Friday, May 31, 2019

From The Et Tu Brute Department: Rob Schenck Goes Full-Bore Pro-Abort

What else can his position be called when his published words include, "What is pro-life about forcing the birth of a child, if that child will enter a world of rejection, deprivation (etc)"?  The entire screed can be found in this New York Times op-ed piece that he penned.  Of course the NYT  published it with joy - the same kind of "joy" that Caiaphas experienced when Judas betrayed Our Lord to him.  Forcing the birth of a child?  So the preferred alternative, according to him, is to allow the murder of that same child?  Apparently so.

While this saddens me greatly, it does not surprise me in the least.  Last August he was making pro-abortion noises.  He also had been making other liberal/progressive noises in regards to gun control, amnesty for border-crashers, etc.  His posts on facebook have focused more on these progressive pet causes than baby-slaughter.  These positions have as common factors the absolving of crime perpetrators of any moral responsibility for their crimes.  Perhaps therein lies some cause for his fuzzy thinking on baby-slaughter.  He is not the only one in whom I've noticed this phenomenon.

Let's return now to Schenck's announcement of his betrayal.  Many prolifers have been giving him well-deserved rebukes.  Ryan Bomberger, founder of the Radiance Foundation, is a pro-life leader who was himself conceived in rape.  He penned an open letter to Schenck that is well worth the time to study it.  In it is truth that Schenck (and any other "woke" people enamored/seduced by "social justice" clap-trap) would do well to take to heart.

I myself might suggest that he read Ezekiel 18:24 and take warning and repent while he can.  In the meantime we shall all pray for that repentance, and for wisdom and humility so that we too don't fall into those sins.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Pope Francis, The One-World-Government Shill

Pope Francis, several weeks ago, stated plainly that he wants to see an end to national sovereignty and the establishment of a world-wide government.  In practical terms, that would mean ascribing authority to the United Nations to encroach upon national governments as the latter tries to address the interests of its citizens.  He used the progressive talking points of both climate change and massive, unbridled immigration as excuses to bring about a globalist monstrosity.  If the pope has his way, we in the US and elsewhere would have unbridled baby-slaughter shoved down our throats.

A week or two after that at the Rome Life Forum, Cardinal Burke flat out contradicted the pope regarding one-world government, rightly calling it "not just and legitimate" and noting that one-world government would be by definition totalitarian.  Moreover, he pointed out that patriotism is an extension of the Fourth Commandment, as is limiting Muslim immigration.

Cardinal Sarah also offered correction to positions espoused by the pope and others.  Last month, he pointed out that the call for unfettered immigration is "a false exegesis to use the word of God to promote migration.  God never wanted these heartbreaks."  He was stating that defending migration is a misinterpretation of Gospels by priests and bishops "bewitched" by political and social issues.  I might also point out that the direction of the "bewitching" exclusively tends toward the direction of progressive and anti-God proponents, and that the "misinterpretation" is quite deliberate and thus malicious.

Thankfully more people are waking up to the perils of a one-world government.  The member countries of the European Union held elections this week, with conservatives gaining significant ground in Europe.  Also see here and here.   Immediately the pope whined about the election results, blaming "intolerance" and "racism".  Gee!  Why does that sound familiar?  Shades of November 2016!  Harping on the same theme, the pope, during an interview, compared the wall along our southern border to the Berlin Wall.  I suppose it didn't dawn on him that our wall is to keep out border crashers while the Berlin Wall served to imprison people within the east part of the city.  He then said he didn't understand "this new culture of defending territory by building a wall".  Is he serious?  Is he truly that ignorant of world history?  Perhaps he should take a look at that structure that surrounds Vatican City!  Walls like this have existed for centuries!

But the Vatican isn't only being bested on the political front.  Several leaders of nationalist bents are displaying and honoring their Catholic heritages.  The presidents of Brazil and Italy have both consecrated their nations to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Recall that Our Lady of Fatima requested that Russia be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  To date, the popes (not just Francis) have refused to do so.

