Sunday, March 31, 2019

Bishop Gregory's Assignment To Washington Would Be Another Disaster

On Thursday I passed on the news that Atlanta's Archbishop Wilton Gregory is the most likely successor to Cardinal Wuerl.  Please watch the video below for a synopsis of many troubling things about Gregory, and why his appointment to the Archdiocese would simply signal that the Vatican really isn't serious about addressing the sex abuse plague nor the heterodoxy that has led so many Catholics astray. 

Catholic Laity for Orthodox Bishops and Reform issued a press release when they heard what we hope are unfounded rumors.  Read that very closely.  We need to petition the apostolic nuncio and ask for a real faithful bishop.  The contact information is here.  One thing Christine Niles said is that we laity must raise hell if we don't have a real bishop in our chancery.  We agree.  We will be devising strategies to do precisely that if we must.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

A Little Saturday Night Humor - Dems Apoplectic Over Mueller Report

This might well depict reactions to the Mueller report from the Dems' since their attempt to frame Trump for Russian collusion has fizzled.  I imagine now that something similar is happening in Cardinal Maradiaga's offices now that Trump has ceased aid to El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatamala.

Friday, March 29, 2019

DC Catholic Charities To Profane Lent With Their Gala On A Friday In Lent

Before we delve into the topic as stated in the title of this piece, let's look at DC Catholic Charities in general.

This evening I had been taking a look at the website of DC Catholic Charities because I hadn't done so in a while.  Noting prior problems with Catholic Charities as a whole, I believe it behooves us to keep tabs on them.  One of the key indicators of the direction that a given organization will take is the composition of its leadership and the mindsets of the individuals in leadership.  So let's take a look at the Board of Directors of DC Catholic Charities.  

We see that its chairman is Robert Trone.  Because my district's mis-representative is David Trone, I thought it worth a close examination.  Robert Trone is co-owner of a winery called Total Wine and More.  The other co-owner is (you guessed it!) David Trone.  From David's website, you can see his positions on marriage and baby-slaughter are at complete loggerheads with authentic morality and decency.  Now some might object that David's views don't necessarily reflect Robert's.  Ok.  Let's do some examination there.  Recalling that a person's politics is simply the person's beliefs and commitments as lived in the public arena, we can examine his/her political donations (which are public record) on the website of the Federal Elections Commission.  When I put in Robert Trone's name we see that he has contributed to Demorats from Obama to John Delaney.  I thought it odd that Robert Trone didn't contribute to his brother's campaign, but I see that Catholic Charities vice chair, Kevin Virostek did.  Interesting.

Scott Brickman, Debbi Jarvis, John Veihmeyer - all board members of Catholic Charities - contributed heavily to Democrats.  Oh, a few might have thrown some crumbs to RINO candidates, but they have ponied over a lot more to pro-aborts.  Patricia McGuire is also president of Trinity University/ naturally she would have made multiple contributions to Hillary Clinton's campaign.  Featured frequently in these lists are contributions to John Delaney and David Trone.

As I perused this site, I wished I had done so a week or two ago, for I see that they are having their fundraising gala next week.  But wait!  Isn't that a lenten Friday?  No problemo!  Right there you see that attendees (who will be expected to kick over mucho buckos) are dispensed from the observance, provided they perform some other penance - like hefty contributions to Catholic Charities?  Or perhaps this crowd doesn't really care about Lent!  If they did, could they not have scheduled their little "evening of dinner and dancing" outside of Lent?

Now look who the co-chairs are?  They are all either pro-abortion Democrats and/or they have contributed to the campaigns of pro-abortion Democrats.  This profanation of lent will most likely net thousands and thousands of dollars.  Since the leadership of Catholic Charities DC is being so blase about the lenten observance, does anyone really think that they will scrupulously apply Catholic moral principles in the spending of all that money?  Consider their pathetic history before answering that question.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Same-Old, Same-Old In The Archdiocese Of Washington

According to the Catholic News Agency, it is rumored that Atlanta's Archbishop Wilton Gregory will succeed Cardinal Wuerl as Archbishop of Washington.  A formal announcement is anticipated next week.

Let's be real.  We all knew that whoever the new prelate was to be, that he'd be cut from the same cloth as both Wuerl and McCarrick.  Neither of those dissidents would have it any other way - and they both have the pope's ear, an ear also spawned from the same dissidence.  Some of us dreamed that it might be Cardinal Burke, but under this pontificate, that remained in the realm of pipe dreams.

