Sunday, March 29, 2020

Too Good To Be True

My post from Tuesday, regarding the closing of Maryland abortuaries, was based on information that has now been shown to be faulty.  Of course we expected more violations than compliance, but I was rejoicing that Maryland might have banned abortions officially.   Such is not to be.  Maryland can shutter churches, close legitimate businesses, but still let the blood of innocent children flow.  It is for sins such as this that our world is undergoing the punishment from God that is now our common experience.

Several other states, though, have banned abortions as "non-essential procedures".  I hope more states are added to that list before this cornona curse is lifted.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Corona - Cover For Deconstruction Of The Faith

Let's be blunt, shall we?  This corona situation is making plain that some prelates hold the Faith and eternal salvation as cheap commodities, if they believe at all.

Let's examine the latest nonsense to come from Cardinal Blaise Cupich of Chicago.  Recently he stated that baptisms must be postponed and that emergency baptisms would require his approval to be done.  Ponder the idiocy of that statement.  The word "emergency" in the context of a baptism would mean that there is imminent danger of death, most likely that of an infant.  In that case, hours and even minutes count.  How much time would be wasted to secure his approval?  By that time, the one to be baptized would be dead, forever locked in orignal sin and thus not to be admitted to the Beatific Vision.

Do you consider my use of the word "idocy" to be harsh?  In reality, that is mild, for it could more accurately be called "cold-hearted indifference" or even "malice".  Of course I don't presume to know his current spiritual state so we'll just stick with the more objective term "idiocy". I might point out this is just the latest episode that demonstrates Cupich's cavalier treatment of the Faith.

Then there's the Sacrament of Confession.  I noted with happiness that some pastors, mindful of their sacerdotal responsibilities, have instituted "drive-through" confessions as a means to administer the sacrament while satifying the draconian secular directives.  But some bishops aren't satisfied.  Thinking more like lawyers and insurance agents, they are putting the kibosh on even that.  I speak of Cardinal Tobin of Newark.  At least he allows it in the case of "extreme emergency".  I've written quite a bit about Tobin in the past.

Now let's look at these two instances.  One involves Baptism, the other Confession.  These two sacraments are known as "sacraments of the dead".  That is, they are the only two sacraments that those not in a state of sanctifying grace may receive.  Reception of these is necessary not only to allow the recipient to receive the other sacraments, and more crucially, allow for entrance into heaven.  Without being in a state of sanctifying grace, in God's ordinary providence that isn't possible, unless an act of perfect contrition can occur.  Do we see how insidious this is?  Do we see how the devil is chuckling with glee over these derelictions?  Of course it's quite likely that the devil himself motivated these prelates to issue their unconscionable pronouncements.

Oh, but there's more.  Bishop James Checchio of the Diocese of Metuchen NJ pities us poor suffering Catholics!  He thinks we are already suffering so much that he is suggesting that Catholics slack off with their Lenten exercises.  He has said that Catholics may now eat meat in Lenten Fridays.  I think it's worth noting that the Diocese of Metuchen is a suffragan diocese of Newark.  In other words, the aforementioned Cardinal Tobin is Checchio's boss.  In times like these, don't we need more prayer, fasting and almsgiving?

So here we have it.  Progressive prelates are doing all they can to choke off God's graces to His Church and thus to the world.  Is it at all possible that this had been their dream all along, and that the covid-19 situation simply provided an excuse for them to plausibly do so?

Friday, March 27, 2020

Nature Throws Temper Tantrums

A temper tantrum.  Yes, Pope Francis chalked up the covid-19 outbreak to a "temper tantrum" - his words - that nature is throwing so that we "will take care of her".  How in hades does he make up this crap?  Understand that in this gibberish, he is personifying nature by ascribing to it irascibility.

Let's remember what the Amazon Synod, and in fact most synods and all those meetings with Jeffrey Sachs et al were all about.  They were about establishing the de facto religion of earth-worship.  That was a big impetus in defiling Churches in Rome along with the open worship of the pachamama idols in the  Vatican gardens, with the pope in attendance. I and many others believe that this covid-19 pandemic is nothing less than a Divine chastisement for our many sins against Him - idolatreis, blasphemies, baby-slaughter, the elevation of homosexual perversions, etc.  Let's recall that the pachamama disaster happened in Italy, and the greatest number of casualties are in Italy.

However, instead of repenance, the world and the Church are doubling down on sinful conduct.  At a time when they should be multiplying Masses and allowing for greater access to the Sacraments, our bishops are restricting access to the sacraments and even eliminating them, going so far as to shutter the Churches.  In their claim to be acting out of concern for public safety, they cut off the prime source of God's grace, heaping more disrespect upon God.  I salute those dedicated priests who are having to work around various strictures laid upon them by their errant bishops (drive-through confessions, drive-up exposition of Blessed Sacrament, etc).  At any rate, pachamama isn't the only occasion for idolatry.  We now have "public safety", "compliance with authority" (even when that authority goes outside its own constitutional bounds), etc.  Yes, for too many - even for otherwise faithful Catholics - public safety, good in and of itself, has been made into an idol.

Listen now to the words of Archbishop Lenga of Poland.  Growing up in Poland, this prelate knows a thing or two about living under a tyranny and the perils of subjugating the One True Faith to the dictates of secular powers-that-be.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

More CRS Dabbling In Abortion

Yesterday Michael Hichborn released another segment of his report that proves that Catholic Relief Services is promoting abortion in third-world countries.  Here it is.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Maryland Abortuaries Ordered Closed

Well, again the COVID-19 virus brought about some unexpected but welcome blessing.  Today we discovered that when Governor Hogan talked of shuttering "non-essential businesses", that meant abortion mills as well.  See the attached LifeNews article, with jpgs of the official correspondence.  Approximately 97 babies every day in Maryland would agree that baby-slaughter is non-essential.

Now the question is, will the mills comply?  As I browse some of the websites, I see that most don't even mention "corona" or "covid-19".  What?  Don't they care about women's health?  What would they do about "social distancing" in their waiting rooms?  Front-liners, let's be cautiously hopeful.  We need to verify compliance at the very least, and keep track of violations.  We will have more on this matter.  Whether or not there is compliance, this pronouncement is a big "first", for I don't recall ever, in my nearly 30 years of activism, abortion being officially kiboshed in Maryland.  Let us keep praying.

Surviving The Sanitary Dictatorship

The term "sanitary dictatorship" was coined by Bishop Athanasius Schneider as he wrote about the plight of Catholics who are being deprived world-wide of the Sacraments out of misguided fear.  The "sanitary dictorship" is comprised not only of overreaching civil authorities, but even of Catholic hierarchy who seem all too eager to "go along to get along".

When I say "misguided fear", I do not mean to dismiss the importance of proper precautions such as the washing of hands, maintaining distance between people and for the sick, staying away from others.  I mean that the fear of the virus is supplanting what should be a proper and Godly fear of the Lord.  This lack of fear is causing even otherwise good Catholics to downplay the absolute necessity of the sacraments, believing that we can do without sacraments more so than temporal (and temporary) safety.

Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler TX called upon priests worldwide to do whatever is necessary to administer the Sacrament of Confession to their congregations.  An important aside - while some apoologists have argued that Catholics in prior centuries went without receiving the Eucharist for several months, they always attended Mass.  Moreover, they always had recourse to Confession, for if they died in mortal sin, they stood a good chance of going to hell.  By and large, they acknowledged that fact and acted accordingly.

Cardinal Burke has likewise penned an article in which he plainly states that once again, the Church must prioritize spiritual needs over temporal.  I could spend an entire post on his piece but I will simply urge you to read it in its entirety.

Fortunately, some priests are indeed "thinking outside the box" in order to make that vitally important Sacrament available to their congregations.  That article tells of a number of pastors who are offering "drive-through" confessions, including the pastor of St Edward the Confessor in nearby Bowie MD.  I heard from a friend that St Martin's of Gaithersbug will do the same on Saturdays from 4-5:30.

The Vatican has introduced indulgences in the wake of the deprivation of sacraments that we now endure.  These indulgences, though, persume that the seeker of the indulgence is in a state of grace.  Today, owing in part to terrible catechesis, many Catholics are in mortal sin.  For those Catholics there remains a lifeline known as an Act of Perfect Contrition; even then there is the condition that they must receive the Sacrament of Confession.

We simply must hammer home to our prelates the need to place the salvation of souls as first priority, even above public safety.  I will link to the blog of my friend and colleague at Les Femmes.  She and her fellow columnists have written a good deal on this matter, and it is worth study.  The churches must be opened and the Sacraments once again opened to the congregations.  In the meantime...

Saturday, March 21, 2020

No Bishop Can Abrogate Our Canonical Right To The Sacraments

I continue to be aghast at otherwise faithful Catholics who are falling lock-step behind  the government's unconstitutional ban on large gatherings.  The First Amendment guarantees, among other things, Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Assembly.   I won't rehash last week's piece on this; read it here.

I commend the priests who are "working around" the draconian actions of their bishops, with many of those actions surpassing those of civil authority in jack-booted tyranny and in utter disregard of their sacerdotal mandates.  Several pastors are conducting "drive-through" confessions in their parking lots.  Others are exposing the Blessed Sacrament in the churches so that He can be seen and adored from the outside.  Other non-Roman rites are still conducting Mass, or Divine Liturgy to use their terminology.

But again, the mental contortions that some Catholics use to justify their "go along to get along" attitudes is a sight to behold.  More than a few are claiming that Catholics in a state of grace do not have the right to receive the Sacraments.  To which I will now reply, "AT CANON LAW, THEY CERTAINLY DO HAVE SUCH RIGHTS".  Canon 213 expressly states that truth.

Many times we have cited Canon 915, detailing that Catholics "persevering in manifest, grave sin" are not to be admitted to Communion.  However, examine Canons 912 - 923.  I foresee one attempt at silliness now and will quash it immediately.  Canon 912 states that "any baptized person not prohibited by law can and must be admitted to Holy Communion."  "Law" in this context means church law, not civil; else we would have to conclude that Chinese Catholics cannot receive Holy Communion.

Now are the bishops actually barring us from Mass?  Well, they are actually quite clever about that.  At Canon Law, they cannot do that.  They are closing Churches and exhorting us to remain at home and maybe watch a live-stream of Mass.  In some discussions where I've broached the idea of going outside my diocese for Mass, I am told that I am "being disobedient".  No I am not.  I have the canonical right to go to Mass.  Moreover, the bishops never ordered us outright not to go to Mass.  They cannot, and they know it.  They simply put out some sly suggestions and hope that Catholics will believe that they are forbidden to attend.  Indeed, some naively take the suggestion and run with it, probably not stopping to actually think about the matter.

Let's look at Confession through the prism of Canon Law, beginning with Canon 960.  That canon states that grave sin can only be remitted via the Sacrament of Confession, excepted only by "physical or moral impossibility".  NEWS FLASH!  The equivocating cowardice of bishops, by which they so cavalierly close their confessionals, does NOT constitute those kinds of impossibilities.  God bless the priests mentioned above who have devised ways to work around their prelates' irresponsible directives.  Canon 986 is quite explicit about the duty of priests to make themselves available for confession, particularly when the penitent is in danger of death.

So my fellow Catholics, hold your bishops' feet to the fire.  Go outside your diocese to receive the Sacraments, if you must.  Remember that your first duty before God is your own and your families' salvation.  Physical health, good as it is, takes lesser priority to salvation.

Friday, March 20, 2020

No Mass Means No Second Collection

In the midst of the calamity of the United States being without one public Mass, even then there is just the tiniest silver lining to the cloud.  Without Mass, there can be no second collections.  This weekend, for most dioceses, the second collection would have been taken for the Catholic Relief Services.  That will not happen.  That means that CRS will have fewer dollars with which to undermine the Faith.

Michael Hichborn of the Lepanto Institute unearthed some truly squalid enterprises in which CRS has participated and even led.  Below I publish the second and third of the videos comprising his entire report.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

A Church Without Sacraments Is A Worse Nightmare Than Any Virus

Thus says Dr. Paolo Gulisano, renowned Italian epidemiologist, in an interview given to Church Militant TV.   He is quite correct in describing this situation as a "fatal rupture" with the Church's history of standing fast in the face of plagues, wars, earthquakes, etc.  He also made plain that no more can the pope utilize his "church is a field hospital" routine.

I am writing this after having just learned that my parish will not be offering the Sacrament of Confession "until further notice".  This notice was given after one of the priests felt unwell and got tested for the covid-19 virus.  His test results aren't in yet.  Certainly we pray that the results are negative and for Father's health in general.

But what about the spiritual health of Catholics in the area?  Just what might happen of that one Catholic who's been away from the Sacraments for years, and is now just mustering up what little faith and courage he/she has left to get right with God?  Just being away from the Sacraments for years is its own mortal sin, and there are likely others, given that such a soul has had little if any spiritual sustenance.  Now he/she cannot go to Confession at my Church, and at too many others.  Remember - one mortal sin, if unconfessed, will damn a soul to hell for eternity.  If that person makes a Perfect Act of Contrition, he/she might be able to save his/her soul.  However, given the shoddy formation that many Catholics have received of late, that is one tenuous "IF".  If he/she sees that Catholic priests are afraid of their company, will they be so understandably scandalized that they might never return?

In the Old Testament, we read Ezekiel 3:16-21 has plenty to say about those appointed by God to lead to salvation - and their punishment should they refuse to do so.  Consider the disgraceful state of affairs of the US church right now.  All of the US dioceses have canceled public Masses.  In addition to the denial of Confession, many (not all, at least at the time of this writing) are not offering Last Rights nor are they baptizing babies.  Here you have people in their final agonies being deserted by their Church.  Frankly, I cannot see how such dereliction of duty isn't its own mortal sin.  If so, how can a bishop's order to do that be binding under obedience?  Then there are the babies.  Let's get real on that.  Pope John Paul II voiced the hope that there might be a way that unbaptized babies might be admitted to heaven.  However, that is only a hope, not a certitude.  We dare not presume that a child, deprived of baptism, will be admitted to the Beatific Vision.  There is one glimmer of hope, and parents, take note.  In dire straits, any lay person can baptize another.  Must it come to that?

