Thursday, January 30, 2020

Progressives Believe That Billionaires And Babies Should Not Exist

As most of you know, I live in the liberal loony bin known as Montgomery County, MD.  It is quite common around here to see cars with bumper strips that tout allegiance to some progressive demigogue-wannabe, such as Bernie Sanders.  That is what you see to the left.  But notice that there are two strips.  I couldn't read the lower left of the one on the right side of the car, but I believe that originated from the Sanders campaign as well as the other.  You can click on it and it should open in a new window.  Then you can expand the picture.  It says "Billionaires should not exist".  Can't you just feel the loovvvee?  The "tolerance"??  Can Sanders be a tad envious of billionaires?  After all, he himself is only worth a paltry two million dollars.  I don't know about you, but I think I could struggle by on a mere $2M, but I digress.  I was going to ask why didn't he say "millionaires should not exist" but I suppose I answered my own question.

What do they propose to do with any hapless billionaire that should cross their paths?  Rob him/her of his/her wealth on the spot?  Or perhaps they have some sort of Hitler-esque "final solution" in mind for these souls who dare to be wealthier than Sanders himself?

One class of individuals whom Sanders and indeed the whole gamut of Democratic presidential candidates would consign to the final solution is unborn children.  Maryland, being cursed with progressives in Annapolis and weak or even complicit bishops in chanceries, is a mecca for child killers.  Not only is Leroy Carhart permitted to continue his slaughter business in Bethesda, but apparently unlicensed abortionists are allowed to slaughter babies while civil officials look the other way.

We had long been aware that Delhi Thweatt was a threat to women as well as their children.  Operation Rescue has recently learned that his licence expired over three months ago, yet he still does his butchery at the mill in Hagerstown MD.  On the OR sight is a video of a city council meeting where Christians try to point out this mess and ask for correction.  Somehow I had hoped that Washington County had more sense of decency and responsibility than Montgomery County, but alas, I appear to be mistaken.

We have our work cut out for us.  We must continue to pray the Rosary, as Our Lady requested.  We must also work to take back our culture from the dung heap.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Attempts To Silence Us In The Church And Civic Life

When truth is spoken, those who revel in falsehood and fantasy lash out at those who speak it.  They fear both the searing of their consciences and for some the threat to their exploitation of the good faith of those who might be inclined to listen and obey them.  I believe that is why a plethora of these progressive wonks are trying to cajole and even coerce us into silence.

Let's examine the attempt being made by Bishop Barron.  He recently suggested that the US bishops introduce a mandatum for those "who claim to teach the Catholic faith online".  He laments "those trading in hateful divisive speech".  One wonders how he defines "divisive", for truth is divisive.  One either heeds it, or they don't.  There really is no "meeting of the minds" here.  If the bishops were really serious about cleaning up the teaching of the Faith, they have their work cut out for them at so-called Catholic institutes of higher learning like Georgetown University or Marquette University or Notre Dame.  Then of course there's Bishop Barron's heretical "hope" that no one is in hell.  Would that cause him to be denied this "mandatum"?  Of course not!

Then we have the chief of the Italian Bishops' Conference, Cardinal Bassetti, telling Catholics who question the pope's ever-increasing indiscretions to consider leaving the Catholic Church.  In other wods, he is advocating schism.  Similarly, the pope himself had similar gripes.  He coined a new term: "deepfake news".  Of course, if he had been inspired with that phrase by watching CNN or reading the Washington Post I might understand, but the context makes clear his thinking.

The close timing of these two statements by Barron and Bassetti are, I suspect, no coincidence.  They understand that they no longer have total control of the public arena of ideas.  They also know that not only will we spread the word, we will NOT spread our money; recall Saturday's post.  Both of these facts threaten their progressive schemes for the Church.

