Friday, July 29, 2022

Arlington's Burbidge Quashes The Traditional Latin Mass

Today Bishop Burbidge of the Diocese of Arlington published this edict in the Arlington Catholic Herald.  The 21 locations where the Traditional Latin Mass was celebrated have been reduced to 8; that's about 1/3 of the locations.  They are simply implementing the hatred that Pope Francis has for the Mass of the Ages - a Mass where true worship is offered to God and that shows the so-called "conciliar reforms" to be an utter travesty.  I think that last point irks the progressives the most, for the graces from that Mass are a more formidable bulwark against the new-world-order great reset.  At least they understand that last point, and that's more than can be said for the otherwise-goodhearted folks attending the Novus Ordo.  They remain blithely oblivious to the spiritual battle raging about them, often blinding themselves deliberately.

No more can we content ourselves with offering wimpy, whiney little pleas to these bishops.  We must resist them and do so now.  Let's take example from this incident of 30 years ago in France.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Kamala??? How Could You???!!?! Say It Isn't So!!!

(In case this really needs to be said, the post below is satire.)

LGBTQA(append your favorite letters here) persons must still be in shell-shock, suffering PTSD after Kamala Harris, utterly stabbed them in the back in this clip.  Under the guise of defending Roe, she let her bias be shown.  Here it is, if you dare watch it.

Now that you've picked yourselves off the floor from your fainting seizures, I'm sure you all see the transphobia here.  But for those still in denial, I'll spell it out.  But please bear with me, as I can scarcely (sob!) utter these horrific words!  Kamala Harris, the Vice President of the United States, dared to assume the gender of pregnant persons everywhere!  The horror!  How could she be so insensitive to the 58,273 (at last count) other genders that are documented to exist?  What she uttered was..was transphobic hate speech!

Poor progressive snowflakes everywhere are now scurrying for their "safe places", clutching their security blankets!  Will they ever recover from this cruel betrayal?  Well, a nice governmental payout for the emotional damages just inflicted will ease the pain nicely, I'm sure - but I digress.

In related news, men everywhere nick their chins while shaving.  Dang!  See how the kamal has compromised my politically correct talking points?  I just assumed the gender of shaving persons!  Off to the reeducation camps for me!

Now I will turn off the satire.  This ditzy broad and her equally incompetent boss have no business occupying their high offices.  They must be given their pink slips in 2024.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

What's Really Motivating The Pope's Trip To Canada??

You can scroll past the initial count-down

This clip gives more insight as to why smudging is pagan, unacceptable for Catholic usage.

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Pope Francis : Eat Less Meat To Save The Planet

Mind you, he's in Canada right now planning to commit horrible idolatry during his "penitential pilgrimage".  His pushing of the "climate change" hoax, along with other aspects of the Great Reset, continues with no restraint.

I guess it does make sense that he is asking us to eat less meat.  With his hatred of the Traditional Latin Mass, he is seeking to starve us spiritually.  Why wouldn't he ask us to starve ourselves physically?

By-the-by, in honor of all the pope's planet-saving, I had meat loaf for dinner tonight!

Today's Gospel Warning For The People Of Canada

We've known for a few weeks that the pope was planning to travel to Canada as a "penitential pilgrimage".  Well, it will be a penance for decent Catholics to endure the spectacle of what is to happen.

I understand the pope's plane arrived shortly before noon today.  He'll hit the road Monday, that is, tomorrow (Monday) when he visits Sacred Heart Church of the First Peoples in Edmonton.  There he plans to participate in a smudging ceremony.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Please read that link and understand that "smudging" is a ritual meant to appeal to nature gods, to "mother earth".  A term for "mother earth" in another language is pachamama.  Now where have we heard that word before?

As that LifeSite article explains, smudging is sinful in many respects, and mortally so.  First, it is an act of idolatry, a sin against the First Commandment, as it gives reverence to false idols.  Sacrilege is also involved when a Catholic cleric is involved, especially the Vicar of Christ.  If it takes place inside the church, that church becomes profaned and probably should be reconsecrated.

