Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Envirowhacko Elf Lobby Of Iceland

Yes, you read that headline correctly.  I too am having difficulty believing that people take this seriously.  In Iceland, a highway project was halted because the proposed highway because (wait for it!) elves living there might be disturbed.  When I first saw this on Facebook, I truly thought this was a spoof.  However, when I saw this in the Guardian and the Atlantic I realized this story was factual.

Of particular concern (?) to the group filing suit on behalf of the elves (are these elves paying nice retainers?), is a rock formation that the self-appointed elf guardians know to be an "elf church".  Howe do they know?  Why, they "sense the energy"!  Silly me, why didn't I think of that?

In Maryland, we finally saw the construction of the Intercounty Connector (MD Rte 200).  That too was held up for decades because of envirowhacko concerns.  To the best of my knowledge, zeal for elves never factored into the debate.  Because of all the new-agey schlock that oozes out of progressive pores everywhere, though, I wouldn't be a bit surprised to learn that elves were an unacknowledged motive for opposition to the ICC.

But we must consider another factor.  Iceland is close to the North Pole.  Maybe these elves are employed by Santa Clause!  After a busy season, these poor elves are in need of a little vacation.  Should a bunch of bulldozers disturb their "down time", perhaps these elves may be poorly disposed to make fun toys for us next Christmas!  Golly gee!  Maybe we should think twice about this???  (Yes, ladies and gentlemen.  You may regard this paragraph as sarcasm.)

I would say that is the comedy to cap off 2013 - if there weren't actually people who took it seriously.  That is a tad disconcerting.  Have a blessed New Year's anyway.

Monday, December 30, 2013

National Bishops' Conferences Presidents NOT Vice-Popes

From Lifesite News, we read the statements of the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Muller.  He is attempting to clarify misunderstandings brought about by Evangelii Gaudium.

When I think of the mess that is our own United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, I only have two words to say in response to Archbishop Muller:


Melissa Harris-Perry And Pals Trash-Talk A Baby

Melissa Harris-Perry (hereafter referred to as "MHP"), an MSNBC fixture, hosted a panel of five like-minded progressives who thought it would be hilarious to mock one of Mitt Romney's grandchildren precisely because he's black and adopted.  What strikes me as particularly hypocritical is that the pro-abortion crown likes to throw in our faces the pre-programmed sneer "how many black children have you adopted"?  Well, in their eyes we're "damned if we do and damned if we don't".  Actually, they really don't care just as long as they think they can shut us up.

Now if you believe you've seen MHP's name on this blog in previous posts, you are correct.  MHP has quite the talent for opening her mouth and inserting both feet.  Please click here to read of previous antics of hers, for I will refer to them later in this post.

Consider two of those posts.  In one, it is revealed that she believes unborn children are "things in the uterus".  In another of those posts, she voices her belief that the already-born child is alive if and only if the parents feel he/she is alive.  So as we watch MHP and her equally heartless companions mock the little boy, we have good reason to wonder if they understand that they're mocking a real human being.  They remind me of a bunch of Nazi leaders chortling over the latest anecdotes about Jews executed in the death camps.

Another post shows a picture of MHP with tampons hanging from her ears.  One might be forgiven if they were to mistake them for the fluff from where her brain should be oozing out of her ears.  Now the video..

Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year's Resolutions?

It's that time of year, when we're taking stock of the year just past and contemplating some improvements and/or embellishments to our lives.  Those who've read this blog for some time may have gleaned my pro-life sentiments, so what I suggest should be no surprise.  Our civilization is going to hell in a hand basket.  We need more Catholics and people of good will to step up to the plate.

That said, here are some pro-life-oriented suggestions:
  • Get out to your local abortion mill on a regular, committed basis to pray.  How about a minimum of once a month for an hour or so?  Please join with a pro-life presence already there, or bring a friend; never go alone.  Consider participating in 40 Days for Life nearby.
  • Write a "letter to the editor" when abortion and/or gay-related issues arise in your community.  Be a voice for truth.
  • If you have a solid candidate running for elected office, support him/her with your time: lit drops, phone banks, parade-walking, etc.
  • Join or start a pro-life group at your church.
Of course this list is by no means exhaustive.  You probably have a few of your own.  Feel free to share them via the comment box. 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

MSNBC Does Saturday Night Live

However, they really do believe that the pig-slop they produced is truly cutting-edge journalism.  Normal people would think this is the stuff of satire sites.  The comedienne news-anchor is Joy Reid.  As you watch this piece of crap news presentation, I advise you not to be eating or drinking; else you may spit all over your monitor as you laugh.  Pity the people who will take this seriously.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Bracing Ourselves For The Cleanup

My friend at The Tenth Crusade has some additional thoughts about Thomas Peters' recent plops of nonsense.  I want to focus on her thoughts in her final paragraph.  When she mentions the "donnybrook in the public square" she isn't whistling dixie.

