Tuesday, May 31, 2022

The Uvalde Massacre - More To This Than Meets The Eye

A conservative podcaster, Erick Erickson, put out a video that asks a lot of questions: questions that I've seen elsewhere regarding the Robb School situation.

So here is the chronology of the situation, as far as I can tell.  First, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos lived with his mother who was, probably still is, a drug addict.  There is absolutely no mention of his father, or any other man who might have been a father-figure to him.  Right there we have a breeding ground for disaster.

He was frequently bullied in school for his economic status and had only a few temporary friendships.  He acted out, causing him to have scuffles with the police.  That is to say that the police were quite familiar with him.   After his relationship with his mother further deteriorated, he lived with his grandmother.

His behavior, which he posted on social media, became increasingly dark, with him dressing all in black and voicing an interest in guns.  His financial status was still poor, with his job at Wendy's helping only a little.

Then, somehow, he managed to get a hold of two AR-15 rifles and ammunition, all costing about $5,000.00.  How did that happen?  First, why would he not have immediately failed background checks, owing to previous scuffles with the law?  Second, how could this impoverished kid afford it?  I'd ask who gave him the money, but again he would have failed the necessary screening.  Did someone give him the firearms?  If so, why?

On May 24 Tuesday, he shot his grandmother (who survived), then drove towards the school.  Somehow his truck wound up in a ditch.  He got out of the truck and went towards the school, firing his gun at various people along the way.  He walked into an unattended entrance, a door propped open, and eventually barricaded himself into a classroom and there shot and murdered the majority of his victims.  Here's a million-dollar question: did that open door lead to a classroom?  Is it the same classroom in which Ramos barricaded himself with his victims?

Meanwhile, local police arrived on the scene.  They stood outside the school and did absolutely nothing.  Parents were screaming at the police to do something.  Several of the parents received police ire for their protest.  Now who gave the police orders to essentially stand down and do absolutely nothing while Ramos proceeded to slaughter children?  They could hear the gunfire, and still they sucked thumb and bullied parents.  After an hour or so, it was a lone Border Control agent who finally took Ramos out.  Tucker Carlson asks many of the questions that were posed by Erickson above. 

Carlson appears to believe that these police were incompetent and were trying to save face.  I am not at all certain that it was mere incompetence, especially when one considers the almost magical ease with which a money-strapped kid obtained very expensive firearms.  Who gave Ramos those firearms?  Is there any connection between that and the order to the police to stand down?  Why was the school's main entrance unattended?  Why were no school police officers present?  Why was that door on the west side propped open?  Remember - this is a school that locked down quite a few times that year owing to human trafficking chases (being on a border town) so it's not like they didn't know safety practices.

Earning the most outrage was the behavior of the Uvalde police department.  At one point, they did enter the building, but then exited.  They then waited outside for an hour, while they could hear Ramos firing his gun.  Parents pleaded with them to go in, to no avail.  Some parents tried to take action, only to be put in handcuffs, pepper-sprayed, tackled to the ground.  One mother was arrested but was released.  She broke away from the cops, darted into the building and removed her children.  One off-duty Border Patrol agent, whose wife and daughter were in the school, received a text from his wife while at his barber's.  He borrowed the barber's shotgun, hurried to the school and evacuated his family and others from the building.

We are approaching an election cycle.  Certain Democrats would very much appreciate a crisis like this to take the public's eyes away from the utter mess that Biden et al are making of the country.  Saul Alinsky, in his book "Rules for Radicals", said "never let a crisis go to waste".  The Democrats are excellent students of Alinsky, and they would chomp at the bit to exploit such a crisis like Uvalde, perhaps even to the point of contriving one.

Each oddity about this situation, by itself, might raise an eyebrow and not much more.  But when so many oddities are apparent, their combination is much too coincidental:
  • That a cash-strapped kid obtained two rifles, ammunition, body armor, etc
  • That no school police officer was present that day
  • That a door was propped open for Ramos's entry
  • The strange stand-down behavior by local police
  • The refusal to allow parents near the school
The whole thing stinks not of cowardice and incompetence, but of outright corruption.  The Texas Department of Safety is investigating the incident, but Uvalde Police and the school district are not cooperating. Why the stonewalling?

