Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Archdiocese Of Washington Displays Its Cowardice

Here are some offerings of the "lamebrain mainstream" media regarding the funeral incident last Saturday.

By the way - as you listen to that second one, notice two things.  At the 00:45 mark, you'll hear that "Father Guarnizo apparently learned that Barbara was involved in a romantic relationship with another woman.."  Conveniently omitted was how Father came to learn of this.  Just before the ceremony, in the sacristy, Barbara walked in as Father was vesting.  She introduced herself and "her lover" (yes, her words).  They did not give him opportunity to speak with them about Church policies for reception of Communion.  However, as is standard practice during weddings and funerals (for the  benefit of non-Catholics in attendance), he did announce the Church's requirements - making plain that the gay relationship disqualified them from such reception.

At the 00:58 mark, it is announced that she is a "lifelong Catholic and former Catholic school teacher".  It defies all common sense to pretend that she didn't know that she was ineligible to receive Holy Communion under her freely-chosen circumstances.  

I know that Father Guarnizo went to the chancery offices and explained what had happened.  You can see a summary of that embodied in my previous post.  None of that seemed to matter to the chancery officials - many of them turn a blind eye themselves when the Pelosi-and-Biden types strut up for Communion.  They cringe at the thought of the slightest criticism from the mainstream media, and their courage collapses like a house of cards if the liberal media so much as looks cross-eyed at them.  

Thus we see that Bishop Barry Knestout, Vicar General of the Archdiocese, threw Father Guarnizo under the bus by issuing this groveling "apology" to Ms Johnson.  In the second paragraph, the bishop claims that Ms Johnson did not experience "kindness" and "charity" from Father Guarnizo.  I beg to differ - and that difference hinges on what constitutes "kindness and charity".  It would NOT have been "kind" of Father Guarnizo to facilitate for Ms. Johnson the mortal sin of sacrilegious Holy Communion.  And just what did Bishop Knestout think would have been the "pastorally sensitive" thing to do?   Canon 915 lays it right out there.  This apology is not only an attempt to appease those who embrace dissidence from Church teachings, but is also an attempt to justify the archdiocese's own fecklessness in the face of their obligations to obey Canon 915.  The yap and yammer about "pastoral sensitivity" is mere smoke and mirrors to excuse their own disobedience to Church law.

I understand that there is talk of transferring Father Guarnizo elsewhere or even asking him to leave the archdiocese.  Barbara Johnson made plain her intention to have Father Guarnizo removed from parish life in this diocese.  I regret to say that the Feckless Ones within the DC chancery will leap to do her bidding in that regard.  But there might be a miracle.  Let us pray that someone in the DC pastoral center finds a backbone and realizes that his Sacrament of Ordination really means service to Jesus Christ even to martyrdom.  Perhaps they'll take some inspiration from Father Guarnizo.

Let us pray for all involved - particularly Barbara Johnson.  As much as the chancery has thrown Fr Guarnizo under the bus, it is she who has received the greatest disservice from the Archdiocese of Washington.

Please contact the Archdiocese.  Let them know that you take a dim view of their behavior.  If you haven't made a pledge yet to the Cardinal's Appeal, you might want to hold off on that for a while.

DC Chancery Shows Disdain For Good Priest Who Follows God's Laws

In doing so, the DC Chancery also displays (once again) Canon Law and the eternal salvation of souls.  My fellow blogger "a Washington DC Catholic" alerted me to the statement issued by Archdiocese of Washington regarding Father Guarnizo's actions this past Saturday.  Please refer to his blog post for the statement and for the text of Canon 915.

This will be long, so I'll put the jump break here.

Monday, February 27, 2012

American Life League Re-Releases Its Planned Parenthood Expose

When Jessica Faerman pulled her ridiculous stunt in trying to have American Life League's clip removed - the one that exposed how Planned Parenthood is marketing sex to youngsters - I remarked in one of the comments that the last chapter had not yet been written.

Today the American Life League reposted it, with some modifications.  More importantly, it is on a server that is independent of youtube, so there will be no more success in hiding the truth.  Again we urge you to make sure this information gets into the hands of educators, voters, parents.  Do not let children watch it, please.

Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

Canon 915 - Alive In The Archdiocese Of Washington!

On Sunday morning, I noticed that a post I had written about five months ago had quite a few comments posted to it, many of them rather nasty.  I thought it curious since the post was rather old.  Upon further investigation I discovered why.

The post featured a talk given by Father Marcel Guarnizo, parochial vicar of St John Neumann in Gaithersburg, MD.  This past Saturday, Father did a funeral Mass for a deceased parishioner.  In attendance was her daughter who is an open lesbian.  On account of her ongoing mortally sinful lifestyle, Father refused Holy Communion to her, as is his obligation not only under Canon 915 but to prevent her from committing another mortal sin, that of sacrilegious Holy Communion.