Last week I alluded to some difficulties that faithful Catholics are having when it comes to seeing the ominous signs coming from the Vatican.  Much of it stems from a natural desire to believe the best of the Holy Father - a desire that I share and still entertain.  They recoil at the reality of the mixed signals coming from the Vatican, refusing to acknowledge them for what they are.  There is also the understandable confusion about the precise nature of papal infallibility.  They believe that the Pope is infallible in all matters when in reality papal infallibility is quite defined and limited in its scope.  Of course we are obliged to ascribe weight to his words, but in matters of prudential judgment we may - and sometimes must - take exception to words and actions that don't touch on matters of faith and morals.

Sometimes when we take exception, we must do so publicly.  We must do so with respect to the Holy Father and his office, but we must be very clear about our message.  That entails we speak boldly - and loudly if necessary.  No doubt we will face ridicule and rejection - and much of it may come from our fellow parishioners, our clergy, etc.  We may find ourselves expelled from roles and positions in our parishes.

Those are the breaks.  As Carol said, if the current trend continues, there will be a "donnybrook".  Will there be Catholics with the spiritual, moral and intestinal fortitude to see the battle through to victory?  The strength won't happen without prayer and the Sacraments.  Use your rosaries, scapulars, holy water, etc; you'll need all the help you can get.  Also make sure you are studying your Faith on an ongoing basis.

As a modern model, I recommend as examples the young men in Argentina who withstood the hordes of crazed feminists who wanted to vandalize the local cathedral.  We will need that some fortitude and determination here.  Watch the video below..

Reply To Tom Peters' Objections About Our Concerns

Two days ago Tom Peters posted a blog article in which he attempts to rebut concerns broached against an earlier post of his.  I would suspect that among the "reactions" to which he is, well, reacting is my post about the rose-colored glasses and/or the Vortex embedded therein.  I am somewhat taken aback by what appears to be judgmentalism and condescension regarding heartfelt concerns that motivate us.

His second paragraph begins with, "sure, I get it, it’s fun to be a cynic. It’s cool to be the one always predicting the next bad thing that’s going to happen."  Tom et al, I assure you that we are not having "fun" dealing with the messes that are issuing forth from the Vatican.  We see these "bad things" as causing confusion - the sort of confusion that can destroy faith and damn souls to hell.  We write to obtain clarification of these conundrums, not because we "enjoy the novelty of being papal skeptics".

Peters then lets off with "We must trust that when the cardinals chose Cardinal Brogoglio to be Pope, the Holy Spirit knew what He was doing. So let’s quit with the doom mongering."  Again, we are not "doom mongering" when we point out problems so obvious that one would have to be in active denial not to acknowledge it.  But let's look at the quote again.  Here we have him stating a premise then a conclusion.  However, the conclusion doesn't necessarily follow from that premise.  We trust that the Holy Spirit knows what he was doing; but that doesn't mean we should remain silent when there is cause for alarm.

Case in point.  No one denies that the Holy Spirit guided the Cardinal's actions many centuries ago when Pope Alexander VI ascended to the papacy.  No one can deny that Alexander's papacy was one huge debacle.  Hailing from the Borgia family, he brought with him some "family traditions".  He had people murdered, he fathered whole broods of illegitimate children and yes, he taught his children to be cut-throats as well.  Lucretia Borgia was his daughter via one of his concubines.  From another woman he sired Cesare Borgia - so ruthless was he that Machiavelli based his signature work The Prince on his chequered career.  Would Tom Peters have called it "doom mongering" to point out Alexander's foibles?   Yes, the laundry is indeed a tad spotty.

By the way - in the quote from Peters' piece that appears two paragraphs ago, I copied and pasted it from Peter's blog.  Thus the misspelling "Brogoglio" is Peters', not mine.  It should read "Bergoglio".

