Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Open Letter To Bishop Malooly Of The Diocese Of Wilmington (DE)

Preface: Bishop Francis Malooly of the Diocese of Wilmington in Delaware is Joe Biden's bishop.  It has been his duty all along to deny Holy Communion to the wayward Joe Biden, who resides in Delaware.  To date he has refused to do so.  When news reached him about Father Morley's denial of Holy Communion to Biden when the latter attended Mass in his church, Malooly's own dereliction of duty stunk in contrast.  Accordingly, Malooly released his snit-fit in the Catholic Dialog, the official propaganda news outlet of the Wilmington diocese.  Read it for yourselves here.  Below is my open-letter response to the bishop.


Your Excellency, the Catholic Dialog printed a statement issued by your chancery offices, presumably with your approval if not at your request.

Bishop Malooly has consistently refrained from politicizing the Eucharist, and will continue to do so. His preference, as with most bishops, is to interact with politicians individually who disagree with significant church teachings.

Please study Canon 915 very carefully.  Its directives to ministers of Holy Communion are clear; if someone obstinately persisting in grave, manifest sin presents him/herself for Holy Communion, he/she is to be denied Holy Communion.  That denial is not an option for the minister.  It is the minister's solemn obligation to do so.  Should you persist in direct disobedience to Canon 915 under the guise of "refraining from politicizing the Eucharist", you place your own soul in grave danger, as well as the soul of the one making the sacrilegious Communion with your cooperation.

In 2008, you stated that you thought that you "would get more mileage out of a conversation" with people like Biden.  During these intervening nine years, just how much "mileage" did you get?  The answer to that question is painfully obvious: zero-zip-nada, absolutely zilch.

So why do you (and other of like mind) continue down that primrose path?  Are you simply afraid of powerful politicians like Biden?  Do you hope to curry favors from him?  Do you simply not care?  Or maybe the answer is some combination of those three factors?  I can't say and quite frankly it doesn't matter.  Whatever the reasons, you disobey not only Canon 915 but Jesus Christ Himself.

Your Excellency, obedience to Canon Law isn't "politicizing" anything.  It is your duty as shepherd of the souls of Wilmington Catholics, including Joe Biden.  For the sake of all, dispense with all pretenses and obey Canon 915.


Ladies and gentlemen, in my post regarding Father Morley, I urged you all to support him by dropping notes of thanks to him and his bishop.  Now I must ask that you offer words of correction and even rebuke to Bishop Malooly.  Last week's episode in South Carolina might not have happened if Bishop Malooly had acted when he should.  The diocesan site is here.

Monday, October 28, 2019

What Really Happened To The Pachamamas

Allegedly the pachamama idols were fished out of the Tiber, with nary a scratch on them!  Amazing, when you consider that the things would have floated miles away before the Vatican got wind of the heist!  C'mon!  Does anyone really believe that the authorities took the time and trouble to fish some cheap baubles out of the Tiber?  They had to have had more of the things in stock, and that is what we saw.

Come to think of it, to make that many replicas of pachamama, they would have had to (gasp!) kill lots of trees, right?  For shame!  The poor ole' earth must have cried and bled a storm when those trees were cut down!  Talk about ecological sins!   In fact, this leaked video gives the inside story on what happened behind Vatican walls when the gang heard the idols were missing.  But I digress!

In his groveling apology, the pope hinted that the idols might appear at the closing Mass in St Peter's Bascilica.  That was enough for some cardinals to state that if the statues appeared, they wouldn't participate.  It appears the pope did an end-run around them, for a potted plant was processed at the Offertory and placed on the altar - in direct violation of the GIRM.  My blogging colleage, Vox Cantoris, goes more into detail of this more covert idolatry.

Below is a video of the Mass.  Watch for yourselves.

Some wonder now what the decent cardinals will do.  I think the more relevant question is what will we do?  That is a serious question to ponder as we pray our Rosaries for Holy Mother Church.

South Carolina Priest Obeys Canon 915

Yesterday at St Anthony Catholic Church in Florence SC (Diocese of Charleston), the pastor, Father Robert Morley, denied Holy Communion to rabid pro-abortion Joe Biden.  Father Morley told the reporters that it was his responsibility to do so - and he's quite correct.

Here is the contact information from the parish website.  Please go to it and contact Fr. Morley to support his actions.  You may rest assured that progressives of every stripe are slamming him right and left.  They are also most likely crabbing to his bishop, so please go to that site and put in a good word for Father Morley.  Bishop Robert Gugliemone appears not to have his own email so this contact page will have to do.

