Monday, October 31, 2016

From The Ecumenicide Department - Halloween Horror In Lund

The emissaries of ecumenicide had a heyday in Lund earlier today.  From Catholic Herald we read, "Pope Francis urged Catholics and Lutherans to take decisive steps toward unity and move beyond the controversies that have divided western Christianity."  Right off the bat, we need to get real.  The only authentic "steps toward unity" will be the repudiation of the heresies of Lutheranism that have given birth to that erroneous sect.  In other words, they need to come back to Rome and embrace the Roman Catholic Church, in all her fullness of teaching and sacraments, for these are given to us by Jesus Christ Himself.  There's no "moving beyond" that fact.  Unity must be founded on truth; else what we'll have is a cheap sentimental facade of "unity".

Martin Junge, a Lutheran official evinced some of the problems even as he waxed lyrical about "unity".  Notice what he said: "building bridges so that we can draw closer to each other, houses where we can meet together and tables — yes, tables — where we can share the bread and the wine, the presence of Jesus Christ who has never left us and who calls us to abide in him so the world may believe."  Notice how he speaks of mere bread and wine.  Unless Lutherans understand that at Consecration during the Mass, the bread and wine cease to be bread and wine and they become the Body and Blood of Jesus. There is no understanding, no acceptance of that in his remarks, therefore there can be no real unity.

In Crud we read, "Pope Francis and the global Lutheran leader have jointly pledged to remove the obstacles to full unity between their Churches, leading eventually to shared Eucharist."  Again, we know that only as Lutherans forsake their sect and are received into the Catholic Church can they partake of the Eucharist.  There's no other way to "remove the obstacles".

Regrettably the pope provided one example of how the yearning for baseless unity will lead to more error.  In Zenit we read; The Pope said that with gratitude we can “acknowledge that the Reformation helped give greater centrality to sacred Scripture in the Church’s life.” He also said that Martin Luther, “with the concept  "by grace alone,’” reminds us that God “always takes the initiative, prior to any human response, even as he seeks to awaken that response. The doctrine of justification thus expresses the essence of human existence before God.  There is so much here to be unpacked that we must resort to "bullet" format.
  • "greater centrality to sacred Scripture"  What Scripture???  Martin Luther mutilated it by removing from it books that didn't support his heresies.  For instance, the two books of Maccabees were removed for they provided direct reference to the doctrine of purgatory.  As we all know, Luther eliminated that teaching from his perverted system of thought.  I understand that he was also going to pull the Letter of James from the New Testament.  I don't know what happened to prevent that.
  • Speaking of Scriptural mutilation, we recall also that Luther added the word "alone" to the passage in Romans where he speaks of Abraham's faith.  Is that the "grace alone" to which the pope refers?  Why does the pope affirm the sola fide heresy concocted by Luther?  Yes, that's what it is; it certainly is no true "doctrine".
Below I'll post an interview given by Bishop Athanasius Schneider, reminding us that the Council of Trent already addressed the issue of Lutheran error.  The Council of Trent is binding.

Maryland Elections

I've already stated the reasons why I'm supporting Trump for President many times on this blog.  At this time I'd like to focus the Senate and Congress races.

One of the reasons why I'm supporting Trump has to do with Supreme Court nominees (as well as those of lower courts).  Per the US Constitution, the President nominates candidates to fill judicial seats.  These nominations are subject to the approval of the United States Senate.  Obviously the composition of the Senate is crucial.  In Maryland, Barbara Mikulski, "katholyc" in name only, has supported baby-killing, sodomy and all other manners of quasi-socialistic bills during her all-too-long career in the Senate.  She is retiring and we have an opportunity to fill her seat with a decent candidate.  We have that in Republican Kathy Szeliga.  Please support her whole-heartedly.

For the eight seats that Maryland has in the US Congress, please vote the GOP ticket in your district.  Some folks have consternation regarding Amie Hoeber, GOP candidate for the 6th Congressional district (happens to be mine).  It appears that she is pro-abortion and supports funding for Planned Parenthood.  However, in her favor, she opposes assisted suicide and Obamacare.  She also opposes the de facto persecution of Christians that is currently gathering steam.  As a Republican, she generally opposes governmental intrusion into our lives; Common Core is one such intrusion that she opposes.  Her opponent, incumbent John Delaney, another "katholyc" in name only, is the typical Democrat who not only supports any and all abortions, but every other attack on life and morality.  Again, we can vote for a flawed candidate to oppose his/her even more flawed opponent.

There are some local ballot questions about which I'll comment later.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Maryland Abortionist's License Revoked

Yes, it actually happened in the abortion-friendly state of Maryland. A few days ago, the Maryland Board of Physicians revoked the license of Harold Alexander.  He's been featured on this blog in previous years - here's an anthology of posts detailing his chequered career.  The happy news of the revocation comes courtesy of Operation Rescue.

Operation Rescue did much work in pushing Maryland to finally do the right thing; for that they are to be commended.  But make no mistake about this fact; had Anthony Brown won the gubernatorial election instead of Larry Hogan, Alexander would still be at liberty to continue his quackery-butcher business.  One of my earlier posts detailed the pro-abortion corruption that existed under Democrat governors.  Elections matter.  Moreover, this scenario illustrates that Republicans tend to be much more attune to moral concerns than do Democrats.  We need to bear that in mind as we vote - that means you, #nevertrumpers!

Disdaining Truth And Authentic Worship For The Sake Of Ecumenicide

As most have heard, Pope Francis will be going to Sweden to "celebrate" the 500th year anniversary of the birth of Lutheranism.  I put "celebrate" in quotes for Martin Luther committed mortal sin and was the cause for millions going astray these past 5 centuries.  Mortal sin is to be mourned, not celebrated.  Catholic Family News has an article detailing the real character of the apostate known as Martin Luther and why his doings are to be abhorred not celebrated.

