Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Dreamer Advocates Are Dupes For Alinskyites And Blasphemers

From Catholic News Agency, we read that yesterday about 100 protesters - many of them religious - engaged in a "Catholic Day of Action with Dreamers" at the Russell Senate Office Building.  Approximately 40 of them engaged in civil disobedience, prompting their arrests.  According to the article, it was "an event planned by Catholic social advocacy groups".  Really?  And who might these be?  Two of them are from the "usual gang of suspects".  Reading on, we find that they are:
  • PICO - They are one of several "community organizing" rackets operating under the philosophy and methodology of Saul Alinsky.  Much has been written about them; among their many harmful pet causes is - or was - the promotion of Obamacare.
  • Faith in Public Life - a leftwing front organization funded by George Soros
  • More progressive groups (many featured on this blog) are listed here and here.
The third is something called the DC Catholic Coalition.  Since I hadn't heard of them before reading this article, I decided a search was in order so I googled the name.  I came up with a facebook page belonging to something called "Catholic Coalition".  The memes on the page of this ostensibly "Catholic" organization leave something to be desired - like basic morality, for one.  Here is one, and I regret the offense to sensibilities.  However, we need to see the mentality behind the leaders of this "Catholic Day of Action with Dreamers".

The blasphemy is obvious.  There are more on that page, and some of those are worse than the one to the right.

That is the only link I saw to something entitled "Catholic Coalition".  If the DC Catholic Coalition is not affiliated with this facebook one, please provide proof, along with members' names.  I believe these are one and the same.  Even if they aren't, the PICO and the FPL affiliations by themselves show that the leadership of this "dreamer" sit-in do not adhere to the True Faith.  These squalid associations are typical of those who glom onto "seamless garbage" idiology.  The Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen once quipped that Judas was the "patron saint of social justice".  He was right and time again we see this played out.  We faithful Catholics will continue to expose their lunacy.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Excellent Idea For Annual Bishop/Cardinal Appeal

Most of the United States Catholics have recently been browbeaten asked to contribute to their annual chanceries' appeals.  I'm within the Archdiocese of Washington.  It's bad enough dealing with the routine progressivism that pours forth from the DC chancery.  However, with Cardinal Wuerl apparently playing a role in this Vatican financial flim-flam, the whole idea of contributing to this DC appeal is especially repugnant.  Regrettably I'm sure there are other such situations throughout the country.

Therefore I am grateful for reader/commenter "jmbutk" for his/her suggestion posted as a comment on my latest post on Bishop Paprocki.  He/she intends to divert his/her appeal dollars to the Diocese of Springfield as opposed to his/her home diocese.  I think that is an excellent example to be emulated.  Bishop Paprocki is a bishop worth supporting.

Of course he's not the only one. In this anthology of posts I've recounted the good deeds of several US bishops.  Perhaps some readers would care to donate to these bishops, too.  I haven't time or space to list all their addresses, but it would be a simple matter of googling their names to get the mailing addresses of their chanceries.

Let's support our good bishops with prayers AND with financial resources.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Father Thomas Weinandy Continues To Articulate The Truth - His Full Article Here

A few days ago, a piece by Father Thomas Weinandy was published by Sandro Magister on his blog.  Father Weinandy, who was sacked by the increasingly inimical USCCB for speaking truth, demonstrates how the so-called "pastoral" approach is in fact deadly to souls.   This piece is the keynote address that Father gave at Notre Dame University in Sydney Australia where I believe he currently teaches.

Many Catholic sites linked to the address as it appeared on Sandro Magister's blog.  However, when I went to look for it there, I found that it had been pulled.   After some searching, I found it at the Catholic World Report.  To guard against another (ahem!) "mysterious disappearance", I'll copy and paste it in its entirety.

This piece is lengthy, so I'll put the jump break here.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Call-In For Immigrant Control On February 26 Monday

A few days ago, the USCCB, lamenting that the Senate did not give more amnesty to "dreamers", announced a National Catholic Call-In Day to Protect Dreamers on Monday Feb 26.  In other words, Catholics are being asked to call their congress people to "protect dreamers".  Well, that's probably not all that the USCCB wants protected.   If the "dreamers" and other illegals continue to stream across the border, the bishops and Catholic Charities stand to receive lots and lots of Federal grant money.  Isn't it peculiar how they didn't mention that in their little press release?  Sshhh!  They don't want the sheeple to know lest they wake up and not make those phone calls to Congress!