Many of the pro-gay-rights community got in a royal snit about Father's actions.  You can see the comments that I allowed to be published.  Some of them show the hysterical, sputtering self-righteous and self-deluded rage that afflicts those who sympathize with deadly sin.  They hold up their self-customized images of "Jesus" and have hissies because Father decided to be the priest he was ordained to be and to give witness to the real Jesus who is The Way, The Truth and The Life.

Pray for these poor deluded souls, as they imperil their own immortal souls by giving allegiance to perversions and their own false ideas of God.  Then go to the parish website and thank both Father Guarnizo and the pastor, Father LaHood.  You may rest assured that the pro-gays are spewing forth their vomit and bile into the email boxes.   Please copy on that email as well.  Many in that office are, frankly, rather wimpy when it comes to doing their duties.  Perhaps Father's good example will provide the right encouragement.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Help Stop A Travesty At Gonzaga Church In DC Next Weekend

Thanks to my colleague "A Washington DC Catholic", I learned of the planned retreat next Saturday, March 3, at St Aloysius Gonzaga Church.  It's to be conducted by heterodox Bishop Thomas Gumbleton and is sponsored by Pax Christi.  I found nary a peep of this on any of the Gonzaga pages - but the Pax Christi site announces it.

Below is the open email that I just sent to Father Clifford, Gonzaga's pastor.  I copied the Washington Archdiocesan Chancery.  Given Bishop Gumbleton's past practices, it's quite possible that the Chancery was never received notification, let alone request for permission.  Still, they need to be made aware of this and we need to urge them to take corrective action, should Father Clifford not see fit to do so.  Father Clifford's email address is and the chancery can be reached at   Now the email, entitled "Please cancel Bishop Gumbleton's appearance at your church next weekend."


Father, it is with deep concern that we write to you with the above-cited request.  We only learned of it less than two days ago from the website of Pax Christi (see  His reckless disdain of the Magisterium's positions regarding women's "ordination" and gay "rights" are well-known.  How someone with so little regard for the truth can be deemed worthy of giving a retreat to the parishioners in your charge is beyond me.

As you can see, I am copying the Archdiocese of Washington's Chancery regarding this.  There has been an unfortunate pattern of Bishop Gumbleton entering another diocese to speak without giving the host bishop the courtesy of due notice.  Such happened a little less than two years ago when Bishop Alexander Samples had to publicly disinvite him from coming into the Diocese of Marquette (see  Just several months ago, a similar situation occurred when Bishop Gumbleton issued statements favoring the unions in the Wisconsin tulmult.  The local bishop, Robert Morlino, was forced to issue his clarifying statement (see

Having now been made aware of Bishop Gumbleton's troubling pattern of spreading heterodoxy whenever and whereever he deems fit, won't you please do the proper thing and rescind that invitation?  Else the DC Chancery may face that unpleasant task.  Should his appearance go on as currently scheduled, there may well be a presense of some of our number to uphold the Majesterium of the Church.

Please be advised that this letter will be made open on the blog  Any responses - or lack thereof - will likewise be posted.  Thank you for your immediate attention to this crucial matter.

(end email)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another Homily Where The Truth Is Told Against HHS Mandate

Last month I posted a homily that occurred at my parish in response to the Obama/Sebelius HHS Mandate/Tyranny.  I am happy to post a similar homily, this one from a parish in Indiana that occurred a week later.

Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

Collect Unemployment And Stimulate The Economy!!

Well, that's what Valerie Jarrett says!  And after all, she is a White House Senior Advisor, so she must know what she's talking about - right?  Right??

Ask the employers who are now seeing their unemployment tax rates shoot through the roof (that's where all the "economic stimulation" comes from).  Had those taxes not gone up, they might have done something more productive with that money.  And who really feels "stimulated" by all this unemployment?  Certainly not the folks who really do feel it, including the unemployed themselves.

See below clear indication why the Obama cartel needs to receive their pink slips this November (click here if you can't see embedded video).

The Real Villainess Behind The HHS Mandate??

Notice the feminine form of the noun "villain" in the header.  A blogger by the name of Ron Conte sets forth the hypothesis that the real driving force behind the HHS mandates that seek to compel religious employers to violate their own consciences may be Kathleen Sebelius rather than Barack Obama.  You may read it for yourselves on his blog.

I certainly think it's a plausible theory.  Without proof, it remains a theory.  Moreover, ultimate responsibility still rests with the Messiah Most Miserable, since he would have had the authority to stop the mandate in its tracks.  So he at least allowed it to go through for his own reasons.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Catholic Blogs Prove Their Mettle!

