Monday, October 21, 2019


The official Vatican wonks are getting their undies bunched because faithful Catholics stood up to their idolatry and sacrilege against a Catholic Church.  That church houses the Blessed Sacrament and most likely relics of some saints, and they were inexcusably profaned by blatant violations of the First Commandment.

Notice Ruffini's last sentence: "I don't know what else to say except that it was a theft, and perhaps that speaks for itself."  Theft?  Well, not in terms of Catholic moral theology.  If Ruffini has been busy botching up the First Commandment, he may not realize what constitutes "theft".  Again, in traditional Catholic moral theology, theft is "the taking of another's property against the reasonable will of that other".  The operative word here is "reasonable".  The possession of that property and its display in a church constituted the mortal sin of idolatry.  Moreover, a sacred space was desecrated.  The retention and usage of that "property", that is, the idolatrous pachamama statues, were by no means "reasonable".  They had to be removed to restore some justice, to purify the Church even if only in part.  The removal of the things was in fact most reasonable.

Are we ready to follow their example, should the occasion arise?

Breaking! Pachamama Idols Thrown Into The Tiber River!

Deo gratias!  God bless and protect these courageous individuals!  Let us take example from them.  I suggest we all download this video before the Vatican authorities get into a royal snit about it.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Pacts Of The Catacombs Are Pacts With The Devil

Immediately after the Second Vatican Council, in 1965, a group of council attendees met at the Catacombs of Domitilla and signed something called the "Pact of the Catacombs".  I never knew this, but then again I was only a child when Vatican II happened.  Earlier today, some of the sin-nod fathers decided to repeat history, with some more embellishment.  They returned to those catacombs to sign something called "Pact of the Catacombs for the Common Home".  Actually the name is so long as to be ostentatious so I'll just use that shorter version.

George Neumayr wrote an article about both pacts.  He pointed out that the 1965 thing was not much more than a screed for socialism and so-called "social justice".  This new pact is more of the same, but it throws environmentalism and paganism into the mix.  In the Vatican News article, we read a quote from Cardinal Hummes, the chief relator of this Sham-azon Sin-nod, that the sin-nod was a fruit of the Vatican II Council. He may be wrong on so many other matters, but on this matter he is dead-on correct.

I'll now present Michael Matt's commentary on the matter.  As an added treat, we also learn that according to Archbishop Orlando Brandes of San Paulo, we who call out the obvious horror of this synod are "possessed by the dragon of traditionalism".  Whatever.

Now if you want a preview of what the implementation of these pacts will mean for you, take a look at what is likely coming to a parish near you - maybe your own!  The million-dollar question for each one of us is, "in addition to prayer and fasting, what are you prepared to do, should this sacrilege be attempted at your parish?"

Friday, October 18, 2019

The Attempt To Replace The Faith With Paganism - A Key Purpose Of This Amazon Synod

Stop the presses!  The pope has written a new book!  What can the topic of this book possibly be?  Did he write on the Last Four Things?  With Christmas coming, is he offering meditations on the Incarnation or perhaps the Holy Family?  Maybe he is explaining why the Roman Catholic Church is the One True Church?

Oh, silly us for holding such hopes!

The title of this pontifical work is (trumpets and drum roll please!) - Our Mother Earth!

As you can see from that link, the announcement is not a joke, although the book itself most likely is.  I wonder how many times the word "Jesus" will be mentioned therein; they probably can be counted on one hand.  The pope and his vatican henchmen are seeking to establish an earth-worship, pantheistic paganism and to portray Jesus as being merely on par with His Creation.  They aren't even trying to camouflage their intentions any longer, yet some still deny what is plain as the noses on their faces.

In previous posts you have seen the pagan idol worship in the Vatican gardens.  The false idols have now been taken into St Peter's Basilica where more sacrilege is occurring - with even the pope participating.  See the LifeSiteNews video below.

I realize these matters are distressing to contemplate, but that is the state of affairs with the Church today.  With many of the US bishops being on board with this apostasy, (and all signs indicate that the DC archbishop is one of them) we have to be informed and prepared in order to pray intelligently.  We may even need to consider some practical resistance, should affairs deteriorate.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

A Cult Of Witchcraft, Liberation Theology, And Environmentlism

That seems to be the goal that Pope Francis and his sin-nod henchmen seem to have for the Catholic Church.  They are trying to beat the Church into becoming an apostate coven.

Today it was announced that the progressive Ford Foundation is funding one of the organizers of the Amazon Synod.  I leave you to study the link, although we can safely say that the Ford Foundation only ponied over the $2 million because they know that this synod will further their pro-abortion and pro-gay agenda.

Besides the Ford Foundation, another group that is supportive of the synod is a bunch of Italian wiccans.  They have waxed lyrical about the pagan ritual in the Vatican gardens and the profanation of the following Mass.  From their warped perspectives they do have reason for gloating.

It is increasingly clear for anyone with a functioning ear and/or eyeball that there is an overt attempt to twist the Church into a conduit for the progressive "new world order" mentality.  Recall the pope telling us that we had to "obey the United Nations".  In addition to prayer, we must also be contemplating practical strategies for resistance in case the apostasy manifests itself in our parishes.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

CCHD Collection Draws Near

Most US dioceses will conduct their annual CCHD in-pew collections next month.  As we pay attention to the debacle now occurring in Rome, it is easy to lose sight of the mischief that will soon draw near.

It should come as no surprise that the so-called "reforms" of the CCHD once again are shown as the shams that they have always been.  The Lepanto Institute has continued its investigations into the malevolent deeds of CCHD grant recipients.  See for yourselves the evil funded by naive Catholics in the pews.

Besides living a faithful, prayerful Catholic life, we have few resources at our disposal to fight the filth and corruption in the Church.  But at least we should not be funding that corruption.  The CCHD is a beast that must be financially starved and we must do it by not contributing one cent to that collection.  Instead, drop a note in the collection basket explaining why the CCHD will receive no money from you.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

TFP Student Action Speaks Truth To Pro-Abortion Rabble At George Washington University

The embrace of the pro-abortion mentality is an embrace of barbarism of the worst kind.  Such an embrace will permeate through all areas of the mentality of the pro-abortion supporter.  I see this proof quite frequently, and now can show a local example of such depravity.

A few days ago, young men from the TFP Student Action group witnessed to the sanctity of life at George Washington University.  I would say that some of the students disagreed with them but that would be a gross understatement.  Instead, what you are witnessing is a visceral and violent reaction to truth on the part of those students who have partaken of the pro-abortion seduction, and who most likely have participated in baby-slaughter themselves.  Here is the video and further commentary is below that.