What little I've written of Gregory points to someone who has evinced sympathy with the gay-nazi agenda.  Rorate Caeli has composed quite a comprehensive list of his dissident actions.  This bodes ill for the DC archdiocese.  But this is not news; we've been living amidst the damage caused by progressive prelates for many years now, and now we can anticipate some more.  But the new archbishop can also expect that we'll be watching him and calling him out if need be.  Of course we will keep him in prayer.  We might also invoke the intercession of St Thomas Becket, who became Archbishop of Canterbury with the help of some royal subterfuge, but who became such a heroic bishop that he met martyrdom.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Faithful Catholic Priest Needs Help Now

Before I explain Father Vaughn Treco's situation, please listen to this sermon that he preached on November 25, 2018 - the Solemnity of Christ the King.

This sermon was an honest and factual assessment of some root causes of the mess in which the Church finds herself.  I for one detected no hint of heresy nor dissent.  Sometimes the truth is hard but it must be proclaimed for the good of souls.

Father is the former parochial vicar of the Church of St Bede the Venerable in St Louis Park, MN.  On account of the sermon that you just heard, he has been relieved of his position, his faculties have been suspended and he is even threatened with excommunication by Bishop Steven Lopez.

Please go to the Complicit Clergy site to see how you can support Father.  One thing immediately needs to be done: call Bishop Lopez at 713-609-9292.  He must right the wrong that he did to Father Treco and reinstate him immediately.

Maryland Literally Dodged A Bullet Today

A few weeks ago I posted on the "murder by doctor" bill that was winding its way through the Maryland legislature.  It passed the House of Representatives and in the Senate made it out of committee.  It failed a Senate roll call vote today.  We thank God for His mercy, but we must understand how perilously close we came to legalizing yet another form of murder.

The vote was a tie vote.  One Democrat abstained from the vote.  That's right.  The measure bombed by one vote.  Some lessons?

  • Elections matter, even on the local level.  What if the Obie Patterson, a PG County Democrat, was not in that seat but instead there was a more hard-core Democrat?  Well then, we would have been praying that Hogan remember who elected him.  We've got to clean out this progressive cabal that skulks about Annapolis.  That means Montgomery County especially, for it was MC Democrat Will Smith who was a main sponsor of that bill.
  • Our lobbying voices matter.  Perhaps Patterson heard enough from good people who told him that his political future depended on him not voting for "murder by doctor".
When we pray our Rosaries, let's remember gratitude for today's respite and remember to pray for a culture of life in Maryland and this country.

Why So Many Of Us Write As We Do

John-Henry Weston, co-founder of LifeSiteNews, explains why LifeSiteNews reports on the malfeasances emanating from Pope Francis and his Vatican and episcopal cronies.  We need to wake up our fellow Catholics and pray for restoration of our Church.  To do both effectively, we must be informed even when that information is painful to assimilate.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Degradation Of The Petrine Ministry

That is a phrase used by Dr Taylor Marshall to describe Pope Francis' latest insult, not only to the faith of good Catholics, but to his sacred office as well.   Yesterday he greeted some Catholics after a Mass in Loreto, Italy.  It is customary for Catholics to kiss the ring of the pope, as Dr. Marshall explains.  In the video, you'll see that the pope was having none of that.  It's worth noting that the pope was aware that his actions were being recorded as he not only failed to honor his own office but humiliated those Catholics who only sought to do homage, not to him, but to his sacred office.  But the pope has had a regrettable habit of insults throughout his papacy, hasn't he?

From his clown noses to the beach balls on altars we see his disregard of the sacred - and that includes his office.  We need to keep this man in prayer for he is leading many astray.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Marshall And Hichborn On Social Justice Hoax And What You Can Do About It

Michael Hichborn has done extensive research over the years regarding "social justice" in the Catholic Church and the dangers that it poses to the eternal salvation of countless souls.  My Catholic Media Coalition colleague, Stephanie Block, also has done similar research; in fact, Hichborn acknowledges her contributions at the 31-minute mark of the video below.

In this video, Taylor Marshall interviews Hichborn regarding the shams that are the three main vehicles of this so-called "social justice".  They are: Catholic Campaign for Human Development, Catholic Relief Services, and Catholic Charities.  While the video is long, I think it worth your while to listen closely to the whole thing.  We are obliged to inform ourselves of these matters, and we simply must invest the time to do so.