Too many clergy are losing sight of their sacerdotal duties in the face of physical disease.  They value physical health over spiritual health.  I fear that if they persist, they'll literally have hell to pay.  Pray for our church and her priests.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

A Silver Lining In The Corona Cloud

Last month I wrote of a retreat for gay priests scheduled for April 14-16 at the Bon Secours Retreat Center in Marriottsville, MD.  It was to be led by Father Peter Daly and was supported by Father James Martin - two perversion promoters if ever they existed.  The days were Tuesday to Thursday. Let's be honest.  We know what kind of, "sessions" would have been occurring on Tues and Wed evenings.

We tried to petition Archbishop Lori to take action against this raunch-fest, but he refused to utter a peep.  However, blessings can come from calamities.  From the website of Bon Secours we see that the CDC shut them down until May 10.  Moreover, if you go to my first post and click on the "scheduled retreat" link, you will notice that New Ways broke the link.  We can conclude that the retreat will not happen in April.

I suspect they will try to reschedule the thing.  We will alert you when we learn something.  Plans may be in the making to ask Archbishop Lori to exercise his authority with the Bon Secours staff and forestall any attempt to reschedule it.

Mother Miriam - Bishops, Bring Back The Mass

She says it well.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Deprivation Of Mass Is Worsening Our Spiritual State

On Saturday I posted that the Archdiocese of Baltimore was still having public Masses, albeit in a limited fashion.  That was then, this is now.  Late yesterday, the Baltimore chancery joined the ranks of the feckless and canceled all their public Masses.  In fact, at least one bishop is discouraging the anointing of the sick for corona sufferers.  That's right.  He advocates the denial of Extreme Unction to the dying, depriving them of sacramental graces that might be necessary to ensure salvation.  That is beyond cruel; it is tantamount to a shepherd turning his back on a lamb in mortal distress.  I cannot see how this dereliction of duty wouldn't be inherently sinful for a priest, regardless of the impetus for this betrayal.

Other clerics, mindful that they are called to lay down their lives for their sheep, are speaking out.  Papal Almonor Konrad Krajewski opened his church and said that "home should always be open to its children".   Archbishop Vigano states that closed churches express "the darkening of the faith that has struck the heights of the church" and that "what is at stake is not only public health but the salvation of souls".  Phil Lawler wrote a piece, republished by LifeSiteNews, stressing the importance of keeping our Churches open while Masses are being said, for the spiritual sakes of people.

I myself had to go to Mass in Arlington, since both the Archdioeses of Washington and Baltimore decided to deprive their people of Mass.  While I'm grateful that the Mass in Arlington even existed, the parish was somewhat liberal.  At the beginning, the priest made it a point to opine that the corona virus is not God's judgment.  I am not inclined to dismiss that possibility, especially when the president of the Italian Bishops' Conference stated that the virus may indeed be God's chastisement brought about by rebellion.  Consider that Italy as a country is one of the hardest-hit countries.  It is also where the pachamama abomination happened.

In my opinion, this covid-19 situation in which the world finds itself is indeed a chastisement from the God who has been mocked and scorned by His creastion.  The blood of over sixty million babies slaughtered via abortion would alone cry for punishment.  Add to that the legalization of homosexual perversion and the widespread disdain of the Christian faith and you have a world that is in need of radical purification.  We need to be in prayer and penance before God, while speaking truth to the world around us.  In particular, pray that our bishops wisen up.  At this time, we need more of the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass, not less.  In shuttering the Faithful from Mass, I fear that our bishops are actually exacerbating the spiritual malaise that has occasioned the calamity in which we find ourselves.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Reflections On The Treason Against Holy Mass And Civil Liberties

A few, no, many words are in order for us to understand the seizmic significance of what has spewed forth from our chanceries over the past few days. And it is a huge deal, what is going down.

I and many others are old enough to recall a quaint document, regarded as obsolete by progressives, known as the United States Constitution.  I'll now link to the First Amendment to the Constitution.  We tend to think of this amendment solely in terms of free speech, but the amendment protects more rights in addition, namely freedom of religion and freedom of assembly.  Yesterday, at a press conference, Governor Hogan of Maryland enacted a ban of all gatherings, including religious, at all locations.  Ladies and gentlemen, to be blunt, in that speech he trampled upon the First Amendment.. That scenario was repeated several times throughout the United States.

"But it's for public safety!", you say?  Well, listen to the wise words of one of our Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin: "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safey and will lose both".  Today the excuse for discarding the Constitution is the covid-19 virus.  Well, months from now, what will be the excuse when governmental officials wax a little too Orwellian for their britches?  More importantly, how will we protect our rights, given that so many of us are now willing to excuse the ever-encroaching camel's nose under the tent?

As disappointed as I am in Governor Hogan, I am even more profoundly disgusted at the wide-spread acquiesence and even approval that this governmental overreach is garnering from American citizens.  Have we forgotten who we are as a people?  Have we no knowledge of our history, or of our founding documents?  Perhaps it's because so many of us are morally weakened by de facto atheism and sensuality (especially regarding sexual matters) that our intellects are now stunted and calcified.  Collectively we have become not people, but sheeple, being willing to be led by our noses, provided that we have sufficient creature comforts, entertainment, anything else that might facilitate perpetual childhood.  Shame on us!

More importantly, shame on the Church!  With a few notable exceptions (thank you, Archbishop Sample and Bishop Strickland), the bishops have gone right along with the suppression of our Faith and even surpassed civic leaders in perfidy.  That is precisely what Archbishop Gregory did yesterday; he surpassed Hogan via his draconian measures.  Reading his press release again, Gregory claimed to be "following public safety directives made by Governor Hogan".  However, Hogan's ban on public gatherings only applies to gatherings in excess of 250 people, not all gatherings.  Why did Gregory cancel all Masses?  We probably heard that Archbishop Lori limited Mass attendance to 250 people while dispensing the Sunday obligation.  I'll leave debate of that for another possible post.  At least in Baltimore Masses are still happening.  Moreover, during weekday Masses the attendance is nowhere close to 250.  Yet Gregory canceled every public Mass.  I must also point out that Gregory canceled Masses in Washington DC, clearly outside of Hogan's jurisdiction.  If the DC government issued a similar injunction, I find no record of that. This action of Gregory's, whatever the motive, is an abysmal disgrace.  In a crisis such as this, more Masses are needed, not less.

Thankfully a few prelates understand that they are bishops and most see to the eternal salvation of their flock.  Archbishop Sample of Portland OR reiterated the right of the faithful to receive Holy Communion on the tongue.  There is no blather of Masses curtailed in his archdiocese.   Bishop Strickland of Tyler TX has called for Eucharistic processions for repentance and to beg for healing.  The Polish Bishops' Conference stated that it's unconscionable to close churches and that more Masses are needed.

