Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Illinois Catholic Prayer Breakfast Disinvites Stupak from Event

Yesterday I alerted you to a planned honoring of Bart Stupak by the above-named organization.  I went to their website and was happy to see that they have rescinded their invitation to Bart Stupak. 

Their contact information is on that webpage.  Please thank them for their actions.  I truly hope that such measures will cause the Stupaks and Keehans of the Church to take serious stock of their current directions and to stop capitulating to powers-that-be (see the Real Catholic video below).

"Tax Day" Tea Party in Washington DC - April 15th!

Put this on your calendars!  Freedomworks Foundation will host a 2010 Tax Day Tea Party this April 15th, from 6:00pm till 9:30pm.  It will be on the Washington Monument grounds.   Click here for more information and other events.

We Have No King But.......

This clip from Real Catholic TV gives a brief definition of the role of civil government.  Michael Voris rightly decries those who look to government to solve their problems, and he also states that it's mostly left-wingers who do so.  I'll take that a step further by illustrating why I believe that liberalism and atheism feed each other.  The atheist claims there is no God.  However, such a claim violates his very nature, as we all recognize a need for God, be that need conscious or unconscious.  Nature abhors a vacuum.  So what, then, becomes the god of the atheist?  Well, there are the usual suspects: money, pleasure, comfort, convenience - but there's another choice of false deity - government!   I truly believe that is why so many atheists are lovers of Big Government and haters of the One True God.

"Too many Catholics look to the State to solve problems that the Church should be solving."  That does describe the modus operandi of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  Let us learn the principle of subsidiarity.  Let us learn why Pope Pius XI condemned socialism.  Let such knowledge govern our votes this coming November.

A note to left-wing lawyers regarding my previous sentence.  We are NOT a "501(c)" anything!  Among other things, there are no muzzles upon what we can say, be it political, partisan or whatever.  So stop salivating, now!  There is no lawsuit fodder here!

November 2010 Election Theme Song! Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bart Stupak to Be Honored at Illinois Catholic Breakfast?

The Illinois Catholic Prayer Breakfast is scheduled for Friday, April 30th.  Bart Stupak is slated to be the keynote speaker.  Read the details here.  As was the case with the John Carroll Society, we believe this arrangement was made long before the Hell Bill vote on March 21, when Bart Stupak betrayed his faith, his constituents and the unborn babies to lead his contingent to put the Hell Bill over the number it needed for passage.

Again, it is up to us, the laity, to inform the Illinois Catholic Prayer Breakfast that they should cancel Bart Stupak's appearance.  He no longer deserves to be celebrated at any Catholic function.  Contact information for the Illinois Catholic Prayer Breakfast is in the article.  Again, please be very polite and informative in your approach.

Baltimore Archdiocese Suing the City Over Its Pregnancy Center Strangulation Bill

On Monday, March 28, the Archdiocese of Baltimore filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Baltimore, rightly claiming that the regulation of pro-life pregnancy centers violates the rights of church members to freedom of speech and religion.  The Archdiocese is doing the proper and courageous thing.  I urge all to read the Baltimore Sun article.

Of course Planned Parenthood would voice "disappointment" with the lawsuit, since they stand to gain financially through the blood of more babies.  We hope that the Archdiocese of Washington will find the courage to do something similar and to take on Montgomery County for its onorous regulations against pro-life pregnancy centers.

GOP! Clean Up Your Act - NOW!

During the whole debacle with the Hell Bill these past two weeks, I was beginning to believe that Republicans had found their moral compass.  Silly me!  We read from Newsmax that the Republican Central Committee spent almost $2000 at a morally decadent night club.  Moreover, the chair of the RNC, Michael Steele (who was once MD's lieutenant governor), has come under fire for his expenditure decisions.

Whoever authorized that sex-club jaunt and/or participated in it needs to be fired pronto.  Ladies and gentlemen, the USA is in deep trouble, largely because of such shenanigans as this.  Many of us are praying for God's mercy and that He will bless us.  However, in order for that to happen, we must repent of our sinful ways (particularly the sins against God and sexuality) and make very certain we don't fall into them again.

The GOP wonks had better take seriously the primacy of spiritual renewal over economy, defense, etc, lest it find itself no better than the Democrats.  Right now, the idea of a third-party is looking very plausible.  Hint: read 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Another Leftwing Feeding Frenzy Against the Church

Now that they have successfully shilled for the Hell Bill, the liberal wonks are seeking another left-wing cause to justify their pitiful existence.  Not having found anything new, they must drag out an old "cause celebre".  Of course, I refer to the recent calls for Pope Benedict to resign for alleged roles in the clergy sex scandals and calls to drag the Vatican into civil court.

