Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Of Mercy 2.0 Is Underway

An ecumenical prayer effort of nine days (a novena for us Catholics) started last evening at a rally at Covenent Life Church on Muncaster Mill Road.  This evening a Rosary procession occurred, from Mother Seton down to the development where Leroy Carhart commits his crimes against humanity.  I took some camcorder clips and hope to have them online tomorrow evening.

I urge all to attend as many of the prayer sessions as possible - particularly those in the upper part of Montgomery County MD.  Please visit for details.

Contraception And Salvation

Last week I posted part one of Dr Martin Brenner's four-part series on contraception.  I now post the second part.  Among many things, Dr Brenner suggests that the embrace of contraception on the part of so many Catholics is a direct impediment to their ability to receive the graces of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, whether offered in the Extraordinary (traditional Latin) Form or the Novus Ordo. 

Again, Real Catholic TV stated that these would be released on successive Fridays.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Anti-Child Bile Spreads

We recall the vitriol and venom that greated David and Victoria Beckham of England when they brought their fourth child into the world.  They were chided and derided - even by some of the British Parliament for being "ecologically selfish" and other assorted nonsense.  Mind you, many of them are of the same ilk that shriek "My body!  My choice!" when they want to champion baby-murder.  However, where's the respect for the choice of the Beckhams?  How their hypocrisy shows.  By the way - similar maltreatment is being heaped upon Boris Johnson, Mayor of London.

Michael Voris did a clip on this.  He made mention of an entire website devoted to spreading word of "child-free" resorts.  It is  I would recommend visiting it - to learn which resorts you should boycott!  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

"Catholyc" Volunteer Network's Love Affairs With Dissidents

You might recall that we became aware of the Catholic Volunteer Network's strange fascination with dissident CINOs last summer.  At that time, they had planned to host an "awards dinner" at the Franciscan Monastery in Washington DC.  Their keynote speaker was Chris Matthews.  We made clear that we were going to picket if there was no public announcement of the cancellation of Matthews as speaker.  Well, lo and behold, we showed up - but the "awards dinner" didn't!  It seems that they were too cowardly to face us.  More can be found here at my various posts regarding that episode.

One might have thought they'd learn some lessons.  I thank my colleague at A Washington DC Catholic for pointing out this year's planned smooch-up to a dissident Catholic.  As he pointed out, at least they aren't planning to desecrate a Catholic location, but the CINO in question is Cokie Roberts.  I'm not certain yet about a protest as there are other unrelated matters for me to consider.

If you saw my comments on the other blogger's piece, you might recall my remarks about the CVN's 2011 National Conference.  Here we have a triple-header of "catholyc" dissidents.  We start off with Rev James Martin, S.J., columnist for the ultra-liberal "America" magazine.  Here's an article from him voicing sympathy for the destructive gay lifestyle.

I've written a considerable amount on Fr Richard Rohr.  Please read it, along with the expanded posts and the links to other revelatory material.  Please take note of his strange fascination with male nudity and the "emerging church movement".

Last but not least we have "Rev" Heidi Neumark.  We can be grateful that she is not Catholic.  The webpage of her Lutheran church in Manhattan gives us a glimpse into her mindsets.  She is working on "challenging the Christian Right from the heart of the Gospel."  That's nice.  Is there a companion effort to challenge the "Christian Left" regarding their silence and complicity when it comes to the evils of contraception, abortion and gay behaviors?  I didn't think so, either.

So there you have it: the none-too-stellar lineup of "keynote speakers" at the CVN National Conference in Philadelphia.  I call upon faithful Catholics in the vicinity of Philadelphia to stand up to this dissident gab-fest that is scheduled to blight their city.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

USCCB Weighs In On Budget Issues, Encourages Raising Our Taxes

The USCCB is getting quite blatant about their left-wing proclivities; they are barely couching their goals in sanctimoneous language anymore.  It might as well be they who are sitting across the table from John Boehner rather than Reid, Pelosi et al, as they say pretty much the same thing (obligatory nod to the unborn aside).  Read this letter that they released yesterday.  By the way - should the link mysteriously "break", please advise via comment, as I have taken the precaution of saving it to my computer.

Pay attention to the part in bold. Get a load of the "shared sacrifice".  Particularly notice the part about "raising adequate revenues".  You know what that means, right?  That's thinly-disguised language for "taxing our livelihoods away"!  There are no revenues adequate for all the social engineering that these progressives (and I mean the USCCB!) want to foist on this country.  They think that it is the task of the Federal government to take care of all the world's poor.  Ladies and gentlemen, even if it were constitutional (and it isn't!) it isn't a realistic expectation to place on the US government - nor its citizens via "raising adequate revenues".

Let's get down to brass tacks here.  The USCCB fools no one.  All they are doing is trying to give some "moral veneer" to the profligate spending of their Democratic taskmasters and moral cover to levy astronomical taxes upon US citizens.  This letter that they released yesterday is a disgraceful, utter sham.

Gazette Publishes Pro-Life Letters Regarding Article About Front-Line Activism

Last week I speculated that the Gazette probably wouldn't publish pro-life letters that contradicted the obvious slant of their article and editorial regarding our presence in front of baby-killing centers.  I'm pleased to discover that I was incorrect about that.  In today's edition appears three letters that lend some balance to earlier-stated opinion.  I will link to them.

Here is the first letter.  Here is the second letter.  Finally, here is the third letter.  Enjoy!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Contraception - A Major Linchpin In The Culture Of Death

On June 25 as he spoke to men whom he ordained, Cardinal Robert Sarah warned them that priests who fail to oppose the breakdown of morality in society, particularly in regards to life, sexual ethics and family life, risk the condemnation of God.  The Lifesite News piece links to his entire homily.