My friend at The Tenth Crusade put up an excellent rebuttal of Peters' piece.  I urge you to read it.  I need not rehash what she has said.  Rather, I'll direct your attention to this question that he poses in his second-to-last paragraph.  "If Pope Francis sees dissenting Catholics living more active lives of charity, showing more passion in their desire to fix the problems of the world, and being more vocal in the great debates of our time, what happens then?"   What Peters proposes is an impossibility.  Dissenting Catholics by definition are those who hold in disregard the Teachings of the Church that originate from Our Lord Himself.  In separating themselves from the Church, they cut themselves from the grace of truth and they usually attempt to draw others into their dissent.  Not only do they endanger their own immortal souls, but the souls of those whom they successfully seduce into their sinful patterns of belief and conduct.  Whatever else "charity" may mean, it does NOT mean the facilitation of the damnation of souls.  Charity leads to eternal salvation, not perdition.  Far from "fixing the problems of the world", they greatly exacerbate them owing to their disobedience to the Creator of the World.  For the life of me, I don't understand how Peters could suggest such an outlandish situation.  I might suggest a careful study of Pope Benedict's Caritas In Veritate.  As the title suggests, Pope Benedict made plain that there is no authentic charity without an adherence to truth.  And yes, truth does include (in many cases) "tradition" with a small "t", for those willing to disregard "tradition" are often quite willing to jettison "Tradition".

Peters, in the final paragraph, asks "So which is it going to be?"  I'll answer that.  As we see problems (and yes, Tom, they ARE problems), we will continue to bring them to light in order to bring about their rectification.  That's a part of "living the Gospel".  I for my part ask, "How much longer are you going to engage in denial and play the Three Monkeys?"

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Reform At The NSA?

I bring you glad tidings of great joy!  We have a new NSA director who will really get that place into shape!  Here he is!   Trumpets and drum roll, please!

New Year's resolution - learn Photoshop!

Monday, December 23, 2013

The Christmas Sword

I appreciate how Voris can cut through the "church of nice" sentiments to keep the focus on the true spiritual warfare that enveloped the Birth of Christ.  Notice at 5:30 that he makes the point that only after the end of the world and final judgment will "the sword be beat into a plowshare" and not before then (Note: "Peace and justice" crowd, learn that once and for all.)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Epiphany For Barbara Walters??

I know the Feast of the Epiphany is on the tail-end of the Christmas Season, but it sure seems like Barbara Walters is on the verge of one - if she can let go of those last shreds of Obama-hype delusions.

Some of my liberal-troll commentators have chided me for referring to Obama as the Messiah Most Miserable.  They believe that I'm not doing proper obeisance to Dear Leader, uh, His Imperial Highness, uh, Obama.  Well, given the recent interview between Piers Morgan and Barbara Walters, maybe I was pretty much on the mark.  They are both commiserating about Obama's lousy poll numbers, the Obamacare debacles, etc.  Walters admits that they (liberals/progesssives) "thought Obama was the next messiah" and are so, so bummed that he has fallen short of expectations.  Her dejection is enough to make me want to shed a tear in sympathy - NOT!

I'll give credit where it's due.  Walters is a lot further along in the waking up process than many of her colleagues appear to be.  She admits it.  Now if she would only cease her denials of truth..

Here's the video.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Cardinal Burke Removed From Another Post

Cardinal Burke has also been removed from the Congregation for Saints.  Ladies and gentlemen, do we see a pattern here???  I do.  It's ominous.  To my "wait and see" colleagues, your "wait" wasn't that long, was it?  Time to knock off the denial.  Yes, pray and sacrifice - but don't content yourselves with that anymore.

Faithful Catholics! Remove Your Rose-Colored Glasses IMMEDIATELY!!!

These past few days have seen much discussion about the change of personnel at the Congregation for Bishops at the Vatican.  This blog has commented on it during that time.  It's no secret that I see this move as a detriment to the well-being of the Church. But I am also troubled to see some incredible naivete among faithful Catholics.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

More On Burke-Wuerl Switch

Last week Cardinal Burke was in the country and gave an interview to EWTN's Raymond Arroyo.  I commented on that and posted the video.  At that time I did not know that he had been effectively replaced on the Congregation for Bishops by Cardinal Wuerl (see here).  I can only wonder if Cardinal Burke was aware at the time of his interview.  Cardinal Burke clearly spoke truth to power, as much as a Vatican official can.

George Neumayr penned a piece called "Reaping the Wuerl Wind" that appears in American Spectator.  All in all, I think his article is spot-on.  Among other things, he says the move to remove Burke and replace him with Wuerl "deserves a special place in the annals of in-your-face papal politics".  Frankly, that is the first thing that occurred to me when I first saw the reports.