Mindful of these events and the fast-approaching St. Patrick's feast day, I post the video below.  It seems quite appropriate, given that many of us will either have to travel far and wide for Mass or even do without it.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

BREAKING! Archdiocese Of Washington Suspends Masses Until Further Notice!!!

This from the Catholic Standard.  Archbishop Gregory has SUSPENDED ALL PUBLIC MASSES "UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE", whatever the hell "further notice" means!   Ostensibly he is complying with Governor Hogan's order to cancel public gatherings. 

Remember the First Amendment?  That's not only about free speech.  It also guarantees freedom of religion and freedom of assembly.  So does the United States Constitution now get trampled in the name of so-called "public safety"?  What excuse will it be the next time some public official gets a little too Orwellian in his/her brain?  If we gave Hogan the benefit of doubt, perhaps he only meant to curtail gatherings in public arenas.

But Church buildings are not public arenas.  While open to the public, they are under private ownership - ownership of the Church.  I am not sure Hogan meant to encompass religious services, for then the directive wouldn't have come from Gregory.

But the directive is coming from Gregory?  Why?  If anything else, a sane bishop would realize that in this time of trial and possibly chastisement, we need more Masses, not less.  Speaking of "Gregory", I wrote a bit about another "Gregory" and his excellent response to a similar situation.  Yes, our local ordinary is acting a bit too ordinary.

Satan would like nothing more than to see the obliteration of Holy Mass and too many prelates, from the pope on down, are unwittingly following his lead.  At least I hope, for their sake, that they are doing so unwittingly.

Of course, we are "dispensed", but I will be driving out of area to another Mass, praying that surrounding bishops have more sense.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Satan And His Prelate Henchmen Curtail Holy Mass

Padre Pio once said "it is easier for the earth to exist without the sun than without the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass".  By now we have heard that Italy's government has banned public Masses.  Far from protesting this draconian measure, the Vatican has smiled upon it.  St Peter's Square is blocked off to the public.  An elderly Italian priest celebrated Mass for eight people anyway; he now faces conviction.

Here in the US we are seeing some changes.  Holy water fonts are disappearing.  More distressingly, bishops and priests are refusing to administer Holy Communion on the tongue.  Leaving aside the fact that distribution in the hand is far more unsanitary, it is a serious violation of canon law to deny Holy Communion on the tongue.  On a happier note, the hand-holding and hand-shaking has been eliminated, proving that many clouds have silver linings, but I digress.

The cessation of Mass in Italy and elsewhere in the world is nothing short of demonic, especially in light of what Padre Pio said.  In this sin-sick world, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is needed more than ever.  The Polish Bishops' Conference recognizes this and they have correctly called for an increase in Masses.  We also recall that Pope St Gregory the Great held a penitential procession in Rome during a deadly plague that killed many people , including his predeccessor.  Gregory saw the plague as a chastisement for many wanton sins, sins for which there needed to be public penance. Clearly the same can be said for our age, particularly when so much apostacy and other evils are emanating from the Vatican itself.

In the United States, I cannot see the civil authorities being so brazen as to ban public worship - at least not under the Trump administration.  I can, however, see feckless and faithless prelates doing that deed.  In truth, even if the virus attaches to the Host, that still is no reason not to have the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  As a friend pointed out, during Mass, it is only mandatory that the priest take Holy Communion.  The faithful are NOT obliged to receive (except at least once during the Easter season: that is, Easter Duty).  We can make acts of spiritual communion in that case.  Here is one that can be used.

The question has been asked whether or not this corona virus is a chastisement.  Why wouldn't it be, given the depths of depravation to which civilization has sunk?  The Polish bishops are correct; more Masses are needed.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

God's Judgment Is Now Upon Ireland

A year ago today I wrote that snakes are back in Ireland, speaking of their legalization of baby-slaughter.  At that time I was speaking figuratively.  Last week though, for the first time in recorded history, a man was bitten by a venomous viper in Ireland.  Recall that St Patrick drove them out when he prostelycised (you know why I used that word!) Ireland in the fourth century - over 1,700 years ago.

To be honest, I am not one bit surprised and I knew this was simply a matter of time.  When the Irish expelled God from Ireland by the allowance of baby-slaughter and sodomite #mowwidge, they simultaneously invited the deadly serpents to return.  In general, when people expel God from their lives, they forfeit His protection as well.

Let me say some words of God's judgment.  We have much to ponder with this, especially with this corona virus causing such a panic.  I think it's quite possible, even probable, that God allows such things as measures to wake us up and bring more sobriety to our thinking.  Now there are those who might pretend that "God doesn't do that anymore" and/or "that might be part of the Old Testament, but not of the New Testament".  As for the first statement "God doesn't do that anymore", would any adherents please give proofs of that from Sacred Scripture and Tradition?  For the second, since when was the Old Testament expunged from Sacred Scripture?  It is the Word of God just as is the New Testament.  Speaking of the New Testament, Jesus spoke often of pending judgments upon those who did not recognize Him.

When March 17th arrives, I'd suggest that faithful Catholics dispense with all the silliness that often accompanies the day.  It is a day to ponder the life of a holy Catholic evangelist, not to celebrate Irish culture.  Let's imitate him and pray for the preservation of western civilization.

(HT - Canon 212)

Friday, March 6, 2020

Wake Up!

To the happy-clappy Catholic in the pews: it is way past time that you woke up.  Get out your Rosaries, get on your knees, speak out and take action against the rot that infests our Church in its highest levels of power today.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Catholic Men And Women, We Must Face Cultural Rot Head-On

I post below a video from TFP Student Action where they protested a drag show on the campus of Texas A&M.  Good students there felt beleagured as they were protesting that usage of their student fees money.  TFP came in to assist.  The reactions that you see from the homophile students is nothing short of demonic.  In the face of the Rosary being prayed, they wax apopleptic, much like the devils did when Jesus exorcized them from people during His earthly ministry.

Catholics, what you see TFP doing is exactly what we, to a person, must be doing in the face of wanton evil.  In particular, I put this challenge to men who are participating in Exodus 90 and/or That Man Is You.  Both these worthwhile programs are about embracing true Catholic masculinity.  Sometimes the embracing comes about by doing, by engaging in the combat expected by members of the Church Militant; that goes for Catholic women as well.

As noted yesterday, we were facing a similar situation in Baltimore this coming Saturday.  Fears of the corona virus postponed that travesty, but I expect it will be rescheduled in the not-too-distant future.  Prepare yourselves now.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Planned Feminazi Debacle In Baltimore - Cancelled, Deo Gratias

Last week I wrote of a feminist gab-fest scheduled to occur in Baltimore's Inner Harbor area this coming Saturday.  It was sponsored and organized by Notre Dame of Maryland University.  Its keynote speaker was going to be Cecile Richards, ex-president of Planned Parenthood, and it featured a sex-ed workshop for underage girls with no parents allowed.

The indefatigable gentlemen of TFP Action organized a Rosary of Reparation to occur outside the freak show and I had urged all to join them.

