Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Thank You, Cardinal George!

Recently the CCHD of the Archdiocese of Chicago defunded the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refuge Rights.  The latter group had previously received funding.  Why did Cardinal George see fit to deny them funding this go-around?  Because the latter group supported same-sex marriage.  It is a well-established fact that any applicant for CCHD funding must affirm that they do not hold positions contrary to the moral teaching of the Catholic Church.

As we well know, many CCHD grant recipients do not uphold their end of the bargain (or they just flat-out lied about their intents to honor Catholic teaching).  Too often prelates have looked the other way (or they actually approve of the deceit and dissent).  That didn't happen this time.

Naturally a bunch of progressive politicians bunched their undies over Cardinal George's decision and published an open letter accusing him of using "immigrants as pawns".  Thankfully His Eminence is standing his ground and he issued his own open letter.  Towards the bottom he reminded his detractors that "Jesus is merciful but He is not stupid."  The dissidents would do well to consider the Cardinal's words sooner rather than later - for it will be too late when they stand before Jesus at the end of their earthly lives.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

ALL On Social Justice Corruption - And News Of A Special Broadcast Tomorrow

Michael Hichborn of American Life League delves into the Wendy Davis / Ralph McCloud relationship and into some of the unsavory aspects of Catholic Charities as well in the ALL Report below.

Tomorrow evening, July 31, starting at 8:00pm edt, Michael Voris of ChurchMilitant.TV will host Michael Hichborn and Steve Phalen of Human Life International.  HLI is the parent organization of the Population Research Institute that exposed Catholic Relief Service's direct participation in abortifacient distribution.  It is two hours long, but in light of the CCHD collections that will soon occur, this seems to be well worth the time investment.  At 8pm tomorrow, click here to be linked to the show.

Two notes before the video:

  1. The document to which Hichborn alludes can be found here.
  2. Archdiocese of Washington residents!!  The CCHD collection will occur the weekend of Aug 10-11.  Your help is needed to spread word of a boycott.  Please go here asap to lend your hand.  Together let's say #no2cchd!

Hate Speech From Christo-phobic Bigots

One such bigot is a liberal talk-show host named Mike Malloy who went into a tizzy on his show Thursday against Pat Robertson, demanding that Roberston "go home to Jesus".  He also went on to call Christianity "a silly, stupid, destructive religion". has other tid-bits of hate speech that have spewed from Malloy's mouth over the months.

Obviously Malloy has his First Amendment rights.  I'm not going to advocate any restriction on his right to vent his spleen - unlike some who are seeking to encroach upon the First Amendment rights of Christians who uphold Godly morals.  But I will call a spade a spade.  People like Malloy are bigots - pure and simple.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Boogie-Woogie Bishops

What else do you call this disgraceful behavior?  These are bishops, Successors to the Apostles.  Instead of being the shepherds that they're called to be at all times, they act as sheep "going along with the flow".  One of the boogie-sessions is happening right before they are to offer the Holy Sacrifice of Mass.  What will we see next? Conga lines?  The macarena?  The alley-cat?  Here's a novel suggestion.  How about they act like grown-ups and leave Romper Room behind?

CRS Tries To Wiggle Out Of The Mess That They Made For Themselves

Today the Catholic Relief Services tried to deny its involvement in the distribution of contraceptives and abortifacients in Madagascar.  The Population Research Institute, that investigated and exposed this scandal, links to the CRS denial (written by John Rivera - surprise!) and rebuts it.

PRI rebuts the CRS damage-control attempt by publishing the text of their interview with two CRS staff who are involved in that debacle.  So does that mean that the upper echelons of CRS management are denying what their own employees are saying?  Will those two staffers be tossed under a bus?  Either way, this latest CRS fudge attempt will fall flat on its face before the truth.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Operation #no2cchd Is Launched!

I address this mainly to my readers in the Archdiocese of Washington, but others should take note as well.

In the Archdiocese of Washington, the second collection for the Masses of Aug 10-11 will be for something called "Communications and Human Development".  It's really for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  In recent years, the CCHD has garnered some very bad publicity - and yes, the CCHD has earned its terrible reputation in spades.  I suppose the collectors think that by obfuscating the name of the collection that they can somehow bypass the bad press and fool Catholics into donating.

We are in the process of spreading the word.  A few days ago we mailed to almost 900 people within the archdiocese a postcard (linked here) to remind them of the terrible record of CCHD.  I understand that some have received their postcards already.  As the postcard suggest, please visit the sites of and, as well as previous postings on this blog (see here and here for starters).

Now it's time to take action!  What to do?
  1. Distribute copies of the postcards.  I'd think it most convenient if you'd print your own copies (download the pdf in the first link) to educate your friends and fellow parishioners.  Please do so before the collection weekend.
  2. Spread word of the existence of, and this blog so that others can avail themselves of the research contanined therein.
  3. Use social media to spread word of the boycott.  It would be helpful to use the hashtag #no2cchd in your Facebook and/or Twitter messages.
  4. Questions/comments/suggestions?  Please post via the comments.
  5. Above all, pray that the Lord have mercy upon those who exploit His Church for anti-God causes and that evil be expunged from this Bride of Christ.

