Saturday, December 7, 2019

Catholic Standard Touts Dissident Order Of Sisters

The current Catholic Standard features some sisters telling their vocation story.  One such story is from Sister Aine O'Connor, one of the five leaders of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas.  That name caught my eye for over ten years ago, I led a picket against them in Silver Spring.  They were hosting a Call to Action meeting to discuss some sort of dissidence.

Here is the website of Sisters of Mercy of the Americas.  Right there you can see that they are "social justice warriors" and there is not one of them in habit.  Here is the list of their social concerns; notice how the E in "earth" is capitalized, like it's a proper noun/name?  It's just a list of all the progressive talking points.  Go to the "resources" menu, then to "social justice advocacy", then click on "earth community and mercy consciousness".  You'll be gobsmacked with talk of "new catholicity", "unmaking and remaking of the western mind", and a smattering of gobblygoop by Teilhard de Chardin.  Then there's "widening our circle of mercy".  In this so-called "prayer service", six page of it, the word "God" is mentioned twice in this entire idolatrous groveling before "mother earth".

Take a look at their version of the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy.  Church tradition recognizes seven of each.  They've appended an extra one to each.  Their additions are at the bottom of their lists.  I think it rather telling that they didn't deuvlge their edition of Sacred Tradition. 

As with most progressive katholyc organizations, these women have forged some troubling alliances as you can see here.  Women's Alliance for Theology Ethics,and Religion can be shortened to "Water".  Scroll on down their main page.  They advertize for an "Advent liturgy for Catholic Lesbian/queer women". Charming.  Going further down we see that they work with Dignity and Women's Ordination Conference.  They are headquartered in Silver Spring MD, just blocks from the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas.  Isn't that convenient?

Then there's Amnesty International.  Here we see that they champion both baby-slaughter and the "gay-lifestyle" perversions.

If the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas has no problems with these positions espoused by their partners, then we can safely say that they embrace those dissident positions themselves.  So why are they touted in the Catholic Standard?

Friday, December 6, 2019

On This Feast Of St Nicolas, This Must Be Repeated

Sadly, some are calling this day "punch a heretic" day.  I don't have time just now to explain all the ways this is wrong.  Suffice it to say that this flippancy is a slap in the face to the memory of St Nicolas.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Guilty US Bishops Sabotage Sheen's Beatification

Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen famously said that if anyone was to save the Church, it would be laity as opposed to clerics and religious.  The conduct of certain prelates, as they try to derail his beatification, only prove his point.  I'm a little late in reporting on this so I won't reinvent the wheel that others have made. I'll post now a vortex that summarizes the situation.

Now just in case you wonder what about Sheen's preaching that might rankle the USCCB, that is, Underhanded Syndicate of Corrupt Cowardly Bishops, this clip of one of the Archbishop's talks might provide a clue.  Pay particular attention around the 16:22 mark and following.  He likens the "social justice" thrust of the hierarchy to one of the three temptations that Satan posed to Jesus.

Or how about this one regarding "nice" people, such as the "Church of nice"?

You get the picture.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Open Letter To Judge Sara Smolenski

Please recall that she is the lesbian judge in Michigan who was denied Holy Communion by Father Scott Nolan for publicly living in sin with another woman.  Since that incident, she has been on a rampage to have Father ousted from his parish.  Fortunately Bishop David Walkowiak is supporting his priest.

Many have rightly suggested that both Father and His Excellency should be congratulated and thanked.  I concur and have done so.  I also applied the Spiritual Work of Mercy known as "rebuking the sinner" to the errant judge.  I got the fax number from the contact information for the courthouse in which she works.  To that number I sent the letter below.

Begin letter:

Ms. Smolenski, I read of your situation with Father Nolan.  As a Catholic who strives to live by the moral precepts of the Church, I concur with Father.  Perhaps we can look at the situation from another vantage point.  I presume that as a lawyer, you are a member of the Michigan State Bar.  That association undoubtedly has standards and ideals to which you and other lawyers are expected to adhere.  The rights and privileges of that association were not automatically granted to you; you had to qualify to be admitted and must conduct yourself in a manner deemed worthy by your association to retain membership with all its attendant advantages.

Parallels con be derived when it comes to the Church.  The reception of Holy Communion entails allegiance to the Church's moral standards, including those of marriage and the use of procreative powers.  Deliberate and obstinate flouting of those prescriptions is grounds for denial of Holy Communion.  That denial is actually for your benefit, as reception of Holy Communion while you pretend to be married to another woman would only cause you to incur the guilt of receiving Our Lord in a sacrilegious manner, its own mortal sin.

Ms. Smolenski, neither you nor I can dictate to the Church who has a "right" to receive Holy Communion.  Yes, we are all sinners.  Jesus Christ welcomes all sinners - to repent and turn from their sins, not to wallow in them and expect to be celebrated for them.  We are called to repent via the Sacrament of Confession and then to amend our lives.  As your fellow Catholic I strongly urge you cease this lifestyle and return to Jesus Christ and His Church - on His terms, not yours.
You may ask what business do I have in saying these things to you.  Well, it is you who chose to publicize this matter, not I.  Apparently neither did Father choose to publicize this; he approached you via a private phone call - per your recollection.  Father Nolan, as an ordained priest of Jesus Christ, cannot and will not acquiese to your demands that your sinful lifestyle be accepted as being in conformity with Church teaching.  The words of Jesus will not change.  I for one am grateful to Father for upholding the teachings of the Church.

Ms. Smolenski, please be advised that this letter is an open letter, to be publicized on the internet.  Any replies will likewise be publicized; that includes replies from anyone else as well.  Thank you for your time.

End Letter

Saturday, November 30, 2019

New Ecological Sins Require A New Ecological Penance Service!

Actually, this "penance service" is rather old and comes to us, courtesy of Earth First (a rather destructive bunch).  It seems that their errors are being used as sanctimonious cloaks to mask "one-world-government" agendas of the progressives, from Soros right over to the pope.  So here it is, coming to a Church near you!

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Michigan Priest Denies Holy Communion To Flagrant, Arrogant Lesbian Judge - Action Needed Now

Father Scott Nolan of St Stephen parish in the Diocese of Grand Rapids (MI) denied Holy Communion to an openly lesbian judge.  The judge's name is Sara Smolenski and she is the chief judge of the Kent County District Court; she and her accomplice in perversion are pretending that they are "married" with the help of civil courts.  Fr. Nolan advised her in private that she was living a sinful lifestyle.  Still, she presented herself for Holy Communion. Father, in obedience to Canon 915, denied her Communion.  Immediately Smolenski took to mainstream media to pout about the matter and to gin up opposition to Father Nolan simply because the latter acted like an actual Catholic priest.

Long-time readers of this blog will realize why this story immediately caught my eye.  Over seven years ago in my own parish, just as Lent 2012 was getting underway, Father Guarnizo likewise denied Holy Communion to another flaming lesbian.  One just has to go into this blog's archives circa March 2012 to get an idea of the situation.  The mainstream media likewise jumped all over that story and it even caught international attention.  The two situations are similar in many respects, but differ in one key, striking manner.

