Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pontifical Academy of Sciences Shills For Satanic Population Control

Two days ago I commented on how the Vatican - right up to the top! - made utter fools of themselves by hosting the progressive gab-fest entitled "Protect the Earth, Dignify Humanity: The Moral Dimensions of Climate Change and Sustainable Development".  Now that it's over (for the time being) we can read its report here.  It is entitled "Climate Change and The Common Good: A Statement Of The Problem And The Demand For Transformative Solutions".   I'll note a few things below:
  • William Briggs offers commentary at Crisis Magazine.  It's well worth a read.
  • This report was penned before the meeting on Tuesday.  Yes, before!  Does that have a familiar ring to it?  Think back about 5-6 months!  Yes!  The uber-heretical interim report of the Extraordinary Synod on the Family was likewise written beforehand, with only limited input.
  • One of the select few who had input into this pig-slop of a report was none other than Jeffrey Sachs; see the post from two days ago.
  • The whole thing reads like a "doom and gloom if we don't bow before the idol of global warming" tome.  I'm surprised Al Gore didn't have a hand in writing this nonsense!
I'll now pull a quote from page 8 of the report (page 9 of the pdf) so you can understand just how inimical this thing is.  It isn't just harmless nonsense; it's really quite dangerous.  To wit:

"Over the 10,000 years that humans have depended on agriculture, it has been spread over a third of the earth’s land surface, doubtless causing the extinction of at least hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions of species of organisms in the process. During the last two centuries, however, our numbers have grown at an unprecedented rate from one billion to more than seven billion people, with expectations for ever-increasing consumption rising even faster than the populations themselves. Although we are an inseparable part of the living world, entirely dependent on it for every aspect of our lives, we are destroying it with blinding speed through habitat destruction, global climate change, moving invasive species (including pests and parasites) rapidly throughout the world, and harvesting many kinds of wild plants and animals unsustainably. Considering the fact that we have found and named only a small proportion of the species of organisms that occur on earth, we will never even be directly aware of most of those that we drive and have driven to extinction. Our activities constitute a direct rejection of the Biblical injunction to care for the world by good stewardship: they not only deny benefits that we enjoy now to future generations but also seriously threaten global sustainability. The destruction of so many of what are, as far as we know, our only living companions in the universe, is clearly, as Harvard Professor E.O. Wilson has put it, the sin for which our descendants will be least likely to forgive us, as it is completely irreversible. To save as much of the sustainable fabric of the world as possible, we need to take many steps, among them reaching a level and sustainable population; just consumption rates throughout the world..."

Did you catch that?  They (probably Sachs) were quite sly in insinuating the concept of population control in there.  That's the whole satanic idea!  And yes, I do intend that adjective to be taken literally!  Think of it!  Just who/what do they think is qualified to decide what constitutes a "level and sustainable population"?  A one-world government?  How do they intend to achieve this arbitrary level?  Contraception and abortion, of course!  And what, pray tell, will they do with those unruly types who will not swallow the progressive schtick?  Just where is this leading us?  If you haven't already, please go to my post two days ago and review the Voris clip; we need to have our eyes wide open.

On the bottom of that page and going onto the next page, we see an outright endorsement of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.  The Voice of the Family yesterday issued a statement detailing why these SDG's - and this statement by the PAS - are a direct threat to unborn children.  This is no surprise coming from the UN (also known as Useless Nincompoops) but now we have thrust in our faces the horrible spectacle of the Vatican striking hands with the UN in this murderous venture.

As we await, with understandable concern, the pope's statement on the environment, we must recall that he can pronounce infallibly only on matters of faith and morals - and even then under the most specific of circumstances.  If there are errors therein, we are not only free to respectfully object to them but we are duty-bound to so so.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Some Not-So-Surprising Factors That Occasioned Baltimore Riots

There's lots and lots of speculation regarding the underlying causes of the riots in Baltimore during this past week.  Ultimately the moral responsibility lies with those who perpetrated and engaged in the looting and destruction.  No one forced the thugs to loot stores, burn cars and heave rocks at police.  However there are other factors that contributed to the calamity in Baltimore.  And yes, there are those whose sick aims were furthered by the violence.

So what are some of these factors?  We have some really far-fetched crack-pot theories.  One CNN newsperson claimed that returning veterans are to blame (she was since forced to recant).  We have the Messiah Most Miserable himself trying to blame police in Fergusen race-baiting style.  He also tried to blame the GOP-Controlled Congress for not throwing what he considers adequate funding towards urban communities.  He was more or less echoed by Steny Hoyer, Minority Whip for Congress - and a Maryland Democrat.  He too clamored for more funding.

A post from the Maryland Conservative Action Network pointed out two key things regarding Baltimore.  The first was a facebook post written by Michael Smigiel, a Maryland State Delegate who sat on the Judiciary Committee and got quite an inside view regarding the draconian policies of Martin O'Malley, the former MD governor who was also once mayor of Baltimore.  He points out that the Baltimore Police, under then-mayor O'Malley, adopted a theory known as zero-tolerance policing, placing people under arrest for the most trivial of infractions.  In other words, he began to introduce a police-state.  Consider that O'Malley has his sights set on the White House; some say that Obama prefers him to Hillary Clinton.  If we want a harbinger of what the country would look like under an O'Malley presidency, we need look no further than Baltimore.  Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee, himself a Democrat, puts the blame squarely on "failed liberal policies".  There is much merit to what he says, but I think the problem is more insidious than that.

Let's look at the current mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.  She will never live down her admission that "we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well".  For those who find that hard to believe (especially since she's now trying to deny that statement,), I post the video.  After watching, please continue past it for more commentary.

This gal is not only mayor of Baltimore, but she serves as Secretary for the Democratic National Committee.  My!  Such a busy woman!  One might be tempted to excuse this teensy slip of the tongue, since she must be frazzled from wearing so many hats. may not be just a momentary gaffe.  Was it not Rahm Emanuel, aka "Deadfish Rahm-bo" now mayor of Chicago, who said "you never want a serious crisis to go to waste"?  Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King, penned an open letter to Blake urging her to resign her office.  That's a lovely thought, but I don't think that will happen.  I suspect she did precisely what the DNC higher-ups (and she's one of them!) wanted her to do.  Reat Matthew Vadum's take on the machinations that caused Blake to order the police stand-down.  They wanted the chaos, being the good little Alinksyans that they are.