One of the broads there, who actually looks old enough to have retained some vestige of civility, demonstrated behavior associated with a rather dangerous animal.  I post pictures of both so that you can see the similarities.

If some find my comparison offensive, well, consider how those young men found the behavior hurled at them.

The young men, in addition to speaking truth to George Washington University, are examples worthy of emulation by us all.  That isn't just their responsibility, but our's as well.

Friday, October 11, 2019

On The Amazon Synod Horizon: Fake Women Priests, Paganism And Infanticide

Below I post a talk given by Michael Hichborn about an hour ago in which he comments about the damage to the Church being wreaked by the pope and his cronies via the Amazon Synod.  I'll have more information and another video below that.

Hichborn made mention of an interview that Edward Pentin conducted with Bishop Erwin Krautler.  The latter is a key synod figure and is unabashedly in favor of women priests.  He states that one reason is to bring the Sacraments to indigenous peoples.  Of course that is pure fantasy.  The Church simply hasn't the authority to ordain women as the Lord Himself ordained only men.  If there was any such attempt to ordain women, both the women and miscreant "ordaining" bishop would incur immediate excommunication.  Moreover, any "sacraments" attempted by these women would be completely invalid.  Any "mass" would simply be a sham and not valid at all.  No remission of sins would occur in any fake "confession" in which they might engage.  Rather than serve the people, these false "priests" would be engaging in a cruel joke on those poor people, assuming they were so poorly catechized that they didn't know the idea of "women priests" is completely bogus.

Now below I'll post a Vortex showing the ties of some South American synod "fathers" with tribal infanticide.  Apparently in the Brazilian Parliament, a law is being debated that will ban infanticide among indigenous tribes.  The liberals among them are claiming that the indigenous peoples cannot be told to abandon "cultural practices".  That such a matter has to be debated only shows the depths of depravity to which western society has sunk.  The Brazilian Catholic Conference has ties to a leading proponent of infanticide.  These national "catholic conferences" really need to be trashed, but I digress.

Now remember - this is a synod about "listening" and "dialoging" and "learning from their wisdom".  So they are going to teach us imperialistic first-world westerners that burying children alive is okie-dokie with "mother earth"?  Of course I can see how Planned Parenthood, NARAL and other outfits might be down with that - but Catholic clergy?

A word of warning - the Vortex does show snippets of the child murders being committed, so be prepared.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Confess Your Ecological Sins NOW, You Rigid Reprobates!!

Remember Father Lefty Goodvibes?  Yes, him!  That post was a satire that I posted to point out the absolute banality of the "lenten carbon fast" that was promulgated by Catholic Climate Covenant and other envirowhacko groups.  At the end of that post, I expressed my hope that it was only a parody.  Sadly it's closer to truth than fiction.

We are hearing from the Scam-azon Sin-Nod that we need to "recognize our ecological sins" and come to "ecological conversion".  Now I'm all for not wasting food, electricity and other resources and for properly disposing of garbage, but what these people are proposing is just more of earth worship pantheism.

Speaking of "ecological sin", just how did these "synod fathers" get to Rome from their various homes?  Did they trek across the European continent on foot or horseback?  Did the ones domiciled in other continents sail across the seas?  Please tell me that they didn't (gasp!) fly in planes, thus belching all that plane exhaust in the skies!  The scandal - making such huge carbon footprints!

Here's a novel concept for the ones who persist in this nonsense!  They can advocate for the ban of artificial contraception.  Evidence now exists that estrogen from the Pill is leaching into the waterways, affecting fish so that they cannot reproduce.  It's a win-win!  They can preach against actual mortal sin while satisfying their ecological pet peeves!  Think that will happen?  Neither do I, but I remain open to being pleasantly surprised!

Meanwhile, Father Goodvibes' confessional light is on!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Is Francis An Anti-Pope?

We hear from Eugenio Scalfari that Pope Francis has denied Jesus' Divinity while He walked the earth.  Then we hear that the Vatican Press Office tried to wiggle and dance away from the scrutiny the pope's heresy earned.

If you read my link above, you'll recall that several years ago Scalfari was a handy accomplice of the pope.  The pope would make some heretical and/or dissident remark to Scalfari, then the latter would publish it.  Immediately the Vatican would go into "damage control" to imply that what was said wasn't really said.  I suppose it's a rather clever trick, to make a statement to somebody and then to claim that you really didn't say or mean that.  However, this one is getting rather old.

As Michael Voris points out, the Vatican's "denial" really isn't a denial of what was said at all.  They simply are trying to instill doubt in what was plainly reported.  The pope is well aware of this pattern for it has happened quite a few times over the years.  He's making heretical statements and then hides behind Scalfari.  More and more people are waking up to these shenanigans.

Of greater concern is that a pope would even hint at disbelief in the Divinity of Our Lord.  Given his disbelief, who does Pope Francis think he is, as Pope?  The Vicar of ....whom???   Or what???  Given his actions of the past few days, might we conclude that he is the vicar of mother earth?  Because of the magnitude of this heresy, it is becoming apparent that we may be dealing with an anti-pope here.

In addition to praying and fasting, where do we go from here?  What practical measures will we need to take to deal with the fallout from this latest mess?

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Change In URL For Code Of Canon Law

If you click on the link to the right, you'll get a message that says "Authentication failed".  Never before has that happened.  I've always gone to it without a hitch.  But now?  During the sin-nod?  I wonder when and why that changed?

Here is the former url:

This one works:

But inquiring minds want to know if there was any, uh, "editing" that transpired.  Hmmm....

Monday, October 7, 2019

Action Needed In Maryland And DC

The first item is the stopping, or at least protesting, a planned "drag queen story hour" at an Anne Arundel County library in a few weeks.  Details are in the email blast that I received and copied below.l

The Crofton Library will be hosting Drag Queen Story Times on Saturday, October 26 at 1pm and at 3pm.

   Please CALL the Crofton Library at 410-222-7915 to ask them to drop the program and to explain why you object to it. (Call during operating hours, which are Monday through Thursday: 9 am to 9 pm; Friday and Saturday: 9 am to 5 pm; Sundays from 1 to 5pm. Let's inundate the library with calls to drop the program!)