Let's have a "call-in day" of our own!  Let's call Congress and tell them to get that wall built.  Tell them to strengthen the border-control personnel.  Tell them that when it comes to immigrant concerns, that the legitimate needs of citizens and legal immigrants take precedence.  We must call.  The progressives are very disciplined about taking these actions.  So too must we be.

Bishops - Good And Bad

Let's start with the bad first so that we can end this post on the good side.  The German Bishops' Conference, under Cardinal Reinhard Marx, has formally declared it permissible to commit sacrilege against Holy Communion.  They are allowing Protestant spouse of Catholics to receive Holy Communion "under certain conditions".   Of course sensible people understand that "under certain conditions" is a polite way of saying "allowing the camel's nose to get under the tent".  We know where that leads.  Remember that at the infamous 1930 Lambeth Conference, the Anglican church permitted the use of contraceptives under "limited" circumstances.  Now the Anglicans and many other church bodies brook baby-murder, gay clergy, etc.

No one may permit that kind of sacrilege - ever.  If Cardinal Marx retains his position of influence, we can very well glean the pope's own attitudes towards the Eucharist - and perhaps towards God Himself.

That's the bad news about bad bishops - now for some good news about good bishops.

I've lauded Bishop Thomas Paprocki before on this blog.  He is the bishop of Springfield, IL.  In his diocese resides Senator Dick Durbin, one of the most rabidly pro-abortion faux-katholycs.  Bishop Paprocki recently announced that Durbin was not to be admitted to Holy Communion until he repents of his support of baby-murder. The straw that broke the camel's back appears to be Durbin's vote against the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. 

Imagine that!  A bishop obeying Canon 915 and instructing his priests to do the same.  Let us pray that other bishops follow suit and that the wolves at the USCCB learn a thing or two from him.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Father Spadaro Points Long Knives At Raymond Arroyo - Call Him Out On It

It was almost exactly three years ago when Father Thomas Rosica, a highly-placed Vatican official, threatened to sue the blogger behind Vox Cantoris (see right side-bar).  The latter had commented on public comments made by Rosica that betrayed Rosica's dissident perspectives on matters of Catholic doctrine.  Other faithful Catholic bloggers shone the light on Rosica's despicable attempts and he was forced to stand down lest he make the Vatican appear to be a bunch of vindictive fools.

Well, maybe it isn't just a matter of appearances at the Vatican and perhaps they failed to learn their lessons.  It appears that Father Antonio Spadaro has drawn his long knives and is pointing them directly at Raymond Arroyo of EWTN.  LifeSiteNews shows where Spadaro retweeted a call for EWTN to be put under interdict if they don't fire Arroyo.

I could be wrong, but I don't believe an interdict can be placed on any group of Catholics because of some willy-nilly whim.  Certain conditions must be present, one of them being the commission of a gravely immoral act.  No one in their right minds can pretend that the discussions in which Arroyo is participating constitute gravely immoral acts.  Perhaps the dissident lay Catholic who originally tweeted that nonsense doesn't know that (and maybe doesn't care), but certainly Spadaro should know better than that.  Like Father Rosica did three years ago, Spadaro is making himself appear to be the vindictive fool, resenting the light that is being shone on his misdeeds - not to mention ignorance of canon law.  But perhaps we're not talking merely of "appearance", but "fact".

As we did for Vox Cantoris three years ago, so again must we do for Raymond Arroyo.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Kudos To Faithful Catholics Of Scranton PA

When it was announced that disgraced Cardinal Mahony was going to represent the pope at the 150th anniversary Mass for the Diocese of Scranton, faithful Catholics protested loudly to that chancery.  They threatened a protest of the event if it went through.  The chancery saw the light and later announced that Mahony was "unable to attend" the event.

Faithful Catholics, never believe the pernicious lie that your voice doesn't matter.  The above account (and others told on this blog) constitute proof that you can be heard and heeded as you raise your voice for the Faith.  Pray.  Band together with other faithful Catholics.  Strategize with one another as their is strength in numbers.  Through God's grace and your hard work, you can and must play a part in restoring our Church and culture for Christ.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Michael Matt On Church Closings And School Shootings

Distorting The Spiritual Works Of Mercy

Note: While I'm using the bulletin from my own parish as an example, I've no doubt that they published what they did due to "orders from on high".