Today's Gospel for the Seventh Sunday after Pentecost (Traditional Latin Mass) is an appropriate warning to the Catholics of Canada.  It is taken from Matthew 7: 15-21.  I will reproduce the Douay-Rheims version below:

 [15] Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. [16] By their fruits you shall know them. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? [17] Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit, and the evil tree bringeth forth evil fruit. [18] A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can an evil tree bring forth good fruit. [19] Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit, shall be cut down, and shall be cast into the fire. [20] Wherefore by their fruits you shall know them.[21] Not every one that saith to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven: but he that doth the will of my Father who is in heaven, he shall enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Sometimes the false prophets dress as shepherds, too.  If this smudging debacle does occur, we will have to do acts of reparation for the idolatry and sacrileges that will be committed by these clerics, pope included.  He is allegedly doing this to "ask forgiveness" from Canada's Indians.  If he goes through with this, her really will need to "ask forgiveness" for the judgment that he will bring on their heads.  Bear in mind that the covid nonsense happened very soon after the pope allowed pachamama to profane the Vatican; I don't believe that's a coincidence. Canadian Catholics, please protest.

Friday, July 22, 2022

DC's Cardinal Gregory The Latest To Bare His Teeth At Faithful Catholics Attending The Traditional Latin Mass

We've been anticipating this for quite some time, especially after Cardinal Cupich stated that the Institute of Christ the King would be personae non gratia starting August 1st.  Well, here it is - the official assassin's bullet from Cardinal Gregory.  It is just as draconian and tyrannical as is Traditionis Custodes.

Read that thing.  He starts off with a lot of compliments for those attending Latin Mass, but it's really just a butter-up job.  After dispensing with those pleasantries, Gregory gets down to business.  To wit:
  • Traditional Latin Mass can only be celebrated in three non-parochial locations in the DC diocese.  St. Mary's in Chinatown, where the Traditional Latin Mass has been celebrated for many years, is not one of them.
  • They can only be celebrated on Sunday - in other words, no Latin weekday Masses.
  • Priests must apply for permission to celebrate the Latin Mass, even as a private Mass
  • Masses for Christmas, the Triduum, Easter and Pentecost must be celebrated in the Novus Ordo.  The TLM is forbidden for these holy days
  • All other sacraments must be administered in the Novus Ordo rites.
  • Scripture readings must be given in the vernacular, with a translation approved by the USCCB.  Since the readings are always repeated in the vernacular, I can only suppose that giving the readings in Latin will be forbidden.
Why would these prelates wish the obliteration of the Latin Mass?  At those Masses, one can understand the majesty of God and the immensity of the Sacrifice of Christ.  The latter happens at each Mass, albeit in an unbloody manner.  The attendees are there to worship God, not to have warm-fuzzies types of experiences.  Yes, there is community, but that happens after Mass, in the church lobby.  There is always reverential silence before the Blessed Sacrament.  By the way - young people are flocking to these Masses after having been gypped so long by Novus Ordo Masses with their stripped-down prayers and human-centered atmosphere.  The Latin Mass is the Mass of the Ages, having produced saints for over 1,000 years.

I started that last paragraph with a question.  The following sentences described benefits that should give the prelates pause in their attempts to quash the Latin Mass, but in reality they are the very reasons why these prelates, many of them progressives and/or masons, have a visceral hatred of that Mass.  They not only lack supernatural faith in God, but actually harbor animosity towards Him.  Even the Washington Post looks askance upon Gregory's vindictiveness towards the Latin Mass.

Vox Cantoris reproduced an open letter by Archbishop Vigano who unpacked the implications of Cupich's assault upon the Catholic faith.  That was before Gregory pulled his stunt today, but I believe what is said about Cupich also applies to Gregory.  He is correct in saying that neither Cupich, nor Gregory, nor even the pope have any right to deprive us of the Mass of the Ages.  The bull of Pope Saint Pius V, Quo Primum, states quite as much.

So once again we are put in the position of having to resist clerical tyranny, but resist we must.  The tactic of "going along to get along" is simply not morally permissible.  So what to do?  First, find a Traditional Latin Mass in another diocese.  They are happening in northern Virginia and Baltimore.  Take yourselves - and your money - there.  Yes, it seems like money is one of the few languages these corrupt shepherds understand, so we must speak it.  Keep protesting the chancery.  Raise protest, especially at events where the cardinal appears; in those cases, be respectful but firm.

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Maryland Primaries - A Happy Result

Maryland's primary elections took place yesterday, so they are (mostly) come and gone.  I'll get to that "mostly" part later.  As I comment on the results, I'll omit the Democrat side (again mostly) for the Dems are equally deadly to unborn children.