We all heard that Pope Francis told young Catholics to "shake up the dioceses" and "make a mess".  I have one objection to that?  Why invite only young people to have "all the fun"?  We middle-aged and older coots have been making respectable messes for some time now.  To be more precise, we make messes of messes.  That's precisely what we hope to accomplish with the debacle known as the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Cdl Burke: "Strict Correlation Between Liturgical Abuse And Moral Corruption"

His Eminence Cardinal Burke expounds upon the truth contained in this Latin phrase: "lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivendi".  Read this LifeSiteNews piece for His Eminence's explanation of why we will never have a return to moral sanity and a Culture of Life unless we rediscover the importance of proper Catholic worship and adherence to the rubrics of the Sacraments.

There are some Catholic pro-lifers who tend to downplay the importance of adhering to proper form in the Mass and other Sacraments.  I hope the cardinal's words quells that error once and for all.

What Role Do Feelings Play?

Feelings, or emotions, are to be subordinated to our intellect.  We are made in God's image and likeness as evidenced by will and intellect.  Because our culture is so guided by feeling and sentiment, it has become one of the most murderous in all human history.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Catholic Relief Services IS Aiding/Abetting Murder

Today, on the 45 anniversary of the promulgation of Humanae Vitae, LifeSitenews has broadcast the news that Catholic Relief Service personnel are distributing contraceptives and abortifacient drugs/devices in Madagascar.  Their report can be read here; please note that they in turn link to a report by Population Research Institute.

It is this latter group (a branch of Human Life International) that has conducted a month-long investigation on site in Madagascar and has interviewed NGO workers and officials - including CRS personnel.  Their report states that CRS employs over 250 community health workers there who distribute contraceptives and abortifacients under the name of "Catholic Relief Services".  A CRS zone supervisor confirmed this information.  Steven Mosher, president of PRI, asks "how many children have been aborted or contracepted out of existence by CRS?"  I urge the readers of this blog to read both the LifeSiteNews posts.  For now I'll focus on Mosher's question.

First, let's understand that an abortifacient is a drug or device that prevents the newly-conceived baby from implanting in his/her mother's womb.  That child is subsequently expelled from the mother's body during her next period.  This is abortion - that is the deliberate taking of an innocent life.  We've just described a murder.  Of course all abortions are acts of murder.  I find it difficult to believe that these CRS personnel who are engaged in the distribution of these poisons are unaware of the nature of these things - particularly those CRS personnel in positions of authority and responsibility.

That said, I'm going to dispense with the silly verbal tap-dance and tippy-toeing with "delicate and diplomatic" language.  I'll paraphrase Mosher's question a bit with "how many children have been murdered with assistance by and intention of CRS"?  Let's cut to the chase, shall we?  For that is exactly what the Catholic Relief Services is doing!

If the Catholic Relief Services is serious about following the moral precepts of Christ and His Church, they'll recognize that one cannot do evil in the vain hopes that good will come of it.  At the very least, those who have participated in these mortal sins of murder must cease and desist immediately.  They must go to Confession for they have placed their immortal souls in danger of damnation.  The board of directors of CRS might do well to suspend all operations until they can root out the rot.  Of course "rooting out the rot" may very well mean that the CRS should be abolished in its entirety.  If such is the case, so be it.

With each passing year, the words of Humanae Vitae ring ever more true.  Pope Paul VI foresaw the spread of abortion and disregard for human life if contraception were ever to gain a foothold.  I wonder if he had any inkling that agencies within the Catholic Church would be participating in these grave sins?  

College Students Petition To Legalize Fourth-Trimester Abortions

Thankfully this petition was a spoof because the college students weren't.  Yes, the words "fourth trimester" can either imply infanticide or a complete lack of command of the English language (the "tri" part of the word means "three" so a "fourth trimester" would be nonsensical).

At any rate, these people sign it either intending to promote infanticide or simply not understanding the meaning of the words "fourth trimester".  Such are the less-than-impressive results of Dewey-inspired progressive brainwashing.  These young people have been transformed into sheeple; and this is by design of the disciples of Dewey and his humanist cabal.

If you look closely, you can see the banners in the background identifying this campus as being on George Mason University in Fairfax VA.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

More Pro-Life Leaders Weigh In On The CRS Scandals

I needn't rehash what they say here.  Rather, I link to the words of Randy Engel of U.S. Coalition for Life and Rob Gaspar of the American Life League.  Ms Engel calls for a boycott of the CRS collection next year.  I'll take it a step further and say that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (that oversees both CRS and CCHD) should be unceremoniously scrapped and its rubble swept into a dung heap.  I suspect that will be in the distant future; for now I'll settle for the boycott.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mysterious Cash Flows At Catholic Relief Services

These days it seems that Catholic Relief Services is occupying as much of my blogging time as is its domestic counterpart, the CCHD.  I've written quite a bit about them over the past few months.  Others have too, owing to the revelations of their grants to various pro-abortion organizations overseas.

Last Friday LifeSiteNews published the reactions of some pro-life leaders to these latest revelations of scandal.  A number of other bloggers noticed that buried within is a rather matter-of-fact statement by Steven Mosher that the CRS receives over two-thirds of its funding from USAID.  Yesterday I tried to look up CRS on the Guidestar.  CRS has published none of its 990s thereon (I'm sure we know why!) but it was disclosed that during its 2009-2010 fiscal year, it received almost $920 million in various grants.  So for that year we can estimate that USAID ponied over approximately $610 million.

USAID is a federal agency.  Who funds that?  We the taxpayers do, of course!  From our tax dollars (or national debt) goes about $610 million per year (assuming that the 2009-2010 number is stationary) to the CRS.  One reason why we may not be seeing CRS's 990 is that this form will disclose the salaries and perks received by its officers, directors and other highly-compensated personnel.  Another reason is that we might actually see some details of their program expenses; might they be somewhat embarrassing for a Church organization?  And how about that other $310 million in receipts?  Is that all attributable to donation dollars are might some of that be coming from other, uh, "interesting donors"?