We read from the Washington Post that federal appeals courts in Oregon and Kentucky are allowing sexual abuse lawsuits to proceed against the Vatican.  We read that "in the Oregon case, lawyers are arguing that priests around the world are 'employees' of the pope for whom he is responsible."   Now look at the end of the article.  I'll quote the whole thing.  "The Kentucky case involves three victims who alleged they were abused by three different priests between the 1920s and 1970s. The Oregon case involves a victim who was allegedly abused in 1965 by a priest who was moved from Ireland to Chicago to Portland -- and who was accused of abusing along the way."  The last time I checked, the year that we're in is 2010.  So we're talking of cases that happened between 40-90 years ago.  Ladies and gentlemen, do we now see the reasons why there are statutes of limitations?  I do not mean to take away from the horror of sexual abuse, but in all our justifiable outrage against such offenses, we must remember due process.  We must remember that the accused have rights, too.  We presume innocence until guilt is proved, not the other way around.  There are also reasons why the burden of proof is on the accusor.  The prime reason is that it is often difficult, if not impossible, to definitively prove a negative.  How on earth does one try a case for a crime that allegedly happened 90 years ago?  Chances are the alleged perpetrator has long since met his Maker.  What does this become, then, but a thinly-disguised attempt to pick the pockets of the Church?

Then we read another Post article from Friday entitled "Clergy Abuse Threatens to Tarnish Pope's Legacy."  May I venture a translation, from "mainstream-mass-media-ese" to plain English?  The headlines might probably read, "We're Doing Our Damndest to Make Sure that Clergy Abuse Tarnishes Pope's Legacy."  The Post blathers on and on about how the Pope is losing popularity.  Boys and girls, can we all say "Power of Suggestion?"

I came late into this squabble, and many of my colleagues have already written good pieces.  So as not to "reinvent the wheel" as it were, I refer you now to them.  Here's one from Scotland.  Now read some remarks made by Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York in a Palm Sunday homily.  Here's one from Catholic Vote Action.  We'll post as we see more.

Time for a Laugh!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's Official! Sr Keehan NOT Putrifying the John Carroll Society Dinner!

As you can see at the bottom of the revised announcement to the right, Sister Carol Keehan will NOT be at the John Carroll Society Annual Dinner, contrary to prior plans.  We commend the John Carroll Society for this prudent decision and suggest that you contact them to thank them for standing beside the bishops, the Church and the babies who are threatened by this monstrosity that Sister Carol helped to inflict upon us all.

Once again, here is the contact information for the John Carroll Society.

We thank you for your calls and emails that undoubtedly informed the John Carroll Society.

Fidel Castro Praises "Miracle" of Health Care Bill

Fidel Castro, Tinhorn-Tyrant Emeritus of Cuba, has praised the passage of the Hell Bill as "a miracle" and major victory for the Obama presidency.  I concur that the passage is a victory for the Obama presidency.  However, for the American people, it is an unprecedented disaster.  For a portent of what's to come, just witness all the Cubans who have been fleeing to Florida for decades.  If it's such a "people's paradise" over there, what with "free health care" and all, why have so many Cubans risked life and limb to flee to this backwards hinterland called the United States of America?

Reading further down the article, we read that Raul   Castro, that is, Tinhorn-Tyrant-in-Training, has warned that some of the "free goodies" that have been so graciously bestowed on Cuban citizenry are "no longer sustainable given Cuba's ever-struggling economy".   But as Margaret Thatcher, former British Prime Minister so aptly said,  "Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They [socialists] always run out of other people's money. It's quite a characteristic of them."

By the way - what's with all this "miracle" talk?  I thought the Communist creed was atheistic.  Since when is Castro waxing "religious" on us, all of the sudden?  Castro also took occasion to chide Obama on immigration reform and climate change.  Hey!  No problem!  The Obamaphiles are already on the job!  Check out the USCCB site.  They're already trying to brainwash us in the right direction.  We see that even today, Cardinal Mahoney of Los Angeles is saying a Mass for Immigrants downtown today, followed by a march (check out previous posts).  And what do we think the Lenten Carbon Fast was all about?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Update on John Carroll Society Dinner

I had heard that Sister Carol Keehan's planned appearance may have been cancelled.  I went to the JCS website (see two posts down) and indeed her name has been removed.  That's a very good sign.  When I receive definitive news, I'll post it.  Thanks for your calls and emails; for now I suggest they be put in abeyance.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The "Answer" According to Real Catholic TV

As promised yesterday, here it is.  But read below for my opposing viewpoint.