When the first papal bloopers came out, Catholic pollyannas were rushing over themselves to convince us that the fuzzy comments were just a brilliant piece of Jesuit-talk to get us to ponder the "deeper meanings" or other such nonsense.  Well, ok.  I suppose that these latest incidents (the Burke-Wuerl exchange and the upset over the Franciscans celebrating the Tridentine rite) are a way of drawing out defenders of orthodoxy to speak out.  They certainly are.
We will pray for our Holy Father, but we will - for the sake of Holy Mother Church -speak out.

A Bishop's Take On The Economics Of Evangelii Gaudium

I haven't had opportunity to finish reading Evangelii Gaudium, but thought this take on the economic implications was worthy of an audience.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bishop Olmsted On New Evangelism - Exhortations

A "new evangelism" that doesn't proclaim all the truths - particularly the moral truths regarding life, family and sexuality, is NOT evangelism but "happy-clappy, joy-pop" sentimentalism.  Thank you Bishop Olmsted!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Congregation For Bishops - Burke Out, Wuerl In - Bad News No Matter How You Slice It

The Congregation of Bishops plays an influential role in the selection and vetting of future bishops.  Several years ago Pope Benedict XVI appointed Cardinal Burke to this body.  While we lamented his loss state-side, we immediately saw the potential for much good.  Today, with Cardinal Burke not being confirmed on that body and Cardinal Wuerl's addition to it,  that good seems to be somewhat curtailed.  Consider the following about Cardinal Wuerl,
What on earth is the Holy Father thinking?  I only have two words for this:
  1. Yikes!
  2. Pray!

Obamacare Site Has Sticky Fingers - For Your Money!

Well, the Obamacare site is malfunctioning again, but this time the "malfunction" is taking a more inconvenient, if not malevolent flavor.  In the words of these news anchors, it is "mistakenly debiting people's bank accounts".  Whoopsie!!

Come to think of it, I wonder just how much of this is "mistake" and how much of this is intended.  Sometimes it can be quite convenient to play the buffoon to escape accountability.  This is just one of many reasons to stay away from Obamacare.  They are literally playing the embezzlers.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cardinal Burke On "The Francis Effect" And Church-Government Relations

Two days ago, Raymond Arroyo had the opportunity to interview Raymond Cardinal Burke when the latter was at EWTN.  The video is below, with the interview beginning at the 9:00 mark.  At 20:30 His Eminence touches upon the Apostolic Exhortation that has been the topic of much conversation and debate.  He points out that the Holy Father stated in the beginning that he never intended those remarks to be part of the teaching Magisterium.  At 22:55 discussion of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass commences.  He mentions (at 24:33) that the Holy Father gave a smack-down to a bishop who voiced disdain for the allowance of the Tridentine Mass.  He also mentioned that when he celebrates the Extraordinary Form, there are many young people with children in attendance.

They then start, at 27:10, to discuss the merging of the Vatican Embassy with the Italian Embassy: in other words, the closing of the Vatican Embassy.  Listen particularly at 28:29; when questioned about the impression that Obama is snubbing the Church, His Eminence replies that "I have to say that given the way the present administration treats the Catholic Church in general, that wouldn't surprise me too much.  I mean, this whole disaster on conscience rights and so forth ... the idea that yes you can have freedom of religion but it's now reduced to freedom of worship, you can do what you want within the four walls of your church but beyond that what you believe in the depth of your heart has no importance to the government of the United States of America which is an absolute contradiction of the founding principles of this nation.."

God bless Cardinal Burke for speaking truth to power.  Pray for more bishops and priests like him.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Guess Who's Health Insurance Got Cancelled?

Poor guy! I do understand that some are being hurt by this, though. We need Tea Party candidates elected in 2014 to get rid of this. The RINOs must be evicted, along with Democrats.

Progressive Social Justice Crowd - Pharisees?

In LifeSiteNews, Michael O'Brien makes some interesting and relevant points in his article touching upon "new phariseeism".  He makes the case that none of us can claim any righteousness on our own, and that the Pharisees were experts on substituting their own customs for authentic Mosaic law.  They then adhered to the former while trashing the latter.

He draws the analogy between that tendency and the tendency of the "social justice" crowd to minimize the importance of matters pertaining to life and sexual morality, substituting their own progressive causes.  And heaven help the poor pro-life person who looks askance upon Obamacare or the Dream Act.  I could regale one and all of the hissies that have been lobbed in my direction by these new Pharisees when I won't jump on their bandwagons.  I am tempted sometimes not to point out the questionable alliances in which they embroil themselves in search of their progressive utopias.  Not to worry, though, as I usually succeed in conquering those temptations to the chagrin of some.