We are seeing similar backlashes against the truth in the secular arena as well.  In Virginia, the now-Democrat-controlled house is considering HB 1627.  This bill would essentially criminalize any criticism of the governor and other elected officials.  Please note that it is the progressives, mostly Democrats, who are devoid of any sense of obedience to God.  Thus, perceiving themselves to be de facto gods, behave as authoritarian, jack-booted thugs and tyrants.

As we assume the mantle of Church Militant, evil will push back.  We must double down on our prayers, particularly Mass and Rosary.  We must also stand for the Faith.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Church Hierarchy Feeling Some Much-Needed Financial Pain

Please go to the website of Our Parish Times and examine the January 2020 edition.  On the front page, left side is an article by Msgr John Enz ler entitled "Is Our Anger Hurting Those Most In Need?"  As you read it, you'll see that it's not much more than a cheap attempt to lay guilt trips on faithful Catholics who are making their disappointment known in the only language the Church hierarchy understands - money.  Well, obviously we are having an impact in that area.  That is why we see this backlash from Ensler, who no doubt scribbled this screed at the behest of higher-ups in the Church. 

Not only does Enzler dance around the problems that we are addressing (other than token lip service), but he is actually downright dishonest about the use of our donations.  Nowhere in his diatribe do I see acknowledged the fact that a portion of our donations to our parishes is assessed by the Archdiocese and then paid to the chancery.  Moreover, as I noted last week, the Archdiocese in turn forks over a portion of those assessments to the USCCB.  In his article, Enzler quotes the late Tip O'Neill who said "all politics is local".  If that is the case, Msgr Enzler, why shouldn't donations stay local as well?

If the DC chancery is really concerned about the financial well-being of their parishes, they would announce ways that parishioners could donate without any money being siphoned up the chain of command.  Perhaps they might cease their own contributions to the USCCB.  Perhaps the bishops as a whole stop having their semi-annual meetings in swanky hotels; a retreat center would be more in conformity with their sacerdotal offices, anyway.

In the meantime, I would suggest that faithful Catholics do all they can to keep their money from funding corrupt chanceries and the USCCB.  Now we do have the precept of the Church that says we must support the work of the Church.  But it is not the work of the Church to shield predators from justice or to glom onto progressive causes as though they are equivalent to the salvation of souls.  There are traditional orders to be supported.  There are local charities and pro-life efforts that operate on shoe-string budgets.  There are local food banks and soup kitchens that need help.  Truth-telling Catholic sites such as LifeSiteNews and Lepanto Institute need assistance.  This is a non-exhaustive list of organizations that will put your donation dollars to worthy use.

Maybe Enzler might want to think of the real mission of the Church.  Then he might write of himself and his cronies, "Is Our Dereliction of Duty Condemning the Souls in Our Care to Hell?"

Friday, January 24, 2020

President Trump Speaks At March For Life Today

Today was a historical day.  President Trump became the first President to address the March for Life in person, during its entire 47-year history.  Funny thing - I checked the facebook pages of some #nevertrump wags.  Except for one cynical blurb, they had absolutely nothing to say about that; I'm not at all surprised.  I for one am thankful that he showed and spoke.  Here is the clip.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Another Knestout Giving Permission For Mortal Sin?

St Bartholomew parish is located on River Road in Potomac, MD.  The area is quite affluent.  It seems that the parish school is in trouble - in more ways than the pastor, Fr Mark Knestout and other parishioners care to acknowledge.

From the online version of Bethesda magazine, we read of the school's financial troubles and the efforts of some parishioners to bring money to the school.  One of those intent on rustling up some cash for the school is a Christopher Cahill, along with his "husband".


This parish and school has more serious fundamental problems than mere lack of cash.  They appear to have little in the way of fidelity to the moral teachings of Jesus Christ and His One True Church.  One can only guess that Cahill and his accomplice in sodomy are quite open about living in mortal sin.  Is Father Knestout taking any corrective action?  Is he denying them Holy Communion until they quit their mortal sins?  This pair have two children in their custody.   What of the terrible example that the two guys are giving to the children?  Do their fellow parishioners understand what is at stake here?  If the parish tolerates and even approves of this flagrant mortal sin, its own moral lacitude can only corrupt any Catholic education that the school would otherwise be able to impart.  How on earth can they communicate Church moral teaching when they themselves look the other way as it occurs in their Church?