One glimmering ray of hope came from all this as we all watched Toya Graham forcilbly remove her rioting son from the melee, administering motherly discipline as she did so.  Notice that the Baltimore Police Commissioner lauded her actions, saying "I wish I had more parents taking charge of their kids tonight".  However, that got one Washington Post writer in a hissy-snit-fit.  In her op-ed piece, she decried "the mom's violence", saying she was teaching her boy not to "resist white supremacy".   This lame-brain media gal is following the progressive mantra.  I'll translate her screed:"How dare the family step in and take charge of their own?  Don't they know that the village must raise their children?  They should step aside for we are the progressives and government is god!"  How's that for paraphrasing liberal gobbly-gook?

The Baltimore riot - engineered by the Messiah Most Miserable and his Minions Most Mindless.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Pope Francis Did Obescience To Climate-Change Junk Science

Does my post title seem "mean-spirited"?  Guess again!  If only his actions were no more harmful than gullibly glomming onto a scam.  Alas, such is not the case.  By hosting today's conference on the "environment" today at the Vatican (via the Pontifical Academy of the Sciences), the pope has lent undeserved credibility to anti-life forces.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Earth Institute, were in attendance.  Voice of the Family issued a statement detailing their concerns regarding these individuals and their advocacies for abortion and "population control".  The statement can be read at LifeSiteNews.  The presence of these two causes many faithful Catholics much concern, especially as this summit occurs so close to the scheduled release of the much-ballyhooed papal encyclical on the environment.

Also of concern is the apparent bias towards blind acceptance of the climate-change junk science, a bias that seems to have made itself manifest in stifling the voices of those who differ from the progressives in attendance.  Read this first-hand account of the treatment meted out to known opponents of the climate-change mantra during the meeting.  One of those who dared to think independently (and who was under watch durng the meeting) was Lord Christopher Monckton.  Speaking beforehand at a meeting held by the Heartland Institute and Cornwall Alliance, had some very direct words for the pope.  He said to him in abstensia and on account of the Vatican meeting, "you demean the office that you hold and you demean the church whom it is your sworn duty to protect and defend and advance."  In my opinion, Monkton is correct.  The pope has no special expertise on scientific manners; when he brings the weight of the papal office to bear on personal opinions, he not only demeans his office, but he prostitutes it.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Father Marcel Guarnizo On The Gay-Nazi Persecution Of Christians

Today CNSNews published an article written by Father Marcel Guarnizo entitled "Radical Homosexuals Want To Have Their Ideological Cake And Make You Eat It Too".  In this article Father does an excellent job in explaining why participation in morally questionable activities is not to be confused with routine business transactions.  He rebukes GOP presidential hopefuls for falling all over themselves in kowtowing to gay voters.  While he focuses on Marco Rubio, he might just as well have included Mike Huckabee.

He might also have included the disgraceful conduct of Knights of Columbus Council 934 in Madison, Indiana.  This past Saturday, as thousands of us participated in the March for Marriage, they allowed two lesbians to use their ballroom for their "wedding reception".  If this sounds familiar, it's because I and others sounded the alarm regarding this matter several months ago. now informs us that the Indiana State Council, in a meeting this weekend, refused to address the issue and to deliberate how future scandals could be averted.

To refresh memories, three years ago at St. John Neumann Church (my parish), Father Guarnizo withheld Holy Communion from a flagrant lesbian.  For that the Archdiocese of Washington, in their typical cowardly fashion, kicked Father to the curb and expelled him from the Archdiocese.  Read here.  Father has experienced first-hand the venom of the gay-nazis, aided and abetted by cowards and/or gay sympathizers within the chancery.

We do need to demand of our leaders, current or future, clerical or secular, that they grow backbones and stand firmly against the gay-nazi juggernaut underway.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Some More Videos - And A Question Regarding One Of Them

Yesterday I stated that I would upload more videos that I took of yesterday's March for Marriage.  The first is a talk by a Protestant preacher - his name escapes me.  He explained to us the alphabetical structure of the Hebrew words for "man" and "woman".  I won't rehash the explanation here; please listen to it (I'll put all videos at the bottom of this post).  Suffice it to say that God hints that there will literally be hell to pay if two of the same sex try to join as man and woman were created to do.  Please keep this on the back burner as I comment on the third video of this post.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

March For Marriage - Initial Report And Videos

I and many thousands attended the 2015 March For Marriage (spearheaded by National Organization for Marriage) this afternoon.  It was held on the Mall between the Washington Monument and the Capitol.  I took many shots but for now will feature only three of them.

It started with a rally which was well underway when we arrived.  You'll notice in the first video that I started recordin as we arrived that the Hispanics showed up in force.  I certainly commend them for that; I only regret that they put other Catholics to shame owing to their relative lack of appearance at the mall - particularly those Catholics in the local tri-state area.  To be honest, I know of only one parish in Maryland that gave the march the importance that it deserved.  Could it be that the presence of a same-sex "married" vice president of Catholic Relief Services may well have justified the lack of attention given to this important effort by many local Catholic pastors?

The second video shows the start of the march to the Supreme Court.  I'll have later shots of the march proper up in a day or so.  I commend the American Society for Tradition, Family and Property for lending their support to this effort.  These are the same men who have been leading the Marches for Life over these past many years.

Friday, April 24, 2015

The Push To Marginalize Christians Grows More Blatant

Johns Hopkins University, long known for its rabid political correctness, has just made known its disdain for Christians who adhere to the Teachings of Jesus Christ.  The Student Government Association just voted to ban Chick-Fil-A from the JHU campus, despite the opinions of a large part of the student body.  Of course the reason is that the SGA disapproves the Catheys' obedience to the true nature of marriage.  The SGA went so far as to call the presence of the eatery a form of "micro-aggression" to the JHU LGBTUVWXYZ (did I miss any letters?) population.

"Micro-aggression"!  I never knew that word existed.  It really doesn't.  It's just some pathetic attempt to twist the language to excuse the bigotry against conservatives on the JHU campus.  Are the perverts and their supporters such whiny, delicate little snowflakes that they'd feel "aggressed upon" by the presence of a restaurant?  Unless they were being forced to patronize the establishment at gunpoint, I see no excuse for such sniveling.

Andrew Guernsey, a junior at JHU and president of that campus' Voice For Life, wrote an article about the dismal anti-Christian bigotry displayed by the SGA; it is in the National Review.  Please read it here.  He's right.  It is a witch-hunt.  This time it's the witches that are doing the hunting, which brings me to the next example of Christians being marginalized.