It seems that some "illegal immigration" devotees have taken to fasting for their cause.  According to Catholic Culture, the first bunch ended their fast with public recognition from not only Cardinal McCarrick, but "usual suspects" such as Nancy Pelosi, Al Sharpton, Tom Perez.  The list of organizations sounds like a "who's who" if dissenters.  But Cardinal McCarrick glories in his squalid associations.  I have picketed at least four of these throughout the years.  I wonder how many of these would fast for the end of abortion?  Wait!  What am I thinking?  Are not Pelosi and Sharpton two of the biggest proponents of child-murder?  So why does a Prince of the Church associate himself with these modern pharisees?  Do we really need to ask that question (owing to obvious answer)?

Friday, December 13, 2013

A Probable Cause Of The Bishops' Tepid Response To Homosexual Encroachment

As you watch today's Vortex, consider what happened two Lents ago at the parish of St John Neumann in Gaithersburg, MD (my home parish) , in the Archdiocese of Washington.  Father Marcel Guarnizo stood against homosexual encroachment in that Church.  Because many gay activists waxed ugly and hysterical as they melted the archdiocesan phone lines, the chancery summarily threw Father Guarnizo under the bus to soothe the savage beasts as it were.  I've got the whole sorry mess chronicled here (and please read the linked resources too).

Until some courage and integrity returns to the chanceries of the Church (particularly that of the Archdiocese of Washington), the Culture of Death will continue with its diabolical agenda.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Leroy Carhart Sends Woman Number Nine To Hospital

Leroy Carhart is a busy man.  A very busy man!  Just four days after causing the emergency hospitalization of a patient of his in Germantown MD (Nov 26, to be exact), he caused the hospitalization of another woman at his Bellevue NE chop shop "clinic".   Here are details from Operation Rescue.  That makes four of them during 2013, with one of them being a fatality  At the rate he's going, he should have little private ambulances ready at his facilities in their own reserved parking spaces for his future botch-up jobs that will inevitably occur.  They may well happen sooner rather than later.

Below is an Operation Rescue video that highlights the nine women injured - correction, seven injured, two killed - at the hand of Leroy Carhart.  Watch and listen at the 1:15 mark (the fifth botch-up).  The Carhart woman placing the call is trying to get information from "Lindsey" at 1:27.   Lindsey seems not to be forthcoming in that scene.  It's quite likely she's the Lindsey Creekmore mentioned in the OR article.  The Nebraska Attorney General is trying to revoke her license; the hearing is scheduled for next March.  She has been seen at Germantown; I've written about her.  The Maryland Board of Nursing website gives no evidence that she ever applied for a Maryland license while she worked here.  However, if her Nebraska license is revoked, I would not be the least bit surprised if she resurfaced in Germantown.

Will Carhart's license to practice ever be terminated?  To be frank, I don't think that will ever happen until there is serious house-cleaning in Annapolis; 2014 would be a good time to start.  The current crop of officials is too much in the back pockets of the abortionists - from O'Malley right on down to their appointees like Sharfstein.  We need to get busy.

Important note: I mentioned two fatalities.  For the sake of this discussion I limited myself to maternal casualties.  In reality there have been thousands of casualites, the babies murdered by Leroy Carhart.  Pray for his repentance.  Now the video...

From the "Weeper Of The House Caves" Department

John Boehner, with assistance from Nancy Pelosi rammed through the budget deal.  The Feds will continue to spend like drunken sailors.  I suppose that's unfair to the sailors since the money they squander is their own.  Some of the Democrats were recalcitrant on the deal until Pope Pelosi sweet-talked them with this phrase: "embrace the suck".  Such a way with words she has!

Here is the roll call.  I congratulate Andy Harris, the lone Republican from Maryland who did not "embrace the suck" but stood for principle.  In 2014 many seats in the House must change - on both sides of the aisle!  John Boehner, who made known his disdain for the Tea Party, is one who has got to go.  He apparently has forgotten that without the Tea Party, he would not be holding that gavel.  We must relieve him of it.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mother Teresa At The 1994 Prayer Breakfast

In February 1994 (almost twenty years ago) Mother Teresa spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast.  I remember watching this shortly after the breakfast with some pro-life friends.  We cheered, for she literally spoke truth to power.  The key point was driven home from 13:30 to 13:57.  At that point the camera pans out when the applause is at the loudest.  Only the Clintons and the Gores sit still and silent, like zombies.  I sure hope their consciences were pricked, if only for a few moments.