  You can use the following simple talking points when you call:
  • I don't want Drag Queen Story Times in our Maryland libraries. Please cancel the event.
  • Drag is adult entertainment, so it’s not age or developmentally appropriate for young children, even when it’s modified or toned down for the library setting.
  • Both the Drag Queen Story Hour website and key leaders in the movement explicitly state that that one of the goals of the Drag Queen Story Hour is to encourage ‘gender fluidity’ and to encourage children to question their gender.  But all the scientific studies show that gender confusion harms children (physically, psychologically, and socially) and that the medical interventions involved in trying to ‘transition’ from one gender to another are seriously harmful! (So do the heartbreaking personal testimonies of individuals who went through the process of medical transition and then regretted it.)
  • Drag Queen Story Hours put children at risk for sexual abuse. Several sex offenders have performed at Drag Queen Story Times, including one who had molested an 8-year old boy and one who had abused four children, ages 4, 5, 6, and 8! There have been numerous other reports about Drag Queen Story Hours which show them to be unsafe, including at least two reports of inappropriate physical contact between a drag performer and young children, a performer teaching children a sexually suggestive dance, and other problematic activities and concerning ‘red flags’. This is simply NOT ACCEPTABLE.
  • Yes, I agree with you that our libraries should be safe, inclusive, welcoming spaces for  all, that we should teach children to treat everyone (especially people who are different from themselves) with respect, and that the library should host programs representative of all members of our diverse communities. But, for the reasons I have stated, Drag Queen Story Times are not the way to go to accomplish these goals!

 After you have called the Crofton Library, please contact the Anne Arundel County Public Library in writing to note your objections to Drag Queen Story Times and to ask them to stop offering these harmful programs. (You can copy and paste the talking points listed above, when your write, if you like).

Ways to write to the library: 

  Lastly, since this issue is so important to the safety and well-being of our children,
we need to have a prayerful, peaceful, law-abiding presence near and/or at the Crofton Library on the afternoon of October 26.   All are welcome and encouraged to attend, and persons from the Crofton/Bowie area are especially needed. The Crofton Library is located at 1681 Riedel Road, Crofton, MD 21114.

Thus ends my friend's email blast.  Already these wastes of MD taxpayers' dollars are happening.  See here.  Let's raise our voices in protest.

The second item regards a fundraiser being conducted by Support Our Aging Religious (SOAR).  At that fundraiser, Carolyn Woo is being honored.  For long-time blog readers, her name should be all-too-familiar.  She was the president of Catholic Relief Services during some of its most spectacular and anti-Catholic scandals.  These include the distribution of abortifacients and the harboring of a Vice President who was a sodomite in a "gay marriage".  See here for details, as time prevents a rehash of the same. 

A word regarding SOAR.  Before they occupied their current location, they were located at 1400 Spring Street, either directly above or below the Planned Parenthood abortuary where we were present for several years until the PP closed that location.  When we learned of SOAR's presence, we thought we had an ally in the struggle.  Such was not to be.  They refused to utter a peep regarding the child-murder center so close to them.  Of the thousands of babies killed there, we can surmise that at least a few of them might have had religious vocations and might have helped care for the elderly priests and religious.  By their refusal to speak up for life, SOAR helped put the elderly religious in their current predicaments.

On the SOAR site are numbers and email addresses at which you can lodge your protests.  Please do so.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Vatican Abominations Foster DC Catholic School Abominations

Many remember that young gal who stood up at an AOC rally recently and who proclaimed that in the interests of "saving the planet", we need to start "eating babies".  While there is now talk that this gal may have been a plant by a fringe group run by Lyndon LaRouche, it is undeniable that AOC actually agreed with the gal's premise that the planet's future is in danger.  While the rest of the audience evinced some shock at the gal's remarks, AOC herself never denounced them.  She merely said that there are other means to advance envirowhackoism (although my phrasology wasn't hers').

Sounds far-fetched?  Consider that in a Stockholm summit last week, Swedish scientist Magnus Soderlund proposed that eating human flesh might be able to save the human race from climate change.  He then went on to complain about "conservative taboos", stating that we rubes might be "too selfish to live sustainably".

Now I link to a post I did three years ago on envirowackoism in the Church.  In that article is a link to a video done by Michael Voris that exposes how environmentalism has anti-life and idolatrous underpinnings.  Now I will link to another of my posts that features a light-show abomination played on the walls of St Peter's Basilica.  Remember that?  The purpose of that descecration was to usher in that "year of mercy".

Now consider what happened in the Vatican gardens yesterday, with that undisguised idol worship, witnessed and approved by the pope.  Consider it especially in the context of what I mentioned in the preceding paragraphs.   Now bear in mind some of the virulent anti-life proponents invited to this Sham-azon Sin-nod  The Church will be injected with idolatrous anti-life poisons to its most likely deformation.

Meanwhile, back in the Archdiocese of Washington, local Catholics are being brainwashed prepared for this "newness of the Spirit".  Poor pope!  Someone forgot to remind him that the Spirit, being the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity, is eternal and perfect. He cannot change.  The commands He issued hundreds of years ago likewise will not change.

The "preparation" is evident in the October 3rd edition of the Catholic Standard and (from the little Spanish that I know) its sister publication, El Pregonero.  By the way; there is a lot of lunacy in this issue of the Standard, but I'll deal with that in another post.  Here we see the Catholic Standard waxing chipper about local Catholic school students participating in the September 20th Climate Strike.   A teacher from St Elizabeth Seton High School is quoted as saying that they were "following the pope's example".  He's quite correct on that; the problem is that the pope's example is horrible.   Will they soon be kneeling before pagan idols in the school auditorium?  But I digress.

The students chanted the usual banal slogans.  Did they think about what they were doing?  For instance, Florence Kane from Georgetown Visitation wore a T-shirt that said "No More Fossil Fuels".  Is Ms. Kane accordingly prepared to give up any idea of owning a car?  Then there's this gem: "Hey hey, ho ho, climate change has got to go".  So change of seasons is now evil?   They also had to endure listen to Greta Thunberg, the rather loud Swedsh teen who is being exploited by the "climate change" junk-science proponents; in doing so, they only enabled her exploiters.

Now let's take a look at that outfit behind the September 20th escapade.  Of course they have a list of partners.  On that list you can find all manners of Soros-funded and/or Alinsky-originated leftist outfits.  Many of those support the gay agenda and the abortion agenda.  But speaking of the latter, recall the Swedish scientist Soderlund who proposes the eating of human flesh.

The article ends with the kids declaring themselves to be the "Laudato Si generation".  What's wrong with being faithful Catholics? We are mindful of our duties to be faithful stewards of creation, but we also recognize that creation exists in service of mankind, not as a peer of mankind.  The parents of all these hoodwinked students should be outraged that their students were gyped out of a day's worth of actual schooling so that they could be used as agitprops for an earth-worship, socialist-driven agenda.  The teachers of those schools and the staff of the Standard should hang their heads in shame for promoting such drivel and being puppets of those progressives.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

The Abomination Of Desolation

"Therefore when you see the ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION which was spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place (let the reader understand), then those who are in Judea must flee to the mountains. "Whoever is on the housetop must not go down to get the things out that are in his house."Whoever is in the field must not turn back to get his cloak. "But woe to those who are pregnant and to those who are nursing babies in those days! "But pray that your flight will not be in the winter, or on a Sabbath. "For then there will be a great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will."