Now here's another puzzling facet to all of this.  I am hearing nary a peep from the "separation of church and state" gang.  Where's the "Freedom From Religion Foundation"?  Anytime a Nativity Scene is found on public property in some obscure town, they are "on the job" demanding its removal.  Why aren't they outraged about millions of tax dollars going towards a Catholic organization?  We can ask the same about "People for the American Way", etc.  Why aren't their undies bunched over this obvious breach of the wall between church and state?  Could it be that they're in "on the secret", that the goals are more about laundering federal dollars for "population control"?  That explains why they don't want to upset that progressive apple-cart.

Of course the mainstream media won't point out that obvious hypocrisy, so we bloggers must do it.  We also urge that no contribution money go towards CCHD, CRS and Catholic Charities when those collection baskets are passed in the pews.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Virginia Abortion Rates Down 18%

According to CitizenLink, this drop occurred between 2007 and 2011.  Parental consent laws and the crisis pregnancy centers are being credited for this reduction in baby murder.  Please note that this drop occurred before the medical standards legislation went through (these helped precipitate the closure of NOVA Women's Health Center), so we could see an even greater drop in the future.

Way to go, Virginia!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

MSNBC = More Silly Nauseating Bull Crap

Remember Melissa Harris-Perry, the MSNBC commentator who pontificated several months ago that "things in the uterus become human"?  Well, maybe we're seeing more manifestation of what she thinks of "things".  Take a look at this picture of her (ht - Right Scoop)

Yes, she's using tampons instead of earrings.  Now she was displaying these during the Texas hearings to demonstrate to pro-aborts how they might get tampons past the guards - so that they could pelt the politicians with them, of course.  Still, can you imagine any person with a shred of dignity wearing such crap in public?  What she has on her ears causes me concern about what (if anything) lies between her ears.  Alas, this is the sort of mental degradation that will happen to those who espouse anti-God, anti-life causes.

A Demographic Warning

This clip is five years old, having been made in 2008.  Leaving aside the cheesy sound-effects at the beginning of the clip, its words ring true.  Note closely what (the now-deceased) Muammar Gaddafi said about the way Islam might well overtake the western world - by out-producing Christians.  Ladies and gentlemen, that's simply a testament to Natural Law.  To be frank, the Muslims are fulfilling the commandment that God gave to Adam and Eve to "fill the earth" while westerners are contracepting and aborting themselves out of existence.  They are obeying Natural Law while we are disobeying it.

If indeed the Islamic faith comes to dominate the civilized world, the blame will not be with them for sharia, jihad, suicide bombers, etc.  The blame will lie with us for not reproducing ourselves and for not proclaiming the fullness of the Church's teaching and in general, for living as hedonists rather than Christians.  This is not rocket science.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Before They Sold Their Souls

Read some very nice words these pro-abortion personalities had to say when they still espoused common sense...

Writing for the National Right to Life in 1977, this author said, "The question of abortion confronts me in several different ways. First, although I do not profess to be a biologist, I have studied biology and know something about life from the point of view of the natural sciences. Second, I am a minister of the Gospel and, therefore, feel that abortion has a religious and moral dimension that I must consider. Third, I was born out of wedlock (and against the advice that my mother received from her doctor) and therefore abortion is a personal issue for me."   So note that he is alive because his mother withstood considerable odds to give him life.  The name of this turn-coat is Jesse Jackson.

In 1971, this politician had the following to say to one of his constituents in a letter: "I believe that human life, even at its earliest stages, has certain rights which must be recognized – the right to be born, the right to love, the right to grow old."  The politician was the late Ted Kennedy.

That was then, this is now.  Other political judases include Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Dick Gephart.  All have sold their souls for political gain.  But one day they will have to give an accounting before the Author of Life.  Let us pray that these folks repent and ask God's forgiveness for their support of murder before that day (and of course, that day has already arrived for Ted Kennedy).

Friday, July 19, 2013

Vortex On Wendy Davis / CCHD Cozy Connections

Here's an expose done by Michael Voris on the relationship between rabid pro-abort Wendy Davis of the Texas State Senate and the CCHD, vis-a-vis Ralph McCloud.  Until I saw this, I was unaware that the two had worked together in Texas politics for six years.  That being said, there can be no shadow of a doubt that McCloud was fully aware that he was supporting abortion in the person of Wendy Davis as the two worked to unseat her pro-life opponent.

In the clip, Voris makes mention of some reports on the CCHD.  I have watched these and can attest that they are worth your investment in time to learn about this "snake in the grass" known as the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

A note to readers of the Archdiocese of Washington:
  • The archdiocesan collection for CCHD will occur during the weekend of Aug 10-11.  Please note that they have tweaked the name of the collection to read "Catholic Communications and Human Development".  Do not be deceived by this silly ploy.  This is  the CCHD collection.
  • Within the next week or two, this blog will announce steps that you can take to stanch the flow of Catholic cash to this collection and thus to Culture-of-Death organizations.  Stay tuned.
And now the video..

CRS Gave $2.7 Million To Pro-Abortion Marketing Firm

I'm not going to rehash the excellent LifesiteNews article.  Rather, I urge you to read it on their site.  This is really no surprise, as both the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and the Catholic Relief Services are run by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  It seems their goals are the same: to divert Catholic money to anti-God organizations.  The only difference between the two is that CCHD gives money to organizations in the USA while the CRS focuses outside the USA.

