Tuesday, September 29, 2020

On A Catholic's Duty To Vote For Trump

 Yes, it's a duty.  I've written much about this before - see here and here.  Michael Voris a few days ago echoes these same concerns.  With so much at stake, it warrants much repetition. 

Sunday, September 27, 2020

If You Or Someone Whom You Know Has Been Injured By Abortion Pills

 There is help for you, or at least legal recourse for compensation for your injuries.  Certain sectors of Big Pharma are making millions off the administration of these pills.  The harmful effects of these drugs on women and girls seems to be of no consequence to these Big Pharma behemoths.  In addition to receiving some assistance, you also might help prevent other women from being similarly injured or even killed via these drugs.

My friend Missy Smith has launched an effort to bring a class action suit against Pfiser, a leading manufacturer of these deadly pills.  Please read and feel free to contact her for more information.  This is her site.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Holding The Archdiocese Of Baltimore To Account

 Pursuant to my post regarding the gender-fluid scandal within the schools of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, I made two phone calls.  The first was to the School of the Incarnation and the second was to the school office for the archdiocese.  Naturally no one in authority was available to talk with me, and I've no doubt others were likewise treated.  The reactions of the phone receptionists told me that my calls were not the first such calls they received.

Let's make sure that the calls continue.  Keep the pressure up.  We know from the Father Altman episode that the progressives are most diligent about pursuing their goals through copious phone calls.  Our service to Jesus Christ demands at least that.

I recorded my calls, and I post the videos of them below.  Notice that I advised them that the calls were being recorded; Maryland is a "two-consent" state when it comes to recording phone conversations.   After your own calls, feel free to share your experiences in the comments section.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Archdiocese Of Baltimore Foisting Gender Fluid Madness On Its Pupils

 Let that sentence sink in for a moment.  The Archdiocese isn't merely sitting by while outside forces are impinging upon their schools (as if such cowardice wouldn't be bad enough).  The Archdiocese is actually ordering its schools to use pronouns according to the wishes of mentally ill students.  Church Militant broke the story.

This crime is being perpetrated by two individuals.  The first is Denise Ball, Assistant Superintendent for the Archdiocese's schools.  The second is Benjamin Lorenz, assistant principal of the School of the Incarnation.  A third-grade pupil at that school imagines herself to be a boy.  Ball and Lorenz have been meeting frequently.  Ball has told other teachers at that school that they will be fired if they don't play along with the child's delusions and use masculine pronouns.  The principal, Nancy Baker, seems to be in cahoots and has been trying to convince parents to swallow this bile.

Apparently there are a number of parents outraged over this, but are afraid to come forward out of "fear of retaliation".  Of course this is why the Church suffers, when its adherents refuse to suffer for her.  If their fears center around their own children, may I suggest that the children might be better off if they were removed?  Homeschooling would be the ideal, but if that is impossible, I daresay that in this case, public schools would be superior to this Incarnation school.  At least in public school there would be no indication that the Church is on board with the promotion of perversions and gender confusion.  Let this supposedly Catholic school do without their tuition money and see if they might sing a different tune.

Lori has shown a regrettable tendency to look the other way when it comes to the gay infestation in his diocese.  The CM piece mentioned St Matthew's in Baltimore as being a gay-fomenting parish.  A short time ago, Lori requested that the pastor resign by September - that is, this month.  Has that happened?  What truly fascinates me right now is that I cannot find the parish's website.  What was the parish's site, http://www.stmattrc.org/, takes me to some auto loan site.  Now why is that?  They are listed on the Baltimore Archdiocese site: with Father Joseph Muth still listed as pastor.  Do we think he'll be gone in a week?  Are the archdiocesan personnel having fits that we just blew the cover off yet another capitulation to the gays?

The CM piece did omit mention of St Ignatius, that features a "gay-married" guy as head of its LGBTQ dating service ministry.  Until very recently this guy was parish council chair.  There are other gay-infested churches in Baltimore.

