Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Police Raid Of DiNardo's Offices Raises Some Interesting Questions

We see from here and here and here that various Texas law enforcement agencies conducted a surprise raid on the offices of the Galveston-Houson Archdiocese.  They were searching for data focusing on one priest and found information concerning several more who abused young boys.

As far as this Texas situation goes, I think this is a most positive and much needed move.  However, in light of the recent USCCB meeting, some questions immediately arise in my mind.  Texas officials descended on the offices of DiNardo very soon after that meeting.  However, why haven't local officials swarmed upon the chanceries of Washington DC, Chicago, Metucheon and others?  I'm sure that quite a few of those local officials are eager to move in.  What is restraining them?  What restrained the Texas officials until just now?

Recall that at the meeting, Cardinal DiNardo, president of the USCCB, made plain to all his displeasure at the pope's orders that measures pertaining to the sex abuse crisis not be voted upon at that meeting.  Cupich interrupted him, making quite clear that he, not DiNardo, enjoyed the pope's favor.  So now, all of the sudden, it's DiNardo's chancery that is raided.  Mind you, this is not to impugn the local Texas officials who are just doing their job.  I suspect something or someone was preventing them, just as they are preventing law officials from showing up at the DC and Chicago chanceries.  Could those restraints have been lifted from the Texas officials as punishment for DiNardo's public displeasure at Pope Francis?

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Of Papal Resignations And Depositions

The seemingly non-stop insults to Tradition coming from Pope Francis have led to much discussion regarding the possibility of deposing a sitting pope and, in this case, whether or not Benedict XVI's resignation was valid.  Below are two videos.  The first is a discussion between Taylor Marshall and Eric Sammons regarding the possibility of deposing a pope.  As you listen, pay close attention at the 6:04 mark, when Sammons says, "there's only been one pope at a time; never has there been a case of two popes at a time."

That dovetails into Ann Barnhardt's video, in which she makes a case, from canon law, that the "resignation" proffered by Pope Benedict XVI was invalid.  That being the case, Benedict is still pope and Jorge Bergoglio never has been.  These videos are long, but they are well worth the investment of time to consider.  You may agree or disagree with what these individuals say, but they raise questions that all faithful Catholics must ponder for we are indeed living in treacherous times, and much of that treachery comes from Church leadership.  Now the videos...

Saturday, November 24, 2018

What's Happening With McCarrick?

With all the events surrounding the joke of a bishops' meeting in Baltimore, and now the prospect of yet another synodical farce this coming February, the fate of Theodore McCarrick seems to have fallen from the radar screens.  Or so some prelates might have hoped.

The Washington Post seems to have noticed that, and has remarked about that.  Normally I'm not a fan of the Post but in this case I respect their determination not to let this matter fall by the wayside.  They ask questions that deserve answers.

Well, maybe there are answers.  This LifeSiteNews article details how McCarrick was quite the effficient errand boy  for Pope Francis in his various progressive endeavors.  I need not rehash all the mess here.  Suffice it to say that there is plenty of reason why Pope Francis would like to keep the spotlight off McCarrick.  Perhaps he would one day like to spirit McCarrick off to some posh resort in Europe - for prayer and penance, of course!  Or perhaps they are waiting for nature to run its course; McCarrick is getting on in years and the day of his eventual passing from this life is drawing near.

Speaking of that inevitable event, please keep him in prayer, that he would come to real repentance and make a good confession before he dies.  Else, his eternal prospects look rather dim.

Baltimore Catholics, Why Do You Tolerate These Charades?

This sacrilege happened at Sacred Heart of Mary Church in the Dundalk area of Baltimore yesterday.  Almost as scandalous as the dance hall music is the reaction of a lot of the viewers.  They simply show the abysmal state of catechesis that has dumbed down the sensum fideli of many Catholics today.

One might argue that at least this doesn't rise to the level of scandal that might be found at St. Matthews on Loch Raven Boulevard.  However: lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivandi.  The behavior of Auxiliary Bishop Madden illustrates quite starkly that principle.  He celebrated yesterday's Sacred Heart debacle.  Moreover, in the past, he has lent his support to the gay-pandering dissidence at St. Matthew's.

The sane parishioners that remain in that parish need to rebuke that pastor: both in word and in the withholding of financial support.

Friday, November 23, 2018

From The Fox Guarding Hen House Department: Cupich To Head Vatican Sex Abuse Summit

We saw last week how Cardinal Cupich did the pope's bidding as he stopped the USCCB from taking steps to address the episcopal sex abuse scandals.  It was clear that both he and Cardinal Wuerl had no intention of addressing the matter in any meaningful fashion.