The next CRS collection in the Archdiocese of Washington will be in May 2014.  Right now the focus will be on the upcoming CCHD collection.  But we will be watching and reporting on the misdeeds of both these organizations.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Three Planned Parenthood Locations In Texas: Closing!

This past Tuesday, I reported that the Planned Parenthood of Bryan/College Station Texas would still be dispensing poison pills although there would be no more surgical abortion.  I am happy to report that I stand corrected!  They (and two other Texas Planned Parenthood locations) are closing altogether!  No wonder Cecile Richards' undies were in a bunch.  That's quite a bit of blood money that will not be lining her wallet.

We rejoice, though, for that means babies will live who otherwise would have been murdered in those hell-holes.  Of course we won't be satisfied until all babies and mothers are safe from the menace of abortion.  But we will not underestimate or belittle the importance of what just transpired in Texas, either.

Bro-Choice Guys: These Nincompoops Are Seen For What They Are

Notice I said "guys", not "men" for they don't deserve to be called "men".  "Spoiled brats" may be more like it, but "guys" is shorter.  I touched on this "bro-choice" thing in last Friday's post, that even had a local manifestation of that psycho-social deficiency.  If you watch that video again, you'll notice that the so-called "feminists" with the orange vests (signifying membership in Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force) have absolutely no problem with the guy who is clearly objectifying women.

Well, the "bro-choice" brain-rot is in the process of spreading.  Watch this video below (some vulgarity within).  Oh, the gal at the end?  That's Sarah Silverman, and she really was shilling for the pro-abortion agenda!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Abortuaries In The Dung Heap Of History

LifeNews reports that "pro-abortion stalwarts" complain that as many as 35 abortuaries may be forced to close.  It seems that the little money-grubbers don't want to invest any money to bring their mills up to snuff with other surgical facilities.  So much for "no more back alley abortions".  While they're complaining, we who try to actually help the women along with their children rejoice in this prospect.

One such affected Texas abortuary is the Planned Parenthood in Bryan/College Station.  This is the same one from which hailed Abby Johnson.  She is a former director of that murder hole who is now a pro-life activist.  The 40 Days for Life site reports on this matter.  A prayer presence will still continue there because while surgical abortions there have ceased, the mill will still distribute abortifacient drugs such as RU486.

Closer to home, and just south of the Potomac, new Virginia regulations have instigated the closure of NOVA Women's Health Care of Fairfax.  It was probably the busiest abortuary in the entire state of Virginia.  Again, pro-abortion shills are bemoaning the fact that their mills would have to meet standards applicable to other surgical centers.  Admittedly we can see how this would be a problem for Mi-Yong Kim, an owner of the dump as well as former abortionist, who botched an abortion in 1999, faced multiple disciplinary actions and finally surrendered her license in 2007.

Let us pray that we'll be seeing more and more of this type of news.

Yoo-hoo! Father Pfleger! Do You Give A Damn About This?

The real murders (first-degree!) and non-lethal beatings are mounting up in revenge by thugs who didn't see
the verdict they wanted last weekend.

Regarding the picture at the right, I find two faults with it:
  1. It should read "If there are murders and riots, here's who is responsible."
  2. Father Pfleger's picture is not included.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Father Pfleger Is Trayvon Martin

Well that's what he says in this article.  Gee whiz!  Does Father act like Trayvon, too?  The facts came out in trial.  Martin was much bigger than Zimmerman.  He was straddling Zimmerman and pounding him.  The shooting was ruled as justifiable self-defense.  But here's Father Pfleger, acting as the race-baiter that has always been his style.

In the video, he states that he is planning "non-violent civil disobedience".  Doesn't it make you wonder just who/what he's planning to "civilly disobey"?  What person or institution will he choose as his designated scapegoat - whipping boy if you will - for his stunt?  And you better believe that this hapless target of "civil disobedience" had better suffer the insult in silence, lest it be vilified by this sorry excuse of a priest as being "racist" or "profiler" or whatever the euphemism of the moment is!

Notice at the 0:54 mark he mentioned the mother who said her two sons' lives were worthless.  Well, speaking of young lives being treated as though they're worthless, perhaps Father can do some real good where he lives.  Chicago has one of the worst murder rates: 11 over the July 4th weekend, 4 last weekend.  Why doesn't Pfleger try to stem that?  Is it because they're largely "black-on-black" that these seem to escape his radar?  I noticed something else in that interview; Father wasn't in clerical garb.  It's times like these that I rejoice that these progressives aren't easily recognized as Catholic priests.

It's high time Cardinal George grew a backbone and defrock this man once and for all - for his own good as well as that of the souls that he is misleading.

How Are Catholic Charities And Catholic Relief Services Connected?

A commenter asked me this question today at 12:57pm.  Because he also divulged his email address and because Blogger doesn't let me redact that, I was reluctant to publish "as is" to respect privacy.  But this is a good question.

Catholic Charities is not an arm of the USCCB as are CRS and CCHD.  However, as is the case with many progressive/liberal outfits, they share some common leadership.  Many of these groups share members of boards of directors and these two are no exception.  Here is a list of the Trustees of Catholic Charities.  Note two names: Sister Carol Keehan and Carolyn Woo.  If you've been following the news at all, you'll recognize that Sister Carol has behaved as the proverbial "snake in the grass", most notably with Obamacare.  For more on Carolyn Woo, please see this.