The CM piece notes how Lori bristled when President Trump called Baltimore a "dangerous and filthy place".  Well, maybe there's a reason why Lori was stung by that piece of truth.  Take a look at all those de facto gay dating services in the aforementioned parishes and you can see much of the filth is gurgling from those parishes.  When Catholic churches are putting forth this bile, with what appears to be tacit approval from the bishop, of course the spiritual ramifications will include violence in the streets.

Some action items that I might suggest, in addition to the daily Rosaries that we all need to be praying at this time, include:
  • Faithful Catholics local to the area, getting together and organizing so they can protest, form homeschooling coalitions, etc
  • Complete cessation of donations to any parish that has an "LGBTQ" cabal.  Let your pastor know that your dollars will not fund any of that pabulum.
  • The CM piece mentioned parents who are afraid.  They must stand up to their fears and stand up to the gay-nazi tyrants in their parish.  What kind of message does their timidity send to their children?
Note:  Here are phone numbers.  Call them.  Let them know that what they are doing is inherently immoral and will undermine the faith and morals of the students.  The school will try to pass the buck to the archdiocese (they did when I called them).  Let them know that does not excuse their obedience to an inherently immoral directive.  When you call the archdiocese, Ms. Ball will be unavailable (ahem!).  Leave a message anyway.
  • School 410-519-2285
  • Archdiocesan school office 410-547-5515

Friday, September 18, 2020

BREAKING! Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has Died

 The pro-abortion Associate Justice of the Supreme Court died earlier today.  Of course the internet is all atwitter about the news.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is why ELECTIONS MATTER.  This is why each and everyone of us must vote to at least prevent harm done by a terrible candidate.  What do you think would be happening right now if Hillary Clinton was in the White House?  What do you think will happen if (God forbid) Joe Biden wins the White House?

Two things we need to do now:

  1. Pray for God's mercy on her immortal soul, that somehow she made an act of perfect contrition before she died.  In formally and materially cooperating in the mortal sins of baby-murder and sexual perversions by her votes, she herself is objectively guilty of serious sins.
  2. Pray that a worthy replacement for her may soon be nominated and confirmed very soon.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Open Letter To Bishop Callahan

 My Catholic Media Coalition colleague penned an Open Letter to Bishop Callahan.  I am honored to be a co-signer of it.  Please read it and continue to raise your own protests to Bishop Callahan.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

The Hard Truth About These Online Petitions

 Please pay close attention to this Vortex.  With all due respect to LifeSiteNews, their petition for Fr Altman may have the undesired effect of causing petition signers to believe that their signing of the petition is all that needs to be done for Father Altman.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Voris is also right in noting how many on the left are far more willing to work for their causes than are many good Catholics for the Church.

Must The Progressives Pollute Everything Of Beauty?

 Remember this trash from five years ago?  That was plopped upon us by Pope Francis' Pontifical Council for Culture.  Well, I guess that is their idea of culture.  Then there's this from a few weeks ago, when Fr Robert Walsh dared to poke fun at the Holy Face of Jesus.

While that last stunt was the literal denigration of Jesus in favor of the covid idol, the "black lives matter" idol also received worship at the expense of Our Lord.  The now-misnamed Pontifical Academy for Life profaned a replica of Michelangelo's  Pieta statue by slathering black paint over the image of Jesus. These so-called "social justice warriors" are showing their true colors by blaspheming our Lord to further their warped goals.

Therefore, the short answer to the question in this post's title is "yes".  They must because that is the fruit of their depraved ideologies.  Forsaking Jesus, who is the Way, Truth and Life, they also forsake Him who is the source and inspiration of truly beautiful art, music, culture.  They mock and hate our Lord so they must totally trash anything of truth and beauty that gives Him glory.  They take the pristine and render it putrid.  They take the inspirational and render it insipid.  They take truth and mutilate it into trash.  Lovely music becomes lurid.

I regret to opine that while this cabal, headed by the pope, runs the Vatican, we can only expect to see more eyesores and outrages.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

The Pope Wants Good Vibes!

 Have this playing in the background as you read the rest of the post below.

Apparently while the pope was spouting off some more environmentalism screed, he asked for prayer and/or "good vibes".  After that, everyone dutifully snickered.  Har-dee har har!  He asked that God would bless people but then refused to give a papal blessing.