All in all, the RINO crowd in Maryland got their comeuppance last evening.  Solid conservative Dan Cox trounced Kelly Schultz to become the GOP nominee for Maryland governor.  This was a direct rebuke to Larry Hogan.  In standing against the mask mandates two years ago, Dan Cox was slated to speak at a rally in western Maryland.  He was threatened with arrest by the Maryland State Troopers if that talk continued.  The troopers are under Hogan's authority.  He has also been solidly pro-life.  Sadly the same could not be said for his opponent, Kelly Schultz.  While she started her career as pro-life, she back-peddled in preparation for the gubernatorial race.  This is one example of trying to please so many people that in the end, no one is pleased.

Michael Peroutka will go to the general election for the position of Attorney General.  I know of no shortcoming on the part of his opponent Jim Shalleck and supported the latter when he ran for State's Attorney in Montgomery County.  I believe Peroutka will bring a better sense of adherence to the Constitution in enforcing law.

Neil Parrott will face David Trone for the MD District 6 seat in the US House of Representatives.  Judging from these votes, Parrott has a real chance of winning the general election.  Bear in mind that the district maps have been improved to remove at least some of the gerrymandering.  Besides him and Andy Harris of District 1, I haven't a sense of the pro-life bona fides of the GOP candidates for the other US House seats.  Suffice it to say that we need the GOP candidates to win, if for no other reason than to help remove the Speaker's gavel from Nancy Pelosi's hands.

In the first paragraph of this post I said that the election was mostly over and that I would mostly disregard the Democrat side of things.  Here is the one exception.  In Montgomery County, Marc Elrich faced quite a few opponents.  One of them, David Blair, is surpassing Elrich by over a thousand votes.  There are still a few mail-in ballots to manufacture count.  Wouldn't that be a lovely comeuppance for him to be beaten by a fellow Democrat?   Recall that Elrich moved to fund abortion in Montgomery County to the tune of one million dollars (of our tax money) and was endorsed by Pro-Choice Maryland.  If Blair beats him for the nomination, that will be a plus in and of itself.  Whoever wins will square off against Reardon Sullivan, who won the GOP nomination for that office.

Now that we have a decent slate of candidates in Maryland, we'll have to work to put them in office this November.

Monday, July 18, 2022

The Duties Of The Church And Of Catholic Citizens

A few months ago, Father Ripperger gave a talk regarding the duties of the Church and how the Church's (those in the hierarchy) failed, beginning in the early part of the 20th century.  He pointed out that what happens in the Church in terms of sin or virtue is reflected in the world at large 40 or so years later.  I think common sense should tell us that.  So many think that things went haywire only in the 1960s.  However, the rot started long before then; it just became impossible to ignore anymore starting in the 1960s. 

In this follow-up session, Father outlines what he believes should be our strategy.

Notice how he believes that it's too late to avert the chastisement - the full brunt of it.  However, because this was most likely released before the Dobbs ruling overturned Roe v Wade, I think the information at Father's disposal at the time this talk was given may now be obsolete.  I don't think the overturn of Roe and the subsequent outlawing of abortion in several states can possibly have no impact on the chastisements to come.  Evil was dealt a setback; that's why so many pro-aborts and progressives are marauding against churches and pregnancy centers.

As far as his proposed strategy, I did find some things upon which I look askance.  Maybe I missed it, but I don't recall hearing anything about Our Lady of Fatima's urgent request for the daily Rosary from each and every Catholic.  Also apparently missing is our duty to bring the truth of Christ into the public sphere.  Among other things, that necessitates political involvement; as United States citizens, it is our solemn responsibility to utilize our rights to at least retard the flow of evil in society.

Maryland Catholics of voting age thus have a duty to get to the polls tomorrow for primary elections and select candidates who will stand for God's truth regarding the sanctity of life and sanctity of marriage and human sexuality, not to mention the rights of parents to influence their children's education, not to have sinful vaccines thrust upon them, the right to defend themselves against unjust aggression, etc.

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Elections In Maryland On Tuesday July 19

If the Dobbs decision has any impact on us, it should be to drive home all the more that local elections are just as important (if not more so) than federal elections.  Maryland will hold its primary elections this Tuesday, July 19.  Every local seat, from the governor on down to county governments, is up for grabs.  Of course, on the Federal level, every House seat is up and Chris Van Hollen's US Senate seat is up for grabs.  He's running again, but as St. Peter said when the Eleven were about to select a replacement for Judas, "may another take his office".

I won't address the Democrats too much since they are all rabid pro-aborts who take their marching orders and talking points from "on high" - or "on low", as the case may be.  I also won't try to address all the races on various ballots - just the ones that will be on my ballot.  If you are reading this post, you have the capacity to google your various candidates and do your own due-diligence research.