I don't know if the situation to be described is what Our Lord had in mind when He uttered the words found in Matthew 24:15-21, but it is a logical candidate.

Yesterday was the feast of St Francis of Assisi.  This poor saint has always been trivialized as a progenitor of "flower children" and hippies.  Witness all the birdbaths that exploit his image.  But yesterday, with the pope's participation (not mere approval but active participation), idolatry occurred in the Vatican in the name of St Francis.  From Catholic News Agency we read of a tree-planting ceremony that included all sorts of pagans and even a Franciscan brother kneeling and bowing before a carved image of two naked and pregnant women, praying to it in a circle.  If nothing else, this incident provides stark evidence that environmentalism is not much more than pagan gaia worship.

Here is a video from Catholic News Service (not to be confused with Catholic News Agency) showing participants, including the Franciscan, bowing before the statue.  All are committing idolatry, but the greater culpability lies with the Catholics in that gathering.  Please note that CNS is the news arm of the USCCB.  That the USCCB allows this idolatry to be published is a sign that the progressives therein are simply becoming bolder about their disdain for the One True God.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Our Church - Reformed Or Deformed

In Rome, on the cusp of the looming disaster known as the Amazon Synod, the Voice of the Family hosted a round table discussion with the topic "Our Church - Reformed Or Deformed?".  Professor Roberto de Mattei, chairing the discussion, declared what many of us have known all along: "there are, at this moment, two religions within the Catholic Church".  This discussion has been put online (in two parts) and I present it to you for your careful consideration.  Please listen to it as this does have direct impact upon you and your families.  Souls - including those of your loved ones - are at stake.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Shamazon Leaders - Putting Dirt In Their Ears

This coming Sunday the Sham-azon Sin-Nod starts.  Quite frankly, I believe it poses a colossal threat to the Church and to western civilization.  Many leaders in faithful Catholic media are in Rome right now to cover this mess as it goes down.  Church Militant posted a press conference headlined by Cardinal Claudio Hummes, hand-picked by the pope to lead the gabfest.  Right out of the gate he said that the Church "must listen to the cry of the earth and the poor".  Sheesh!  Could he not at least have put "the poor" before the earth?  At least they are people, and in God's eyes take precedence over the planet.  That quip is nothing more than an insinuation of pantheism as it ascribes personality to a planet.   During that interview, sin-nod organizers said the IL shouldn't be judged because it is "the voice of the earth".  The voice of the earth?  What did these people do?  Cram dirt in their ears and hear funny little voices???

Church leaders are speaking out.  Last June Cardinal Brandmuller (one of the two surviving dubia cardinals) called the Instrumentum Laboris "heretical" and "an apostasy".  The LifeSiteNews piece has a copy of his entire address in which he lists his reasons.  Likewise, Cardinal Burke (the other surviving dubia cardinal) also called the synod itself "apostasy" and a "direct attack on the Lordship of Christ".  It's worth noting that he was including the German synod in his denunciations.

Cardinal Sarah, in his latest book, stated that if the Sin-Nod succeeds in introducing women deaconesses into the Church, that we would see a "break with tradition".  He's quite right.  Previous pontiffs (the most recent being Pope St John Paul II) stated in no uncertain terms that the Church simply hasn't the authority to permit women to be priests.  However, Bishop Erwin Krautler of Brazil had the chutzpah to state that what previous popes have said in that regard is not dogma.  Bear in mind that he is credited with spewing forth the Instrumentum Laboris.  Note the Brazilian bishop with a German name.  The connections are quite visible between the German and the Shamazon sin-nods, are they not?  As Michael Voris notied in a recent Vortex. the pope and company seek to use the church to advance the left's globalist agenda.

So what do we do?  Yes we pray and fast for the Church.  If you aren't praying your rosaries daily, please start immediately!  Let us also do our part to spread the truth about what is happening in the Church to those who are as yet still unaware.  Among other things, that means the intelligent use of social media.  You who are reading this obviously have access to social media.  Learn how to use facebook, twitter and other outlets and use them.  Talk to your friends and fellow parishioners.  The time for passivity is long over.  Take a cue from Bishop Strickland who is taking to twitter to proclaim the Faith.  You can do it too.  I joked earlier about the sin-nod leaders putting dirt in their ears, but let's take the blindfolds from our eyes and the gags from our mouths - now.


Monday, September 30, 2019

Amazon Synod Begins October 6

The Amazon Sin-Nod draws near, and Pope Francis appears to be finalizing his preparations.  Part and parcel of those preparations is the announcement that the pope restored to ministry a priest/theologian who was suspended because of his gay advocacy.  In actuality, Father James Alison, a British Dominican, was restored approximately two years ago.  He was obviously asked to keep the restoration secret and it is only on the cusp of the synodal disaster that looms, that Alison again holds himself out as a priest in good standing.  There is no evidence that he recanted his advocacy nor had any other indication of repentance.  He identifies as a "gay priest".

It is also widely noised abroad that today the pope granted a 30-minute interview with pervert-enabling and general-all-around dissident Fr James Martin.  Martin, of course, works in the Vatican's communication office.  So the pope can palaver with Martin for 30 minutes, yet not grant a meeting with the two surviving dubia cardinals to address their pressing concerns regarding the Church's direction?  Perhaps in this interview the pope did indeed answer their questions.  In fact, those questions have been long ago answered.

But good faithful Catholics are also making preparations for the looming disaster.  From LifeSiteNews we read of a prayer demonstration that occurred a few days ago, featuring Catholic leaders - many of whom plan to stay during the duration of the mess.  Cardinal Burke (one of the dubia cardinals) continues to sound the alarm regarding both the Amazon mess and the German sham-synod.

I will post two videos that bear watching.  Both deal with the synod.  In the second, Father does a very decent job in summarizing key errors and heresies in the Instrumentum Laboris.  Please take the time to listen to these.  More importantly, take the time each day for a Rosary to stave off the planned damage to the Catholic Church.

Friday, September 27, 2019

My Conversation With The Pastor Of A Homophile Parish

As a follow-up to my post a few days ago regarding St Ignatius Church in Baltimore MD, I decided to call the parish and to see what they intended to do about the scandalous situation that they are allowing to happen.  I placed the call at 1:30 pm today, and this is how things transpired.

I believe that actually was Father Casciotti with whom I spoke ever so briefly.  The long and short of it is that he knew all along about Creamer's sodomy and either 1) doesn't care or 2) is all for enabling mortal sins of homosexual relations within the context of his parish.  For all intents and purposes, that renders St. Ignatius a den of vipers.