Greg Burke, head of the Vatican Press Office, said Catholics and Lutherans are "no longer defining themselves in opposition to each other but in communion with one another".  Oh, really?  I haven't heard any news of the Lutherans recanting their errors, for that's the only way true communion will come about.  Any real unity must have its basis in truth - that is, the Teachings of Jesus as entrusted to the Roman Catholic Church.

A little "aside".  Who remembers all the excuses for the papal gaffes that involved "poor English translations" from the Italian?  Consider the name of this Vatican press office head - sounds like something originating from the British Isles, doesn't it?  Hmm..  But I digress!  On with the main topic of this post!

LifeSiteNews put up a piece today regarding the impending ecumenicide debacle (fitting that it's occurring on Halloween, for it sure will be filled with horrors - but again I digress!)  It mentions the "hopes for intercommunion" by both Catholic bishops and Lutheran officials.  Both Cardinals Burke and Sarah denounced the very idea of non-Catholics receiving Holy Communion for it would constitute sacrilege.  They are correct.  Keep these two cardinals in mind for there is other news regarding them.

So on Halloween there is a "service" (one that we pray doesn't involve the mortal sin of sacrilege on the part of the pope).  The following day the pope will celebrate Mass for the local Catholic community. Crud ran an article on that, and the first few lines purport to be the pope's real sentiments about that Mass.  I'll quote now. "At first, Pope Francis did not want to celebrate a Catholic Mass in Sweden in order to preserve Monday’s ecumenical witness at the joint Catholic-Lutheran commemoration of the Reformation in Lund, he revealed in an interview released today. He later changed his mind after reflecting on his role as pastor of the Catholic community, and in response to a request from the local Church. But he put the Mass on the following day, Tuesday, in order to 'avoid confusing' the ecumenical event with the Catholic one."  If this quote is accurate (and it probably is), this means that the pope didn't want an icky old pelagian Mass to poop the ecumenicide party.  Now faithful Catholics know that Holy Mass is the highest form of worship that we can offer to Almighty God.  During the Consecration, the bread and wine are transformed into Jesus Christ Himself, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity.  It takes precedence over all other acts of Catholic worship.  It certainly is far, far superior to any other prayer service and we beg the pope and his entourage to remember that.

Earlier in this post I said there was news regarding Cardinals Burke and Sarah.  It is quite troubling.  Today it was announced that the pope has completely revamped the membership of the Vatican's Congregation for Divine Worship.  Only Cardinal Sarah remains as prefect.  Quite a few of the faithful members were ejected including Cardinal Burke.  Others include Cardinals Pell, Ouellett, Ranjith.  They were replaced by those of a liberal bent, virtually isolating Cardinal Sarah as he attempts to maintain tradition and reverence in Catholic liturgy.  Call me suspicious, but I do think some of the motivation for this may have been punishment for Cardinals Burke and Sarah for daring to remind Catholics, including the pope, that non-Catholics cannot be given Holy Communion on pain of sacrilege.

Ecumenicide is getting to be quite the idol these days.  Not only do good prelates get marginalized, but Holy Mass itself is shunted to the side.  When will it end?

Thursday, October 27, 2016

"NeverTrump" + "Seamless Garment" = Spiritual And Political Toxicity

We've all dealt with those who have taken on the slogan "#nevertrump".  They are those who are so taken aback by Trump's personality (I suppose this is preferable?) and media hype, that they rail constantly against him.  They have planned to squander their vote by either voting for some third-party candidate or not voting at all.  I hear them rail incessantly about Trump's faults while uttering nary a peep about Hillary's outright evils.  They have allowed themselves to be deceived (and in some cases, engaged in self-deception) into believing that there is essentially no difference between the two: all along ignoring facts that stare them in the face.  Now this error of false equivalency has taken a sad yet foreseeable turn for the worse.

An individual, once well-known as a leader in the pro-life community, announced on facebook (and maybe other venues) that he intends to vote for Hillary.  He's involved in some "social justice" issues along the "seamless garment" bent, and Hillary's positions on those do jive with his.  If he believes along the lines of the #nevertrump folks that there is no essential difference on life issues between Trump and Hillary, then I for one can see how he'd succumb to the temptation to evaluate things through those "seamless garment" topics that are geared towards seduction into the culture of death.   For now, I won't identify him.  For the sake of this post, I'll call him A.

I discovered this during a discussion on the facebook wall of another pro-life leader.  Again, I won't identify (for now) but will call this one B.  When I stated that those who vote for Hillary risk their immortal souls, B rebuked me, stating that A and his family simply came to "different conclusions" and that their decision to vote for the most pro-abortion candidate in this race posed no danger to their salvation because they were "sincere".

Needless to say, I and others felt like we had stepped into the Twilight Zone.  One the one hand, we have former pro-life leader A announcing his intention to vote for Hillary.  On the other hand, current pro-life leader B is so muddled in his own thinking that he won't listen to the words of pro-life priests (here, here) and just common sense regarding the evil (not just inadvisability) of voting for Hillary.

Again, I believe that the erroneous mindset of A is one that logically follows from the somewhat lesser erroneous mindset of the #nevertrump crowd.  I understand that at least most of the #nevertrump crowd isn't voting for Hillary; that's a plus.  However, now we'll need one more vote to offset the vote of A.

I post now a talk given by a Catholic priest.  I find his analogies to be quite helpful.  Please pay close attention to the quote from Pope Pius XII towards the end.  The late pontiff makes very clear that a vote for an evil candidate is sinful, "sincerity" notwithstanding.

