an answer - the above-cited alternative to YouTube.  Here is one of the featured clips.

Obama Unplugged!

"Unplugged" from his omniscient teleprompter, that is.  It seems that when he isn't being fed his talking points, he reveals his true colors despite himself.  Hear what he considers to be a "punishment".

Granted, this happened during his campaign, but bear in mind:
1) Now that he's president, he has done more to punish the little "punishments" simply because they exist.
2) He's always in campaign mode anyway, so why should he mind this clip being shown?

Friday, May 7, 2010

To Hell WIth Being "Nice"

I meant that title to be taken quite literally.  Yes, we are called to be kind.  However, "kind" and "nice" are not synonyms.  In fact, these two qualities can be diametrically opposed to one another, as sin is opposed to virtue.  "Nice" mght well be a synonym of "politically correct".

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Archdiocese of Washington Catholics Chant "Global Warming" Mantra

Numerous posts on this blog have debunked the junk science known as "climate change".  I need not repeat all that on this blog.  That being said, I am saddened, though not surprised, to see the Catholic Standard jump on the politically correct twin bandwagons called "immigration reform" and "climate change".

I reported earlier on the "environmental events" scheduled for the ADW.  One of them has since occurred: the May 1st conference on "Faith, Environment etc".  An account of the event is on page 10 of the May 6th edition; at this time, there is no online version.  William Dinges of Catholic University of America apparently waxed hysterical about the "speed and scope of human destruction on Earth...unprecedented."  (Note: the capital E in "Earth" was in the article; I never would have done that of my own volition.)  He then criticized "faith communities" for their "delayed reaction to the crisis" and failure to "read signs of the times."  He also opined that if we "don't act responsibly,..our children will inheret the ruins."

California Teens Sent Home From School for Wearing....

Here's a hint.  This happened on May 5th.  Give up?  These kids were sent home from school for defying demands on the part of school officials to remove their shirts with...


May 5th, in some quarters, is known as Cinco de Mayo - a Mexican holiday.  These kids were told that the display of the American flag on that day was "incendiary" and that the day was "sensitive to Mexican-Americans because it's supposed to be their holiday."

Now were Mexican-American students offended?  Some were, but so what?  They're in the United States, and they need to learn that American culture and mores prevail within American territory.

The teens' parents were understandibly upset and met with the district school officials.  Fortunately those officials possessed common sense and overrode the high school officials.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

NYC Bomber - Some Very "Inconvenient Truths"

Pakistani-born Faisal Shahzad tried to detonate a car bomb in Times Square last weekend.

Before he was identified, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg opined that this bomber was a lone wolf with a "political agenda" who probably "doesn't like the health care".  This is no joke.  Watch for yourselves.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Shahzad has admitted to receiving bomb-training in Pakistan, in one of the Taliban strongholds of that country.  Even Eric Holder is calling this a "terrorist plot".  Yes, they are admitting this now!

He was arrested at JFK airport.  He was on a plane headed for Dubai when it was ordered to return to the terminal from the runway.  Now understand this; he was allowed to board the plane despite being on a "no-fly" list.  Why was he not stopped at the gate?  Were the intrepid security people too busy confiscating Grandma's crochet needles?

Ann Coulter has an excellent piece on this situation.  I'd advise that you read it - particularly the end where she raises excellent questions about naturalization.  I'd advise the USCCB to read it and reconsider their ill-advised mad dash to embrace just about everyone who sets eyes on this country.  Of course, I'm not holding my breath.  Guys like Shahzad are just whom the USCCB progressives and their ACORN buddies want in this country to cripple it.

Roman Catholicism - THE One True Church

I suppose the truth expressed by this video is a major reason why the progressives in Washington (including USCCB), the main stream media, Follyhood, uh, I mean Hollywood, etc all have their knickers in knotts - especially since their moles and drones are starting to be drubbed out of their niches.  They gnash their teeth at the truth and are racheting up the persecution.  In reality, it's no different than days of old, when faithful Catholic, right on back to the Apostles, suffered for adhering to and proclaiming God's truth.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More from the "Niggers of the New Age" Department

As mentioned before, I coined that term to describe how faithful Catholics, and others who hold to traditional Judeo-Christian principles, are being treated by the so-called "elite" in this country and in other western countries.  The bigotry thrown in our faces is becoming more and more blatant, with apparent consent of the political power brokers (with some notable exceptions).  This is happening solely because our witness to true Christian morality stings the collective conscience of post-modern society.