Not only are we being targeted for our adherence to truth regarding marriage, but we are also being targeted for our defense of unborn children.  This bigotry is being shamelessly displayed by Hillary Clinton, a Democratic candidate for US President.  Correctly recognizing that Christians will not sit back and allow babies to be murdered without a struggle, she made some rather blatant declarations yesterday as she spoke at the Women in the World Summit in New York City.  She said, "deep-seated religious beliefs around the world have to be changed to promote critical access to reproductive health care." (italics mine)  Really?  Says who?  Who will be doing this "changing"?  How does she propose to accomplish this "change"?  Remember!  She wants to be President of the United States!  In other words, she wants to be our empress, and relegate Christians to de facto ghettos.  This link will take you to a video of her remarks.

Clinton's remarks are identical to those found in the New York Times several weeks ago.  Frank Bruni wrote an op-ed piece that clearly states his opinion that those who hold to Biblical standard of morality have no place at the American table.  I link also to Breitbart's analysis of this screed.  Bruni's pig-slop is in a major newspaper (well, not so major it seems.  The NYT has been losing readership as they lose credibility, but I digress!)

Ladies and gentlemen, these moves are just a few precursors to Kristalnacht.  Before some pollyannas protest that these incidents don't amount to that event, read your history.  The persecution of the Jews did not start with the violence of that one night.  It started slowly and in low-key fashions (such as what we're seeing now) and gradually but unmistakably increased in both frequency and intensity, culminating not only in Kristalnacht but the Nazi death camps.  Not only can it happen here, but the process is well underway.  I will link to an article written by Msgr Charles Pope that outlines "The Five Stages Of Religious Persecution".  These stages are commonplace today.

How long will the pollyannas bury their heads in the dirt?  Can any sane person doubt that we Christians are being relegated to the status of "Niggers of the New Age"?  We need to exercise our rights to forestall that - while we still have the ability to exercise them.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day! Stop Yawning From Boredom Immediately!

Yep!  Another one has come and is almost gone!  If this stupid stupendous event escaped your notice, you are not alone!  According to National Journal, approximately 74% of Americans rarely - if ever - discuss Earth Day.  Eek.  The horror.  The terror.  I shall faint from fright at my earliest convenience.

I've written numerous times about this scam but still the progressives - in and out of the church - continue to sing this swan song.  Hopefully their audience is dwindling.  Now here's a person who's celebrating Earth Day as it should be celebrating - Scott Walker, Wisconsin governor.  He's contemplating the elimination of over 50 of the state environmental agency's jobs.  Talk about a reduction in waste and useless consumption of resources.  In all honesty, if Walker runs for president, he will be on my short list.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

CRS In Damage Control Mode Now That It Is Known They've Been Harboring A Sodomite

Yesterday the Lepanto Institute broke the news that a Catholic Relief Services Vice President has been in a same-sex faux-marriage for two years.  Many of us joined the effort to shine the light of truth on that squalid situation.  It seems that Rick Estridge has been with CRS for sixteen years and was promoted to his current position two years ago, during the same month that he and his accomplice in mortal sin made a mockery of marriage.

True to typical CRS fashion, their higher-ups are in full-scale damage control mode.  From the National Catholic Register we read this statement from Tom Price, CRS Senior Manager for Communications: "Rick Estridge has served CRS for 16 years and currently holds the position as our vice president of overseas finance. Rick is in a same-sex civil marriage. At this point, we are in deliberations on this matter."

The "damage control" might be backfiring for that statement itself causes red flags to fly.  To wit:
  • I stated in my post yesterday that it is unreasonable to believe that CRS higher-ups, from Carolyn Woo up to the board of directors, did not know all along that Estridge was living in a state of objective mortal sin for at least two years, given his public profiles on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.  As of yesterday, those public profiles were gone as a part of the damage control effort, but prior to that the were available for all to behold.  How can it be that Catholic Relief Services, a self-described adherent to Catholic moral teaching, harbored a sodomite in its midst let alone promoting him?
  • Now they are "in deliberations!"  Just how long does it take to be "in deliberation"?  Let's put that question another way: how long would they have to be "in deliberation" if they had discovered that Estridge (or another CRS employee) was a card-carrying member of the Ku Klux Klan?  I'd bet that in that case, the "deliberation" time would have been a lot less than the time that Bishop Bootkowski et al spent in firing Patricia Jannuzzi or the time that the Archdiocese of Washington spent in kicking Father Guarnizo to the curb - and those were lightening-fast "deliberations"!  Mr. Price, why the delay?
Now it could be that they are contemplating the dismissal not only of Estridge but of his superiors who allowed the fetid stench to continue with the blessings of a CRS paycheck.  In fact, they all have betrayed the trust of the Catholic Church.  But I'm sure that's not the case and all we're seeing is a bunch of stone-walling.  The time has long since come to starve this CRS beast.

Monday, April 20, 2015

March For Marriage - Saturday April 25!

Please come and join many people of good will who seek to preserve God's intentions for matrimony.  Marriage is under extreme attack - even by forces inside Church structures, per my previous post.  This march will occur days before the Supreme Court is set to hear an important case that will decide the constitutionality of true marriage.

Details can be found here.  PLEASE COME!  SPREAD THE WORD!  SPEAK OUT!  BE COUNTED!

Catholic Relief Services VP - A Flagrant Sodomite

The Lepanto Institute broke the news that the current Vice President of Overseas Finance for Catholic Relief Services, Rick Estridge, entered into a mockery of marriage with his sodomite accomplice, William Goretsas.  Lepanto has a copy of the Maryland marriage license on their page.  The legal travesty happened over two years ago.  Lepanto also has numerous screen shots from Estridge's Facebook and Linkedin profiles that show Estridge to be, well, "out and proud" regarding his promotion of perversion - and his thumbing of nose at Catholic moral teaching.

The Facebook and Linkedin accounts are deactivated as of today.  Presumably that was done in a lame attempt at damage control.  It appears that he hasn't completely cleaned up his Twitter account. (UPDATE!  That's gone, too!)  We see that he is following both Michelle and Barack Obama as well as Ellen Degeneres.

At any rate, given his rather high-profile flaunting of his mortal sin, no reasonable person can gainsay that Estridge's objectively sinful status wasn't known by the higher-ups inside the Catholic Relief Services.  For over two years, Catholic Relief Services - the same that pretends to uphold Catholic moral teachings - has harbored within its ranks of power a known sodomite.  If the CRS directors have allowed this to fester in their midst for over two years, what does that say about their own loyalty to the Catholic Church and to Jesus Christ Himself?

