Thursday, October 28, 2021

SOAR Goes Sour Again

Canon 212 alerted me to this latest faux pas of SOAR - that is, Support Our Aging Religious.  Truth be told, their progressive escapades predate this present pontificate, but they certainly do share many of Pope Francis' mindsets.  Perhaps that is why the Archdiocese of Washington has been the location of their headquarters.

SOAR rewards this???
They intend to once again sully the name of St Katharine Drexel by bestowing the award bearing her name to Dr. Fauci, that menace to people and puppies everywhere.  This is not the first time.  Previous unworthy recipients include Carolyn Woo and Cokie/Steve Roberts.  Details are found in my previous posts.

Also found in those posts is the disgusting treatment meted out to me and my fellow sidewalk counselors as they denied us their assistance at the Silver Spring Planned Parenthood many years ago.  At that time, SOAR and Planned Parenthood were located in the same office building, with SOAR being directly above them.  SOAR refused to grant us access to the building, this denying us opportunities to save babies.

This award ceremony, to happen Nov 5, is a "virtual event" so it will not be possible to picket the thing.  Please keep these things in mind, should SOAR solicit donations from you.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Of Puppies And Covid-Cootie-Jabs

News came out two days ago about the NIH, under direction of Dr. Fauci, conducting barbaric experiments using puppies as victims.  The puppies' vocal cords were cut so that the federally-funded ghouls would not have to listen to the puppies' pained yelps.  Their heads were locked inside cages and sand flies were set loose so that they could eat the puppies' heads, killing the pups in a most gruesome way.   From the House a bipartisan letter was issued demanding answers.

People of all stripes are waxing horrified and indignant over this discovery, as well they should.  HOWEVER, Fauci has been doing the exact same thing to a large part of the American populace - that is, to those who slavishly went along with the mask mandates and clarion calls to accept injections of all sorts of vile goop into our bodies on the pretext of saving us from the Wuhan virus.  Many of us will not be his submissive little dupes.

I'll be blunt.  Fauci and his sycophants are playing the sadistic tyrants to the hilt.  Too many, because they are naive, brainwashed by liberal ideologies, or cowards, are playing the submissive little lab mice and just going along with him.  At least the puppies had to have their vocal cords removed lest they protest.  But the sheeple voluntarily muzzle themselves out of servile fear.  Heck they even try to muzzle those of us who won't surrender our bodily autonomy and moral convictions to cootie-jab tyrants.

Perhaps the news about the puppies will wake some folks up as to how too many people are blithely allowing themselves to be exploited by Fauci et al.

Pope Francis Appoints Jeffrey Sachs To Pontifical Academy Of Social Sciences

Readers of this blog will recall that I've written much about Jeffrey Sachs.  He is a population control proponent who has openly advocated for contraception and abortion as means of "reaching a level and sustainable population".   Because (not "despite" but "because") of that, he has been quite a fixture about the Vatican these past several years, having weighed in on Laudato Si, possibly Amoris Laetitia and various synod reports.  In short, his pernicious and spiritually deadly musings have been promulgated by the Vatican.

Sachs, with Jewish roots, has never announced any conversion to Catholicism although he claims Catholic social teaching has influenced him.  Of course that influence is of the progressive "social justice warrior" variety that is merely a facade for all things atheist and socialist, as evinced by his advocacy of baby-slaughter and his silence regarding human rights abuses in Red China.

I suppose all this, in the eyes of this current pope, makes Sachs a prime candidate for a position in the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.  That's right!  A non-Christian pro-abort is now occupying an official position within a Vatican organization. 

Please pray your Rosaries and please prepare to resist this pope when what he says or does runs counter to the Faith and Christian morality.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Bread And Circus As The Third Commandment Is Broken

Some know that I've been attending Traditional Latin Mass at St. Alphonsus Ligouri Shrine in downtown Baltimore.  To do so from Montgomery County, I need to take I-95 into the city.  Today and last week, the minute I got onto 95, the traffic thickened up and worsened as I approached I-395 towards Howard St.  From there I could see the M&T Stadium and noticed the activity therein, not to mention the hoards of pedestrians, many clad in purple (the Ravens' color), swarming all over the streets heading towards the stadium.

Now consider that it's Sunday morning, when most Christian churches are holding various services, including Mass.  It's painfully obvious that those hundreds of people that I saw didn't give a hoot about keeping holy the Lord's Day, else they'd be at church instead of hoofing it to a stadium for a football game.  The three words going through my mind as I parked my car were "bread and circus".

If we wanted to know any reason why we are under God's judgment as a civilization right now, that is a clear reason.  No doubt this scenario was repeated many times today across the country.  I'm not saying anything is wrong with sports per se, but when they are put before one's duties to God, sports is made into a de facto idol.

As I was leaving Mass, I chatted with another Mass-goer about this matter.  We both agreed that the world would be in much better shape if these people could evince the same dedication to God as they obviously do to football.