Below is the 1994 address in its entirety.

Michael Voris On The Slobbering Tributes To Nelson Mandela

Today's Vortex reinforces what I and many others have been saying about the undeserved accolades heaped upon the late Nelson Mandela.  I agree that it's a scandal beyond measure that so many Catholic leaders - and yes, I include Pope Francis - do Mandela homage.  In so doing, they show utter disregard for the millions of South African babies murdered as a direct result of Mandela's career.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

TSA Agents Are On The Job!! Yay!!! We're Safe!!!

Whew!!  That was a close call, but TSA agents - alert as always - stopped a nefarious terrorist in St. Louis from boarding a plane with his deadly weapon.  A mug shot of the dastardly fiend is below:

I hope this picture of this terrorist doesn't cause too many nightmares, heart attacks, etc.  Apparently his name is Rooster Monkburn - a sock puppet.  Rooster was allowed on the plane, according to his accomplice, masquerading as his owner.  But only after the deadly weapon hanging from his side was confiscated.  The ever-thoughtful TSA agents were concerned, you see, that it might be confused for a real weapon and might be used in an actual threat.  I cautioned the tender-hearted among you, please don't look at the weapon if it will cause you to faint.  For the rest, here it is!

I wonder what caliber it fires?  But at least it's not quite as big as the pop-tart pistol!  But ladies and gentlemen, we can all breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the TSA is there to waste our tax dollars as they frisk sock puppets and confiscate toys that aren't much bigger than their thumb-nails.  The feds!  Don'cha just luuuv them????

Open Letter To Pope Francis From Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders is a political leader in the Netherlands who for several years has been sounding the alarm against the Islamification of the Netherlands.  He could just as well be referring to the "islamification" of Europe.  In all honesty, I think his views and opinions of Islam are completely accurate.  He appears to have no regards for political correctness; the progressives besmirch him as an "islamophobe", but so what?

On December 6 he released his open letter to Pope Francis.  He voices concerns about overly-conciliatory language emanating from the Vatican regarding Islam.  Towards the end of his letter he states, "nothing will be gained by a refusal to face reality."  To which I can only add "amen.

Monday, December 9, 2013

A Commentary On Economic Aspects Of Evangelii Gaudim

On Saturday night I listened to a blog-talk-radio interview regarding the economic aspects of Pope Francis' Apostolic Exhortation.  The two discuss the prudential errors of not only Pope Francis, but those of previous pontiffs who pronounced their opinions - opinions that were spectacularly off-base.  Listen to it here.

Bishop Tobin Speaks Out On Mandela's Murderous Legacy

Deo Gratias!  There is at least one US bishop who isn't following the progressive lap-dog chanting of the praises of Nelson Mandela.  Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence RI highlights Madela's "shameful promotion of abortion in South Africa."  I might remind one and all that Bishop Tobin has spoken truth to Patrick Kennedy and has been verbally abused by Chris Matthews for so doing (a reason why we picketed a book-signing of Chris Matthews that was hosted by Blessed Sacrament Church in Washington DC - see this and this).

Mandela needs our prayers.  Moreover, those who unreservedly heaped praise upon his dubious memory need our prayers for the courage to be honest about him - and yes, I include the Holy Father.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Butterfly Ban Of San Francisco

Oh, it must be grand to live in San Francisco CA.  They have no worries, you see, such as crime, etc to concern the city Board of Supervisors.  So they've been busy banning all sorts of noxious substances: you know, like,
  • toys in Happy Meals
  • Styrofoam cups
  • the declawing of cats
The latest threat to civilization banned by these avant-garde champions of San Francisco?  Trumpets and drum roll, please!


To be specific, the ban is on the release of butterflies at weddings and other such celebrations.  Why?  Sniffed one proponent of the ban, "they are not creatures to be owned."  Would that they had such concern and conviction about pre-born babies!  Who dreams up this crap - and on the taxpayer dime to boot?

With apologies to the late Scott McKenzie, I dreamed up the following little ditty that we can all sing to remind ourselves of this new useless law, should we ever have to set foot into that cesspool known as San Francisco.  I might cough up more lyrics to this - if I have time.