UPDATE - My friend and CMC colleague at Les Femmes put up her own piece regarding the muddled thinking of some pro-lifers as evinced by A and (to a lesser extent) B.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Maryland Catholic Conference Implicated In "Catholic Spring" Scandal?

A friend of mine sent to me this link from the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights.  He was rightly intrigued by the direct reference to the Maryland Catholic Conference (along with individuals skulking the corridors of the Archdioceses of Washington and Baltimore), named on this WikiLeak-provided email from Christopher Hale (with John Podesta receiving a copy).

I decided to do some net-surfing regarding leadership at the MCC, starting with the Administrative Board.  From the Archdiocese of Baltimore we have Steve Kearney.  He's also on the Board of Directors of Maryvale, a Catholic girls' school in Lutherville MD,  On that list he is identified as being owner of Kearney O'Doherty Public Affairs, LLC.  Looking on the FEC website, we see some rather telling political contributions from this owner of Kearney O'Doherty.  Every one of them is for a pro-abortion candidate.  Consider the Kratovil ones.  In those races, Kratovil was running against the Catholic pro-life Andy Harris; in other words, Kearney was contributing towards the defeat of a pro-life Catholic.  In this link we see that Kearney is identified as a "spokesman for the Archdiocese of Baltimore".  So the Archdiocese of Baltimore had as a spokesman someone who donated to supporters of baby-murder!  Isn't that...special?  The MCC repeats that error by retaining Kearney as an advisor.

In the Archdiocese of Washington section, we see one Vincent Burke, an attorney in Bethesda.  He's contributed to Connie Morella.  Below him is an all-too-familiar name: Msgr Enzler.  He's been featured earlier in this blog.  James Soltesz' contributions, with a few exceptions, are towards pro-abortion candidates: Obama, Wyn, Shriver, Hoyer, Morella.

Bonnie Phipps is by herself in a section called "Catholic Hospitals Serving Maryland".  Phipps has contributed to Elijah Cummings, Frank Kratovil, Mikulski, Cardin.

Now I've written quite a bit about the Maryland Catholic Conference over the years.  Notwithstanding some token efforts of theirs regarding abortion, they spend inordinate amounts of time, energy and money promoting the progressive positions on:

So who are Christopher Hale's contacts within the MCC who are ready to do his bidding?  As we can see, there are several possibilities: of which we know.  We do know that as faithful Catholics, we must take anything coming from the MCC with copious grains of salt.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

NARAL Blood-Feast Picketed Last Week

On Saturday, Oct 15th, Maryland NARAL held their annual blood-feast/fundraiser at Ten Oaks Ballroom in Clarkesville, MD.  It's located at Route 108 and Signal Bell Lane, just one block north of the interchange between Rtes 108 and 32.  We've done this in previous years: in 2012 in Sandy Spring and 2011 in Rockville.

About 15-20 of us were there to perform two of the Spiritual Works of Mercy: Rebuke the Sinner and Instruct the Ignorant.  We held pictures of some victims of abortion, realizing that these people should have a crystal-clear idea of what they were supporting.

As they did in previous years, most of the people just zoomed by us, pretending they didn't see the truth.  As you can see, though, there's no way they could not have seen the message.  Some however, came out and took photos of us, with one of them getting involved in quite a debate with one of our number who was holding his sign along Route 108.  I suspect they did so only because we were the most interesting part of an otherwise boring and dreary evening.

I would urge good people to make their voices heard in the streets more and more.  We must be willing to put the time and effort into these outreaches if we're going to win this culture back to life.

From The Niggers Of The New Age Department - Two Katholyc Lap-Dog Groups For Hillary

Last week we learned from WikiLeaks that John Podesta helped establish two faux-Catholic groups to usher what he called a "Catholic spring".  Those two outfits are Catholics United and Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good.  We've known for a long time that these two groups are inimical to the One True Faith.

Church Militant dug out an expose they did six years ago on these two outfits and others.  I agree that the material therein needs to be reviewed.  Just bear in mind that this video was made while Benedict XVI still occupied the papal throne.  I'm linking to my six-year old post as it has other relevant links.  At the time I wrote it, the expose hadn't been put in youtube format; since then it has, allowing me to post it below.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Update From The Vatican Website

I'm happy to report that just two days after One Peter Five, this blog and possibly others reported on the rather suspicious disappearance of the writings of Pope Pius XI, this page has been restored.

Now would the webmasters be so kind as to restore the English translation of Saint John Paul II's address to the Tribunal of the Roman Rota?  It occurred Feb 5, 1987.  According to Bai McFarlane who runs the site, this translation existed until this past December; now only the Italian remains.  The English translation does exist at the John Paul II Foundation.

Ms. McFarlane wrote an article yesterday that appears on Spero Forum.  She puts forth some theories as to why the English may have been removed.  Her theories are quite plausible in light of previous monkeyshines pulled by the Vatican regarding different language versions.

Again, Vatican webmasters, please put that translation back - and any other documents that might have "mysteriously disappeared".  Thank you.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Will #Nevertrumpers Finally Listen To Reason?

Some good Christians have the erroneous idea that if one votes for a given candidate, then they support and approve of everything about that candidate.  That is so overly simplistic as to be intellectually and morally dishonest.  I've even heard it said that some won't vote for Trump because he doesn't meet their "standards".  So does that mean our personal "standards" should be held above the good of millions of people?  What kind of "standards" allow for that?  Upon what are these "standards" based?