This parish has had a bit of history in looking the other way when it comes to mortal sins of its parishioners.  For many years it was the parish of Connie Morella, until she had a moment of lucidity and realized that her pro-abortion advocacy was at variance with Christian morality.  Rather than repent, she became Episcopalian.  We pray for her repentance, but let's return to the main point of this post.

Unless Father Knestout is completely oblivious - and I don't think he is - he is standing  by  while the Catholic faith of his parish rots.  That being the case, of course the parish school will suffer the ramifications of that.  How many students might have attended that place, has they not been aborted or had their existences prevented via contraception?

Father Mark Knestout is the younger brother of Bishop Barry Knestout of the Diocese of Richmond.  We've been reading enough of the latter's disgraceful dereliction of duty when it come to sacrilege in his diocese; see my blog posts of the past two weeks.

Instead of cash, I'd suggest donations of spiritual boquets, for the conversion and repentance of all involved in this sin of sodomy at St Bart's, either by actual deed done or by giving approval of this sin.  Contact Fr Knestout and ask him to address this serious situation.  If the parish won't reform, then perhaps it's for the best if the school closes, for it would be teaching a deadly counterfeit of the One True Faith.

(HT - Canon 212)


Pope Emeritus Benedict and Cardinal Sarah have released a book that defends priestly celebacy from apparent attempts by Pope Francis to admit married men to the priesthood.  Pope Francis has come out swinging against it, and that reaction has caused its own tumult.  So who does Pope Francis call upon to bail him out?  Eugenio Scalfari, of course!

Now wait a minute!  Isn't this the same Scalfari that the Vatican Communications office claims to be so unreliable as to miscontrue the pope's various remarks?  So why, oh why, does the pope keep going to him?  Can it be that we bloggers of the Great Unwashed were correct all along in calling out the Vatican's statements as mere smoke and mirrors?  It seems that they aren't bothering with that schtick anymore, validating Scalfari's accounts of his conversations with the pope.

In October, it came out that the pope told Scalfari that Jesus was not God while on earth.  In light of the pope's hightailing it to Scalfari, I can only believe Scalfari's account of the pope's beliefs. If such is the case, and it very likely is, the pope spouted heresy.

This, plus reputed irregularities of the papal election, raise the question of whether or not we have an anitpope on our hands.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Planned Sacrilege In Williamsburg Church - CANCELLED, DEO GRATIAS

The previous post on this blog was a call to action to prevent a scheduled sacrilege at a Catholic church in Williamsburg.  As you know, Bishop Barry Knestout offered the local espiscopalean church use of St Bede's to profane the Sacrament of Holy Orders by "ordaining" a "woman bishop".  In a live broadcast this evening, Michael Hichborn did an excellent job in detailing all the theological and moral errors behind what Bishop Knestout did in giving permission for this monstrosity to occur.  Please note that there were problems with the audio in the first part.  Skip ahead a few minutes to the -59:38 mark for the audio.

Thankfully, the sacrilege was averted.

Upon learning of the sacrilege scheduled for their parish, faithful Catholics within that parish mobilized to take action.  They made the situation known on social media.  One of them started a Facebook group for the express purpose of combatting it.  The Lepanto Institute offered to help organize a Rosary rally to occur at the same time the event was to occur.  Many people from across the nation contacted both the parish and the Richmond diocese.  Local secular news outlets picked up the story.  