Neither does the pope.  Else, how does one explain the pope's appointment of Cupich to head up this Vatican sex abuse summit that is slated to happen next February?  It will be a sham, just as has been all these synods and meetings that have happened in the past few years.  I've no doubt that even now Cupich, Wuerl, Tobin and others are working on "synod documents" that will be completely fabricated long before the summit attendees arrive in Rome.  The summit will be just another dog-and-pony show to pretend that the Vatican is all into "collegiality" and that they are "listening" and "accompanying" when nothing else could be further from the truth.

So what might this "summit summary" have to say?  Did Cardinal Cupich give us a hint with his suggestion that some clergy sex offenses were "consensual" and should be treated differently.  And who can forget his dismissive "rabbit hole" quip?  Might this be a ploy to normalize sodomy in the priesthood and elsewhere?  I suspect the outcome of this summit has already been determined and that it will accomplish diddly-squat when it comes to eradicating the filth from the clergy.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Strong Protest And More

In LifeSiteNews we read commentary about a blog post written by Msgr Charles Pope.  Msgr Pope encourages all to protest and write very specific letters to the papal nuncio.  While I agree that this step would be helpful, that is not all we can and should do.

One step that many of us have been touting is the withholding of donations to the local bishops.  Money, or lack thereof, does seem to be one language that these errant prelates understand.  Boycott the various collections, but be sure to let the bishops know exactly why your donations have ceased.

Be sure that among your fellow parishioners that you broach the various issue facing the Church.  Don't let them fade from their minds.

Here's another action item that Michael Voris implemented when he found himself on the same flight as Bishop Malone.  See the Vortex below to see him in action.  Then look below that for more discussion.

We can all do this - and we must, particularly if you are so unfortunate as to have one of these gay-enablers in your chancery.  Don't be afraid to picket them, especially when they rub elbows with pro-aborts and other dissidents.  Eight years ago we did precisely that, when both then-Cardinal McCarrick and Sr Carol Keehan were honored at the commencement for Gonzaga High.  This was just a few months after Keehan wielded her influence to foist upon us all the Obamacare Hell Bill.  Given what we know now, thanks to Archbishop Vigano's various testimonies, it is quite possible that at that time, McCarrick was flouting Pope Benedict's directives not to say Mass in public.  At that time we had no way of knowing that.  Still, his appearance with Keehan was its own travesty.  We picketed that.  See this blog post and the video embedded therein.  Towards the end of that video you'll see McCarrick receiving a well-deserved earful.  We must all be at the ready to deliver the same.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

The Pope's Hatchet Men

Towards the beginning of the debacle known as the USCCB meeting in Baltimore, Cardinal DiNardo, president of the USCCB, announced the pope's orders to shelve any vote on measures to deal with the episcopal sex abuse scandals.  It was apparent the DiNardo made the announcement with much chagrin and some of the bishops were likewise displeased at the announcement.  Right away Cardinal Cupich stood up and declared that the pope was taking the matter seriously.  It was clear that he knew of the pope's intentions and his mission was to run interference for the pope.

Throughout the meeting it was apparent that Cupich was the de facto head honcho of the meeting, along with Cardinal Wuerl.  A few months ago Wuerl elicited well-deserved scorn for suggesting that bishops should investigate one another: specifically, an accused bishop should be investigated by his metropolitan, as Archbishop Lori is ostensibly doing with Bishop Bransfield.  In other words, the foxes should guard the hen houses.   That is precisely what Wuerl and Cupich tried to cram down the throats of the other bishops.  Here is a video, but more follows this video.

Another henchman is Cardinal Joseph Tobin.  As Tobin was checking out of the hotel after the meeting, George Neumayr intercepted him and asked him several questions.  Tobin didn't bother to deny that Italian actor Francesco Castiglione was living in his rectory - but didn't give any plausible reason why.  It may be reasonable to opine that he was the intended recipient of the "nighty-night baby I love you" tweet.  I pray that Tobin was being honest when he said that he wouldn't be foisted upon the DC archdiocese as its next bishop.