If you're going to San Francisco
Be sure to keep your butterflies away.
If you bring them to San Francisco
You'll be in jail forever and a day.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

USCCB Slobbers Over Mandela While Firing Honest Columnist

The liberal hierarchy of the Church establishment continues to spew forth accolades to the late Nelson Mandela.  Predictably, the president of the USCCB has joined in the cheerleading.  The USCCB webpage has the statement from Archbishop Kurtz.  Among other things he said, "Nelson Mandela was a light for peace and equality in his country and for the whole world."

Pardon my french, but how could he utter that crap with a straight face?  Does a "light for peace" open the floodgates for abortion and sodomy in his own country?  Perhaps by "light" he meant that coming from gasoline-filled tires around the necks of executed South African citizens.

Meanwhile, Adam Smith, Fox News Commentator, was dismissed from his other position as movie reviewer at the Catholic News Service - which is, of course, controlled by the USCCB.  And what was his "high crime and misdemeanor"?  He takes umbrage with some of Pope Francis' "off-the-cuff" remarks and likens him to Obama.  Well, the USCCB took umbrage at Smith.  One must wonder if the USCCB took similar swift actions against previous movie reviews (e.g. Harry Forbes) for their overly-lenient reviews of "Brokeback Mountain", "The Golden Compass" and rather derogatory review of the "Passion of the Christ"?  Harry Forbes stayed on for several years after his Brokeback slopjob.  Let's hope the USCCB doesn't bring him back to fill Smith's slot (I wouldn't put it past them).

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Pope's Inappropriate Tribute To Nelson Mandela

With disappointment I read the news that Pope Francis paid public tribute to genocide-facilitator Nelson Mandela.  There is no problem with the first sentence of that address, to extend condolences to his family and to pray for Mandela's eternal repose.  But by no stretch of the imagination was Mandela "promoting the human dignity of the nation's citizens".

Indeed, Mandela treated an entire class of South African citizens as so much disposable garbage.  I speak, of course, of the untold number of babies whose murders he facilitated when he struck down South Africa's abortion laws in 1996.  As abortion laws went at the time, they were reasonably comprehensive in providing protection to South Africa's littlest ones - but Mandela ended it.

The Holy Father concluded by saying "I pray that the late President's example will inspire generations of South Africans to put justice and the common good at the forefront of their political aspirations."  In reality, if they follow Mandela's example, bloodshed and tyranny will be at this forefront.

The Holy Father's "tribute" does not constitute dogma or even the lowest level of Church teaching.  Deo Gratias!

The Dolan Diagnosis Is Online And Here

First, please take some time to review another open letter to Cardinal Dolan, this one written by Hugh Brown, son of ALL president Judie Brown.  Then, if you missed Wednesday's Mic'd Up Show, you can watch the video (full version) below, where Michael Voris and Judie Brown discuss the latest cesspool created by Cardinal Dolan during his "Meet The Press" interview.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nelson Mandela Has Died - What Is Our Proper Response?

Former South African President Nelson Mandela passed away today.  Already various leaders and pundits wax lyrical about his "inspiration and leadership".  This includes some notable conservatives, I regret to say.  I can understand all the liberal/progressive mouthpieces taking this ball and running with it.  In fact, I can fairly well predict that the official Archdiocese of Washington paper, the Catholic Standard, will quite likely devote the bulk of its next issue to "celebrating his life".  They will, of course, be omitting some teensy details of what really is a very chequered career.

Prior to 1996, South Africa had some of the tightest laws regarding abortion on its books.  That ended in December 1996 when Mandela signed a new law, the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Bill, that gave girls of any age sole discretion about murdering the babies in their wombs.  The South African bishops have shown a regrettable propensity to turning a blind eye to a baby-murder-enabling politician at their nation's helm.  John Smeaton, head of England's Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, had some pointed words to say about this and other immoral stances by the late Mandela.  And of course, read what one gay media outlet has to say about the man whom they dub "father of the rainbow nation".

I write this to provide some moral perspective.  Whatever else he may have done to promote some political equality among adults, his actions that imperiled countless South African babies more than tower over the good he did.  In enshrining gay marriage into the South African constitution, he helped erode the morality of millions - and perhaps jeopardized their immortal souls.