When Poisoning The People Means Padding Some Pockets

If anyone thought that our "elected" officials are full of altruistic goodness and who only want what's best for us as they blatantly try to force us to take vials of goop into our veins, think again!  It seems that quite a few of them stand to gain by literally spreading the poison around.  Talk about insider trading

Now a million dollar question is, what do our prelates stand to gain by trying to gult-trip us into cannibalizing the cells of tiny murdered babies?  Please don't be deluded into believing that their motives are as pure as driven snow!

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Dominican Republic Forces All Its Citizens To Take The Cootie-Jab Poison

A few days ago, Lifesitenews engaged in some conversations with people in the Dominican Republic - a priest and a doctor.  Here is an article on the proceedings from the conversations.  This past Monday, Oct 18, the country instituted an all-encompassing vaccine mandate, forcing everyone over the age of 12 to receive two doses of the covid cootie-jab.  Without proof of these vaccines, people aren't able to use public transportation, go to school or work, or buy food and other necessities.  This even applies to pregnant women.  

On this last point, the doctor expressed particular concern as he is aware of many women suffering miscarriages after receiving the vaccines; some he treated himself.  Some hold that the proponents of the jab are merely being callous towards the deaths of the unborn children, but there are those (including Yours Truly) who believe that the deaths of the children are actually desired and possibly planned, thus rendering the mandates on pregnant women murderous in and of themselves.  Consider that the usual gang of abortion proponents are all gung-ho for these poisonous vials, such as Bill Gates and all the Democrat pro-aborts who slither about Washington DC. 

It's just another facet of the Great Reset, or in other words, Build Back Better.  Those phrases sound rather synonymous.

In some good news, employees of General Electric in South Carolina, protesting the mandate at their factory, staged a walk-out.  They join several airlines and others in the resistance.  We need more of this, in addition to the daily Rosary and prayers for our civilization.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

How To Really Slop Up A Mass

Taylor Marshall's right!  The "music" (using the term loosely) in these anything-goes Masses is largely left-overs from the 1960s, or as some might put it, "so yesterday".  So what's to grab the attention of those young Catholics who haven't yet discovered the Traditional Latin Mass (quite a few of them have)?  Observe!

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The Sin-Nod On Sin-Nodality Is Underway. Let's Brace Ourselves And Pray

Here is some discussion about the "Synod on Synodality" that Pope Francis kicked off Sunday October10.  In the first video, we see Taylor Marshall conferring with Matt Gaspars of Catholic Family News.  Right away you'll notice the late Cardinal Martini's pivotal role in this Vatican II mess, and his influence on the mindset of the current pontiff.  Both are Jesuits, by the way.  I have no doubt that they want to pick up things as shown in the video on the previous post and continue with the deconstruction of Holy Mother Church.

They make mention of the video below.

Bishops are supposed to be in preparation to implement this mess in their dioceses.  I will post as I am able on this.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

The Best (Or Worst) Of The Spirit Of Vatican II

I suspect that if one watches this at least a few times during Lent, this will suffice as a form of mortification.  I saw a good bit of this as my middle and late childhood was boondoggled by this mess.  Being 12 years old, I didn't grasp the ramifications of it all, but when one spends a "religion" class listening to Andy Williams sing "Born Free" and learn what a saint Martin Luther King was (mind you, at that time he was still alive), the quantum change was hard to miss.

This video was made in 1968, in what can be called the halcyon days of the "revolution" (yes, that word is used in the video) of the "spirit of V-2".  You can see the headiness of the proponents of this schlock.  I don't recognize any of the clergy from so long ago, but wonder how many of them were put into the seminary by Bella Dodd et al.

At the 1:29:26 mark, you see the Archdiocese of Chicago prepare to abolish the key purpose of the existence of their parish schools: to form Catholics.  It's true that many non-Catholics were clamoring to get their children in Catholic schools, for it was no secret that the Catholic schools were outshining the public schools in all respects.  What these liberal priests refused to acknowledge that the schools' Catholic faith and mission regarding the salvation of the students that had as a beneficial side effect their academic excellence.  Sadly, many schools adopted this priest's foolish suggestion and thus undermined their own identity and excellence.

By the by, I understand that several airlines are dropping their vaccine mandates against their employees in the face of walk-outs by their would-be targets.  Doesn't that give us hope that if we stand firm, the attacks against the Traditional Latin Mass will likewise fail if we stand firm for the Mass of the Ages?  With that, I'm off to the Traditional Latin Mass.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

We Resist The Pope And Corrupt Prelates To Their Faces

Michael Matt nails it.  As long as the Pope and bishops fly in the face of Sacred Tradition, we have to resist them.  Listen to his open letter to Pope Francis, written two years ago, but now more relevant than ever.

Monday, October 11, 2021

Do You Need Another Reason To Boycott The Diocesan And Peters Pence Collections?

If so, and even if you don't (like me), behold!  And yes, your eyes are NOT deceiving you!

