Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Archbishop Lori Lies About Baltimore

Either the archbishop is lying or he is inexcusably deluded about the true nature of things in the center of his archdiocese.  For the record, I was born and lived early childhood in Baltimore.  My family (both sides) has its roots in Baltimore.  That said, I agree with President Trump when he tweeted that sections of Baltimore (Elijah Cummings' district to be precise) is infested with crime and rats.

Once upon a time it was a decent place.  Now why did it go to seed?  Well, consider that the last time that a Republican was mayor was in 1967, when Theodore McKeldin's term ended.  That was over 50 years ago.  Now consider the riots that occurred four years ago.  Then Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said she ordered city police to stand down during the looting, burning and mayhem to give "to those who wished to destroy space to do that".  At that time, Lori was archbishop.  Did he selectively forget that little quip or the other Democrat scandals centered in Baltimore?

But progressive bishops have long marched in lock-step with their Democrat sugar-daddies and puppet-masters!  So when the President spoke truth to the mess that is in Baltimore, Lori had to leap to their defense, knowing damned well that the Democrats made Baltimore into a mess, just as they have done for Detroit, Chicago and other metropolitan areas that they control.

Archbishop Lori, if you truly want to help Baltimore, then start being the leader that the local Catholics need.  That means clearing St Matthew's and St Vincent de Paul's of the gay-nazi filth that is poisoning the souls of their parishioners and the surrounding areas.  That means preaching from the pulpit on the evils of contraception, abortion, euthanasia.  That means calling pro-abortion Catholics to repentance and denying Holy Communion to them until they do.  Are you up for the challenge?

Thursday, July 25, 2019

USCCB Calls Evil What God Ordained As A Tool For Civil Order

Last week I posted how many leftists are putting their souls into jeopardy by calling evil what God has ordained as goods.  The USCCB continues down that slippery path.

Today Attorney General William Barr has announced that the US Department of Justice will resume the federal death penalty.  Right on cue the USCCB is pitching its hissy fit.  A telling phrase in the Catholic News Agency piece is this: "Catechism of the Catholic Church paragraph 2267 on the death penalty was updated in 2018 with a statement from Pope Francis, calling the death penalty “inadmissible because it is an attack on the inviolability and dignity of the person."

NEWS FLASH!  No one, not even a pope, can change Church teaching.  The pope is to safeguard the Deposit of Faith, not mutate it according to his whims and fancies.  Other popes throughout the centuries have upheld the legitimacy of the death penalty.  Pope John Paul II, in paragraph 56 of Evangelium Vitae, while making his personal disapproval known, also upheld the licity of the death penalty.

Any statement that claims that the death penalty is inherently evil is rank heresy.  It doesn't matter who utters it.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Agony Continues

We resume our trek through the Instrumentum Laboris for the upcoming Sham-azon Sin-Nod.  I am on page 14 of 64 pages.  That's right!  Sixty-four pages of gobblygoop!  What isn't utter fluff is actual heresy.  And this is just the working document of the October gabfest.  Can you just imagine the verbosity that will billow forth in the wake of the sin-nod?

In paragraph 17 we see the phrase "defense of life".  For close to 30 years I have been involved in pro-life efforts and currently write columns for a Maryland-based pro-life Catholic organization called Defend Life.  So I perked up when I saw that phrase, thinking that they might actually be concerned with the intrinsic evils of contraception, abortion, euthanasia.  Alas, no such fidelity to Church teaching was to be found.  Instead, we read of angst against "imbalance in the seasons" and "imbalance in the climate".  NEWS FLASH!  God alone controls the weather!  Who do these sin-nod honchos think they are to dictate what the weather should be?  We even hear some wretched nonsense about the "multinationals cutting the earth and the earth is bleeding".  The earth does not have blood.  Would that our Church leaders showed the same solicitude to the bleeding of thousands of babies everyday from abortion.

The next several paragraphs are one big politically correct lament about how the big-bad western civilization has "polluted the rivers", "burned trees", "destroyed species", ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Gosh, if one didn't know better, one might think that they copied a lot from Laudato Si, which itself is probably largely the works of pro-death Jeffrey Sachs and that bunch.

