Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Cardinal Burke - Latest Target Of Papal "Accompaniment"

Frankly, this latest comes as no surprise.  It was just a matter of time.  From LifeSiteNews today, we read that the New Daily Compass reported on Francis' alleged intentions to evict Cardinal Burke from his apartment in Rome and to terminate his salary.   During a meeting with the heads of the Roman curia on November 20th, he is reported as saying, "Cardinal Burke is my enemy, so I am taking away his flat and salary."  My!  Isn't all this "papal accompaniment" so, so ... special?

Of course this is right on the heels of Francis kicking Bishop Strickland out on his ear.  As in the case of Strickland, Cardinal Burke himself has received no official notice of these proceedings.  This almost has the feel of some mafia don giving orders for hits, all the while making plain that the chopping block orders came from him.Francis' marginalization of Cardinal Burke began early in his seizure of Peter's Chair.   Pope Benedict had appointed Burke as Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura; Francis dismissed him as punishment for criticizing his "papacy".  Burke was also part of the Congregation of Bishops.  Again, Francis axed him, replacing him with the liberal Cardinal Wuerl.

Now two questions come to mind:

  1. What else will Francis do to Burke?  Bear in mind that Francis is reportedly having health issues.  Burke, presently a Cardinal, is eligible to vote in the next papal conclave.
  2. Who is next?

Saturday, November 25, 2023

TFP Student Action Protested Appearance Of Father James Martin At Georgetown November 6

Once again the fine gentlemen of TFP Student Action spoke against dissidence and corruption, this time at Georgetown University.  Father James Martin, a sin-coddling cleric, gave an address at Georgetown.  Accordingly, the Catholic men of TFP Student Action protested the honoring of an obviously disobedient priest.  

They prayed the Rosary and offered witness against the travesty about to occur.  This was not the first time that a prayerful protest at the Healy Gates of Georgetown was conducted by the TFP; I myself have joined them several times before this.  My one regret about this protest is that I didn't learn of it until this evening; else, I would have broadcast this far and wide to call other Catholics to join them.

I post the video below.  Note that towards the end some of the confused students snarled at the departing TFP men "don't come back".  Sadly, with Georgetown's dissidence track record, it will be necessary for TFP and other good Catholics to return.

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Catholic Standard And Catholic Review Repeat Our Sunday Visitor Inaccuracies Regarding Bishop Strickland

Both the Catholic Standard and Catholic Review use the same article from Our Sunday Visitor as they relay the news of Bishop Strickland's ouster.  OSV acknowledges that the Vatican has not yet given any official reason for Strickland's ouster, but it does point out a tweet that Strickland wrote last May stating that the Pope is "undermining the deposit of faith". 

All Strickland did was call a spade a spade.  Let's look back at some of the antics coming forth from this Vatican, shall we?

  • A few weeks ago, he signed a document that allows gays and transgender perverts to be godparents at baptism
  • While Strickland was stripped of his diocese, the German bishops who declared their intention to "bless" gay unions remain untouched.
  • There is the colossal pachamama debacle during which this filthy idol was worshipped in the Vatican Garden, in the pope's presence.  Later that week, he placed a pachamama plant on the altar during Mass - a direct violation of GIRM and an act of idolatry.
  • There is that insidious footnote in Amoris Laetitia, stating that de facto adulterers may receive Holy Communion while continuing their mortally sinful lifestyles
  • He declared the death penalty to be inherently evil, directly contradicting 2000 year old Church teaching. 

This list could go on and on, but these will suffice to demonstrate that yes indeed, the pope is undermining the deposit of faith.

As for this October 31 address in question, LifeSiteNews diligently recorded the entire thing and published it for our reading.  Here it is.  Please read it.  Some reading the OSV article might get the erroneous impression that Strickland is calling the pope a "usurper".  In an interview with the Pillar Catholic, Strickland plainly states that such is not his view.  Rather, he was reading a letter from a friend to illustrate the confusion that this pope is undeniably causing.  He states that the pope is neglecting to clear up confusion by not answering the dubia and not issuing plain statements of belief.

Further on down the OSV article, we read that "the letter outright attacked Pope Francis' validity as the successor of St. Peter...Bishop Strickland said the letter's words were challenging but did not dispute the allegations."

I find great fault with the reporting of Our Sunday Visitor in this matter.  They utterly failed - whether by neglect or intent, I do not know - to take into account Strickland's subsequent exchange with the Pillar, during which Strickland acknowledges Francis's papacy.  OSV's sloppiness could lead the unsuspecting reader to believe that Strickland doubts the validity of Francis' papacy.  The OSV has a duty, in my opinion, to correct their reporting.  Moreover, The Catholic Standard and Catholic Review. have a duty to acknowledge their own sloppiness in their blind repetition of the OSV error without doing any "due diligence" verification themselves.

Here are more details about these matters from the Lepanto Institute.

