Sunday, January 23, 2022

Electronic Graffiti On Basilica Of The Immaculate Conception

On the eve of the National March for Life, a Mass for Life is usually held in the main part of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception on Michigan Avenue NE, Washington DC.  Such was the case this past Friday night.

Taking a cue from the Vatican City abomination of six years ago, "Katholycs for a Free Choice" decided to do something similar to the Basilica.  They did, as you see to the right.

Now I won't react in shock and horror at what they did to the Basilica.  That's simply the nature of the nonsense in which they engage.  I really don't know how they thought that this little stunt was going to advance their cause, such as that cause is.

Rather, I am mystified.  Consider that the "katholycs" had to set up their projectors, probably lugging their gadgets from their cars.  Then they had to make sure that their aim was correct and everything in focus, and they did all this in the dark.  So where, oh where, was the Basilica security staff while all this was going on?  Did they lack the guts to confront the "katholics for free choice"?  Well, given the way in which they molested George Neumayr several years ago AND the fact that some of them have actual criminal records, I find that hard to believe.  Were they given orders to stand down and "let the show go on", as it were?

If anyone has further information on what happened that night, and how it was allowed to happen, please reply in the comments section.  I suspect we'll never know the answer to these questions that they were probably hoping would never be asked.

Friday, January 21, 2022

Cardinal Gregory To Join Forces With Dissident And Blasphemer Sr Helen Prejean To Whine About Capital Punishment

Yes, I said "blasphemer".  What else do you call someone who said that God the Father is a "monster, an ogre" for "demanding the death of a son (Jesus)"?  That and her other serious deviations from Church teaching are detailed here.  I would ask how Cardinal Gregory could dignify someone like that, but considering how he sang the praises of "Fortunate Families" during his first "theology on tap" session, I realize that he and Prejean are cut from the same cloth.

Anyway, this online gabfest is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, February 1st.  I'm sure it will be a real hoot.  It's a shame it isn't happening in the evening, for some insomniacs might find it helps them fall asleep.

When the time comes around for the "archdiocesan appeal", please consider that this is just one more reason not to give them a penny.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Cupich Persecutes Father Bus After Committing Idolatry On New Year's Eve

Father James Altman demands, at the 1:00 mark, that Cardinals Cupich and Gregory "turn in their red hats".  

In regards to Cardinal Gregory, he is referring to this stunt that Cardinal Gregory and then-Cardinal McCarrick pulled in 2004.  Later in the clip, he states that evil has entered into the hearts of many prelates, for how else could they facilitate the public sacrilege of pro-aborts receiving Holy Communion?

Let's take a closer look at Cardinal Cupich, shall we?  Two weeks ago I posted that Cupich seems to be the designated poster boy for the pope's insidious attempts to quash the Latin Mass.  In that post is video of the raucous debauchery that Father "Snuffy" Pfleger called a "Christmas Eve Mass". 

Recently, Father Anthony Bus. pastor of St Stanislaus Kostka parish asked the Chicago see for permission to offer Holy Mass ad orientem.  Permission was denied.  Father Bus replied with an open letter on January 13 acknowledging that he would be obedient to the directives, but also expressing his disappointment at the decision.  In that letter he spelled out his reasons.  Before you proceed with further reading of this post, I ask you to read completely Father Bus's open letter.

Apparently the Chicago chancery took umbrage at that letter; that is to say, their guilty consciences were stung - much like the consciences of those who immediately after hearing St Stephen, stoned him.  On January 17th, Father Bus wrote another open letter detailing the mischief meted out to him by Bishop Lombardo.  Note that Father says that Canon 1373 was cited against him.  Perhaps I should say was misused against him.  We all knew that is precisely why Pope Francis stuck that poorly worded thing in canon law, and here we have a prime example of its intended purpose.  So now Father is being sent to some hinterland to "reflect on his priesthood", whatever the hell that means!  It is very reminiscent of what happened in my own parish nearly ten years ago.

One Mad Mom has an excellent take on this situation.  Her reference to Father Martin is no doubt occasioned by this, written after Bishop Strickland defended Father Bus.

So, according to Cupich, Father Bus and the priests of St John Cantius are to be stifled, while he himself can be the principal celebrant at a pagan Chinese New Year ceremony?  Check out this write-up, complete with video.  Cupich's attempts to quash the Mass of the Ages is most likely a feeble attempt to justify his own blatant idolatry.