As we know, in matters such as these, there are many areas in which good faithful Catholics can disagree -this is one of them!  With all due respect to those good and sincere people associated with Opus Dei, I now issue my "caveat emptor".  As you examine the site that Voris recommended, I suggest that you review the materials of the Opus Dei Awareness Network at  What you'll read are the accounts of ex-members of Opus Dei who relay their stories of how they were subjected to subtle thought reform and increasing mental control.  Note that there are few complaints about the doctrine espoused therein; the focus lies in how they were treated.

Opus Dei is by no means the only group to practice such tactics.  There have been similar complaints about Regnum Christi; the sad, sordid story of Father Maciel is a typical tale of what can happen when one or few people exercise near-total mental/emotional control of their followers.  Other of the "new liturgical movements" have come under similar fire: Focalare, etc. 

Some of you might recall that some of the "Catholic charismatic" groups also were caught up in such practices and some shut down by their local bishops; with this last scenario I am all too familiar as such was my experience.  I therefore know first-hand the harm that can be done - in the name of God - by individuals who seek to arrogate total authority over other people.

Therefore I disagree most vehemently with Mr. Voris on this topic.  Opus Dei is no answer and in fact may well bring its own slew of serious problems.

Sr. Carol Keehan to Speak at John Carroll Society Dinner

Thanks to the American Papist/Catholic Vote blog that first alerted me to this.  The John Carroll Society, at its Annual Dinner and Awards function, is scheduled to host Sr. Carol Keehan as a speaker.  The event is scheduled for April 14, starting at 6:30pm at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington.

Clearly this arrangement was made quite some time ago, well before Sr Carol sold millions of unborn babies down the river by throwing the weight of her Catholic Health Association behind the Obama Hell Care bill.  However, it is also clear that in light of last week's events, that the John Carroll Society should rescind its invitation to Sr Carol.

It is up to us, the laity - that means YOU, dear reader - to alert the John Carroll Society to the implications of her besmirching the honor of their society. 

The contact information for the John Carroll Society is here.  Please make sure your messages are cordial and informational.  I for one have no reason to believe that they will disregard our good-will attempts to inform them.  Remember how well the Catholic Information Center responded to our communications and how they gladly did the right thing in revoking their invitation to the Roberts.

Here are some talking points:
  • On or about March 12th, the Catholic Health Association endorsed the bill in its present form.
  • Archbishop Joseph Naumann took issue with the Catholic Health Association for their apparent disregard to the anti-life measures inherent in the Health Bill.
  • The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, on March 15th, issued a release stating that they would oppose the bill in its present form.  The Catholic Health Association took a position in contradiction to, and in defiance of, the bishops.
  • Sister Carol was present as an honored guest when Obama signed the bill.  She was even given one of the pens as a reward for her assistance in greasing the skids for this bill.
I truly believe the John Carroll Society will do the proper thing and rescind that invitation.  But we must alert them to this problematic situation.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Joe Biden - Shakespeare He Ain't!

Cover your ears if you're easily offended, but this is another gem from the man who is one heart beat away from the Presidency.  The occasion is the signing of the Hell Bill.

Oh, by the way - Biden claims to be Catholic.  In addition to supporting mass baby-murder, the man has a potty-mouth.  Click here for more interesting sidebits about events after the Hell Bill vote.

The Time of the Laity Has Arrived!

Actually, it's been here for quite a while.

Come back tomorrow for the answer.  You might also want to subscribe to Real Catholic TV yourselves.

Planned Parenthood is Correct - For A Change

To what do we owe that startling headline at the top?  Well, it seems that Planned Parenthood's president, Cecile Richards, is gloating in victory after the signing of the Hell Care Bill.  She pointed out that the executive order (for which Bart Stupak sold his soul) is merely a "symbolic gesture".

On that point, Richards is 100% correct.  That executive order is worth nothing, as it must yield to laws passed by Congress.

UPDATE!  We see from the Washington Times that the Messiah Most Miserable will sign that "executive order" after all.  However, it will be done in private, with no fanfare or gloating.  I wonder why?  Either he's afraid of NARAL, or he doesn't want the world to see that this order is probably written on toilet paper.

