Saturday, November 28, 2020

Wilton Gregory, First African American Cardinal - His Claim To Fame

 As of today, Archbishop Wilton Gregory is now a cardinal.  As prince of the church, he will vote in the next papal enclave, if he hasn't attained the age of 80 years before then.  I realize it is an unpleasant thought, but it is what it is.

The latest issue of the Catholic Standard is devoted to this coronation, crowing about the new cardinal.  Of course they have to point out Gregory's race.  So much for putting race behind us!  In this issue appears an interview between Gregory and Mark Zimmerman, editor of the Standard.   The article indicates that the interview is about Gregory's race as much as his achievements.  When asked about the racial unrest and violence that plagued many Democrat-run cities this past summer, Gregory had this to say: Well first of all, I am sorry when those protests go violent or destructive, but I understand the frustration that energizes them.."  Please take note of two things:

  1. Gregory did not condemn the violence directly as being inherently sinful, stating that the ends do not justify criminal means (the ends themselves, being Marxist-engineered, are debatable themselves).  People were killed, including black police officers.  I suppose Gregory doesn't think their black lives matter?
  2. Actually, the second point will require its own paragraph instead of a mere bullet point. So...
Notice how he was so quick to interject that "but", as though he is trying to minimize the guilt of the perpetrators of the violence.  Just suppose he was asked about some rogue activists who blew up abortion mills or shot abortionists.  Do you suppose he would have soft-pedalled those acts of violence as he did the riots last summer?  Of course not!  He would have condemned outright those acts of violence, without any jibber-jabber about the "frustration that energized them", and he would have been correct.  He is engaging in unconscionable double-standards here.  Why didn't Zimmerman call him out, as any decent journalist should have?  I digress.

So the Standard is waxing all giddy about the "first African American Cardinal". Hmmm..  I remember when another black cardinal gave a commencement address at Georgetown many years ago.  This was Cardinal Arinze.  He, however, spoke like an actual Prince of the Church, extolling the Church's teachings on life, marriage, sexuality, family life.  For his fidelity to the Magisterium, he was treated shamefully by Georgetown faculty, many of them walking out on his address.  So, in Washington DC, a prelate must tow the progressive talking points in order to be accepted by the powers that be.  Gregory excels at parroting the progressive spin, so they adore him.

The swamp known as the DC chancery remains as fetid as it always has.  Keep withholding your contribution dollars from the chancery, but keep praying for their repentance.

Friday, November 27, 2020

A California Pastor Thinking Outside Of The Box

 In his exercise of dictatorial hubris, Governor Nuisance of CA determined in his pea-brained wisdom that churches do not provide "essential service", but strip clubs do.  Understanding that the legal definition of a strip club is when the one on stage removes at least one clothing article, an innovative pastor temporarily designated his church as a "strip club".  Read the account here and watch its video.

After fulfilling the legalities, the pastor goes on to deliver his homily.  Call it what you will, it's a clever way to get around Nuisance's rules and poke some fun at him as well.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Hogan Does Hitler Quite Well - For The Great Reset

What do I mean?  I mean these acts of tyranny that allegedly took effect at 5pm one Wednesday November 25th.  Read the article for yourself.  They include:

  • Mandatory masking in all outside public areas
  • No more than 10 people at any gathering - even in private homes
  • Checkpoints by MD State Police to make sure we are behaving like good little sheep
  • A "snitch line" - so that "violators" can be reported to Dear Leader and his storm troopers
We are more and more resembling Red China.  In the name of "public health" the government is morphing into a monster that is infinitely worse than any virus.  We have seen many signs that his supposed power has gone to his head.   Listen to this cow plop of his, saying we have no constitutional right not to wear a mask.  The author of that article has it correctly.  He has no constitutional authority to dictate what we wear on our bodies.

So now it becomes an act of civil disobedience just to walk around in public like a normal, free citizen of the United States.  Yet that is what we must do, as opposed to accepting his boot on our neck like mindless and gutless sheeple.  "He's saving lives", some might say?  What about the elderly who have literally died from loneliness, cut off from their families?  How about the despair and even suicides from the economic ruin that these tyrants have foisted on us (for our own good, of course!)?  