Monday, January 17, 2022

Why The Kingship Of Jesus Christ Matters

Dr. Timothy O’Donnell is President of Christendom College, located in Front Royal VA.  On Friday evening, January 14, 2022, he spoke to a group of faithful Catholics at the Rock Creek Council of the Knights of Columbus in Bethesda, MD.  This lecture was sponsored by Defend Life.

The title of Dr. O’Donnell’s talk was “The Kingship Of Christ And The Defense Of Life”.  Before his talk, Dr. O’Donnell himself gave an introduction to his topic; that can be found at  A recording of the talk is below.

He based his talk on documents written by two popes at the dawn of the 20th century.  They are:

  • Annum Sacrum, written by Pope Leo XIII in 1899
  • Quas Primas, written by Pope Pius XI in 1925  

Please watch the recording and study these two papal writings.  Both writings can be found at the website

When one reads these two papal letters, they cannot help but notice that they are lamenting the spiritual and moral climate that oppresses us today.  The situations that we see today are nothing new; the spiritual and moral rot of modernism and atheism has been festering for some time now.  In 2022 the rot has so progressed from the early 20th century that remnants of Christianity that lingered back then have eroded, and continue to do so.

We’re in the midst of full-blown secularism.  That is painfully obvious.  Pope Pius XI listed seven effects.

  1. Christ’s rule over mankind is denied.
  2. The Church’s right to evangelize is denied. (Look at what constitutes “hate speech”.)
  3. The Christian religion is made equal to other religions and is lowered to their level
  4. The Catholic religion is made subject to civil powers (Lockdowns are a prime example)
  5. There is an effort to substitute a vague, naturalistic religion for the truth of Jesus Christ (Pachamama, new age, etc)
  6. Governments carry on without God and even promote disrespect for God
  7. Selfish egotism attacks and destroys families.  When the family, bedrock of society, collapses, we see society collapse.

1.     For these reasons, he instituted the Feast of Christ the King who reigns through His Sacred Heart.  He asked for a consecration to the Sacred Heart.  In 1969, Pope Paul VI moved the feast to the end of the liturgical year and made it a solemnity, naming it “Feast of Jesus Christ, King of the Universe”.  This was intended to give Christ’s Kingship more prominence to fight the ongoing secularism.

We can’t expect civil leaders to acknowledge Christ’s Kingship if the Church doesn’t do so.  We need to step out in courage.  That is incumbent not only on the clergy but also on laypeople.  We need to proclaim the truth, even in the face of inevitable mockery and opposition. The March for Life is an opportunity to bear witness to the truth of our Faith.


Dr O’Donnell ended his talk with quotes from Popes Francis and Leo XIII. 

  1. Francis, in Evangelii Gaudium, writes, “I invite all Christians everywhere, at this very moment, to a renewed personal encounter with Jesus Christ, or at least an openness to letting Him encounter them.  I ask all of you to do this unfailingly each day.  No one should think that this invitation is not meant for him or her.  No one is excluded from the joy brought by the Lord.  The Lord does not disappoint those who take this risk.  Whenever we take a step towards Jesus we come to realize that He is already there waiting for us with open arms.”
  2. Leo XIII, in Annum Sacrum, wrote, “When the Church in the days immediately succeeding her institution was oppressed beneath the yoke of the Caesars, a young emperor saw in the heavens a cross which became at once the happy omen and cause of the glorious victory that soon followed.  And now today behold another blessed and heavenly token is offered to our sight the most Sacred Heart of Jesus with a cross rising from it shining forth the dazzling splendor of its flames of love.  In that Sacred Heart all our hopes should be placed from it the salvation of men is to be confidently besought.”·       

·      Dr O’Donnell added that if we placed our hopes in the Sacred Heart, the pro-life movement will be victorious, that many lives will be saved.  And now, the video.

Monday, January 10, 2022

Pope Francis Coddling Gay Perverts?

My colleague at Les Femmes put up a piece detailing how Pope Francis recently "praised" Sister Jeanine Gramick, a co-founder of New Ways Ministry.  She has spent the last 50 years helping perverts hurry their ways to hell with false comfort, etc.  However, the pope her work is in "the style of God", which is all-out blasphemy.  The pope only joins her in their hell-bound trajectory.  New Ways is headquartered in Prince George's County MD.  For decades, the Archdiocese of Washington officially denounced them for their dissidence - even though the prelates have shown some ambivalence themselves towards the Church's teachings.  We will see if the chancery quietly regularizes New Ways' status.