Let us pray that more and more Catholics wake up and rediscover the One True Faith, for now it seems that the pope and the Vatican have forgotten it.  Pray that they too will return to the Faith.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Pope Francis Coins A New Term - Efficientism!

And make no mistake about it!  According to Pope Francis, this "efficientism" is a bad thing.  I mean, really really baaad!

From Brietbart we readIt is a mistake for the Church to try to hold onto old traditions or to have clear answers for everything, Pope Francis said Thursday

and even worseJesus intentionally omitted telling his disciples many things so that the Church would learn to renounce the desire for clarity and order

Boys and girls, can we say "blasphemy"?  What else do you call it when you falsely and deliberately claim that Jesus did not want clarity and order in His Church?

He mentions that Jesus never spoke of the Gentiles observing Jewish dietary laws - but that doesn't mean His will wasn't made plainly clear.  At the Last Supper, Our Lord told His disciples that He had many things to tell them, but they couldn't bear it yet.  The Holy Spirit would reveal them - and presumably clarify them.  We would do well to recall that during the time of the Apostles, public revelation was still being announced.  That process ended with the death of John the Evangelist.

So now the pope is trying to claim that Jesus is deliberately ambiguous, just as he himself is!  Is he trying to refashiion Our Lord into his own image and likeness?  Maybe in addition to blasphemy, we might also be talking about idolatry.  He certainly does seem to be paving the way for more insults and injuries to the Traditions and Sacred Deposit of Faith.  Will we be talking of female clergy?  Communion for adulterers?  Coddling of homosexual perversions and crimes?  Banning of the Traditional Latin Mass?  The elevation of envirowhackism and "immigration" invasions to de facto infallible dogma?  I'm sure this list isn't exhaustive.  All these will be greasing the skids towards hell for countless souls.

If any progressive accuses me of "efficientism", I will loudly proclaim GUILTY AS CHARGED!

Friday, May 24, 2019

Washington Post Gnashes Its Teeth Over A Local Priest Upholding Catholic Teaching

See here.  They are joined by other progressives in the area.  Unfortunately in Montgomery County there are quite a few of them.  When I say "unfortunate", I mean that they are placing themselves in danger of damnation, owing to their applauding of mortal sin.

Recall how Georgetown Visitation, thanks to Sister Mary Berchams Hannan, soiled itself by its open embrace of lesbian perversion.  A nearby pastor knew he could not remain silent.  Msgr Filari, pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes in Bethesda MD, issued an open letter to Sister.  It appeared in the bulletin. (By the way, should this bulletin "mysteriously" disappear, please be advised that many of us have downloaded it and we can make it reappear!)  Msgr tells the truth regarding the support of perversion.that it will endanger souls.  The screed issued by the Post is both typical and expected.

The real question is whether or not newly-minted Archbishop Wilton Gregory will himself uphold Catholic moral teaching.  Will he?  Will he act as a real shepherd of souls?  Or will he follow the despicable precedent set by his now-disgraced predecessor in office, Cardinal Wuerl, when the latter threw Father Marcel Guarnizo under the bus for withholding Holy Communion from a flaming lesbian?  All eyes will be upon him - including ours.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

ADW's Next Bumpy Ride Gets Underway

As of today, our archdiocese is now under the spiritual care (or lack thereof) of Archbishop Wilton Gregory.  His installation Mass and ceremony today was a mere harbinger of things to come.  From Catholic News Agency we see some snippets of insipidity.  To wit: "I want to be a welcoming shepherd who laughs with you whenever we can, who cries with you whenever we must, and who honestly confesses his faults and failings before you when I commit them, not when they are revealed"

No, no, NO!  Forget all this talk of "laughing" and "crying", Your Excellency!  You are our designated leader and shepherd!  Where are the promises to uphold the Sacred Deposit of the Faith?  Where are the promises to call dissidents to repentance and to discipline them when necessary?  Where are the promises to expunge the poisons of abortion advocacy and gay-coddling from the clergy and church structures? 