In our parish bulletin (page2) appears what is being passed off as the Spiritual Works of Mercy.  Some of us older types might notice the problem immediately, having received solid training thanks to the Baltimore Catechism.  For comparison, here are those works as they appear in that Catechism; you'll have to scroll down to Question 813.  As you compare the two, you'll notice one major difference.

In the Baltimore Catechism version, please note that the First Spiritual Work of Mercy is "Rebuke the Sinner".  In the bulletin you'll notice that it has been rendered "encourage sinners to seek forgiveness".  The others remain essentially the same.

So why do today's Catholic leaders eschew "rebuke the sinner"?  Quite simply, they are part and parcel of what can be called the "church of nice".  You see, it's not considered "nice" to rebuke anybody, although both the Old and New Testaments are replete with godly men (and Our Lord Himself) with rebuking those in sin, particularly those who are obstinate about it.  It's not "happy-clappy smiley-face" enough for those whose spinal columns are calcium-deficient.  Perhaps they don't believe in the reality of hell.  The latter is a grim reality, and those who rebuke the sinner simply see that is where the sinner is headed if he or she doesn't repent.

That dovetails into today's Gospel reading from Mark.  The very first recorded word that Jesus uttered in Mark's Gospel is "repent".  It even comes before "believe the Gospel".  The order is important.  However, too many of our leaders want to put false "happy faces" on God's clear teachings that they distort them in the presentations: hence the distorted version of the Spiritual Works of Mercy.  Too often they won't even tell Catholics what actions constitute inherent sins for fear of pricking seared consciences.  What doctor worthy of the name would withhold a truthful diagnosis to a sick patient?  How would that patient be able to follow proper remedies, uncomfortable those these remedies might be?  But that is what the "church of nice" is doing to Catholics in their pews. 

Let us pray that our priests find the resolve and courage to preach the whole truth to Catholics so that they can come to true, soul-saving repentance this Lent.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