Saturday, November 11, 2023

Why Is Catholic Business Network Of Montgomery County MD Planning To Honor Pro-Abort Ike Leggett? Must We Picket?

Let me briefly rehash some of 14-year-old county history.  Around that time, NARAL implemented a strategy whereby they would force pro-life pregnancy centers to denounce themselves as inferior to abortion providers.  This happened throughout the country.

It happened in Montgomery County MD as well.  Given the heavily pro-abortion Democratic makeup of the county council, it sailed right through, although not without considerable pro-life opposition.  However, it was passed and Ike Leggett, then County Executive, gleefully signed it into law.  Fortunately, local pro-life pregnancy centers filed suit and the measure went down in flames.  It should be noted that Leggett, along with many other council members, were touted by NARAL as "partners of choice".

So why, oh why, does the Catholic Business Network see fit to give this man an award at their December 1st gala?  The purpose of this gala is to fund scholarships for needy students.  How many would-be students were aborted, thanks to Leggett and his cronies, throughout the years in Montgomery County MD?

The address for this thing is not on their website.  However, we do know that this gala will happen Friday, December 1, at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Conference Center.  The address is 5701 Mannelli Road in Rockville.

Their phone number is not on their website (Gee!  I wonder why!)  But there is a "contact us" page where you can leave comments.  Moreover, the president's email is listed.   Please ask them to rescind that ill-advised invitation.  Otherwise, we will most likely picket this gathering.  Please advise, via comments if you'd be interested in joining a picket, if that be the case.

BREAKING - Francis Fires Strickland, Kicks Him To The Curb

Bishop Joseph Strickland, formerly  Bishop of Tyler Texas, has always been a champion for the One True Faith, even in the face of Francis' wayward ways.  Therefore it is really no surprise that Francis fired Strickland as Bishop of Tyler.  So much for "accompaniment".  I suppose that only works if one is a flaming gay or some other type of dissident.  The true faithful, such as adherents to the Traditional Latin Mass, Cardinal Burke, now Strickland are treated like so much dung.

So what was Strickland's high crime and misdemeanor for which he was fired?  He warned his flock about Francis' so-called "reforms", such as allowing gays to baptize their babies without raising them with Catholic Faith and Morality, women to elect the next pope, etc.

By the way!  Am I the only one who thinks it interesting that this hatchet job happened today, Saturday?  It's like the Vatican is borrowing ideas from the Democrat handbook, to execute draconian measures over the weekend when folks may be less likely to pay attention.  Sorry, guys!  It didn't work!

Of course Francis is trying to make an example of him.  Let us pray that this attempt backfires, that more bishops will stand with Strickland, and more importantly, stand with the Church and her Teachings as defined over the centuries, not the last 60 years.

Friday, November 10, 2023

From The Paradigm Shift Department: Allowing Perverts To Be Godparents And Tinkering With The Papal Conclave

Canon Law, specifically articles 872-874 of Chapter 4, are quite specific regarding the requirements for godparents.  First, there can be no more than one godparent of a given gender.  The godparent(s) must living a life in conformity to Catholic faith and morals.  Clearly no one can be a godparent who not only engages in mortal sin but who champions it.  That would include those engaging in sexual relations with another of the same gender are who considers themselves "transgender".  This past Wednesday, Francis and Bishop Touchy-Kissy signed a document that gives permissions for perverts to flout Canon law.  They are giving cover for the sin of sacrilege and for cooperating in the mortal sins of the perverts to be involved.

Meanwhile, there seems to be an effort underway to "reform the papal conclave" - in other words, to stack the papal electors so that another of Francis' mindset will succeed him when Francis is called to his eternal reward (such as that may be - pray for him).  Francis is currently "reviewing" it.  The upshot is that the cardinals over 80 years of age would be excluded from the preparatory phase and - here's the crucial part - have 25% of the electors comprised of laity and women religious.  All these would be appointed by Francis.  In short, Sister Mary Pantsuit would cast a vote for the next "pontiff".

Ladies and gentlemen, when Francis yammered on about "paradigm shifts", he wasn't kidding.  He intends to distort and turn the Church into some kind of horrible caricature of its former self.  He's not even trying to hide it anymore.  Are we awake yet?

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Memorares For Maryland

As most people know by now, Ohio took a dark turn yesterday as they voted to enshrine in their state constitution legal permission to slaughter helpless babies.  What many Marylanders don't know is that a similar measure will be on the Maryland ballot in November 2024.  Such a measure, should it pass, would render impossible any attempt to limit, let alone eliminate, abortion in Maryland.  Maryland would become even more the abortion mecca that it already is.

Prayer and hard work - starting now - is of paramount importance.  That is why I highly endorse the efforts of some Maryland Catholics to ask Our Lady's intercession.  To that end, they have devised a website called Memorares for Maryland.  They are asking Catholics (Marylanders and beyond) to commit to praying three Memorares per day for the intention of keeping the so-called "right to abortion" out of the Maryland state constitution.