As governor, Bob Hogan's performance has been a lackluster disappointment.  However, we must remind ourselves of the havoc that would have been wreaked had self-styled socialists taken the State House.  We have the opportunity to change that - and no, not via Kelly Schultz.  I am casting my vote for Dan Cox.  He has stood for us against the vax and mask mandates, for common-sense border control, for our Second Amendment rights, and for the babies.  He is endorsed by Maryland Right to Life PAC.  For US Representative, I am voting for Neil Parrott for the same reasons.  Also endorsed by MD Right to Life PAC is Michael Peroutka.  He and his brother Steve have often taught courses on the United States Constitution and supported pro-life efforts in Maryland.

As far as the Maryland state legislature goes, MD Right to Life endorsed no candidate for districts located in Montgomery County.  I am not surprised.  No GOP candidates appear on the official sample ballot that I received.  I believe the same situation exists for Prince George's County.

For the United States Senate race, there are eight candidates vying for the chance to be the GOP nominee for that office.  MD Right to Life PAC states that a number of them espouse pro-life positions.   That is true.  Thus, to make a selection, one must look at candidate positions on other issues.  That should be possible to do by googling their names.

I am in Montgomery County and can tell you that Mark Elrich simply must be ousted as County Executive.  Via his diktats, Montgomery exercised the most draconian rule over its citizenry by ridiculous mask mandates that went well over the national and state bounds.  He pulled police officers from troubled county schools and put in "social workers".   When the Dobbs draft opinion was leaked, he promised to divert our tax dollars, $1 million to be precise, towards abortion funding.

I will be voting for Reardon Sullivan as the GOP nominee for County Executive.  In all other county slots, the candidates are unopposed.

The Montgomery County Education Association is a branch of the progressive National Education Association.  If you want hints for whom to vote, download their "apple ballot".  Then compare that ballot to your official sample ballot and make sure you vote for the "apple ballot" opponentsThis one now shows the Board of Education candidates for whom you should not vote - rather, vote their opponents.  This is necessary to keep out "critical race theory", gay-indoctrination, etc.

See you at the polls!

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Why Progressives Hate The Idea Of Defense Against Evil

Thanks to Canon 212, I came across this very interesting article regarding the insane progressive push to hamstring our abilities to defend ourselves: from threats against our persons, our communities and our nation.  The call-out sentence sums things up quite well; "A fearless citizen with the will and means to defend himself is a threat to left-wing bureaucrats who want to boss him around".  That is why New York City is hell-bent on prosecuting for murder that shop-keeper who defended himself against someone who might have murdered him.  That is why they are all having snit-fits after the Supreme Court ruled that we do not have to "show cause" for exercising our right to bear arms.

Let me say a word now to friends who may be wishy-washy regarding the Second Amendment, thinking that it's the government's job to protect us.  The Supreme Court ruled in 1948 that such was not the case, although modern progressives lie through their teeth to pretend that it is.  Consider that the United States Constitution puts constraints on the government so that it does not unjustly deprive innocent people of the right to life, hearkening back to the Declaration of Independence that stated that God endowed us with that right.  With the passage of abortion laws, governments at all levels in this country arrogated from God the prerogative to deprive innocents of their lives.  In so doing, they assume tyrannical personas.  So many pro-life people realize, even if only instinctively, that they have no recourse but to rely on their Second Amendment rights to defend ourselves against governmental tyranny, if it should come to that.  To do so, we must have the means adequate to meet modern threats. 

Let's take a look at the death penalty (again).  I've written much on that over the years.  Here is a link that detail why the clamor to end the death penalty is its own sin.  Please read them.  I will post below tonight's episode of the Anchor Team.  In it, Michael and Alyssa Hichborn mention that the clamor to end the death penalty might be a manifestation of the progressive attempt to dispel belief in hell.  I wonder if the progressives' attempt to dispel the Just War theory might be a way to dispel belief in the incompatibility of good versus evil.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Pro-Abortion Arson Strikes Catholic Church In Bethesda MD - Men, Time To Take Church Defense Seriously

Early Saturday morning, July 9 2022, arsonists set fire to St Jane Frances De Chantal Church, located on Old Georgetown Road in Bethesda.  Two nearby protestant churches were likewise vandalized, but De Chantal suffered the brunt of the damage.  I am now linking to two accounts: one from the Catholic Standard, the archdiocesan paper, and the other from Catholic News Agency (not to be confused with the now-defunct Catholic News Service).