The pope committed this blasphemy in a hand-written note to Gramick.  Another to receive a handwritten papal note was Father James Martin, an LGTBQ(add to the alphabet as desired) shill.  Of course Martin retains his position in the Vatican Communications Office.

There are voices in the Vatican that speak the truth, but they are becoming fewer and fewer.  One reason is that they are being ejected from their positions.   Archbishop Giacomo Morandi was the secretary for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith before the pope gave him the heave-ho.  The pope transferred Morandiito a small diocese, even though he is an archbishop.  This is clearly seen as a demotion.  One wonders if it is a punishment for being behind the March 2021 statement that forbade blessings of gay "couples".

No doubt the Faith is under attack.  That such attacks come from the Vatican is beyond the pale.

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Archbishop Vigano Draws Parallels Between Hatred Of Latin Mass And Vaccine Mandates

These parallels have been obvious to many of us.  We are, after all, both body and spirit.  Thus it makes sense that these Satan-originated attacks would be two-pronged.  The Archbishop also calls for resistance against both these draconian attacks.

Monday, January 3, 2022

Michael Matt On The Attacks Against The Mass Of The Ages

One of Michael Matt's closing lines is that our struggle will require from us more than prayer.  Yes, prayer is necessary but it is not sufficient.  We must prepare now to resist both ecclesial and governmental tyrannies for the sake of our souls and the souls of those whom we love.

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Archdiocese Of Chicago - A Trial Run At Quashing The Mass Of The Ages?

Below are two Christmas Midnight Masses that happened in Chicago last week.  The first is one that happened at St Sabina, "pastored" for eleven years by Father Michael Pfleger.  I've written much about him in the past.  Truth be told, he's a nut-job.  Well, what else do you call someone who claims to be against gun violence, but then called for a gun shop owner to be snuffed?  His words, not mine. 

In this anthology of posts about "Snuffy" Pfleger (my new nickname for him, for aforementioned reasons) you'll see some of his Masses that are nothing more than garish extravaganzas.  This Christmas mass follows along that pattern.  I use the word "mass" loosely for there is such disregard for the most basic rubrics that I'm not sure the Eucharist was confected and thus not sure real masses took place.

This clip is over two hours long.  It is replete with loud band music, strobe lights waving all over the place, the ubiquitous liturgical dancers twirling and prancing hither and yon, etc.  I'd advise you not to try to watch the whole thing, unless you have the stomach for it.  The Consecration (or charade of consecration) takes place at the latter half.

The other clip is from St John Cantius.  It is a solemn high Mass in the Extraordinary Form.  It is reverent.  All attention is directed to Our Lord and the Holy Sacrifice.  True worship of God, and of God alone, is taking place.  That is precisely why the progressives want this Mass obliterated.

So why am I and others directing so much attention to the Archdiocese of Chicago?  It's because Cardinal Cupich issued a policy that basically directs the long knives at the Traditional Latin Mass - not the gaudy hooplas at St Sabina, but at Traditional Latin Masses such as those conducted at St. John Cantius.  Consider that Cupich's policies were announced in Vatican News.  That fact alone indicates that what Cupich is doing may well be at the behest of the Vatican as a "trial balloon", if you will.  Scroll to the bottom of this link to see a pdf outlining Cupich's restrictions.

To reiterate what I said in another post...  Traditionis Custodes is NOT to be obeyed.  It is immoral and sacrilegious on its face.  This is the oath that all popes take when they are coronated.  How is Traditionis Custodes not in violation of this?  We will continue to attend the Tradtional Latin Mass.  Those of my readers who attend the Novus Ordo should consider supporting the continuance of this Mass and to combat any deviation from the General Instructions for the Roman Missal.  I'd also urge you to attend at least one of the Traditional Latin Masses.

It is difficult to predict the future, not only because of the pope's obvious animus towards the Mass of the Ages but because of the governmental tyranny that encroaches under the guise of "combatting Covid".  But as so many of our ancestors did before us, by the grace of God we will ensure that the Mass does not die, even if we must do so in spite of our prelates.