Enough of this talk of giggling and blubbering!  That is silly, effeminate, touchy-feely fairy-talk!  Such a squishy screed confirms our misgivings that the dissidence-coddling of your Atlanta days  simply changed locations.  For us in the Archdiocese of Washington, it portends at best that our episcopal leadership will be lack-luster at best.  I hope to be proved incorrect.

But alas, two other harbingers of continued mediocrity were at that Mass.  Those "signs" are now-disgraced Cardinal Wuerl and now-disgraced Cardinal Mahony.  Yes, they were right up there.  I wouldn't be a bit surprised if McCarrick was also in attendance.  Of course in his laicized state he would have had to be in the congregation.  But I digress.

Given the way that both Wuerl and Mahony have disgraced their own collars and robes, a normal person might have presumed that they would stay away.  But they didn't.  Were they defiantly sending a message that their vision for the Church in the US was being advanced by Gregory's placement as Archbishop of Washington?  I wouldn't be surprised for unfortunately they may be correct.  That is all the more reason to pray that our clergy return to the One True Faith.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Fallacies Of The Isolationist Catholics

I've often wondered how Catholics who love their Faith and traditions could be caracatured as reactionary curmudgeons.  I'm beginning to understand why, thanks to some facebook discussions in which I have recently participated.

On one thread, one man stated his belief that the apostle St Paul mandated that women pray only with covered heads - both in and outside Church.  Of course we all wore head coverings when we went to Church.  However, this is the first time I ever heard it suggested, let alone mandated, that women and girls should cover their heads when they pray outside of Church, be it in the classroom, at home, anywhere.  Mind you, the first five years of my Catholic education were free from the contagions of Vatican II.  We started the school days with prayers while standing by our desks.  Of course we were all wearing the school uniform.  At no time did any teacher ever dream of telling us girls to get our beanies from our desks and put them on before praying.  Of course when we went to Church (and we went to confession and Mass every First Friday) all the girls wore their beanies.  So now where on earth did this facebook Catholic ever come up with that notion??

Another thread pertains to another discussion that has come up in various trad circles from time to time.  Here's how it started.

Catholic conservatives are a sad lot. (How's that for an opening line?) They constantly bemoan the liberal progressive forces that undermine the influence of the one true Faith, yet they themselves promote the very dogmas of modernity, such as academic and religious freedom, that are the causes of the corrosion of the Church's authority. They are like cartoon sailors on a sinking ship who furiously bail water from one part of the ship while they unwittingly pour the water into another part, fully convinced they are the ship's saviors. When you point out the futility and self-defeating nature of their well-intentioned actions, they either ignore you or bail with greater intensity. That is, they hunker down and defend the false principles that have created the leaks in the first place.

When I pointed out that the First Amendment only set limitations on what federal government may or may not do to regulate religion and speech,   Someone made the point that secular judges, without reference to the Church would set limits, etc.  Well, yes.  I didn't have the time to go into basic history, that the framers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were largely Anglicans and/or deists.  I repeatedly asked them what practical alternative they'd suggest and they refused to say.  The originator of the thread had this to say:

You miss the point entirely. Any practical solution requires that one first have the correct theoretical position. Embracing a theory of practice is the problem.

Rather than rehash the dialog, I'll just post a screen shot.

As I see it, the common definition of "religious freedom" is the ability to practice one's faith without fear of governmental reprisal.  Had that "evil" of religious freedom not been in place in our country's founding documents, then Catholics at that time would have been at great disadvantage, since Anglicanism was the creed of most of the people then.  While I agree that a Catholic confessional state would be ideal, I also acknowledge that Catholics were always a minority in this country.  I also acknowledge that a Catholic confessional state could easily devolve into a tyranical nightmare if proper checks and balances are not in place.  Catholic confessional states did exist in the past. If they were so wonderful, why did they fail and disappear?

By the way, my last question was never answered.  I don't think they have a decent answer.  It seems all they can do is sit in their little cliques and b!tch about how terrible our system of government is.