Comes now the happy news that the organizers canceled their event because of concerns about the corona virus.  I have it on good word, though, that before the cancellation of the event in its entirety,  Archbisop Lori ordered that Cecile Richards be disinvited from it.  A moral disaster has been averted - for now.

The language in the WOW cancellation statement indicates that the planners consider their move to be a mere postponement.  We must continue to hold the collective feet of Notre Dame's administration to the fire.  If they attempt this nonsense again, we must be ready to protest again.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Lepanto Institute Exposes Catholic Relief Services

Michael Hichborn of the Lepanto Institute has recently completed a month-long investigation of the malfeasances of the Catholic Relief Services.  The resulting report is quite long, owing to the voluminous evidence found that quite frankly, incriminates CRS and the entire USCCB for actions committed agaisnt Catholic faith and morality.  Because his findings were so extensive, Hichborn has opted to release his reports in installments.

Today he released the first one and it can be found here.  This one focuses on CRS's involvement in the distribution of condoms in Africa.  Mind you, CRS isn't merely partnering with other organizations that are doing the condom distribution.  CRS is doing the deed themselves - funded by donations from faithful Catholics.  That leads me to my next point.

Lent has just started and we have all seen the obiquitous "Operation Rice Bowl" things in our church lobbies.  A few days ago, I suggested what you could do with them.  You can do the same when CRS conducts its in-pew collection in mid-May.  The precsie weekend is May 17.  I believe the schedule for this collection is nation-wide, but check your envelopes.  Let's not only starve this beast, but let the "powers-that-be" know exactly why they won't get one penny from us.

Monday, March 2, 2020

The Baltimore CCHD Debacle Last Saturday

A few weeks ago I wrote how the CCHD of the Archdiocese of Baltimore was openly planning to provide a platform for gays to promote their mortal sins.  Mind you, this was not New Ways Ministry, not Dignity, not even St Matthew's or St Ignatius churches.  This was conducted by an office of the Archdiocese of Baltimore itself.  The Baltimore chancery owns complete responsibility for this debacle that was allowed to pollute a Catholic high school.  This is why we don't give to any diocesan collection, and certainly not to the CCHD.  When the time comes for that in-pew collection, I will call this (and other travesties) to your memory.

The gab-fest happened last week as scheduled.  However, it did not go unanswered.  Approximately fifty attendees received a dose of truth per the flyer below.

We saw quite a few cars festooned with gay-activist bumper strips.  We made sure that they received one of these.

I mention this because we all have a responsibility to speak against evil when we see it.  Gone are the days when we can simply shrug our shoulders, pretend "it's not my problem" and let these travesties occur without so much as a whimper from us.  This little leafleting project really didn't take much time at all.  If I and others can do this, so can you.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Now That You've Given Up TV For Lent...

Are you dreading boredom and "boob tube withdrawal"?  Never fear!  Now there's (drum roll, please)


Yes!  Just print off the graphic below.  When the next scandal is unveiled and the prelate in question lets off with a damage-control spiel, see how many of his canned replies and lame excuses match what's on the card!  Will there be enough to make a complete line of five quips?  We'll be surprised if the entire block isn't entirely filled in!  Please note that while it was created in response to the PA bishops tripping all over themselves, it is applicable to all scandals nationwide.

As you play this little game (probably repeatedly), please pray that these errant clergy come to repentance while they still have time on earth.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Join A Rosary Of Reparation In Baltimore On March 7

Notre Dame of Maryland University will be conducting the Women of the World Festival, a progressive gab-fest at Baltimore's Inner Harbor on Saturday, March 7. Former Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards will be a keynote speaker.  See this page for other progressive and pro-death speakers.  Please note that there is an "empowerment room" for girls aged 6-10, with no adults (parents) allowed.

As you can see from the flyer below, America Needs Fatima will be conducting a Rosary of Reparation outside the gab-fest abomination and are inviting all Catholics to join them.  I for one will be there and I'd suggest that all local Catholics set aside plans to join us (unless of course, you are already involved in similar efforts, such as witnessing in front of abortion mills).  We are in Lent, when we are asked to step up our efforts at prayer, fasting and almsgiving.  This activity will boost all three of these actions in our lives.

I now direct this challenge to men who are involved in "That Man Is You" and/or "Exodus 90".  These two programs have as goals the formation of true Catholic men worthy of the name.  It's one thing to engage in exercises within the relatively safe confines of your homes and parishese.  But men are called not only to transform themselves, but the world around them.  Here lies a golden opportunity.  Yes, you might be opposed and ridiculed, what?  This is Lent.  Die to self and take up your crosses in imitation of Our Lord.  See you on March 7.

Put MCCARRICK MONEY In Your Annual Appeal Envelopes And A Note In The CRS Rice Bowl

Many thanks to my blogging colleagues at Complicit Clergy for "minting" these most appropriate dollars bills. Now we have McCarrick Money!  Print off a bunch of these, put them in the collection envelopes, then drop them in the baskets or send them to your chanceries!

As for the Rice Bowl shakedown, Lent has started and the obiquitous rice bows are appearing in most Catholic church lobbies.  So take them home and assemble them.  Put not one red cent in them.  Instead, put in them the note at the bottom of this Lepanto article.

Instead of these shake-downs, give your money to pregnancy centers, a traditional order or another worthy charity.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Archbishop Lori Asks Homophile Priest To Retire - Call To Action On Our Part

We in Maryland recently learned that Archbishop Lori has asked for the retirement of long-time sodomy-enabling Father Joseph Muth, pastor of St. Matthew's Catholic Church.  In fact, the "ask" is more like "order".  We are delighted to no end and we thank God that some measure of spiritual health and sanity might soon return to that blighted parish.  Father Muth asked the Archbishop for an extension; the Archbishop declined that request.

I have written quite a bit about that parish and the gay-enabling filth that has poured forth from that place for many years; see here, here, here.  Regrettably a sizable portion of the parishioners seem to be of Muth's homophile mindset.  They conducted a meeting to discuss this development, and possible actions they would take.  A Defend Life reporter attended that meeting.  After she was recognized, she was ejected.  No one questions their right to remove people from their meetings.  However, one can wonder why they were so afraid to have a reporter in attendance.  What did they have to hide?

She wrote the following article, that I'll append below.  I'll have more commentary, with actions that you can take to help restore spiritual health to the Church in Baltimore.

Abp. Lori orders early retirement of LGBT activist priest

Denies Fr. Muth’s request to stay on; parishioners plan pushback

            Archbishop William Lori has told Father Joseph Muth, pastor of St. Matthew and Blessed Sacrament parishes in Baltimore, that he wants the long-time LGBT activist priest to retire in September 2020, at age 72.
            Father Muth told his parishioners that he asked the Archbishop that he be allowed to remain until he was 75, but that Lori denied his request.
            Muth, who was ordained in the Archdiocese of Baltimore in 1974 and has served in various archdiocesan churches since then, has labored indefatigably for years to promote not just acceptance but downright approval of active homosexual and other LGBT behavior by both St. Matthew Church and the Catholic Church in general.
            The priest has been an active member of New Ways Ministry, a Maryland-based national organization founded in 1977 to push for acceptance of active gay and lesbian Catholics within the Catholic Church.
            The Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith condemned the group’s positions on homosexuality in 1999.
            Father Muth’s pro-homosexual efforts have met with payoff.
            In 2015 ran with a hugely sympathetic article and videos about the LEAD (LGBT Education and Affirming Diversity) Ministry, which Muth founded at St. Matthew.
            The following year, the Baltimore Museum of Art hosted an exhibit featuring videos extolling Muth’s efforts, through LEAD, to condone homosexual behavior.