Meanwhile the typical progressive screeching for more gun confiscation sounded far and abroad.   I suppose they ignored some other news, like how a West Virginia woman shot down a maniac who was shooting into a crowd.  Also this weekend, an Ohio homeowner who was dragged outside of his home was rescued by his neighbor who shot the assailant dead.  Of course there is the aforementioned Border Control agent who borrowed his barber's shotgun and used that in his rescue mission.

The citizens of Uvalde include parents of children who lost their lives last week at Robb Elementary.  Some of those children might have been spared had the police actually done their jobs.  They need not wait until Texas has completed its investigation.  They need only wait till their local election day, when they can jettison the negligent city officials out of their offices, as well as those calling for the suspension of their Second Amendment rights.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Apostate Clerics Share Blame For Mass Murders

"If we can accept that the mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?"  That question was asked by Saint Teresa of Calcutta as she spoke at the 1994 National Prayer Breakfast.  Those words have obvious significance today.

At Robb Elementary School in Uvalde Texas, Salvador Ramos entered with firearms and murdered nineteen school children and two teachers.  Many others were wounded as well.  Police dilly-dallied with their response to the shooting (more on that in the next post).  A Border Control agent shot Ramos dead, ending his killing spree.

Facts are emerging about Ramos and his past as I write this.  The progressives have predictably placed all the blame on inanimate firearms and none on Ramos.  They certainly ascribed to themselves no blame for driving God and godliness out of schools, for facilitating the murders of thousands of babies every day via abortion, for the tearing down of the traditional family, etc.  

When I say progressives, I also mean the majority of US Catholic bishops.  Earlier this week, these feckless hirelings failed - refused - to stand in solidarity with Archbishop Cordileone as he administered the sorely-needed medicine of church discipline to Nancy Pelosi, a chief cheerleader for baby-killers.  Some did, the majority did not.  By the way - owing to her facilitation of child slaughter and all sorts of homosexual deviancy, bears her share of the Uvalde victims' blood on her hands.  Father Stephen Imbarrato, a priest who has participated in several Red Rose Rescues, issued the following statement, with which I concur.

The Jesuit bird-cage liner known as "America" magazine featured a bunch of bishops waxing indignant and mournful about (wait for it!) guns!  Surprise - not!  All of these Jesuit-chosen bishops either want to : get to the "root cause" and/or ban guns altogether.  As for their pursuit of the "root cause", please note that not one of these swishops voiced support for Archbishop Cordileone's actions aimed at curing an actual root cause of the malaise in our culture.  Of particular note is the bloviating of Cardinal Cupich, yammering on and on about guns.  His archdiocese of Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, yet it is one of the most deadly cities in the US for all its shootings.  I might also point out that one of his noisier priests, Fr Michael Pfleger, called for the owner of a Chicago gun shop to be "snuffed".  Cupich did absolutely nothing in the face of that threat.

This is the main point.  The bishops who refuse to bestir themselves when it comes to the attacks on faith and morality from this secular culture have absolutely no credence whatsoever to pontificate about violence.  In many cases, these same bishops actually stand in the way of good people who are trying to bring some sanity to this culture.  For instance, the same aforementioned Cupich, while bishop of Spokane, refused to let his priests join in the 40 Days for Life campaign.  Bishops here in the State of Maryland have always dragged their feet when it comes to petition drives to fight horrendous abortion and/or gay agenda laws.  In Cardinal Gregory's first "Theology on Tap" talk, he sang the praises of Fortunate Families, a gay-enabling cabal. 

It is those clerics, with a few notable exceptions, who have a substantial share of the responsibility for the Uvalde shootings and other acts of violence.  They have failed - refused - to call their congregations and communities to repentance and conversion to the One True Faith.  It is they who refuse to protect the dignity of the Sacraments and the Mass of the Ages.  Instead of solid truth leading to salvation, they preach insipid homilies that are full of happy-clappy, fluffy-puff stuff.  I would ask whether or not they'll ever wake up, but I am becoming more and more convinced that many of them aren't so much weak as they are in actual cahoots with the Soros-led cabal that itches for a godless society.  Therefore I won't ask when they will wake up.  I ask, when will WE wake up??

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

I Just KNEW Pelosi Would Pull This Stunt!

No doubt she is smarting over the disciplinary smack-down delivered to her by her Archbishop.  I'd like to think that her conscience is still somewhat alive enough to be stung, but I think it's more her ego that got bruised.  I think it to be the latter, considering what she did a few days ago.