But now comes chapter 3!  We find that the Amazon is in a "period of grace".  So that means that the bishops are going to proclaim Christ and salvation from their sins, and lead them to the One True Church which is God's chosen vehicle of salvation?  Oh, silly!  Don't be so pelagian and triumphalist!  Paragraph 29 says the natives have much to teach us!  So shut up already and eternal destiny of souls be damned (I mean that literally, given the thrust of this tome).  In paragraph 30, we read that "the unique diversity of the Amazon region - biological, religious and cultural - suggests a new Pentecost."  What they are saying is that the various idolatries of the natives take precedence over the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity.  As any Catholic child could have told these IL authors 100 years ago, Pentecost is when the Holy Spirit descended upon Mary and the Apostles, after which they proclaimed Jesus Christ and the Gospel of repentance, conversion and salvation.  Idolatries were sins to be cast aside, not celebrated as this piece of papal plop is now suggesting.

We see more of the same in paragraph 33, where IL claims that God's presence is to be found in the superstitions of the Amazon natives.  Such hideous spiritual poison we have encountered so far.  Mind you, we are only on page 19.  We still have 45 more pages of this sludge through which we must wade.

Moving on, we see that Chapter 4 is entitled "Dialogue".  In paragraph 36, it claims that Jesus had dialogue with the Samaritan woman at the well.  Break out your bibles and read John 4.  Jesus did not dialogue with her as with an equal.  He taught her - plain and simple.

Part 2 is entitled "Integral Ecology: The Cry of the Earth and the Poor".  My!  The earth seems rather talented!  It cries!  It bleeds!  Does it sing and dance and take a bow?  Personification much?  Apparently we need an "integral ecological conversion", according to the IL authors.  In actuality, what is needed is conversion to the One True Faith through the Catholic Church.  An "ecological conversion", by definition, renders ecology into a de facto idol.

We will resume with part 2 another time.  I don't want this to get too long.  This IL is already insufferably long.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Our Lady Of Akita

This video is for your prayerful consideration.  I don't know about claiming that the Akita message is the third secret of Fatima, but these messages must be taken seriously.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

El Pregonero - Accessory To Sin

El Pregonero is a publication of the Archdiocese of Washington that ostensibly caters to Spanish-speaking Catholics of the Archdiocese of Washington.  Law-abiding Hispanics can be excused for believing that they are of no concern for the staff of El Pregonero as this publication is catering to those who have flouted US immigration laws.

The publication is in Spanish, but it is quite easy to read it in English.  Using Chrome, put in the link "elpreg(dot)org".  The site will come up and Chrome will ask if you want it translated into English.  Answer in the affirmative, if you wish.

As you can imagine the preg staff is all aflutter regarding the deportation efforts that have started this week.  Here's one gem: "Persecuted, But In Need: The Harsh Reality Of The Undocumented".  Wrong nomenclature.  One can only be persecuted in the true sense of the word when they suffer for doing what is right and just.   1 Peter 2:20 makes clear that if one suffers for sinning, there is no merit.

The preg staff, like their bosses in the liberal Church structure, insist on using euphamisms to cover the reality of sinful conduct.  "Undocumented" simply means those who have crashed our borders or overstayed their visas in defiance of US immigration laws.  What?  Will shoplifters soon be called "undocumented customers" or bank robberies be called "undocumented bank withdrawals"?

In a post several years ago, I recited the Church's teaching on the ways in which we can cooperate with the sins of others.  That list is in the first post of this anthology.  It doesn't require that much imagination to see how the bishops, and El Pregonero, are sharing in the guilt of border-crashing in most of the ways listed.  What may not be so obvious is the occurrence of #7: partnership - sharing the fruits of the sin.  Let's bear in mind that the Church has lots of money riding on the numbers of border-crashers that come into this country.  I'd be willing to bet that the preg staff understands that.

We'll be keeeping an eye on this rag in the future.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Woe To You That Call Evil Good, And Good Evil

That passage from Isaiah 5:20 is a strong admonition to left-leaning Catholics who have joined the progressive clarion call to fight all kinds of what they consider to be "social injustices" that may not be unjust at all.  The measure of what is good or evil, just or unjust is to be found in the Church's teaching traditions of the past two centuries, as opposed to popular fads that are spewing forth from dissident Catholic quarters.