There is a most peculiar disparity between the two.  CSA carries more of the remarks made by Father Samuel Giese.  The CSA quotes Father Giese's offering of a probable motive for the arson: "I believe that this is because of the Church's stand on the issue of life — when it begins and that it should be protected — and that this is one of the manifestations of the deep divisions right now within our country, that there are those who believe that we do not have even the right to practice our faith.  "   Why, oh why, did the Standard not make mention of this rather obvious circumstance?  

Last month the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center was vandalized with paint bombs and egging.  A bunch calling themselves "Jane's Revenge" seems to be behind this.

Last week, Tom Brejcha and his wife Debbie found their home vandalized while they were away.  Brejcha is a founder of the Thomas More Society, a Catholic pro-life legal association that has helped many pro-life activists.  Fifty thugs from the "Reproductive Justice Union" spray-painted his house, damaged his garden,   Police officers were present - and did absolutely nothing.   Because the Society is based in Chicago, it's quite possible that this incident took place there too - or in a suburb.  Doesn't it make you wonder why the police were there?  If it wasn't to protect citizens from the vandals, were they instructed to protect vandals from citizens?

It's clear that we can't rely on church or civil authorities to protect our churches and homes.  As far as churches go, I reiterate suggestions that I made a few weeks ago.  Men of a given parish can and must organize amongst themselves and devise concrete plans to protect their churches.  They will have to do so independently of their pastors - that is, outside their control.  They should devise schedules for keeping physical watch over the church premises - off the property, if need be.  Moreover, if trouble should brew, the man on watch should have a cadre of others upon whom he can call at a moment's notice.  They should become proficient in some sort(s) of martial arts.  They should immediately divest themselves of the silly and ungodly notion that the use of force is inherently evil.  God did not call us to be "catholicized hippy-flower children".  We are the Church Militant - not the church mellow.

We take up the Sacraments, the Rosary, Brown Scapular as our spiritual weapons.  They do not preclude other weapons, if need be.

Sunday, July 10, 2022

The Pope - Pro-Abortion?

Fifteen or so years ago I would have thought the question to be preposterous.  No longer.  The Pope allowed Nancy Pelosi to receive Holy Communion in defiance of her own bishop and his tepid response to the overturning of Roe v Wade, hosted various pro-aborts in the Vatican over the years, and still retains Father James Martin after the latter tipped his hand with his "zygote" quip.  A reasonable person might suppose  that he has some pro-abortion sympathies.  He certainly is progressive in other areas.

Please watch the Remnant video below.  This pope has no moral credibility at this time.

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Even In Maryland, The Democrats Are In A Panic

Dear readers, below is the front and back of a mailer that I received a few days ago.  I am a registered Republican, so I don't know what impelled this DGA Action bunch to waste their card and postage on me.  But they did, so here it is.  Please look it over, and you'll understand why I laughed when I read it.

Please note that the Maryland primary election hasn't happened yet, so it's not certain that Dan Cox will be the GOP nominee for Governor.  Frankly, I hope that will be the case, but I sure have no crystal ball when it comes to predicting electoral results.  Do the DGA folks know something that I don't?  They may be correct on this.  I've seen Cox campaigning and reaching out to the voters: something I haven't seen from Kelly Schultze, the RINO anointed heir to Hogan.  She didn't even bother to show up at any of the candidates' debates.

So maybe Andrew Whalen has some insider information regarding the primary.  Else why would he be using Cox's candidacy to gin up fear among the Democrat base (such as it is)?

Notice also how this Whalen guy is trying to drum up votes for the Democrat ticket in Maryland.  He doesn't put forth any real Democrat vision for the state: no goals, no proposed direction, no solutions to any problems, nothing.  The best he can do is play the fear-monger while acknowledging that Cox does have a plan and proposed direction for Maryland.

Also notice that he faults Cox for "being 100% pro-life".  He doesn't even bother with the "anti-choice" canard.  So if he thinks it bad to be 100% pro-life", does he advocate being 100% pro-baby-murder?  Mr. Whalen did quite a job in revealing the mindset of the Democrat party these days, and I am not being facetious.

Here's hoping we see more panic attacks like this.  The card asks, "Are you prepared for Trump conservative Dan Cox to be your next governor?"  I certainly am; it would be a welcome breath of fresh air in Maryland.