It is worth a serious read by all, but especially by our clergy.  I think it is directly relevant to current events in Maryland.  I believe His Eminence would place abortion and the upcoming fight for marriage in the category of things requiring the most strident opposition by the clergy.  Conversely, I do not believe he would hold support of the DREAM Act in such regard.

Today, in addition to being the Feast Day of St James the Greater, is the 43rd anniversary of the publication of Humanae Vitae.  Yet if one were to read it today for the first time, it would seem that the document was written only five years ago, as so many social ills predicted by Pope Paul VI have been made manifest.  To illustrate the pivotal role that the acceptance of contraception (a thing of mortal sin) has had in the degradation of our culture, Real Catholic TV has produced another episode of its Catholic Investigative Agency.  It is below.  Please watch it - it's a long one, but well worth your time.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

If A Squggly Light Bulb Breaks...

We're seeing them in all the stores now - the squiggly light bulbs that are supposed to be so "earth-friendly".  Heck, we were even asked to make them part of the "lenten carbon fast"!  Never mind that they're filled with mercury - the poisonous substance.

Light bulbs break from time to time.  When the incandescent bulbs break, no big deal.  When these squggly things break, because of the mercury, it's a big deal! 

Watch this little tongue-in-cheek clip for instructions - and insight into the "carbon-footprint" envirowhacko mentality and its resulting havoc.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Obamacare To Ban Asthma Inhalers

So much for "thinking of the children".  Primatene Mist inhalers will soon be discontinued because they "damage the environment".   Forget about people with asthma simply trying to breathe.  Bowing to his envirowhacko task-masters, the Messiah Most Miserable and his Minions Most Mindless values polar bears and ozone layers above human beings.

None of this is surprising, though.  To see what Real Catholic TV has learned about environmentalism, click here.  For additional information, go to the search box at the top left, and search for terms such as "environmnentalism", "global warming", "climate change".  It will be eye-opening.

Sister Carol Keehan!  Are you paying attention?  Do you care?  Is the Pen of Perfidy worth it?  Thanks for nothing!

Rick Perry - Not A Pro-Life Candidate For President

Governor Rick Perry is being touted by many as being a viable GOP candidate to oppose Obama in the 2012 race.  While I applaud his stance on the defunding of Planned Parenthood, I don't believe he's the best candidate on the GOP side.

He first caused concern with his executive order requiring 12-yr-old girls to get the HPV vacccination.  He causes additional concern for me when he stated that the recent New York "gay marriage" nonsense was "fine by him".  In so doing, he cited the 10th Amendment of the Constitution.  Well, the Preamble of the Constitution states that an objective of the Constitution is to promote the "general welfare".  If Mr. Perry is oblivious to the fact that the protection of marriage as a union between a man and a woman is vital to the "general welfare", then in my humble opinion, he disqualifies himself from occupying the highest elected office in this country.  Michele Bachmann made a similar statement on "states' rights", but then she also stated that she would support a constitutional amendment to define the institution of marriage as being between a man and a woman.  I can respect her response, but not his.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hoyer Is Horrified!

And what so ails the House Minority Whip?  Why, it's the balanced budget amendment that the GOP wants to include in the Constitution via amendment.  This is part of the GOP's "Cut, Cap and Balance Plan".

So why is Steny Hoyer bunching his undies over this?  Because, according to him, "in order to pay our bills, Republicans would require us to pass a Constitutional amendment that would permanently enshrine their partisan budget priorities in law and make it virtually impossible to raise revenue."  What he means is that a supermajority would be required to raise taxes.

Oh, the dreadful horror!  Get out your hankies and shed a tear with Steny!  Imagine that!  The progressive, government glut types would be hampered in their profligate spending and in their ability to pick our pockets and raid our assets via legislative fiat!  They'd have to adhere to a budget!  My, oh my!  What is this world coming to??

PG County, c'mon!  It's high time that Hoyer be retired - and 2012 is just around the corner!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Contraception - Ushering In A New Dark Age

Real Catholic TV presents a four-part series by Dr Martin Brenner.  Below is the first part; I'll be posting these as they are made available.  Watch and get a deeper understanding of why our clergy simply must stop playing patsy with this topic and start proclaiming the entire truth of the Magisterium.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

NEA - Another Reason To Homeschool Your Children

The National Education Association recently had their annual meeting in Chicago.  Of course they made some key decisions.  So what did they decide?  Well, since they are ostensibly about education, one might think they focused on schools and what students are learning.  Maybe they focused on hiring and retaining quality teachers, or seeing how they could improve drop-out rates, etc.  BUT - the big news was nothing of the sort.  The news actually comes in two parts.

First, they announced that they endorse Obama for President.  Having been too familiar with their antics over the years, I realize that this organization is right up John Dewey's ally and know that they are shills for progressives in this country.  Still, one might argue that this is a waste of the dues that teachers pay into this organization - which brings us to the second part.

That second part is the announcement that they are going to double the assessment that individual teachers must pay to this over-vaunted cabal.  That's right - double!  No big deal?  We're talking about teachers and their relatively-poor salaries being levied for the purpose of funding the campaign coffers of the Messiah Most Miserable.

Parents, do your children and your country a favor.  Get them away from the malevolent influences of this culture of death, of which the NEA is a part.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

DREAM Act Supporters Plan "Sabbath Push" In September

A few days ago, I posted on the despicable habit that our prelates seem to have in entangling themselves in dubious alliances with those who publicly support and promote intrinsic evils such as abortion, homosexual lifestyles, euthanasia, abuse of embryos.  All these prelates do is weaken their own voices and compromise their own credibility when they simply must raise their voices - as with the "gay marriage" plans about which Governor O'Malley is noising.