Let's look at immigration, since these left-wing quarters, from the top down (that means you, USCCB) are having hissy fits about President Trump's ongoing efforts to expel foreign invaders.  The left-wing, clergy included, refuse to acknowledge that our concerns lie not with those who immigrate in conformity with our applicable laws, but with those who flout our laws and sneak inside the US.  They are, by definition, criminals.  They are breaking US law that does comply with Catholic moral theology.  In obfuscating that important distinction, they commit serious sins against the Eighth Commandment.  I've written a bit on this topic over the years; here's a collection of it.  So in this case, what's being called "evil" is the responsible regulating of immigration and what's being called "good" is the direct disobedience of immigration laws and being accessories to these crimes.

Let's move to another darling cause of the progressives - gun control.  The left is all gung-ho on this bugaboo, not addressing the fact that criminals, by definition, disobey laws.   The only ones impacted would be law-abiding citizens who desire to own firearms for the protection of themselves and their families.  Whenever a shooting happens, immediately the left starts kveling about the need for firearm restriction - never the apprehension of criminals.  Would that impinge too greatly on the Democratic voting base?  Look at England.  They've essentially outlawed guns, so what happens? Knife attacks arise - surprise!  The "geniuses" governing England are now into (wait for it!) knife-control!  Same thing in Red China!

Again, I've written a bit about that.  See here.  Please note that the top post explains why I believe that the USCCB's stance on gun control runs counter to Catholic moral theology.  Once upon a time I believed that this was an area in which good people could disagree.  I no longer hold onto that delusion.  The right to adequate self defense is a moral good that no one may call evil, on pain of sin.  A former pro-life leader, Rob Schenck, has glommed onto the erroneous push for arms banning, and in the process has allowed his thinking on basic pro-life issues to become corrupted.  I'll have more to say on that later.

Let's move on to the death penalty or capital punishment.  If gun control is an attack on the good of self-defense, the push to eliminate the death penalty is an attack on the good of civil government protecting its citizens from violent criminals.  Again, the USCCB and their dutiful puppets are lock-step with their Soros-esque sugar-daddies in their shielding of criminals from the death penalty.  Again, I've written much on that and won't rehash everything, but will elaborate on one major point.  In the past, all the popes have upheld the legitimacy and the good of capital punishment.  The most recent catechism from Pope John Paul II does the same.  However, last year Pope Francis annnounced his intention to rewrite the catechism to say that the death penalty is inadmissable.  I said it then, I'll say it now; THIS IS HERESY.   Of course the USCCB intends to happily comply in promulgating this heresy.  So now the good of capital punishment has been called evil, and this error has reached the proportions of full-blown heresy.

The USCCB, their obedient state-wide counterparts and the rest of their lapdogs are fully engaged in calling good "evil", and evil "good".  They have jettisoned all authentic moral bearing for the favors of money, power, and worldly prestige.  In so doing they have allowed their own thinking to become clouded, as have those who unthinkingly swallow the progressive bile simply because it comes from men wearing miters.

However, there have been pro-life leaders who, themselves succumbing to the siren calls of emotion-based leftwing sentiments, have allowed their pro-life beliefs to become weak and uncertain.  In other words, by assuming progressive positions on immigration, gun control, etc, they have assumed progressive positions in pro-life matters as well.  I have already mentioned Rob Schenck a few paragraphs back.  He now supports the legalized murder of children.  Another former pro-life leader, John Cavanaugh-O'Keefe, became so enamored of progressivism that he cast his vote for the rabidly pro-abortion Hillary Clinton in 2016.  Both of these men clearly called evil "good".

Ladies and gentlemen, liberalism is harmful to the soul and can impede eternal salvation.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Faithful Christians Taking Stands In Archdioceses Of Baltimore And Washington

Pursuant to yesterday's post, I'd like to point out a group of concerned people from Lexington Park, MD who are standing up to the filth oozing from the public libraries.  Last month I wrote of a "drag queen story hour" that took place at the local library, presumably funded with taxpayers' dollars.

Last week a County Commission meeting was held in St. Mary's County.  LifesiteNews and related links will show you the testimony presented by outraged Christians at the obvious sexual grooming of area children.  It appears that the library board isn't elected but these commissioners are.  These commissioners hold the purse strings for the library.  Many more good people need to rise up and advise these commissioners that come next election day they may find themselves tossed out on their ears.