A word to Catholics in the Archdiocese of Washington.  I now link to the schedule for the second collections in 2019.  Please note these three approaching collections:
  • May 12 - Catholic Relief Services.  For reasons discussed in this video, and many more, this (and the on-going Rice Bowl collection) must be boycotted. 
  • June 23 - Peter's Pence.  In light of recent revelations regarding the stench that is in the Vatican, we dare not feed the corruption with our hard-earned dollars.
  • August 4 - Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  Hichborn mentioned in the video that they try to disguise this collection.  That's why they call it "Catholic Communications and Human Development?.  Whom do they think they are fooling?
Very soon I will give some practical suggestions on notes to put into the envelopes, etc.  For now, please pay close attention to this video and spread this around.  Thank you.

Friday, March 22, 2019

James Grein Speaks With Michael Voris Regarding His Abuse At The Hands Of McCarrick

Here we see a snippet of a conversation between Michael Voris and James Grein.  The latter suffered abuse at the hands of McCarrick over decades.  His testimony was crucial in helping rid the priesthood of McCarrick.

Grein offers an exhortation to others who have likewise been molested not only by McCarrick but also other pervert priests.  He calls on them to step up and speak out.  I echo his call.  Yes, it could well be difficult, no it really isn't "fair" that you should have to speak out - but so what?  Was it "fair" that Jesus Christ, the sinless Son of God, suffered a brutal death on our behalf?   Your testimony could help bring these perverts to justice, clean up the general rot and corruption in the Church, AND to prevent any others from falling victim to these scoundrels.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Catholic Relief Services In Its Biggest Scandal - To Date

Last week William O'Keefe, a CRS vice president, asked Congress to fund USAID to the tune of nearly $9 billion.  They intend that it goes to PEPFAR and other agencies that distribute contraceptives.  Lepanto Institute discovered this and did much research.  There is no need to rehash the report here for I won't do it justice.  I urge you to read it on the Lepanto page.  Do note, though, that O'Keefe was a Clinton supporter.

During Lent, we have probably seen the ubiquitous CRS "rice bowls".  Michael Hichborn, president of Lepanto, noted that 2/3 of CRS's budget comes from federal grants.  Well, golly gee!  Why aren't People for the American Way and the Freedom from Religion Foundation all up in arms about federal funding of the CRS?  Could it be because they know that CRS has been run by progressives now for many years?   He suggested that in lieu of money, to write a note that says we already contributed via our tax dollars.  Drop that in your "rice bowl" and take it to church when they collect these things.

Here's more info on CRS.  Just #sayno2crs.  By the way, in my title I used the words "to date" for I wouldn't be surprised if another CRS scandal comes to light in the future that will eclipse the depravity of this one.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Why Does The Catholic Standard Insist On Fawning All Over Pro-Aborts?

This past Saturday I opened the latest issue of the Catholic Standard (official publication of the Archdiocese of Washington).  I was happy to see that there was at least mention of the assisted suicide bill - even if it was stuffed inside as opposed to the front page.  Alas, as I proceeded through the paper, I saw behavior that is too typical of this propaganda mouthpiece.

The headline for this travesty reads "For Sister Carol Keehan, Faith And Health Care Go Together".  It's not much more than a shill piece extolling the Obama Hell-Care bill.  The author, who happens to be the wife of the Standard's editor,   Of Keehan, Carol Zimmerman says she "worked hard behind the scenes to help craft the language of the Affordable Care Act passed by President Barack Obama.."  I suspect that sentence is objectively correct.  Obama thanked her and said "We would not have gotten the Affordable Health Care Act done had it not been for her."  Again, that is objectively true; that is to her great shame and I pray that is not to her eternal damnation.  She still has time to repent for her role in the advancement of socialized medicine and worse, further entrenching into our social fabric the slaughter of babies and the introduction of death panels.  The article even makes mention of her Pen of Perfidy.

She had no apologies for those evils or for forcing other religious communities to fund contraception, such as the Little Sisters of the Poor.  The latter had to go to court several times to rid themselves of that onerous mandate. She did complain about faithful Catholics who rebuked her, saying that "people screamed at her, picketed events that she attended.."  I am happy to remind readers that in 2010, shortly after her betrayal, she gave the commencement address for Gonzaga High School in DC.  We were there to greet and rebuke her.  I will repost the video after we discuss the Standard's second slobber-fest.

This article was written by the Catholic News Service.  I cannot seem to locate it on the online version, but it did appear in print, on page 13 of the March 7th edition.  It's entitled, "Dingell, Longest Serving Member Of Congress, Recalled At Funeral As Doer".  He was a "doer", all right, but was what he did moral and in line with common decency, let alone Catholic morality?  The answer is a resounding "no".  This article admits that he facilitated legalized baby-murder.  But other than that teensy little detail, the US bishops and he saw eye to eye; of course that included the Obama Hell-Care Bill that I mentioned in relation to Sr Keehan just a few paragraphs up.