Please contact them and pass this post along.  You can bet your bottom dollar that progressives of all stripes are hammering on Father Morley as we speak.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

MD Drag Queen Story Hour Protested By Faithful Catholics

On Saturday October 26 in Crofton MD, an Anne Arundel County library hosted a "drag queen story hour" with the intention of normalizing perversion to children and, quite frankly, to groom them for later perversion.  This outrage did not go unanswered.  At least 60 or so faithful Catholics protested the misuse of our tax dollars to harm our children.  I was among that number.

We were at the library entrance.  The Crofton police and library personnel taped off the entrance.  That had the effect of splitting us into two groups.  Both sides are shown below, side by side.  We could still see and hear each other, which proved useful for the group Rosary and for an impromptu talk given by a priest in attendance.

 In the photo to the right, you'll notice the woman with the two signs conversing with another.  They were the two lone counter-protesters.  The woman to the far right is a library employee.  When one of our number was distributing the flyer shown on the right to people walking in, she tried to stop him by claiming that said distribution was "solicitation".  We of course know that is First Amendment speech.  Fortunately the Crofton police provided some on-the-spot remedial education to her regarding the Constitution.  The library security personnel were likewise disgruntled, but they too relearned some of the Constitution.

We prayed alound the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary.  Afterwards, Father gave us some words of encouragement and exhortation.  I post that below.

I'm certain that we'll see more of these "story hours" in the progressive nut house known as Maryland.  Even though it's a liberal enclave there are still good faithful people here and the progressive agenda will meet with resistance.

Gaylord Diocese Watch

From Church Militant we learned of the existence of Gaylord Diocese Watch.  They are a group of Catholic laypeople within the Diocese of Gaylord MI to defend a whistleblower priest and address other ills of that diocese.

We commend the founders of GDW and look forward to supporting them in the future.  They have been in existence nine months, so to them, a belated welcome to the fight for our Holy Church!

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Ulterior Motives Behind The Sham-azon Sin-Nod

In this clip, Michael Hichborn lays out what he believes the real purpose of this Sham-azon Sin-nod to be - in other words, the ulterior and sinister motives of the Vatican crowd and their progressive accomplices in the secular world.  He lays out a very convincing case, comparing various synodal and preparatory documents with other writings such as:
The above list is a list of hyperlinks.  There are undoubtedly additional links with more information on each topic.  I post these so that you can examine the points that Hichborn makes.  Long-time readers of this blog will recall that I have already commented on the Vatican's flirtations with the "sustainable development goals".

The writings of one group that Hichborn didn't mention deserves some consideration, in my opinioin.  I refer to the Humanist Manifesto.  The link that I just posted is a link to the American Humanist Association.  It's worth noting that this latest version of their manifesto is rather vague.  Follow the links to the two earlier manifestos to see more nitty-gritty about their beliefs.  Also note that the first manifesto was signed by John Dewey, regarded to be the "father of modern education".

Now the Hichborn video, and I'll have more to say below that.

A few days ago John-Henry Westen of LifeSiteNews intereviewed Bernardo Kuster, a Brazilian Catholic commentator who believes that some of the money sources behind the synod, e.g. Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation and others are interested in mineral resources in the Amazon region.  He believes that they are using the Church to get to these minerals.  Now what was that again about not exploiting resources of indiginous peoples??  Sshhh!  We shouldn't ask such pesky questions!

So who's correct?  Hichborn or Kuster?  Well, maybe they are both correct!

Friday, October 25, 2019

Alleged Recovery Of The Sacrilegious Objects

First, let me preface this with a word about the men who served God by jettisoning the things from the Church.

From faithful Catholics who should know better, I am hearing a lot of nitpicking about what they did. They are being criticized for not burning or smashing the idols first. To you who are mouthing such nonsense, please think. They didn't have the time for all that. They had to be quick about what they did lest they be apprehended.

You may be hearing nonsense that the filth was recovered. Nonsense. The idolaters most likely had other things they they are daring to place in St Peter's Basilica.Instead of carping on those young men, let's pray for their safety and that we may all display similar courage and piety.