Health Bill Debate - Where Did Catholic Leaders Stand?

Lifesite News compiled a list of the bishops, organizations, etc who took positions on the Obama Hell Care bill - both for and against.  Please examine it closely.

I immediately notice something most curious and troubling.  Much of the drama played out (and still is playing out) in the Nation's Capital.  Yet I do not see the name of Archbishop Donald Wuerl on this list!  Now why, oh why is that?  Might I be blind?  If so, will some kind person point out his name via a comment?

Representative Randy Neugebauer on Hannity's Show

Hear Mr. Neugebauer in his own words.

Mr. Neugebauer, you are spot-on correct!
Now watch this as he rebukes Pelosi, the Queen of Botox, on the House floor.

Sister Carol Keehan's "Thirty Pieces of Silver"

Sister Carol Keehan is the president of the "Catholyc" Health Association: the same bunch of pseudo-nuns and other dissidents who lobbied for the Obama Hell Bill that was just signed into law.  Her statements were so egregious that even the USCCB took umbrage at them.

So what was her reward?  Was it a bucketload of money for the CHA?  Even Stupak got to bring home some airport-grant bacon for all his troubles!  So what is this most coveted prize for which Sister sold her soul?   (drum roll, please!)
A pen!

Yep!  Sister received one of the pens that the Messiah Most Miserable used to sign the Hell Care Mess.  It's a bit like receiving one of the whips used to scourge Jesus.  In a sense, that's very accurate, for Sister helped to facilitate the murders of babies and the infirm as she plugged for the bill.  She did this for a pen?  As I read somewhere, at least Sir Richard Rich received control of Wales when he betrayed St Thomas More.  She did it for a pen!

Here's an idea for a tee-shirt for Sister to wear (since she doesn't wear a habit).  "I denied my God, betrayed my Church and broke my vows - and all I got was this lousy pen!"

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kudos for Neugebauer, Bronx Cheers for Stupak

Rep. Randy Neugebauer cried out "baby-killer" to describe what the Hell Bill is, as Stupak was trying to justifiy his cowardice.  Later, Stupak had the gall to say that Neugebaur "tarnished" the reputation of the House.

Mr. Stupak has it precisely ass-backwards.  It is he, and his cohort, who are the "tarnish" on the House.

Support State Lawsuits Against the Hell Bill

You may have heard that several attorneys general of various states are preparing to file suit to stay the Hell Bill that was just signed.  Virginia is one of them.  Please sign this petition in support of Ken Cuccinelli's suit on behalf of Virginia.

By the way, Faithful Catholics of MD/DC, Inc, is NOT a 501c-anything corporation, and thus can say whatever it wants, be it ever so political or ever so partisan.  In other words, we have not been so stupid as to muzzle ourselves in that fashion.  We will therefore soon start to suggest candidates with which to replace the current crooked cabal that occupies Congress.

To All You "Nice" Catholics Reading This Blog

NEWS FLASH!  "Nice" is not a word found in the Bible.  It is not listed therein nor in Sacred Tradition as being a virtue!  The same goes for "being positive". Here's another one - "Unity" is not a supreme good, as it must be based on objective truth.  All that being said, here's some sober truth that we all need to hear.  If the following seems harsh to you, pray to the Lord to give you some intestinal fortitude, some thickening of your skin, and some calcium in your spine.  After the events of this weekend, you'll need these qualities, with fidelity to the Lord and His Church, lest you be swept away.  Now watch...

Of course what I said above goes double for the clergy.  We pray that you be true men of God and his Church, as opposed to minions of the USCCB, etc.

Obama Signs Hell Bill, And....

Remember this much ballyhooed "executive order" for which Bart Stupak et al sold their souls?  Well, Lifenews has broken the scoop and we relay the message now to you.  Yes, you will be shocked - just shocked! - to hear that Obama did not sign that executive order!   Gasp!!!

But - not to worry!  We hear from Kathleen So-bilious that "clearly he intends to keep his word."  Well that is reassuring, because we know that Obama always keeps his word - you know, like posting bills on line, no partisanship, no lobbyists in his government, etc.

Naturally she couldn't tell us just when he plans to sign it.  It really doesn't matter anyway, since such executive orders aren't more than smoke and mirrors.  They are immediately subordinated to statutory law.

A Rotten ACORN by Any Other Name..