Besides that, Catholic Charities is rife with other scandals; for convenience, click here.  I needn't rehash them here, but clearly they too are utterly unworthy to receive one penny of our hard-earned money.  We'd do far better to give to charities that obey the Magisterium and that actually engage in Works of Mercy.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Catholic Relief Services Scandals Continue Unabated

It seems that CRS could easily stand for "Catholicism Riddled with Scandals".  I've done a number of posts over the years- click here.  On the post dated 8/16/12, look below the Vortex video.  There I mentioned that CRS was caught giving $5.3 million to CARE, an outfit that distributes contraception and abortifacients to women in developing countries and lobbies for abortion in those countries.  I also mentioned that John Rivera, then Communications Director for CRS, made himself appear to be a lying fool.

In that list of previous posts, you'll see one dated May 31, 2011.  If you looked at that within the past two years, you might have noticed that the ALL youtube was taken down and the link to the LifesiteNews article broken.  These have been restored, and an American Life League post sheds some light as to the removal and subsequent restorations of those links.  If you look at the bottom, it seems that ALL was snookered by a deliberate misquote of Matt 18: 15-17, that is applicable to private and personal disputes, not public scandals.  I credit them for learning and acknowledging the duplicity of the CRS leadership.  (I also credit them for the graphic at the right!)

But there's a reason why the CRS went through all that "damage control" effort.  They had no intention whatsoever of ceasing donations to CARE.  LifeSiteNews reports that in 2012, CRS donated $13.8 million to the same abortfacient-spewing CARE.  Think of it - that's an increase of over 250%!

Is this a reason why Ken Hackett, immediate past president of CRS (having been president for 40 years) has come into favorable light with the Messiah Most Miserable himself?  We do know that Obama rewards his lackeys well.  He has done so by appointing Hackett to be ambassador to the Vatican.  Read this ALL article for more on this scandal and consider that Hackett has been at the helm of CRS for 40 years.

It's way past time to abolish Catholic Charities, Catholic Relief Services and Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  The latter two can be addressed by abolishing the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  At the very least, please cease all donations to these entities immediately.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pro-Life Victory In Texas!

Despite the rather novel innovations in lobbying undertaken by pro-abortion mobs (I suppose the mob scenes, hurling of human excrement/bricks/paint, threats of gun/chain violence are now lobbying practices as far as those brutes are concerned),  Texas' late-term abortion ban was passed by the Texas State Senate.  Governor Rick Perry will sign it into law.

The bill's "onerous" provisions include:
  1. abortion mills held to same standards as other ambulatory surgical centers
  2. abortionist performing the murder to at least have admitting privileges at one nearby hospital (unlike Leroy Carhart - who caused another woman this week to be hospitalized)
  3. abortionist him/herself administering any baby-killing drugs
Hey!  If these so-called "pro-choicers" want abortion to be "safe, legal and rare", how can they wax so hysterical about this bill?  Well, as we saw by their complete lack of civilized demeanor this week, they're only "pro-death" and abortion should be legal and forget about the "safe" and the "rare".  They are shedding their "compassionate" disguises (that didn't really work too well, when you get right down to it).  

My congratulations to the good people of Texas and thanks to God.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Animal House In Austin

I never saw the movie Animal House and from what I heard, I didn't miss much.  It basically featured some overgrown toddlers in a frat house deporting themselves as boorish oafs.  It would appear that the less-than-stellar examples of the Animal House characters are inspiring the pro-abort cabal in Austin Texas to display the moral and intellectual vacuity of their support for baby-killing.

Take, for example, this pro-abortion blog post about "bro-choice".  The writer, a male, warns guys of the "dire consequences" to them, should Texas' HB2 become law.  He addresses his post to "those of us guys who like girls and want to have relationships with them that may last anywhere from a few minutes to many years".  Few minutes????   Sheesh!  That's barely time to be properly introduced, and they should hop into the sack at that point???  And please, take deep breaths before reading this next terrifying "factoid".  "Don't be surprised if casual sex outside of relationships becomes far more difficult to come by!"  Oh, the horror!  To think that an actual relationship (hint!  It's called marriage!) might be a prerequisite for sex?  Whatever are these "bro-choicers" to do???  (How about growing up and acting like real men?)

But in Austin, the pro-aborts promised to disrupt the proceedings - and they attempted to bring "equipment" to do so.  Police were on the alert and confiscated some of these "props": jars of urine, feces, paint, etc.  I would say that such is the behavior of swine, but then I'd be utterly unfair to actual swine.  Who dreams up this stuff?  Think of it; they had to collect the "props" from "donors", correct?

So obviously some pro-abort activist needed reinforcements.  Therefore they went to the nearest zoo and released the apes and baboons to assist them.  My friend at Les Femmes has additional details.  But three years ago I posted a video that displayed the pro-abortion brainlessness.  I refresh your memories below.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

But...But...What About The Other Patients???

In the previous post (dated yesterday), I relayed the news that Leroy Carhart's baby-butcher shop (euphamistically known as Germantown Reproductive Health Services) in Germantown MD caused another woman to be taken to Shady Grove Hospital.  This woman is his third known victim.  Unlike the other two, this lady did not die (to the best of our knowledge).

I posted to the Operation Rescue article, and that had video showing Carhart accompanying the woman in the ambulance to the hospital.  He certainly struck the all-concerned, all-compassionate image, did he not?  Perhaps it was some preemptive damage control, as he had to know that all eyes were on that ambulance, given the well-publicized death of Jennifer Morbelli just five months ago.