Reading through Fr Guarnizo's story, one will see that the Archdiocese of Washington acted immediately to evict Fr Guarnizo from the Archdiocese.  I've no doubt that they would have suspended him as a priest, had it not been for the fact that he's incardinated in another diocese.  While the situation was unfolding, I thought that the chancery's actions were simply the result of cowardice and wanting to toady to the politically correct and powerful.  At the time, McCarrick was still a cardinal and bishop emeritus of the DC archdioecese, and Wuerl held the helm.  Over the past few years, we've come to understand that McCarrick was himself a serial gay predator and that Wuerl was covering for him.  Those revelations shine quite a different light on their attitude towards Fr Guarnizo.  I think they ousted him because his presence and actions seared their own sick and guilty consciences.

Father Nolan is blessed to have the support of his bishop, Bishop David Walkowiak.  He released a statement saying that Father Nolan acted correctly.  He stated that while the Church accepts its members, that it expects of its members adherence to the Church's teachings.  He did so by quoting (of all things) Amoris Laetitia.


Here is the contact information for the parish.  Please call and/or email Father to express support.  You can bet your bottom dollar that the gay nazis are out in force against him, just as they drew their long knives against Father Guarnizo seven years ago.  Here is the diocese's contact information, along with their statement regarding Father Nolan.  Thank Bishop Walkowiak for supporting his priest.

In addition to voicing support for both Father Nolan and Bishop Walkowiak, there is other action that we as the Church Militant must take.  It seems that this broad Smolenski has had her long knives pointed at Father Nolan previously.  From LifeSiteNews we read that she tried to get Father ousted as chaplain for the Catholic Lawyers' Association of Western Michigan.  When those in mortal sin refuse to repent of said sins, they hate with a passion anyone who dares to suggest that they need to repent.  They think that by hurting the truth-tellers that they can justify their filth and perversion.  Witness how the murderers of St Stephen the First Martyr covered their ears as he spoke.

Here is the website for the district courthouse in which she sits as judge.  I for one think it highly unethical that she is using her public position as a platform from which she can launch her attacks against a Catholic priest who was acting according to his responsibilities.  Of course be polite but also be firm.  For her own good, we cannot allow her attacks to go on without any rebuke to her.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Here Comes Some More New Sins!

A few months ago the pope announced that he was changing the catechism to declare the death penalty to be inherently immoral.  I wrote some pieces to explain why his attempt is itself the evil of heresy.  I needn't rehash them; see here and here.

From the Vatican News website we read that the pope is planning to add yet two other sins: the use of nuclear weapons and the possession of nuclear weapons.  Well, I for one am glad that these are sins that I won't have to confess.  I, like all the other Great Unwashed, simply can't run over to the hardware store and stock up on those things.  I know Home Depot doesn't carry them.  But enough of the well-deserved sarcasm.

Of course he bloviated in Japan.  Now if he said those things while wagging his finger under the nose of Kim Jong-Un or Xi Jinping, then I might be impressed.  The fact is, as long as the bad guys have them, we need to have them too.  That balance of power is necessary to discourage nuclear attacks.  That's common sense.  But progressive folk seem to be bereft of common sense.  Either that or they really want to force western civilization into a subservient position.  Given other recent actions of this Vatican, I believe it's the latter.

I anticipate that soon we'll hear that the use and possession of plastic straws is sinful, warranting its own addition to the catechism.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Bangkok - Pope Calls For Humanism, Not Conversion To Jesus

A few days ago while in Bangkok, the pope called for an "integral humanism", a "cooperation between religions".  Why?  Because he's concerned about "our common home".  Notice a few things:
  • The sole focus on the world of the "here and now", with no mention whatsover of eternal realities such as the Last Four Things
  • Not one mention of Jesus Christ and the need to conversion to the One True Faith
  • Religious indifferentism, treating all religions as though they are equal in importance and value.  That is utterly false since the Roman Catholic Church has been entrusted with the Sacraments and the Deposit of Faith.
Lastly there is that word "humanism".  The Gloria article states that the meaning of the term "integral humanism" is unclear.  I think it's meaning is frighteningly clear.  Moreover, I think the pope knows its meaning too.  For starters, let's look at the American Humanist Association.  At the top left of the main page, look at its tagline: "Good Without God".  The astute reader will look at that tagline and realize the inherent problem.  That is, without God, who or what defines what is good?  It has a subpage that offers various definitions of humanism.  Among them is one proffered by the Humanist Society of Western New York.  Notice the second sentence.  According to them, humanists believe that this is the only life of which we have knowledge and that we "owe it to ourselves" to make it the best life for ourselves and others with whom we share "this fragile planet".  With that last sentence in mind, does that not shed some light on the pope's complete silence regarding God and eternal life?

Several months ago, Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego spoke on similar themes at the World Meeting of Popular Movements.  My blogging colleague at published some exerpts that deserve some special emphasis, owing to their inimical content.  McElroy yapped and yammered about "our common home" (buzz term alert!)  He also stated that the US economy "must be contained within a big government juridical structure" for "wealth is a common heritage".  This is socialism, rooted in the same atheistic foundations as humanism.  Here is a brief synopsis detailing why socialism is sinful.  Here's a list of previous popes condemning socialism

All this and more is just part and parcel of the progressive/masonic attempt to establish a one-world government devoid of God, a secular utopia if you will.  Both the Roman Catholic Church and the United States stand as clear obstacles to that establishment and thus the progressives strive to undermine the Church and the US.  In this current pope they have a willing accomplice.  That is not the case for the United States - for now.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Say #no2CCHD On Nov 23rd And 24th

Last week's abysmal mess of a "bishops' meeting" in Baltimore should have given you ample reason to boycott any national collection by the USCCB.  In fact, reasons to boycott the CCHD collection have always proliferated.  Yet now even more scandal is brought to light.

In the clip below, Michael Hichborn of Lepanto Institute reveals his latest findings regarding abuse of Catholic donations.  You will notice towards the end that he admits the possibility that the bishops aren't merely lovable bumpkins who are naive regarding the usage of the CCHD money.  Many of them are in fact in cahoots with the leftists who want to tear down the Faith and western civilization.  I have seen it too often in the Archdiocese of Washington.  As a sidewalk counselor in this area, I now have reason to believe that the chancery has been working to undermine our efforts on the sidewalks over the years; consider who the prelates have been and the myriad of scandals surrounding them.  But I digress.

This is a long clip but well worth your time in watching it.  Around the 1:15:00 mark, Hichborn and Marshall discuss ways in which we can take action - and yes, they involve leaving our comfort zones.

Most dioceses will have their collections this coming weekend.  This collection should be boycotted completely.  As part of acting proactively, I'd suggest going to this post and printing off the envelope stuffer at the bottom.  Sign it and put that in your envelope in lieu of money.  Here are other posts to read.  This report goes more into the sordid origins of the CCHD.

Now the video.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Pope's Animus Against The United States

Through Eugenio Scalfari (again!), the pope stated his wish that the United States would give up its national sovereignity and submit to a one-world government.  It's for our own good, of course!  Lest anyone think that this is another bogus quote (and the Scalfari quotes have yet to be proven bogus), recall that the pope is on record as saying on September 11 that "we must obey international institutions" and "that is why the United Nations was created".

I post below a Vortex on the matter, but below that will have additional comments.

The whole Amazon Synod was all about the promotion of one-world government under the veneer of environmentalism.  The United States, under the leadership of President Trump, is blocking that.  Of course the nation's bishops are falling lock-step behind the pope.  That is why they kvetched when Trump announced our withdrawal from the abysmal joke known as the Paris Climate agreement two years ago.  That is why leftists were allowed to vent their spleens at Trump during this most recent USCCB meeting - and why some bishops actually chimed in.