Will John Rivera (or whoever now occupies the none-too-enviable position of CRS Director of Communications) go all-out into damage control mode as he tried to do three years ago (and miserably flopped)?  What will the leadership of CRS do about this highly-placed official who is flouting Church teaching and contributing to the ongoing lie that is its "mission statement"?  I think we all know the answer to that - zilch, zip, nadda!

I think we also have a glimpse regarding the reason why the upcoming March for Marriage on Saturday the 25th has received so little support from the two Maryland archdiocese.  Yes, a few parishes have heroically promoted this march, but they are few and far between.

It is my opinion that the Catholic Relief Services is jaded beyond repair.  In fact, the same can be said for the entire United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  The whole apparatus needs to be dismantled.  In the meantime, do not drop one red cent into any collection that is held for the benefit of CCHD, CRS, Catholic Charities or anything masterminded by the USCCB.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Our Lady Of America And Purity

Ladies and gentlemen, many of you know that I started this blog with the express purpose of exposing the progressive corruption that has infested the Roman Catholic Church and the culture at large.  The sickness is spiritual at its root.  While we speak and act, what we do must be founded upon and energized by the grace that comes to us through prayer, the Sacraments and intercession of the saints.

Our Blessed Mother is the intercessor par excellence.  Under her title Our Lady of Fatima she has continuously urged that we offer prayer - most notably the Rosary - for peace and conversion.  If you have not heard of Our Lady of America, please take note of her and her insistence upon purity and chastity as necessary conditions for restoration - both personal and societal.  I link now to the site of those championing this devotion and to a letter (as it appears on the EWTN site) by then-Archbishop Burke that detailed his review and favorable opinion of this devotion.

Ora et labora.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Many Souls Of Sr Joan Chittister

I never knew that Oprah Winfrey had a show called "Super Soul Sunday".  One could say that only shows my ignorance of "modern culture" but I'm not so sure that "modern culture" really is true culture, but that's fodder for another post.  She interviewed Sister Joan Chttister, heretic nun extraordinaire, recently.  The phrase "blind leading the blind comes to mind, but again I digress.

The discussion revolved around the topic of souls.  I link to the Huffington Post piece on the interview for that has a video of the actual interview, with all the gobblygoop pouring out of Chittister's mouth for all to hear.  I also link to NewAdvent's discussion of the soul, and the Catholic theological and philosophical treatment of the same.

Now how does "light of consciousness of the beauty of life" conform to the definition of "soul" as set forth by the Magisterium?  It doesn't - but that's Chttister's definition of "soul", as set forth in the beginning of the video.  I will not go into a "blow-by-blow" expose of the myriad of errors tumbling out of Chittister's mouth - except to say that her babblings about "layers of consciousness" can and will facilitate justification for abortion and euthanasia.  She says her soul now is different than her soul as a child; it is "thicker, deeper. warmer, brighter, wiser".  Thankfully she didn't add "more humble" as a characteristic of her, uh, "modern soul".

Ladies and gentlemen, we can expect more of this pig-slop now that the Holy Father has given the LCWR (Liberal Coven of Witches Recusant * Leadership Conference of Women Religious) a free pass to continue their mischief.

Besides Chittister, we may be treated to the snoots and snorts of Sister Ilia Delio.  Remember her?  I wrote about her when I discovered she was on the faculty of Georgetown University.  The Remnant recently picked up on her too, outlining some similarities between her and Pope Francis.

We have Our Lord's promise that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church.  However, much damage - and damnation of souls - will be the price to pay for the toleration of heretics in our midst.  Keep praying.  Keep shining the light and speaking out.

*Update - Pewsitter added the word "recusant" to my "LCWR" interpretation.  I like it!  I'll keep it!

Friday, April 17, 2015

From The Maturation Department: Does God Disobey Himself?

During the Easter Season, the weekday epistles are taken from the Acts of the Apostles while the Gospel reading is from the Gospel of John.  Two days ago we had the reading in which Peter and John were brought before the Sanhedrin and ordered to stop preaching.  The two apostles replied they'd obey God rather than man.  It is on that reading that the Pope based his homily for that Mass.

His theme was rather odd.  It was a push for "dialogue".  Ladies and gentlemen, if there's one thing God did not command the apostles to do, it was to engage in "dialog".  No.  They were commissioned by God to proclaim the Gospel, to baptize all and to teach them everything He commanded.  No pointless "back and forth" was ever required.  God never dialogued with anyone.  Oh, there were conversations, but not dialogue as with equals.  He taught, preached, commanded - but did not dialogue for He has no equal.

He then went on to say of the pharisees, "they had studied the history of the people, they had studied the prophecies, they had studied the law, they knew all about the theology of the people of Israel, the revelation of God, they knew everything, they were teachers".   No, they did not know everything.  In fact, Jesus Himself rebuked them for their lack of knowledge when He declared to them, "you err, not knowing the Scriptures nor the power of God".  (Matthew 22:29)  I believe that once again we see the attempt to portray those who honor Sacred Tradition in honor as not much more than "stick in the mud" types who can be dismissed as those who don't "dialogue" with every silly fad that blows their way.

He uttered this rather odd statement: "The one who doesn't know to dialogue does not obey God."  The Bible and Sacred Tradition do a rather decent job in spelling out sins that offend God.  I'd wager that if anyone searched the entire Bible (any version!), the writings of Church doctors and other time-honored writings of the Church for any hint of "dialogue" as being a requirement of true Christianity, that not one mention would be found.

We see another curious phrase: "newness of God".  No such thing!  God is NOT "new" as He existed even before time began.  He is eternal.  News Flash!  "New" and "eternal" or NOT synonyms!  Is this a throw-back to the "god of surprises" excrement?  An attempt to induce mistrust in the Traditions and Teachings of Holy Mother Church?  Another "maturation" effort to brainwash us for the next sin-nod?  Louie Verrecchio has some excellent commentary; I refer you now to his post.

To sum up, the world is in desperate need of real shepherds who will preach God's word, teach His Commandments, administer the Sacraments of the Church.  We need no useless back-and-forth jabber-jawing as though those steeped in sin can somehow better the Church.  Should this dalliance with "dialogue" continue, I suspect that may be a cause in real wrath to come.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Archbishop Cordileone Under Attack - Will Pope Francis Support Him After Letting The LCWR Run Amok?

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, prelate of San Francisco, has made heroic efforts to cleanse the progressive rot inside Catholic schools and other structures in his archdiocese that have been allowed to fester for way too long.  The link above documents that, and the opposition that he has had to withstand.  It should be mentioned that some of that opposition has come from local governments, who ignore the real intent of the First Amendment's prohibition against governmental interference with the free exercise of religious beliefs.