From the Cardinal Newman Society we receive the happy news that Villanova University, a Catholic institution just outside of Philadelphia has rescinded its invitation to a militant gay-rights advocate to be an "artist in residence".  Read the report on the CNS website - and read how this "artist" whines about the role of Catholic blogs in waking up local Catholics to the menace about to take residence there.

In that matter I wasn't involved, but I do take this occasion to congratulate my blogging colleagues for a job well-done!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chris Matthews Inserts Foot Again

As you watch this, remember that this is the man whom Blessed Sacrament Church saw fit to allow to peddle his book on its grounds.  This clip confirms the rightness of our decision to picket and protest that profanation of Church property.

He states, "if you're really anti-gay, you become a Catholic now."  Really?  I'm sure that will be a shock to devout Protestants and Jews, who oppose the mutation of marriage and promotion of dangerous lifestyles, to learn that they'll be converting en masse to Catholicism.  But hey!  Matthews should know, because he's a MSNBC pundit!  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Light Is On For You

For several years now, the Archdiocese of Washington, during Lent, has conducted the above-named effort of re-acquainting Catholics with the Sacrament of Confession.  On Wednesdays during Lent, each and every parish will have their confessionals open from 6:30pm - 8:00pm.  To my knowledge, this is the first year that the Diocese of Arlington is joining the effort.

If anyone has been away from the Sacrament for a while and feels a bit awkward about it, the priest will be happy to assist you.  Please come and receive Our Lord's forgiveness and sacramental grace.  You won't regret it.

For Those Who Claim I'm Unfair To Obama...

Here's a handy little summation of the damages that the Messiah Most Miserable has inflicted on this country.  The author states that the list is not complete.  Moreover, it most likely will increase between now and the end of the year.  Hopefully that will end his reign of destruction.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's Way Past Time To Take To The Streets

In the mid 1990s, Father Frank Pavone, director of Priests for Life wrote a pamphlet called Our Media Is the Streets.  It's just as relevant now as it was then, and I'd encourage all to study it.  Just an "aside note - at that time, the internet was not an available resource as it is now.  Now we have both at our disposal and we must utilize both.

This past week, two such instances of street activism occurred which deserve attention.  They do so precisely because they take the pro-life message out of the confines of our church halls and in front of the general public that so desperately needs to be shaken from its state of mind-numb oblivion. 

Please educate yourselves and

Saturday, February 18, 2012

40 Days For Life - Lent 2012

The next 40 Days for Life campaign will be held this coming Lent.  Thus it starts this Wednesday Feb 22 - Ash Wednesday.  Your participation in this campaign would be an excellent component of any Lenten observance; I highly recommend it.

The 40 Days for Life campaign will be held at several local baby-killing centers, and they will be having their Kick-Off rallies this week as follows:

Silver Spring  Saturday, Feb 25th, 10am, at the Planned Parenthood located at 1400 Spring Street in Silver Spring, MD.  Nancy Tanner of Silent No More will be the main speaker.  See for details and other events throughout the campaign.

Germantown: Sunday Feb 19th, 7pm at Mother Seton Parish Center.  David Bereit, National 40 Days Director and Msgr Charles Pope will be the speakers.  For further details see

College Park   Saturday, Feb 25th, 10am at St Mary of the Mills.  Shawn Carney will be the speaker.  For details see

Baltimore  Sunday Feb 19th at 3pm at Mount De Sales Academy.  David Bereit will be the speaker.  For details see

Fairfax  Tuesday Feb 21, 7pm at 10400 Eaton Place, Fairfax City.  Dr John Bruchalski of Tepeyak Family Center will speak.  See for ongoing details.

Falls Church  No Kick-Off Rally information available, but check for ongong information.

Washington DC  Tuesday Feb 21, 7pm at Farragut Square (Connecticut Ave and K St NW).  Speakers include:
  Elizabeth McClung -- the sidewalk counselor who helped convert Abby Johnson;
  Andi Pearson, from Silent No More;
  Jimmy Nolan, President of Crossroads;
  Fr. Charlie Gallagher of St. Mary's in Rockville

 For ongoing details see

These campaigns are occurring throughout the country (and beyond).  Check to see if there is an ongoing effort in your community - and join it!

Friday, February 17, 2012

An Offer We Can Refuse!

To the humor-challenged progessives - yes it is a parody.  Deal with it!

Maryland News - From The "Et Tu, Brute?" Department

As most of you by now know, the Civil Marriage Protection Act, HB438, passed the Maryland House of Representatives by a 71-67 margin.  A minimum number of 71 votes is needed, so this attack on marriage advanced literally by one vote.  Arguably the blame for that can be laid at the feet of Wade Kach, who announced last Friday his turncoat intentions.  Some of us assumed that O'Malley probably made him an offer he could not refuse.  While that may be true, perhaps other forces were brought to bear.