No doubt we should pray for his eternal repose, that God have mercy, for the sins Mandela facilitated are those "that cry out to God for vengeance".  Pray for mercy upon him, but please don't jump on the bandwagon to lionize him.  I lament that even some Christian conservatives are doing precisely that.  Please don't forget the babies he helped kill; too many forget the babies as it is.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Two Open Letters To Cardinal Dolan

I watched "The Dolan Diagnosis" two hours ago.  When the youtube is published I'll post it.  Meanwhile here are two letters penned to Cardinal Dolan on the occasion of his most regrettable interview on Meet The Press.
  • This one is from Father William Kuchinsky, spiritual advisor to the board of American Life League.
  • This one, from Gerard Nadal, points out the need for real evangelism as opposed to marketing.
Meanwhile, LifeSiteNews published some words of wisdom from Bishop Thomas Olmsted on the topic of "new evangelism".  Please read all these links.

Abortionists Brigham And Riley Face More Consequences For Botching Abortions In Maryland - Why Not Carhart?

Abortionists Nicola Riley and Steven Chase Brigham face more legal woes in different states as those authorities take into considerations the botched abortion in Elkton MD and the scores of jars containing fetal remains.  Good for these other states.

One might wonder why, after his third certified chop-job on mothers in Germantown MD, how Leroy Carhart manages to keep his head above water.  Answer?  Friends in high places!  Boys and girls, can we say "Kathleen Sebelius"?  Thanks again to Operation Rescue, we have evidence.   Go down the page to the April 2008 dinner, with the dinner attendees.  You'll see both Sebelius and Carhart.  Could this be why Sharfstein seems to reluctant to zero in on Carhart?  It's a question worth asking, I daresay.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Limbo Of The Infants

A few weeks ago I blogged on the necessity of infant baptism.  Today a blogging colleague at A Blog For Dallas Area Catholics posted a piece that I definitely recommend.  In his second paragraph he touches upon women who think that they're sending their babies to heaven - or at least that's the yarn they throw at us.  Several years ago I had a conversation with a woman who thought I was taking pro-life too seriously because the "babies go to heaven anyway". (She was wise enough to stop when she beheld the expression on my face).

The long and short is that we just don't know for certain the destinies of these babies.  We have hope, but not certitude, that they'll go to heaven.  But that lack of certitude means abortion is even more heinous than it appears at first glance (horrible enough).  Some of my pro-life comrades may take umbrage, but I think we need to face the truth on this matter.  And for folks like the lady I mentioned above, when you don't take the scourge of baby-murder seriously, you're making a "crap-shoot" out of the eternal destinies of babies.  For the love of God, get off your derrieres and work and pray them off to stop the blood-letting.  NOW!

Bishops' Failures Means Laity MUST Step Up To The Plate

Here's the link that Voris mentions.. http://www.churchmilitant.tv/premsignup.php

Monday, December 2, 2013

How The Vortex Evolved

Be sure to click this link ("The Dolan Diagnosis") on Wednesday Dec 4th at 8 pm eastern time.  He will address the latest Dolan gaffe about the Church being an "Obamacare cheerleader", among other things.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dolan: "Catholic Church Could Have Been Obamacare Cheerleader"

I'm beginning to think that Cardinal Dolan and Vice President Biden have a "gaffe competition" going on between them.  Or maybe not, as you'll see at the end.

The headline is truly what Cardinal Dolan said of the Obamacare disaster that is unfolding before our very eyes.  It's just that teensy thing about the murder of babies that gives them a cause for pause.  Sane people have been sounding that clarion call all along, but the progressives in the US hierarchy refuse to accept it.  Here's a key principle: when we ascribe to any governmental entity the powers and authority that Obamacare (and socialism) does, those sitting in positions of authority will become giddy and arrogant with their power.  They will see themselves as de facto deities and believe they have the prerogatives of the same.  In fact, we saw that in the 1970s.  It's no accident that Roe versus Wade was handed down after the Welfare State became firmly ensconced as a way of life.  Give a governmental entity enormous power and it will assume an enormous appetite for more.  Our Founding Fathers were deathly afraid of this scenario happening and sought to put checks and balances within the US Constitution.  The progressives in the USCCB worked feverishly with their cohorts outside the Church, using foolish prelates like Cardinal Dolan as their foils for their plots.  They succeeded.

Only now does Dolan seem to think something amiss, but still he persists in his denial of the horrible evil that is Obamacare.  At least I can only hope it's denial.  The cynical - and  realistic - side of me believes that Cardinal Dolan knew all along that we'd all be forced to pay for the murders of babies, and is putting on this "bristling" schtick to mollify those of us who have been protesting all along.  I believe he's fully culpable for the furtherance of Obamacare via his allowance of the Obama photo-op at the Al Smith Dinner.  His connivance in this mess is no less than that of Sister Carol Keehan as she wields her Pen of Perfidy.