Some ignorant and/or disobedient Catholics have taken out an ad to publish an open letter to Pope Francis.  They are petitioning the Pope to remove Cordileone and replace him with a progressive to their own likening.  Their main beef seems to be the archbishop's insistence that teachers in the Catholic schools there conduct themselves in manners that conform with Catholic moral teaching.  Imagine that!  Asking Catholic teachers to behave like - Catholics!  Who-da thunk it?  All they do is display their own desperate need for real Catholic education.

Now think this through!  Can you imagine these same parents lambasting an Islamic school for insisting that its teachers live by Muslim doctrines?  No!  It defies common sense!  But common sense means nothing to those whose consciences cannot bear the truth of God because their own lives are lived in disobedience to God.  I believe this is a key reason why these dissidents are gnashing their teeth at Archbishop Cordileone.  This move to marginalize the archbishop and other faithful Catholics in their own schools and churches is part of a move to relegate us to the status of "niggers of the new age".

According to some reports, many of the signers of this letter are wealthy and influential.  Well, whoop-dee-doo!  In this attack against the Archbishop, these individuals place their own immortal souls in jeopardy, and their so-called "wealth and influence" won't do diddly-squat if they die unrepentant.

Some have opined that this letter is a gesture that won't have any impact on the Pope.  In a saner time I could have joined in that optimism.  However, two events give me "cause for pause".
  1. There is the abysmal treatment meted out to Father Marcel Guarnizo three years ago at my own parish when Father withheld Holy Communion to a flagrant lesbian.  Cardinal Wuerl had him thrown under the bus when the gay community started yipping and yapping.  Whether or not the chancery silently agreed with the gays or they simply cowed before them I cannot tell.  The entire chancery failed miserably in behaving like true followers of Jesus Christ.  If the DC chancery wimped out then, might the nuncio wimp out now?
  2. There is today's news that the Vatican is ending its review and reform of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.  The attempt to reform the LCWR was undertaken by Pope Benedict XVI, and long overdue for the LCWR has long been a cesspool of dissent and spiritual poison.  Now we hear that Pope Francis thinks all is well and good and that LCWR business can resume as before!  If that be the case with the LCWR, might there be similar attitudes displayed against the Archdiocese of San Francisco?   Note: Vox Cantoris points out that this travesty was committed on Pope Benedict's birthday.  Did the pope just slap his predecessor in the face?
Please consider signing a petition to support the Archbishop.  This petition is an initiative of LifeSiteNews.   Of course please pray and speak out.  Thank you.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Truth Versus Heresy, Cardinal Versus Cardinal

I've written before about Cardinal Maradiaga and the harm he is wreaking on the Church.  Like a pesky weed he continues to undermine the Church from his position of influence as head of the group of top advisers to Pope Francis.  I can only surmise that Pope Francis approves of his dissidence; else he would have removed him just as he banished the good Cardinal Burke from the Vatican, but I digress.

Father Z relates that when Maradiaga was asked about Holy Communion for those in de facto adultery, he said, "Impossible?  No!"  He also blathered about an "ongoing synodal process" to bring about the abomination.  I'll look this up in Rules for Radicals, but I'm sure it's a tactic favored by Alinsky.  To paraphrase it in a poem, "Disobey!  Have your way!  Then one day they'll say ok!"

Cardinal Walter Brandmuller voiced quite an opposite statement, one that is faithful to the Teachings of Jesus Christ.  When he was asked about Holy Communion for those divorced and remarried, he said that would be possible only if they resolved to live as brother and sister.  He said this for sake of those with children who would be damaged by separation.  It is in this interview that Brandmuller took issue with the heresies of Cardinal Marx, stating that his statements "are in contradiction of the dogma of the Church".  It is worth noting that Cardinal Brandmuller takes direct exception to the notion that "pastoral practice" can stand in contradiction to Church dogma, as Cardinal Wuerl opined last October.

Let us pray for more leaders such as Cardinals Brandmuller, Muller, Burke, Pell, etc and that others like Cardinals Marx, Wuerl and Maradiaga repent and start acting like the Princes of the Church that they are.

Boycott The Day Of Silence On April 17th

The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) is once again spearheading the Day of Silence in public schools across the nation.  If your local public school is participating (and many are) they will allow students to remain completely silent throughout the school day - even during class time - to advance their perversion-promotion goals.  Most people (even some gays) understand that this is not a proper use of the tax dollars we all pay for public education.

Please find out if your school is participating in it.  When you call, don't ask them if they are sponsoring it, since technically they aren't.  Ask only if they will allow the silence on that day.  If they do, please keep your child home from school that day.  Let them know why.  Schools do lose money for each absence so your protest is not merely symbolic; it will hurt the schools in their purses.

Please visit for more information.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

False Ecumenism Leads To Culture Of Death And Barbarism

Think on this Vortex for a while.  And yes, a Jesuit was a key player in the Vatican II document that was key in the spread of false ecumenism - or ecumenicide as it is more aptly called.  Our Church leaders did sell us out bigtime, substituting "social justice" for the Church's true mission of saving souls.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Misericordiae Vultus - With Red Flags Flying

With the release of this document two days ago, Pope Francis opened an Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy.  I now link to the English translation as it appears on the Vatican website.  I will also link to commentaries from Rorate Caeli, One Peter Five and Vox Cantoris.  I read this document and have many of the same questions as do my blogging colleagues.  Please read their analyses of this document; they put forth questions and concerns that we all must ponder.

Peppered throughout this thing is a notion that somehow for the past two thousand years, the Church has been somewhat remiss about proclaiming God's mercy.  In section 4, we read silly talk of "walls which too long had made the Church a kind of fortress".  Now before some chide me for "bashing Pope Francis", what does that "walls" crack say about attitudes towards previous pontiffs, from Pius XII on back?

Pope Francis does seem to favor the setting up of false dichotomies.  Here we have a "justice" vs "mercy" straw man conflict.  In section 20 we see an attempt to smooth over the set-up conflict some, but there's always the setting of "mercy" over "justice".  I put those words in quotes for in truth they go hand in hand as equals, for they both describe essential qualities of God Himself; He is all merciful, but He is also all just.

In section 19 he rebukes those engaged in criminal organizations (such as mafia) and those who've allowed money to seduce them to corruption.  I might wonder why those embroiled in sexual vice were not included: those in de facto adultery (euphemistically called "irregular marriages") or those engaging in same-sex relationships.  Did not Our Lady of Fatima state that more souls are damned due to sins of the flesh?  Where is the Spiritual Work of Mercy known as "rebuking the sinner" extended to them?  Please read section 10 of the document.  I am shocked that the Holy Father can speak so disparagingly of the Church's history of preaching God's word and administering the sacraments as to say that the Church as "long since forgotten how to show and live the way of mercy".