The keynote speakers' credentials are less than spectacular, from a vantage point of fidelity to Christian teaching.  Here's more on this lovely mess.

So that's a few weeks from now.  What is currently (at the time of this writing) happening is the "synod on synodality".  The heretical America magazine has a piece on it, and I don't, in this case, doubt the factual accuracy of it.  The pope kicked off the gabfest by claiming "there is no need to create a new church, but a different church".  Doesn't that sound like a bunch of talking out of both sides of the mouth!  In any event, he's stating quite plainly his desire to completely twist and distort the church into some kind of hideous caricature of itself.  Now, in light of these transhuman enthusiasts coming to the Vatican in two weeks. does he envision a bunch of grotesque transhuman chimeras overrunning the church?

Remember this Call to Action monstrosity from years back?  Maybe these clowns were onto something when they trotted out those puppets!  I suspect this is what they have in mind for this new and/or different church.  Notice that there are no young people here.  Quite telling.

Friday, October 8, 2021

Communism And Freemasonry Controlling The Vatican

Tonight's Anchor Team focused on Lepanto Institute's expose of some Vatican organizations that are directly and unabashedly promoting communism, witchcraft and baby-slaughter.  That expose was published two days ago and is linked here.  Please note that there is more commentary beneath the video.

Please watch the whole thing for there are mentioned websites with additional information.  In their discussion of communism and freemasonry, Hichborn and Maughan mentioned that Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels were greatly assisted by a British masonic lodge that took them under their wings, so to speak.

Also, please pay special attention to Hichborn's observations regarding so many of the "Catholic social justice" groups.  Many if not most of them are focused solely on temporal concerns without nary a thought towards eternal salvation.  It is the latter that is the Church's primary mission, for one day this earth will fade and their will only be heaven and hell.  A sole focus only on earthly concerns is a surefire way of careening straight towards hell.  That is one key reason why the Vatican's push for the covid cootie-jab is so nefarious, in addition to the fact that usage of these concoctions constitutes cooperation with the sin of baby-murder.

They have much to say about the socialistic bent of the United Nations, certainly as manifested through its presidents throughout the decades.  Recall that two years ago Pope Francis erroneously said that we have a duty to obey the United Nations.  I won't say that the pope has been duped by the communists in the UN.  No, he is in fact a fully-knowledgeable collaborator with them.  His shilling for the Sustainable Development goals and his constant hosting of Jeffrey Sachs and Ban-Ki Moon in preparation for Laudato Si certainly is proof of that.

Yesterday was the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.  This is a good time to commit - or recommit - to praying it daily, as she requested at Fatima.  While prayer is essential, it is not sufficient.  Please take the time to inform yourselves of the ills of our Church and world.  Plan to speak against the evils that you see, even if the sources of those evils wear miters.  Use your rights as US citizens to take a stand for decency; we've seen plenty of parents do precisely that at various school board meetings lately.  Emulate their examples.  The time is short.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Rome Has Gone To The Pigs

I mean that quite literally.  It seems that the citizens are rather sloppy with their garbage, attracting these lovely little critters.  Actually, they are not so little and they can inflict serious hurt on people if they consider themselves provoked.

This seems like fitting punishment for the de facto worship of pachamama, the debauchery in the Vatican, the ingestion of the abortion-tainted covid-cootie-jab.  I wouldn't have been a bit surprised if the piggies were first seen trotting from the Vatican walls.  I seem to remember Our Lord exorcising some demons and allowing them to possess some pigs - rather fitting. 

ht - Canon 212

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Pontifical Academy For Life - In Bed With Big Pharma?

Professor Therese Lysaught, a member of the now-misnamed Pontifical Academy for Life, recently plopped a stinker that echoed the progressive claim that a Catholic in good conscience MUST receive a Covid-cootie-jab.  Her screed was published by the Not-At-All Catholic Reporter.  Dr. Janet Smith, in Crisis magazine, rebutted it.  She later discussed her article with Raymond Arroyo of EWTN.  This link will take you to a video of that interview, as well as links to both articles.  Smith calls Lysaught's mental gymnastics "fake theology" and for good reason.

Sadly but not too surprisingly, many liberal bishops who have lost focus on their mission to get souls into heaven have fallen lock-step behind the cootie-jab craze.  Several months ago, my parish - inside the archdiocese mismanaged by Cardinal Gregory - hosted a jab-session after the last Sunday mass.  The featured witches' brew was the Pfizer slop.

Speaking of Pfizer, James O'Keefe of Project Veritas did an undercover expose of Pfizer.  It seems that a goodly number of their staff take a dim view of the antics of their management.  They are named in this video below.  Given Planned Parenthood's attempt to destroy O'Keefe's expose of their abortuaries and baby-part-selling racket, we can surmise that there will be attempts to discredit this expose, too.  Therefore, I'd suggest that we all download these videos to our own machines, just to keep False-y et al from destroying the evidence and testimonies.

Sunday, October 3, 2021