Obviously Father was uncomfortable and disgruntled with being called on his cooperation with mortal sin - which is its own mortal sin, by the way.  It's good that he was perturbed by the call.  Maybe that will cause some spark of conscience to come to life.

I suspect that the parish may well be a hangout of perverts and their enablers.  For the few decent Catholics that remain, I'd suggest a boycott of the collection; send your money to a faithful religious order (NOT the Jesuits!) or some other charity like a soup kitchen.  Don't feed your money to this cabal until they demonstrate real repentance.

I intend to contact the Archdiocese of Baltimore next week and I reiterate my call for faithful Catholics to likewise contact this pastor and Archbishop Lori.  Whether by cowardice, indifference or even approval of sodomy, both men are allowing souls in their charge to careen towards hell and unless they change course, they will have much for which they must answer come their Judgment Days.

Check out this parish bulletin.  Creamer is also on the parish council.  Whatever else "meeting the sinner where they are" means, it does NOT mean placing the sinner in prominent positions while the sinner is still engaging in his/her mortal sin.  When you contact both Casciotti and Archbishop Lori, politely but firmly insist that Creamer be removed from the council and this LGBT ministry abolished, both for the good of Creamer's soul and to remove scandal from the parish.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Pope Encourages Fellow Jesuits In Their Neglect Of Their Duty To Teach And Preach

This happened a few days ago as the pope was addressing fellow Jesuits in Mozambique.  Here is the text of the address.  It really is a rambling mess, but the darts against the One True Faith are obvious.

Of course there is the almost obligatory smear against young priests who love their Faith with all its traditions: "Clericalism has a direct consequence in rigidity. Have you never seen young priests all stiff in black cassocks and hats in the shape of the planet Saturn on their heads? Behind all the rigid clericalism there are serious problems. I had to intervene recently in three dioceses with problems that expressed themselves in these forms of rigidity that concealed moral problems and imbalances."

Got that?  According to him, if a priest - particularly a young one - wears a cassock and saturno, why, he always has "concealed moral problems and imbalances" as well as "rigidity"!  Don'cha know?  The pope provides examples in "unrigid" headgear.  Behold the vision to the right!  Isn't that just worthy of emulation?  As an alternative, perhaps those "rigid" priests can get hats just like Gordon Creamer's frilly yellow head -piece!  Maybe I better shut up before I give the pope and bishops any more evil ideas than they already have!

But not to worry!  He "intervened"!  He certainly did with the Franciscan Friars and Sisters of the Immaculate and other orders - intervened them right out of existence!  I pray those poor priests stay strong in their Faith as they face demonic onslaughts from their superiors.

"Clericalism" also features "exclusive moral fixation on the sixth commandment"  "We focus on sex and then we do not give weight to social justice, slander, gossip, and lies".  He's got that precisely ass-backwards.  His topsy-turvy principles are exactly why the Baltimore Archdiocese allows two of its parishes to prance and sashay with the Baltimore pride parades, complete with banners with parish names on them.  Let us recall that Our Lady of Fatima told the children that more souls go to hell than for any other reason.  The late Father John Hardon (one of the few sane Jesuits of the 20th century) pointed out that sins against the Sixth Commandment lead to sins against the Fifth Commandment.  Witness the bloodbath known as abortion.

The LifeSiteNews piece also mentions that the pope referred to an article that deals with an "ecumenism of hatred".  It is true that faithful Catholics have banded together with evangelical protestants to engage the culture for traditional Christian morality.  Among our successful endeavors was the election of Donald Trump.  Let's face it; our progressive cabal in the Vatican and the USCCB despise the President for he is actually keeping his promises.  Perhaps that is what they mean by hatred.  By the way - if you told me ten years ago that I would trust the White House more than the Vatican, I would have thought you insane.  Yet today that is precisely the state of affairs.

Make no mistake about it.  All this talk about "rigidity" and "fixation on the Sixth Commandment" is merely an attempt to prime us for the oncoming attack on Tradition that will occur with the Amazon Synod.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Baltimore LGBT Ministry Being Run By A Practicing Gay

St Matthew's on Loch Raven Boulevard is by no means Baltimore's only parish to be headed to hell in a handbasket.  For a handy list of such parishes, we can thank (?) New Ways Ministry for its list of "LGBTQ-friendly parishes".  Of course we know that these parishes are on that list as they are reputed to be, in varying degrees, feeding their children scorpions when they need solid Catholic teaching and faithful administration of the Sacraments.

Of course St Matthew's is listed, but let's look at St. Ignatius in this post.  As expected from its name, it is a Jesuit-run parish, so that's one strike against it right then and there.  Like St Matthew's, this parish also has an unabashed presence during Baltimore's "pride parades".  We see that the parish has a LGBTQ "ministry" that they call "Embracing God's Gifts".    I wonder what they would call a ministry for serial rapists/murderers, but I digress!  Most of these groups are nothing more than mortal sinners and their enablers trying to justify their mortal sins to themselves and each others; and they probably also function as "dating services".

This group is under the direction of Gordon Creamer.  As one of his other endeavors, he created something called Mission Bridge.  He touts himself to be a "spiritual director" and Reiki practitioner.  The latter is thoroughly new age and thus heretical.  So is the Sisters of Bon Secours (where this Mission Bridge is headquartered)..  They are headquartered in Marriotsville MD.  Over ten years ago, when I was a board member of the Gabriel Network, we held a board meeting there, not knowing just what the place was.  I arrived at the meeting late and dashed into our meeting room, not having time to take in my surroundings.  After the meeting ended, we looked around and were aghast at what we saw: pamphlets touting the benefits of crystals and ashrams and of course, the labyrinth outside.  Needless to say, we never returned.  I digress again!

Now please take a look at the top picture.  This picture is from St Ignatius's page on the 2019 pride parade.  The other man is Brian Fitzek. A picture of him can be seen on his Linkedin page.  You can see the two of them together in the next picture from Fitzek's facebook page (right side).  By the way - isn't that outfit on Creamer just..special?  Interesting yellow fluffy hat and spaghetti straps, with his hand on Fitzek's shoulder!  But again I digress.

Below is an announcement of their "marriage" that ran in the October 16, 2014 edition of the Baltimore Sun (note the web reference at the bottom of the picture).  Consider that Creamer and Fitzek co-own their home, according to the MD Department of Assessments and Taxation.  These facts indicate that Creamer and Fitzek are in a sodomite relationship.  The important question is, does Father Casciotti know about this?  In fact, does he care?

We may well surmise that in his parish position of running this "embracing God's gifts" thing, Creamer is utterly unqualified to be promoting chastity to those afflicted with same-sex attractions.  The situation is not akin to a "wolf in sheep's clothing" but rather a "wolf in shepherd's clothing".  We should contact the parish here and suggest his removal.