A few bishops - but only a few - spoke up with some truth at that meeting.  See the video below.  Meanwhile, Legatus, an organization of Catholic businessmen, announced that they would be withholding their annual donations to the Vatican in light of their abysmal performance.  No doubt they want reassurances that their donations won't be used to cover up the mortal sins of clergymen.  We need to do that as well - withhold our donations until they get serious and clean the filth from their own ranks.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Wind-Down Of The USCCB Meeting

This meeting of the USCCB is showing us the true colors of many of our shepherds - and those colors aren't pretty.  First we have Bishop Olson of Fort Worth TX calling on the US bishops to rebuke Archbishop Vigano for calling on Pope Francis to resign.  Some might remember that four years ago Olson banned the Tridentine Mass from Fisher More College.  Also refer to the Church Militant link for an account of how Olson and other Texas bishops worked to undermine the efforts of Texas Right to Life.

We also learned that the bishops voted against asking the Vatican to share its documents regarding ex-cardinal McCarrick.  Well, surprise surprise - not!  These bishops are either buddies of McCarrick or those on whom McCarrick et al have dirt.  It doesn't take a genius to figure that out.  One of McCarrick's buddies is Cardinal Cupich.  At that same meeting, he opined to the other bishops that sex between two adults (including clerics) was "consentual sex".  In other words, he tried to keep the focus on the abuse of minor children.  While that indeed is a horrific crime, the de facto rapes of young men by pervert clergy cannot be overlooked, as some believe to be the hope of Cupich and others.

On the other hand, Bishop Joseph Strickland, also of Texas, challenged his brother bishops regarding their belief in Jesus' teachings regarding homosexual conduct.  In particular, he wondered aloud how, if they believe the Church's teachings, how they could allow pro-LGBT priests to speak in their dioceses.  It doesn't take a genius to figure that he was speaking of Father James Martin; why Strickland didn't name him, I don't know.  He might as well have also mentioned Cardinal Wuerl, who invited Martin to give a meditation during the services on Good Friday 2017 at St. Matthew's Cathedral.  And of course there is Pope Francis himself, who invited him to join the Vatican Communications Office.  Martin is actually in charge of handling the Vatican's tweets.

I understand that this gabfest cost almost a million dollars.  With all the kvelling about the funding for their various "social justice" outreaches, one might think they could have held their meeting in some retreat house already owned by the Church.  Whatever happened to being wise stewards of financial resources?  But time after time they have shown their propensity to squander their spiritual resources.  I still remain of the opinion that the USCCB should be dismantled, and soon.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Faithful Catholics Spat Upon By Their Shepherds

As I write this, the US bishops are meeting in Baltimore.  On their agenda was the clergy and episcopal sex abuse scandal that continues to plague the Church.  However, just as they were convening, word came from Pope Francis that they are to put any action on this crucial matter in abeyance.  Ostensibly he wants to convene a meeting of the world's heads of bishops' conferences.

Many are disgusted, understanding this to be one more manifestation of the pope's disregard for the concerns of faithful Catholics regarding the sex abuse, many of those Catholics being personally impacted by the same.  The link above explores the matter in greater detail.

I wrote a few days ago how the USCCB sicced the Baltimore City Police on Church Militant on account of the prayer rally they spearheaded.  A similar thing happened in front of the Vatican Embassy in Washington DC today.  A group of faithful Catholics gathered to petition Pope Francis to appoint a faithful bishop, such as Cardinal Burke, to take the episcopacy recently vacated by Cardinal Wuerl.  For their holding of signs in front of the embassy, the Vatican staff there called the Secret Service on them.  Perhaps the Vatican staff is unaware of the First Amendment in the United States.  Unless I'm wrong, I don't believe the Secret Service interfered in any significant manner.

What insults to the Faith and faithful Catholics will be coming from the Vatican these next few days?

Note:  Thank you to my alert readers for pointing out my typo.  It is now corrected.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Archdiocese Of Baltimore Aids And Abets Border Crashers

Canon 212 pointed me to this article from Not-At-All Catholic Reporter.  Given its dissident slant, NCR speaks glowingly of this nonsense.  However, it is scandalous on several fronts.

This isn't the first time that Lori has pandered to border-crashers.  Dare I opine that the scent of federal grants is a strong impetus for this pandering?

One of the parishes that will roll out this program is St Matthews - yes, that St Matthew's!  This sorry excuse for a parish has openly participated in Baltimore's "gay pride" parades during the summers.  Lori ostensibly told them that they were not to carry signs that identify the parish in last summer's parade.  Mind you, he didn't tell them not to particpate at all, but just to keep the parish name hush-hush.  Of course St Matthew's flouted that directive anyway.  So what did Lori do?  Absolutely nothing.  He just turned a blind eye as he always has.  A real bishop with half a spine and sense of duty would have placed that errant parish under interdict a long time ago in addition to defrocking the dissident pastor.  Doesn't it make one wonder just what Muth et al are holding over Lori's head?  And now we hear that Lori is giving them a prominent role in his own smooching up to illegal aliens.