Let's look at some encyclicals that deal with the social kingship of Jesus Christ.  We can start with Quas Primas, issued by Pope Pius XI on Dec 11, 1925.  Take a look at section 14 and notice "the threefold power which is essential to lordship": law-giver, judicial, and executive.  Do they sound familiar?  They should, for they are the three branches of federal (and most states') government.  In this encyclical, I read of no disapproval of either academic nor religious freedom.

Many trads rail against the heresy of Americanism, but do they really understand it?  As I see it, Americanism was the faulty way of thinking by prelates, most notably Cardinal Gibbons, that Catholic values should have no impact on political and social life and thus were striking compromises with civil leaders regarding the same.  Pope Leo XIII never meant to condemn the civil liberties enjoyed by Catholcis; rather he condemned the squandering of these liberties by American Catholics, who used those liberties for their own gain rather than as means to further the teachings of Jesus Christ in the social realm and to save souls.

After the jump break, I'll post snapshots of another facebook debate in which I am engaging.  You can see the logical fallacies espoused by these people for yourselves.  One lady says she won't participate in the US electoral system until changes are made.  As I asked her, who does she think will be doing the changes and what changes will be done if she doesn't lend her voice to the process?  That question is never answered.  Here goes..

Summer Sloppiness??

Summer is approaching.  Unfortunately for some that means that their already-too-loosey-goosey standards of dress will deteriorate even further.  A few priests will put some blurbs in the bulletin but even fewer will actually say something from the pulpit.  So, as in many other areas, it's up to us laity to speak up.

Truth be told, I was inspired to revisit this topic when I came across this excellent article.  It is worth a read.  I'll now link to an older post of mine regarding this very topic.

Faithful Catholics, we can - we MUST - do better.  Yes, that means you!  Let's dress like Mass is the most important event of the week - for that is precisely what it is.

Monday, May 20, 2019

A Mixed-Bag Stroll Through Our Parish Times

After the May 19th Mass I picked up the May 2019 issue of Our Parish Times.  This issue is focusing on school graduations, namely those from Catholic schools.  However, to read the various articles, one would not detect anything particularly Catholic about them.  The articles state that graduates are "prepared to meet the challenges of the real world".   Well, that's nice, in and of itself, but what about the schools' mission to prepare students to be faithful Catholics and to attain eternal salvation?  So far I see not one peep regarding that goal - a goal that surpasses by far all the scholarships and focus on this world.

I'm looking right now at page 16.  All the graduates from St. Bartholomew's School (on River Road in Bethesda) are pictured, with favorite quotes underneath each picture.  Not one quote is from a Catholic saint or even Our Lord Himself.  We see things from Ghandi and Martin Luther King.  We even read quotes from (this is no joke) Freddy Mercury and Whitney Houston.  Why no quote from any Catholic who takes Jesus Christ seriously?  I find that omission to be curious.  Was that deliberate?

After all that, it was refreshing to read on page 34 how the kindergarten class at Holy Redeemer made Rosaries for the missions.  They also made some to present to their mothers on Mothers' Day.  Equally good to see were accounts of May Processions and First Communions.

That oasis came to a bitter end when I read on page 22 (St Michael page) some tripe that does obeisance to envirowhackoism.  What else can it be when the authors mindlessly recite the mantra from the so-called "Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change", the one that predicts that if we don't go green within 12 years, well, they don't really say what will happen, do they?   One wonders just how much carbon footprint was caused by the creation of that IPCC report, what with all these wonks in their private jets, the paper wasted, etc - but I digress!

Again, to end on a happy note, go to page 59 (St Raphael) and read of the conversion of a Jewish man to the One True Faith.  That is the goal of authentic ecuminism - not some "go along to get along" nonsense but leading to Jesus who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

We Can't Use Private Revalation As An Excuse Not To Do Anything, Not To Fight

These words are uttered by Michael Matt at the 13:08 point of this video.  He goes on, "Soldiers of Christ, which we are by Confirmation, we must continue to fight".  He is speaking of those  who try to use the apparitions of Mary (I'm speaking of just the approved ones), particularly that of La Salette, as justification for praying only.  Nope!  It's ora et labora.