Well, today's Catholic Standard provides us with a quintessential "case in point", with Cardinal McCarrick having a "photo-op" with Dick Durbin, one of the most rabid Catholic pro-abortion members of the US Senate and one desperately in need of the medicine mandated by Canon 915 - a mandate that Cardinal McCarrick (and others) refuse to obey, to the detriment of so many souls, including Durbin's.

In the July 5th issue of the Washington Examiner, (scroll to page 12) Chris Core highlights some "inconvenient truths" about the DREAM act.   The cost of this act will be approximately $40,000 per student.  For those Maryland citizens who are already struggling to send their own children through school, this represents an unconscionable burden.  Even more troubling is the injustice to military families.  Many have been stationed here for years, yet they do not get in-state breaks.  We're talking of children of soldiers, soldiers who are often risking their very lives for their country.  It is patently unjust that those who break the law are being given considerations over and beyond those who put themselves in harm's way for their country.  You won't hear one peep from that from the DREAM supporters - not even the Church's "social justice" clache.

Let's get back to the Standard piece.  While this McCarrick-Durbin schmooze-event seems to deal with Durbin's national version of the DREAM Act, clergy of various faiths took the opportunity to announce their "Sabbath push in September".  It entails "devoting a weekend in September to teaching their congregations about the faith-based reasons to work for its passage".  Supposedly it's a national push, and we can be fairly certain that this will happen in the Maryland Catholic Churches.  Else, why would they be touting this?

If we are going to "be taught" during "a weekend", I might suspect that we'll have a politically-correct excuse for a homily inflicted upon us.  At the very least, there probably will be some sort of "pastoral letter" read sometime during the Mass.  Do I think we should politely just sit there and endure it?  No!  Don't worry, I'm not in the least advocating any uproar during Holy Mass.  I am weighing ideas and want to bounce them off others.  Watch this blog for suggestions in the near future.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Guess Who's In The Department of Justice Cross-Hairs?

Might it be the New Black Panthers, who had their thugs at various polling places during the 2008 elections, wielding night sticks at those who might dare to vote against Obama?  (Click here if you can't see embedded video).

How silly!  Of course the DOJ wouldn't be gunning after goons who were simply "thugging for Obama"!  After all, if they go to jail, what might happen to the election in 2012?

Nope!  The Minions Most Mindless of the Messiah Most Miserable of the DOJ were going after a real threat to the Messiah's regime - at least, to the pocketbooks of the leading abortion perpetrator in this country.  They are going after Dick Retta who is a sidewalk counselor in front of the Planned Parenthood facility on 16th Street in Washington DC.  Read about the nonsense at the Lifesite News article.  Therein you can see the official complaint and see a video of Mr. Retta as he goes about his sidewalk counseling.  If you can't see the video embedded in that article, go here.  By the way - after you read the complaint and marvel at how the escorts are portrayed as angelic paragons of virtue, go back to my post of a few days ago and watch that video to see how the escorts really carry on!  The pro-life man who is being blocked and slammed is Mr. Retta.

To be fair, Mr. Retta does pose a bit of a threat - to the money intake at Planned Parenthood, that is.  The place is within walking distance of the White House, so the shrieks of the Planned Parenthood money clerks, as they prepare ever-shrinking daily bank deposits, must be reaching the ears of the Messiah Most Miserable (they are rather big!).

So there you have it.  The Obama-controlled Department of Justice turns blind eyes to voting poll thugs and works diligently to protect the money intake of the biggest abortion perpetrator in the country.  Your tax dollars at work - keeping the Messiah Most Miserable and his money-bags happy!

The Gazette Probably Won't Publish These Letters!

One of the reasons this blog was started was to give an audible voice to those of traditional Christian beliefs and morals who would not otherwise have a forum - not in the liberal mainstream media nor in the Catholic Standard.  Accordingly, I'll now publish letters to the editor that were recently submitted to the Gazette on the occasion of their recent editorial and the article the week prior, both touching on the ongoing Christian witness at the Spring Street Planned Parenthood.  Not surprisingly, there was a discernable left-wing bias in the Post-owned Gazette.  The letters will appear after the jump break.

Vortex Takes On Leadership Of Knights Of Columbus

To all the good and faithful Knights out there, our prayers are with you.  I'm sure you can relate all too well to what this Vortex says.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Governor O'Malley Set To Advocate Gay Marriage In Maryland

Taking a cue from fellow CINO Governor Cuomo in New York, Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley made plain his intentions to escalate his push for so-called gay "marriage" in Maryland.  He reportedly will have "other announcements in upcoming months".

Now I understand that Archbishop O'Brien of Baltimore has warned O'Malley that the Church will oppose his efforts.  Good for him.  The archbishop, in regard for the public sin about to be foisted upon Maryland citizenry and for O'Malley's soul (the archbishop is O'Malley's bishop), is obliged to obey Canon 915 in regard to O'Malley and not allow him to be admitted to Holy Communion until he publically repent and rescind all support of gay marriage and legalized abortion.  The same would go for any other Catholic in the Maryland legislature who would dare to support it (Mike Miller comes immediately to mind).

DREAM Act?  Forget about it, Your Excellency!  Don't try to be palsy-walsy with O'Malley on this one, as such action would only undermine your credibility in fighting "gay marriage" in Maryland.