Maryland isn't the only state plagued by a tin-horn fuhrer full of hubris.  Think New York, California, Illinois, Oregon, Virginia.  These fools need to have their political careers terminated.  That is yet another reason why all the voting fraud needs to be uprooted.  We need to pray of course.  We also need to disobey laws inherently tyrannical.  

Many of these other states are doubling down at this time, too.  Such a coincidence!  Or maybe not!  Do the powers-that-be sense that Biden may not be strolling to the White House in January?  Are they therefore trying to hasten the Great Reset?  

I believe they are.  Below I post a video from Taylor Marshall.  He is reading the open letter from Archbishop Vigano to President Trump, warning explicitly of the Great Reset.  As you listen, bear in mind that this video was recorded before the November election.  Take note when he mentions that the reset will be initiated by mass vaccinations and that a second shut-down, such as the one in which Hogan and others have placed us, is integral to that initiation.

I understand that in response to Hogan's latest tyranny, MD Rep Dan Cox will be filing articles of impeachment against Hogan in Annapolis next week.  We need to stand behind him.  We need to flood the phone lines of Hogan with our protest.  Anyone working that snitch line should be rebuked; be civil but firm.  Record yourselves when you do, for your own protection.

Toward the end of the video, and Vigano's letter, the archbishop makes mention of good people "ready to take to the streets".  Are you, dear readers, among that number?  You must be, for the sake of your families, church, nation and perhaps your eternal salvation.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Archbishop Gregory Kissing Up To Biden

 Well, that didn't take long, did it?  There isn't yet certainty as to the outcome to the election, but Archbishop Gregory has already started bowing and scraping before Bumblin Biden.  Reuters reports that Gregory wants to seek "common ground" with Biden.  That shouldn't be too hard to find for they actually have quite a bit.  Gregory claims that they differ on abortion (by how much is anyone's guess) but judging from Gregory's already cozy associations with LGTB elements, he and Biden may well see eye to eye on those issues.  

Note in that video how Gregory aspires to be a "bridge-builder".  Now doesn't that term sound familiar?  The archbishop is in Rome at present, awaiting the bestowal of the cardinal's red hat that will be bestowed on him this coming Saturday.  While there, he openly stated that he plans to give Biden Holy Communion.  That is, he plans to violate Canon 915 and to formally and materially cooperate with Biden's mortal sin of receiving Holy Communion sacrilegiously.  That cooperation, of course, is its own mortal sin.

I know the Archdiocese of Washington keeps its beady little eyes on this blog, who would the designated silent troll please pass the message in the following video to your bosses?  Pray that it will do some good.  Thank you.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Rally At Supreme Court

This is the third and final series of clips that I took while at the Million MAGA March in DC on November 14.  I would estimate that at least several hundred thousand people were there, possibly over a million.  That is quite impressive, given the relatively brief notice that many of us had of such an event.  Naturally the sham of mass media states that "tens of thousands" were there.  They will do all they can to downplay the American people.  More and more are waking up to their lies and twisting of facts. 

Again, prayers are desperately needed, particularly the Rosary.  I realize that thoughts might be turning to the Thanksgiving holiday, with family and friends to meet, but do not allow that to be a distraction.  Rather, make this holiday an occasion to turn to God and beg His graces upon our nation.  After all, it is God to whom we direct our thanks.

Friday, November 20, 2020

The USCCB And The Great Reset

 The US Catholic bishops, as a whole, never fail - to disappoint, that is.  The USCCB is holding its semi-annual meeting virtually.  We can be grateful that they aren't squandering thousands of Catholic dollars to flit off to swanky hotels, wine and dine to their content, and confab about all their latest progressive schemes.  Well, they are doing the latter virtually.

Earlier this week one of them put out the following tweet regarding this virtual gabfest.  Now what strikes you about this tweet?  One of my facebook friends remarked that the bishops aren't serious men.  I replied that they may not be men, period.  He agreed that I might have a point.  Upon further reflection, I think the cause for this tweet is a bit more ominous.  What they don't take seriously is the Sacrament of Holy Orders, with its attendant gifts and responsibilities to fulfill the charges laid upon them by Christ Himself.  I cannot say they don't take their vocations seriously because there is reason to doubt that many of them had authentic vocations at all.  Recall that Bella Dodd, stated that the Communist party deliberately set out to insinuate unsuitable guys (I won't call them men) into the priesthood and ultimately the episcopate with the stated goal of undermining Holy Mother Church.  No wonder they have no problem uttering such flippant statements.  The tweet has since been taken down after they received much understandable backlash.