Is the United States perfect?  By no means.  But then what civic government ever was?  I think it's highly ironic that the US is being attacked by all kinds of unbalanced people from both extremes.  I dealt with the right-wing version of this nonsense this past Sunday.  Given all the alternatives that currently exist, the US model is superor to them all.  At the very least, the US stands as a safeguard against the one-world malevolence being spewed by leftists.  The US stands in peril because of its embrace of baby-slaughter and sexual perversions - one reason among many why we must pray our Rosaries.  We pray them not only for the US but for civilization at large and for our poor Church that is being ill-served by progressives within the papacy and high eschelons of power.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Careful! If You Are A Faithful Catholic, You Might Be A Nazi!

Six days ago, it was announced that 100 Catholic clergy and scholars have signed a petition that calls Pope Francis to repentance for facilitating the pachamama worship in various Churches in Rome.  The list of signatories is growing.

Could that be a reason why the pope has compared conservatives to nazis?  This happened at a meeting of the International Association of Penal Law.  He laid into capitalism (but said nothing of socialism, if you'll notice), "ecological sins", the death penalty and so on.  By the way - for an excellent treatment of capital punishment, see what the late Fr John Hardon had to say on the matter.

Speaking of "ecological sins", he is contemplating the addition of those faux-sins to the catechism.  He calls them "sins against our common home".  As several theologians have pointed out, one can sin only against God and those created in His image and likeness.  This isn't just sloppy theology, I suspect he is engaging in erroneous personification of the planet, and perhaps seguing into deification of the same.  Additionally, no one can simply proclaim the existence of a new set of "sins".  Either a given action was always a sin or it isn't now.  The earth was given to us by God for our usage, and we must be careful stewards of the earth, both to honor God and to preserve it for the use of other persons.  The earth, as an impersonal entity, has no inherent claim on the solicitude of man for its own sake.

Perhaps the statement of that previous paragraph (and others uttered by many faithful Catholics) is why the pope is now railing against us.  He is trying to cow us into silence.  We cannot let that happen.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Alexander Tschugguel's Entire Address Here On Video

As promised yesterday, I post below the video of Mr. Tschugguel's talk given in Virginia this past Tuesday.  I made some preliminary remarks, and my blogging colleagues at Les Femmes, who also attended, issued their commentary.

Both Chriss and I, in our commentaries, mentioned that the establishment of a masonic "new world order" is the aim of progressives and their allies who have infiltrated our church, and even the papacy.  We saw this in the reports coming from the USCCB meeting in Baltimore this week.  The papal nuncio, Archbishop Christophe Pierre, ordered the US bishops to not only get themselves in line with the "magisterium of Pope Francis" but to ensure that we laity, we the Great Unwashed, fall lock-step in line.

The Les Femmes bloggers made mention of a favorite buzz-term of progressive Catholics: "social sin".  They are correct in their treatment of it.  One of the unspoken tenets of social sin is that personal sins, such as sins of the flesh, do not matter in their world view; neither do their resultant actions, especially the murder of babies.  They flat-out contradict Our Lady of Fatima, who told the children that more souls go to hell because of sins of the flesh than for any other reasons, but I digress.

A resolution was discussed Tuesday to emphasize the preeminince of pro-life voting in the bishops' voters' guide for the 2020 elections.  Cardinal Cupich called for a downplaying of that resolution and was backed by Archbishop Gomez (newly elected USCCB president) and Bishop McElroy.  They claimed that the downplaying was more in line with the "magisterium of Pope Francis".  They are factually correct about that.  Read the account here and watch the video; that such a matter was debated is its own disgrace.  The bishops voted and the stronger, more direct language was maintained.  However, 1/3 of the bishops, that is, 69 bishops, voted in support of Cupich's proposal.  As you can see in the article, they voted to emphasize the "social sin" hooey over actual truth.

By the way - Archbishop Gomez's election to the USCCB presidency is being hailed as a "historical vote" because he is the first Latino to occupy that position.  Yippee!  But here's an added reason why his election is "historical".  He's also the first one elected while under state investigation for alleged sex abuse coverup!  Double yippee!

One thing that must be emphasized that as this "magisterium of Pope Francis" makes its ugly presence felt, that we must be prepared to resist it when it does.  We must be prepared not to let abominations into our churches, be they idols, clowns, liturgical dancers, heresy from the pulpit.  Of course we will pay some hefty costs.  Are we prepared?

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Alexander Tschugguel In Virginia

Last evening, November 12, I was fortunate to attend a presentation given by Alexander Tschugguel.  He is, of course, the young man who cleansed that church in Rome that had been polluted by the pachamama idols.  His talk was hosted by the Washington Bureau of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property.

Tschugguel explained his reasons for his actions and went into more of the underpinnings behind the Amazon Synod.  In brief, the synod was a step in the establishment of a one-world government that is, among other things, completely antithetical to Jesus Christ and His One True Church.  They are advancing their causes under the covers of environmentalism and borderless societies.  James Bascom, an official of the local TFP, made similar points in his remarks following Tschugguel's.

I recorded these two presentations and am in the midst of processing that footage.  I should be able to post the video by tomorrow.  The video was cut short simply because my camcorder battery was exhausted, but I believe the salient points were captured.  Please watch the entire thing.  What is discussed there is not just an interesting story of occurrences in Europe, but will have major impacts on your own parish.  At this very moment, the US bishops are conducting their semi-annnual meeting in Baltimore, and they are being strong-armed into implementing the pope's progressive goals.  Of course a goodly percentage of the bishops are on board with him anyway.  I will have more on that tomorrow when I publish the video.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Rad Trads Being The Dupes Of The New World Order

As part of my efforts to glean and report on events vital to the Church, I peruse Facebook.  On it I encounter all sorts of people from the truly concerned fathful Catholic to clueless and obstinate people.  Those people are what we call the "far left" and "far right".  For the purpose of this post, I'll focus on the latter, for I think their spewings can cause the most confusion among other faithful Catholics who are trying to sort through the mess made by progressives throughout the years.

Every once in a while these "rad trads" will spew nonsense that hearkens to Catholic-sounding stuff that isn't really Catholic.  For instance, they often will rail against free speech, claiming that "error has no rights".  From then they will segue into the evils of the United States Constitution, particularly the First Amendment.  They claim that the First Amendment is how the United States government gives approval for pornography and religious errors.

Let's look at the First Amendment.  I'll quote it here, as it isn't too long.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

So where, oh where, is all this express allowance for pornography and the such?  I don't see it.  The Founding Fathers never insinuated that all speech is moral.  They simply stated that it is not the role of Federal Government to decide those matters.  The first 10 amendments are collectively known asa the Bill of Rights.  Their primary function is to place limits on the powers of the Federal Government.  That's it.

This same First Amendment means that these "rad trads" can spew such nonsense against their government, and not fear any reprisal.  I'm sure that they take their free speech rights for granted.  I'm also sure that this irony escapes them.

Then they'll whine on about the Constitution not being founded on Catholic principles.  Well, of course it wasn't because Catholics have always been a minority in this country.  Admittedly I would like to see more Catholicism in the Constitution.  However, there is a way to fix that, and that is by amendment to the Constitution - a process put in place by those "evil" founding fathers.  But that entails getting involved in US political processes, and here again is where "rad trads" engage in massive mental disconnects.