School Shootings And The Church

The article posted below is the work of Jim Fritz, a colleague of mine in the Catholic Media Coalition.
It was February 15th and I was driving down to the abortion clinic in Hagerstown, Maryland, where, at the request of a friend, I had started a sidewalk counseling group some 11 years ago. We have a good group now, working two days a week. Since we started, the number of women going into the clinic has been cut in half, and the clinic  business has dropped from three days to two days a week.
              While driving to Hagerstown I listened to our local Catholic radio station. The host was interviewing a Monsignor, who is the president of a Catholic college. They were talking about the school massacre the day before in Florida.  Seventeen people were killed by a mentally deranged young man. He did not have living parents and he had an interest in automatic weapons. He legally owned the weapon he used in the school shooting.
              The Monsignor did not dwell upon it, but he did discuss gun control. This has been the routine with every school shooting.  I thought this was interesting because, when I was a boy, almost everyone owned and used guns, but there were never any school shootings. We used guns to hunt as we needed the food. This was in the 1930’s. Once in a while one would hear about a single shooting during a quarrel in a business and even at a government organization, but this was very unusual.
              But what has changed? We do not have more guns per citizen -- maybe even less per citizen. The Monsignor and others become too focused upon the weapon used and not the real cause of the problem. All of these assassins appear to have mental problems and would have committed some mass killing even if they used another means such as fire, which would be even more deadly.
              Let’s look at the real problem. What has changed in the past 100 years? In my time I grew up in the depression and then World War ll.  One change has been the percentage of people receiving money from the government and providing nothing in return. During the depression people were at least required to work for the Work Project Administration (WPA), the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) or some such group to receive income. Now we have a record number on welfare, giving nothing in return for money and food stamps, and the clergy is advocating for an increase.
Another change, which the Monsignor should be aware of, has been absence of God in our culture and in our families. There has been a huge decrease in the percentage of people attending church services. He did not mention this. What has caused this decrease and what does he and other clergy suggest we do about it?
Other changes have been the TV, radio, print media, movies and communication devices/methods such as smartphones and Facebook. These have had a tremendous effect on the younger generation. An even greater change since the days of no school shootings has been the legalization of both abortion and assisted suicide. Both of these legalizations of death have had a tremendous impact on the devaluation of human life.
What else to look at? What about the fact we have taken God out of school? We do not teach or give humanity dignity by teaching we are made in the image and likeness of God and that human life is therefore precious. Kids in the public school system have been taught about abortion. They are taught it is perfectly acceptable for a female to deliberately choose to kill her own baby in her own body for any reason whatsoever. Some girls still in school have already aborted their babies and in some cases, the schools have helped them do it. They are taught euthanasia is merciful. And the list goes on and on. Our schools are a problem. NBC asked a student who was in the Florida school during the shooting if guns should be banned. He answered, ”I think it has to do with mental health though. If he’s been expelled three different times, from three different schools, I think he should (have been) helped out.”
The problem needs to be more intelligently analyzed. If we do nothing we will continue to have mass killings. Even if guns are totally banned, a different, and probably worse method will be used.
Getting back to my trip to Hagerstown, I started thinking about the past week when, coincidently, we had the same number of babies, 17, killed in the Hagerstown Abortion Facility as were killed in the school mass shooting. I thought if I were at Mass, instead of driving to the facility, I would surely hear about the mass shooting of 17 students, but I would not hear anything about the estimated 2,800 babies killed by paid abortionists on that very same day and every other day of the year. Why is this? Why do we have Catholic politicians voting to continue supporting abortion in the United States? Why do we have Catholic politicians using taxpayer money to support the abortion business? Is this lack of respect for human life a part of the cause for school massacres? It surely must be.  If our own government actually subsidizes the organizations which kill human beings which should be safe in their mother’s wombs, how can it help but reduce the respect for any human life? Some mentally challenged teenagers are going to think it is ok for them to choose to kill.
The clergy seem to be pre-occupied with justifying the vagaries of the cocaine- addicted homosexuals in the Vatican and Venezuela, fornicating in self-defense, adultery for the sake of the children, fighting a non-existent climate change, etc. rather than doing something about the disintegration of families and respect for God as our Savior. Our Church is becoming more and more irrelevant in guiding us in accordance with what Jesus Christ taught.
I challenge our clergy to do much more to teach our faith and to keep members in the Church. This includes not doing things to drive them out of the Church. We do not need to accept those unfaithful such as homosexuals, who Jesus would reject. We do not need to retain unfaithful clergy, for example, pedophiles, who should be ejected from the Church. We do not need modernist clergy to weaken Jesus’s teaching so it is easier for us to understand. We need clergy to do more and ask more of us.
Jesus did not ask us to spend an hour a week in the temple. He asked much, much more of our clergy and of us. He expects us to take on challenges even though they may be unpopular and he asked us to fight to the death for our faith.   

Proof That Humor Usually Contains Nuggets Of Truth

While we can laugh at this, we must also be praying for the Pope and for our poor Church that is being so abysmally ill-served by this pontificate.  HT - Vox Cantoris

Thursday, February 15, 2018

News Flash! The Church Does Not Do Paradigm Shifts!

Thank George Weigel for that title.  He is correct.

Heterodox Cardinal Cupich gave an address in Cambridge England last week; here's the full text of the gibberish.entitled, "Pope Francis' Revolution Of Mercy: Amoris Laetitia As A New Paradigm Of Catholicity".  Not possible.  The Deposit of the Faith cannot change for it comes from God who is Himself immutable.  There can be no "paradigms" when it comes to Church doctrine and/or Church practice.  Anything that pretends to be a "new paradigm" is by definition heresy.

Section 1 of the thing, called "The Present Reality", contains a bald-faced lie.  It claims, "His description of the present reality in chapter 2 of Amoris relies heavily on the worldwide consultation of the faithful and the deliberations of the bishops at the 2014 and 2015 synods on marriage and family."  No, it doesn't.  Many of us reported on those two synods and how the deliberations of the bishops were disregarded and overruled by the select few in control.  But I really don't have time to wade through this gobblygoop.  FatimaPerspectives has a decent treatment of the mess.

The National Catholic Register informs us that Cupich will carry on his Amoralis Lamentia shilling in three seminars for the benefit (?) of US bishops.  He will be assisted by some of the usual gang of suspects: Cardinals Kevin Farrell, Donald Wuerl, Joseph Tobin, Bishop Robert McElroy.  Of course what would such seminars be without some key laypeople?  Therefore Kate Ward, former board member of Call to Action, is involved.