If you go back to my June 28th post, you'll see a comment from "St Mary's Resident" arguing that my rebuke of the local clergy was unfair.  He/she mentioned the holy hour that occurred in reparation for the sins committed at that "story hour".  While it's all well and good to pray within the safe confines of Catholic property, that will not suffice as a substitute for getting out where the real need is.  Moreover, I noticed no Catholic clergy in the videos of that commissioner meeting.

Lexington Park lies within the Archdiocese of Washington.  Who has heard of anything said by Archbishop Gregory about this travesty?  Not I!  Anyone?

Shifting our attention to the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston WV, a suffrigan of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, we hear with gladness of Catholics standing up to the stonewalling by Archbishop Lori.  They call themselves Lay Catholic Voices for Change.  They have learned early on that the only language this crowd of bishops knows is the language of money.  They have spoken it by announcing a boycott.  Apparently it didn't take long for Lori et al to get the message for the latter have announced a spate of reforms.  I only counsel my WV colleagues to monitor that situation closely and if any sleight of hand occurs, to reinstate that boycott immediately.  Good for them!

May their numbers increase!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Lay People! Stiffen Your Spines And Thicken Your Skins!

Michael Voris did a special report on gay infiltration and corruption in a New Jersey diocese that got its start from McCarrick.  Voris mentioned in passing that parishioners are disgusted but didn't want to go public for fear of the bishop.  While McCarrick et al were a big factor of the problem, this servile cowardice of the congregations is yet another.

Of what are they afraid?  They're lay people!  They aren't vowed in obedience to the bishop!  We laity have rights that clergy don't.  Are they afraid that a priest might glare at them from the pulpit, or that he might grouse at them in the hallway?  Are they afraid they will lose positions of influence in the parish or of being kicked out of parish functions?  If that happens, well so what??

Really!  We laity must stiffen our spinal columns and thicken our skins!  If we shrink at the thought of arousing the ire of an errant priest or his buddies, how on earth do we think we will deal with real persecution from the world that seems to be increasing as I write this?

Let's not forget that as lay people, we hold a unique power over them, and that is the power of the purse.  Money talks a lot to corrupt clergy and we should ensure that they hear ours - or lack thereof, if you get my drift.

Of course we must draw strength and courage from prayer and the Sacraments.  These are the source of supernatural faith and courage.  But after that we must simply square our shoulders and do the unpleasant work of confronting evil within the Church.  Let's not tolerate cowardice in ourselves or each other.  It is a vice that will lead to sins of omission.  If we don't care enough to confront evil, we  will have to answer for that in our particular judgments.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Mum's The Word! So Do NOT Give To The Annual Appeal!

While he slithered about the Archdiocese of Washington, ex-cardinal McCarrick maintained a personal charitable fund called the Archbishop's Fund.  There seems to be reason to believe that the hundreds of thousands of dollars that flowed in and out of that "charitable fund" were actually bribes.  Of course we don't know for sure because the Archdiocese refuses to answer questions about the funds: questions such as who were recipients, how much did each receive, why, etc.  Right off the bat I can think of two uses that McCarrick may have had for these funds:
  1. Facilitation and/or damage control related to his sexual predations
  2. Buying of votes during the papal conclave that elected Pope Francis
  3. If there are other suggestions, please communicate via the comments section.
If the uses of this fund were honorable, why not disclose them?  Of course when we say the "archdiocese refuses to answer", we must necessarily say that Archbishop Gregory refuses to answer those questions.  And he does.  Oh, by the way.  This past Sunday the Archbishop received the Pallium

In other related archdiocesan news, we recall that journalist George Neumayr was ejected from the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.  Allegedly he was being kicked out because of some legal order barring him from being on Shrine grounds.  Well, guess what?  No such order actually existed, according to a Shrine staffer.  Surprise!  See here and here.  So Msgr Rossi flat out lied.  There was no such order with DC Police.  But speaking of Rossi and the police, it seems that Rossi himself has racked up his own rap sheet - after ordination.  No, we're not talking about minor traffic tickets.  We're talking about drunken driving, hit-and-run accidents.  In October 2017 (less than two years ago) he was apprehended in Virginia for reckless driving and had to pay a fine (I wonder if that wound up on an expense report?).

Meanwhile our arms are being twisted to give to the "Annual Appeal".  They won't even call it "Archbishop's Appeal", as if that will fool anyone.  I suggest not giving one penny to that thing.  Why should we pay for their bribes and drunken driving fines?