This past Sunday she received Holy Communion from Holy Trinity parish, a left-wing Jesuit-run (pardon the redundancy) church just south of Georgetown University and Washington DC.  This is one church about which I've written quite a bit over the years.  Among their many stunts was the bestowal of Holy Communion to then-VP-elect Joe Biden, after which the pastor gave to Biden a standing ovation during Mass.  I knew that if Pelosi was going to act in defiance of her bishop, she'd do that at Holy Trinity, where no doubt the progressives there were cheering as she committed sacrilege.

Now the question is "what will Cardinal Gregory do about this and any future attempts by Pelosi to receive Holy Communion?"  Regarding any future attempts, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Pelosi doesn't attend Mass that frequently so that question might be rather moot.  Of course that would be a sin against the Third Commandment, but for now we'll leave that question be.  Anyway, the Cardinal did his share of harrumphing two years ago when President Trump visited the John Paul II Shrine.  Will he bestir himself in the slightest regarding the sacrileges that Pelosi, Biden et al continue to heap upon the Eucharist?  I believe we know the answer to that purely rhetorical question.  But I'm open to being pleasantly surprised!

By the way, this link contains an interview that Pelosi gave on the matter.  This is atypical, I understand, as she is actually somewhat coherent.  But still she displays complete disdain for the Faith.

Friday, May 20, 2022

Pelosi Formally Barred From Holy Communion By Her Bishop

It was announced today that Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco has barred Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, from receiving Holy Communion and has instructed his priests to follow suit.   This is prompted by Pelosi's slavish support of baby-murder.  This ban is only applicable to the Archdiocese of San Francisco, but that is Pelosi's home diocese.  Here is the letter that the Archbishop sent to Pelosi. 

The Archbishop stated that his decision was pastoral, not political.  One aim that the Church has always had for the banning of the Sacraments, and even excommunication, is the ultimate repentance of the transgressor, so that he or she can be restored to a state of grace and once again be on the path of salvation, not damnation.

The Archbishop issued a letter to his priests regarding this matter; a link to that letter can be found here.  The website for the San Francisco diocese is down as of this writing.  When it's back up, I'll link to it so that we can all express our thanks to him.  If you are on twitter, the Archbishop's handle is @ArchCordileone.

One question that comes immediately to mind is whether or not Cardinal Gregory will follow Cordileone's suit while Pelosi is in Washington.  We need to challenge him to do so.  Here is Cardinal Gregory's contact information.

Let's make an intention of our Rosaries that more prelates will follow Archbishop Cordileone's issues.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Yoo-Hoo! Archbishop Lori!! You're Talking The Talk! Now Walk The Walk!!

From today's Catholic Review, we read that "Archbishop Lori calls for stepped-up support of pro-life efforts."  That's fine and dandy.  He is well-situated to cause that to happen in Maryland's Catholic churches.  Except for the five MD counties that surround Washington DC, he is archbishop of the rest of the state - including the eastern shore, of which he is metropolitan.

That means he can bind those pastors in his jurisdiction to support with all their resources the drive to petition HB937, the so called "Abortion Care Access Act", to referendum on the ballot this November.  There is no excuse for any Catholic church to refuse petition drives from happening in their church lobbies over these next few weeks.

Archbishop Lori, you uttered some fine words.  Will you be backing them up with your support of this petition drive?

Sunday, May 15, 2022

When Protection For Babies Are Overlooked In Favor Of Women Who Had Abortions, Both Are Robbed Of Dignity

In one of my comments to my previous post, I promised a follow-up post to detail further why I think that misguided pro-life letter is harmful to the babies and to their mothers.  It will be a lot shorter than what I originally envisioned, for one of the commenters, Justina, stated one of the main points that I planned on making.  Please read her comment, particularly her first paragraph.

Addendum to original post: One consequence to the woman, the most important, was not mentioned.  Should a post-aborted woman be deluded by well-meaning but non-thinking prolifers, she may be induced to believe that she is purely a victim with no culpability whatsoever.  With that, she may be inclined not to examine her conscience about her abortion so that she can repent and make a good confession.  Should she in reality be so culpable that her sin is mortal, her eternal salvation may well be jeopardized.  In short, these false comforts may well be a factor that leads her to hell.