Please note in the Vortex below the references made to the two synods in 2014 and 2015.  These two synods were a sham, meant to lend legitimacy and pave the way for Amoralis Lamentia.  Voris also has some words to say about Cardinals Tobin and Cupich.  I must take issue with an implied belief that Pope Francis is merely too concerned with mercy so as to "let his strings be tugged".  The evidence is all too clear that Pope Francis is a willing and knowing accomplice, if not a leader, in these attempts to subvert our Faith.

Monday, February 12, 2018

A New Name For The Pontifical Academy For Life

Let's call it by something more accurate.  How about "Pontifical Acrimony Against Life"?  I believe that describes the mindsets of those who now infest that once-useful organization.  See these posts for more background: this, this, this, this.

Now we see that a Jewish rabbi who sits on that council has claimed that Scripture allows for abortion in the cases of:
  • Life of mother being endangered
  • Anencephaly or other poor fetal diagnosis
  • Rape
Why, oh why, is a Jewish rabbi sitting on a council that is intended to inform Catholic thought?  What are his "stellar" qualifications?  Absolutely none, as he has made clear.

He has committed blasphemy by insinuating that God's word permits murder.  Given the make-up of this pontificate, it is safe to assume that Rabbi Szlajen will retain the council seat that should never have been given to him.  How on earth can fidelity to Catholic teaching be expected from someone who does not accept the fullness of Catholic faith and doctrine?  The linked article briefly touches upon the pro-death leanings of other members of the newly-warped Academy.  Their teachings are false and are spiritually poisonous.

We must now be wary of anything that proceeds from the Vatican while continuing to pray and speak out for Jesus Christ and His Teachings.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Does Sorondo's Social Doctrine Approve Of Execution Vans?

Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, the chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, opined that "right now, those who are best implementing the social doctrine of the Church are the Chinese".  Yes, he said that, and still retains his position.

Sorondo's quips elicited many rebukes from faithful Catholics.  Reggie Littlejohn, founder and president of Women's Rights Without Frontiers, has dedicated much of her life in fighting forced abortion in China.  She asked how forced abortions and sterilizations fit in with respect and human dignity.

Abortions aren't the only egregious violations of human rights committed by the thug Chinese.  They have mobile execution vans.  They do exactly what the name implies.  "What about due process?", you ask?  Oh, don't be silly!  The Chi-Coms don't bother themselves about basic human rights to due process!  Is this what Sorondo had in mind?

So where is Pope Francis in all this?  Why, he's still going ahead with his capitulation to the Chi-Coms in allowing them to dictate who will be bishops over the long-suffering Chinese Catholics.  God bless Cardinal Zen for calling out that corrupt cabal in the Vatican.

One more question: what do the "seamless garment social justice warriors" have to say about all this?  Their silence is quite telling!  Sorondo's praise of Red China just might be right up their alley!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Schism In The Church Cannot Be Denied

Crisis Magazine published last week a very thoughtful article by Dennis Prager entitled "Why Judaism And Then Christianity Rejected Homosexuality".  I'd urge all to read it carefully - several times.  I think he's correct about the benefits of instilling Godly discipline of the procreative powers.  One might do well to intersperse that reading with the reading of Humanae Vitae.  One thing we can notice right off the bat is the correlation of the abolition of sexual restraint and the increase of coarseness and even violence in our society.  Interestingly enough, we even notice a proportional increase in the clamoring for governmental intervention in our lives, almost as if we (as a society) both crave the controls from government to replace our own abandoned self-control and the facilitation of hedonism.  That is why the Democrats, the party of baby-slaughter and sodomy, is also the party of socialism.

That article underscores the grave nature of the errors embodied in Amoralis Lamentia, particular Chapter 8 of the thing.  On February 3, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, president of the German Bishops' Conference, declared that priests and clergy can conduct "blessing ceremonies" for homosexual couples.  I put "blessing ceremonies" in quotes for it is impossible to bless mortal sin.  The attempt to do so is both blasphemy and sacrilege.  He stated this an in interview during which he also shilled for female deacons and married clergy.  Why didn't he just throw abortion in there for good measure?  Cardinal Marx still retains his position - unlike several faithful priests who were kicked to the curb for upholding the Church's teachings on homosexuality, etc.