While having this conversation with the parish, we might well ask them how it could be that they would allow such an obvious dissident to be in a prominent position in the parish.  If nothing else, Creamer seems to be quite open about his proclivities.  I don't for one second believe that they are so oblivious that they failed to notice that their parish was marching in gay parades.  The parish administration is most likely guilty of aiding and abetting sodomite sins and they need to be rebuked.  Quite frankly, I think they only way they will understand that is if the Sunday collection baskets are boycotted.

I would also suggest contacting Archbishop Lori about this situation.  Now we see that at least two of Baltimore's parishes (St Matthew's is the other known one) participate in that debauched orgy known as Baltimore Pride while carrying their parishes' names on their banners.  What is he doing about this mess?  Why does he persist on turning a blind eye to these (known) scandals?  Perhaps a boycott of the collection baskets might finally get his attention.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Usual Gang Of Suspects To Attend Amazon Sin-Nod

Do any of these names sound familiar?
  • Ki-Moon Ban
  • Jeffrey Sachs
  • Hans Schellnhuber
They should.  Over the past few years, I and others have written about these progressive, pro-population-control individuals who have all been invited to various Vatican-sponsored conferences.  They gave presentations and lent their pernicious influence to the various synodal documents, including Laudato Si and Amoris Laetitia.  Put any one of their names in this blog's search box (top left with the magnifying glass) to get more background information.  They will be attending next month's Amazon Sin-nod, per the Vatican list of attendees.

Edward Pentin has also pointed out the high German representation at this gabfest.  Cardinal Reinhard Marx was personally appointed by the pope to attend.  Other dissident prelates include Cardinal Maradiaga, Cardinal Schonborn and Archbishop Paglia.  Put those names in the search box for some eye-fulls; space and time do not permit me to elaborate on the unfitness of each and every one of them to guide the Church on anything.

The hoax known as "climate change" will be bandied about ad nauseum as though it were settled science.  Even if it were, that subject matter falls outside the competence of clergy for solemn pronouncements. 

HOWEVER, if they insist, here's some thoughtful input for them to consider.

Neumayr's Work Bears Fruit

George Neumayr has been doggedly pursuing the truth regarding the gay mafia that in many ways governs the Church hierarchy in the United States.  He has been most active in this locality.  Recently we have learned that his efforts have borne fruit - in the Archdiocese of Washington and the Diocese of Wilmington.

In the Diocese of Wilmington, Neumayr discovered that a member of that diocese's marriage was, to say the least, not qualified to hold that position.  The now-former member was Jack Anderson.  He's an ex-priest.  He and another ex-priest, Ted Olson, are shacking up together in sodomite perversion and are pretending to be "married".  And this is what Wilmington had sitting on its marriage tribunal.  It's very much like having Larry Flint or Hugh Hefner draft a program to teach chastity to Catholic children. Thanks to Neumayr's expose and the subsequent outrage from faithful Catholics, Anderson was removed from the tribunal.  I find it somewhat difficult to believe that the diocese wasn't aware of Anderson's mortally sinful lifestyle.  Moreover, his ties to Msgr Walter Rossi are known.

Speaking of Msgr Rossi, he is under investigation for his own homosexual dalliances and predations.  For history, see this Church Militant piece, one by Neumayr and my own anthology of posts.  Yesterday it was announced that he was granted a leave of absence from the Board of Trustees of Catholic University of America.  If you watched the Theology on Tap video, you'll notice that at that time, the archbishop indicated that he would not remove Rossi pending the investigation's outcome. I believe that is contrary to Canon Law.  Moreover, while he is off the CUA board for now, does he still remain as rector of the National Shrine?  Were the powers-that-be just tossing little bones our way?

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Talk A New Church Into Being

Watch this video.  The pope is announcing some sort of meeting commencing May 14, 2020.  Let's cut through the bovine manure.  He states that the purpose of this gabfest is to coordinate brainwashing education efforts to build some sort of "village" - that is, a new-world order utopia completely devoid of God and any thought of eternity.  Obviously he is borrowing ideas from Hillary Clinton and her book.  He is asking religious and political leaders to sign a "global pact for a new humanism".  That was his one mention of the word "religious".  I listened carefully.  This Vicar of Christ didn't utter the name of Jesus Christ or even God once during this entire screed.

Related to this attempt to undermine the Faith is his call for us to "obey the United Nations".  The Gloria article outlines nicely how antithetical to Jesus's teachings this is. See the video below and go to the 27:27 mark for the exact quote from the pope's Sept 10th plane conference.

On Friday I posted the call to prayer and fasting that was issued by Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider.  They also issued a document listing several areas in which the direction of the synod would lead the Church to massive theological departures from Sacred Tradition, maybe departures so severe that they would lead to schism.  I believe the pope realizes that too.  That is why I believe he went into preemptive damage control - to shift blame on us who would simply be pointing out the havoc that he is wreaking.

The pope himself seems unafraid of schism.  That is what he claims, and I believe that he is being quite frank.  Archbishop Vigano gave an interview last month in which he stated that next month's synod could be the culmination of a centuries-old plan by Freemasons to desconstruct the Church and to bring on a "new church".

Zenit has published the transcript of the Sept 10th interview.  Here it is.

Recall Matt's words that the possible schism.  If the Amazon sin-nod doesn't do that, this May 14, 2020 gabfest just might well do it.

Just to reiterate the progressives' desire for a "new church", let me call from your long-suppressed nightmares the farce from 10 years ago from Call to Action..

Friday, September 13, 2019

Call To Prayer And Fasting For Synod And A Warning From Holy Trinity Parish

Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider have issued:
  • A declaration warning against six "theological errors and heresies" contained in the Instrumentum Laboris for the Amazon Synod that will happen next month in Rome, and
  • A call for prayer and fasting during the forty days prior to the sin-nod.  They will start September 17.  The two prelates recommend a daily Rosary and fasting, preferably on Wednesdays or Fridays.  The intention is that the errors and heresies noted in their warning will never come out of the sin-nod.
If these errors are issued from the sin-nod, the way will be paved for even more violations of the Faith.  Some of these are happening now.

For those in the Washington DC area, I use as an example Holy Trinity Parish, just south of Georgetown University.  It is run by Jesuits and has been a dissident hotbed for some time now.

This parish is celebrating its 225th anniversary.  What better way for a Catholic parish to celebrate and give thanks to God for its existence by fawning all over sexual perverts and their enablers?  As you see in this bulletin, gay-enabling Father James Martin is scheduled to give an address at 10am, Saturday Oct 5 to peddle his latest heretical tome.  Read the entire bulletin to see more groveling to the gay juggernaut.