There are a few of them who actually hold to something called the "divine right of kings".  Believing that ordinary citizens should have no say, they will rail against the heresy of Americanism.  Yes, that actually is a heresy, but not what they think it is.  They will cite Pope Leo XIII's letter to Cardinal Gibbons in 1899 titled Testem Benevolentiae Nostrae as their authority.  Ok.  I linked to it.  Let's take a look at it.  Leo is cautioning the US bishops against several specific matters:
  • The underlying principle of these new opinions is that, in order to more easily attract those who differ from her, the Church should shape her teachings more in accord with the spirit of the age and relax some of her ancient severity and make some concessions to new opinions. Many think that these concessions should be made not only in regard to ways of living, but even in regard to doctrines which belong to the deposit of the faith. 
  • the confounding of license with liberty, the passion for discussing and pouring contempt upon any possible subject, the assumed right to hold whatever opinions one pleases upon any subject and to set them forth in print to the world, have so wrapped minds in darkness that there is now a greater need of the Church’s teaching office than ever before, lest people become unmindful both of conscience and of duty
  • From this disregard of the – angelical virtues, erroneously styled passive, the step was a short one to a contempt of the religious life which has in some degree taken hold of minds. That such a value is generally held by the upholders of new views, we infer from certain statements concerning the vows which religious orders take. They say vows are alien to the spirit of our times, in that they limit the bounds of human liberty; that they are more suitable to weak than ›o strong minds; that so far from making for human perfection and the good of human organization
Read the letter for yourselves.  I see no indication that the pope was condemning our system of government outright (by the way, it is a constitutional republic, not a democracy).  In fact he remained totally neutral on it as a system of civil government.  He did NOT yap and yammer about the "divine right of kings".

One favorite bone of contention is about elections, and the fact that often very flawed men are running for the same office.  In a given election, both candidates may support intrinsic evils, but to widely varying extents.  Regardless of these facts, they simply refuse to vote, to participate in that election whatsoever.  They claim that they cannot support evil, no matter how much "evil" is involved.  They fail - or refuse to - acknowledge that a vote is not always about advocacy but can be simply damage control.  I thought that such obstinacy was simply being simplistic, but the ferocity and bombastic stances that they take cause me to suspect that a good deal of virtue-signalling may be occuring.  The most recent "case in point" was the 2016 presidential election between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton.  I've written much in the past to illustrate that it was a moral evil to deny Trump one's vote; I needn't rehash it all now as you can go to this collection of my previous posts.

I will now post a video done by Michael Matt of the Remnant TV.  He points out that after this Amazon Synod, the masks are coming off the progressives in the Vatican - and that includes the pope.  They are attempting to implement the Sustainable Develop goals of the United Nations, a dream of theirs for quite a while.  They knew that they had some formidable obstacles that stood in the way of their "one world rule" goal.  One of them was the Catholic Church so they worked for years to subvert it.  This synod is a clear sign that they have the pope on their side.  Another obstacle to them is the United States under the leadership of Donald Trump.  They are now working to undermine him, as he is succeeding in his goals of strengthening the USA against its outside adversaries, making it less likely that the USA will swallow the "one world rule" mantra.  That is why the progressive USCCB recently lamented Trump's decision to pull the US out of that insidious Paris Agreement.  They aim to derail Trump's work.

Obviously they will want to defeat Trump in the 2020 elections.  The progresives will pull no stops to do so.  The real question is, will these #nevertrump "rad-trads" be able to see past their egotistic virtue-signaling, or will they be willing dupes of the progressives as they seek to remove one of their few obstacles to global dominance?  Now the video follows..

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Prayer Of Reparation For the Idolatrous Acts During The Last Synod For The Amazon

Bishop Athanasius Schneider, who earlier extolled the heroism of Alexander Tschuguell and his friends for purging the Church of the heinous pachamama idols, has suggested that faithful Catholics everywhere pray the following prayer. 

I should note that the bishop believes (and I agree) that the pachamama crap is a tool of the progressives to usher in a new banal "religion" to supplant Catholicism and that they've been attempting that since the Vatican II council.

I reproduce the bishop's prayer below for your own prayerful use.

Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, receive through the hands of the Immaculate Mother of God and Ever Virgin Mary from our contrite heart a sincere act of reparation for the acts of worship of wooden idols and symbols during the Synod for the Amazon, which occurred in Rome, the Eternal City, the heart of the Catholic world. Pour out in the heart of Our Holy Father Pope Francis, of the Cardinals, of the Bishops, of priests and lay faithful, your Spirit, who will expel the darkness of their minds, so that they might recognize the impiety of such acts, which offended your Divine majesty and offer to you public and private acts of reparation. 

 Pour out in all members of the Church the light of the fullness and beauty of the Catholic Faith. Enkindle in them the burning zeal of bringing the salvation of Jesus Christ, true God and true man, to all men, especially the people in the Amazon region, who still are enslaved in the service of feeble material and perishable things, as the deaf and mute symbols and idols of “mother earth.” Enkindle the light of faith in those persons, especially in the persons of the Amazonian tribes who do not yet possess the liberty of the children of God, and who do not have the unspeakable happiness of knowing Jesus Christ and having in Him a participation in the life of your Divine nature. 

 Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, you are the one true God, besides Whom there is no other god and no salvation, have mercy on your Church. Look especially upon the tears and contrite and humble sighs of the little ones in the Church. Look upon the tears and prayers of the little children, of the adolescents, of young men and young women, of the fathers and mothers of families and also of the true Christian heroes, who in their zeal for your glory and in their love for Mother Church threw into the water the symbols of abomination which defiled her. Have mercy on us: spare us, O Lord, parce Domine, parce Domine! Have mercy on us: Kyrie eleison! Amen.”

Friday, November 8, 2019

Prayer Needed At USCCB Meeting Next Week

From my blogging colleague at Les Femmes

Dear Friends,

   Please join me next Tuesday, November 12 (Sorrowful Mysteries) and next Wednesday, November 13 (Glorious Mysteries) to pray the Rosary outside the Marriott Waterfront Hotel where Bishops from across America will be having their Annual Fall Meeting.

   Our intention is to honor Our Lady of America who, according to reliable sources, appeared numerous times to Sister Mildred Mary Neuzil in Rome City, Indiana.  On September 26, 1956, Our Lady appeared to Sister Mildred holding a scale Model of the Shrine of The Immaculate Conception, then under construction in Washington, D.C. It was completed in 1959. Her request was that her sons and daughters dedicate themselves to living lives of Purity. 
   Her specific request was that her statue as she appeared to Sister Mildred be processed into the Shrine where it could be properly venerated. If that request was fulfilled, our Beloved America would become a Role Model for Purity around the WorldAlso, the miracles that would follow in America would exceed those of Fatima and Lourdes combined!

   So please join myself, other PRO-LIFERS, and Catholic Media Coalition members both days, Tuesday and Wednesday, at 12:40 pm on the water front side of the Marriott Waterfront Hotel, 700 Aliceanna Street, Baltimore 21202.

   On Wednesday, Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas will tentatively lead us. We are trying to have another prominent Catholic Leader lead the Rosary on Tuesday. Come both days if you possibly can!
Long Live Christ Our King!