We also hear that an outfit called Baltimore United In Leadership Development is also playing a prominent role.  Now click on its "about us" subpage.  Notice that they are affiliates of the Industrial Areas Foundation.  The IAF was founded by Saul Alinsky himself.  Please study the posts in the preceding two links to understand why it's most harmful for the Church in Baltimore to grant legitimacy to any Alinskyite organization.

So there you have it!  To curry favor with the progressives running Baltimore and to glom onto some grants tied to illegal immigration, the Archdiocese of Baltimore is striking hands with both a flaming dissident parish and a left-wing Alinskyite organization.  What could possibly go right with this arrangement?

I believe the Archdiocese of Baltimore is conducting its CCHD in-pew collection in a weekend or two.  This is one collection that should be totally boycotted.

Friday, November 9, 2018

The USCCB Resenting Faithful Catholics

Today Michael Voris received a call from the Baltimore City Police Department.  Apparently the officer received from the USCCB a request for "help".  The bishops are slandering those faithful Catholics who will be participating in the Silence Stops Now prayer effort that will happen outside the bishops' semi-annual meeting.  They have accused those Catholics of plotting violence.  In their railing against faithful Catholics, they accuse them of adopting antifa-like tactics.  By the way - when did you last here any of these bishops denounce the violence carried out by the real antifa over these past few years?  Neither did I - but I digress.  The vortex is immediately below, but I also have more news of the US establishment wailing and gnashing their teeth at us.

An entire slew of officials from various Catholic "charitable" organizations are shocked - shocked! - that faithful Catholics are reluctant to give to them in light of the clergy sex abuse scandals.  Sr. Donna Markham, CEO of Catholic Charities, is "deeply concerned" about the donation drop-off.  I might suggest to her that she cease the efforts of Catholic Charities to help sneak into this country thousands of illegal immigrants.  I might suggest that local offices cease their needle exchange programs.  A reminder - Sr Donna was a supporter of the pro-abortion Obamacare.  Why on earth would any decent Catholic think that Catholic Charities is a worthy steward of Catholic donations?

In response to this problem (question - since this involves the shrinkage of donations, does this matter rise to the status of a "massive, massive crisis"?), these leaders have consulted with Alexia Kelly.  Now when have we heard that name before?  Yep!  She sounds like quite the expert, doesn't she?

Meanwhile, the Lepanto Institute revealed today yet another reason why the CCHD collections in a few weeks should be totally boycotted.

We havc more conclusive proof that they do listen to the language of money.  We need to speak it - namely by our withholding of it.  Let that cause them to quake in their boots.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Holiness And Toxic Masculinity

This is the first that I've heard of this blogger "Vermont Crank" but I believe he/she is onto something in this post.  We are being told, ad infinitim and ad nauseuum, about the dangers of "toxic masculinity".  How often are real men demonized as dangerous?  How often are boys punished for having interests traditionally associated with boyhood?  The truth is that the progressive states find it difficult to exert control over real men so they are constantly trying to convert them into "pajama boys".

Our prelates have taken up this false mantra, constantly depicting Jesus and the saints as wimpy flower children.  I believe that's why our liturgies have become, at best, orgies of sentimentality and emotionalism (at worst, they are downright blasphemous and heretical, but we'll leave that for other posts for now).  The meme below touches upon that quite well.  Let us encourage real masculinity, and femininity too, as Our Lord designed us.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Time To #Sayno2cchd

Now that the elections are behind us, it's time to take note of that annual in-pew shake-down known as the CCHD collection.  Most dioceses have these collections during a November week-end.  I won't rehash the whole sordid history of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development but will remind you that it was created with the intention of conning faithful Catholics into donating to organizations that actively promote anti-God agendas.

Many years ago, the CCHD was a major contributor to ACORN.  When the various scandals revolving around ACORN were made public, the USCCB promised reforms in the ways that CCHD determined its grants.  Not too surprisingly, we discovered that those "reforms" were just smoke and mirrors; no meaningful reforms were enacted at all. 

A few days ago, Lepanto Institute published their research that shows that CCHD is currently giving $280k to organizations that actively promote abortion and "LGBT" rights.  I cannot say they are back to their old tricks for I do not believe they ever paused in their chicanery. 