Just before section 18 he admonishes confessors to "not ask useless questions, but like the father in the parable, interrupt the speech prepared ahead of time by the prodigal son, so that confessors will learn to accept the plea for help and mercy gushing from the heart of every penitent. In short, confessors are called to be a sign of the primacy of mercy always, everywhere, and in every situation, no matter what."

"Useless questions"??!!!?  What kind of doctor, when diagnosing an illness, does not ask questions of the patient regarding symptoms, etc?  He/she certainly doesn't interrupt the patient as they give information to the doctor to assist in their own cure.  How else can the doctor diagnose the problem and prescribe the appropriate medicine?  To call the questions of the confessor "useless" is a slap in the face to good priests who are merely exercising their sacred duties to assist the sinner to "go and sin no more".  I'll go further and say that such a disparaging adjective as "useless" can only serve to undermine the sacerdotal authority of the priest in the confessional, an authority given by Christ Himself as we heard on the Second Sunday of Easter.

Right after that we have section 18, where these "missionaries of mercy" are introduced to us.  I share the bemusement of my fellow bloggers .I refer you to the analysis and questions put forth by Rorate Caeli.  What can these "missionaries" do that the parish priest can't?  Maybe a question is, "what might they attempt that a parish priest wouldn't?  An "on-the-spot" decree of marriage annulment?  Permitting those in adultery to receive Holy Communion?

Many questions we ask.  Much needs to be examined under high-intensity light.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Deo Gratias! Patricia Jannuzzi Reinstated In Her Job

A few weeks ago I posted about the maltreatment that Patricia Jannuzzi, a high school theology teacher, had received from both school and diocesan officials because she defended true marriage on her facebook page.  The scandal had in fact erupted all over the internet.  Many of us contacted these officials and let our displeasure be known.  The Lepanto Institute launched an advertisement that showed on both the Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity shows, as well as an online petition drive to demand that the officials stop playing the politically-correct cowards and reinstate her to the job from which she should never have been fired.

Together we spoke truth to political correctness.  We shined the light of truth, and as we all know, cockroaches hate the light.  The officials realized that they were not going to escape the scrutiny and rebukes of faithful Catholics and they finally reinstated her.

This is the second recent incident that illustrates what can happen when good people are informed and when they take concerted action.  I've no doubt that the gay juggernaut is upon us and that it will be the vehicle for further persecution attempts.  Today's victory causes me to hope that the persecution is not inevitable.  It does mean that we must be ever vigilant, never naive and willing to spring into action.  The above letter makes plain that had we remained silent, Ms. Jannuzzi would have remained under the bus to where she was tossed.  While we still can exercise our civil rights, we must do so lest we lose them.

One aspect of this sorry mess that warrants closer examination is the mindset of Bishop Bootkoski.  When CNSNews queried him on his own adherence with Church teaching in regard to perverted conduct, he did not reply.  I for one find it troubling that a Roman Catholic bishop would be so coy regarding his convictions.  Any bishop worthy of the title should have no trouble announcing his allegiance in regard to Church teaching.  His evasiveness lends credibility to the hypothesis that he himself dissents from the teachings of Christ in this matter.  I hope someone can demonstrate that I am wrong, but if I'm not, any dissidence would explain his own participation in the maltreatment of Ms. Jannuzzi.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Why Is The Archdiocese Of Baltimore Allowing Tai Chi Workshops On Its Properties?

First, let's go into some background on tai chi itself.  Touted as a "martial arts" series of disciplines and exercises, its roots in Taoism and Buddhism cannot be denied.  Despite pipe dreams to the contrary, these pagan roots permeate the various motions and do cause altered mental states.  In short, like many "new age" gimmicks, it can open one to demonic influences since it does mimic idol worship.  In a saner time, when our prelates valued prudence and wisdom, no Catholic would have been granted permission to participate in any of these rituals.  That was then, this is now.  Progressivism has wormed its ways into our chanceries as prelates lack the backbone and/or wisdom to oppose it.

My blogging colleague at Harvesting The Fruit, headquartered in Baltimore, posted about a tai chi workshop being hosted by the Sisters of Bon Secours in Marriottville, MD.   I will divert from the topic of this post for a few moments to comment on this so-called "retreat center", starting with some personal experience.  About 10 years ago, a pro-life group with which I was affiliated had a day-long retreat/conference.  This Bon Secours place was booked; unbeknownst to us, it was even then a new-age haunt.  I arrived late for the meeting and rushed in, not paying attention to my surroundings.  Only after the meeting ended did we look around and noticed the literature rack by the front door, loaded with pamphlets that extolled the wonders of ashrams and crystals.  Needless to say, our eyes were opened.  They were opened even further as we walked to our cars and noticed the labyrinth to the side.  We each made a Sign of the Cross.  Our first trip to Bon Secours was also our last.

Let's take a virtual tour of Bon Secours, shall we?  To their dubious credit, they make no bones about being a de facto witches' coven.  At their main page you can see to the right the tai chi session.  Go to the events page and scroll down till you see the "soulcollage" thing.  The whole idea of this thing revolves around the unsuspecting victims participants selecting images that "depict your personality parts, your archetypal guides, your energetic companion animals, and even some of the sentient beings that have loved, taught, and challenged you."  Sentient beings!  And just who/what might they be?  Familiar spirits?  Demons?

Now check out the "grounds and meditation" tab.  We've touched a bit on the labyrinth so why not visit the "peace garden"?  Well, one reason not to visit is that they call it "zen-type".  It even comes with a "peace pole"!  That is a new one on me.  Until an hour ago, I never heard of a "peace pole".  Look - if you really want a prayerful garden, go to the grotto at Mt. St Mary's in Emmitsburg.  There you'll find a garden with mosaics of the Stations of the Cross, the Mysteries of the Rosary AND a chapel with the Blessed Sacrament reposed.  Why waste time in a place filled with symbols of idolatry - and most likely worse?

And to this snake-pit the Archdiocese of Baltimore refers Catholics?  But wait!  We're not done yet!  It gets worse!

Tai-chi poison is being spread in a Catholic church in Baltimore!