A few days prior to that, Archbishop Gomez, president of the USCCB, congratulated Biden on his alleged "win".  Of course he's ignoring the obvious voter fraud and the subsequent legal challenges that Trump and his legal team are filing, acting falsely as though the media has constitutional authority to declare the winner of an election.

The case of Bishop Richard Stika of the Diocese of Knoxville, TN is rather curious.  Earlier, he had been chastising Biden for his support of baby-slaughter.  Now, however, he has changed his tune.  One could believe that a few of his "brother" bishops twisted his arm and told him to get with the program.  Well, he did.  He is calling on President Trump to concede defeat.  He even went so far as to cite the presidential election of 60 years ago, when Nixon conceded to Kennedy although it was clear that someone cheated on Kennedy's behalf and perhaps at Kennedy's request.  Apparently Stika claims that it's "love of country" to allow millions of Trump supporters to be disenfranchised of their right to vote.  The logic he espoused is so convoluted that it's clear that he's trying to justify his own cowardice in the face of those who are either blackmailing or bribing him to change his tone.

So it sure looks like the USCCB is clearly shilling for a Biden victory.  They are clearly on board the progressive global reset train.  I'm going to post below a podcast that Michael Hichborn of Lepanto Institute just did a few hours ago.  Please listen and pass this along.  This whole attempt to steal the election from Donald Trump - and the USCCB is on board with that - is greatly desired by the progressives, both in secular society and in the Vatican in order to move along their one-world-government reset.  Keep on praying your Rosaries.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Today's Press Conference

Today at noon we heard a press conference given by President Trump's legal team that is tasked with uncovering the election fraud.  Rudy Giuliani led the conference, assisted by Sydney Powell and Jenna Ellis.  As much as they are delivering facts to the media personnel in attendance, they are also excoriating those same media for their blatant censorship and downright shilling for the Democrats.

As expected, much of the lamebrain media later dismissed the press conference.  We see on the yahoo page some writers suggesting that people "don't bother" to watch the conference and making snide comments about Giuliani sweating on the stage.  The irony is that they are actually proving the points that Giuliani, Powell, and Ennis made regarding the silly and duplicitous attitudes of most of the lame-brain-main-stream media. 

On the other hand, independent media (such as Yours Truly) urge you to watch the entire thing.  I also urge you to keep up your prayers and intercessions so that the truth will be brought to light.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Walking Up Pennsylvania Avenue

This is the second of three videos produced from my recordings of the Million MAGA March in Washington DC this past weekend.  Again, these videos are taken from the perspective of being in the midst of thousands of people.  I've no idea of what the Washington Post reported as the crowd size, but we were well into the hundreds of thousands, if we didn't break one million.  You can see the crowds for yourselves and I tried to narrate that in the video itself.

I again want to contrast this protest with the Soros-funded protests of late. There was no trash in the street, no buildings spray-painted or windows smashed, the police weren't mobbed or pelted with all sorts of flying objects, their cruisers weren't torched.  In short, we behaved as we truly are: adults who are simply tired of being disregarded and wronged by progressives in power.

Now the video..

Monday, November 16, 2020

Rally At Freedom Plaza

As mentioned yesterday, I took video of the Million MAGA March in Washington DC this past Saturday. By now, many readers have seen other videos and aerial shots.  I am presenting it with no special effects so that you can get a feel for what it was like "at ground level" as it were.

Because I took lots of footage, I thought it best to divide it into three parts: Rally At Freedom Plaza, Walk Towards The Supreme Court, and Rally At Supreme Court.  These smaller chunks were much easier to process and upload than one huge file.  Below is the first installment of the three clips.  

I think from these you'll get an idea just how many decent people there are who are fed up with how the progressives are stampeding all over the ideals of the United States.  My prayer through all this is that these same people, and more, will understand what is meant by 2 Chronicles 7:14.  You will notice some in these videos who are urging national repentance, particularly for the mortal sins of abortion and homosexual perversions.  A few days ago I linked to a novena that Lepanto Institute is using.  At the very least, we must pray our Rosaries per the repeated requests of Our Lady of Fatima.

Now the video..