Think about it.  At last week's picket of Shriver at the Mount's commencement, why did only nine of us show up to protest?  I'm not asking that of those who were in front of abortuaries at that time for they were standing and fighting.  I'm speaking of those who, quite frankly, refuse to take a public stand for God's truth, out of cowardice and/or laziness.  Those in front of abortuaries likewise find themselves stretched thin.  If many people don't do some serious soul-searching on this point, they might find themselves unpleasantly surprised at their Particular Judgment at the moment of their deaths.

Pro Life Legislation - Opposition From Strange Sources

A few days ago, Alabama passed one of the most comprehensive laws against abortion to date.  By no means is Alabama alone, as other states have recently passed their anti-abortion measures: Tennessee, Louisiana, Missouri, Georgia.  These laws have some differences between each other.  They certainly are not perfect in that some allow for exceptions.  However, they are a lot better than what has happened on the legislative front for quite some time now.

However, not all are pleased with these initiatives.  Oh, I'm not talking of the usual pro-abortion "gang of suspects" that slither through the Democratic party or the offices of NOW and NARAL.  I'm talking of those whom we might have believed to be our allies.

For starters, in the states listed above, have any of those local bishops praised their state legislatures for standing for babies?  I haven't heard of any, and would be delighted to be informed if some have in fact supported pro-life legislation.  I learned that the Tennessee bishops actually denounced their pro-life laws, citing "legal worries".  Well, of course these laws are going to be challenged in court.  Of what are these bishops afraid?  Do they fear that they might be called upon to help defray costs of defending the legislation in courts?  Are they that much in love with their bank accounts?

Then we have Pat Robertson, one-time head of the "700 Club".  He thinks that Alabama's bill is "too extreme", especially since it doesn't have "rape and incest" exceptions.  Well, yes, the aim is to protect all babies.  In Robertson's mind, how many babies should be sacrificed to the murderers, so as not to be "extreme"?  As for his desire for "rape and incest" exceptions", I'd love to see him debate that with Rebecca Kiessling or Ryan Bomberger, both conceived in rape.

Not to be outdone is what I call the "Non Pro Life Mutation".  They claim to be oh-so-much-more enlightened than we, the Great Unwashed, who have been pro-life activists for decades.  I looked at their facebook page and sure enough, not a peep regarding these measures is found therein.  Wait a minute; there is some glop about how one of the states discriminates against illegals.  In fact, there's more on their page about illegals than about the babies.  So much for the left-wing fake prolifers.

On the other hand, we have a bunch that calls themselves "Abolish Human Abortion".  At least their facebook page mentions the babies.  They also mention the bills, if only to trash them.  I might have been able to take them halfway seriously if they weren't so virulently anti-Catholic.  They have been known to come to abortion sites where Catholics are praying in front of the mills - to harass the Catholics!  So these legislative efforts have caused the nut-cases on both extremes to put their noses out of joint.  That itself is a sign that the sane people in the pro-life movement are on the right track.

These bills will be challenged, and these challenges may well go to the Supreme Court.  They have the potential of causing Roe v Wade to be overturned.  That itself won't win total protection for the babies, but it will be a significant step.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Georgetown Visitation Goes Down The Toilet

I saw it first on LifeSiteNews, but in reality it's all over the lame-brain media.  The president emerita, Sister Mary Berchmans Hannan, announced that the school's alumni magazine will carry announcements of same-sex-shackups along with actual marriages.

In trying to justify her catering to mortal sin, Sister claims that "we can focus on Church teaching on gay marriage or we can focus on Church teaching on the Gospel commandment of love."   So much error, so little time!  But I'll give it a shot.
  • Our Lord teaches through His Catholic Church.  It is this Church that contains the full deposit of faith.  She teaches infallibly on faith and morals.
  • The Church's teachings do not contradict each other.  They cannot, for God does not contradict Himself.  If any notion of "love" lends one to affirm homosexual conduct or any other mortal sin, that notion is not authentic charity but a cheap, deadly, sentimental facade of the same.
  • What she calls "learning and growing" is in fact capitulation to the sinful dictates of secular society.  Berchmans and her friends value the world's opinion (and probably funding) more than Our Lord Himself.
Some parents understand that Hannan is compromising the Catholic education for which the paid.  However, they remain silent.  They say that they fear "the soft discrimination against the children...(with) A's becoming B's".  Plus, they don't want to have a reputation as "one of the angry parents".  In short, while they understand the truth, they are moral cowards.