He had two funeral Masses: one at Church of the Divine Child in Dearborn, MI and the second at Holy Trinity Church near Georgetown University.  I understand from Church Militant that Catholics were outraged that he was receiving a public funeral.  I'm assuming that most of those Catholics were addressing the Dearborn debacle.  As for Holy Trinity?  Well, it's a Jesuit-run parish and is the same that gave Joe Biden a standing ovation during Mass just after he and Obama were elected to office, so need I say more?

I still am trying to figure out a reason why the Standard wasted so much news print over those two.  Whatever the reason, they once again insulted faithful Catholics by lauding the "praises" of those who betrayed the Church, the babies and ultimately Jesus Christ.

Now here's the video of our protest of Keehan at Gonzaga,  McCarrick was there and he too got an earful; watch all the way to the end.  This exemplifies how we must rebuke them, for the bishops are just going to pat them on the back.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sign Petition To Stop Assisted Suicide In Maryland

Two weeks ago I blogged about the assisted suicide measure that was before the Maryland House of Delegates.  Since then it has passed by a 74-36 vote.  It is now before the Senate.  We Marylanders must lobby our state senators to oppose it.  Should it pass, we must again lobby Governor Hogan to veto it.

For the rest of the country, please sign the petition started by LifeSiteNews to combat this measure.

Please pass this on to your other social pages and contacts.  Thanks.

Snakes Are Back In Ireland

In this homily Father forgot to mention sodomite #mowwidge in Ireland.  But still, how Ireland has degraded itself these past few years.  Let us keep praying our Rosaries for our Church.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Persecution Of Faithful Catholics From Within And Without

I'm posting a video from Church Militant's download.  The panel is discussing the ever-increasing ways in which faithful Catholics are being demonized precisely because they are faithful Catholics.  Not all of this persecution is coming from without, but much of it is from within - mainly from highly-placed clerics who have abandoned the Faith but still retain their high positions (for now) and yes, from Pope Francis himself.  Church Militant is one such group, having been falsely accused by a EWTN-afiiliated priest of issuing death threats.  Oh, by the way - Michigan's attorney general is launching an "investigation" into Church Militant for being a "hate group".  But don't get too concerned about this priestly accusation and the impending investigation happening within such short proximity of time!  After all, that's just some strange coincidence, right?  Right??  Hmmm.....

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Online Petition To Support Archbishop Naumann And Father Maxim

On Sunday I suggested that all support Father Maxim and Archbishop Naumann.  TFP Student Action has provided us a convenient means to do so as they have started an online petition for that very purpose.  Please go to this site, sign it and then spread words to your own contacts.

Pope Gives Perverts A Photo-Op

Yep!  I kid you not!  Here is the story, with photo.  I wonder when he'll be giving a photo-op to Planned Parenthood, Marie Stopes Intnat'l, or NAMBLA?  Sheesh!  I better not joke about that last one since so many of his sycophants have been (and maybe still are) abusing young boys and men. 

Would he grant such opportunity to a Legion of Mary group, or traditional order of religious?  Or would they be too "triumphalist", "rigid" or "neo-palagian"?  I think we know the answer to that.

This is yet another attempt to deconstruct the Faith.

Pope Embracing Envirowhackoism For Deconstruction Of The Faith

The blog Non Veni Pacem put up some commentary regarding the murder of Natacha Jaitt in Argentina that occurred two weeks before she was to testify against Gustavo Vera, long-time friend of Cardinal Bergoglio, now Pope Francis.  Security cameras detected suspicious activity in the area just after Jaitt died.  The blogger pointed out that Vera and Jeffrey Sachs were speakers at a Vatican conference held March 4-5.  The conference focused on Laudato Si and Sachs shilled for the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.  Journalists were not invited to this pow-wow.  Well, golly-jee!  I wonder why???

Just a few days after that gab-fest, Pope Francis spoke at another - this with a specific goal of implementing the Sustainable Development Goals.  Now read closely what the pope is saying.  He's talking about conversion in implementing this thinly-disguised propaganda for population control and earth-worship.  One does not talk of "conversion" unless one is changing their beliefs and actions regarding God and morality.  He's advocating rank idolatry.  The blogger whom I cited in the main paragraph states that Raul Duarte has some "splainin" to do.  Well he's not the only one with "splainin" to do - I refer to the pope.  By the way, as you read the CNA piece, did you notice all the people who seem to be leaders of false religions?  If the pope wanted actual conversions, he passed up a golden opportunity for preaching the Faith (as is his mission); that's more "splainin" that he'll need to do.