It smells just as foul.  The Washington Times site is carrying a story that alleges that ACORN is folding.  According to Bertha Lewis, ACORN's chief executive, "ACORN has faced a series of well-orchestrated, relentless, well-funded right-wing attacks that are unprecedented since the McCarthy era.  The videos were a manufactured, sensational story that led to rush to judgment and an unconstitutional act by Congress."

Boo-hoo!  Sniff!  Sob! Ms. Lewis has mastered well the art of "blame everyone else for my misbehavior".   Surely their troubles had nothing to do with voter registration fraud, nor the Rathke brothers embezzlements, etc, but it was all those (we) right-wing meanies? 

Well that's one rotten nut down - or is it?  A little caveat - if you listened to that clip in the Times article, you may have picked up that some state affiliates (New York and California) broke away and changed their names to get away from the tarnished ACORN reputation.  The comments section to that Times post tell a somewhat different story.  Seems like a new facade is coming into play, to replace the irreversably jaded one named "ACORN".  Comes now the organization known as Community Organizations InternationalHere they admit it!  We'll have to watch for this one in the CCHD grant reports.

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Brief Analysis of the Hell Care Vote/Debacle

First, here's the role call of the vote on HR 3590.

Second, Bart Stupak and company played traitors to the unborn babies.  There is no sugar-coating it.  The "executive order" farce is precisely that; anyone with the slightest knowledge of the US Constitution understands this.  Watch this from Real Catholic TV.

Phyllis Schafly put it well in her press release of yesterday when she said, "Any formerly pro-life Democrat who casts a 'Yes' vote for this Senate health care bill tonight will be forever remembered as being among the deciding votes which facilitated the largest expansion of abortion services since Roe v. Wade.  Mr. Stupak and his Democrat followers have now clarified that you cannot be pro-life and be a Democrat." 

I'm now believing, that in addtion to "pro-life Democrat" being an oxymoron, so is the phrase "Catholic Democrat".

By the way, see Jill Stanek's blog about some grants that are slated for three Michigan airports.  Stupak's office announced this just last Friday!  But of course, this is just coincidence...right??

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Taxpayer March 3/20 - Part 2, at Rayburn Building

As said in the last posting, many of the attendees tried to get into the Rayburn Building, but were barred from so doing.  I guess those of us who don't worship at the feet of the Messiah Most Miserable and his Prophetic Teleprompter are persona non grata.  Watch and hear them as they queue up at the doors, down the steps and along the walk.

The rather inglorious ending was me taking a rather nasty tumble off the curb, where some landscaping was in progress.  I was helped to my feet by some very nice people from Nevada (they came all the way from there).  In return for dusting me off, they asked me to alert all of you that they are doing their best to rid the country of Harry Reid in the elections this November.  I am all too happy to relay this message on their behalf.

You may have noticed that some are at the Rayburn Building, and some of us remain on the north side of Independence Avenue.  We were blocked from coming across.  You'll hear the chant, "Red rover, red rover, let the patriots cross over!"

Now you'll hear us cry out "Nancy!"  Oddly enough (ahem!), she did not reply!  Hmm..  Could it be that she was - avoiding us?  Even if she was, she (or her staff) heard us in the street.

I haven't finished processing all the video that I took yesterday.  There will be more to follow.  At the time of this posting, I have not heard a final word from the Capitol, so I continue to pray, and to invoke the intercession of the recently-deceased Father Paul Marx, founder of Human Life International.

Taxpayer March 3/20 - Part 1

I attended what I could of yesterday's rally.  I got on Shady Grove metro (red line) for the worst ride of my life.  It was stop and go (mostly stop) in Montgomery County - taking over 1.5 hours to get to Union Station (others with whom I talked at the rally had similar experiences).  I arrived at the Capitol at 1:45. 

Bear in mind as you watch these videos that most folks had less than 48 hours notice; yet the crowds still turned out.  When I took these clips at my late arrival, doubtless many people had already left.  In a later part, I'll show you some of the posters that were carried, displaying a depth of understanding of the issues that must cause no small amount of consternation to the Messiah Most Miserable and his puppets.   Here's what I saw as I approached.

The crowd was quite enthusiastic.  One man led an impromptu chant of "kill the bill" (you'll hear that chant frequently).

Here you'll see some folks and signs just after the last person ended (I missed most of the speeches).