If this Baltimore Sun report is to be believed (and it probably is), former GOP Vice President Dick Cheney came to Annapolis to lobby for the passage of this marriage mutation bill.  Two days earlier, in committee, Kach had opposed the bill.  Arguably, some of the blame can be shared by Pam Beidle, another Republican (and a Catholic) who turned coat and voted against decency.

Who needs to worry about progressive dems when we have RINOs like these with which to contend?  We need to buck the Gutless Ol' Poops that have been continuously snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  We can and must make our voices heard this November.

How Some Pro-Aborts Tip Their Hands Without Really Trying

If you go to the American Life League video on their Planned Parenthood expose, you'll see that it is "no longer available due to a copywright claim by Jessica Faerman".

So who might she be?  The internet can tell us a lot - especially since that name isn't all that common.  A google of that name brings up some very interesting sites.

First, we see that a Jessica Faerman is an alternate delegate to the Texas Democratic convention.   We can also see that she is quite concerned about The High Price of Campus Birth Control.   See how she whines about spending $40.00 a month to be cushioned from the consequences of her, uh, "extracurricular activities".  I wonder if that pressing concern has been rectified now (see the bottom paragraph)?

She did at one time work with the campus health department (University of Texas at Austin) as a member of a pro-abortion recruitment bunch calling themselves "Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom" (see page 8).  She and other volunteers encouraged other students to be "Sex Ed Superstars".

So she's looking to make "sex ed superstars" - who will also be seeking out birth control and abortion.  No wonder she resents ALL's video.  She has no standing to bring charges of "copywright violation" unless her works were plagerized.  At law, one can sue if and only if they are a legitimately aggrieved party of a particular wrong - a pro-abortion bias is not legitimate grounds, Jessica!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Marylanders! Immediate Action Required To Protect Marriage

Some Republicans in the House who previously promised to protect marriage between a man and a woman show distressing signs of wavering in their convictions.  Governor O'Malley is bringing much pressure to bear on these folks, as any vote (which may happen tomorrow) will be close.

Please urge the following to remain firm in their conviction (and campaign promises) and vote to oppose HB438, the Civil Marriage Protection Act.

Those who need to hear from you are:

Wade Kach of District 5B (Baltimore County) email , phone 1-800-492-7122 x 3359 or 410-841-3359.  He has admitted to changing his vote.  Urge him to be true to principles and change it back.

Pat Hogan, district 3A (Frederick County) email  phone 410-841-3240.  He has stated that he has heard from no one from the true Christian perspective.  We must change that.

Bob Costa, district 33B (Anne Arundel County) email, phone 410-841-3551

Marvin Holmes, district 23B (Prince George's County) email, phone 410-841-3310

Pamela Beidle, district 32 (Anne Arundel County) email , phone 410-841-3370

And call your own reps as well.

Food Police-Nazis Strike In North Carolina Public School

Last April I wrote a piece about how the Obamanista dictators arrogated to themselves authority to ban lunches in Chicago schools - including those packed by parents - for not meeting arbitrary standards of "healthiness".  Towards the end I wrote what I thought was a hypothetical farce, and voiced my hope that it was indeed only a farce.  To my regret, I learned earlier this week that my so-called farce materialized into reality in North Carolina.

In an elementary school in Raeford, NC, a four-year-old preschooler had her lunch confiscated because it didn't contain the arbitrarily-required vegetable.  So what did the poor child eat?  They gave her (sit down for this!) chicken nuggets!  You know, those deep-fat-fried blobs of chicken meat?  Whatever else they are, they certainly aren't vegetables.  That is beside the point, but this substitution illustrates either the complete brainlessness of Mrs Messiah's "Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Acts"and signed into law by Mr. Messiah, OR it demonstrates that the control-freaks in the White House are more desirous of glomming power unto itself and to heck with the kids!  I tend to think it's more the latter than the former (although we cannot discount altogether bureaucratic stupidity).

This bullying of a four-year-old and the draconian HHS mandates are just two of the latest manifestations of the progressive cabal arrogating power unto itself and trampling our God-given rights and the Consitution in the process.  They are getting to be more brazen about it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Maryland: Gay Marriage Bill Goes To House Floor

The so-called "Civil Marriage Protection Act" has been voted out of committee and goes to the House floor for a full vote, which could happen anytime now.   Your voice is needed by your delegates to oppose this bill.  Right now, the bulk of communications have come from the gay "marriage" proponents.  Your voice is needed!

Both the Maryland Catholic Conference and the Maryland Marriage Alliance have pages that allow you to communicate with your House delegates.  Please take a moment NOW and do that.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Evil Fruits Of "Social Justice"

Paul Rahe is a writer with a site called "Richochet".  He has recently penned two articles that I commend to your reading.  They are somewhat lengthy but thought-provoking and worth your while.  Here they are.