LifeSiteNews has the full text of the pope's announcement regarding their alleged recovery.  Please note some things:
  • The pope is calling the things "pachamama statues".  He's got that one thing right.  This is important because some who insist on defending the idolatry are trying to spin the situation by claiming that the things are somehow a representation of the Blessed Mother.  I hope the pope's admission puts to rest that fairy tale.
  • He asked pardon of the people "offended by the act (of removal)".  Will he ask pardon of us who are offended by their presence?  More importantly, will he ask pardon of God?
  • He mentioned "the display of the statues at the closing Mass of the synod" followed with a coy "we'll see".  So does that mean pachamama idols will be placed in the Bascilica of St Peter?  Will we see idolatry even there?
Think of this, fellow Catholics!  The pope, the Vicar of Christ, will be facilitating idolatry in St Peter's Bascilia!  This is a supreme outrage, and this outrage will no doubt be repeated in Churches throughout the world, in some fashion or another.

In the very likely event that we see similar acts of idolatry in our own local churches, what are we prepared to do?

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Homophile Priests Emboldened In Their Advocacy Of Mortal Sin

Sooner or later, for someone who has lost his/her faith in the One True God, hubris will win over any vestige of discretion.  We are seeing that unfold with the pope and other Vatican henchmen as their idolatry is visible for all the world to see.  Now we see it for Father James Martin in this revelatory tweet.

Yes, he is saying that the Bible, the Holy Word of God, is in error for calling the mortal sin of sodomy an actual sin.  Of course in so doing Martin is committing several objectively sinful acts himself - most likely mortal for he is not unaware of the gravity of them.

DC-area Catholics, please bear in mind that Archbishop Gregory holds this heretic in high esteem; he has clearly stated that several times.  Also, recall that while Wuerl ran the show here, he had Martin give the Good Friday homily at St Matthew's Cathedral in 2017.  I think we'd better be on alert and be prepared to picket/protest if/when he shows up at another local Catholic venue.

Speaking of priests cooperating in the mortal sin of sodomy, my blogging colleague at An Archdiocese of Washington Catholic has given us an update on Father Peter Daly - yes, him.  He has struck hands with New Way Ministries and is speaking at their "retreat".  In other words, he's going to urge people to continue sinning mortally.  He retired several years ago after being pastor of St John Vianney in Prince Frederick, MD.  Alas, he just can't stop using his Roman collar to lead souls to hell.  Let's pray that he repents before it's too late, for he is getting on in years.

I'll close this with a clip from LifeSiteNews providing more commentary on Martin's elevation of his warped theories above the Word of God.

Monday, October 21, 2019


The official Vatican wonks are getting their undies bunched because faithful Catholics stood up to their idolatry and sacrilege against a Catholic Church.  That church houses the Blessed Sacrament and most likely relics of some saints, and they were inexcusably profaned by blatant violations of the First Commandment.

Notice Ruffini's last sentence: "I don't know what else to say except that it was a theft, and perhaps that speaks for itself."  Theft?  Well, not in terms of Catholic moral theology.  If Ruffini has been busy botching up the First Commandment, he may not realize what constitutes "theft".  Again, in traditional Catholic moral theology, theft is "the taking of another's property against the reasonable will of that other".  The operative word here is "reasonable".  The possession of that property and its display in a church constituted the mortal sin of idolatry.  Moreover, a sacred space was desecrated.  The retention and usage of that "property", that is, the idolatrous pachamama statues, were by no means "reasonable".  They had to be removed to restore some justice, to purify the Church even if only in part.  The removal of the things was in fact most reasonable.

Are we ready to follow their example, should the occasion arise?

Breaking! Pachamama Idols Thrown Into The Tiber River!

Deo gratias!  God bless and protect these courageous individuals!  Let us take example from them.  I suggest we all download this video before the Vatican authorities get into a royal snit about it.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Pacts Of The Catacombs Are Pacts With The Devil

Immediately after the Second Vatican Council, in 1965, a group of council attendees met at the Catacombs of Domitilla and signed something called the "Pact of the Catacombs".  I never knew this, but then again I was only a child when Vatican II happened.  Earlier today, some of the sin-nod fathers decided to repeat history, with some more embellishment.  They returned to those catacombs to sign something called "Pact of the Catacombs for the Common Home".  Actually the name is so long as to be ostentatious so I'll just use that shorter version.

George Neumayr wrote an article about both pacts.  He pointed out that the 1965 thing was not much more than a screed for socialism and so-called "social justice".  This new pact is more of the same, but it throws environmentalism and paganism into the mix.  In the Vatican News article, we read a quote from Cardinal Hummes, the chief relator of this Sham-azon Sin-nod, that the sin-nod was a fruit of the Vatican II Council. He may be wrong on so many other matters, but on this matter he is dead-on correct.