When the collection for CCHD occurs in your parishes, I'd suggest not only denying CCHD any money, but making it quite clear to them why you are doing so.  At the bottom of this post is a note that you can use to drop in your CCHD collection plate - or draft one of your own.  Just #sayno2cchd this year.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

All In The Interests Of Collegiality And Dialogue - Right?

An Italian author, Aldo Maria Valli, has published a compilation of the writings of Archbishop Vigano.  However, Vatican officials are applying pressure to the publishing house to restrict future editions.  That is hardly what we'd call "dialogue", isn't it?  Of what is the pope afraid?

Meanwhile, in Washington DC, the current nuncio relayed a "request" from Vatican Secretary of State Parolin to the US bishops that Cardinal Burke not be invited to give talks.  This is just the latest insult to have been proffered to the Cardinal since Francis assumed the papacy.  Parolin relayed this request orally to deny Burke the right to appeal.

Parolin is giving lots of these oral requests lately.  He also orally communicated to Bishop Schneider of Kazakhstan that he is to reduce his travels and to clear any travel plans with the local nuncio.

Let's be clear.  Vigano, Burke and Schneider are good prelates who are defending Tradition against the human wrecking balls that now occupy the highest places in the Vatican.  The pope et al are in full panic mode, as if we, the Great Unwashed, are too stupid to see through their shenanigans.  They have absolutely no real interest in "dialogue".  Their "collegiality" masks are being discarded and we can now see them for the tyrants they are, hell-bent on undermining the teachings of Jesus Christ.  They will mow down anyone in their way - if they can.  Will we let them?

Monday, November 5, 2018

Tomorrow - Make Sure You Vote

Tomorrow we vote in the "off-year" elections.  Every seat in the House of Representatives and approximately 33 seats in the Senate are up for grabs.  Additionally, there are many local elections occurring as well.  The stakes are high in this particular election, as many progressives are seeking to derail the improvements that President Trump has made so far.

We had quite a problem with some folks who adopted the hashtag #nevertrump two years ago.  I would have thought that the improvements wrought by Trump these past two years might have encouraged them to see the imprudence of their stances.  Unbelievably so, many still dig their heels in, declaring with some stinking pride that they will simply not vote at all.  I dealt with this two years ago and will not rehash my rebuttals of that foolishness; see here for an anthology of those posts.

Now let's look at some Maryland races (since I'm in Maryland).  It goes without saying that I intend to "vote red", that is, vote for the GOP candidate.  While I'm not completely enamored with some of them, I know the Democrats in Maryland embrace anti-God and progressive platforms.  As far as possible, they need to be kept at bay.

We also have elections for the board of education.  So for whom do we vote in these races?  Well, the Maryland Education Association puts out their "apple ballot" of endorsements.  Here it is.  I simply study their list, and then vote for the "apple candidates'" opponents.  We know that the National Education Association is dedicated to turning public schools into progressive indoctrination camps; the MDEA is simply their local chapter.

Ora et labora.  Pray your rosaries and vote.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Sinister Uses For Synodality

Chris Ferarra released a piece a few days ago that I believe details nicely the purpose that Pope Francis seems to have for all these "sin-nod" gab-fests.  I too have believed that these things are nothing short of expensive smoke-and-mirror gimmicks designed to get us to swallow the latest insults to Faith and Tradition.  To his list I might have added the pre-sinnod "listening sessions" along with all sorts of dissidents brought in for "preparatory meetings".  Anyway, the pope might as well save the Church a few million dollars and dispense with these dog-and-pony shows and just go about slashing and burning the Teachings of Our Lord Himself.  But I suppose there really are some people who allow themselves to get snookered by all the artificial hoopla.  We see similar conclusions drawn by LifeSiteNews.

I will now post a discussion by Robert Royal and the "papal posse's" thoughts just at the conclusion of the sin-nod.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Involuntary Hiatus

No, this blog is not abandoned.  Early last week I suffered a medical emergency that necessitated major surgery and a week in hospital.  I'm recuperating now and hope to be back to regular blogging once I'm back up to speed.

I see that in the meantime quite a bit has unfolded, mainly the none-too-surprising results of the "youth sin-nod". Many have reported on that already and I suggest you plug into them.  From Lepanto we do see that the CCHD continues to funnel Catholic dollars into organizations that foster mortal sins.  Please boycott those collections in a few weeks.

Meanwhile I appreciate prayers for a speedy recovery.