I post now two articles, excellent in their moral treatment of this question: the first is from Town Hall, and the second addresses Catholic questions.  Below now is a Stoplight video on the matter.  Please get out and vote for Trump.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Vatican Webmaster, Restore Pius XI's Writings - NOW!

I saw this on the site of 1 Peter 5.  Take a look at the video he made.  I tried it myself and saw the same thing.

He said someone told him "never underestimate the incompetence of the Vatican IT staff".  I don't think it's innocent incompetence.  Consider that before September (or whenever it was removed) that the links to the popes' writings had existed there for years.  Only with a fair degree of deliberation can a link be changed.  Notice that the link isn't merely broken as though the Pope Pius XI page was inadvertently deleted; that would have triggered an error message.  It is rerouted back to Pope Francis' page; someone had to change that page link.  Moreover, if it was some technical issue, don't you think that the pages pertaining to other popes might be likewise impacted?  They aren't - just that of Pius XI.

Skojec has suggested reasons why Vatican progressives might find the writings of Pope Pius XI to be rather inconvenient to their goals of instilling de facto disobedience to Christ's moral teachings.  I agree but also think there are additional causes.  Recalling that Amoralis Lamentia has done much to instill "pastoral malfeasance" regarding divorce and remarriage, consider that with the other writings of Pope Pius XI encyclical Casti Connubii likewise disappeared.  Another encyclical that's gone is Quadragesimo Anno, in which Pius highlighted socialism's incompatibility with Catholicism.

Some might be rather indignant that we'd suggest Vatican officials might be capable of such underhanded actions.  Time for a memory-refresher.  Remember "Book-Thief Baldiserri"?  Read the link and you'll see how this website alteration might just be right up their alley.

Fortunately the internet is what it is, and there are other sites on which papal writings are available.  One of the sites is  Take a visit.  It is still a scandal that on the Church's website, the writings of a pope could be removed.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Who's On A Kamikaze Mission?

I link now to an article by Father Marcel Guarnizo that is published today on entitled "Donald Trump's Kamikaze Mission".  He's written before regarding his opposition to Trump.  I do want to remind my readers that it was Father Guarnizo who, four years ago at my parish in the Archdiocese of Washington, withheld Holy Communion to a practicing lesbian.

That said, I'm frankly taken aback at Father's characterizations of Trump: "clinical", "narcissistic", "needs a therapist", etc.  I admit they are opinions shared by many, but they are merely that: opinions.  I've yet to hear of any body-count associated with Trump as we hear of Hillary's (which seems to be in a state of growth these days).

He put forth the following analogy in an attempt to illustrate the choices of Hillary versus Trump that now face us.  "If someone at a dinner gathering requires a ride home and the only two available drivers are both drunk, the moral determination is clearly not to try and determine who is less intoxicated, and assign that poor fellow to do the driving. All that is required is to be aware that neither can drive and therefore you must not give the responsibility to either one."  The analogy is quite faulty.  In the dinner case, the rider has the option of not accepting a ride from either one of them.  We as a nation have no such option.  Either Trump or Hillary will go to the White House.  We as a nation will have one of the two drivers and no one else.  We either choose which one it will be, or the choice will be made for us by those who do bother to go to the polls.

Later he makes the following statement: "Morally I submit, only one determination is necessary: Is a candidate fit, qualified for the office of president of the United States? I argue it is unreasonable (and therefore immoral), to cast a vote for anyone blatantly unfit for the office. It matters little who is more unqualified."  That last sentence is incorrect.  Elections are about choices.  That means the voter weighs one candidate versus another, comparing their strengths and weaknesses of one to those of the other.  It really does matter who is more qualified or unqualified, particularly when one or the other will win.

The article was released today.  It could very well have been submitted to Townhall before the WikiLeaks revelations came out that told us just what Hillary and company intend for faithful Catholics.  I cannot believe that Father would blithely ignore this development.  At any rate, I haven't the time to rehash arguments that I've been making about this election for months now.  Please go back and read those posts for memory refreshers.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Pope Francis, Ecumenicide Is Poison Against The Path Of Salvation

That is what he should have told that poor little girl when she and other Lutherans visited Rome a few days ago.  The question she asked of him is how she should convince non-Christian friends of her faith.  He replied, "What should I tell them to convince them? Listen, the last thing you should do is ‘tell’."  There are so, so many things wrong with this statement.
  • He contradicts Jesus Christ Himself when He commanded His disciples to preach the Gospel and to teach them all that He had taught them.  That sounds like a bit of "telling".
  • He led a young child astray.  Far from being encouraged to share her faith, He told her to remain silent and perhaps caused her to doubt her own faith with its demands to proclaim the Gospel.
  • The context of the story indicates that the child herself might have been Lutheran.  There is not one indication that the pope pointed her to the One True Faith.  More on that later.
He misquotes Matthew 25 by ascribing to Jesus these words: "Beware the leaven of hypocrisy".  These words are not to be found anywhere.  Oh, Jesus does have rebukes for hypocrites, but this quote simply doesn't exist.  If Scripture is to be cited for certain phrases, one should ensure that the quote is accurate and can be corroborated.  Else, one may fall into the danger of ascribing to his/her own ideas the authority of Scripture.

In Matthew 7:7-9, Jesus, in teaching of prayer, asks what father among His listeners would hand to his children snakes and scorpions when asked for food.  Yet snakes and scorpions were given to this child as she asked the pope for guidance.  This is quite reminiscent of the false guidance that the pope gave to his friend the late Tony Palmer.  The latter wanted to convert to Catholicism and the pope dissuaded him; in fact, the pope combated the work of the Holy Spirit as Our Lord was moving him to become Catholic.  An analogy that comes to mind is a drowning person begging for a life preserver and the lifeguard tosses him an obviously leaky one.