Not only does the pope fail to utter one word of correction (let alone rebuke) against this flagrant disobedience to God's commands, but he gives honor to yet another dissident cleric.  Father Jose Tolentino Calaca De Mendonsa (hereafter just called Fr. Tolentino for obvious reasons) is rector of the Cathedral of Lisbon.  He recently wrote the introduction to a book called "Feminist Theology In History".  That book sounds like a hoot, doesn't it?  It's written by a faix-nun who is both pro-abortion and pro-sodomy.   LifeSiteNews has details of the gibberish found in this "introduction".  Now consider that Pope Francis selected Tolentino to preach at his 2018 Lenten retreat.  One can only imagine the kind of poison that will be served to the pope and the others at that retreat - not that they are unaccustomed to this poison for they produce enough of it themselves.

At One Peter Five we read an article entitled "Approval For Blessings Of Homosexual Couples Equivalent To Founding A New Church".  The logic behind that statement is very simple.  In the authentic Church, mortal sin can never be blessed.  To insinuate that such is possible is to concoct an alien moral theology.  It would attempt to redefine moral truths.  In order to do that, it would have to redefine a different deity, for the One True God, immutable as He is, cannot change His word.

So now we see an attempt to deform the Catholic Faith, the One True Church, into something completely alien to the Bride of Christ as He established her.  Is this part and parcel of creating a "one-world religion" for a "new order"?  This is not the first attempt that progressives made towards this goal.  I believe they floated a trial balloon with the issue of capital punishment.  This current pope and many progressives espoused a position to abolish capital punishment altogether - a complete divergence from Church tradition.  Enough people are ambivalent about capital punishment so they weren't alert to the danger this posed to the Deposit of Faith.  Now they are getting more brazen.

Will some of us now take off the rose-colored glasses to admit that this pontificate is dangerous?  In the face of the overwhelming evidence, their denial of the facts can be considered willful - and sinful.  I ask them to please stop being part of the problem and to pray and speak out for the Church.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Veritatis Gaudium Inspired By The Heretic Teilhard De Chardin

Teilhard de Chardin is one of the architects of the spiritual apostasy among the Catholic clergy.  After the expose on the heretic Chardin, listen closely to the expose on the "New Theology" and compare it with Veritatis Gaudium, Section 2, second paragraph.  "As I have had occasion to note, one of the main contributions of the Second Vatican Council was precisely seeking a way to overcome this divorce between theology and pastoral care, between faith and life. I dare say that the Council has revolutionized to some extent the status of theology – the believer’s way of doing and thinking".

The priest in this video is doing a study on the Book of Revelations.  Notice at the 56:00 markk he speaks of the pit being opened and smoke coming out - smoke that obscures true doctrine.  The pit is blocked by a door to which God holds the key - the key given to the pope.  So in light of this, how may we view the "god of surprises", "pastoral versus doctrinal", etc?  Do we see the latest blasphemy of Cardinal Marx in a new light?

Friday, February 2, 2018

The Wolves Of Red China Fed By The Vatican

Two weeks ago I wrote of the alarming situation in Red China, as have other Catholic bloggers.  To be clear, we are outraged not so much with the Communist thugs, for we know they are behaving in their typical manner.  The supreme disgrace is the handshaking that the Vatican is doing with the Communist government in allowing them a voice in nominating bishops at the expense of real bishops in China who have endured horrific persecution for their fidelity to Christ and His Church.  The pope has gone so far as to "ask these faithful bishops to resign" so that Communist puppets can take their place.  I put that phrase in quotes for it really means that he is strong-arming these bishops into deserting their posts: in a word, firing them.

Cardinal Joseph Zen, the leading prelate of China (albeit retired due to his age), has said outright that the Vatican "is selling out the Catholic Church in China" by "giving blessing to the schismatic church.  Of course this betrayal by these wolves in shepherds' clothing will only imperil further the faithful Catholics in China.

I mentioned that other bloggers are aghast at this disgraceful conduct on the part of the Vatican, which includes the pope.  One Peter Five has an excellent piece.  The title of his is a question: "Is The Vatican Surrendering To China?"  I would submit that the answer is a resounding "NOT AT ALL!"  The Vatican isn't surrendering to China any more than Mussolini surrendered to Hitler.  We're talking of diabolical partnerships between people of evil intent.