Soon word got back to the episcopal diocese of the concerns of faithful Catholics.  It was the episcopal church that took it upon themselves to relocate their event to another venue.  It seems that they had more sense of decency than did Bishop Knestout.  The latter released a statement expressing "sadness" at the move.  I link to it now.  This is not the first time that Bishop Knestout has displayed a regrettable penchant for apologizing to non-Catholics for the virtuous acts of real, faithful Catholics.  Eight years ago, at my parish, when Father Guarnizo refused Holy Communion to the flagrant lesbian (go to the archives for March 2012), Bishop Knestout apologized - to the lesbian.  Here is that letter.  Please open both these pieces of drivvel side by side.

They are both rife with error and yes, sin.  In both cases, he is voicing anger (yes, it's anger) that Catholics behaved like faithful Catholics in ways that showed either his own dissidence against the Faith or that of his superiors.  He evokes false definitions of ecumenism, compassion, etc.  He evinces an abysmal lack of appreciation for both the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Holy Orders.  I could go on and on, but I think you get the drift.

A big happy "take-away" from this Williamsburg event is the lesson of what can happen when faithful Catholics stand up to evil - even from our hierarchy - and not let them get away with it.  Certainly our prayers, Masses, Rosaries played a critical role.  So did our voices.  So did our being thorns in the sides of the Richmond chancery and the St Bede's parish offices.  

I understand that the same band of Catholics will now be offering Rosaries of thanksgiving in lieu of the now-cancelled Rosary Rally.  We can add our Rosaries of thanksgiving whereever we happen to be now.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Call To Action For Faithful Catholics - Diocese Of Richmond VA

Michael Hichborn of Lepanto institute has discovered that a Catholic Church in Williamsburg VA is slated to host the so-called "ordination" of a female "bishop" for the episcopalians.  Here is the announcement.  Let a few things sink in.
  • An espiscopal "ordination", that isn't really an ordination for these protestants have no valid orders, is slated to occur in a Catholic church.  This is sacrilege, a mockery of the Sacrament of Holy Orders.  That this is being permitted to happen in a Catholic church is an utter disgrace, if not a commission of mortal sin on the part of the pastor of St Bede's.  It is a violation of Canon Law, specifically Canons 1210-1212.
  • The so-called "ordinand" is a woman.  Our Lord made clear that the Sacrament of Holy Orders is reserved to men.  This raises an interesting question: is this debacle being allowed to occur, to anesthesize us to the attempts in the Vatician to push women's ordinations?
The bishop of the Diocese of Richmond (suffrigan diocese of the Archdiocese of Baltimore) is Bishop Barry Knestout.  Readers of this blog will recall that Bishop Knestout, while an auxiliary bishop here under Cardinal Wuerl, expelled a faithful Catholic priest for withholding Communion from a flaming lesbian.  He apologized - to the lesbian.  Father Guarnizo himself told the entire truth about the unethical treatment that he received from the one who is now Bishop of Richmond.

A petition is being circulated online to Bishop Knestout to put a halt to that planned sacrilege.  Here it is and I urge you to sign and circulate it.  I understand that a picket is being planned, should our voices be ignored.  If the local church wants to avoid a picket, they need only remember that they are Catholics and simply tell the episcopaleans to take their little ceremoney elsewhere.

Here is contact information for the diocese.  Here it is for St Bede's.  In particular, let Msgr Lehman know that his hokey attempt at justifying the sacrilege falls flat on its face, and let both of them know that a picket is in the works should they be so imprudent and careless about their duties as to allow this to happen.

Good News For Donors

Many good Catholics are in a moral quandry when it comes to donations.  On the one hand, their local parishes may be rather decent, but their diocese - not so much.  Moreover, we have recently learned that at their November meeting last month, the USCCB voted to increase the amount of money that they assess from the US dioceses.  Thus, not only might good Catholics see some of their money going to a lackluster diocese, but they would then see a portion of that be remitted to an absolutely corrupt USCCB.