Monday, July 18, 2011

USCCB's Servitude To The Democrat Party

That's what it is!  Why else do we see bishops, chanceries and state Catholic conferences wax so strident as they become the progressives' mouthpieces for issues such as anmesty and special privileges for illegal aliens, the death penalty, global warming, etc - and yet take a muted "pastoral approach" (to coin their buzz words) when it comes to intrinsic evils such as abortion, homosexual behavior, etc?

Voris has it right.  Their "voting guides" are silly at best.  Ever so careful of their "501c3 status", and ever more so careful not to offend their money-bags and sugar-daddies, they refuse to voice clear church teaching that politicians who support the intrinsic evils cannot be supported in any manner - including at the ballot box.  Since Voris goes nationwide, he is focusing only on Obama.  However, this Maryland Catholic will also add that most of the Democrat party in this state does not deserve a serious Catholic's vote.  The list of unacceptable candidates include (not limited to!) Barbara Mikulski, Martin O'Malley, Chris Van Hollen, Donna Edwards, etc.  Should you be at Mass and see on some ignorant soul's car a bumper strip for any one of these pro-abortion politicians, remember Wisdom on Windshields !  Download a copy here; print it out (preferably in color) and always carry some with you, as you'll never know who will need it.

Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Catholyc" Progressives, Abortion And Capital Punishment

In their July 14th edition, the Standard published a Catholic News Service article concerning the death penalty.  It appears on page 9.  It is not on the Standard's web page at this time; however, it is on the CNS site, to which I now link.

Pope John Paul II, in Evangelium Vitae, made plain his personal opposition to capital punishment.  However, being the Pontiff, he understood that even he was subject to sacred Tradition and Scripture which do make plain that capital punishment is a licit function of civil governments.  The late Pontiff made very clear that the use of capital punishment should not occur when the criminal could be so detained as to render the rest of the populace safe from future harm.  Obviously, on a case-by-case basis, such judgment is in the purview of the proper civil authorities.  Now let me add further that in a society such as ours, that for over 30 years has callously facilitated the slaughter of millions of tiny babies in their mothers' wombs, I do not believe that civil authorites have any moral credibility whatsoever to administer capital punishment; abortion has clouded their thinking processes that much.  However, it is clear that the issue of capital punishment is one on which good Catholics can disagree.  Abortion is not - no one can be a true Catholic who supports abortion in the least.

Now let's get back to the article.  It presents a statistic, that since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976, that 1,258 executions have occurred.  Well, as lamentable as this number may be, let's bear in mind that these individuals were at least recognized as individuals.  They were convicted of captial crimes by juries of their peers and often attempted multiple appeals.  Some might argue that the trials may not have been fair, but at least they received trials, a perfunctory acknowledgement of their personhoods.

Between 1976 and now, 35 years have elapsed.  That means that on average, about 36 people per year in the entire country died via capital punishment.  Now let's compare that to abortion data.

In Maryland alone, according to some statistics supplied by the Guttmacher Institute as quoted by the Post-owned Gazette in their recent editorial, 34000 babies were murdered via abortion in Maryland alone.  That is equivalent to 93 government-sanctioned murders of babies every day - in Maryland alone.

Since the article cites national numbers, let's compare that to national numbers for abortion.  Compare 36 capital punishment executions per year with - 1.5 million murdered babies per year.  That means for every convicted criminal executed, almost 42,000 babies were aborted.

So now we see this page-long article dedicated to the plight of these 1,258 people who underwent capital punishment.  Where, oh where, is the commensurate concern shown for the 52+ million babies slaughtered?  I address this question to those in the Church structures who allege that they work for "social justice".  Do the math!  Not only that, but consider that these babies receive no benefit of trial, no appeal process whatsoever.  Your priorities need badly to be adjusted!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Authentic Aim Of Catholic Charitable Institutions - Kick In The Pants For Catholic Charities

Cardinal Robert Sarah, president of the Pontifical Council Cor Unum, reminded us all that Catholic charitable efforts must go beyond "social justice and proclaim the totality of the Gospel.

Now why might Catholic Charities need that reminder?  Might it be because Catholic Charities USA retained the Sheridan Group to "start a new national conversation on poverty and opportunity"?  Between April 2010 and April 2011, Catholic Charities paid Sheridan almost a half million dollars for lobbying and advocacy.

And what is wrong with that?  Well, the Sheridan Group is owned by Tom Sheridan, who is a gay rights activist and gay himself.  This we learn from the Washington Blade.  You won't see that in the Catholic Standard!  It's rather telling that the Blade is more forthcoming than the Standard, but I digress.  If Catholic Charities were truly interested in proclaiming the totality of the Gospel, they would not have in a prominent position one who openly defies Catholic moral teaching in such manner.

This situation is just the latest such mess of which I'm aware.  Recall that Sister Carol Keehan is on the board of directors of Catholic Charities.  And who can forget the fiasco with the Catholic Charities of Richmond, when one of their employees drove one of their clients to an abortion appointment - with prior knowledge of the bishop of Richmond?

Here we have yet another reason to scuttle Catholic Charities.

Again The Standard Shills For The DREAM Act

I suppose this sort of thing will be a regular feature in the Standard.  Read the article closely and notice some things.

They completely and deliberately misconstrue the reasons behind the opposition of so many of us to the DREAM Act.  Notice that when they use the words "immigrant" or "immigration", they deliberately fail to mention a key adjective?  Here is the adjective that they refuse to supply: ILLEGAL.  In this context, it describes those who are in this country without proper authorizations (green card, visa, etc).  They have deliberately circumvented reasonable laws of this country and thus, by their actions, they have rendered themselves criminals.  The Standard's omission of that key word is, quite frankly, patently dishonest.  I fear I must say the same for the Maryland Catholic Conference and those who comprise this "task force" to advocate for the DREAM Act.  A case in point is Bishop Roczanski's statement, "we are an immigrant church."  True enough; however, we are NOT a criminal Church!