I now copy and paste below some more explanation of just what is at stake.

The amendment’s title is   “Declaration of Rights – Right to Reproductive Freedom”. 

       This undefined “right to reproductive freedom” is described as fundamental, as a central component of one’s rights to liberty and equality*. 

       Wow!  Better not get in the way of that undefined right! 

       Let’s think of what people could claim is allowed by this fundamental but undefined and entirely subjective right of reproductive freedom:

       Polygamy, pornography, prostitution, pederasty, pedophilia, puberty blocking, parental blocking, perverted practices, public fornication, genital mutilation, transvestism, corruption of children, opposite sex hormones, uteruses implanted in men. 

       Unchecked, undefined, entirely subjective reproductive freedom can/will facilitate sexual depravity or sexual insanity.


Please spread the word of both this proposed amendment and this worthy prayer effort.  As I learn of other actions in which to engage, I will post the details.

Sunday, November 5, 2023

Francis Issues Ad Theologiam Promovendam To Justify Twisting Christ's Teaching To Progressive Dictates

This moto proprio, released Friday November 3, is Francis' latest attempt to justify the deconstruction of Christ's teaching.  The official English translation has not yet been released, but Return To Tradition offers us an unofficial translation.

Notice that in the first two sentences, he dismisses nearly two centuries of Church teaching as "formulas and schemes of the past".  In section 4 he speaks of a "paradigm shift".  Hmm!  Why does that phrase sound familiar?  Oh, yes!  He tried that crap over five years ago! That canard was roundly debunked then and still stands debunked in its reincarnation via this new moto proprio.  To briefly reiterate, there can be no "paradigm shift" for God's teachings, like God Himself, cannot change.  If any difference arises between the Church's teachings and contemporary culture, it is the culture that must give way to the Church.  There is no "dialogue", no compromise.  The Church contains the fullness of truth and all must assent and submit to it.

With this new tome, Francis is laying the groundwork for the notion that God's timeless teachings regarding faith and morals can change, even to the point of being reversed.  Of course that notion is a pernicious lie, a heresy in and of itself.

Thursday, November 2, 2023

Prelates Combatting The Sin-Nod On Sodomy

Rome breathed a little easier this past weekend as the flow of noxious hot hair known as the Synod on Synodality, aka the Sin-Nod for Sodomy drew to a close.  With that gab-fest's attendees all gung-ho about ridding the world of those evil fossil fuels, they headed home in their gas-guzzling private jets.

While most prelates are either complicit with the crimes and heresies promulgated at this sin-nod, or at least cowed into silent subservience, there are a few who still recall that they are Catholic and that their Sacraments of Holy Orders confers upon them solemn duties to uphold the Faith.  On August 22, Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, TX issued a pastoral letter to the Catholics in his diocese.  In it he reiterated basic Catholic teaching regarding life, marriage, sexuality, and the Sacraments.  He warned of attempts to subvert those teachings, especially as they would likely emanate from the sin-nod.  LifeSteNews has the full text of his letter.  The Vatican acknowledged Strickland's fidelity by foisting on him an "apostolic visitation".  They met with Francis and are considering asking Strickland for his resignation.  Strickland replied by stating that he would not voluntarily resigned, although he acknowledged Francis' authority to compel him to step down.  Cardinal Gerhard Muller publicly supported Strickland, saying that Strickland should not voluntarily resign.  Archbishop Vigano also praised Strickland for his pastoral letter, stating in a tweet that "that is the way a Successor to the Apostles speaks".

The aforementioned Cardinal Muller was at the sin-nod.  He was given little opportunity to speak although he had to sit through the drivel.  I hope that counted as time off his purgatory, but I digress.  Later he commented about the "heretics and globalists" at the sin-nod and reminded one and all that God cannot bless sin.  Given the topics of discussion at the sin-nod, we surmise that he was referring to the push to "bless" gay shack-ups.

Bishop Schneider was interviewed on the "gay-union" mess, calling it blasphemy.  See the interview here. The archbishop gave a brief history of his childhood, particularly as it was impacted by governmental persecution of Catholicism.  He also reiterated the possibility that we who celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass may find ourselves having to go underground, as it were. 

Schneider emphasized that any pope is not the owner of our Faith, but rather the servant of our Faith.  God allows the sort of trials (that we currently find in Francis) to purify our Faith.  That means that we must learn our Faith on our own, through trusted books and holy priests, such as those who offer the Traditional Latin Mass.  Schneider believes that after this trial (Francis' occupancy of the papal chair), a future pope will declare ex cathedra the truths of Faith and morality that are now under a Vatican-led attack.

I will attempt no further summary of the interview; rather, I suggest that you, the reader, watch it yourself.  Suffice it to say that there was much bile poured out at the Sin-nod on Sodomy.  I will also suggest that you procure Bishop Schneider's new catechim entitled "Credo".  It can be obtained from Sophia Press at https://sophiainstitute.com/  .