In two weeks the pope will be traveling to Switzerland to "commemorate" the 500th anniversary of the "Lutheran Reformation".  Since when does one "commemorate" a horrible sin?  Given the other remarks he made during that audience, it is clear that he really intends to celebrate the ripping asunder of the Church and the resultant damnation of souls.  What is also appalling is that the group gave him a gift - a bound copy of Luther's 95 Theses - the beginning of his heresies.  The pope accepted this replica of Luther's slap in the face to the Church.

It is reported that at that meeting with the Lutherans, in that room was a statue of Martin Luther - made of chocolate (I kid you not!).  Why would any kind of statue of a heretic ever be found in the Vatican?  When will we see a chocolate Hitler?  How about a chocolate Margaret Sanger?  Since the Vatican is in Rome, perhaps a chocolate Nero or Caligula would be fitting, right?

With this abomination in the Vatican, along with beach balls on sacred altars and muslims praying to their demon-gods in the Vatican Gardens, this pope has allowed filth to pollute places dedicated to Our Lord Jesus Christ.  More troublesome is the scandal being caused to those who would seek out the Vicar of Christ for guidance - as did that little girl.  Didn't Our Lord say something about millstones being tied around the necks of those who cause scandal?  Pray for our pope that he'll turn around before more souls are steered towards hell.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

In Mourning 100 Years Of Planned Parenthood, There Is Some Light And Action For You To Take

Today marks 100 years of the existence of Planned Parenthood: an organization that has murdered 7.3 million babies to date.  More murders are added daily to that number.  Started in the early 20th century by eugenicist Margaret Sanger, this organization has wreaked much cultural destruction in civilization.  For important background, I'd advise watching the clip "Maafa 21".

Yesterday many prolife people gathered at their local Planned Parenthood death mills to pray in reparation and mourn the death and destruction caused by Planned Parenthood.  At the Planned Parenthood of Metro DC facility in Silver Spring, we did just that.  Our event featured Eric Scheidler, Executive Director of Pro-Life Action League and Father Greg Markey.  The video of this event appears below.

After these two men, you'll hear from Lauren Handy, who announced yesterday that Planned Parenthood lost their lease at 1400 Spring Street.  They now rent on a "month-to-month" basis.  She distributed the flyer to the right that suggests actions to be taken in order to have Planned Parenthood finally evicted from this building.  I will suggest additional actions to be taken.

A search of the Maryland real estate database reveals that the owner of record is "1400 Spring Street LLC" and that the mailing address is the same as listed in the above flyer.  Now we look at Maryland's business entity database and see that the principal office of the LLC is 5 Sunset Cay Road, Key Largo, FL.  The LLC was formed in Florida.  Denise Peel, cited in the flyer, is the Maryland registered agent.  If we search Peel Properties, we see that their principal address is the Key Largo address.  So who/what is to be found at Sunset Cay Road?  A spokeo search reveals a rather posh neighborhood, with two people with the last name "Peel" living at that address.  In googling the word "Peel" along with the FL address, we determine that William and Barbara Peel live at that address.  They are also the principals and managing members of Peel Properties LLC.  To sum all this up, in addition to the contacts on the flyer, we should also address William and Barbara Peel at the Key Largo address and ask them to accelerate Planned Parenthood's departure from the Spring Street building.

As was said toward the end of the video below, we need as many people acting on this as possible.  Those of you in the MD/DC area, we need you on the sidewalk in front of this mill.  If you're not local, then please get out in front of your local death camp to pray and offer help.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

#NeverTrumpers Are Paving The Way For Hillary's Catholic Spring

Even now, in the wake of the WikiLeaks revelations in which we see Hillary et al promising to wreak persecution on Holy Mother Church, #nevertrump Catholics insist on cultural and political suicide by sanctimony. Unfortunately they themselves won't be the only victims but the whole of western civilization.  I wonder how many of these people have children?  Do they consider the future that they are foisting upon their children just so that they can mollify their "consciences"?

Two months ago I posted on why it is likely immoral for a faithful Christian to deny Trump their vote at this time.  In that post I quoted from another author who rightfully excoriates those Christians who are in fact turning malformed consciences into de facto idols.  That is exactly what is occurring when the stance of some is "I vote to satisfy my conscience".  Actually we're supposed to vote to satisfy God; that's the goal of anything we do.  Our consciences are faculties that serve to guide us how to do that.  However, in order for them to work properly, they must be formed and informed by Catholic teaching.  They must also be guided by logic and reason, not by overly delicate sensibilities and gut reactions.

I wrote that post before the revelations of these past few days.  Even when more of Hillary's evil has been laid bare for all to see, some of the #nevertrump people remain stubborn in their determination to deny their votes for Trump.  I was astounded to see the usually-sensible Bishop Paprocki utter such nonsense.  Then there's an article in the Catholic News Agency suggesting yet another "third party" candidate to dilute our votes so that Hillary can strut into the White House.  I find it odd that these posts both appear on sites that are controlled by EWTN.

A friend of mine said it quite well earlier; I can't remember the exact phrasing here but I'll paraphrase: "if anyone assists the b**ch of bengazi by voting for her, by staying home or voting third party, they will have blood on their hands."  Indeed, that will be true by dint of their sinful refusal to acknowledge the facts set before all of us.  Let us pray, for the #nevertrump folks have less than one month to wake up and wise up.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wikileaks Confirm That Hillary And Co Regard Catholics As Niggers Of The New Age

Yes, once again we have proof that Catholics who adhere to the teachings of Jesus Christ are considered fair game for politically correct bigotry.