I'll now present Michael Matt's commentary on the matter.  As an added treat, we also learn that according to Archbishop Orlando Brandes of San Paulo, we who call out the obvious horror of this synod are "possessed by the dragon of traditionalism".  Whatever.

Now if you want a preview of what the implementation of these pacts will mean for you, take a look at what is likely coming to a parish near you - maybe your own!  The million-dollar question for each one of us is, "in addition to prayer and fasting, what are you prepared to do, should this sacrilege be attempted at your parish?"

Friday, October 18, 2019

The Attempt To Replace The Faith With Paganism - A Key Purpose Of This Amazon Synod

Stop the presses!  The pope has written a new book!  What can the topic of this book possibly be?  Did he write on the Last Four Things?  With Christmas coming, is he offering meditations on the Incarnation or perhaps the Holy Family?  Maybe he is explaining why the Roman Catholic Church is the One True Church?

Oh, silly us for holding such hopes!

The title of this pontifical work is (trumpets and drum roll please!) - Our Mother Earth!

As you can see from that link, the announcement is not a joke, although the book itself most likely is.  I wonder how many times the word "Jesus" will be mentioned therein; they probably can be counted on one hand.  The pope and his vatican henchmen are seeking to establish an earth-worship, pantheistic paganism and to portray Jesus as being merely on par with His Creation.  They aren't even trying to camouflage their intentions any longer, yet some still deny what is plain as the noses on their faces.

In previous posts you have seen the pagan idol worship in the Vatican gardens.  The false idols have now been taken into St Peter's Basilica where more sacrilege is occurring - with even the pope participating.  See the LifeSiteNews video below.

I realize these matters are distressing to contemplate, but that is the state of affairs with the Church today.  With many of the US bishops being on board with this apostasy, (and all signs indicate that the DC archbishop is one of them) we have to be informed and prepared in order to pray intelligently.  We may even need to consider some practical resistance, should affairs deteriorate.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

A Cult Of Witchcraft, Liberation Theology, And Environmentlism

That seems to be the goal that Pope Francis and his sin-nod henchmen seem to have for the Catholic Church.  They are trying to beat the Church into becoming an apostate coven.

Today it was announced that the progressive Ford Foundation is funding one of the organizers of the Amazon Synod.  I leave you to study the link, although we can safely say that the Ford Foundation only ponied over the $2 million because they know that this synod will further their pro-abortion and pro-gay agenda.

Besides the Ford Foundation, another group that is supportive of the synod is a bunch of Italian wiccans.  They have waxed lyrical about the pagan ritual in the Vatican gardens and the profanation of the following Mass.  From their warped perspectives they do have reason for gloating.

It is increasingly clear for anyone with a functioning ear and/or eyeball that there is an overt attempt to twist the Church into a conduit for the progressive "new world order" mentality.  Recall the pope telling us that we had to "obey the United Nations".  In addition to prayer, we must also be contemplating practical strategies for resistance in case the apostasy manifests itself in our parishes.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

CCHD Collection Draws Near

Most US dioceses will conduct their annual CCHD in-pew collections next month.  As we pay attention to the debacle now occurring in Rome, it is easy to lose sight of the mischief that will soon draw near.

It should come as no surprise that the so-called "reforms" of the CCHD once again are shown as the shams that they have always been.  The Lepanto Institute has continued its investigations into the malevolent deeds of CCHD grant recipients.  See for yourselves the evil funded by naive Catholics in the pews.

Besides living a faithful, prayerful Catholic life, we have few resources at our disposal to fight the filth and corruption in the Church.  But at least we should not be funding that corruption.  The CCHD is a beast that must be financially starved and we must do it by not contributing one cent to that collection.  Instead, drop a note in the collection basket explaining why the CCHD will receive no money from you.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

TFP Student Action Speaks Truth To Pro-Abortion Rabble At George Washington University

The embrace of the pro-abortion mentality is an embrace of barbarism of the worst kind.  Such an embrace will permeate through all areas of the mentality of the pro-abortion supporter.  I see this proof quite frequently, and now can show a local example of such depravity.

A few days ago, young men from the TFP Student Action group witnessed to the sanctity of life at George Washington University.  I would say that some of the students disagreed with them but that would be a gross understatement.  Instead, what you are witnessing is a visceral and violent reaction to truth on the part of those students who have partaken of the pro-abortion seduction, and who most likely have participated in baby-slaughter themselves.  Here is the video and further commentary is below that.