Again, with the Catholic Review singing its praises, we read an account of it at St Dominic's church in Baltimore.  The aged perpetrator nun declares right off the bat that "this is not something like tai chi or yoga".  But a few paragraphs before that we read how all the participants were in a "trance like state".  If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and sounds like a duck - guess what?  It's a duck!  They call this sign chi do, as though a name change will fool everyone.  I googled it and it does seem to be quite the money-making racket.  One site I found does acknowledge the obvious; that is, tai chi is to be found in the roots of this sign chi do.  It goes on to blather about being "aligned in body mind and spirit" and "healing".  She calls it "sacred".  It's not; it's new age claptrap.

For two thousand years the Roman Catholic Church has preached the way to true healing.  Our Lord Jesus Christ has given to us His Sacraments.  Confession and Holy Communion are the two to which we can and should frequently resort.  Of course that involves repentance and conforming our lives with His Word.  Around that there is no short-cut; all other gimmicks are false and will lead to hell.  Shed the gimmicks and stay with Christ and His Church.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

From The Niggers Of The New Age Department - Obama Bad-Mouths Christians On Easter Sunday

During the Easter Prayer Breakfast, the Messiah Most Miserable was about to launch into a tirade against devout Christians.  It seems, though, that his captive audience would have none of that during the holiest day for Christians and communicated their displeasure.  He immediately backpeddled and changed course.  Many believe he was taking a dig at the Christian business owners refusing to surrender their freedoms to gay-nazis, such as the O'Connor family in Indiana.  It should be noted, though, that Obama had nary a cross word for the Islam followers who carried out the mass murder at Garissa University in Kenya.  Could it me that he's waiting for the next Ramadan before he lets the Muslims really have it?  I didn't think so, either!

Speaking of Obama and his obvious favoritism of Muslims, the Equal Opportunity Commission is suing Star Transportation on behalf of two of their Muslim drivers who refuse to transport alcohol in the course of their employment.  Gotta love the double standards!  The Obama cartel draws the long knives out for Christians who refuse to serve gay "weddings"; our freedom of religion doesn't matter.  But when Muslim truckers refuse to transport alcohol, that same cartel champions their religious rights.  We know what that's about, don't we?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Holy Thursday - Pope Francis Washed The Feet Of A "Transexual Woman"

I put the phrase "transexual woman" because in reality what is being described is a man who has mutilated himself to appear to be a woman.  He calls himself "Isabel" and has given an interview about the travesty.  I'll link you to the Glora.TV site for that video has English subtitling.

As you'll hear, the poor man has been confirmed in his dangerous delusions by the actions of the pope - or the people who arranged to have his feet washed by the pope.  It is unclear how much the pope knew of this man.  For that matter we cannot guess the level of knowledge possessed by the priest who gave to "Isabel" Holy Communion.  They may have sincerely believed that he is a woman.  That said, the foot-washing scandal with "Isabel" would never have happened if the pope had respected Canon Law's prohibition against the washing of women's feet on Holy Thursday.

Monday, April 6, 2015

The Delicacy Of Cardinal Dolan - Blech!

That's the only word I can use to describe Cardinal Dolan's cowardice before the gay-nazi juggernaut.  It is becoming more and more apparent with each passing day.  Says this powder-puff prince of the church (ever so delicately, of course!), "We've got to make sure that the rights of conscience and religious ability to publicly exercise one's religion is balanced with another good, namely the rights of people not to be discriminated against."

As I read the accounts of the Christian florists and bakers, along with the Memories Pizza people, it seems to me that they're the ones having their freedoms trampled AND suffering discrimination on account of their Christianity.  I'll post below a video taken by Steve Crowder, when he posed as a gay man to solicit cakes from Muslim bakers.  They refused to bake his cake.  Does the gay-mafia care?  No.  For reasons stated this past Friday, their animus is directed only at Christians.

Dolan continued to stuff both of his feet in his mouth.  He agreed with the statements of the Messiah Most Miserable when the latter tried to paint Christians as evil as Muslims during the most recent National Prayer Breakfast.  In other words, Obama used his bully pulpit to relegate us to the status as "niggers of the new age" - and Dolan nodded in agreement!

Then we have more mushy diffidence from His Eminence: "I just wish we could do that in a temperate civil way instead of screaming at each other."   Check out this interview with Crystal O'Connor, co-owner of Memories Pizza.  She didn't raise her voice once.  The death threats have been coming from the gay-nazi direction.  Why won't Dolan acknowledge that?

I do believe there are times when we must be insistent and drop the silly veneer of "tolerance" for when we adopt it, we compromise the truth.  Perhaps it's time that Cardinal Dolan and our Catholic clergy take some cues from this preacher who doesn't mince words!  Now I'll post the video that I mentioned in the second paragraph.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Matthew Kelly Is Speaking In Maryland - Caveat Emptor!

Two and a half years ago, a book by Matthew Kelly (Rediscover Catholicism) appeared in our parish lobby for sale.  In fact, it appeared in many local church lobbies.  I bought a copy, read the prologue and immediately recognized the spiritual poison contained therein.  I blogged about it then and will not rehash what I wrote; read it here.  What I will do is link to the problematic pages in the prologue, since many friends thought "it's not that bad" (making me wonder just how "bad" it has to be for them to recognize real problems).  Note: my use of these pages for commentary is fully permissible under the "fair use" doctrine.  For those of you who are wondering, I did pose my questions and objections to Mr. Kelly on his website comment area; I never received a reply.

Here are bulletin announcements as they appear in St John Neumann's and St Paul's.  Notice in the St John Neumann bulletin the purpose is to "help us become the best version of ourselves".  That's new age psycho-babble.  Any Catholic speaker worthy of that title will give us food for thought to become holy.  There IS a difference!

I googled Kelly.  Here's a wikipedia piece.  According to that, he's a motivational speaker and management consultant.  I can see how these things would dovetail with his "best version of self" talks.  I cannot tell if there's a deliberate connection, but the possibility exists.  He also had "apparitions" in the 1990s, ones that did not pass the muster of his bishop.  To his credit he complied with the bishop's direction not to promulgate the rather odd content of these "apparitions".  See #180 in this website.  That webmaster says he/she wouldn't trust Kelly's talks or books.  I concur.  The same mind that produced wacky "messages from God" is the same mind that produced the heresy in the prologue to Rediscover Catholicism.  That mind will be the source of words spoken at St Peter's on April 17th.

As you might have noticed in the parish bulletins, Kelly will be appearing with musician Eliot Morris.  I googled Morris and found his website.  Please notice that there is no mention of "God", "faith", "Jesus Christ", etc.  For any "run-of-the-mill" musician or entertainer, that lack wouldn't be so remarkable.  However, he allegedly "prepared a unique message inspired by God".  So just what are his qualifications for imparting this message?  For that matter, what are Kelly's?