The batch of emails released by WikiLeaks centers around John Podesta, current campaign manager for Hillary Clinton.  In them he clearly states his wish for a "revolution" in the Catholic Church.  He and a left-wing activist named Sandy Newman (president of Voices for Progress) bandy about the idea of a "Catholic Spring, in which Catholics themselves demand the end of a middle ages dictatorship and the beginning of a little democracy and respect for gender equality in the Catholic Church."  Podesta remarked that he helped create Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good and Catholics United to accomplish that aim.

Church Militant commented on these revelations.  Throughout the video, Michael Voris mentions the fact that many bishops are caught up in the progressive agenda.  He points out that many of them place left-wing "social justice" issues above the pressing matters of abortion and homosexuality.  He is quite right.  He falls short, though, in failing to address their papal enabler.  Let us not forget that three of these same progressive prelates were named as future cardinals by Pope Francis.  The collusion between progressives and Church hierarchy goes all the way to the top.

Courtesy again of WikiLeaks, we learned a bit more today of the "Catholic outreach" of Hillary's campaign during the last election.  Her "Catholic liaison" during the primaries, Eric McFadden, was arrested after the election for running a prostitution ring.  Hillary know how to pick some real winners, doesn't she?  Of course he might well have been just the kind of guy who thought like she did.

Voris closed his report with a warning, one that bears repeating.  If Hillary ascends to the White House, there will be persecution.  Watch the video below if you want to see her make that very clear.  If some #nevertrump people don't swallow the pride and mortify their delicate little emotions that they erroneously call "consciences" and engage in actual Catholic moral thinking and vote for Trump, they will have any resultant suffering on their heads.

GloriaTV - "None Of Cardinal-Designates Are Catholic"

Given what I wrote yesterday, I think GloraTV's point has valid basis.  In their video yesterday they supply information about the designates from other countries.  Thanks to Canon212 we have some additional information about the new cardinals of other countries.

The future cardinal of Madrid had these comments upon learning of his appointment (note: the translation from Spanish is rather awkward).  I do hope it was not he who said "the Catholic Church is the devil on earth" but rather someone else; I can't tell.   Later on he says we "are becoming the Church in a synodal Church, a church where we can all talk free, to make more credible the Church of Christ".  What is it about the "mystical Body of Christ" that confuses this soon-to-be prince of the Church?  Then he later says "criticism sometimes comes from people not want to move from his chair and that's bad".  So I suppose only some should "talk free", not those of us who want to preserve the Church's timeless traditions.

Today GloriaTV released another video delving into other designates.  The Wanderer carries an expose of Archbishop Josef De Kesel of Brussels Belgium, another designate. He favors married priests, women's ordination, and is sympathetic to sodomite conduct.

The GloriaTV clip points out some who weren't selected: Archbishop Chaput, Archbishop Gomez.  They have stood for marriage and morality.  Might that be the reason they were passed over?

I truly hope that by now the "rose-colored-glasses" crowd that crows "we just wuv our papa!" are fully awake as to what is happening before their very eyes.  Of course we must pray and act, but in order to do so, we must face the ills of the church without attempting to put "positive spins" on the truth.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Skullduggery In The College Of Cardinals - Sarah Sidelined, Three New Progressives In

Cardinal Robert Sarah is a faithful prelate who did much to oppose the wreckage of the Magisterium that was the purpose of the two sin-nods on the family.  This blog and others have been shining the light on theses sin-nods and their resultant mess that is named Amoris Laetitia.  I have renamed it Amoralis Lamentia.

It seems that His Eminence is beginning to share some of the fate of Cardinal Burke, another faithful prelate.  Cardinal Sarah is currently Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.  He had been scheduled to open the academic year for the John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and the Family on October 27 in Rome, but the pope basically expelled him from that role, saying he'd do it himself.  This comes after the pope apppointed two progressive prelates to head that institute.  That institute had also opposed the progressive juggernaut at the two sin-nods.

In August, I wrote about one of those progressive prelates, Archbishop Paglia.  His appointment is solid evidence that the pope does indeed intend - as stated in Amoralis Lamentia - to allow divorced Catholics who are living in adultery to commit the mortal sin of sacrilege by receiving Holy Communion without the requisite repentance from mortal sin.  In that post, I wrote about another progressive prelate who has done damage to the faith - Bishop Farrell.  I will be addressing him in the next paragraph.

The pope just announced that he named 17 new cardinals, to be elevated on November 19th.  Three of them are US prelates and one of them is Bishop Farrell.  Another is - Archbishop Blaise Cupich of Chicago.  Yes, this Cupich!  As you can see, he has occasioned a whole series of blog posts with his dissidence and insults to the Faith.  Read that anthology and consider the progression of events.

The third US prelate is Archbishop Joseph Tobin of Indianapolis.  In January 2015, we learned that a Knight of Columbus council in his diocese rented their hall to lesbians so they could celebrate their sinful relationship.  We contacted him to have this debacle stopped; we heard crickets from him.  He is not to be confused with Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence RI, who is a faithful prelate.

I just touched upon the three US cardinal-designates.  I'd be willing to bet that the fourteen from other countries are just as problematic.

There can be no doubt that the pope is deliberately stacking the College of Cardinals with progressive cronies while marginalizing truly faithful Princes of the Church.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Stand With Faithful Catholics Of Nashville TN

Note: What I am about to relate is a scenario that will become more and more common in Catholic schools and parishes.  It is an expected consequence of Amoralis Lamentia.  Last July we reported on a particularly lurid piece of pornography promulgated by the Vatican Pontifical Council for the Family called the "Meeting Point", a euphemism for "sex education".  My post, and the linked LifeSiteNews report, point out many ways in which this program is a slap in the face to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

This past summer several Church officials from around the world authored and signed a letter asking the pope to condemn the errors of Amoris Laetitia.  In this post of mine is a video of pro-life and Catholic leaders asking the same; some ask for the complete withdrawal of Amoris Laetitia.   A few days ago GloraTV announced that some of the signers are suffering repercussions for standing for the faith.  Hey!  Why aren't they being "accompanied"?  Double standard much??