One of the broads there, who actually looks old enough to have retained some vestige of civility, demonstrated behavior associated with a rather dangerous animal.  I post pictures of both so that you can see the similarities.

If some find my comparison offensive, well, consider how those young men found the behavior hurled at them.

The young men, in addition to speaking truth to George Washington University, are examples worthy of emulation by us all.  That isn't just their responsibility, but our's as well.

Friday, October 11, 2019

On The Amazon Synod Horizon: Fake Women Priests, Paganism And Infanticide

Below I post a talk given by Michael Hichborn about an hour ago in which he comments about the damage to the Church being wreaked by the pope and his cronies via the Amazon Synod.  I'll have more information and another video below that.

Hichborn made mention of an interview that Edward Pentin conducted with Bishop Erwin Krautler.  The latter is a key synod figure and is unabashedly in favor of women priests.  He states that one reason is to bring the Sacraments to indigenous peoples.  Of course that is pure fantasy.  The Church simply hasn't the authority to ordain women as the Lord Himself ordained only men.  If there was any such attempt to ordain women, both the women and miscreant "ordaining" bishop would incur immediate excommunication.  Moreover, any "sacraments" attempted by these women would be completely invalid.  Any "mass" would simply be a sham and not valid at all.  No remission of sins would occur in any fake "confession" in which they might engage.  Rather than serve the people, these false "priests" would be engaging in a cruel joke on those poor people, assuming they were so poorly catechized that they didn't know the idea of "women priests" is completely bogus.

Now below I'll post a Vortex showing the ties of some South American synod "fathers" with tribal infanticide.  Apparently in the Brazilian Parliament, a law is being debated that will ban infanticide among indigenous tribes.  The liberals among them are claiming that the indigenous peoples cannot be told to abandon "cultural practices".  That such a matter has to be debated only shows the depths of depravity to which western society has sunk.  The Brazilian Catholic Conference has ties to a leading proponent of infanticide.  These national "catholic conferences" really need to be trashed, but I digress.

Now remember - this is a synod about "listening" and "dialoging" and "learning from their wisdom".  So they are going to teach us imperialistic first-world westerners that burying children alive is okie-dokie with "mother earth"?  Of course I can see how Planned Parenthood, NARAL and other outfits might be down with that - but Catholic clergy?

A word of warning - the Vortex does show snippets of the child murders being committed, so be prepared.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Confess Your Ecological Sins NOW, You Rigid Reprobates!!

Remember Father Lefty Goodvibes?  Yes, him!  That post was a satire that I posted to point out the absolute banality of the "lenten carbon fast" that was promulgated by Catholic Climate Covenant and other envirowhacko groups.  At the end of that post, I expressed my hope that it was only a parody.  Sadly it's closer to truth than fiction.

We are hearing from the Scam-azon Sin-Nod that we need to "recognize our ecological sins" and come to "ecological conversion".  Now I'm all for not wasting food, electricity and other resources and for properly disposing of garbage, but what these people are proposing is just more of earth worship pantheism.

Speaking of "ecological sin", just how did these "synod fathers" get to Rome from their various homes?  Did they trek across the European continent on foot or horseback?  Did the ones domiciled in other continents sail across the seas?  Please tell me that they didn't (gasp!) fly in planes, thus belching all that plane exhaust in the skies!  The scandal - making such huge carbon footprints!

Here's a novel concept for the ones who persist in this nonsense!  They can advocate for the ban of artificial contraception.  Evidence now exists that estrogen from the Pill is leaching into the waterways, affecting fish so that they cannot reproduce.  It's a win-win!  They can preach against actual mortal sin while satisfying their ecological pet peeves!  Think that will happen?  Neither do I, but I remain open to being pleasantly surprised!

Meanwhile, Father Goodvibes' confessional light is on!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Is Francis An Anti-Pope?

We hear from Eugenio Scalfari that Pope Francis has denied Jesus' Divinity while He walked the earth.  Then we hear that the Vatican Press Office tried to wiggle and dance away from the scrutiny the pope's heresy earned.

If you read my link above, you'll recall that several years ago Scalfari was a handy accomplice of the pope.  The pope would make some heretical and/or dissident remark to Scalfari, then the latter would publish it.  Immediately the Vatican would go into "damage control" to imply that what was said wasn't really said.  I suppose it's a rather clever trick, to make a statement to somebody and then to claim that you really didn't say or mean that.  However, this one is getting rather old.