Taylor Marshall Interviews George Neumayr About Confrontation With Fr Martin

A few days ago, Taylor Marshall interviewed George Neumayr.  A week or two prior to that interview, Neumayr attended a talk given by Fr. James Martin and was able, in a "q&a" session, to make Martin publicly squirm.

Many interesting things are said in the video below.  I call your attention to remarks made at the 17:00 mark and at the 40:37 mark.  Both men are remarking how the pope's tinkering with the Church's perennial teaching on the death penalty paved the way for other more recent insults to tradtion.  I made the exact same point in several of my earlier posts over a year ago, particularly this one and this one.

Then at the 39:57 mark, Neumayr states that we have to be willing to confront error head-on as he did with Martin.  Gone are the days when we could just do with writing letters to ask prelates not to honor heretics, almost groveling in the process.  We must be willing to make the evil-coddlers uncomfortable in their toadying.  I'll most likely have more on that in a future post.

Please listen to the entire video.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

LifeSiteNews Publishes English Version Of Synod Document

LifeSiteNews, with help of some of its Spanish-speaking staff, has translated the final Amazon synod document into English.  We find it odd that the Vatican never published a complete English version although it did for the other major languages.  Why?  Well, you might be staring at one of the "reasons" right now!  But I digress!  Shall we resume?

LifeSiteNews has it right here and it links to a pdf version.  I'd suggest you download that for safekeeping, if you get my drift.  I've started to read this thing.  The bulk of it is not much more than an apologetic screed for ecowhackoism and by extension, pantheism and one-world government.  If one actually believed that crock, they might believe that the Amazon was a virtual "garden of eden" before the big bad western "colonizers" came along and stopped their human sacrifices, uh, worship.

You have to slog through quite a bit of pabulum before getting to overt heresy.  That begins at paragraph 95 and continues through paragraph 103.  This last paragraph is a non-too-subtle attempt to insinuate the idea of "female deacons" (that is in quotes because it's an oxymoron).

I'll end this post with a few questions, and you can answer in the comments section.  Tell me the paragraphs in which the necessity for the sacraments and turning from personal sin is mentioned.  Where is heaven and/or hell mentioned?

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Some Ominous Artwork From The Vatican

This first picture is meant to commemorate the pope's upcoming visit to Thailand.  The second commemorated the World Youth Day of 2019.

Doesn't it seem like in both instances that Christian symbols are being devoured by monsters?  The Barque of Peter by a sea monster?  The Crucifix by a serpent?

This is no accident!

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Cofounder Of Human Rights Campaign - A Statutory Rapist?

First, a little background regarding how the Human Rights Campaign and I have crossed swords over the years.  In Montgomery County MD, I fought several pushes to advance the gay-nazi agenda: gay #mowwidge, allowing perverts to come into women's rest rooms, etc.  After Father Guarnizo denied Holy Communion to the lesbian, they were instrumental in having him expelled from the Archdiocese of Washington.  They were, and still are, major players in cramming the gay codswallop down our throats.

Today LifeSiteNews revealed that one of HRC's cofounders, Terry Bean, is in trouble for committing statutory rape on a 15-year old boy.  Beam and his lawyer attempted to bribe the boy into silence.  Somehow the Portland police learned of the scheme and now Beam is once again under fire.

The LifeSiteNews article states that the HRC removed Bean's name from their online lists of leaders in 2014, when the initial charges were filed.  Be that as it may, once something appears on the internet, it really never goes away.  That is because web crawlers are constantly copying pages and archiving them.  One such archive page is "web(dot)archive(dot)org".  It truly is a handy little site and the telling page is here.  Moreover, the wikipedia page for Beam plainly states that Bean co-founded HRC.

Surprised?  I'm not.  Organizations founded with the purpose of promoting grave evils are often established and/or run by people embroiled in those evils themselves.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Alexander Tschugguel, In The Spirit Of St Boniface, One Of Those Who Purged Pachamama Filth

This young man from Austria is founder of the St Boniface Institute.  He has now released a video to explain why he and a friend felt compelled to rid the Catholic Church of pagan, idolatrous filth.  Please go to that website to see that video that contains his statement on the episode.

You can also donate to the St Boniface Institute.  In fact, if anyone is looking for a more worthy recipient of your November donation dollars than the CCHD, I'd highly recommend them.  Caveat - this website, being Austrian, accepts only Euros; here's a converter you might use and others exist.

So far, the faithful Catholic media outlets that have interviewed Tschugguel include LifeSiteNews and ChurchMilitant.  I hope there are more - more people like Tschugguel.

And they are cropping up.  This past Sunday in the Archdiocese of Mexico City, Father Hugo Valdemar burned an effigy of the pachamama and offered prayers of reparation for the sins of idolatry.  Here is the LifeSiteNews article and I'll post this video now.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Friday, November 1, 2019

Coming To A Parish Near You, Maybe Your Own

Bishop Erwin Krautler claimed that the pachamama idols can "be integrated into our liturgy".  GloriaTV then caught him in flagrant double-speak.  Recall that Krautler is the bishop who states that he never baptized a single Amazon native and doesn't plan ever to do so - in direct disobedience to Jesus Christ.

I believe Krautler when he said he never baptized anyone.  I also understand that he will try to insinuate all sorts of blasphemies into Holy Mass.  Consider my post from Monday the 28th and the video of the Mass.  At the 53:04 mark you can see the plant being carried in.  One might ask why was the video camera focused so much on it; was the operator of the recorder privy to the plot to besmirch the altar, and this focus was a bit of a gloat?

I'm bringing all this up for I believe there will be attempts to sneak some idolatry into our Masses.  It probably isn't imminent, but they will wait some time so that the memories of the pachamama statues will fade.  Then we might not tend to be alert to these dangers.  Will we prove them right?

Back to the video, as you watch the procession, you'll notice that the plant is the last "gift" to ascend to the altar - as though the bread and wine were mere "opening acts", so to speak (around the 55:00 mark).  At the 55:41 mark, the pope accepts the plant from the woman.  As far as I can tell, the plant was the only gift that the pope himself handled.  He handed it to an acolyte who them placed it on the altar.  At the 56:19 mark, the focus is on the plant - not the bread, not the wine, but the plant!  Don't tell me that this whole Mass, complete with recording, was not an orchestrated attempt to do covert homage to the pachamama demon!  The presence of any plant on an altar is a violation of GIRM, but this is rank idolatry to boot.  This is an abomination brought into God's holy church.

Ladies and gentlemen, we must be alert in the following months - particularly if you are in a locale that tends towards the progressive mindset.  We are going to have to consider our response if we see similar debacles unfold before our very eyes.  It is best that we plan now so as to be prepared, rather than be caught unawares.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Open Letter To Bishop Malooly Of The Diocese Of Wilmington (DE)

Preface: Bishop Francis Malooly of the Diocese of Wilmington in Delaware is Joe Biden's bishop.  It has been his duty all along to deny Holy Communion to the wayward Joe Biden, who resides in Delaware.  To date he has refused to do so.  When news reached him about Father Morley's denial of Holy Communion to Biden when the latter attended Mass in his church, Malooly's own dereliction of duty stunk in contrast.  Accordingly, Malooly released his snit-fit in the Catholic Dialog, the official propaganda news outlet of the Wilmington diocese.  Read it for yourselves here.  Below is my open-letter response to the bishop.


Your Excellency, the Catholic Dialog printed a statement issued by your chancery offices, presumably with your approval if not at your request.