There's no gainsaying that many in Church leadership positions no longer see the main mission of the Church as being the eternal salvation of souls.  Many of these no longer believe in the afterlife.  Thus they have set their sights on this earth and find their impetus in "social justice".  Of course we must aim to bring about justice, but not at the price of compromising with evil.

Many bishops and priests, wanting to court favor with worldly powers-that-be to fund their pet "social justice" projects, have remained silent in the face of flagrant dissidence.  We picketed one such debacle this past Sunday.  Most notable is the lack of preaching on the matter of contraception.  Click here if you cannot see today's embedded Vortex clip.

Sister Carol Keehan - Unabashedly Pro-Abortion, It Seems

The so-called "compromise" put forth by the Messiah Most Miserable regarding his draconian HHS dictates was facilitated by none other than Sister Carol Keehan.  The Prolife Corner of Rockford IL has obtained a series of emails between Sister and an outfit called Riverside for Choice.  Read for yourselves.  Also see this analysis by National Catholic Register.

As you read through the articles and the comments sections, you'll see some readers ponder why this woman has not been formally excommunicated.  I for one echo that question.

To those of the Archdiocese of Washington who monitor this blog, would you please be so kind as to forward to Cardinal McCarrick the following (with links):  Cardinal McCarrick, you appeared with Sister Carol Keehan at the 2010 Gonzaga commencement.  Several weeks later, you had her do one of the readings at a Mass to celebrate your birthday.  In retrospect, can you now admit that your association with her only confirmed her in her erroneous ways?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Planned Parenthood - Wrecking Spiritual And Physical Havoc

Our Lady of Fatima told the three children that more people go to hell for sins of the flesh than for any other reason.  As you watch the video below, you will see how Planned Parenthood is working to catapult our children into eternal damnation, using our tax dollars to do so.  Planned Parenthood is in cahoots with public/progressive education.  Again consider the school official's open disdain for parents as she somehow thinks that she knows better than the parents.  I had pointed out that John Dewey signed the original Humanist Manifesto.  He had died before the first revision was published, but Alan Guttamacher signed that one.  They share the same godless, hedonistic philosophy that is contained in both the manifestos.

Now watch the ALL video and see how Planned Parenthood works to pollute your children's minds - often within the public schools.  PLEASE DON'T LET YOUR CHILDREN WATCH THIS VIDEO!  You, however, must be informed of the filth for which you are paying.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

Yesterday's Protest Of The Chris Matthews Appearance At A Catholic Church

Although he has makes no secret of his disdain for the Church's teachings on life and morals, Chris Matthews was invited to Blessed Sacrament yesterday to sign and sell his latest book.  Our numerous calls, emails, etc to the parish and to the chancery were not answered, let alone heeded.  We were left no alternative but to go there and raise our voices.  Some had advocated that we refrain from doing so.  While we respect these fellow Catholics, we feel that a "polite silence" would have been a grave injustice to the babies whose murders are approved by Matthews (and some of the other parishioners, who flat-out told us that).

Despite his nose-thumbing at Our Lord, Matthews was invited to use the Church to promote himself and to peddle his wares.  What this Church thought it would gain by selling its soul on this occasion I fail to grasp.  At first we stood in front of the church, on the sidewalk at Western Avenue.  We held our large signs and passed out a flyer describing our purpose for being there.  The Truth Truck drove by regularly (pictured right).

Others of our number went into the library where the event took place.  They offered pointed questions and even more pointed rebukes.  I walked into the courtyard as some of them were being ushered out.  Below are some scenes from that.  I understand that the proceedings inside the library itself were recorded.  I will link to those videos in a future post when they are ready.  (click here if you cannot see embedded video).

I truly hope that no other Catholic facility will see fit to besmirch its holy grounds by allowing another dissident Catholic to promote him/herself and by extension, his/her cancerous proclivities.  However, should another such sad occasion arise, we will be ready.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Why Government-Controlled Education Must Be Abolished

The initials "NEA" more aptly stand for "Nationalist Educators' Arrogance" than they do the more conventional organization name.  Listen to one of their minions in their Michigan affiliate.  She doesn't bother to couch her disdain for parents in any nuanced language.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

One of my degrees from the University of Maryland featured a minor in secondary education.  Thus I know first-hand how educators are taught to view themselves.  I also know that John Dewey, signer of the original Humanaist Manifesto, is revered as the "father of modern education".  I agree that is a most appropriate title for him, although I don't think "reverence" is a proper response to his work in setting up a structure in which children can be molded into passive little puppets for progressivism.