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Million MAGA Rally In DC Yesterday

If you saw aerial shots showing huge crowds to the tune of 1-2 million attendees, I can vouch for that on the basis of my eye-witness.  Two pro-Trump outfits held rallies on Freedom Plaza, within walking distance of the White House.  The participants walked up PA Avenue to the area between the Capitol and the Supreme Court.  When I started my walk, thousands were already walking and when we got there, thousands more were already situated on the grounds.  It was so packed that I could not get near the speakers on the Supreme Court steps. 

An hour or so later, people were still streaming up PA Avenue, and were still walking up by the time I left, which was shortly before 3pm.  If you heard news of a scuffle between Trump supporters and Antifa, yes, I was there for that.  The crowd size prevented me from witnessing the confrontation, but there are videos of it out there.  I also understand that Antifa beat up Trump supporters in the evening, some of them elderly.

I did take video and am currently processing it all.  I hope to have it up shortly.  This will be a ground-level, unedited one, to give you a feel for what it was actually like to be in the midst of it.  Meanwhile, here's one from LifeSiteNews.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

A Breath Of Fresh Air From Fort Worth, TX

This past Tuesday, Father Jim Gigliotti, pastor of St Andrew's in Fort Worth TX, preached on St Leo the Great and then reprimanded some of his school staff for celebrating Biden on the parish's facebook wall.  The video appears below.  Consider going to the parish facebook page and offer your prayers and thanks to Father.  Bishop Michael Olson is his bishop, and his picture is a rather mixed one.  Father said he's willing to let the chips fall where they will, but let's support him in both prayer and action.

White House Press Conference On Election

 Watch this and observe how the GOP people are treated by the reporters.  The mainstream media has cemented in stone their status as water-boys for the progressive Democrats.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The Legal Actions Bear Some Fruit

Today it was announced that North Carolina has been declared for Trump.  That is 15 Electoral College votes.  In Michigan, approximately 10,000 mail-in ballots were attributable to dead people, some of them born over 100 years ago.  Project Veritas interviewed the USPS whistleblower in PA who uncovered a ballot backdating scheme; the whistleblower was being intimidated by Federal agents into watering down his story, but held firm.  Meanwhile, Lindsay Graham was made aware of a ballot-harvesting scheme affecting 25,000 residents in PA nursing homes.  If that wasn't enough, Rudy Giuliani has reasons to believe that 900,000 illegal ballots may have been cast in PA.  The corrections of these anomalies would be enough to flip PA to Trump.

We can expect more evidence of wrong-doing to pop out like kudzu.  I'll post as I learn them.  Meanwhile, no matter what, please keep up with the daily Rosaries and encourage your families and friends to do the same.

The below video will add just a tad of humor to a rather disgusting practice of the Democrats.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Implore The Assistance Of Our Lady Of Victory

I listened to a broadcast by Michael Hichborn of Lepanto Institute this past Friday.  He was talking a bit on this election situation and recommended prayers to Our Lady of Victory, presented on his site.  Please follow that link.  You may wish to incorporate these into your own intercessions that the election frauds be uncovered and rectified, and that the true winner of the election be made know.

Election Dirt Being Uncovered, AP And USCCB Try To Help With Obfuscation

 A statement from President Trump today:

“We all know why Joe Biden is rushing to falsely pose as the winner, and why his media allies are trying so hard to help him: they don’t want the truth to be exposed. The simple fact is this election is far from over. Joe Biden has not been certified as the winner of any states, let alone any of the highly contested states headed for mandatory recounts, or states where our campaign has valid and legitimate legal challenges that could determine the ultimate victor. In Pennsylvania, for example, our legal observers were not permitted meaningful access to watch the counting process. Legal votes decide who is president, not the news media.
“Beginning Monday, our campaign will start prosecuting our case in court to ensure election laws are fully upheld and the rightful winner is seated. The American People are entitled to an honest election: that means counting all legal ballots, and not counting any illegal ballots. This is the only way to ensure the public has full confidence in our election. It remains shocking that the Biden campaign refuses to agree with this basic principle and wants ballots counted even if they are fraudulent, manufactured, or cast by ineligible or deceased voters. Only a party engaged in wrongdoing would unlawfully keep observers out of the count room – and then fight in court to block their access.
“So what is Biden hiding? I will not rest until the American People have the honest vote count they deserve and that Democracy demands.”