I don't know what troubles me more: Hannan's disobedience to the Faith (and her vows) or the cowardice of these parents.  Just as the school is doing gross disservice to the students in their own way, so too are these parents, albeit differently.  In remaining silent, they are teaching their children to remain silent as to uphold their Faith and yes, their very identities.  They are teaching their children that it is better to "go along to get along" because this life matters more than the next.  I believe Our Lord stated "who acknowledges me before men, I will acknowledge before my Father.  Whooever is ashamed of me, I will be ashamed of them before My Father."

Then of course there is the "non-statement" tossed out by the Archdiocese of Washington.  Will they respond with half the alacrity that they displayed when Father Guarnizo refused Holy Communion to the flaming lesbian?  I don't think so, either.

Faithful Catholics simply must put some steel in their spines if we ever want to restore decency to our culture.  This is doubly incumbent on parents who are responsible for the souls of their children.

Contact information for the school can be found here (bottom of page). Please contact them and advise them that they are endangering the souls of the students in their charge, and their own.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Kudos To Alabama!

Hats off to Alabama Governor Kay Ivey and both houses of the Alabama State Legislature for passing the Alabama Human Life Protection Act.  This bill outlaws virtually all abortions (no more rape-and-incest nonsense) and comes complete with jail terms for those committing baby-murder.

Of course this will be challenged in court, but that allows for the real possibility of the overturn of the Roe v Wade ruling.  Let us pray that this happens.  The demise of Roe won't be the end of the battle, but it will be a decisive win in our efforts to restore protection to the babies.

Let's keep praying those Rosaries!

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mark Shriver And The Mount - Rebuked Via Picket

On the morning of May 11, I joined eight young men from a PA chapter of the TFP Student Action as we stood outside the Knott Arena at the Mount.  We were there to protest their honoring of pro-abortion Mark Shriver in disobedience to the USCCB statement "Catholics in Political Life".

First, let me draw your attention to the picture at the right.  This is taken from our cordoned-off location across a driveway.  The red "x" marks the location where we were originally supposed to be.  We were told by the campus police officer who guided us to the location that the officials were "afraid we might slip and fall because the previous evening's rain had dampened the grass".  Well, bless their hearts!  Wasn't that just so, so ... thoughtful of them?  That yarn was so hokey that the police officer seemed embarrassed to say it.  In the video below, I made a point to show the difference from the original location to the place where we eventually were situated.

Also observe that woman leaning against the sign.  She was no doubt assigned to babysit us as she was there the whole time we were there.  The Mount officials really must have been afraid that we might (gasp!) talk with some of the people.  Such a horrifying prospect that must have been to them!

While our opportunities for conversation were somewhat curtailed, we still made our point.  The gentlemen from TFP have done similar protests.  One of their trademarks are bagpipes.  It's rather difficult not to notice bagpipes.  Oh yes, some attendees just breezed on by us, but they knew we were there, and these signs were quite prominent.

We did have some opportunity for conversation.  In the video you'll see one irate father who just didn't want to acknowledge that a pro-abort would be spouting "sweet nothings" into all their ears.  I suppose it didn't dawn on him (and many others) that quite a few who should have been graduating college that day never got the opportunity to even draw the breath of life, and that baby-murder was occurring in many Maryland localities as we were speaking, thanks in part to Shriver's abortion promotion.

However, a mother came up later to thank us for being there.  She disapproved of Shriver and affirmed our suspicions that the decision to invite Shriver caused much tension and division in the Mount community - as well it should have.

Let us pray that the leadership of Mount St Mary's never again is derelict in their responsibilities to provide Catholic example to their students and that they remember that they are Catholic first and foremost.

Catholic Relief FUND????