Monday, July 15, 2019

Word Among Us Touts Experience-Based Alpha Program

Below is a video that dissects the spiritual booby-trap known as known as Alpha.  It is a program devised by protestants, ostensibly to facilitate evangelism (such as protestants understand the word "evangelism").  Alpha seems to emphasize protestant priorities such as "relationship" and "experiences".  Actual errors seem to include (at least implicitly) the "sola scriptura" heresy and disregard for the Sacraments and Magisterium.

At 9:17 we hear the question, "why are you promoting error to Catholics?"  That is a question that should be addressed to the Word Among Us magazine, for their Easter 2019 issue features an article that sings forth the dubious praises of Alpha.  Indeed, as I read this article, it makes evangelism sound like one big, slick marketing campaign.  Its title is most telling: "Relationship First".  That is flat-out not Christianity.  Since they are "sola scriptura", let's look at Scripture, namely the Gospel of Mark.  What's the first recorded word of Jesus from that Gospel?  Is it "relationship"?  Is it "experience"?  No, it's "Repent".

14:30 "It allows you to become a Christian without change...".  Therein lies a big danger to souls.  Let's look at what today's gospel would have been if we were in "B" cycle.  It's when Jesus sent the 72 disciples on a preaching tour to preach the gospel of repentance.  It wasn't a gospel of "experience" or "personal fulfillment", but of repentance.

Time does not allow me to recite all the ills of Alpha, but I will touch on a few.  This link states that Alpha has been linked with the dangerous practice known as the "Toronto Blessing".  I don't know the precise nature of this linkage but I'd suspect that might be found in this anthology.  About thirty years ago I was affiliated with the Mother of God Community, from whence sprang the Word Among Us.  Towards the end of its heyday, it started dabbling in the "Toronto Blessing".  I knew enough to avoid participation in it like the plague.  Such are the dangers of overemphasis on "experience" and disregard for the Sacraments and the Magisterium.  If you take a look at the bottom of that "anthology" link, you will see that Cardinal Burke condemned Alpha.

Two years ago, the Word Among Us advocated the new age practice of centering prayer. Now they've linked up with Alpha bile.  This is the kind of nonsense that will happen when one stokes lusts for spiritual "experience" instead of preaching the truths of the Catholic faith.  I'd advocate the avoidance of WAU.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Are You A Cotton-Candy Catholic?

In a recent Vortex, Michael Voris uses the term "country-club Catholics" to describe Catholics who do accept the Church's teachings but who refuse to discuss, let alone confront, the evil within the Church - especially when that evil emanates from the clergy and even the Vatican.  Instead of "country-club", I prefer the term coined by the Activist Mommy, "cotton candy Catholics".  This term more accurately describes the tendency of those milquetoast Catholics to play the three monkeys in terms of dealing with the Church's internal evils.

I have found myself flummoxed by this cotton-candy crowd myself.  These are the same folks who refuse to pray in front of abortuaries.  I now believe this is why we had such an abysmally poor turnout at the Mount when we protested Shriver's appearance.

The "cotton candy" crowd will simply have to take off the rose-colored glasses and put on their big-boy pants.  They will have to join us "deplorables" in getting some dirt under their fingernails and dealing with some guff from non-faithful CINOs.  They will have to join us in speaking truth to power - even when that power is one's own bishop.  They will have to deal with the fact that they will lose positions of influence in their parishes owing to speaking plain truth.  Anything less than that will entail great risk to their own souls, not to mention the furtherance of more evil in the Church.

We are the Church Militant!  We are NOT the "church milquetoast"!  We are NOT the "church mellow"!  We are NOT the "church mealy-mouth"!  We are NOT the "church mamby-pamby"!  MILITANT!  Got that?

Toughen up!  Man (or woman) up!  Grow up!  Now!

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Pope Leads The Charge In Vilifying Faithful Catholics

Lately we've seen quite a spate of faithful priests and Catholic laity being tossed to the curb for the "high crime and misdemeanor" of - being a Catholic faithful to the timeless teachings and traditions of Jesus Christ and by extension to His Church.