This heavy-handedness is being manifested in the Diocese of Nashville Tennessee.  LifeSiteNews reports that parents of a student at Father Ryan High School were told in no uncertain terms that unless they ceased their objections with the lurid sex ed program there, their son could not return.  The bishop, David Choby basically stuck his finger in the parents' eyes.  While giving some perfunctory lip-service to parental rights, he then went on to say that these rights were subordinated to school demands.  The fact is that Church tradition has always held parental rights to be binding under natural law and that educators were there to support the parents.  Now the parents aren't being supported.  They are being undermined overtly, and are even being punished by a bishop who now stands in stark disobedience to Church teaching and natural law regarding the primacy of parents in the education of their children.

What the diocese is doing is a direct result of the document known as Amoris Laetitia.  Within the document itself are statements and footnotes that undermine parental authority.  Moreover, the abuse that the Nashville bishop is orchestrating against this family is very similar to the vindictiveness that is being unleashed against some of the signers of the letter.

The LifeSiteNews article, at the bottom, has contact information for the bishop and for school officials.  I ask all my readers to contact these individuals.  With respect but in no uncertain terms, please rebuke them for:
  • the vindictive punishment meted out to this family
  • their disrespect for the place that parents have in the education of their children
  • the existence of this pornography in the school
That is what we all can do.  Good Catholics in the Diocese of Nashville should rally around this family and decide on local courses of actions.  Boycotts of collections and pickets come to mind.  Don't be passive in the face of this evil, for if we are passive, we'll only encourage future outrages.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Classic Case Of Shooting The Messenger

From Church Militant we read of their attempts to address an article found at Catholic News Agency (controlled by EWTN) that quite frankly is a major kiss-up to Tim Kaine, the Democrat nominee for Vice President.  Kaine, of course, is rabidly pro-abortion.  CM addressed inquiries to Archbishop Chaput; for their efforts they were rather rudely rebuffed by Chaput.  Two comments to the CM post voiced wonderment as to the attitude of Chaput; they believe he has been more attune to faithful Catholics in the past but not now. I cannot say for certain, but I suspect that Chaput knows what side of the bread has been buttered, given what the climate is like in the Vatican.

EWTN controls Catholic News Agency.  Mother Angelica must be spinning in her grave to see a branch of EWTN shilling for a "katholyc in name only" pro-abortion politician.  Chaput's obvious resentment of the truth being brought to light only adds to the shame of a once-reputable organization.

Below I'll now post a video of a keynote address given by faux-katholic Kaine to a dinner hosted by the Human Rights Campaign.  The HRC is a leading promoter of the gay agenda.  Archbishop Chaput and other leaders of EWTN, watch closely.  Take note especially of the times between the 12-minute and 18-minute marks, as Kaine openly trashes the Catholic faith.  For that you sell your individual and corporate souls??

Annapolis Planned Parenthood Sends Woman To Hospital

From Operation Rescue (with video).  This happened Oct 4, 2016.

Apparently this is not the first time this particular abortuary sent a woman to the hospital.  The first known incident happened this past January.  It should be noted that this mill failed an inspection three years ago, yet the corrupt state of Maryland allows it to continue its bloody business.

Two things to consider:
  • Your presence is needed out there.  We'd never have known about this had it not been for vigilant activists out there.  Moreover, you may well be able to prevent an abortion and save a baby.
  • First, this blog is not a tax-exempt organization and thus is not bound by any Johnson-amendment gag contrivance.  Your vote for Trump is critical in stopping Hillary's ascent to the White House.  Should she prevail, these scenarios will become everyday occurrences.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Poop Video - Journalism

St. Corbinian's Bear has commentary that I largely echo.  It seems that the pope wants all journalists to emulate that lovable clown crew known as the Vatican Press Office.  You remember them, right?  In the early days of this pontificate, they were the favorite scapegoats of the "Pope Francis Fan Club with Rose Colored Glasses".  It was the VPO that was to blame for all those (ahem!) "faulty" translations of papal gaffes. I never did hear of any major reform of that office.  Isn't that odd??

Along with CNS, I'm sure the pope would like journalists to emulate America and the Not-at-all Catholic Reporter.  These days they all wax lyrical about "gods of surprises" and anything-goes "mercy".  As the Bear says, some of us don't tow that line; you'll see quite a few of those on my right side bar.  In all seriousness, it is we who are trying to cut through the flim-flam to shine the light on cockroaches.

Here is the video.  Too bad it isn't lent, for the watching of this might constitute an act of lenten mortification.  Again, what is with all those actors just turning around and grinning into the camera?  Also notice that there is not one mention of the Church or even Jesus Christ.  Is that weird or what???

Monday, October 3, 2016

Pope Francis Adopts Language Of Perversion

The above scandal happened during yet another in-flight interview yesterday.  From LifeSiteNews we read that reminisced about an audience he held with two lesbians.  I reported on that here.  One of the women mutilated herself with both surgery and hormones to give herself a more masculine appearance.  In that blog post I opined that we did not know the Vatican's account of what occurred during that audience.  During that plane ride yesterday, we were apprised of it and sadly it does corroborate what the two lesbians said.