For that reason, I was delighted to be informed that the Code of Canon Law allows donors to specify how their donations are to be used.  I am referring specifically to Canon 1300.  Accordingly, a friend suggested some language for a letter attached to such donations and I post it (with my own modifications) below:

Dear Father PASTOR,

Please note that we are donating (AMOUNT OF DONATION) to (NAME) parish and that all thid money must stay within the parish. Please respect our wish that no part of this donation is to be transferred to the (LOCAL DIOCESE) nor should it be included in the calculation of any diocesan assessment. We are happy to support your work because we have confidence that your leadership is faithful to the Catholic Church and her timeless teachings

(end sample latter)

In the Archdiocese of Washington, the suggested letter can be coupled with another strategy that I mentioned in July 2018.  The Christmas and Easter collections are (for the time being) exempt from the archdiocesan assessment.  Save all the money you would have donated throughout the year and then give it on one or both of those days.  Now I might suggest adding that letter to your contributions.

I can only think of one down-side to this strategy.  We are speaking of Canon law here, and as we've seen with Canon 915, the bishops' track record of obedience to canon law has been, uh, rather selective, shall we say.  However, if you're donating to an honorable pastor, I would hope the strategy proves sound.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

From "The Follyhood Of Hollywood" Department - Catholic Influence On Popular Entertainment

Remember all the yap and yammer about the "golden age of Hollywood"?  Supposedly that occurred between the late 1930s to the late 1950s.  There were some well-made movies, true.  But..does the clip below strike you as anything "golden"?

Hollywood put out some raunchy stuff in its nascent days.  However, some of that was abated in the mid 20th century.  Events such as the Great Depression and World War II served to bring some sobriety not only to the moguls of Hollywood but also to the general public that seemed to slurp up Hollywood's products.  But there was another influence on Hollywood that served to stem some of the moral slop.  I am talking of the Legion of Decency.  It was founded in 1933 with the specific aim of bringing Catholic morality to bear on the entertainment industry.  The Legion put out lists of movies with different ratings based on the morality - or lack thereof - the various movies made during that time.  Here is a list of the movies that they condemned; a brief glace at the titles gives more than an inkling of the reason for the condemnations.

Members of the Legion took a pledge not only to boycott the condemned movies but also the theater that showed the movies.  At that time, the Catholic Church was held in high esteem and its voice carried great weight - certainly among the Catholics in the pew but also on non-Catholics as well.  Their power of the purse was quite considerable.  Hollywood realized that it made good economic sense to clean up at least a sizable portion of their offerings.

The influence of the Legion started to wane in the early 1970s, just as the horrible ramifications of the "spirit of Vatican II" began to sap the vitality from Catholic spiritual life and soon the movies started to assume their former depravity and even exceeded it.  What this shows that the Catholic Church, when she had her moral credibility intact, was a definite force for moral good in this country, protestant as it was.  Nowadays, even otherwise faithful Catholics show just as much imprudence regarding entertainment as do their non-Catholic counterparts.  See here and here for previous writings on this matter.

This past week at the Golden Globes awards, Michelle Williams accepted a cheap bauble, and made a speech lauding "women's rights", attributing her award to the murder of her own child.  We even have Disney putting forth a cartoon series to introduce children to the occult and practice of witchcraft.  The trailer is below.  Bear in mind that these Hollywood trends are nothing new.  The first clip from the 1920s and 1930s bears that out.  Catholic influence, in the form of the Legion of Decency, held them at bay for a while, but now that so many bishops care so little for the Faith, Hollywood can once again run amok.  We won't get our culture on a decent trend until we clean out the filth from our Church.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Diocese Of St Augustine Trips All Over Itself In Denials

Thanks to modern technology, the Diocese of St Augustine has been caught in their own snares and wiles as they try to disavow knowledge of McCarrick's presence.  Notice here an updated  statement from the diocese on the matter.  I saw the original and regret not copying it, where they do bad-mouth Church Militant for allegedly not having their reporter contact them.  CM did in fact do so, and the exchange was recorded and that is posted below.  Below that is an account in today's Vortex.  Again, Mr. Weigel, this is why we are needed.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Kudos To The Covington Boys

Today it was announced that Nick Sandmann won a settlement as a result of his lawsuit against CNN.  This is a nice dose of justice for those beleagured young men.  It also bodes well for their other lawsuits against other irresponsible entities.  See here and here.  The Daily Wire piece lists local Catholic dioceses as defendents in other suits.  I hope they are compelled to pay sizable damages to those boys.