From the parish's youtube channel, we see this pathetic fellow wax lyrical regarding his descent towards perdition being accelerated by Holy Trinity.

On the parish's page dedicated to this anniversary, we read: "could Bishop John Carroll and Rev. Francis Neale, S.J. know what Holy Trinity would become 225 years ago?"  The answer is no - not in their most horrid nightmares.

As we join in this prayer effort, let us also pray for all the Joe Figinis of this world who, when they asked for fish, were given serpents.  Pray that they may come to repentance and salvation despite their parishes.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The Best Defense Is A Good Offense

I suspect the title of this post summarizes the strategy that Pope Francis is employing in the wake of the impending heretical circus known as the Amazon Sin-Nod, scheduled for next month.  No doubt this hootenanny will be so chock-full of spiritual poison, designed to mutate the Faith beyond recognition, that the pope would love nothing more than for us to dissect and analyze the mess.  He knows in so doing, that we would disarm at least some of the bombs that will be flying from that sin-nod, so he is trying his darndest to scold us into silence.

How else do you account for these gaffes?
  • On the plane yesterday, he stated that "dissent from American Catholic conservatives would not lead to a schism in the church".  Oh, there is so much to unpack in that article.  We who are "rigid" (that is, we who hold to the Traditions of the Church), well, "there are problems" and we have to be "accompanied with tenderness".  What will cause schism is any disobedience to Tradition, such as pretending to ordain women, pantheism, admittance of those in mortal sin to Holy Communion.  Does he know that is coming down the road, hence his attempt to shift blame for rupture to faithful Catholics?  He said he was willing to listen to critics and make necessary corrections, but meanwhile the dubia still sit on his desk, utterly disdained.
  • Cardinal Gerhard Muller, former head of doctrine for the Vatican, has raised concerns regarding the direction in which the pope is leading the Church.  The pope, ever willing to listen to correction (per the previous bullet point) responded by saying that the Cardinal "has good intentions but is like a child".  The condescension is palpable. 
  • Let's not forget that the pope "is honored when Americans attack him".  So to criticize a person's actions is to attack him personally?  He knows better than that.  He simply is trying to vilify concerned Catholics who do not turn a blind eye to the obvious.  But a note to those who criticize this blog.  According to the pope, you should no longer accuse me of not honoring him, for he himself said that I honor him!  So, there!
I'm now going to post a screen shot from a Facebook post that Msgr Charles Pope wrote regarding these little jibes from the pope.  It's an open letter to the pope.

Regarding Father's last sentence, we're tired of it too but we must realize this is par for the course.  What the pope is doing is simply "advance damage control" as it were.  I think the idea is to shame us into shutting up if, and when, the real dissidence and heresies ooze out of the Amazon Sin-Nod and elsewhere.  I for one will not fall for that.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Support A Catholic Pastor Who Removed Occultic Books From The School Library

Father Dan Reehil is pastor of St Edward parish in Nashville, TN.  He recently took the step of removing the Harry Potter series from the library of his parish's school.  As his reasons, he cited the advice of Catholic exorcists who have dealt with demonic fallout from people who read the books, either unwittingly or recklessly.

Of course he is catching much flack from all manners of progressives and other entities who are ignorant of the realities of demons - or who just don't care about such matters.  Please take a few minutes and go here to express your support and appreciation to Father Reehil.  It's all too rare these days to see a pastor who will take action against spiritual perils that happen to be celebrated by secular culture.  Thank you.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

How Several Strains Of Progressivism Gained Ground Over This Past Century

As noted in a previous post, I'm currently reading Taylor Marshall's excellent book, "Infiltration".  In it he explores the history of the corruption of the Church hierarchy.  In reference to that corruption, we are now staring at its horrible consequences as they unfold before our very eyes.  Only those who stubbornly and yes, sinfully, persist in wearing rose-colored glasses will pretend to be ignorant of the sickness and impotence of today's parishes (with some exceptions).

Many people believe that the trouble started with the Vatican II council.  That is only when the disasters started to manifest themselves.  In reality, they have been almost 200 years in the making.  Recall that Pope St Pius X issued many encyclicals against modernism and he died over 100 years ago.  Again, I refer you to Marshall's book and to the source materials therein.  You can also browse the writings of the popes; you'll see the link on the right side bar of this blog.

Other ominous movements were afoot during that period, running parallel with the attempts to infiltrate the Church.  All of these bear the paw prints of freemasonry.  Within this anthology of posts I link to a movie called Maafa 21, exploring the eugenics movement as it rose in the United States following the Civil War.  You'll see therein how many of the eugenicists were involved in the Ku Klux Klan and the American Birth Control League.  The latter became known as Planned Parenthood.  In fact, Margaret Sanger, the foundress of Planned Parenthood, gave an address to at least one meeting of a women's auxiliary KKK group and corresponded with Nazi "doctors" prior to the outbreak of World War II.  Those doctors mastermined the mass murders of Jews and other "undesirables".  It is Sanger herself who referred to the poor as "human weeds".  Now it is important to ponder the term "Planned Parenthood".  Doesn't that sound like they simply want couples to plan when they have children?  Well, that's the current myth, but Sanger herself was up front about her intents.  If it were up to her, parents wouldn't do the planning, for by her sick measures, they might not be "fit" to be parents.  She must have realized that sort of totalitarianism wouldn't fly with the Americans of that era, so contraception became her answer.  I'd urge you to watch the Maafa 21 film.

I will now post a movie done by Ben Stein called "Expelled".  It details how atheistic Darwinism conquered academia and how it's stifled any differing scientific opinions about intelligent design.  My post will continue after the video.

All those who hold to Darwinism to the point of quashing other opinion whine and moan about how the intelligent design theory will empower religious people.  Quite frankly, their misgivings, from their warped perspectives, are rather logical.  Intelligent design implies a Supreme Intelligence, does it not?  Of course that means that mankind is not the supreme being in the universe, and that there is a God that has legitimate demands on our allegiance, obedience and worship.  They must either obey or disobey, with consequences to follow.  From that truth they instinctively recoil and lash out against those who dare propose the truth.

At the 1:12:00 mark, you'll see how the Darwinist position, with its emphasis on "survival of the fittest", is just another facet of the eugenics position.  Both were atheists.  In rejecting God, they also rejected the truth of eternal life after this sojourn on earth.  Understanding that mental paradigm, we can see how they would only be focused on this life.  Their emphasis would be to make life on this earth to be their paradise.

Can we not see this same mindset in so many of our progressive clergy?  Take note of their obsession with environmentalism.  We have seen recently how this pope has engaged various "population control" advocates to formulate the thinking behind Laudato Si and now the Amazon Synod.