As mentioned, the woman legally changed her name to "Diego".  I will refer to her as that since I don't know what her given name is.  However, I will refer to her as she actually is - female.  Anything else would be completely dishonest and beholden to the demons of political correctness.

The pope, though, insists on condoning and conforming to that demonic linguistic deception.  He refers to Diego as "he".  The pope even said that Diego and her partner in perversion got "married".  Of course they didn't, pretenses notwithstanding.  States Pope Francis regarding Diego: "He wrote me a letter saying that, for him, it would be a consolation to come [see me] with his wife. I received them and they were very happy," Pope Francis added. Clarifying his use of pronouns, the pope said, "He that was her but is he."

I could spend paragraphs unpacking this mess.  We literally have to start with the first word for Diego is not a "he" but a "she".  I think the pope tries to cover over his blunder with the sorry excuse for a pronoun clarification (the underlined quote) but flubs that badly.  "Was her"?  Nope!  She still is a "her" and never, ever will be a man.  That is NOT how God created her and to acquiesce to that demonic language is to stick a finger in the eye of God Himself who created Diego as a woman.  Think of the audacity of contradicting God's will to accommodate perverted caprices; that is what the Pope has done in his selection of language: including that so-called "clarification"!

Let that last part sink in, if you will.  In adopting this very faulty language, the Vicar of Christ is in fact contradicting God Himself who created Diego and positively willed that she be referred to as a woman.  I don't know about this bishop "accompanying" this woman, but it sure seems like this bishop and this pope are accompanying the woman - as they walk far from God, His Church and straight towards hell, barring their conversions to the One True Faith.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

MCC Congress Candidate Survey For Maryland

The survey results that you see to the right were included in today's parish bulletin.  The Maryland Catholic Conference continues its abominable habit of combining issues of widely varying moral weight into one ambiguous list - ambiguous because it makes the issues appear to have equal moral weight.  They don't.  Moreover, notice that there is no mention whatsoever about abortion, even though Maryland harbors a late-term baby-killer: Leroy Carhart.

However, the first issue regards an assisted suicide ban.  That of course does deal with a non-negotiable issue for one can never be involved in the deliberate taking of innocent human life.  That constitutes murder.  The second issue is also of immense concern, for that involves our right to practice our Holy Faith.  Such practice entails speaking out on moral issues of the day.  Those first two columns are key to understanding which candidates would be acceptable.  Indeed, between the contenders for each race, the choice is literally between night and daylight.

We see, for instance, that Kathy Szeliga would deserve the votes of faithful Catholics for US Senate whereas Chris Van Hollen would be completely unacceptable.  Please don't be fooled by that fourth column, for the MCC, like its national USCCB counterpart, has bought into the progressive lie that open borders is somehow Catholic teaching.  It is not.  In fact, CatholicVote has a handy list of what does not constitute binding teaching, progressive deceptions notwithstanding.

Note that five of them did not submit a response to the MCC survey.  All of these are Democrats - surprise!  They are all flaming pro-aborts and one of them, Steny Hoyer, is the current Minority Whip in the House.  Please cast your votes for their GOP opponents.  Elijah Cummings is another odious incumbent, implicated in several scandals (see here and here).

The list looks rather clear - the GOP candidates by and large are the ones whose positions align with Church teaching regarding the non-negotiable issues.  The only race that appears to have candidates of similar viewpoints is that of the First Congressional District (eastern shore).  I would have to recommend Andy Harris; he has proven himself as pro-life in the House and we do not want leadership in the House to fall to Democrat hands; we've had enough of Nancy "pope" Pelosi.

November 8 is Election Day.  Get out and vote.  Past readers understand why I urge a vote for Trump/Pence.  These local races are also crucial.  Trump can nominate Supreme Court justices but we need a decent Senate to confirm them.

David Haas, Gay-Shilling Dissident

Today's communion hymn was a diddy written by David Haas.  I refused to sing it.  Let me remind my readers of the reasons why.

Again, I'd advise readers to peruse the hymn selections during the few minutes before Mass, lest you find yourselves singing songs written by someone who is a dissident and possibly a pervert.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Voter Fraud?

Yes, it's happening already.  The most current case involves a James Madison University student who confessed to registering 19 deceased individuals to vote.  Oh, by the way, he's a Democrat.  The following video was created by Ray Stephens to illustrate the point with a little humor - and we all know the most effective humor is laced with copious amounts of truth.  No wonder the Democrats oppose voter id laws!

The Vatican Is Getting Groovy, Man!

One would have thought the 1960s had past, with its main proponents now ensconced in academia and high political office.  However, the Vatican appears not to have gotten the memo.

From Tradition In Action, we read that L'Osservatore Romano reviewed a documentary done by Ron Howard called "Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years".  Obviously it focuses on the Beatles.  TIA exposes the inanity of this review, chastising the Vatican for glossing over the cultural rot that is directly attributable to the Beatles and many groups that came after them.  Indeed, the Vatican appears to heap gushing praises on the Beatles, nothwithstanding John Lennon's infamous quip that the Beatles "were more popular than Jesus".  Some even more fundamental questions are these: "what on earth is the Vatican thinking when it even writes such an article?  What does this have to do with the Roman Catholic Church?  Aren't there other topics on which to write that are actually relevant to the Church?  I blogged several months ago about Cardinal Ravasi waxing lyrical about the late David Bowie.  What?  Is the Vatican now trying to prove to pop-culture aficionados that it too is "relevant"?   Whatever happened to focus on Jesus Christ and being the Church that He intended?  How about focus on Tradition as opposed to the fleeting fads of today?  No wonder Mass attendance is shrinking.

Instead of the Church getting "with the times" it needs to realize its timeless nature.