In more toadying to envirowhacko population-control enthusiasts, the pope will participate in a "Pan Amazon Synod" in Brazil in October.  As Bradley Eli put it, "The Pan-Amazon Synod will be focusing on environmentalism and social justice issues rather than on strengthening the faith of Catholics, who are losing their religion."  Once upon a time, I thought that this lack of proper focus was merely thoughtless neglect.  I now believe that this loss of Godly faith is by design.  Take a look at that picture of the pope.  It is most inappropriate for the Vicar of Christ to festoon himself in pagan gee-gaw, and grin while holding a picture of himself surrounded by pagan imagery.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Support Abp Naumann And Father Maxim

Father Craig Maxim is pastor of St Ann Catholic Church in Prairie Village, Kan.  The parish has a school.  Recently Fr. Maxim declined to accept a child into the school  who is being raised by a same-sex couple.  Father issued an email to explain his reasons, as his decision has sparked some protest.  Archbishop Naumann has also received these protests, but is standing firm in his decision not to compromise Church teaching.  He rightly says that the situation in which the child now lives cannot exhibit respect and obedience to Christ's teachings on marriage and family life.

So those kvelling and whining about "punishing the child for the parents' sins", I take it as a positive sign that you acknowledge the "parents'" actions as sinful.  By the way - "parents" is in quotes because at most only one of them can be the child's biological parent - unless they adopted the child which means that neither is a parent in a moral sense.  Your outrage is misplaced.  Instead of badgering the pastor and bishop, direct your anger to those so-called "parents".  Of course some of you may be in league with the obvious attempt to get the school to accept the mortal sin of sodomy.  Anyway, here is my open letter to that same-sex pair.

(Begin open letter)

Dear Same-Sex Couple who is raising and exploiting this child:

Let's cut to the chase.  You are exploiting this child.  Just as so many of you have been trying to break the resolve and livelihoods of cake bakers, florists et al in your attempts to force them to affirm your mortal sins, you seem to have that as your end game in respect to St Ann's school.  Why else would you attempt to enroll the child in a school that has as its core mission the impartation of Catholic teaching?  Surely you must be aware that the school would be teaching to its students, and the child in your custody, that same-sex "marriage" is both a farce and mortal sin.  Why would you want this child to hear that?  Or do you intend, later down the road, to cajole and even threaten the school into a false acceptance of your mortally sinful lifestyle?

A number of your syncophants are even now badgering the school to "show mercy".  In actuality, it would be the epitome of cruelty to the child to pretend that your lifestyle is anything but dangerous, certainly to your immortal souls.  If mercy is to be shown to the child, the onus for doing so lies on your shoulders - nowhere else.

If either of you retains any shred of knowledge of Catholic truth (assuming you were brought up in the Faith, and that may not be the case), you might recall that the first Spiritual Work of Mercy is "rebuke the sinner".  That is precisely what I'm doing.  For you to show mercy to your child, you'll quit your sinful parody of a marriage and cease all homosexual conduct immediately.  You will get yourselves to Confession.  You will explain to the child the wrongness of your actions.  That would be the best lesson in truth and mercy that he or she could receive from you at this time.  For that matter, it would be the most merciful thing you could do for yourselves and each other, for this current lifestyle of yours, if continued, leaves you in danger of eternal damnation.

(end open letter)

We do not know who they are, and that is best so as to protect the identity of this poor child.  Please spread this around to increase the chances that this couple will see it, both for the sake of the child and their own eternal salvations.

The Archdiocese of Kansas City posted an explanation of its policy regarding admission to Catholic schools on the front page of its site.  Please read it, and then take a minute to thank the archbishop for standing for Christ's teachings.  The archbishop doesn't have his own published email address so I'd suggest emails to the Vicar General of the Curia.  An alternate email and phone can be found here.