Having been at the Mount picket yesterday and then focused on the video and blog post (to be published very soon), I was not paying attention to the second collection schedule.  I should have, for I know full well that the Catholic Relief Services second collection occurs in May.

I was immediately alerted to that when, during the announcements right after the Creed, it was announced that the second collection would be "for the benefit of the Catholic Relief Fund".  I realized immediately that this name-change was an attempt to obfuscate the name "Catholic Relief Services", much like the name "Catholic Communications and Human Development" is intended to mask the real intent of that collection, that to fund the CCHD.

Immediately I got out pen and paper and jotted a note, saying that I will not contribute to CRS as long as they participate in the distribution of contraceptives and signed my name.  I dropped that in the second collection basket.  As the collection was taken, we were thanked for our support of the "Catholic Relief Fund".  So again that bogus name was used.

After Mass, I checked the Archdiocesan website, and sure enough, today is the day on which the second collection is for the Catholic Relief Services.

I went into the lobby and noticed the CRS envelopes next to the song booklets.  I asked Father about that strange wording and he replied that was what was written in his notes.  I've no doubt about that and he was merely announcing what he had been told to announce via the notes.  The question remains is, who dictated the contents of those notes?  While it's true that we do have some Spanish-speaking people in the parish offices, I cannot see how any confusion between "fund" and "services" could have occurred in any translation.  In Spanish, fund is "el fondo" and service is "el servicio".  That translation would be impossible to confuse.

So...  Who ordered that change from "services" to "fund", and why????

Did anyone else notice similar anomalies?

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Calling All MD And PA Catholics To Stand For Truth This Saturday!

Several weeks ago I posted of the abominable decision of Mount St Mary's to ask pro-abortion and pro-sodomite Mark Shriver to give the commencement address at the Mount's graduation ceremony on May 11.  Despite the protests of many faithful Catholics, they are hell-bent (literally!) on kissing up to Shriver.  They seem not to care one whit that they are in flagrant disobedience to "Catholics In Political Life".

So now we are left with no choice but to picket.  We've got to preach truth to the people attending for Shriver, by his presence, will be posing a scandal to every person there.  We must provide the antidote and yes, we must speak a word of rebuke to those who dared to hold up for honor someone whose public stances are gravely immoral.

This picket effort is largely spearheaded by TFP Student Action.  They have done quite a few of these demonstrations; I've demonstrated along side of them twice at Georgetown University over the years.  Their personnel have secured a location for us to picket there, quite close to the entrance of the hall where the commencement will occur.

Please plan to arrive at 8:45 at the Campus Public Safety Office.  It is on the west side of Rte 15.  Turn from Rte 15 west onto Anadale Road then an immediate right onto Old Emittsburg Road.  The office is the white building at that intersection.  From there, campus police will lead us in our cars to a parking area close to the picket site.  Please bring appropriate signs and your Rosaries.

Please spread word of this, and please attend and pray for this effort.

Because many readers may not have been involved with protests of this sort, I present now a video of Randall Terry interviewing other brand-new activists who proclaimed truth at a function in Texas for Pete Buttigieg (another dissident Catholic) spoke.  If they can speak out, we can all stand for truth as well.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Leading Church Men Ask Bishops To Deal With Heresies Of Pope Francis

This past week several clergy, theologians, scholars, etc released an open letter to the prelates of the Church asking them to deal with the heresies being committed by Pope Francis.  The authors of the letter understand that only bishops can take action, but that is what they ask the prelates to do.  In a word, they are asking the prelates (that is, those prelates who aren't in fact in league with the promulgation of the heresies) to act.  The text of the letter is here.

This letter is just the latest in a series of attempts.  See the list to the right.  Might this letter be, in fact, a call for an imperfect council to take action against Francis, even to the point of deposing him?  Despite denials from otherwise well-intentioned Catholics, there are reasons to doubt the validity of the papal election that seated Francis upon the papal throne.

Please read that open letter and circulated it among your families and friends.  Please pray your Rosaries and be living in a state of grace.  Below are some more words on the situation from Michael Matt.