I salute my home-schooling friends for taking their parental responsibilities seriously and for giving their children education worth its name.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Obama's Magnanimous Compromise!!! (Yeah, Right!)

Hear ye, hear ye!  The Messiah Most Miserable, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, condescends to offer us, the Great Unwashed, a "compromise" in the wake of our protests over the HHS baby-kill-pill mandate.  Sit down and read - and be in awe of his gracious benevolence.

Instead of forcing religious employers to pay for birth control, the Messiah's Most Mindless Minions will force the insurance companies to provide the baby-killing mechanisms free of charge to all women, regardless of place of employment.

Oh, joy!  Isn't life now wonderful?  Oh, happy day!  Oh, wait a minute!  The "insurance companies"?  Well, golly gee!  Who pays the premiums?  Isn't it by and large - the employers?  Wouldn't that include the religious employers?  So at the end of the day, churches, mosques and synagogues would still be on the hook, having to pay for baby-killing!

But that's just a teensy-weensy little detail, isn't it?  After all, if it's good enough for Sister Carol Keehan, it must be okie-dokey, right?  Or did her Pen of Perfidy run out of ink and she had to ask Obama for a new one?

In all seriousness, Obama is playing us for fools.  Not only does he trash his Creator and His Immutable Laws, but he stomps all over the Constitution.  We must remember this on the first Tuesday this coming November.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blessed Sacrament In DC - Must We Picket??

A few days ago I advised of the planned appearance of Chris Matthews at Blessed Sacrament this coming Sunday.  If this occurs, it will be nothing short of a scandalous outrage.  My previous post links to clips of him voicing his pro-abortion proclivities in defiance of decency, even to the point of insulting a bishop to his face.  To his credit, he seems to be wary of the First Amendment insults that Obama's contraceptive mandates pose, but he still seems oblivious to the fact that he helped promote the tyrant who gave him "thrills up his legs".

Many of us have been calling/emailing the pastor and staff at Blessed Sacrament (I hope that includes you!), but for the most part we have received no replies to the messages that we've been leaving.  If any have made actual contact, please advise of the results via comments.  I just now checked the parish website and the event is still posted (under "upcoming events").  Regretably I must assume that at this time, the parish does not intend to cancel the event.

We are therefore mobilizing for a picket of that event.  Bear in mind that we are not picketing the church per se, nor any Mass.  We will picket in protest of the most inappropriate and undeserved honors that will be bestowed upon a prominent pro-abortion dissenter within Catholic grounds.  Rest assured that we will not let this affront pass by without so much as a whimper.  It's time that we all stand for the dignity of our Church and of our God.  We will therefore be outside that church with our signs to let everyone know just what Matthews supports.  We ask you to join us; details will be forthcoming.

Of course if we learn that the parish is indeed canceling Matthew's appearance, then we too will cancel ours.  We therefore ask that you continue your attempts at pursuading the parish to do the right thing and cancel this most ill-advised appearance.

Koolaid From Mimi Alford?

The blogosphere is all atwitter about Mimi Alford and her allegations that the late John F. Kennedy bamboozled her into an affair when she was a 19-year-old intern at the White House.  A site called Rock Center has an interview with her, which you can read for yourselves.

Regretably, JFK's many marital infidelities are so well-documented that no one - not even the most ardent of Kennedy devotees, doubt them.  So when someone like Alford comes along, a common reactions has been to automatically assume that she is telling the truth.  I'm not willing to blindly jump on that bandwagon, and I find it most disconcerting that some otherwise sensible Catholic bloggers seem to be doing precisely that.  They seem to forget that the existence of a general pattern of misbehavior does not constitute evidence of the same misbehavior in specific instances.

As you read through the Rock Center piece, you'll notice her allegations of being passed around from JFK to Ted Kennedy to aide David Powers.  All these individuals are now deceased, JFK being dead for over 40 years.  Obviously none of these men are able to refute Alford's allegations and tell their sides of the story.

Ms. Alford has written a book called Once Upon A Secret: My Affair With John F Kennedy And Its Aftermath.  She stated in the web piece her difficulty in talking of the affair - but writing a book?  What proof will she offer that this affair occurred?  What irrefutable evidence will she present?  In a word, why should we believe her?  I'm not saying it didn't happen, but I'm not prepared to ascribe to her credibility.  Think about it.  She's coming forward almost 50 years later.  All of the accused are dead, conveniently unable to contradict her charges.  This smacks of detraction, if not calumny.

Again, JFK's established patterns of 6th Commandment violations do not constitute substantial corroboration for Alford's allegations.  Will any evidence be offered in the book?  Who knows?  I certainly will not be dropping one penny to find out.  I regret that too many people will plunk down their hard-earned cash to satify voyeuristic impulses.  What a waste.