So on one hand the pope thinks prayer to God and "good vibes" are equivalent.  In other words, he trivializes God's power.  But on the other hand, he claims that the Wuhan virus is nature's response to "climate change".  He ascribes an awful lot of power to that now, doesn't he?

Does he think "good vibes" will fix the pandemic?

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Important Calls To Action

Below is a Vortex from a few days ago.  I'm going to focus on one aspect of it only.  Voris talked about how Jesus required labor from the servants to perform His first miracle at Cana.  He was granting Our Lady's request, but required human effort.  When I say "required", I don't mean He needed the servants per se.  Rather, He commanded it because He chooses to work through us, not in lieu of us or in spite of us.  Here is the video, and below that I will have more commentary.

I see on many social media pages discussions of various evils, such as the one being perpetrated against Father James Altman - the subject of my two previous blog posts.  Many people voice their anger and disappointment.  Some will suggest prayer.  All too seldom do I see suggestions for practical actions.  It is the last that is sorely lacking.  From what we can glean from the vortex, it is that through which Our Lord might wish to work.

One thing I will say for the left is that when they hear calls to action from their leaders, they respond with much determination and alacrity.  For the most part, I do not see that same sense of purpose in play amongst our numbers.  We are serving Our Lord.  Does He not deserve our best?  In addition to contacting the La Crosse diocese directly, please sign this petition on the LifeSiteNews page.

In addition to the matter of Father Altman, another call to action has been issued that deserves our attention.  We hear from Church Militant that a lay Catholic group has called upon DC Archbishop Gregory to denounce the anti-Catholic bigotry in the Democratic Party, a trait that the dems no longer bother to conceal.  Join your voices with their's; here is the contact information for the Archdiocese.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Please Contact Bishop Callahan, Tell Him To Stop Punishing A Priest For Telling The Unvarnished Truth

 This post follows upon the previous post.  Bishop Callahan is lashing out at Father Altman by forbidding any further live-streaming of his Masses.  Father touches upon the controversy in his homily.  At the end of this video is again a plea for prayers and for petitioning the bishop to recant his evil towards Father.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Support Fr Altman And Rebuke Bishop Callahan

This past week, Father James Altman, a priest of the Diocese of La Crosse, WI, put out this video that rightly excoriates the Catholics who plan to sin by voting for candidates from the party of death: that is, Democrats.  Does that sound so harsh?  Recall that the dems themselves enshrined baby-murder and sexual perversions in their party platform.  Father Altman is simply acting as a true priest who is warning Catholics of the dangers to their souls if they vote Democrat.  Let us recall that "rebuking the sinner" is one of the Spiritual Acts of Mercy.

Naturally his bishop is throwing him under the bus.  I'll have more to say after you review the video.

Here is the press release that Bishop William Callahan plopped on his website today.  He acknowledges that what Fr Altman said is true.  Well, he had too, lest he look like a total blathering fool.  But then he starts to snivel about the tone of Father's words.  As I watched this video, I saw nothing angry about Father's words.  The bishop wimpers about Father being judgmental, but his whole letter itself reeks of judgmentalism - the whiny, crybaby type, to be precise.

Then Callahan invokes Matthew 18, and states that he is correcting Father in private, not in public.  What???  Just what in hades does he think he's doing by publishing his screed on the diocesan website?  So much error, so little time.

I don't have the time to pick this press release apart, bit by bit.  Rather, I'd suggest to all my readers to contact him soon and often.  The main phone number is 608-788-7700.  Here's their facebook page and their twitter page. On the plus side, Bishop Strickland of Tyler Texas has spoken out in favor of Fr Altman's admonition.

Faithful Catholics of the Diocese of La Crosse, please consider curtailing your donations until Callahan ceases rattling his saber at good priests like Father Altman

Saturday, September 5, 2020

What Have We Catholics So Carelessly Discarded?