However, Jill Stanek, an ob/gyn nurse herself, raised an interesting and crucial point.  We know that woman was not the only patient in the mill at the time.  We also have reason to believe, though, that Carhart was the only physician there.  But Carhart took a ride in the ambulance.  So that brings us to the question in the title of this post.  She asked who oversees the other patients while Carhart's on a damage-control mission (or perhaps just pleading for the woman to be admitted since he himself has no admitting privileges in MD).

So who "held down the fort", as it were?  Was it some nurse whose license status is dubious?  The file clerk?  Maybe the telephone receptionist?  Who???  And who among those who remained behind would have been qualified and competent to handle any other emergency that could have arisen in Carhart's absence?

This morning several pro-life leaders held a press conference at Germantown Pregnancy Choices.  The Maryland Coalition for Life has six clips from that conference.  Please listen closely to them to learn key facts and how they relate to the state of MD investigations.  For one thing, it would seem that Dr. Carhart's departure might well be evidence of faulty emergency procedures - a fault that the State of MD specifically charged this abortion mill to address.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Another Carhart Victim Is Hospitalized In Maryland

Yesterday afternoon (June 9) an ambulance took away a woman from the Germantown Reproductive Health Services.  Unlike the previous two debacles, the woman is alive (at least she was when taken away).  Let me state for the record that most of Carhart's victims are not hospitalized.  After they are brutally murdered, they are discarded, treated as "medical wastes" without so much as a decent funeral.

Operation Rescue has more details, with video of the ambulance taking her away.  Notice that Carhart is going with them, even though he has no admitting privileges in any Maryland hospital.  Is he going simply to maintain an appearance after: 1) his absence while Jennifer Morbelli died and/or 2) the failed inspection by Maryland authorities a few months ago?  Who knows?

Tomorrow at 10:00 AM local pro-life leaders will conduct a press conference at Germantown Pregnancy Choices, 13230 Executive Park Terrace, Germantown MD.  If you can, please attend.

Cardinal Burke And Call To Martyrdom

Actually His Eminence is commenting on a work by the late Father John Hardon, S.J., now "Servant of God" in the path to canonization.  The talk was given last year and is still quite appropriate today.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Are You Attending A Church Of Nice?

Watch the Vortex below for some symptoms of the sickness known as the "Church of Nice".  For some fun (hopefully it's fun), check out the quiz starting at 4:23.  How did you do on it???

CHA Supports Final HHS Mandate - Surprise! Not!

Contradicting the nation's bishops prior opposition, the Catholic Health Association (led by Sr Carol Keehan of the Pen of Perfidy) has announced its support of the Obamacare rule forcing all to purchase abortion coverage.  Let's hope and pray that Sister is not invited to Cardinal McCarrick's next birthday party.

I won't reinvent the wheel in unpacking what just transpired.  Read Matt Bowman's analysis on the Catholic Vote page.  Now notice that I emphasized the word "prior" in my first sentence.  That's because the USCCB has yet to issue its statement.  They're still "studying" it, you see?  What is there to "study"?  The answer is that the damned thing is unacceptable in light of Christ's teachings on human life.  If they're looking for "wiggle room", they should man up and admit that they can't "yok it up" with Obama on this one and be the bishops they were called to be.  After doing that, they can excommunicate Sister Carol and the rest of the "pantsuit brigade".

Monday, July 8, 2013

Thank You, Bishop Perisco!

LifeSiteNews reports that Bishop Lawrence Perisco of the Diocese of Erie PA has declared that one of the largest hospitals in the area may no longer call itself Catholic.  The St Vincent Health System has declared its intent to perform sterilizations in direct disobedience to Church Teaching.

Certain hospitals here (hint: the name begins with "Georgetown") engages in embryonic stem cell research.  This has been going on for years (highlighted in my earlier website).  Certain local retired prelates (initials TMcC) have indicated that they "are comfortable" with said research.  The Archdiocese of Washington stands in dire need of some of the clarity of Bishop Perisco.

Again, thanks to Bishop Perisco!

Young People Alienated From Church Because of "Social Justice"

HT - LifeSiteNews

A Christian apologetics organization called Fixed Point Foundation recently polled some students on campus who were raised Christian but now claim to be atheists.  As they were growing up, they heard much of "social justice", "organizing", "doing good", but almost nothing about spiritual realities.  Read the linked article for more comments from these young people.  They want to know the eternal truths of the Faith - and are fed fluffy-puff-stuff instead.  That is what the "social justice" message is - at best, a flimsy shadow of the One True Faith.  At worst (and probably by design), it is a thinly-disguised attempt to lure idealistic youth into socialism and atheism.  In some cases, it is succeeding in their nefarious goals.

That more or less dovetails into today's Vortex, that addresses what sort of vision should be ours.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Another ADW Pastor Has Dissented From Church Teaching On Homosexuality

This past Tuesday I alerted my readers to the public disregard of Church teaching on homosexuality by the pastor of St John Vianney Church in Prince Frederick MD.  That post elicited quite a few comments, some of them with additional information regarding other problems.   I particularly want to thank the anonymous commenter of 7/5, 9:52PM.  He/she put forth a number of websites, including this one:

Granted it is a liberal site, but I've no reason to doubt its accuracy as to its main subject matter: the so-called "Declaration of Religious Support for Marriage Equality".  The names of the signers are arranged alphabetically.  Signing this document is Msgr Jameson, rector of the Cathedral of St Matthew the Apostle.  Consider that this cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop of Washington: that is, Cardinal Wuerl.