            On February 18, about fifty people attended a meeting in St. Matthew parish hall to launch a campaign opposing Archbishop Lori’s retirement dictum.
            “This is the first of three meetings we will have,” explained former priest Peter McIver, who helped conduct the meeting.  “We don’t want to have a knee-jerk reaction—we want to get ideas and strategy.”
            Father Muth, present at the meeting, quoted from the Letter of James 1, 2:  “Count it all joy, my brethren, when you meet various trials, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.”
            His listeners responded with enthusiastic applause.
            One of the meeting organizers then read aloud Father Muth’s lengthy statement, which he had given at his January 15-16 Masses.
            “The Archbishop wants me to retire” in September 2020, he told his congregants.
            Archdiocesan policy calls for a priest to notify the archbishop when he turns 70, he explained.
            Muth said he wrote to the Archbishop that he would be 70 in 2018.  He asked him for permission to stay until 2023, “when I turn 75.”
            One reason for his request, he said, was to see his pastorate “through the final stages of its strategic planning process.”
            The Archbishop, in a January 2020 letter, replied that “after careful consideration,” he thought it would be “in the best interests” to keep the original retirement date of September 2020.
            After the organizer finished reading Father Muth’s statement, the priest commented to the audience, “Messengers come and go—however, the message stays the same:  All are welcome.”

            The organizer then fielded questions for Muth from the audience, which two helpers posted on large sheets of paper.
            Many of the questions revealed the questioners’ anger and frustration at the Archbishop’s retirement mandate.
            “What is meant by ‘after careful consideration’?” asked one person.
            “Why did they pick on Father Muth?” asked another.
            “Is this the only parish that has a reputation of being as liberal and welcome to all?” a woman asked.
            Another woman asked Muth directly, “Do you have the sense that you know that [Lori’s retirement mandate] is because of your activism to the immigrants and the LGBT community?”
            “I have a sense that that is part of it,” Muth admitted.  “But there are three other parishes with an active LGBT group, and five others are considering it.”

            While the questioning was proceeding, a man in the audience, who earlier had mentioned that he was part of the LEAD Ministry, saw a Defend Life reporter sitting next to him taking notes, and asked if she was a reporter, and with whom.
            When she told him, he immediately got up and walked over to Father Muth, who was standing nearby, and whispered to him.
            A few minutes later, the woman conducting the questioning announced, “This is a safe place, where a person can give their thoughts and opinions freely.  We’re going to pause for several minutes and ask that anyone who is planning on reporting the meeting to respect that and leave.”
            She looked straight at the reporter.
            The reporter objected to the term “safe place,” saying that she was not going to use names, and no one’s “safety” was going to be violated.
            The organizer repeated that this was a planning and strategy session for the parish, and parishioners wanted to be able to speak freely.
            “But this is a newsworthy event,” the reporter objected.  “It’s of rightful interest to Catholics in other parishes in the Archdiocese!  What about freedom of the press?”
            The organizer continued to insist that she leave.
            “So I’m being ordered out,” the reporter retorted.  She put on her coat and left.
            Defend Life has reported critically for four years on the LGBT activities of Father Muth and the LEAD Ministry, and of Archbishop Lori’s tacit permission, by his silence, of those activities.
            Those reports included a photo revealing Father Muth marching in the 2016 Gay Pride Parade in Baltimore in 2016.

            Defend Life also published a photo of LEAD Ministry members marching in Baltimore’s  2018 Pride Parade with signs identifying them as from St. Matthew Catholic Church, despite Lori’s asking Muth that no such signs be carried.


So the presence of the reporter was going to prevent the parishioners from speaking freely?  Why? Are they really such delicate little snowflakes?  Probably so, for the facilition of moral depravity often leads to cowardice and shame.

We can bet that one of their strategies will be to blast the Archbishop's office to get him to stand down.  What we MUST do is to contact his office too.  We must thank him for this step that he is taking and urge him to stand firm and not waver in the face of pressure - be it from these errant parishioners or perhaps even his homophile brother bishops.

I'd also suggest contacting Father Muth or at least the parish office.  Urge him to obey the archbishop's request without further ado.  Urge him to use his retirement time to repent and do reparation, for owing to his gay activism, he has placed his soul in grave danger of damnation with that danger being multiplied for the sacrilege against his own Holy Orders.

Here is contact information for Archbishop Lori.   Contact information for Fr Muth is here.  You might also want to go to their social media sites and leave them messages.

Friday, February 21, 2020

CCHD = Catholics Colluding with Homosexual Deviants

What else would you call this?  I'm talking about the (drum roll, please!) "41st Annual Social Minstry Convocation".  It will happen Saturday, Feb 29, at Mercy High School in Baltimore MD. 

Take a visual stroll through this flyer.  It's chock-full of the usual "social justice" dribble: environmentalism, poverty, immigration, etc, with one striking addition.  Item 9 touts a workshop entitled "Why Our Parishes Need LGTBQ+ Ministries" - for safe places and all that!  You notice there's no talk of assisting these people out of their sinful lifestyles.  Given what we've seen of St. Ignatius and their group, we could safely surmise that these "ministries" aren't much more than dating services for deviants.  In other words, these "ministries" are about the sordid business of cooperating with mortal sin.  Is that what they mean by "social ministry"?

Now go to the very last page, the registration section.  To whom does one make their check to attend this gab-fest?  Why, to CCHD/Archdiocese of Baltimore!  So the Archdiocese of Baltimore is actually putting on this claptrap?  Well, let's look at their own webpage versus the flyer, which was found on St Matthew's site.  Shrewdly they did not post that flyer on their own site, but they do tout this "convocation".   Now look at the subpage for the awards presented.  You see that the same awards mentioned are similar to those in the flyer.  Despite their attempts to be discreet about their pro-gay shilling, Baltimore's CCHD has been caught with its hand in the cookie jar, so to speak.

So can one imagine CCHD facilitating sinful conduct?  Would they do it for any other destructive lifestyle choices, like usage of "recreational" drugs?  Well, yes.  Nationwide, they have given grants to marijuana farms and funded needle-exchange programs

As if we needed it, here is yet another reason to boycott the next CCHD collection.  For Baltimore, that will happen in November.  If you need additional reasons to boycott the collection, I'm sure some will sprout up between now and November.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

DC Diocese Shake-Down Preempts ALL Homilies This Past Weekend

On Sunday I asked whether or not the ADW parishes were ordered to scuttle the homily for that day's Mass to make way for the Annual Appeal sales pitch.  I asked several DC area friends what happened in their churches.  So far I received six replies from different parishes.  They all report that the sales pitch replaced the homily in its entirety. 