Bishop Malooly has consistently refrained from politicizing the Eucharist, and will continue to do so. His preference, as with most bishops, is to interact with politicians individually who disagree with significant church teachings.

Please study Canon 915 very carefully.  Its directives to ministers of Holy Communion are clear; if someone obstinately persisting in grave, manifest sin presents him/herself for Holy Communion, he/she is to be denied Holy Communion.  That denial is not an option for the minister.  It is the minister's solemn obligation to do so.  Should you persist in direct disobedience to Canon 915 under the guise of "refraining from politicizing the Eucharist", you place your own soul in grave danger, as well as the soul of the one making the sacrilegious Communion with your cooperation.

In 2008, you stated that you thought that you "would get more mileage out of a conversation" with people like Biden.  During these intervening nine years, just how much "mileage" did you get?  The answer to that question is painfully obvious: zero-zip-nada, absolutely zilch.

So why do you (and other of like mind) continue down that primrose path?  Are you simply afraid of powerful politicians like Biden?  Do you hope to curry favors from him?  Do you simply not care?  Or maybe the answer is some combination of those three factors?  I can't say and quite frankly it doesn't matter.  Whatever the reasons, you disobey not only Canon 915 but Jesus Christ Himself.

Your Excellency, obedience to Canon Law isn't "politicizing" anything.  It is your duty as shepherd of the souls of Wilmington Catholics, including Joe Biden.  For the sake of all, dispense with all pretenses and obey Canon 915.


Ladies and gentlemen, in my post regarding Father Morley, I urged you all to support him by dropping notes of thanks to him and his bishop.  Now I must ask that you offer words of correction and even rebuke to Bishop Malooly.  Last week's episode in South Carolina might not have happened if Bishop Malooly had acted when he should.  The diocesan site is here.

Monday, October 28, 2019

What Really Happened To The Pachamamas

Allegedly the pachamama idols were fished out of the Tiber, with nary a scratch on them!  Amazing, when you consider that the things would have floated miles away before the Vatican got wind of the heist!  C'mon!  Does anyone really believe that the authorities took the time and trouble to fish some cheap baubles out of the Tiber?  They had to have had more of the things in stock, and that is what we saw.

Come to think of it, to make that many replicas of pachamama, they would have had to (gasp!) kill lots of trees, right?  For shame!  The poor ole' earth must have cried and bled a storm when those trees were cut down!  Talk about ecological sins!   In fact, this leaked video gives the inside story on what happened behind Vatican walls when the gang heard the idols were missing.  But I digress!

In his groveling apology, the pope hinted that the idols might appear at the closing Mass in St Peter's Bascilica.  That was enough for some cardinals to state that if the statues appeared, they wouldn't participate.  It appears the pope did an end-run around them, for a potted plant was processed at the Offertory and placed on the altar - in direct violation of the GIRM.  My blogging colleage, Vox Cantoris, goes more into detail of this more covert idolatry.

Below is a video of the Mass.  Watch for yourselves.

Some wonder now what the decent cardinals will do.  I think the more relevant question is what will we do?  That is a serious question to ponder as we pray our Rosaries for Holy Mother Church.

South Carolina Priest Obeys Canon 915

Yesterday at St Anthony Catholic Church in Florence SC (Diocese of Charleston), the pastor, Father Robert Morley, denied Holy Communion to rabid pro-abortion Joe Biden.  Father Morley told the reporters that it was his responsibility to do so - and he's quite correct.

Here is the contact information from the parish website.  Please go to it and contact Fr. Morley to support his actions.  You may rest assured that progressives of every stripe are slamming him right and left.  They are also most likely crabbing to his bishop, so please go to that site and put in a good word for Father Morley.  Bishop Robert Gugliemone appears not to have his own email so this contact page will have to do.

Please contact them and pass this post along.  You can bet your bottom dollar that progressives of all stripes are hammering on Father Morley as we speak.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

MD Drag Queen Story Hour Protested By Faithful Catholics

On Saturday October 26 in Crofton MD, an Anne Arundel County library hosted a "drag queen story hour" with the intention of normalizing perversion to children and, quite frankly, to groom them for later perversion.  This outrage did not go unanswered.  At least 60 or so faithful Catholics protested the misuse of our tax dollars to harm our children.  I was among that number.

We were at the library entrance.  The Crofton police and library personnel taped off the entrance.  That had the effect of splitting us into two groups.  Both sides are shown below, side by side.  We could still see and hear each other, which proved useful for the group Rosary and for an impromptu talk given by a priest in attendance.

 In the photo to the right, you'll notice the woman with the two signs conversing with another.  They were the two lone counter-protesters.  The woman to the far right is a library employee.  When one of our number was distributing the flyer shown on the right to people walking in, she tried to stop him by claiming that said distribution was "solicitation".  We of course know that is First Amendment speech.  Fortunately the Crofton police provided some on-the-spot remedial education to her regarding the Constitution.  The library security personnel were likewise disgruntled, but they too relearned some of the Constitution.

We prayed alound the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary.  Afterwards, Father gave us some words of encouragement and exhortation.  I post that below.

I'm certain that we'll see more of these "story hours" in the progressive nut house known as Maryland.  Even though it's a liberal enclave there are still good faithful people here and the progressive agenda will meet with resistance.

Gaylord Diocese Watch

From Church Militant we learned of the existence of Gaylord Diocese Watch.  They are a group of Catholic laypeople within the Diocese of Gaylord MI to defend a whistleblower priest and address other ills of that diocese.

We commend the founders of GDW and look forward to supporting them in the future.  They have been in existence nine months, so to them, a belated welcome to the fight for our Holy Church!

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Ulterior Motives Behind The Sham-azon Sin-Nod

In this clip, Michael Hichborn lays out what he believes the real purpose of this Sham-azon Sin-nod to be - in other words, the ulterior and sinister motives of the Vatican crowd and their progressive accomplices in the secular world.  He lays out a very convincing case, comparing various synodal and preparatory documents with other writings such as:
The above list is a list of hyperlinks.  There are undoubtedly additional links with more information on each topic.  I post these so that you can examine the points that Hichborn makes.  Long-time readers of this blog will recall that I have already commented on the Vatican's flirtations with the "sustainable development goals".

The writings of one group that Hichborn didn't mention deserves some consideration, in my opinioin.  I refer to the Humanist Manifesto.  The link that I just posted is a link to the American Humanist Association.  It's worth noting that this latest version of their manifesto is rather vague.  Follow the links to the two earlier manifestos to see more nitty-gritty about their beliefs.  Also note that the first manifesto was signed by John Dewey, regarded to be the "father of modern education".

Now the Hichborn video, and I'll have more to say below that.

A few days ago John-Henry Westen of LifeSiteNews intereviewed Bernardo Kuster, a Brazilian Catholic commentator who believes that some of the money sources behind the synod, e.g. Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation and others are interested in mineral resources in the Amazon region.  He believes that they are using the Church to get to these minerals.  Now what was that again about not exploiting resources of indiginous peoples??  Sshhh!  We shouldn't ask such pesky questions!

So who's correct?  Hichborn or Kuster?  Well, maybe they are both correct!

Friday, October 25, 2019

Alleged Recovery Of The Sacrilegious Objects

First, let me preface this with a word about the men who served God by jettisoning the things from the Church.