Again, kudos to the young men for pursuing justice.

Kansas' Gain Is Florida's Loss

LifeSiteNews announced that Theodore McCarrick moved from the friary in Kansas to what  they called an "undisclosed location".  They stated that the move was voluntary on McCarrick's part and is being done to deal with the increased scrutiny under which McCarrick finds himself, owing to his decades of homosexual predations on young men.

The account of this  event is somewhat confusing.  James Grein was one of McCarrick's first victims.  It was his testimony that set into motion the events that culminated in McCarrick's dismissal from the clerical state.  He said to LifeSiteNews of their account, "this is news to me."  However, George Neumayr stated in a tweet that Grein told him that McCarrick had moved to a priests' retirement community within the Diocese of St Augustine (FL).  That would be this place.  So first Grein doesn't know, but then he tells Neumayr where McCarrick went??

At any rate, notice that this place only has six apartments.  I would think that demand for these apartments would be high.  So assuming that McCarrick did move there, who moved the necessary mountains to make that possible?  Church Militant's piece suggests that McCarrick will be able to come and go at will, as does the St. Michael's site.  Isn't that convenient, given that Jacksonville International Airport is just 30 miles away from his new residence?  What with all that scrutiny and such, the new digs might come in handy.  Hmmm...

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Weigels's Sinful Suggestion To Play The Three Monkeys

First let me share with you a little gem that I read this past summer.

Now that you've taken a stroll through that diatribe, I'd like to point out a few things.  There is, of course, the socialistic kvelling about the "gap" between the wages of CEOs and their employees.  In the right-hand column she asks, "what will it take to bring executive pay under control?"  My reply to that would be another question: "under the control of whom or what?"  Well, you get the drift..

This thing reads like coursework from "socialism 101" or maybe the Pravda.  But it isn't, as you see in the top and the bottom.  I was at Maryland's eastern shore this past summer.  That area lies within the Diocese of Wilmington and the clip above is from the Diocese's official newspaper, The Dialog.  Moreover, you see at the bottom that this article came from the Catholic News Service, the official propaganda arm of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  One would hope that a Catholic newspaper would be printing things designed to encourage use of the Sacraments or meditation on the Last Four Things: in other words, matters pertaining to our eternal salvation, for the salvation of souls is the Church's mission.  Sadly its dereliction of duty is not the exception, but the rule.

And that, George Weigel, is why we bloggers and - how did you so eloquently define us? - "hysteria-mongers and propagandists" must continue our work.  We have to counteract the communist codswallop (such as the Dialog piece above) and advise our fellow Catholics of the true dangers that threaten our Church, many of those dangers being inflicted by the current pontiff.

As another "case in point" regarding the absolute uselessness and even dishonesty of the "reliable Catholic news" that Weigel lovingly extols. recall the horrific way in which Father Marcel Guarnizo was treated at my parish almost eight years ago.  This was in the Archdiocese of Washington and much of the thuggery that he endured was at the hands of the DC chancery, then headed by Cardinal Wuerl.  Neither the Catholic Standard or Our Parish Times uttered one peep over that disgraceful incident, although in the secular outlets, it was broadcast world-wide.  The two Catholic publications in the area, by their silence, not only showed themselves to be utterly useless but patently dishonest as well. By the way - I understand that George Weigel resides in Montgomery County MD, within the Archdiocese of Washington.  I just tried to google anything that he might have written about the matter, but my search yielded nothing.  If any such work exists, please advise via the combox.  Otherwise, I might find such absence to be quite telling.