Well, troubles abound in Michigan, one of the states that "mysteriously" switched from Trump to Biden.  First, we have the account of a ballot-count watcher, who witnessed two vehicles pull up and unload approximately 130,000 ballots.  They were all for Biden.  Every one of them was legitimately for Biden, and none for Trump?  No, that is a statistical impossiblility.  Go to that link and watch the video that the ballot-watcher took with her phone.

They also had, uh, "technical difficulties" with their voting machines.  The machines were run with software from Dominion Voting Systems.  It was discovered in Antrim County, and the votes had to be manually re-counted.  Thus, a county called for Biden, after a proper recount, went to Trump. 

From Breitbart News:

We can expect to see similar scenarios throughout the country, particularly in swing states.

 And just how, oh how, did Dominion Software come to be such a dominant feature in the tallying of US votes?  Why, from connections in high places, of course - and that includes connections to Nancy Pelosi herself.  But that's just a coincidence, right?  My, such a small world!  By the way - Detroit election officials were caught red-handed blocking the ballot-counting from legal observers; someone is obviously displeased he was caught on camera!

With all this coming to light, the progressives are rushing to declare Biden the victor, so any more irregularities discovered by Trump's team will look like he's tampering with the election (when he's merely exposing Democrat chicanery).  The AP today "called" the election for Biden, as did Fox News.  Many, including some easily duped conservatives, glommed onto these baseless pronouncements as though they were gospel-truth.  News flash!  The media does not have legal authority to make any official declarations regarding an election's outcome!  That should be obvious to someone with a basic knowledge of civics, but perhaps this is why public schools stopped teaching civics several decades ago.

Joining in this effort to do an "end-run" around the exposure of Democratic corruption is none other than the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  They have imperiously declared that Biden has enough votes and that he is the legitimate president-elect.  Nothing could be further from the truth - well, I take that back.  The USCCB, in that same declaration, claim that Biden is a "practicing Catholic".  Since when is an unabashed cheerleader for baby-slaughter and sexual perversions a "practicing Catholic"?  Is it because that is how many of them "practice Catholicism"?  They posted this pronouncement on their facebook page and received many well-deserved rebukes and denunciations.  Remember that when they try their annual shakedown for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

In the meantime, pray your rosaries.  Storm heaven that God have mercy on this country and that the large-scale deceptions be exposed and the real winner soon declared.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Soon-To-Be Cardinal Gregory: Focus On "Full Panoply Of The Church's Social Teachings"

This interview that Gregory gave demonstrates that he intends to follow in the steps of Cupich, Farrell, Joseph Tobin and other progressives as they promote the now-debunked "seamless-garment" crap of the late Cardinal Bernardin.  Gregory is quite unabashed and blatant here.  

  • He wants to "broaden the concept of pro-life" so that "other pressing issues might be on a par with the ongoing slaughter of 3500+ babies daily in this country.
  • He commented on the language of the USCCB's voting guide that called abortion "our preeminent priority".  He said that language "could benefit from rephrasing".
  • He wants to include the "history of black Catholics in the US" as part of Catholic school curriculum.  I wonder when he plans to include modules on "history of Irish Catholics" or "Italian Catholics"?  But I digress
  • He commented on recent firings of openly "gay-married" employees of Catholic institutions by saying "it's not a one-size-fits-all situation".  So when is the retention of a flagrantly disobedient Catholic not a scandal?
  • He said that LGBT individuals should be treated with respect.  That is true enough as they are made in the image and likeness of God.  But one could wonder what Gregory meant by "respect" given his overly-cozy relationship with Fortunate Families.
Of course he bad-mouthed Father James Altman for having the chutzpah of acting and speaking as an actual priest of Jesus Christ and proclaiming the truth.  He called Altman's remarks "egregious and unhelpful" and that Catholics should base voting on "the full panoply of the church's social teaching".  I remind his excellency that the true social teaching of the Church is to be found in Father Altman's words, not his progressive interpretation of it.  Now Gregory had to know whom he was defending in that remark.  He is responsible for leading souls astray and into formal cooperation with Biden's own support of baby-slaughter.