As Michael Voris points out, the Vatican's "denial" really isn't a denial of what was said at all.  They simply are trying to instill doubt in what was plainly reported.  The pope is well aware of this pattern for it has happened quite a few times over the years.  He's making heretical statements and then hides behind Scalfari.  More and more people are waking up to these shenanigans.

Of greater concern is that a pope would even hint at disbelief in the Divinity of Our Lord.  Given his disbelief, who does Pope Francis think he is, as Pope?  The Vicar of ....whom???   Or what???  Given his actions of the past few days, might we conclude that he is the vicar of mother earth?  Because of the magnitude of this heresy, it is becoming apparent that we may be dealing with an anti-pope here.

In addition to praying and fasting, where do we go from here?  What practical measures will we need to take to deal with the fallout from this latest mess?

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Change In URL For Code Of Canon Law

If you click on the link to the right, you'll get a message that says "Authentication failed".  Never before has that happened.  I've always gone to it without a hitch.  But now?  During the sin-nod?  I wonder when and why that changed?

Here is the former url:

This one works:

But inquiring minds want to know if there was any, uh, "editing" that transpired.  Hmmm....

Monday, October 7, 2019

Action Needed In Maryland And DC

The first item is the stopping, or at least protesting, a planned "drag queen story hour" at an Anne Arundel County library in a few weeks.  Details are in the email blast that I received and copied below.l

The Crofton Library will be hosting Drag Queen Story Times on Saturday, October 26 at 1pm and at 3pm.

   Please CALL the Crofton Library at 410-222-7915 to ask them to drop the program and to explain why you object to it. (Call during operating hours, which are Monday through Thursday: 9 am to 9 pm; Friday and Saturday: 9 am to 5 pm; Sundays from 1 to 5pm. Let's inundate the library with calls to drop the program!)

  You can use the following simple talking points when you call:
  • I don't want Drag Queen Story Times in our Maryland libraries. Please cancel the event.
  • Drag is adult entertainment, so it’s not age or developmentally appropriate for young children, even when it’s modified or toned down for the library setting.
  • Both the Drag Queen Story Hour website and key leaders in the movement explicitly state that that one of the goals of the Drag Queen Story Hour is to encourage ‘gender fluidity’ and to encourage children to question their gender.  But all the scientific studies show that gender confusion harms children (physically, psychologically, and socially) and that the medical interventions involved in trying to ‘transition’ from one gender to another are seriously harmful! (So do the heartbreaking personal testimonies of individuals who went through the process of medical transition and then regretted it.)
  • Drag Queen Story Hours put children at risk for sexual abuse. Several sex offenders have performed at Drag Queen Story Times, including one who had molested an 8-year old boy and one who had abused four children, ages 4, 5, 6, and 8! There have been numerous other reports about Drag Queen Story Hours which show them to be unsafe, including at least two reports of inappropriate physical contact between a drag performer and young children, a performer teaching children a sexually suggestive dance, and other problematic activities and concerning ‘red flags’. This is simply NOT ACCEPTABLE.
  • Yes, I agree with you that our libraries should be safe, inclusive, welcoming spaces for  all, that we should teach children to treat everyone (especially people who are different from themselves) with respect, and that the library should host programs representative of all members of our diverse communities. But, for the reasons I have stated, Drag Queen Story Times are not the way to go to accomplish these goals!

 After you have called the Crofton Library, please contact the Anne Arundel County Public Library in writing to note your objections to Drag Queen Story Times and to ask them to stop offering these harmful programs. (You can copy and paste the talking points listed above, when your write, if you like).

Ways to write to the library: 

  Lastly, since this issue is so important to the safety and well-being of our children,
we need to have a prayerful, peaceful, law-abiding presence near and/or at the Crofton Library on the afternoon of October 26.   All are welcome and encouraged to attend, and persons from the Crofton/Bowie area are especially needed. The Crofton Library is located at 1681 Riedel Road, Crofton, MD 21114.

Thus ends my friend's email blast.  Already these wastes of MD taxpayers' dollars are happening.  See here.  Let's raise our voices in protest.

The second item regards a fundraiser being conducted by Support Our Aging Religious (SOAR).  At that fundraiser, Carolyn Woo is being honored.  For long-time blog readers, her name should be all-too-familiar.  She was the president of Catholic Relief Services during some of its most spectacular and anti-Catholic scandals.  These include the distribution of abortifacients and the harboring of a Vice President who was a sodomite in a "gay marriage".  See here for details, as time prevents a rehash of the same. 