Father Eduard Perrone, pastor of Assumption Grotto in the Archdiocese of Detroit, has promoted the traditional liturgy and has stood for orthodoxy.  The archdiocese has placed him on leave after receiving a "credible allegation of sexual abuse of a minor".  This parish just happens to be the parish of Michael Voris.  In this Church Militant article, you can see Voris and other parishioners confront the episcopal vicar, Msgr Michael Bugarin, after Mass and let him know that they weren't swallowing the baloney.  Please take the time to watch these videos.  Chances are that we will find it incumbent upon ourselves to take similar actions.  It certainly is heart-warming to see Catholics no longer just sitting on their hands and being silent in the face of these atrocities.  And yes, it was rather fun to watch Bugarin squirm as he was called out on his own disregard for due process under canon law, and other assorted acts of hypocrisy committed by both him and Archbishop Vigneron.

Meanwhile in Minneapolis, Fr Vaughn Treco, pastor of St. Bede the Venerable and a priest of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter has found himself excommunicated and his parish closed after he criticized the actions of some popes during and after the Second Vatican Council.  You can listen to the "offending homily" here.  Mind you, Fr James Martin and others of his ilk spread their homophile bile in pulpit after pulpit and they receive lauds and adulations for so polluting those churches, with nary a slap on the wrists.  Listen to Father Treco's homily in the link and if you detect any heresy or even errors, please advise in the comments.

In Italy yet another faithful order has been destroyed.  The malefactors from the Vatican didn't even bother to trump up any charges against them.  But maybe this talk that Pope Francis gave two years ago some clues.  Below the video I will have commentary.

So those who understand that Christ's teachings are clear and immutable are "fanatics" and we "sow division in the Church".  Well, guess what?  Without a solid basis in Godly teachings, any "unity" will necessarily be an utter sham.  While this is two years old, it shows that the treatment being meted out to these two priests and many other faithful Catholics is very likely part of a coordinated effort to expunge the Church of all true followers of Christ and His teachings.  Two lessons:
  1. We can expect similar treatment - no exceptions.  Any who hold positions in parishes can expect to be expelled from those positions if they remain faithful to Church teachings.
  2. We should be prepared to speak truth to evil, as the Assumption parishioners did with Msgr Bugarin.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Queen Of The Nile

According to sources in Atlanta, Archbishop Gregory's former see, his nickname is "Queen of the Nile".  I understand such nicknames are quite common in, uh, "certain circles".  We've had "Donna" and "Blanche".  If history is any predictor, we in the Washington archdiocese are in for a bumpy ride.

By the way - we are being asked to pay for that ride via the "Annual Appeal".  Notice how they won't call it the "Archbishop's Appeal"?  They know very well that "Archbishop's" anything would go over like a lead balloon.  How stupid do they think we are?  Here's the email that I and many others received today.

Let's make sure this little balloon goes down with a thud, too.  Just give directly to worthwhile charities without going through these "middlemen" and risking your dollars being diverted to anti-Catholic entities.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Pro-Abort Acid Reflux Syndrome

Yes, this dread condition exists!  How do I know?  Why, I have seen such an individual who is afflicted with this malady.  I don't know his name so I'll call him "Mr Belcher" for reasons soon to be apparent.  Quite often the poor soul walks by us on Saturday mornings.  He looks towards us, and then the unfortunate fellow lets out with a loud burp.  This has happened several times now.  How distressing it must be for him!  Something tells me that he isn't the only victim of this disease.

So how does this sickness develop?  Is it because the afflicted ones have to swallow so much intellectual and moral bile that their very digestive systems rebel from such an insult?  Or maybe it's because they are truly trying to articulate their position, and all they can do is belch forth fetid gases.  That would make sense since the intellectual justification for baby-murder is nothing more than noxious vapors anyway.

We realize that by our very presence in front of these mills, we are offering much needed rebuke to any passers-by who favor the murder of tiny children.  The First Spiritual Work of Mercy is "Rebuke the Sinner".  When confronted with the truth, one only has two possible reactions: acceptance or rejection.  Mr. Belcher seems to be rejecting the truth, but burps are all that he can muster.  While he is still on this side of the grave, we pray that he repents of his support for baby-murder and for any personal involvement in that sin that there might be.

In the meantime, he might want to buy some Rolaids or Tums.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

For Your July 4th Considerations

Today we celebrate the day when the United States declared its independence from England in 1776.  Much has happened between then and now, and much of that has been troubling.  We have lost our spiritual moorings, Catholics as much as anyone else.