Mary Ellen Russell, Executive Director for the Maryland Catholic Conference, urges Maryland residents to "think through the motivations of the law's opponents."  That's fair enough - because we certainly urge Maryland residents to think through the motivations for the law's proponents!  Of course I urge Ms. Russell et al to think through their own movitations for the tweeking of language as described in the preceding paragraph.

Notice the third paragraph.  See how it states that " representatives from the archdioceses of Baltimore and Washington as well as the Diocese of Wilmington will promote the Church's advocacy on immigration issues while connecting those issues to Gospel values."  What does that mean?  Does it mean that they will dare to use the pulpit during Sunday Masses to push this progressive-pandering upon the congregations? 

Washington Theological Union To Close

I understand from this week's Catholic Standard that Washington Theological Union will close after the 2012-2013 academic year, owing to declining enrollments.

You'll recall that last week I alerted one and all of a heretic religious who gave a presentation at that institute.  You may refresh your memories here.  I have not been paying close attention to WTU over the years, but if last week's talk by Sr Sandra Schneiders has been typical fare, we may see herein a cause for the demise of WTU.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Pro-Lifers' Free Speech Rights Vindicated In Harford County MD

In the summer of 2008, a number of pro-life demonstrators were arrested in Harford County.  Some of the young women were subjected to multiple strip searches.  The pro-lifers subsequently filed civil suit, with the assistance of the Alliance Defense Fund, American Catholic Lawyers' Association and the Thomas More Society.  Defend Life, to which I link on the right side bar, was one of the plaintiffs.

On July 13th, federal judge Richard Bennett ruled in favor of the pro-life plaintiffs, agreeing that their First and Fourth Amendment rights were utterly disregarded by Maryland state troopers.  We congratulate our pro-life colleagues and give thanks to God.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Washington's CCHD Collection In August - Not November

A friend of mine alerted me to this  I wouldn't have learned of this otherwise, since I don't use parish envelopes. 

Anyway, the Archdiocese of Washington is doing their in-pew collection for the CCHD in August.  In prior years they followed the rest of the country in adhering to a November schedule.  Here is the link to the Second Collection Schedule.  There does seem to be some error here.  The hyperlink clearly says "2011 Second Collection Schedule", but the pdf itself does state "2012 Schedule".  Therein the CCHD is slated for August 12, which would be the 2012 Sunday.  However, my friend has confirmed that her envelope states that the CCHD collection will happen this coming August 14th.

I checked the schedule for the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  Their CCHD collection remains in November - at least for now.  So why is Washington accelerating their CCHD collection?  One can only speculate, but perhaps one hypothesis is that the CCHD offices don't want you to be informed as to the usage of your donation dollars.  This blog, and others, devoted much time to detailing the sordid origins of the Campaign for Human Development (the word "Catholic" was a relatively recent addition to the term).  Were they trying to "get a jump on us", as it were? 

One indication of an affirmative answer to that question lies in the minor name change to the collection.  Look at the ADW schedule again.  Notice that it's called "Catholic Communications and Human Development".  So they removed "Campaign for" and replaced it with "Communications and".  Well, so much for that ploy!

I urge you all to put the words "CCHD" in the "magnifying glass" box and read the material.  In particular, I make two suggestions.  First, examine all the material supplied by the Vortex, particularly the "CIA" piece on the CCHD and Saul Alinsky.  Second, go to the top right-hand corner and click on the "Catholic Media Coalition" logo.  That will take you to the CMC page, which itself contains a wealth of information on the CCHD.  I also urge you to google the words "CCHD Stephanie Block".  Ms. Block is a CMC colleague who has done yeoman's work in researching the CCHD; read that material.  This information will give you ample reason to not only boycott this CCHD collection, but to encourage others to do the same.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Montgomery County Gazette And Free Speech

About a month ago some reporters from the Gazette papers interviewed some of us who witness at the Spring Street Planned Parenthood in Silver Spring MD.  The article appeared in last week's edition.  Considering that the Gazette is owned by the Washington Post, a mainstream media outlet that makes no secret of its left-wing bias, the article was relatively decent although it was a tad distorted to the left.

This week the editorial staff weighed in with their editorial.  Here is the link.  Notice the first sentence, where they outright accuse us of overstepping the First Amendment into "harassment".  The article also applies "hindrance" to our activiites, conceding to the perjorative terminology employed by the "Washington Clinic Defense Task Force".  That is factually incorrect.  In no way do we hinder or block those going into the building.  We offer them information that is relevant to their situations - or at least we attempt to do so, for it is we who are hindered by the "clinic volunteers".  Here is some prima facie evidence.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

One sentence in this editorial is almost breathtaking in its inadvertent honesty.  I quote: "Women entering clinics may not be in the best frame of mind to talk with a stranger and think seriously about their decision."  That's right!  The Gazette is admitting that many of these women are NOT thinking seriously about their decisions.  We simply urge them to do so, as a decision to abort their babies will have devastating consequences on them - maybe not immediately but those consequences will make their presence felt.   Later on the Gazette states that the decsion to abort is "life-changing".  We agree!  Should they not be offered all available information?  As you saw in the video, who's doing the "hindering"?  More importantly, who is being harmed by the "hindrance"?  The women - and their unborn children!

NARAL: Foiled Again By That Pesky First Amendment!

The liberal lemmings who occupy the New York City Council had passed Local Law 17, which was just a NYC version of the cpc gag law scripted by NARAL.  Of course Mayor Bloomberg signed it, even though he admitted it was unconstitutional.