A word regarding SOAR.  Before they occupied their current location, they were located at 1400 Spring Street, either directly above or below the Planned Parenthood abortuary where we were present for several years until the PP closed that location.  When we learned of SOAR's presence, we thought we had an ally in the struggle.  Such was not to be.  They refused to utter a peep regarding the child-murder center so close to them.  Of the thousands of babies killed there, we can surmise that at least a few of them might have had religious vocations and might have helped care for the elderly priests and religious.  By their refusal to speak up for life, SOAR helped put the elderly religious in their current predicaments.

On the SOAR site are numbers and email addresses at which you can lodge your protests.  Please do so.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Vatican Abominations Foster DC Catholic School Abominations

Many remember that young gal who stood up at an AOC rally recently and who proclaimed that in the interests of "saving the planet", we need to start "eating babies".  While there is now talk that this gal may have been a plant by a fringe group run by Lyndon LaRouche, it is undeniable that AOC actually agreed with the gal's premise that the planet's future is in danger.  While the rest of the audience evinced some shock at the gal's remarks, AOC herself never denounced them.  She merely said that there are other means to advance envirowhackoism (although my phrasology wasn't hers').

Sounds far-fetched?  Consider that in a Stockholm summit last week, Swedish scientist Magnus Soderlund proposed that eating human flesh might be able to save the human race from climate change.  He then went on to complain about "conservative taboos", stating that we rubes might be "too selfish to live sustainably".

Now I link to a post I did three years ago on envirowackoism in the Church.  In that article is a link to a video done by Michael Voris that exposes how environmentalism has anti-life and idolatrous underpinnings.  Now I will link to another of my posts that features a light-show abomination played on the walls of St Peter's Basilica.  Remember that?  The purpose of that descecration was to usher in that "year of mercy".

Now consider what happened in the Vatican gardens yesterday, with that undisguised idol worship, witnessed and approved by the pope.  Consider it especially in the context of what I mentioned in the preceding paragraphs.   Now bear in mind some of the virulent anti-life proponents invited to this Sham-azon Sin-nod  The Church will be injected with idolatrous anti-life poisons to its most likely deformation.

Meanwhile, back in the Archdiocese of Washington, local Catholics are being brainwashed prepared for this "newness of the Spirit".  Poor pope!  Someone forgot to remind him that the Spirit, being the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity, is eternal and perfect. He cannot change.  The commands He issued hundreds of years ago likewise will not change.

The "preparation" is evident in the October 3rd edition of the Catholic Standard and (from the little Spanish that I know) its sister publication, El Pregonero.  By the way; there is a lot of lunacy in this issue of the Standard, but I'll deal with that in another post.  Here we see the Catholic Standard waxing chipper about local Catholic school students participating in the September 20th Climate Strike.   A teacher from St Elizabeth Seton High School is quoted as saying that they were "following the pope's example".  He's quite correct on that; the problem is that the pope's example is horrible.   Will they soon be kneeling before pagan idols in the school auditorium?  But I digress.

The students chanted the usual banal slogans.  Did they think about what they were doing?  For instance, Florence Kane from Georgetown Visitation wore a T-shirt that said "No More Fossil Fuels".  Is Ms. Kane accordingly prepared to give up any idea of owning a car?  Then there's this gem: "Hey hey, ho ho, climate change has got to go".  So change of seasons is now evil?   They also had to endure listen to Greta Thunberg, the rather loud Swedsh teen who is being exploited by the "climate change" junk-science proponents; in doing so, they only enabled her exploiters.

Now let's take a look at that outfit behind the September 20th escapade.  Of course they have a list of partners.  On that list you can find all manners of Soros-funded and/or Alinsky-originated leftist outfits.  Many of those support the gay agenda and the abortion agenda.  But speaking of the latter, recall the Swedish scientist Soderlund who proposes the eating of human flesh.

The article ends with the kids declaring themselves to be the "Laudato Si generation".  What's wrong with being faithful Catholics? We are mindful of our duties to be faithful stewards of creation, but we also recognize that creation exists in service of mankind, not as a peer of mankind.  The parents of all these hoodwinked students should be outraged that their students were gyped out of a day's worth of actual schooling so that they could be used as agitprops for an earth-worship, socialist-driven agenda.  The teachers of those schools and the staff of the Standard should hang their heads in shame for promoting such drivel and being puppets of those progressives.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

The Abomination Of Desolation

"Therefore when you see the ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION which was spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place (let the reader understand), then those who are in Judea must flee to the mountains. "Whoever is on the housetop must not go down to get the things out that are in his house."Whoever is in the field must not turn back to get his cloak. "But woe to those who are pregnant and to those who are nursing babies in those days! "But pray that your flight will not be in the winter, or on a Sabbath. "For then there will be a great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will."