How much more of this pestilence will make its stench known?  To be honest, if it exists we need to know about it so let it come to light.  When it does, though, will the Cardinal move to eradicate the mess?  Both of these priests exercise pastoral ministries at present.  Let us pray that corrective action is undertaken immediately to mitigate any future spiritual damage.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

What Does PP Mean?

That set of initials can mean a lot of things.  It could mean, for example, "Pimp Protectors".  Most of us in pro-life circles understand that it means "Planned Parenthood".  Today it was driven home to us that there isn't all that much difference between "Planned Parenthood" and "Pimp Protectors".

At approximately 9:35 this morning, one of our number approached a couple headed north on First Street towards the "PP" located at 1400 Spring Street in Silver Spring MD.  The guy, pictured to the right, looks to be in his late 30s, at the youngest.  The woman, who seemed to be foreign-born, was a bit younger.  She kept trying to offer them information about the dangers of Planned Parenthood.  The guy wanted to hear nothing of it.  He had coffee in his hand and he flung it all over the pro-life counselor.  That didn't deter her.  She and another persisted in their attempts to stop their death march.  They alerted me and I started recording.  He saw that.  We also called out that we were going to call the police as he got to the door.

When he heard the word "police", he seemed to have an epiphany of sorts.  He grabbed the woman's arm and they scurried back to the parking garage.  Two of us went after them to see if we could take his plates (so our friend could file assault charges).  We never saw them, but we certainly drew the attention of one of the deathscorts, as you'll see below.  We thought his behavior in leaving at the mention of police odd, but we considered all the details.  He was bringing an unwilling younger woman who was foreign-born for an abortion or birth control.  It certainly seemed that he didn't want to interact with any police whatsoever - that he might have had something to hide.  To us, there is all the smell of a sex-trafficking ring.  Of course we cannot know for certain, but when there's smoke, there's often fire.

I said in the previous paragraph that we drew the attention of one of the deathscorts.  A little background, first.  These orange-vested minions of death are organized under something called the "Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force".  They even have their own website, and some ostensible guidelines.  So they're supposed to guard the clinics from us "right-wingers".  I for one fail to see how the following of us as we're walking away from the mill fulfills their mission.  It doesn't.  She was simply trying to intimidate us - alas, to no avail!  But here you see demonstrated the intellectual vacuity of the pro-abortion mentality.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4th - What Does It Really Mean?

From the Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible, here is 2 Chronicles 7:14 - "And my people, upon whom my name is called, being converted, shall make supplication to me, and seek out my face, and do penance for their most wicked ways: then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins and will heal their land."  This is part of God's reply to Solomon's first public prayer to God and his humble acknowledgment of his inadequacy to govern God's people.  God promises to give Solomon wisdom, and He does.  Sadly, Solomon drifted away from God and havoc ensued quickly after his death.

All around us we see similar havoc being wrecked upon the United States of America - much now emanating from the White House and other institutions of government, with our bishops largely cowering before these same entities.  Quite frankly, the United States is falling apart as large chunks of its populace rebel against God and His laws; sexual perversion and the whole-scale murder of innocent babies are but the most garish manifestations of this national insanity and self-destruction.

With so many people being preoccupied with indulging all manners of appetites their fixations with entertainment, they are at once becoming childish, hedonistic and yes, murderous.  I regret to say that I meet many of these Saturday mornings as some of us offer Christian witness in front of Planned Parenthood in Silver Spring; a goodly number of these confused individuals wear the orange vests of "clinic escorts".  With that in mind, I now link to an address given by John Adams to the Massachusetts Militia on October 11, 1798.  I urge you to study the whole thing, particularly the warning contained therein.  The United States is careening down that primrose path.

Now couple the statement above with a more recent statement, this one from Ronald Reagan: "If we ever forget that we are one nation under God, then we will be one nation gone under."  We're headed in that latter direction.  Today many of us sang the "Star-Spangled Banner".  The last line states that ours is the "land of the free and the home of the brave".  That is now in question.  Our freedoms are being chipped away because we are becoming less and less brave.  Such is the natural consequence that happens when we, as a people, forget God and become morally, spiritually and intellectually dissipated and stupefied.

Right now our trajectory as a nation is towards implosion into annihilation.  Have we passed the point of no return?  Many of my associates believe that we have.  I'm not too sure, but I know that if we don't make some serious changes - and soon - that "point of no return" will be upon us quite quickly.

That takes us back to the first paragraph, and to 2 Chronicles 7:14.  We Catholics bear particular responsibility for to us has been given the fullness of the Deposit of Faith as well as the Sacraments.  It is urgent that we Catholics heed the requests of Our Lady of Fatima.  It is urgent that our bishops recall that they are bishops, not glad-handing politicians, to protect their flocks from wolves and to proclaim Christ's message in fullness.  We laity too have our work cut out for us.  And we don't have much time.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Catholic Pastor In Southern Maryland Publicly Condones Homosexual Acts

We rightly warn of wolves in sheep's clothing.  True enough, but there is a greater danger - wolves in shepherd's clothing!  Can this describe Father Peter Daly, pastor of St. John Vianney Parish in Prince Frederick Maryland?  His own words have made plain that his influence is a danger to those placed in his care.

The Not-At-All Catholic Reporter published an article of Father's, entitled, "Catholic Church Should Support Boy Scouts' Decision on Sexual Orientation".  The first part of the article is a lame attempt to cajole us into thinking that the Boy Scouts will remain the healthy, morally-straight organization that it once was.  After all that meandering, Father lets loose with can only be called moral poison.  I will quote the pertinent segment below, leaving out only the paragraph breaks.