We celebrate freedom as though it's a license to satisfy every whim and fancy that we might concoct.  However, Catholics need look no further than the Liturgy of the Hours that priests and religious are obliged to pray daily.  Many laity do so as well.  During Morning Prayer, or Lauds, we pray the prophesy that St Zachary uttered after he bestowed the name "John" on his son, St. John the Baptist.  It is called the Benedictus.  Read it.  I'll bring over the pertinent passage below:

This was the oath he swore to our father Abraham: to set us free from the hands of our enemies, free to worship him without fear, holy and righteous in his sight all the days of our life.

God gave us our freedom so that we would worship Him and be holy and righteous in His sight.  All the other benefits are secondary.  However, we have forgotten our obligation to give Him due worship and obedience, squandering our patrimony on our own silly and often wanton cravings.  Our nation is ejecting Him from its life.  Unless we as a nation turn and repent, we will experience the awful consequences of our rebellion. When we reject Him, we also reject His protection and blessings.

I've written on these themes durinng previous Independence Days.  I've quoted 2 Chronicles 7:14.  Pursuant to that, I went to Mass this morning and was heartened to see the church almost full.  The homily was another matter.  The homilist spoke of Thomas Jeffferson and his deist beliefs.  He relayed that towards the end of his life, Jefferson received a plea from a Christian man urging his conversion.  Jefferson replied that he hoped we'd all get to heaven in our own ways.  The homilist approved that attitude of Jefferson's.  Ladies and gentlemen, that is indifferentism - not to be lauded from the pulpit.  One of the ways that we are to obey God is to preach the Gospel and seek conversions.  Jefferson's friend was apparently striving to be obedient to that command and was politely rebuffed by Jefferson.  While we can hope that Jefferson repented, we cannot indulge in indifferentism ourselves.  Indifferentism is one of the sins that is killing the Church and nation, and it's particularly egregious when committed by Catholic clergy, who are especially tasked with saving souls.

Meanwhile, with the time that each of us still has, let us continue to pray, receive the Sacraments and obey Our Lord.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

One Year After The McCarrick Revelations

If we learned anything from the recent dog-and-pony extravaganza that the US bishops threw for themselves in Baltimore last month, it's that they don't intend to change one thing about their conduct of Church affairs.  Of course I'm speaking primarily of how they cover for their confreres who just happen to be serial homosexual predators.

Father Gerald Murray (one of the Papal Posse featured on The World Over) penned a piece for LifeSiteNews regarding that fact.  He pointed out that McCarrick is still residing in that Kansas priory.  We still don't know who's paying those expenses.  Even more troubling, we still don't know why he is living in such close proximity to young boys.  Yes, he's been laicized, but I'd be willing to bet that he agreed to "take one for the team" as long as he lives in relative comfort - as he might define "comfort".  It must also be borne in mind that he probably has some dirt on many prelates so they aren't willing to induce him into bean-spilling.  Thus he's allowed to live in comfort during his final years.  HOWEVER - if McCarrick doesn't repent and do serious reparation, he won't be at all comfortable in his eternity.

Father Murray.also touches on Bishop Bransfield and why Lori is pussy-footing with that investigation.  Lori had his name expunged from a report that revealed that he received money from Bransfield.  Only when "caught with his hand in the cookie jar" did Lori issue a rambling mea culpa.  More and more, Lori is looking like he is very much compromised.  That would explain his complete disregard for the gay-related crap emanating from St Matthew's on Loch Raven Blvd.

Below we see Michael Voris interview four men fighting this filth, including James Grein, who had been abused by McCarrick for decades as a boy and young man.  We like them, need to shine the light on this rot so that it can be purged.

Monday, July 1, 2019

More Catholics Standing Up- NJ Catholics Protest Pride Mass

While it is enraging to read of a Catholic Church being profaned by its own pastor, it is also heart-warming to see Catholics stepping out of their comfort zones to confront such evils.  Church Militant said that Cardinal Joseph Tobin did nothing.  I believe that's not the case.  Knowing Tobin's disgusting relationships with gays in the past, I'd be willing to bet that Cardinal Tobin was cheering on the blasphemies and sacrileges that must have happened during that "Mass".  One hopes that the priest conducting the mass had no intention of consecrating the host during the debacle, preventing a real Host from being profaned.

Anyway, let's see more of what those praying Catholics did outside of Our Lady of Grace and St Joseph in Hoboken.