I was prepared to give the chancery the benefit of any doubt, to surmise that perhaps they merely gave permission to scuttle the homily.  However, according to one report, the priest announced that the homily would be replaced, and did so with noticeable displeasure.  The evidence points to an order from the chancery dictating that the homily be completely scuttled in favor of the sales pitch.

Sunday's post linked to the GIRM's stipulations regarding a homily at Sunday Mass.  Clearly the rubrics were shredded this past Sunday, apparently by the direction of the chancery and the Archbishop.

Consider the irony of this archdiocesan blunder, if you will.  Recall how they went into "damage control mode".  Whoever wrote that flyer pretended that our only concern regards the McCarrick abuse scandals.  Horrific as that is, that is not our only concern.  We want to see the DC chancery actually proclaim the faith, to recall that its primary mission is to save souls, not to be "social justice warriors".  We demand that dignity and reverence and adherene to sacramental norms be implemented and enforced.  Clearly that did not happen this past weekend, when the homily was completely jettisoned for a glib sales pitch.  Either some people in the chancery are completely tone deaf, or (more likely) they really don't give a flying fig about our concerns, let alone fidelity to the Church's real mission.

While such a state of affairs lasts, we will have no choice but to pass up this collection.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Sunday Homily Bumped To Accomodate Money Shake-Down

This morning I didn't feel well enough to make my regular early Mass, so I went to a later Mass - the 10:45 at Mother Seton in Germantown, to be precise.  At the start of the homily, Father announced that we'd be hearing a pre-recorded message from the Archbishop.  Truth be told, I was expecting this, since this Annual Appeal thing is kicking into gear.  It was of the same syrupy genre of sales pitches that Wuerl and McCarrick have shoved down our throats for years now.  Then the priest passed out the envelopes and had people complete them right then and there.

After the ushers collected them, we could now hear the real homily, correct?  I'm talking of the actual exposition and teachings based upon the Scripture readings just heard, or some other pertinent topic from Church teaching.  Well, we heard....


After a lame one-liner about how the appeal tied into the Scriptures, Father dove right into the Creed.  Section 65 of the General Instruction of the Roman Missal states that "the homily is part of the Liturgy and is strongly recommended, for it is necessary for the nurturing of the Christian life. It should be an exposition of some aspect of the readings from Sacred Scripture or of another text from the Ordinary or from the Proper of the Mass.."  Furthermore, Section 66 tells us that "There is to be a homily on Sundays and holy days of obligation at all Masses that are celebrated with the participation of a congregation; it may not be omitted without a serious reason." (emphasis mine)  Thus the complete omission of today's homily at Mother Seton to accomodate this simpering sales pitch constitutes liturgical abuse.

Fellow DC Catholics, I'm quite certain that you too had to suffer through that recorded drivvel today.  But were your homilies also completely omitted as was the case at Seton today?  Please advise via the comment box, giving location and Mass time.  If enough homilies were likewise omitted, I must suspect that this omission - in other words, liturgical abuse - might have been ordered from "on high".  I look forward to your feedback.  Thanks.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Annual Appeal Damage Control

Catholics of the Archdiocese of Washington just saw, or will see, the flyer to the right at this weekend's Masses.  It is a list of "frequently asked questions" and some very lame attempts at responses.  Look at the questions.  They are all citing valid reasons why Catholics with common sense and a sensus fideli should boycott the collection.  The responses are farcical attempts to stymie the thinking of these Catholics and cajole them to giving anyway.

Case in point!  Take a look at the second question.  I quote, "I feel like the only way my voice can be heard is if I withhold support."  By including this in its list of "frequently asked questions", the DC chancery is admitting that it has lost the trust of faithful Catholics.

To the Catholics who are withholding financial support, you are correct in surmising that your voice is now being heard.  By publishing this dribble, the chancery concedes the effectiveness of your boycott.  However, they don't want to change their ways one iota.  For example, my blogging colleague at An Archdiocese Of Washington Catholic points out that we still haven't heard one peep about the Msgr Rossi investigation.  There also exists that disgusting video of Archbishop Gregory at the Theology on Tap doing obeisance to gays and transgenders.  The swamp at the DC chancery continues to be deep and fetid.

Let's ponder the first question and its answer.  Basically the answer is "we know better than you how your charity dollars should be used."  You can be sure that some of these "critical services and ministries" include progressive causes such as "resettling" illegal aliens, etc.  Frankly I suspect these appeal funds are managed just as "well" as are the Peter's Pence funds in the Vatican.

Ladies and gentlemen, please keep starving this beast.  That yellow piece of paper might well be signifying some needed pain and even death throes.  Until the DC chancery realizes that the Catholic Church's FIRST business is the saving of souls, not one penny should go to them.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

USCCB Political Videos Downplaying Abortion To Promote Seamless Garment And Undermine Trump

I post their series of videos below.  While the videos mention innocent unborn as needing protection, they don't say from what they need protection.  That is, of course, abortion, and the progressive politicians shilling for abortion.  Why?  Two reasons.
  1. Many of these politicians have been funnelling money towards the USCCB coffers.
  2. They know that many faithful Catholics will vote for Trump on account of his recent actions to stem abortion.  The USCCB is set on undermining him.  If they can downplay abortion in the minds of Catholics, they'll lessen the impetus to vote for Trump.
Along the lines of that second point, notice how the unborn is just one of a whole laundry list of issues, most of lesser importance and tending to justify a socialist government, ultimately leading to a one-world government.  LifeSiteNews and Church Militant have commentary, too.

As an aside, notice at the 5-minute mark the shameless plug for the many-times-disgraced Catholic Relief Services.  This video series, and the larger effort of the USCCB's is just another reason why we should cease all contributions.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

DC Prelates Kvell Over Reduced Donations - Grab Your Hankies

From the Washington Post we read how the DC chancery is bemoaning the drop in donations received by the Archdiocese.  Well, boo-hoo!  Cry me a river!  Just what the blankety-blank did they expect?

The Post is correct in citing the McCarrick-Wuerl-Bransfield debacles as causes for the drying up of local donations.  What they fail to mention is the utter lack of credibility that the Archdiocese of Washington still has.  When the current prelates waxes eloquent about Fortunate Families, when faithful Catholic reporters are stonewalled when questioning the Rossi mess, we Catholics in the pews understand that the swamp in the DC chancery is still fetid and deep.

So they can whine all they want.  Until these prelates understand that they are called to be priests before progressive "social-justice warriors", I hope and pray that the money flow continues to decrease.  That mens don't toss one penny towards the Archdicesan Appea.  Regrettably money - or lack thereof - is the only language they understand.  In the meantime, to obey the Church's sixth precept, we should direct our donation dollars to a traditional religious order, a pro-life charity, etc.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Connecticut Bishops Undermining Real Pro-Life Actiity

Crisis pregnancy centers in Connecticutt are dealing with some strong-arm tactics by:
  1. the local Planned Parenthood
  2. the local NARAL
  3. pro-abortion politicians
  4. none of the above.
If you selected "none of the above", you are correct!  The culprit is the Connecticut Conference of Catholic Bishops!  If you find that surprising, well, I wish I did.  Given my experiences of being a sidewalk counselor in the DC are for several decades now, I have seen similar things from the Archdiocese of Washington throughout the years and chronicled them here.