Such deadly poison has long ago infiltrated Catholic clergy.  In this article we see that a Catholic priest (Franciscan) is chiding pro-life activists for prioritizing babies over "the environment".  He has in fact relegated the environment to the status of a de facto deity.  This is gaia worship.  His own claims to being pro-life ring hollow.

This error stated by Fr. Horan is quite compatible with the horror stated by democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.  He stated that abortion and birth control would be part of his plan to address "climate change".  Given his previous heretical blooper, how could Fr Horan argue with that?  More importantly, would he be inclined to argue with Sanders.

A few weeks ago I wrote about the pope's continuing destruction of the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and the Family.  We now see that Archbishop Paglia (yes, him) pretends that the term "life" needs to be redefined.  What's next?  Will this crowd try to redefine the word "God"?  For 2000 years now, the Church has proclaimed God's teachings of life, family and morality.  Any attempt to modify the meanings of those truths, by definition, will be to introduce deception and confusion to crystal-clear truth.

Speaking of "modifying teachings", that is exactly what will be attempted next month at the Amazon Sin-Nod.  Pray your Rosaries for protection.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

The Malefactors Are Squirming

During this past year, Theodore McCarrick has been living in a small Capuchin friary in Victoria KS.  He has remained silent - until now.  A few weeks ago, he granted an interview. The reporter, Ruth Graham, asked him point-blank if he "did it".  Here is his reply: “I’m not as bad as they paint me. I do not believe that I did the things that they accused me of.”

The italics are mine, for obvious reasons.  Dear readers, if someone were to state that you committed a crime, say of sexual abuse (like the ex-cardinal) or even something else like bank robbery or murder.  If you're anything like me, you'd be denying those accusations with all the vehemence that you could muster and would even demand that the accusations be retracted under pain of legal action.  His statements have both guilt and arrogance screaming all over them.

During the conversation he spoke of the former seminarians who accused him of abuse in his summer beach house, implying that they were put up to it.  He also had vitriol to hurl at Archbishop Vigano, who helped blow the cover off of McCarrick.  He said that Vigano was "talking as a representative of the far right".

McCarrick is not the only one to have a bone to pick with "the far right".  Yes, I'm afraid the pope gave another plane interview during which he inserted both feet into the papal speech apparatus.  He was presented with a book written by Nicolas Seneze entitled "How America Wants to Change the Pope".  Sadly the author is mistaken for there are plenty of progressives who just adore the pope as he is.  In many ways, the title of that book has things precisely ass-backwards.  Upon receiving the book the pope let out with this blooper: "For me, it's an honor that Americans attack me".  Of course his press handlers scurried into damage control mode, but too late. I thought the pope and other clergy were to be honored when they suffer for doing God's will; even then, they weren't expected to thump their chests over it.  Praying for fish, promoting LBGT supporters to the College of Cardinals, etc, is NOT "doing God's will".

Two prelates aren't quite as cheeky as they are facing the music for their misdeeds.  Recall that in Seattle, Archbishop Sartain approved a public Catholic funeral for a flaming gay who announced his planned suicide well in advance.  Years before, Sartain approved a Catholic funeral for a priest who had abused several boys.  Just days after his approval of Fuller's funeral was made public, Sartain resigned his position.

In Buffalo, NY, Bishop Richard Malone is under intense scrutiny owing to his own sexual misdeeds.  He knows it.  He has been recorded as saying, "this could be the end for me as bishop".  I hope he takes it further and realizes that if he doesn't repent and make a good confession, that the end could be hell - literally.

There are those good Catholics who state that only by prayer and fasting can these evils be purged from our Church.  I agree, except for that "only" part.  Prayer, fasting, sacraments are crucial, but by themselves they are insufficient.  The reactions related above have occurred because of intense scrutiny and protest as well as prayer.  We need both - from every single faithful Catholic.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Stacking The College Of Cardinals

This is no surprise.  To be honest, I anticipated this.  Franklin Roosevelt threatened to do this to the Supreme Court when it appeared that they would strike down a goodly part of his unconstitutional "New Deal".  Now we have the same thing going on, with more progressives being put in positions to be electors for the next pope.  I needn't rehash what others have said.  See here and here and here.

Pope Francis is not the first to stack the College of Cardinals.  Probably the most recent attempt was by Pope John XXIII as he attempted to preserve the proceedings of Vatican II. This I learned from Taylor Marshall's book "Infiltration".  By the way - I'd suggest that everyone get a copy of this book and read it now.  It can be obtained on Amazon.

To understand a bit better about this latest crop of cardinals, please take a gander.  This post from the heretic Fr James Martin speaks volumes.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Some Root Causes Of The Church's Current Malaise

I'd suggest taking the time to watch this.  Please see below for comments.

Hichborn ends with some suggestions to combat these evils.  With all due respect, his list is somewhat lacking, in my opinion.  Yes, the Mass, Rosary, Scapular, prayer, etc are absolutely crucial, but by themselves they are wholly inadequate.  Hichborn is focusing on actions that one can take within the relatively safe confines of the Church and home.

But we must actually confront the evil head-on, where it occurs.  That goes for each and every one of us - no exceptions whatsoever.  We are going to have to get some dirt under our fingernails.  We must face the fact that when we speak out, we will be tossed out of Church roles and positions, we will be pilloried, we will be shunned as "rad-trad nuts" or what-have-you.

One key action that we can all take is to boycott some of the second collections that are foisted upon all US dioceses.  Four that come to mind are:
  1. The Catholic Campaign for Human Development collection
  2. The Catholic Relief Services collection
  3. The Catholic Charities collection
  4. The Peter's Pence collection
There is much information regarding these organizations on this blog and other sites (including Lepanto).  Please, in your collection envelopes, let the parish know why there is no money therein and sign your names.  Take a public, non-anonymous stand.

If dissidents are being honored at Catholic venues in your area, raise a firm but polite protest with the venue and your bishop.  Should your communications be unheeded, picket the events.  Again, we must make public stands.  We must make the malefactors uncomfortable in their dissidence.  That requires a willingness on our part to step out of our own comfort zones.

Ora et labora.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

No Wonder I Don't Go Out At Night!!

I live in that liberal loony-bin called Montgomery County MD.  For various reasons, I cannot leave the place.  The Dem-dopes who run this place have declared Montgomery County to be a sanctuary for border-crashers.  That is to say that they won't cooperate with ICE to enforce our nations' immigration laws.  Of course they have the backing of the equally nefarious Maryland Catholic Conference.

From Fox News we hear that since July 25, seven of these border-crashers have been accused of rape.  Folks, that's one ever week!  Again, we don't have only the Democrat-ridden Montgomery County Council to thank for this, but also the area bishops.