Among those so maltreated is the Reverend Franklin Graham.  He was disinvited from a Pentagon prayer service for daring to declare the truth about Islam's inherent embrace of murder and terrorism.  Yesterday he granted to Newmax an exclusive interview regarding that debacle.  Mr. Graham lays the blame for the debacle on the White House, perhaps at the feet of Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the Messiah Most Miserable himself.  I believe he's spot-on correct.  Read it, and watch the video.

Diocese of Springfield IL to Enjoy Breath of Fresh Air?

The copy of Bishop Paprocki's homily is at this link.  He can be contacted at

Monday, May 3, 2010

From The "Gay Chutzpah" Department

I just read on Lifesitenews that "bishop (?)" Gene Robinson, the open gay who is commonly held to be clergy, is trying to tell Pope Benedict XVI how to fix the clergy sex abuse crisis in the Church.  I kid you not!  Naturally Robinson declares that there is no connection between homosexuality and this plague!  Understand that?  No connection whatsoever!  Just because 90% of the cases involve the buggering of adolescent boys (as opposed to girls) doesn't mean there's one bit of homosexual impetus - that 90% is the merest of coincidences - right?

Meanwhile, traditional Anglicans, fed up with the departure from Scripture as typified by Robinson, have requested entrance into the Roman Catholic Church.  I suppose that's part of the "coincidence", too?

Cardinal Mahoney! President Obama! Listen to This Lady!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Squabble That Will Be Fun To Watch!

It seems that the Democrats, at least those in Montgomery County, MD, might be having cannabalistic attitudes towards one another's positions; at least, that what this week's Gazette indicates.  One set of contests might actually be meaningful to watch.  Mike Knapp, County Councilmember of Councilmanic 2 is eying Ike Leggett's seat.  Recall the county council vote a few months ago regarding the pregnancy centers; Knapp did oppose that bill.  Meanwhile, others are eying his current seat.  I suspect NARAL may have him and Phil Andrews in their crosshairs since they dared to defy them on that vote.

Otherwise, I say "Let the blood-sports begin!"

An Open Letter to President Obama and the USCCB

The following "letter" has been going around the internet for a few days.  I cannot discern the origin, so I cannot give a citation.  You can google it quite easily.  While it was originally addressed to the Messiah Most Miserable, I decided to include the USCCB (with the progressive hacks who are the defacto puppet-masters to so many bishops), as they too bear much blame for the illegal border-jumping that has plagued the US.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Yoo Hoo! Oh, Nancy Pelosi! Guess What Today Is???

It's May 1st!  Today is the Feast of St Joseph the Worker!  I know you must have been so eager for this feast day to arrive, and that must have been the reason why you botched the feast days on March 19th!.  See

On one hand, I'm not surprised that you blew the feast day, since you refuse to properly represent Catholic teaching on major matters regarding life and sexual morality.  However, since you do seem to hold yourself out as some sort of expert on things Catholic, we really do think you need to exercise some more discretion.  Nancy, would you like to see how badly you blew it?  Click the little "read more" link!

Pro-Abort Leaders Make Fools of Themselves! So What Else Is New?

Remember the Newsweek article two weeks ago, in which all the aging crones, uh, I mean, the venerable pioneers of the feminazi feminist movement lamented the seeming apathy of their heirs apparent (that is, the ones they so graciously allowed to be born)?

Well, now it seems that a bunch of pro-abort bloggers are chiding "pro-choice men" for not carrying their weight and for leaving it all up to the women.  Yes, you're hearing this complaint from the same bunch who get insulted if a man should dare to hold a door open for them.  Jill Stanek collected a montage of these complaints in her own blog, and then asked her question, "why the shortage of pro-choice men?"  Here I'll humbly offer my own thoughts for consideration.