Once upon a time I thought that the tepid support (if any) that we received from the bishops was the result of cowardice.  However, in learning just how much money the USCCB gets from the Democrats via dubious grants, etc, and in seeing how the chancery punishes faithful priests, I now believe that they have been working to hobble the pro-life efforts of faithful Catholics.  If the Dems don't get their donations from abortionists, well, then they won't be inclined to direct donation dollars into diocesan coffers now, will they?

Local Connecticut Catholics would do well to boycott any collection efforts by the CCC.  They can now rest assured that any pretenses they might hear of the collections "supporting pro-life efforts" is, well, inaccurate if not downright deceitful.  Instead, send donations directly to these embattled crisis prenancy centers and other worthy charities.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Might The Vatican Attempt Interference In The 2020 Presidential Elections?

I post below commentary by Michael Matt on how President Trump is putting a serious crimp in the plans of progressives who want to thrust upon us a "new world order".  One of the leaders, or perhaps puppets in this nefarious effort is Pope Francis.  Below that I will have commentary.

If you find it difficult to believe that the Vatican will try to derail Trump's reelection efforts in November, then why, oh why, San Diego Bishop McElroy try to pretend that the US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord is a greater evil than is the distribution and usage of contraceptives (many of them abortifacients)?

Stay tuned for news of more Vatican monkeyshines

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Catholic Standard Watch - Progressive Catholics Diss Trump's Appearance At March For Life

Here is the article in question.  Please note that it is a Catholic News Service piece; thus it is most likely published at the unction of the USCCB.  First, we see quoted one John Gehring, Catholic program director of Faith in Public Life.  One would never know from this puff piece that FPL is funded by George Soros.  John Gehring is not fit to be quoted in any Catholic publication.  His complaints about the President are no doubt guided by his own progressive leanings (not to mention Soros and the USCCB).

Next to whine is Father Dauses, pastor of St Andrew by the Bay in Annapolis.  He is quoted as saying he was "really, really conflicted attending" the March.  Were the babies a high priority for him?  That is a fair question, in light of the "social justice" page from his parish's website.  This group, in working with other nearby "faith communities", identified "6 priorities".  Notice what is not a priority.

These two progressives are simply using the president's presence as a feeble excuse for their own disregard of unborn children.  At least the article quoted Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life, who made plain that the murder of thousands of babies daily trumps all other issues in scope and importance.  As long as our clergy remain on the dole from progressive sugar daddies, they will be morally compromised and will likely have difficulty at their particular judgments.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Gay Priest Retreat In Maryland This Coming April

Last week LifeSiteNews published an opinion piece entitled "Time For Bishops To Be Faithful And Shut Down Renegade Priests Who Champion Homosexuality".  A picture of Baltimore's Archbishop William Lori is at the top of the piece.  The reason for that is the scheduled "retreat" for gay priests that is slated to be held at Bon Secours Retreat Center in Marriottsville MD from April 12-14.   The retreat is being led by Fr Peter Daly and most likely Father James Martin will be in attendance.  Let's examine the pieces to this impending debacle.

Bon Secours is itself a dissident den of iniquity.  If the name sounds familiar to readers of this blog, that is because Bon Secours is where Gordon Creamer, gay-married parish council chair of St Ignatius Catholic Church, carries on with his so-called "spiritual direction".  St Ignatius is a parish in the Mount Vernon area of Baltimore City.  They openly flaunt their participation in Baltimore's "gay pride" parade/orgies.  I tried to engage the pastor about the matter, but oddly enough (cough!) he wasn't particularly interested in discussing the matter!  I submit that this pastor, along with Fr Joseph Muth of St Matthew's on Loch Raven Blvd are priests whom Lori should shut down.

Let's look at the retreat leader, Father Peter Daly, as I've written quite a bit about him, too.  In this anthology of posts, you see an account of his interactions with  young men struggling with same-sex attraction.  He admits to telling them that their disordered inclinations aren't disordered and that to act on them isn't sinful.  He pointed them straight towards hell and gave a nudge.  One can bet that is exactly what will happen in Marriottsville in two months.

Now let's look at the reactions of the two Maryland archbishops.  Archbishop Lori continues to turn a blind eye on both St Matthew's and St Ignatius.  Both are dens of gay perversions; there could be more.  These are the only two of which I'm aware at this time  Archbishop Gregory has actually shown himself to be an ally of proponents of gay perversions.  This past summer he openly praised Fortunate Familes duing one of his first "Theology on Tap" presentations.

Will they listen to our demands that they clean up their churches?  One language that they seem to understand is that of money - or more accurately, lack of donation money.  The DC archdiocese is gearing up for its Annual Appeal.  It used to be called the Archbishop's or Cardinal's Appeal (depending on rank of prelate).  They at least know that they cannot invoke the prelate to raise money, as our prelates of late have been, uh, "credibility-challenged" shall we say.  On the webpage they say that 60+ charities are supported via this collection.  Guess what?  You can support good charities directly, without the Archdiocese taking a cut of them.  Moreover, you'd be able to select the recipients of your hard-earned dollars.  Do NOT give one red penny to this or any other diocesan-wide collection.  They have proven over and over again to be unworthy recipients of donations and inept stewards to boot.  I don't know when the Baltimore campaign will happen, but that too should be boycotted until Archbishop Lori disinfects St Matthew's and St Ignatius AND quashes this upcoming "retreat".

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

When One Promotes Abortion, They Become Childish And Uncivilized

Proof?  It was on national TV tonight, just at the end of President Trump's State of the Union address.  First, she failed to introduce him as protocol requires of the House Speaker.  She pouted through the entire address  Then, on national TV, she did this to her copy of his speech.

From the looks of her twitter page, she isn't getting away with it.  See for yourselves.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Super Bowl Half Time - More Sinister Than Raunchy

By now all have learned of the strip-tease vulgarity that was yesterday's Super Bowl half-time performance.  I myself didn't subject myself to it, but saw enough pictures to understand the pornographic nature of it.  I am not at all surprised that this happened, but am somewhat taken aback by two things.

First, I cannot fathom how some otherwise intelligent Catholics defended the obscene dancing, particularly the pole-dancing, as "art".  To whom were they pandering?  Or did they simply take leave of their common sense?  Those that did seem to be of the "pope Francis cannot do anything wrong because he's the pope" variety.  Maybe that had something to do with it.  Still, I cannot see how they gave the mockery of Christ's crucifixion a pass.

Second, I didn't realize just how replete with Masonic symbolism the show really was, but it makes total sense.  I have below a video to explain some of it.  Fair warning - the video does show some clips of the vile performance.