I don't know if the situation to be described is what Our Lord had in mind when He uttered the words found in Matthew 24:15-21, but it is a logical candidate.

Yesterday was the feast of St Francis of Assisi.  This poor saint has always been trivialized as a progenitor of "flower children" and hippies.  Witness all the birdbaths that exploit his image.  But yesterday, with the pope's participation (not mere approval but active participation), idolatry occurred in the Vatican in the name of St Francis.  From Catholic News Agency we read of a tree-planting ceremony that included all sorts of pagans and even a Franciscan brother kneeling and bowing before a carved image of two naked and pregnant women, praying to it in a circle.  If nothing else, this incident provides stark evidence that environmentalism is not much more than pagan gaia worship.

Here is a video from Catholic News Service (not to be confused with Catholic News Agency) showing participants, including the Franciscan, bowing before the statue.  All are committing idolatry, but the greater culpability lies with the Catholics in that gathering.  Please note that CNS is the news arm of the USCCB.  That the USCCB allows this idolatry to be published is a sign that the progressives therein are simply becoming bolder about their disdain for the One True God.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Our Church - Reformed Or Deformed

In Rome, on the cusp of the looming disaster known as the Amazon Synod, the Voice of the Family hosted a round table discussion with the topic "Our Church - Reformed Or Deformed?".  Professor Roberto de Mattei, chairing the discussion, declared what many of us have known all along: "there are, at this moment, two religions within the Catholic Church".  This discussion has been put online (in two parts) and I present it to you for your careful consideration.  Please listen to it as this does have direct impact upon you and your families.  Souls - including those of your loved ones - are at stake.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Shamazon Leaders - Putting Dirt In Their Ears

This coming Sunday the Sham-azon Sin-Nod starts.  Quite frankly, I believe it poses a colossal threat to the Church and to western civilization.  Many leaders in faithful Catholic media are in Rome right now to cover this mess as it goes down.  Church Militant posted a press conference headlined by Cardinal Claudio Hummes, hand-picked by the pope to lead the gabfest.  Right out of the gate he said that the Church "must listen to the cry of the earth and the poor".  Sheesh!  Could he not at least have put "the poor" before the earth?  At least they are people, and in God's eyes take precedence over the planet.  That quip is nothing more than an insinuation of pantheism as it ascribes personality to a planet.   During that interview, sin-nod organizers said the IL shouldn't be judged because it is "the voice of the earth".  The voice of the earth?  What did these people do?  Cram dirt in their ears and hear funny little voices???

Church leaders are speaking out.  Last June Cardinal Brandmuller (one of the two surviving dubia cardinals) called the Instrumentum Laboris "heretical" and "an apostasy".  The LifeSiteNews piece has a copy of his entire address in which he lists his reasons.  Likewise, Cardinal Burke (the other surviving dubia cardinal) also called the synod itself "apostasy" and a "direct attack on the Lordship of Christ".  It's worth noting that he was including the German synod in his denunciations.

Cardinal Sarah, in his latest book, stated that if the Sin-Nod succeeds in introducing women deaconesses into the Church, that we would see a "break with tradition".  He's quite right.  Previous pontiffs (the most recent being Pope St John Paul II) stated in no uncertain terms that the Church simply hasn't the authority to permit women to be priests.  However, Bishop Erwin Krautler of Brazil had the chutzpah to state that what previous popes have said in that regard is not dogma.  Bear in mind that he is credited with spewing forth the Instrumentum Laboris.  Note the Brazilian bishop with a German name.  The connections are quite visible between the German and the Shamazon sin-nods, are they not?  As Michael Voris notied in a recent Vortex. the pope and company seek to use the church to advance the left's globalist agenda.

So what do we do?  Yes we pray and fast for the Church.  If you aren't praying your rosaries daily, please start immediately!  Let us also do our part to spread the truth about what is happening in the Church to those who are as yet still unaware.  Among other things, that means the intelligent use of social media.  You who are reading this obviously have access to social media.  Learn how to use facebook, twitter and other outlets and use them.  Talk to your friends and fellow parishioners.  The time for passivity is long over.  Take a cue from Bishop Strickland who is taking to twitter to proclaim the Faith.  You can do it too.  I joked earlier about the sin-nod leaders putting dirt in their ears, but let's take the blindfolds from our eyes and the gags from our mouths - now.