You will recall that during this past year, the same measure was passed in Baltimore City and Montgomery County.  In both localities, the measure was struck down as being an undue infringement on the First Amendment rights of the pro-life centers and their directors/staff.

Today history has repeated itself in New York City.  I won't repeat the entire article here, but I will congratulate the Alliance Defense Fund and the American Center for Law and Justice, who provided crucial help to the New York pro-life centers.

Vortex On Gay-Pandering In Boston

My friend at Throw The Bums Out (right sidebar) is based in Boston and has been following the "gay mass" scandal as it has been unfolding up there.  I urge you to please read it, and also read the other blogs to which she links.

For an excellent synopsis, watch this Vortex.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Priests! Preach The Evil Of Contraception!

I agree with Voris completely.  One little addition I might add is to preach against premarital cohabiitation, particularly in the pre-Cana classes.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Betty Ford - God Have Mercy On Her Soul

The former First Lady passed away a few days ago.  Almost immediately came the celebrations of her life, most notably her commendable fight against various addictions.

However, like the elephant in the living room that is quintessentially ignored, no one broached her lamentable support for baby-murder.  I saw nothing until I saw Jill Stanek's piece.  I commend her for breaking the ridiculous silence about this despicable aspect of Mrs. Ford's public life.

I truly pray that she experienced a moment of grace before her passing and died repentant of her pro-abortion advocacy.  I pray that the other surviving former First Ladies repent of their pro-abortion proclivities - and yes, I include the Republican ones in that prayer!

Alinsky's Paw-Prints On The MD DREAM Act

Comes now the news that the MD DREAM Act has the support of the Maryland chapter of the Industrial Areas Foundation.  Frankly, I'm not surprised in the least; I just didn't think they'd be so blatant about it. 

While they give the obligatory blather about "investing in our children", what they really mean is:
  1. "investing" in future community-organizing foot-soldiers
  2. "investing" in future progressives likely to vote for socialists (as was Alinsky himself)
Now ponder this.  The chanceries of the three MD dioceses and the Maryland Catholic Conference now find themselves openly in league with one of the most prominent progressive agitation outfits.  Of course they've probably been all along, as the chanceries, via the CCHD collections, have been funnelling Catholic money to them over the years.  Isn't this just..well...special?

HT to Pewsitter

Monday, July 11, 2011

Crisis In The Church - Will It Lead To Persecution?

Scripture and Tradition have always taught us to expect persecution.  In fact, it might even be said that if we aren't experiencing persecution of some variety, perhaps we should ask what we're doing wrong.  The persecution does seem to be getting more and more blatant.  A few days ago you saw on this blog a maniacal woman attack a pro-life activist.  We see how in public schools the very mention of God is forbidden by school officials.  So where is this all going?  The Vortex videos below this jump break will explore that question.

Ronald Reagan On Abortion

How long ago was it, when he said "this nation cannot continue turning a blind eye and deaf ear to the taking of 4000 children every day.."?   We are running out of time.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Why The DREAM Act Is A Booby-Trap For Maryland's Catholic Church

Through Pewsitter, I came across this article from National Catholic Reporter - Michael Sean Winter's blog, to be precise.  Herein lies a perfect example of the dangers of Catholics flirting with progressivism.  Winter unabashedly spews forth progressive apologetics and calls upon Maryland hierarchy to sell their credibility, if not their souls, to progressivism.

Winters asks this question of the Maryland bishops: "Can they - and will they - fight as strongly for the DREAM Act as other hierarchs have fought gay marriage proposals?"  My reply another question: "Why should they?"   We all know, whether or not we care to admit it, that there is absolutely no justification whatsoever to promote a lifestyle that goes against God's plan for marriage, sexuality and human relationshops and only causes physical and spiritual damage to those who practice it.  If gay activists think that they are acting "in the finest tradition of American politics" and "civil-rights achievements", it's high time that they be informed that they are just plain wrong - on many levels.

On the other hand, good people can disagree as to the means in pursuing less fundamental areas of caring for disadvantaged.  I stated in a previous post that DREAM Act opponents have legitimate concerns that this act may have the effect of undermining the well-being of other segments of the population. 

That brings us to the point of Mr Winters besmirching these legitimate concerns as "anti-immigrant xenophobia".  With all due respect, Mr Winters et al, who do you think you are in dismissing our concerns in such a perjorative manner?   Regretably, Msgr Mark Brennan voiced similar sentiments in the Catholic Standard article last week.

In Mr Winter's first question, I perceive an additional message.  Might it be, "Look, you dissed off your liberal and progressive money-bags and sugar-daddies in opposing gay marriage!  You need to make it up to us!  Therefore, we expect you to deliver Catholic support to the DREAM Act to bolster our votes at election time!  And by golly, you had damned well better squelch all opposition and even questioning from those pesky, conservative tea-party elements within your pews!  Otherwise, expect government funding for your pet projects to dry up in a heartbeat!"

Whatever the underlying intent of that question, without a doubt the progressive elements in the chanceries are getting with the program with all due haste.  Having squelched dissent within the ranks of clergy (and I know some of them do not support the DREAM Act), they have made it clear that they are on the job!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the Maryland hierarchy showed the same resolve and alacrity when it comes to ending abortion, or at least Catholic support for abortion?  It would mean that they'd obey Canon 915 instead of treating this binding law as a "pastoral option".  It means that the DC pro-life office would not eschew important ongoing pro-life efforts simply because the truth of abortion is vividly portrayed (yes, you know what I'm talking about!).