Also please support Father Maxim by contacting the parish.  This site has a handy contact form as well as the usual information.  You can also visit their facebook page to offer support; that page is featuring comments from gay-supporters who think "acceptance" means embracing mortally sinful conduct.  Thanks.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Sacriilege At Immaculate Conception Church In Durham NC

This past Tuesday I wrote about planned gay-coddling at Immaculate Conception Church.  Today I was advised that it happened that same day.  The unrepentant lesbian, Vernetta Alston, addressed parishioners at the invitation of Father VanHaight.  My sources didn't hear about it till yesterday, but I just now saw this announcement on their facebook page that had posted on Feb 27.  It's also on their website, but not in the bulletin.  Please note the response to the comment; Alston spoke in the sanctuary.  What??  Did they at least remove the Blessed Sacrament so that Our Lord wouldn't be profaned as she was honored in defiance of the US bishops?

My hope is that this sacrilegious smooch-up was poorly attended.  At that hour, I hope very few of the school students were there.  But the sanctuary of the Church, and perhaps the Blessed Sacrament, were profaned.  For these reasons, good Catholics must offer to Father VanHaight their polite but firm rebukes, as well as prayers for his salvation (which he greatly jeopardized).  In addition, Bishop Zamara must hear from faithful Catholics as well.  I've no doubt that both heard from the gay-nazis.  I would say that they caused VanHaight to cave, but from what I'm hearing, VanHaight really is allied with the perverts and their enablers.  The video leave little room for doubt.  We faithful Catholics have a duty to be no less vociferous in defense of the Church's teachings.

If any faithful Catholics have children who are students of that school, you may wish to consider withdrawing them as there is now reason to doubt the quality of Catholic education they are receiving from that place.  Some of those commenters who hurled their bile at me claimed to be former students of that place.  Your children's salvation may be imperiled by attendance at that school. 

Other Catholics within the Durham diocese may want to consider advising Bishop Zamara that your participation in the Bishop's Annual Appeal may be contingent upon him restoring fidelity to the Church's moral teachings in his parishes and schools.

Please network with each other.  I heard too many times that local Catholics are reticent about speaking out because they fear the local gay-nazis.  If you network with each other, you will draw strength and courage from your camaraderie.  You will draw even more strength from Mass and the Rosary.  Your salvation and that of your families depend on it.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

NC Pastor Doubles Down On Sin-Coddling

Last month I was alerted to a planned scandal at a Catholic school in Durham North Carolina - Immaculata School to be precise.  I needn't rehash what I already wrote.  Suffice it to say that the pastor, Father Chris VanHaight, saw fit to cancel that debacle.  He feared a protest, not the coddling of mortal sin.  Indeed, he himself was all for the showcasing of a lesbian, simply because she espoused other liberal pet causes (yet another reason why the Church must get away from all that "social justice" boondoggle, but I digress!).

For canceling that speaker, Father must have felt the wrath of the gay-nazis.  Judging from some of the comments on that post and on my twitter feed, I can imagine that they snarled quite a bit - all in the name of "tolerance" of course!  For a sample, see this doozy:
That must have prompted this groveling and sniveling discourse from VanHaight.  He regards it as an apology to the "LGBTQ community".  Well, he should apologize to them: for his approval of their mortally sinful conduct and for not calling them to conversion and repentance for their sins against the natural order.  Anyway, during this talk, he said he would avoid having politicians speak for a while.  Well, it must be for a very short while, for he later said of Alston, "certainly, we foresee her coming to the campus at some point before the end of the school year for sure".  He then spoke of "a different venue".  Was he talking out of both sides of his mouth?

At this time, we don't know if the normalization of perversion before children will occur, let alone when and where.  In the meantime, I'd urge all Catholics to contact Father VanHaight and Bishop Zamara to register your protests.  Residents of that diocese may want to reconsider any financial contributions to the parish and/or diocese until they once again commit to their duties to uphold Catholic teachings, for their own sakes, those of the students and yes, of Vernetta Alston herself.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Physician-Assisted Suicide In Maryland

If ever there was a ridiculous euphamism, "physcian-assisted suicide" would be one of them, ranking up there with "abortion".  Both were concocted to mask the real meaning of their deeds, which is murder.  The former targets the elderly and the infirm.  It is that which is the focus of this post for its legalization is wiggling its way through the largely pro-death Maryland legislature.

HB 0399, known as the "End of Life Option Act", was in committee and I believe has been voted out of it onto the floor.  Maryland Right to Life has information about this and SB0311, the Senate cross-filing.  I do not know its status in the Senate.  It was being heard in the Judicial Proceedings Committee, but cannot find whether or not they voted on it.  Please contact the members of that committee, particularly if one of those senators is from your locality, and ask them not to send it to the senate floor.

Please contact your delegates and tell them that you want them to oppose these bills.  Spread the word and let's do all we can to keep Maryland from incurring more blood-guilt before Our Lord.