"Three times in my 27 years as a priest, I have had to sit across the room from young men who tried to commit suicide because they were gay. Three times, I have heard their anguish as they told me that their church regarded them as "intrinsically disordered" and their love as seriously immoral. Three times I have had to hear them say that part of the reason for their despair was our preaching.  Conservative Catholic theologians would no doubt demand that I condemn all homosexual acts as immoral. They would want pastors to insist that all gay boys must learn to carry their unique cross of perpetual life-long chastity, a burden we would never dream of imposing on heterosexuals. They would want me to say that all gay acts are evil and all inclinations are intrinsically disordered.  Well, let them say it. Let them say it to those boys who tried to commit suicide. Let them say it to the frightened little Scout who is still figuring out himself."

Let's unpack this mess, shall we?  We'll do this, "bullet style".
  • Three times, I have heard their anguish as they told me that their church regarded them as "intrinsically disordered" and their love as seriously immoral.  Father, did you remind them that the Church doesn't consider them - as persons - disordered, but rather their homosexual inclinations?  Moreover, their "love" is not true love at all.  If you have confirmed any of them in their confusion, you have done them gross disservice and may well be confirming on the path to eternal perdition.
  • Conservative Catholic theologians would no doubt demand that I condemn all homosexual acts as immoral.  Well, not so much "conservative" as much as "Faithful to the moral teachings handed down by Jesus Christ Himself through the Church's teaching magisterium".  It's a mouthful, but we get the point.  And yes, Father!  It IS the teaching of Holy Mother Church that all homosexual ACTS are immoral.  Notice that it's the ACTS, not PERSONS, lest there be silly attempts to conflate the two.  You will not be permitted to get away with it!  At any rate, the "theologians" don't demand that you condemn these acts.  That charge is laid upon you by virtue of the Sacrament of Holy Orders.  You are called to proclaim the Gospel, to call sinners to repentance and to administer the Sacraments.  Without all these elements, the unfortunate homosexual will find him/herself bereft of the graces needed to conquer these disordered inclinations.  Father, knock off this politically correct schtick and administer some real help and compassion to these souls in your care.
  • They would want me to say that all gay acts are evil and all inclinations are intrinsically disordered.  Well, let them say it. Let them say it to those boys who tried to commit suicide. Let them say it to the frightened little Scout who is still figuring out himself.  There are four sentences here.  In the first sentence, let's substitute for the word "they" and rightly put in its place Jesus Christ Himself, for that is His teaching as revealed through His church.  So in the first sentence, Father properly states what is his solemn duty as an ordained Catholic priest.  In the following sentences, Father declares that he is abdicating his duty to proclaim the truth and to do all he can to save the immortal souls of those afflicted with homosexual inclinations.  God help him if he doesn't reconsider the error of his current disposition for in addition to his own salvation, he imperils that of many others in his path.
The Cardinal Newman Society points out that this is not the first time that Father has coddled those who engage in self-destructive behaviors.  This past year he gave scandal to gay students at Catholic University of America, instead of true compassion.

Of course all this begs the question, "Should Father Daly continue in his post while he is still of a mindset to lead confused souls to destruction?"   We should at least contact the Archdiocese of Washington and petition for his removal, if only for his own salvation.  The chancery has demonstrated its ability to move with extreme alacrity when it so desires; witness the speed with which they threw Father Marcel Guarnizo under the bus.  Granted, Father Guarnizo's case was a bit different.  Father Guarnizo acted in complete obedience to the Magisterium; he just happened to ruffle the feathers of the DC-area gay community and the latter simply got noisy.  Father Daly, on the other hand, is thumbing his nose at the Magisterium.  Will the DC chancery find the spinal fortitude and moral clarity to deal with him appropriately?

Sr Carol Keehan On ADW Finance Council? Seriously???

Many of us have been warning - since before the passage of Obamacare - that Sister Carol Keehan was, and still is, a menace to the Faith.  The ramifications of Obamacare are being keenly felt by all concerned folks, not just Catholics who are being coerced into paying for abortions, etc.  I've written much and now link to relevant posts.

As these posts clearly state, I and many others take strenuous exception to the honors bestowed upon her by prelates who really should know better than that.  While conducting research for today's other post regarding Father Daly, I learned the following disgusting fact..

Sister Carol Keehan is a member of the Finance Council for the Archdiocese of Washington.  Look at the 6th page of this pdf.  Why, oh why, was she not unceremoniously ejected from that post after she wrecked so much havoc on this nation?  By the way - the directory was updated last week so this list is not obsolete.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Feminists Revert To "Back-Alley" Abortions

Live Action released its latest "inhuman" installments, showing just how brutal and callous abortion proponents are, not only to the babies but also to the very women they claim to champion.  Many abortionists are resorting to "medical" abortions, where they are accomplished away from the death mills themselves.  The venue of choice for them seems to be hotels.  You'll see a goodly amount of that in this video.  Before you look at it, review this article from Jill Stanek's blog.  She points out that in the 1970s, Ms Magazine published a picture of a woman who died alone in a hotel room.  Their point was that abortion should be legal so that it could be done in proper medical facilities.  It seems they've gone "full-circle" and are actually advocating the secrecy they ostensibly condemned forty years ago.

Lest we forget:  Jennifer Morbelli essentially spent her last week dying in her hotel room, at the hand of Leroy Carhart.  The pro-choice crowd (from the White House right on down) simply doesn't give a damn about women, sanctimonious protestations to the contrary.