One can only suspect for whom he voted this past Tuesday.  Let us keep praying that the various voting frauds come to light and that Trump claims his rightful victory.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Storm Heaven - It Ain't Over Till It's Over

At the time of this writing, the progressives are being quite blatant about their efforts to steal this election from Donald Trump.  While Biden is leading in electoral votes thus far, the basis of his lead is somewhat dubious.   This morning it was reported that Michigan had yet to count 138.000 votes; as they were "counting" it was discovered that every one of them was for Biden.  That is a statistical impossibility.  A Michigan Court of Appeals ruling now blocks a 14-day extension to accept absentee ballots, further lessening the opportunities for Democrat cheating.

Some media outlets were prepared to call Arizona for Biden.  However, a "data error" reveals that only 86% of the ballots, not 98%, were counted.  The missing votes come from Trump-friendly areas.  Enough anomalies were detected in Wisconsin that he's demanding a recount.

It appears that Trump will fight all this progressive cheating tooth and nail - as well he should.  If this were Romney or McCain, they'd be falling all over themselves spouting concession  speeches right and left.  A friend pointed out that one good effect of all this is that the Democrat cheating apparatus might be further exposed as it is challenged and investigated.

Meanwhile, we must storm heaven for God's mercy on us, to allow us more time to help wake our wayward fellow citizens - and Catholics so that they wise up and repent and live like Catholics.  In many ways, we as a nation would deserve the curse of a Biden presidency.  On the other hand, when I go to the traditional Latin Mass at St Alphonsus in Baltimore, with all the young families worshipping Jesus in an actual Catholic Mass, I can hear quite a few babies, cooing and just being themselves.  What did they do to deserve the Democrats and the havoc that they'll wreak on their futures?  Our innocent children deserve better than that.  We cannot leave them that legacy without an all-out effort at prayer and intercession for Trump's reelection.  

Father Ripperger suggested that the following prayer be prayed, in addition to our daily Rosaries.

And now, some words from Archbishop Vigano via Taylor Marshall.

Monday, November 2, 2020

How The Seamless Garment Nonsense Poisons The Mind And Soul

This is the eve of the presidential election.  It's worth a reminder that faithful Catholics simply cannot vote for Joe Biden, for to do so is to formally and materially cooperate with the mortal sin of abortion that he openly supports.  Many good people, including faithful priests, are stating that we, as faithful Catholics, simply cannot vote for any Democrat because they all embrace their God-hating, anti-life platform.  I for one heartily concur.

However, too many Catholics have swallowed the seamless-garment codswallop and are letting lesser issues blind them to the heinous evils of abortion, euthanasia, homosexual perversions, etc.  The Lepanto Institute has uncovered evidence that the CCHD is funding organizations that are supporting Biden and all the other anti-God bile.  This information is crucial, not only for the election, but for two other reasons:

  1. Most dioceses in the US will be conducting their in-pew collections for the CCHD this month.  They must be completely boycotted.  I'll have more pointers on that in a future post.
  2. There are some former pro-life leaders who have become embroiled in leftwing "social justice warrior" distractions.  These distractions have so robbed them of mental and spiritual clarity that they are publicly supporting pro-abortion Joe Biden.  
Click on that second link and go down about 1/3 of the page, where Hichborn discusses what Dolores Huerta says.  She points out the cross-sectionality between the immigrant rights movement, the workers' movement, the LGBT movement and the pro-abortion movement.  As the saying goes, the broken clock is correct at least twice a day.  All those progressive causes intersect, and the pro-life person who dilly-dallies in one will find him/herself seduced by all the others.  Two years ago I wrote of Rob Schenck, a former leader who did an about-face and now supports Roe v Wade.  Regrettably he is voting for Joe Biden.  Now I am saddened to learn that Father Paul Schenck (Rob's identical twin), a Catholic priest, has also announced his support for Biden.  His statement appears on his brother's blog.  Note his reasons all stem from seamless-garment nonsense.  So much error, so little time.  This article does a nice job of picking apart Father Schenck's flawed thinking

If by any chance some are reading this on Nov 3rd and haven't voted yet, please make sure to cast your vote for Trump.  

I also urge us all to place our efforts to eradicating the intrinsic evils of abortion, euthanasia, perversions of sexuality and marriage.  To embrace the seamless-garment thinking is to endanger your soul.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Catholics For Trump

 Pay close attention #nevertrump people.  The decision not to vote is subject to scrutiny on your Particular Judgments as much as decisions to vote.  The stakes are way too high - the fate of western civilization, and resultant damnation or salvation of souls, is at stake.