Once again, I'm not making a case, "pro or con", for the DREAM Act - at least, not at this time.  For now, I just want to ensure one and all that this question is one in which Catholic moral teaching allows for honest differences of opinion.  Contrary to implications of the Catholic Standard, you are not a "xenophobe" if you dare to differ from the chanceries and conferences.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Heretic Nun To Speak At Washington Theological Union July 14th

Today an astute reader named Maria, in commenting on one of my posts, alerted me to a heretical speaker who is slated to speak at the Washington Theological Union on July 14th at 7:30pm.  She is Sister Sandra M. Schneiders, IHM.  A google search reveals that she is one of that bunch of heterodox nuns of the radical feminist variety.  She is, or was, involved in Call to Action. 

This article details some of her weird beliefs.  Here are some direct quotes from Sister:
  • Jesus is a Sophia Incarnation.
  • The Bible is not only linguistically and culturally strange to the modern reader; it also contains both scientific and historical errors and morally problematic material...
Two years ago, she wrote an article for the National Catholic Reporter (of course!) complaining about the Apostolic Visitation yet to occur.  Here's one choice snippet: "The current Apostolic Visitation is not a normal dialogue between religious and church authorities. It is the ecclesiastical analogue of a grand jury indictment.."  One could opine that she has a problem with Church authority.  In another complaint about the visitation, she opined in an email, publised by NCRonline, that "we've given birth to a new form of religious life".  That's arguably true; however, this "new form" is a grotesque, banalized caricature of authentic religious life.

The title of her talk (as announced in this week's Catholic Standard) is "Christian Mission to the World: What Are We Called To And Why?"  Well, given that this woman thinks that Jesus is a "sophia incarnation", we know that this talk won't be worth the spit produced in its utterance.

For Washington Theological Union, here is a list of the staff, including the president.  Here is a list of the board of trustees.  Finally, here is the page with address, phone numbers and faxes.  Let's contact them and suggest that they not be host to the spewing of heresy.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Perversions Of Social Justice

Keep in mind the Vortex episode from Wed July 6 as I expound upon the following two matters:

1) On the same day, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Catholic Relief Services weighed in on the budget situation in Congress.  They are commenting on the Foreign Appropriations Bill for fiscal year 2012.  I'm sure you can guess.  They are warning against budget cuts for various programs for poor people in the world.  While I certainly don't doubt that there is real suffering out there, I do doubt the USCCB's and CRS's grasp of economic realities.  The simple truth is this: we don't have the money.  We are printing funny-money and borrowing to the whazoo, threatening the well-being of our own progeny.  Do the USCCB and CRS care about that?  Such doesn't even make one appearance in their whinings.  What does make its startling appearance in their statements is this claim, and I quote, "poverty and hopelessness can provide a fertile ground for the growth of terrorism."   Now consider the reality of that statement - or lack thereof, I should say.  No one doubts that terrorism requires money, and lots of it.  Why, the terrorists have to be trained, have to be given weapons, perhaps transported to their targets.  That doesn't even touch upon the research, planning, etc that is probably done to plan a strike.  So these indigent people have no money to procure basic necessities for themselves and their families, but they'll have money to go shooting up people, blowing themselves up, etc?  Such are the fuzzy pipe-dreams that pass for thinking inside these "professional catholyc" enclaves such as the USCCB and the CRS.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Another Catholic Standard Kiss-Up To Pro-Abortion Pols

The headline just seems so inspirational, doesn't it?  "First Lady Michelle Obama urges young people to lead Africa's future."  Well, what young people?  The ones that escaped the clutches of the abortionists - you know, the ones that both Mr and Mrs Messiah Most Miserable celebrate and support.  Seems rather hypocritical, doesn't it?

I need not rehash all the ways that Obama and his Minions Most Mindless have acted to enshrine abortion in this culture; you can read that elsewhere on this blog and the web.  What never fails to sadden me is that such posturing can take place on Catholic property - in this case, in Regina Mundi Church in Soweto.  What also saddens me (but does not surprise me in the least) is that the editorial staff of the Catholic Standard see fit to waste newsprint on this tripe.  There was no need for this to be printed, as it has absolutely no relevance to affairs in the Church of Washington.  Oh, wait!  I forgot!  There is that flattery element, isn't there?   See why we bloggers are so needed?

"Social Justice" Subordinate To Matters Of Eternal Salvation

In this Vortex, Michael Voris comments on some words of Pope Benedict XVI, that can be found here.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

Another "Tolerant Pro-Choice" Person

UPDATE: As of July 7th, the perpetrator has been apprehended and charged.  See the OR post.

This happened outside Southwestern Women's Options of Albuquerque, NM.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

SOLT Releases Statement Regarding Fr John Corapi

While this blog hasn't carried too much regarding the Fr Corapi debacle, other blogs have been aflame and atwitter about it.  Today his religious society, the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, released a press statement, to which I now link.  You might ask what I think.  My answer is, "I don't know."  Like His Excellency Rene Gracida, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, I believe SOLT bungled its own handling of this mess badly.

This SOLT press release tells us absolutely nothing.  Too many things about the release just don't make sense or actually stink to high heaven themselves.  Not the least is the timing of this release - just before a SOLT meeting that will make the SOLT leaders unavailable for comment regarding their own press release.  I cannot believe this release to be a sufficient basis to draw any conclusion whatsoever regarding the Corapi situation.

All we can do at this point in time is to pray for all involved, that all submit to God's truth and act accordingly.

Monday, July 4, 2011

This Young Lady's Courage Should Be Emulated!