For the awesome (?) privilege of having these two fellows help you to "discover God's voice" in two weeks, you will have to cough up $39.00. In the Neumann bulletin we're urged to do so quickly because "the show is expected to be a sellout".  "Show"???  Freudian slip, much?  I would expect an authentic Catholic talk to be called a "talk" or "address" or "event" - but "show"?  That smacks of a performance of entertainment, to me.  I hope I'm wrong, but I smell a racket.

I learned of this through an announcement in the parish bulletin.  It makes me wonder how - or if - the parish offices take any care to vet these announcement requests before they actually publish them.  Moreover, I wonder how the parishes discern what books are allowed to be peddled in their church lobbies.  "Rediscover Catholicism" should have been rejected by the parishes.

Before folks waste $39 of their hard-earned money, I'm providing some "food for thought"; and I'm not charging one red penny for it!

Friday, April 3, 2015

From The Niggers Of The New Age Department - Gay Bullies Gnash Their Teeth At Christians

By now you've heard of the news of the legal battles in Indiana and Arkansas.  Legislation has been put forth to protect the rights of business owners to be free to run their enterprises according to their consciences.  The gay cartels have reared their ugly heads.  Sadly both governors of Indiana and Arkansas seem to have suffered sudden calcium deficiencies in their spinal columns.  The Indiana legislature, at the direction of Mike Pence whom we thought had some courage and clarity, is trying to "fix" the legislation before Pence signs it; in other words, they're gutting it of all protections for people who believe in marriage as God created it.

Again in Indiana, a pizzeria owned by Christians - Memories Pizza - closed their doors after gay bullies hacked their website and threatened to firebomb and even kill them.  They are in fear for their lives simply because they said they would not cater gay weddings.

Ladies and gentlemen, this gay bullying campaign is the twenty-first century version of kristallnacht.  Read that wikipedia link to learn how the Nazi hatred of Jews gradually became more manifest as time progressed.  The Nazis, embolded by their success in marginalizing the Jews, engaged in ever-escalating violence against the Jews, leading to the death camps.  The gay bullies, with the assistance of their progressive allies in politics and mainstream media, are attempting the same thing with Christians.  By and large they are meeting with tepid resistance at best, as evidenced by the regrettable cowardice of the governors of Indiana and Arkansas.

I now link to an excellent article in National Review called "The War On The Private Mind".  This is precisely what the progressives are all about with the so-called "gay rights" schtick.  They want those of us who hold to the teachings of Jesus Christ to be forced to validate and even embrace their mortally sinful perversions.  For them it isn't enough that we "tolerate" them - they will not stop until we celebrate their sins.  Why?  The answer is really quite simple.  Despite all their politically correct prattle, they know that they either commit or condone vile sins against God and nature.  When we Christians order our lives by the moral teachings of Jesus Christ, we serve as living rebukes to their embrace of sin.  Our integrity of lives stings their already sore consciences - or what's left of their consciences.  They think that by silencing us and even forcing us to validate their sinful conduct, that their consciences can be assuaged.  They can tolerate no voice of morality or reason; to them we are irritants who must be brought to heel, and they will stop at nothing to attain their warped ends.

A "case in point" is the recent call from Wyoming Equality, a gay-shilling outfit, to revoke the tax-exempt statuses of churches that oppose marriage perversion.  Many folks know that I'm no fan of the tax-exempt status as too many churches allow their moral voices to be mute for fear of endangering that status.  However, the 501(c)3 status should not be granted or denied based on moral beliefs, and that sort of bigotry is precisely what the gay-shilling cabal is demanding.  It's even worse abroad.  England is further along in the path of relegating Christianity to de facto ghettos.  A few days ago a UK evangelist was fined for quoting passages from the Bible deemed to be "homophobic".  During the sentencing the judge had the unmitigated gall to lecture the evangelist what Biblical passages were acceptable.  Boys and girls, can we say "censorship"?  Just to our north, in Toronto, two Catholics were rejected as board appointees precisely because they're Catholics.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is clear that we Christians - Catholics in particular - are being treated as the Niggers of the New Age.  It is happening because our lives stand in stark contrast to the debauched culture of death that is gripping so many key areas of society.  We must stand strong against it.  Any misguided diffidence on our parts will be seen as weakness - for that is exactly what it is.

By the way - Father Z suggests a novel way to deal with these folks.  It's worth a try!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Words Of Truth From Father Marcel Guarnizo And Michael Hichborn

A month after last October's sin-nod ended, a conference occurred in Ireland to address the moral ills that are looming on the horizon for Ireland.  We in the U.S. are further down that spiral of death than are the Irish - at present.  While that conference was going on, Father gave an interview to Kathy Sinnot; I posted it at that time and now link again to it.

I now link to a lecture that Father gave during that conference.  In that lecture he elaborated on the themes that he briefly touched in the interview.  In that he makes the point quite clearly why the legalization of both abortion the perversion of marriage by gay activists is a clear threat to our civilization, not to mention the salvation of souls.  Please listen to the entire talk; it's well worth the time investment.

One point he made is that social justice, as currently promoted by progressives within the church, will never suffice to serve civilization.  Much of "social justice" is focused on this world only with little thought given to the next; it is the next world that will last into eternity not this so it's only logical to conclude that the progressives have their priorities exactly ass-backwards.  Perhaps I'll go so far as to say that some of the progressive masterminds are deliberately obfuscating our future beyond this world for they stand in hatred of God Himself.

Michael Hichborn of Lepanto Institute published a piece today entitled "The Robe Of Christ" that in part dwells on this very topic of "social justice" perverting the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Serving the temporal needs of others is important, but even that is ancillary to the Gospel and our call to obey Him and His Church in matters of faith and morals.

With that in mind, I was saddened (but not surprised) to learn that this coming Good Friday, the pope plans to turn the Way of the Cross commemoration into a screed against the death penalty.  I've blogged before why I believe such a stance is rank heresy.  The Lepanto piece cited in my previous paragraph touches upon the matter as well.  Now I read on a blog somewhere (I can't remember which, but the blogger made a fantastic point) that the attempt of progressives to link the Crucifixion with the death penalty may well speak volumes about their attitudes toward the Crucifixion.  I think it's quite possible that they have no concern for eternal life and the salvation of their souls.  Given such warped perspectives, it's no wonder that they'd hold the Cross of Christ in disdain.  God have mercy on them.

Both Father Guarnizo and Michael Hichborn, in their respective pieces, suggested prayer to Our Lady for her intercession.  Let's do that.