From faithful Catholics who should know better, I am hearing a lot of nitpicking about what they did. They are being criticized for not burning or smashing the idols first. To you who are mouthing such nonsense, please think. They didn't have the time for all that. They had to be quick about what they did lest they be apprehended.

You may be hearing nonsense that the filth was recovered. Nonsense. The idolaters most likely had other things they they are daring to place in St Peter's Basilica.Instead of carping on those young men, let's pray for their safety and that we may all display similar courage and piety.

LifeSiteNews has the full text of the pope's announcement regarding their alleged recovery.  Please note some things:
  • The pope is calling the things "pachamama statues".  He's got that one thing right.  This is important because some who insist on defending the idolatry are trying to spin the situation by claiming that the things are somehow a representation of the Blessed Mother.  I hope the pope's admission puts to rest that fairy tale.
  • He asked pardon of the people "offended by the act (of removal)".  Will he ask pardon of us who are offended by their presence?  More importantly, will he ask pardon of God?
  • He mentioned "the display of the statues at the closing Mass of the synod" followed with a coy "we'll see".  So does that mean pachamama idols will be placed in the Bascilica of St Peter?  Will we see idolatry even there?
Think of this, fellow Catholics!  The pope, the Vicar of Christ, will be facilitating idolatry in St Peter's Bascilia!  This is a supreme outrage, and this outrage will no doubt be repeated in Churches throughout the world, in some fashion or another.

In the very likely event that we see similar acts of idolatry in our own local churches, what are we prepared to do?

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Homophile Priests Emboldened In Their Advocacy Of Mortal Sin

Sooner or later, for someone who has lost his/her faith in the One True God, hubris will win over any vestige of discretion.  We are seeing that unfold with the pope and other Vatican henchmen as their idolatry is visible for all the world to see.  Now we see it for Father James Martin in this revelatory tweet.

Yes, he is saying that the Bible, the Holy Word of God, is in error for calling the mortal sin of sodomy an actual sin.  Of course in so doing Martin is committing several objectively sinful acts himself - most likely mortal for he is not unaware of the gravity of them.

DC-area Catholics, please bear in mind that Archbishop Gregory holds this heretic in high esteem; he has clearly stated that several times.  Also, recall that while Wuerl ran the show here, he had Martin give the Good Friday homily at St Matthew's Cathedral in 2017.  I think we'd better be on alert and be prepared to picket/protest if/when he shows up at another local Catholic venue.

Speaking of priests cooperating in the mortal sin of sodomy, my blogging colleague at An Archdiocese of Washington Catholic has given us an update on Father Peter Daly - yes, him.  He has struck hands with New Way Ministries and is speaking at their "retreat".  In other words, he's going to urge people to continue sinning mortally.  He retired several years ago after being pastor of St John Vianney in Prince Frederick, MD.  Alas, he just can't stop using his Roman collar to lead souls to hell.  Let's pray that he repents before it's too late, for he is getting on in years.

I'll close this with a clip from LifeSiteNews providing more commentary on Martin's elevation of his warped theories above the Word of God.

Monday, October 21, 2019


The official Vatican wonks are getting their undies bunched because faithful Catholics stood up to their idolatry and sacrilege against a Catholic Church.  That church houses the Blessed Sacrament and most likely relics of some saints, and they were inexcusably profaned by blatant violations of the First Commandment.

Notice Ruffini's last sentence: "I don't know what else to say except that it was a theft, and perhaps that speaks for itself."  Theft?  Well, not in terms of Catholic moral theology.  If Ruffini has been busy botching up the First Commandment, he may not realize what constitutes "theft".  Again, in traditional Catholic moral theology, theft is "the taking of another's property against the reasonable will of that other".  The operative word here is "reasonable".  The possession of that property and its display in a church constituted the mortal sin of idolatry.  Moreover, a sacred space was desecrated.  The retention and usage of that "property", that is, the idolatrous pachamama statues, were by no means "reasonable".  They had to be removed to restore some justice, to purify the Church even if only in part.  The removal of the things was in fact most reasonable.

Are we ready to follow their example, should the occasion arise?

Breaking! Pachamama Idols Thrown Into The Tiber River!

Deo gratias!  God bless and protect these courageous individuals!  Let us take example from them.  I suggest we all download this video before the Vatican authorities get into a royal snit about it.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Pacts Of The Catacombs Are Pacts With The Devil

Immediately after the Second Vatican Council, in 1965, a group of council attendees met at the Catacombs of Domitilla and signed something called the "Pact of the Catacombs".  I never knew this, but then again I was only a child when Vatican II happened.  Earlier today, some of the sin-nod fathers decided to repeat history, with some more embellishment.  They returned to those catacombs to sign something called "Pact of the Catacombs for the Common Home".  Actually the name is so long as to be ostentatious so I'll just use that shorter version.

George Neumayr wrote an article about both pacts.  He pointed out that the 1965 thing was not much more than a screed for socialism and so-called "social justice".  This new pact is more of the same, but it throws environmentalism and paganism into the mix.  In the Vatican News article, we read a quote from Cardinal Hummes, the chief relator of this Sham-azon Sin-nod, that the sin-nod was a fruit of the Vatican II Council. He may be wrong on so many other matters, but on this matter he is dead-on correct.

I'll now present Michael Matt's commentary on the matter.  As an added treat, we also learn that according to Archbishop Orlando Brandes of San Paulo, we who call out the obvious horror of this synod are "possessed by the dragon of traditionalism".  Whatever.

Now if you want a preview of what the implementation of these pacts will mean for you, take a look at what is likely coming to a parish near you - maybe your own!  The million-dollar question for each one of us is, "in addition to prayer and fasting, what are you prepared to do, should this sacrilege be attempted at your parish?"

Friday, October 18, 2019

The Attempt To Replace The Faith With Paganism - A Key Purpose Of This Amazon Synod

Stop the presses!  The pope has written a new book!  What can the topic of this book possibly be?  Did he write on the Last Four Things?  With Christmas coming, is he offering meditations on the Incarnation or perhaps the Holy Family?  Maybe he is explaining why the Roman Catholic Church is the One True Church?

Oh, silly us for holding such hopes!

The title of this pontifical work is (trumpets and drum roll please!) - Our Mother Earth!

As you can see from that link, the announcement is not a joke, although the book itself most likely is.  I wonder how many times the word "Jesus" will be mentioned therein; they probably can be counted on one hand.  The pope and his vatican henchmen are seeking to establish an earth-worship, pantheistic paganism and to portray Jesus as being merely on par with His Creation.  They aren't even trying to camouflage their intentions any longer, yet some still deny what is plain as the noses on their faces.

In previous posts you have seen the pagan idol worship in the Vatican gardens.  The false idols have now been taken into St Peter's Basilica where more sacrilege is occurring - with even the pope participating.  See the LifeSiteNews video below.

I realize these matters are distressing to contemplate, but that is the state of affairs with the Church today.  With many of the US bishops being on board with this apostasy, (and all signs indicate that the DC archbishop is one of them) we have to be informed and prepared in order to pray intelligently.  We may even need to consider some practical resistance, should affairs deteriorate.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

A Cult Of Witchcraft, Liberation Theology, And Environmentlism

That seems to be the goal that Pope Francis and his sin-nod henchmen seem to have for the Catholic Church.  They are trying to beat the Church into becoming an apostate coven.