Mary Ann's last sentence sums up the second point that needs to be said.  The babies deserve justice.  Criminal law exists not only to punish wrong-doers, but to restore justice to the victims of the crime.  In the case of abortion, the primary victim is the unborn child.  Most people have no problem recognizing the need to restore justice to other victims of crime, that is, to those already born.  I can more or less, see why pro-abortion people see no need to restore justice to the babies as they don't see the unborn babies being human.  But for ostensibly pro-life people to harbor such a blind spot is inexcusable.  If they don't see the murder of a preborn person as criminally actionable against all parties to the murder as they would a person who's been born, then they unconsciously affirm the lie of the pro-abort crowd that the unborn child is not quite as human as the already-born person.

The main point of that post, though, is to expose the potential sabotage of of protections for these most innocent, the pre-born, out of misguided "compassion" for the mother.  The commenter "utubeo" seems to have betrayed the real intent: to put on a public-relations stunt out of fear of pro-abortion propaganda.  Well, throwing the babies under the bus is not the answer.  We simply have to present and adhere to the truth - that all persons are entitled to full protection under the law, no matter how the pro-abortion cartel might react.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Why Are Some Pro-Life Groups Putting On An Icky-Sweet Kinder-Gentler Fa├žade?

HT - Canon 212

LifeNews (not to be confused with LifeSiteNews) announced a letter that it co-signed along with several other pro-life organizations.  In a nutshell, these groups pledged to support no pro-life legislation unless said legislation held harmless women who underwent abortions.  The letter itself is on the site of National Right to Life, another signatory, but it can be accessed through the LifeNews site.  Below I will detail why I believe this letter to be a complete exercise of foolishness.

First, let me establish that I am not just speaking off the cuff.  I have been involved in the pro-life movement for over 30 years.  For 25+ of those years, I've been in front of abortuaries most Saturday mornings, praying and offering information regarding life-affirming assistance to abortion-bound women.  I have been blessed to be part of a number of these women turning around and giving birth to their children.  Most of the time it has been both tedious and heart-breaking, as most women we've encountered go through with the abortions.  Along with that, there were occasions that I've been cursed, spit upon, and even assaulted.  My knowledge about these matters did not come cheaply.

The letter states that the woman "is a victim of a callous industry created to take lives".  I might point out that the abortionist does not go in search of these women; rather they walk into his/her office.  Does she go willingly?  It is true that many don't.  I have seen plenty of cases where women are almost literally dragged in by boyfriends, parents, pimps, etc.  However, I've also seen cases where the woman defiantly marches into the mill, trailed by a boyfriend pleading for the life of his child through his tears.  

Many women are ignorant of what an abortion entails.  On the other hand, many know but just don't care.  Not all abortion-bound women can be painted with the same broad brush; they are different from each other just as would be members of any other demographic group.  With those differences comes differences in levels of culpability; the authors and the signers of this letter ignore that fact.

Most egregious of this letter, though, is the denial of the primacy of place due to the most vulnerable victims, the ones who have the most to lose - the unborn children.  Indeed, the letter dwells incessantly on considerations regarding the mother, while paying scant attention to the plight of the children.

The authors and signers of this brash tome state that they will never support anti-abortion legislation that criminalizes the woman who procures an abortion.  They say this without any qualifications, which seems to indicate that no matter how much protection for the child a piece of legislation might offer, if the mother is penalized, these pro-life organizations won't support it.  I find this to be utterly despicable.  Once again, the innocent child, who has first claims on our solicitude for his/her well-being, is being relegated to the bottom of the totem pole.  The pro-aborts do that!  Should we emulate that?

I can only think of one reason for this lunacy.  Pro-aborts everywhere are literally up in arms over the very real prospect of Roe's overdue negation.  Can there be a hint of groveling in this letter towards the pro-aborts, to placate them by implying that the babies are not as important as women?  Are some of us that desperate for the evil-doers to like us and approve of us?  We need to shake off that tendency.  For that reason, I state right now that I denounce this letter and call upon the signers to recant their signatures.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Pope Francis Becomes More Blatant In Enabling Sin Of Homosexual Relations

Pope Francis, in a handwritten letter that supported Fr. James Martin's gay-enabling website, stated that "God does not disown any of His children".   Nowhere in that letter is there any mention of the need to repent of sins of sodomy and other gay perversions.  All that letter does is offer false comfort to those who, by homosexual acts, are throwing themselves to hell.