 What you are about to witness is a Solemn High Mass from Easter Sunday, 1940.  Note the gravity, the solemn reverence given to God Most High.  This form of Mass, once common, is now what is known as the Extraordinary Form of Mass.  If you have never been to such a Mass, I highly recommend it.

Black Lives Matter And Demon Conjuring?

I came across this a few days ago from the page of a Facebook friend.  Abraham Hamilton came across evidence that the three foundresses of Black Lives Matter are engaged in "summoning the dead".

Here is the video to which Mr. Hamilton refers.  You can see the women speaking for yourselves.

So are the creators of these videos just engaged in fear-mongering?  From what I've seen from other progressives, this New Age dabbling is nothing new.  Much of New Age is really a rehash of ancient idolatries - and the idols are often demons.  Consider the words of the BLM founders.  They talk of the name repetition as a way of "calling up" those dead people.  Folks, I've never heard of this during any other such demonstration.  When Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated, there were riots galore - but never were there demands that his name be repeated over and over again.  Why now?  Might they be trying to channel the recently deceased?  If so, what they are really attempting to conjure, wittingly or unwittingly, are demons.

This repetition is NOT harmless.  People who align themselves with Black Lives Matter are literally playing with fire.  The same is doubly true for the Catholic clergy who sympathize with these people.

At least one of the founders is an avowed lesbian.  We know that perversions and the occult are often intertwined.  That seems to be the case here.  Some who are supporting Black Lives Matter should take great care, for they are flirting with grave spiritual dangers.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Why Republicans And Democrats Can't Be Pals

A few days ago, I saw the attached meme on the facebook wall of a friend of mine, a staunch pro-lifer.  I believe the message of the meme is false and is, at best, based on wishful thinking and not reality.

At one time, perhaps fifty years ago, the meme would have reflected reality.  But that was a time when both major parties adhered to Christian standards of morality.  Any political differences were relatively minor.  At no time would a sane person have approved of the routine murders of thousands of babies every day.  

Flash-forward to today.  Consider that the meme says "Sally voted Democrat".  By voting Democrat, Sally voted also for the party platform that unabashedly promotes the whole-scale slaughter of tiny children.  The Democrat party embraces other grave evils such as various homosexual perversions, curtailment of religious freedoms, etc.   The Republican platform touts the protection of unborn children and Christian morality concerning marriage, religious freedoms, Second Amendment, etc.  Perhaps individual Republicans are remiss on their adherence to those party ideals, but that does not invalidate the ideals themselves.

When it comes to Democrat versus Republican goals and ideals, what we literally have is the difference between evil and good (respectively).  There is no way that good and evil can be united.  It should be recalled that a person's politics is merely how they implement their core beliefs in the public arena.  In that case, not only is division inevitable, but division is absolutely necessary.

Does that mean that good people must treat Democrats with aversion and disrespect?  Not at all!  Precisely because we are Christians, we treat all with respect that is due to them as human beings created by God in His image and likeness.  Many Democrats do not reciprocate.  Witness the BLM and Antifa riots transpiring now.  Witness the shooting of the Patriot Prayer man in Portland a few days ago.  Aberrations?   Not at all!  Such violence is merely a logical extension of their God-hating political philosophies.

What it does mean is that it would be utterly foolhardy to take such a person into their confidence, knowing that this person is - at best - indifferent to the plight of the babies.  Upon what would any such friendship be based?  I am not suggesting that we should shun such people who are in our lives.  I am saying that we must be wary of them, knowing that their beliefs will permeate everything they say and do, just as our convictions determine our actions.

We must pray and work for their conversion.  We must also not pretend that unity with them exists when it doesn't.  If they are politically active for anti-God candidates, we must face the fact that we must defeat them.  We must also be careful not to fall into the "common ground" booby-trap, for their can be no "common ground" with proponents of baby-killers.  Quite often this "common ground" is "social justice" gobblygoop.  I am aware of two instances where two former pro-life leaders fell into that trap and are now currently undermining pro-life efforts. Here's one.

I know it is difficult when relatives embrace child-killing.  Again, I remain polite and cordial, but don't pretend that I can take them into my confidence.  We need to be prudent and true first to Our Lord Jesus Christ.