Today it was announced that the progressive Ford Foundation is funding one of the organizers of the Amazon Synod.  I leave you to study the link, although we can safely say that the Ford Foundation only ponied over the $2 million because they know that this synod will further their pro-abortion and pro-gay agenda.

Besides the Ford Foundation, another group that is supportive of the synod is a bunch of Italian wiccans.  They have waxed lyrical about the pagan ritual in the Vatican gardens and the profanation of the following Mass.  From their warped perspectives they do have reason for gloating.

It is increasingly clear for anyone with a functioning ear and/or eyeball that there is an overt attempt to twist the Church into a conduit for the progressive "new world order" mentality.  Recall the pope telling us that we had to "obey the United Nations".  In addition to prayer, we must also be contemplating practical strategies for resistance in case the apostasy manifests itself in our parishes.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

CCHD Collection Draws Near

Most US dioceses will conduct their annual CCHD in-pew collections next month.  As we pay attention to the debacle now occurring in Rome, it is easy to lose sight of the mischief that will soon draw near.

It should come as no surprise that the so-called "reforms" of the CCHD once again are shown as the shams that they have always been.  The Lepanto Institute has continued its investigations into the malevolent deeds of CCHD grant recipients.  See for yourselves the evil funded by naive Catholics in the pews.

Besides living a faithful, prayerful Catholic life, we have few resources at our disposal to fight the filth and corruption in the Church.  But at least we should not be funding that corruption.  The CCHD is a beast that must be financially starved and we must do it by not contributing one cent to that collection.  Instead, drop a note in the collection basket explaining why the CCHD will receive no money from you.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

TFP Student Action Speaks Truth To Pro-Abortion Rabble At George Washington University

The embrace of the pro-abortion mentality is an embrace of barbarism of the worst kind.  Such an embrace will permeate through all areas of the mentality of the pro-abortion supporter.  I see this proof quite frequently, and now can show a local example of such depravity.

A few days ago, young men from the TFP Student Action group witnessed to the sanctity of life at George Washington University.  I would say that some of the students disagreed with them but that would be a gross understatement.  Instead, what you are witnessing is a visceral and violent reaction to truth on the part of those students who have partaken of the pro-abortion seduction, and who most likely have participated in baby-slaughter themselves.  Here is the video and further commentary is below that.

One of the broads there, who actually looks old enough to have retained some vestige of civility, demonstrated behavior associated with a rather dangerous animal.  I post pictures of both so that you can see the similarities.

If some find my comparison offensive, well, consider how those young men found the behavior hurled at them.

The young men, in addition to speaking truth to George Washington University, are examples worthy of emulation by us all.  That isn't just their responsibility, but our's as well.

Friday, October 11, 2019

On The Amazon Synod Horizon: Fake Women Priests, Paganism And Infanticide

Below I post a talk given by Michael Hichborn about an hour ago in which he comments about the damage to the Church being wreaked by the pope and his cronies via the Amazon Synod.  I'll have more information and another video below that.

Hichborn made mention of an interview that Edward Pentin conducted with Bishop Erwin Krautler.  The latter is a key synod figure and is unabashedly in favor of women priests.  He states that one reason is to bring the Sacraments to indigenous peoples.  Of course that is pure fantasy.  The Church simply hasn't the authority to ordain women as the Lord Himself ordained only men.  If there was any such attempt to ordain women, both the women and miscreant "ordaining" bishop would incur immediate excommunication.  Moreover, any "sacraments" attempted by these women would be completely invalid.  Any "mass" would simply be a sham and not valid at all.  No remission of sins would occur in any fake "confession" in which they might engage.  Rather than serve the people, these false "priests" would be engaging in a cruel joke on those poor people, assuming they were so poorly catechized that they didn't know the idea of "women priests" is completely bogus.

Now below I'll post a Vortex showing the ties of some South American synod "fathers" with tribal infanticide.  Apparently in the Brazilian Parliament, a law is being debated that will ban infanticide among indigenous tribes.  The liberals among them are claiming that the indigenous peoples cannot be told to abandon "cultural practices".  That such a matter has to be debated only shows the depths of depravity to which western society has sunk.  The Brazilian Catholic Conference has ties to a leading proponent of infanticide.  These national "catholic conferences" really need to be trashed, but I digress.

Now remember - this is a synod about "listening" and "dialoging" and "learning from their wisdom".  So they are going to teach us imperialistic first-world westerners that burying children alive is okie-dokie with "mother earth"?  Of course I can see how Planned Parenthood, NARAL and other outfits might be down with that - but Catholic clergy?

A word of warning - the Vortex does show snippets of the child murders being committed, so be prepared.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Confess Your Ecological Sins NOW, You Rigid Reprobates!!

Remember Father Lefty Goodvibes?  Yes, him!  That post was a satire that I posted to point out the absolute banality of the "lenten carbon fast" that was promulgated by Catholic Climate Covenant and other envirowhacko groups.  At the end of that post, I expressed my hope that it was only a parody.  Sadly it's closer to truth than fiction.

We are hearing from the Scam-azon Sin-Nod that we need to "recognize our ecological sins" and come to "ecological conversion".  Now I'm all for not wasting food, electricity and other resources and for properly disposing of garbage, but what these people are proposing is just more of earth worship pantheism.

Speaking of "ecological sin", just how did these "synod fathers" get to Rome from their various homes?  Did they trek across the European continent on foot or horseback?  Did the ones domiciled in other continents sail across the seas?  Please tell me that they didn't (gasp!) fly in planes, thus belching all that plane exhaust in the skies!  The scandal - making such huge carbon footprints!

Here's a novel concept for the ones who persist in this nonsense!  They can advocate for the ban of artificial contraception.  Evidence now exists that estrogen from the Pill is leaching into the waterways, affecting fish so that they cannot reproduce.  It's a win-win!  They can preach against actual mortal sin while satisfying their ecological pet peeves!  Think that will happen?  Neither do I, but I remain open to being pleasantly surprised!

Meanwhile, Father Goodvibes' confessional light is on!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Is Francis An Anti-Pope?

We hear from Eugenio Scalfari that Pope Francis has denied Jesus' Divinity while He walked the earth.  Then we hear that the Vatican Press Office tried to wiggle and dance away from the scrutiny the pope's heresy earned.

If you read my link above, you'll recall that several years ago Scalfari was a handy accomplice of the pope.  The pope would make some heretical and/or dissident remark to Scalfari, then the latter would publish it.  Immediately the Vatican would go into "damage control" to imply that what was said wasn't really said.  I suppose it's a rather clever trick, to make a statement to somebody and then to claim that you really didn't say or mean that.  However, this one is getting rather old.

As Michael Voris points out, the Vatican's "denial" really isn't a denial of what was said at all.  They simply are trying to instill doubt in what was plainly reported.  The pope is well aware of this pattern for it has happened quite a few times over the years.  He's making heretical statements and then hides behind Scalfari.  More and more people are waking up to these shenanigans.

Of greater concern is that a pope would even hint at disbelief in the Divinity of Our Lord.  Given his disbelief, who does Pope Francis think he is, as Pope?  The Vicar of ....whom???   Or what???  Given his actions of the past few days, might we conclude that he is the vicar of mother earth?  Because of the magnitude of this heresy, it is becoming apparent that we may be dealing with an anti-pope here.

In addition to praying and fasting, where do we go from here?  What practical measures will we need to take to deal with the fallout from this latest mess?