The LifeSiteNews piece gives a summary of Janet Smith's rebuttal of Weigel.  I think it is excellent, but I do have one minor disagreement with her.  She writes, "those who are excessively troubled by the relentless revelations should lmit themselves to reading only safe sources".  No.  For one thing, what constitutes "safe"?  Those sources that paint happy-clappy pictures of Church situations sin by dishonesty.  Moreover, I would challenge those "excessively troubled" to stop playing the wimp, to stiffen the spines, thicken the skins, harden the noses and just plain grow up.  We are the Chuirch Militant, not the Church Mellow nor the Church Miserable nor the Church Milquetoast.  We are to fight for the Church, not take flight and run.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

When Will Archbishop Lori Clean Out St Ignatius Church In The Mount Vernon Area?

Last evening Archbishop Lori led a New Year's Eve "interfaith prayer service" at St. Ignatius in Baltimore.  Behold this from the Archdiocese's facebook page.

Yes, it's this parish.  Whatever other "faith" might have been represented there last evening, the Roman Catholic faith got short shrift.  As we look at the parish's web site, we see that Gordon Creamer is still the honcho behind its LGBT dating service "ministry".  Please note that this page still openly boasts of its participation in Baltimore's "pride parades" during the past several years.  Now take a look at who is chair of the parish council.  Yep!  It's "gay-married" Gordon Creamer!  Bear in mind that I am linking to the parish's pages as they appeared today.  When I wrote this account of my very brief interaction with the pastor, Creamer was just a member.  So that means that during the intervening three months, Creamer was elevated to a more prominent position in the parish.

Ladies and gentlemen, particularly Catholics of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, the Archbishop knows damned well what is going on here - and at St Matthew's, for that matter.  He is doing absolutely nothing to expunge the poison that is spiritually killing the Catholics under his watch.  Faithful Catholics there, I suggest that you cease any archdiocesan contributions immediately, and if he ever appears publicly, challenge him on these matters (and have a friend record the exchange).  We simply have to hold their feet to the fire.  What I stated in this post's title would be an excellent New Year's resolution for him and his brother bishops.

Starting The New Year With Slaps

Actually the incident happened yesterday, captured in video.  The pope was shaking many hands in the crowd beyond the barrier.  A woman, for whatever reason, would not let go of his hand and she could be heard saying something loudly.  Some speculation was that she was pleading for Chinese Catholics, whom Pope Francis threw under the bus to appease the communist government.

At any rate, he can be seen striking the woman twice and then stomping away, with quite a scowl on his face.  While doing so, he exclaimed "Bitch!  Hands!  Hands!"  In today's Angelus address, he apologized for "yesterday's bad example".

A lot of people are trying to justify the pope's actions yesterday, stating that he's elderly and shouldn't be jostled about like that.  Assuming that's true, then why does he insist on glad-handing the public?  What happened to him also happened to his predecessors.  As I recall, Pope St. John Paul II was shot while doing that.  Thereafter he rode in the pope-mobile.  Additionally, where was his security detail while all this was transpiring?  I saw one push the woman back, but only after the pope was walking away.  Why were they passive throughout this incident?

Speaking of man-handling, let the video below jog some memories of the altar boy incident of several years ago.  Has this young man received his apology?

So many might deserve apologies:
  • Franciscan Friars and Sisters of the Immaculate
  • Cardinals Brandmuller, Burke, Muller
  • Former Grand Master of the Order of Malta
  • The woman whom he rebuked for "breeding like rabbits"
  • Those whom he mocked as "rosary counters"
That list could go on and on.

At Mass today, Father urged us to pray our Rosaries at least once daily.  Amen!  2020 is already looking like it's going to be a bumpy ride!