And now to address some points raised by someone who commented on the Matthews post at 6:17am today:   The Alford "revelations" and the Clinton investigations are not at all equivalent.  At the time the Clinton scandals broke, he was the President - not merely someone who had already been dead for decades.  The investigations and impeachment occurred because there was concern that he not only had, but was currently (at the time) abusing his office as President of the United States to subjugate women to his whims, and the idea was to stop ongoing crimes.  Of course Clinton had every opportunity to answer his accusers - as is proper in any real pursuit of justice.  The accused in Alford's case lack such opportunity as they are quite voiceless.  I don't know why you said she has a "duty" to spill her guts (assuming she is telling the truth in the first place).  What good is being served?  Who benefits?  What crimes are being prevented (now that the "criminals" are long dead and buried)?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Catholics In The Public Square

The Holy Father has released his message regarding Lent 2012 (click here if you can't see embedded video).

Please notice that he did not say anything about "carbon fasts", unscrewing our lighbulbs or using less water when we bathe.  He speaks of conversion and of fraternal correction.  We might recall that the first of the seven Spiritual Works of Mercy is to Admonish the Sinner.  It means precisely that.  While we speak the truth in charity, we also recall that if we don't speak the entire truth, we exercise no true charity.

I commend to your reading this excellent article by Judie Brown, president of American Life League.  While she applauds the recent statements of the bishops in the wake of Obama's act of tyranny, she reminds us all that in many ways the bishops bear the blame for allowing themselves to be silenced and for not admonishing the pro-abortion politicians who claim to be Catholic.  She seems to complement the Holy Father's address quite well.

Both Mrs Brown and Father John Zuhlsdorf call for such fraternal correction from the bishops in the case of Nancy Pelosi, who flat out said that she supported Obama's act of tyranny against not only Catholics but all peoples of good conscience who are now seeing themselves threatened for abiding by those same conciences.  (click here if you can't see the video on Fr Z's post).  I echo Father Z's call for obedience to Canon 915 on the part of Cardinal Wuerl and Archbishop Niederauer in Pelosi's case.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Chris Matthews At DC Church Next Weekend? Action Needed Now

Hardball host and dissident Catholic Chris Matthews is scheduled to do a booksigning at Blessed Sacrament Church in Washington DC (just one block off Chevy Chase Circle).   Here is the announcement.

He is utterly unworthy of a Catholic venue.  Videos abound to attest to that statement and I'll provide a few of them below.
Please contact the pastor, Father Ronald Potts at this number: 202-966-6575 or at his email address  I want to point out that Father Potts has been at that parish only a few months; he may be truly unaware of this event.  Please bear that in mind when you call and simply state the facts of why Matthews (who is a Blessed Sacrament parishioner) should not be allowed to use a Catholic Church as his bully-pulpit.

Those of you who are Facebook users might want to click the "find us on Facebook" button on the Blessed Sacrament webpage and write on their wall that they should cancel the Matthews appearance.

Thank you.

O'Malley Supports Draconian HHS Mandates

This he stated quite clearly on Candy Crowley's "State of the Union".  I won't rehash the entire thing here, as the transcript has it all (that part is in the latter half).  I'm sure, though, that any bishops reading this will appreciate being advised that the majority are "hyperventilating..Republicans".  Well, at least that's what our less-than-illustrious governor says!

Last week his wife Catherine called defenders of traditional marriage "cowards" (you may recall the reference in the video on Saturday's post).   Then the guv himself lets loose with this stinker.  The O'Malleys seem to be suffering from "foot in mouth disease" - or perhaps just plain arrogance.  They'll be gone from the State House in 2014.

HT: Pewsitter and Newsbusters

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Annapolis Rally For Marriage - January 20th

Here is a video of the rally at Lawyers' Square this past Monday to stand for marriage and to protest O'Malley's attempt to distort it.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Catholic Consciense For Sale??

My fellow blogger at Acts of the Apostacy on January 31st put up a post regarding a press conference with White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.  During that conference Carney mentioned that the Feds gave "over $2 billion" to the Church over the past three years.  The AofA blogger seems to think that Carney might have fired a shot across the bow towards the Church, saying "shut up if you like your money".

In far too many ways in the past that is precisely what the various chanceries have done.  I would daresay that is a prime reason why there is no obedience to Canon 915 with respect to prominent Catholic pro-abortion politicians.

AofA made the following key statement: "Should the HHS mandate get overturned in court because it violates the 1st Amendment – and even if it doesn’t get overturned – it behooves the Catholic Church in America to immediately, absolutely and transparently refuse any more funding from the United States government.  Because the bills always come due, and they always cost more than the estimate."  I whole-heartedly agree.  Moreover, I'd add that the Catholic Church should divest itself of funding from all levels of government for the same reasons.  We in Maryland are now feeling the pain from many years of the Maryland Catholic Conference's endless pursuits of state funding for this project or that charity.