It's worth noting that this regrettable letter from the pope directly mischaracterizes Our Lord.  He Himself said that those persisting in sin would be denied by Him.  Read Matthew 10:32-38 and Matthew 25:1-11 and Matthew 7:21-24.  

Moreover, the Church has always recognized that we can be guilty of serious sin ourselves if we cooperate with the sins of others.  Specifically, there are nine ways that can happen; that link explains those ways.  The pope's letter defends the sinful act of sodomy by not stating that repentance is required.  He offers praise to those facilitating perversions.

The pope is getting a bit more brash and bold with these dissident statements and actions.  Mind you, this one pertains to both morals and faith.  Might he soon proclaim heresy definitively?  He seems to be testing the waters, inching ever so closely towards it.  If so, I believe that would mean that his papacy is invalid.  That might already be the case, as the video below (a follow-up to last week's videos) explores.

Monday, May 9, 2022

Maryland Citizens - Join The Effort To Petition HB 937 To The Ballot

I received this email below from Defend Life regarding a critical petition drive to get an extreme abortion bill to Maryland's ballot this election cycle.  I needn't rehash it; it is below.  Maryland citizens, please get to your churches and elsewhere and spread the word. 

I NEED your help.  Start TODAY to get the 25.000 signatures we need by May 31 and the additional 50.000 we need by June 30 to get on the November ballot to overturn this EVIL law. (Then continue next Sunday and on subsequent Sundays at your church!) 

Print out plenty of petitions, bring pens and clipboards. Remember that each petition can only take 5 signatures, so if you think you can get 200 names, you need to print at least 40 petition forms. 

All the details and requirement are printed and linked BELOW. If you still have questions, contact my great PRO-LIFE friend Rob Bart at 410-963-2001.


Please FWD this to every PRO-LIFE friend you have in Maryland. 

Linked below are the documents you need to start your petition drive to defeat HB937, The Abortion Care Access Act. 

The Petition document contains the petition with an instruction page for obtaining signatures as successfully as possible. The petition MUST be printed out so that the signature page is on one side of the page and the text of the law is on the other side. Read the instruction page very carefully and make sure your volunteers understand them, too. Use separate pages for signers from different counties.   

This is the Voter Look-Up website: https://voterservices.elections.maryland.gov/VoterSearch  Use this site (QR code on the Instructions) to make sure the name on the petition is the same as your Voter Registration Record. 

Please give this effort your best efforts. As you know, we have a tight deadline with a mountain to climb. We need a minimum of 25,000 signatures from across the state by midnight on May 31 and another 50,000 signatures by midnight on June 30 to get this on the November ballot. 

The full text of the law is linked here and below. Have a few copies available so that the signers can read the full text of the law if they choose to do so.  We are opposing 2 parts of the law - the removal of the physician requirement and the requirement for insurance providers to cover abortion without copays or deductibles. Maryland law prohibits opposing laws or parts of laws that are considered part of the state operating budget, so we are not opposing the Medicaid funding or the training program funding 

The flyer linked here and below may be printed out and copied to distribute and to post on your bulletin or message boards. 

The campaigntoprotectwomen.org website will go live on Tuesday, May 10. There is a QR code for the website, but the website is not live yet. Linked here and below is the flyer with the QR code for the website. 

Please share the links and this email with family and friends. Review each petition thoroughly to make sure all spaces are completed before you sign as Circulator, then mail them back, address on the Instructions.

Any questions, please email me at dbmdreferendum2022@gmail.com or call at 443-963-2001. 

Here are links to 3 pdf documents. 

Petition and instructions with QR codes: http://link.rm0005.net/client_files/DefendLife/Petiton-Bill-Instructions.pdf

 Flyer with QR code: http://link.rm0005.net/client_files/DefendLife/CPW_Petition_Flyer_QR.pdf   

Text of the Law: http://link.rm0005.net/client_files/DefendLife/hb0937T.pdf


Friday, May 6, 2022

ALERT - Possible Disruptions At Holy Mass This Weekend. Be Prepared

In the wake of the leaked Supreme Court draft regarding Jackson vs Mississippi, a leftist anarchist group called "Ruth Sent Us" is planning to disrupt Mass at various Catholic churches this weekend.  This Sunday is Mothers' Day, to add to the irony.