Friday, July 8, 2022

After Roe, Opponents Are In Strange Places

I will suggest that you watch the following two clips.  The first is tonight's episode of Lepanto Institute's Anchor Team.  There are a few seemingly disparate items that do have a common theme.  In the first part, Michael Hichborn details the connection that exists between the Association of United States Catholic Priests and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  The first is outright heretical and the other tries vainly to maintain a semblance of Catholic identity.

In the next segment, Hichborn elaborates on the damage done by the Vatican as it signed onto the Paris Climate Agreement.  Its effects will include the scarcity of food as costs to "go green" will grind the economy to a halt.  Given what one of the statements said on the now-destroyed Georgia Guidestones, I strongly suspect that to be the idea. 

Another segment concerns the aftermath of the June 24th ruling and how to strategize the next steps in the fight against abortion.  Hichborn made reference to a LifeSite news interview with the Thomas More Society.  Here is the article, and embedded in that is the second clip.

The common thread in all these that I perceive is that while we have turned a corner with Roe's demise, we still have a struggle ahead of us, with many in power arrayed against us.  Sadly, among our opponents are those wearing miters and even white vestments.  We must continue to pray our Rosaries and beseech God's mercy.

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Holy Year 2025 Of The Teletubbies

Church Militant has unearthed some information regarding the origins of this schlock that the pope personally chose to be the logo for "Holy Year 2025".

The "artist" (using that word loosely) is Giacomo Travisani, a masseur whose serves seem to have gay undertones.  Apparently he scrubbed his social media pages of all incriminating evidence - but not quickly enough.

I won't rehash the entire CM piece here.  Suffice it to say that it's worth a read.  CM cites some critics who fault Travisani's junk as being "infantile", "embarrassing clip art", "juvenile graphics for mental midgets and the emotionally stunted".

They forgot to add "possible plagiarism".   Observe below.

Even the order of colors is identical.  Could he have been more obvious?  And the pope picked that copycat crap out himself!  Isn't this "holy year" just off to a stellar start?

Serious Clean-Up Needed At Baltimore's Catholic Review Diocesan Rag

Several years ago I leafletted cars of the attendees at one of these "Social Ministry Convocation" in Baltimore, knowing that they were smooching up to the gay agenda.  Indeed, as I was leafletting, I couldn't help but notice all the sodomy-affirming bumper strips on the cars. 

This past March, they did so again.  It's no surprise since the Catholic Campaign for Human Development seems to be spearheading these things.  But please look closely at that link.  Yes, it is the Baltimore Catholic Review to which I'm linking.  This rag is the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  This is from their March 16th edition, advertising for this gathering that was to occur on March 26.  

The schedule says quite blatantly that one of the "workshops" is "Dreaming of a Church That Is Inclusive and Welcoming of LGBTQ+ Catholics".  Because I see no sign of calling to repentance those who are engaging in homosexual acts and/or making a monstrosity out of marriage, I could just as well reword that title to read "Dreaming of a Church That Coddles Sexual Perversion and Ushers LGBTQ+ Catholics Straight to Hell".

I might have expected such an announcement from New Ways Ministry or the Washington Blade, but not from an official publication of a Catholic archdiocese.  Is there any kind of archdiocesan oversight for the Review?  Or are archdiocesan officials complicit in the promotion of sodomy?

By the way - I believe the CCHD collection for Baltimore will be in November.  Here you have yet another reason to utterly boycott that collection.

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Do These Pre-Conclave Meetings Invalidate Cdl Bergoglio's Election To The Papacy?

Yesterday an interview that the pope had was published by Telam and reported by  The pope seems to have let the cat out of the bag, as it were.  He states that the havoc he wreaked his accomplishments to date are goals agreed upon with other cardinals at a pre-conclave meeting.  Let that sink in.  Goals for his papacy were set before the conclave happened that elected him pope.

So many questions arise regarding this pre-conclave meeting of cardinals.  Obviously it happened before Bergoglio was elected pope.

  • Did it happen before or after Benedict XVI resigned?
    • If before, did the attendees at that meeting deliberate how to secure Benedict's resignation?
  • Did these cardinals agree that Bergoglio should be elected?
  • If the answer to the preceding question was yes,
    • Did they promise to vote for Bergoglio?
    • Did they initiate plans to lobby other cardinals to vote for him?
  • Were the cardinals at that meeting part of the St. Gallen mafia?
The answers to these questions might well have bearing on the validity of both Pope Benedict's resignation and Pope Francis' election.  Enough irregularities have been detected to call both into question.