He adds, "And if the Church loses its tax-exempt status?  Well, maybe that ought to go as well.  Then, as a result, the Church will be freer to evangelize and perform Her mission in the world.  And maybe – just maybe – Catholics throughout the nation will truly come to depend on God instead of on government, as we ought.   Government doesn’t answer prayers, at least not without some hefty strings attached."  Again, I'm in complete agreement.  The Church needs to start being what Christ designed it to be - not some "faith-based" lackey of the state that's addicted to governmental grants.  

Some Polls In Which To Participate

The Germantown Patch has a poll concerning Komen's (earlier) decision to defund Planned Parenthood.  Please go to and cast your vote.

Here is another regarding the same-sex "marriage" bill in Maryland.

Please vote in these polls.  Make your voices heard and then tell others to do the same.  Thanks.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Don't The Bishops Get It Yet??

Last week I wrote a post when the news of the HHS mandate broke.  You might recall that the bishops were shocked - just shocked! - when the Messiah Most Miserable knifed us all in the back.  Why they were surprised is anyone's guess, as we've been warning them all along that if you get too close to a chained dog, it might bite.  Today my friend Stephanie Block had a similar piece posted on Speroforum; please take a look.

I had begun to entertain hopes that the bishops might finally be wising up to the progressive moles in their midst and moving to eliminate them.  Silly me!!  Such dreams seem not to be!

Comes now the news that the USCCB is starting a fasting program on Fridays.  However, this is a First Fridays for Food Security Fast.  If any is so gullible as to follow this, they will "fast" by eating according to the USDA Modified Thrifty Food Plan (whatever happened to fish on Fridays?)!

On the second page, we see the obligatory homage given to the "climate change/global warming" myth.  We are even urged to "take the St Francis Pledge".  They must not have gotten the memo about Cycle 25, but I don't want to digress too much!

Now why, oh why, did they announce this goofiness just now?  Is it because Lent is not too far away, and they're trying to gin us up for another "lenten carbon fast"?  Or... Could it be an attempt of the progressive puppet-string-holders in the USCCB to mollify Obama and friends by showing them that despite all the "tough talk" by some bishops, that they are in control and that they still remain good little lemmings of the left?  With all of the obvious serious problems going on now, why else would they spew forth this bile?

Maybe it's just because old habits are hard to break.  However, if the bishops are serious about standing up to the Messiah Most Miserable, they will do some thorough house-cleaning at the USCCB and toss out all the progressive trojan horses that undermine authentic Catholic teaching and action.

Niggers Of The New Age

In several posts written approximately 18 months ago, I remarked that those who are treating faithful Catholics and others who hold traditional and sound moral principals are doing so with greater ferocity and arrogance.  I pointed out that they are trying to relegate us to the status of what I call "niggers of the new age".

At that time, some friends tried to chide me, saying that my language was "extreme, incendiary, etc".  I stood by my language - and still do all the more.

To my friends who thought I was extreme, I suggest that you ponder carefully what the current administration is trying to do to us.  This HHS mandate is just the latest; in a week or two further insults will be visited upon us.  Do you still think my term "niggers of the new age" is out-of-line?  Please open your eyes and cease being afraid to call a spade a spade.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

14-Year-Old Marylander Lobbies For Marriage Protection

She identifies herself only as "Sarah".  Thanks to Pewsitter, I found the video on Huffington Post - a veritable bastion of propaganda progressive (click here if you can't see embedded video).  As one might imagine for such a site, the comments are petty and adolescent.  For example, here's one that was posted at 8:57 this evening: "I don't want to be affected by you, kid. You missed your opportunit­y--you could have been born before 1950s and added interracia­l marriage to your list of 'wrong things'.  I vote NO on you: please burn up and blow away--that is MY birthday wish. The world could use one less bigot."

Can't you just feel the luuvvv!  The tollleranssse!  All those goood viibesss!  Yep!  Reading through those comments will make plain the malevolence that inhabits the brains of these so-called "tolerant" progressives.  No wonder the kid didn't give her full name!   (If any of you are reading this, just carry on!  You are making our argument for us!)

"Sarah" is a lot smarter than these commenters - and smarter than the current occupant of the State House.

Thank Komen Today!

I forgot to point out in yesterday's post that we should all thank Komen for their decision to discontinue their grants to Planned Parenthood.  Those who now Race for the Cure can rest assured that they will no longer be funding the murder of babies, and that their efforts will go towards helping women.  You can send them your message of gratitude via email to

By the way - not only will Komen's money not go towards abortion, but it won't be used to produce such sorry crap as the video below (produced by Golden Gate Planned Parenthood).  Click here if you can't see embedded video.