In Frankfurt Germany, this past April, radical Muslims held an outdoor rally.  A young German lady had the guts to speak out against the encroaching sharia culture in her country.  She, or someone like her, would have been a breath of fresh air to that debacle at St Rose's last month.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Democrat Candidate Commits Violence Against Pro-Life Activist

Lifenews reports that during last year's March for Life on January 24th, a Democratic candidate for the Fairfax County (VA) Board of Education for deliberately striking a march participant with her vehicle.  I direct you to the Lifenews article for the details of the incident and the criminal charges that Charisse Espy Glassman faces in the District.  Read all the way down to see how the automobile is becoming the weapon of choice as baby-murder advocates strike out against pro-lifers who prick their consciences.  Here's the Washington Post write-up.

One has to wonder what took her so long to cease her political campaign.  Did it take that much convincing for her to get it through her skull that vehicular assault (I wonder why the charge isn't attempted vehicular homicide) does not look good on a political resume (although it didn't hurt Ted Kennedy too much).  One also has to wonder just what her educational philosophy would have been, had she actually won a seat on that school board.  No wonder our public schools are in such lousy shape!

On This Independence Day..

As we celebrate our nation's birthday, not too many people will give enough thought as to just what we're celebrating.  As we chomp on burgers and hot dogs and perhaps watch some fireworks, few will ponder anything outside of the ability to enjoy a fair amount of creature comforts and recreation; therein lies the peril to the continuance of the United States of America as we know it.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Leadership Woes At Catholic Relief Services

In the June 30th issue of the Catholic Standard, we read that Carolyn Y Woo has been named president and CEO of Catholic Relief Services.  Currently, she is dean of the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame.

Bishop Gerald Kicanas, CRS board chairman, states that "Dr. Woo is a woman of deep faith with a strong commitment to the mission of the Church."  I'm inclined to take that with just a pinch of salt.  Often, a person's political contributions are indicative of their beliefs - or at least the consistency of those beliefs. shows that in October 2008, she contributed to something called the Asian American Action Fund.  What is that?  Well, take a look.  It's just another front group for Democrats.  What were they doing in October 2008?  Trying to elect the Messiah Most Miserable, of course!  Look at some of the AAAF's sponsors.  You'll notice some from the "usual gang of suspects": AFL-CIO, SEIU, etc.  They have appeared on this blog many times.

By no means, however, is Dr Woo the only problematic member of the CRS leadership group.  In fact, she may well be a lesser problem than at least one other person who is on the board of directors: Sister Carol Keehan.  She, too has been in the limelight, particularly after she sold her Church and countless unborn children and other vulnerable people by her support for the Obama Hell Bill.

As I've said before, I believe that these "charitable pass-through" organizations are worthless, at best.  Pass up their in-pew collections and donate directly to honorable and useful charities.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Another "Safe" Abortion!

I know some of you near the Woodside Park in Silver Spring watch this blog.  Some of you have expressed chagrin at our signs that depict the reality of what you tolerate in your neighborhood.  Of course they prick your consciences - as they should, if you're sympathetic to the baby-murdering Planned Parenthood at 1400 Spring Street.

Watch this video (if you have the guts and integrity to do so).  Is this the sort of thing you'll tolerate in your neighborhood?  This woman's distress was entirely unnecessary, as abortion is never necessary.  Oh, by the way - this death center is a member of the National Abortion Federation.  So much for their overly-vaunted standards!  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Good News! DREAM Act Referendum Effort Successful!

The despicable malfeasance of the Maryland Catholic Conference notwithstanding, the effort to petition the Maryland DREAM Act will go to referendum.  This effort was spearheaded by the Maryland Society of Patriots.  Here is their report.  The results were so impressive that they drew the attention of both the Washington Post and the Baltimore Sun.

My blogging colleague, An Archdiocese of Washington Catholic, has this to say about the dubious efforts of the Maryland Catholic Conference - and Casa.  Displaying dangerously simplistic thinking (and that is a generous assumption), the MCC fails to consider this dangerous aspect of the DREAM Act.  Funny thing - they like to glom onto these booby traps that sound oh-so-compassionate, but they don't address the whole picture.  In particular, they don't address the funding aspects.

According to this email that I've received from the Archdiocese of Washington today, the MCC seems resigned to the DREAM Act appearing on the next ballot.  Here is the relevant portion:

Church Prepares to Educate Parishioners on the DREAM Act

The Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC) is pleased to announce the creation of an Interdiocesan Immigration Task Force, whose mission will be to educate Maryland Catholics about why the DREAM Act deserves their support, and to help them make the connection between Gospel values and the Church’s public policy positions on immigration.

The DREAM Act provides tuition equity for all students who have been residing in Maryland for at least three years while attending high school. Bishop Francisco González, auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Washington, will chair the task force. It includes representatives from the Archdioceses of Washington and Baltimore and the Diocese of Wilmington. Each have have territory in Maryland
As a first step, the MCC has launched a Facebook page dedicated to the issue of immigration as a way to connect people to this issue and educate them. To sign up visit them on Facebook.
MCC has extensive material on their website on immigration issues. Visit the MCC website for more information, or call Kathy Dempsey at 301-261-1979.

Got that?  We're going to be "educated"!  I wouldn't be a bit surprised if some of that occurred during homily time - in others words, during Mass!  Shouldn't the Maryland chanceries be more concerned with education about.., oh, I dunno... things like the Magisterium's teaching on baby-murder, contraception, the homosexual lifestyle being inherently sinful, or adherence to Canon 915 with respect to pro-gay, pro-abortion politicians (many of whom are supporters of this DREAM Act)?
When I learn of specific "educational" actions to be undertaken, I'll advise you - and I ask that you let me know via a comment.

We're Back!!

I've been away for a few days and have been unable to post anything.  However, I've returned so postings will now resume.