Now ponder this.  Why are these pro-murder people targeting Catholic Churches?  I don't think it's simply because some of the justices are Catholic.  These pro-murder people are targeting the One True Church because she alone has the full deposit of faith.  She has the actual sacraments.  The Blessed Sacrament is housed in Catholic Churches and not protestant ones.  Abortion has always been a satanic attack on the innocent person made in the image and likeness of God.  In attacking Catholic Churches, they are violating God Himself.

If nothing else, maybe this situation will wake some of the laity out of their oh-so-blissful ignorance and apathy.

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Some Liberal Catholics Showing Their True Colors With Respect To Abortion

The recent revelations that Roe may finally be relegated to history's dung-heap seem to have rankled the feathers of Rebecca Bratten-Weiss, one time head of an organizational flop known as "New Pro-Life Movement".  I have written a bit about them in the past: see here, here, here.

Today she plopped this stinker on Twitter.

By the way, RBW, if you're reading this, please note that I (and most likely others) have screen-shotted that tweet.  You'll only look silly if you take it down.

So now the mask is off and we see the erstwhile "New Pro Life Movement" for what it was - a sham.  I use the past tense because I see no current sign of the NPLM on the web.  

Any dalliance with liberalism by pro-life activists usually will have a diluting effect on their pro-life convictions, leading them to issue bird-brained statements such as you saw above or promoting pro-abortion political candidates.  Father James Altman has some things to say about this matter, also.

He said, among other things, that the "greatest tragedy in the Church is the ignorance of the laity".  That will be the subject of a post soon to follow this one.


One Less Waste Of Catholic Dollars

The USCCB announced yesterday that its propaganda puppet news dissemination arm, the Catholic News Service, will cease operations at the end of 2022.  USCCB Publishing will also fizzle out at that time.

Oh, my!  However will the local diocesan rags waste their newsprint?  Maybe they will actually have to do some real journalism and finally wake up to the colossal scandals that they've been encouraged to ignore?  I realize that is a far-fetched hope, but one can dream, no?

Now what will the USCCB do with the money saved?  Channel it to some other communist-front organization?  I wouldn't doubt it.

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

The End Of Roe V Wade?

That is what the buzz seems to be, after a draft of the opinion was (ahem!) "leaked" to the public.  While I hope that to be the case, I'm not quite ready to start celebrating yet.  As the saying goes, "it ain't over till it's over".  The decision has not been formally announced.  Many things could happen between then and now.  Perhaps that is why the draft was leaked - to prevent the actual reversal of Roe.  Some of the justices have displayed rather timorous streaks in the wake of angry BLM and Antifa types.  It's quite possible the leak was designed to motivate some unscrupulous and violent leftists into bullying the justices into upholding Roe.  I wouldn't put it past them - and I mean both the bullies and the bullied.

But let's say that Roe does go down.  Does that mean that pro-lifers can quit the fight and rest on their laurels, as it were?  By no means.  Roe only stymied the enforcement of state-level anti-abortion laws.  Therefore, by and large, our struggle will be on state-wide levels, with the landscape varying greatly between the states.  In my state of Maryland, for example, the pro-abortion populace and their elected leaders have rendered the state to be an abortion mecca.  Abortion-minded people from more sane states will come flocking here to kill their babies.  That will the state of affairs for other progressive hell-holes.

There will be much work to be done and much praying to do.  This is no time to slack off.

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Achtung, Dummkopf Bloggers! You Veel Obey Frau Nina Jankowicz The Spin-Meister! Jawohl!

The Department of Homeland Security has created a "Disinformation Governance Board".  My!  Doesn't that sound dystopian!  That's because - it is!  Just who the hell gets to decide what constitutes "disinformation"?  Moreover, how is that "governed"?  Nina Jankowicz, a rather unaccomplished individual, is the ostensible dictator director.

Let's just say right off the bat that this is clearly an egregious affront to the First Amendment.  "Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech or of the press .."   I suppose one could make the argument that Congress is not at fault for having been completely bypassed.  However, that opens up the "separation of powers" can of worms.

She sings her own compositions, by the way.  They are quite revealing.  Here she is, singing about her desires to be "rich, famous, and powerful".  Such lofty goals!  Well, I guess she thinks she got her wish!  Seriously, though, is this not a picture of a would-be petty tyrant?

In one of the links above is a video in which Tucker Carlson exposes more details about Madame Spin-Meister.  One point he makes and that we should all echo is that we have to stand our ground and refuse to let this dizzy dame and her minions have their way.