After that, some marchers attempted to get into the Rayburn building to meet with their representatives.  They couldn't.  You'll see that drama in the next posting.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Taxpayer March - Saturday March 20, Noon Till Mid-Afternoon

It will happen on the West Lawn of the Capitol.  Go to Michelle Malkin's blog for more details.


Nancy Pelosi! A Most Talented Individual!

I never cease to be amazed at the alacrity, the ease with which she inserts both her feet into her mouth at the same time!  Watch as she exhibits this wondrous gift as she botches up Catholic feast days in every way!

Let's get some basic facts straight.  Today, March 19th, is NOT the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker.  That feastday occurs on May 1st.  Today is the Solemnity of St Joseph, Husband of Mary.  This is just one of many, many facets of her faith about which she is confused, so this gaffe of hers is no surprise at all.

Let's take a look at St Joseph.  It was he whom God the Father entrusted with raising and protecting His Divine Son.  Perhaps the most dramatic implementation of that calling was when the archangel Gabriel directed Joseph to take Mary and Jesus to flee to Egypt.  King Herod was attempting to kill Him, as he wanted no rival to his throne.  Herod went so far as to order the massacre of all baby boys of that region.  Don't we see a parallel situation with the massacre known as abortion?  This hell bill, for which "Pope" Pelosi blasphemes the concept of prayer, will facilitate the actions of many such "Herods". 

We pray to St Joseph and the whole host of heaven for their intercession, as we all pray to God that this hell bill monstrosity be utterly defeated.

Problems with DC Catholic Charities, Continued

When I wrote that column last night, I asked for input if anyone knew of anything amiss with any of the other directors of DC Catholic Charities.  I thank the commenter who replied.  I reproduce his/her link right here because it is now "clickable".  It turns out the Foundation Vice Chair, Doug Donateli, gave a sizable chunk of change to Obama's election campaign.

I like looking on a site called for contribution data.  This one is showing that Kelvin Robinson gave money to elect Eleanor Holmes Norton to Congress.  It shows that other Donatelli contributions include Chris Van Hollen (husband of fellow board member) and to John McCain during the latter's primary challenge to Bush.  Michael Bloom gave money to Dick Gephardt's primary.  There is a Michele Burke of Potomac who contributed to Hillary Clinton; she may well be the "Michele Burke Bowe" on the Catholic Charities list.  There is a Michael Kelly of Potomac who has contributed to a plethora of pro-abortion pols, and these are sizable contributions.  Gregory Rohde seems to have preferred Hillary Clinton.  Mary Yerrick contributed to Connie Morella.  Scott Pastrick, the chair, contributed to many pro-aborts: including Chris Van Hollen (Why am I getting the feeling that this is a "good ole boys" club?)!  Jeanne Ruesch also contributed to many pro-aborts, including (betcha can't guess!) Chris Van Hollen.

To be fair, we have some Republican contributers: Charles Abell, John Figge and Thomas Roddy.  That's three of them compared to how many pro-aborts?  And why do so many of them contribute to the husband of their fellow board member?  Such money flow is an unpleasant stench.

Now why did  I go through this exercise?  Ladies and gentlemen, the majority of directors here are contributers and devotees of pro-abortion politicians - yet they control vast sums of funds contributed by us in the pews.  They make the governing decisions (presumably subject to the archbishop's final word).  Does this not shed some unpleasant light on the situations of the past few weeks, including that of their decision to deal dirty with their married employees?  But wait a minute!  Aren't the Democrats the champions of the working class and their rights?  I think we all know the answer to that, and the latest fiasco of DC Catholic Charities is proof.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Systemic Problems with Catholic Charities of Washington DC

The first problem involves a rather questionable member of the Foundation Board of Directors.  Scroll all the way to the bottom.  The third name from the bottom is Katherine Van Hollen - as in Mrs Chris Van Hollen.  She's the wife of the Representative from Maryland's 8th Congressional District.  He is a flaming pro-abort, to say the least, voting for every anti-life and anti-family measure that's come his way.  So let's assume that maybe Katherine isn't of that persuasion.  Why, oh why, is she a member of that board?  To perhaps curry political favor, or maybe just for the name recognition?  Either way, Catholic Charities is selling its soul by its salute to a pro-abortion congress person.  If any others on this board are similarly chequered, please advise. 

In today's Standard, the Archbishop tried to defend his position in eliminating health benefits to spouses of married employees in response to the new DC regulations as being "the only option left".  He said he didn't want to "walk away from the poor".  However, Catholic Charities has now turned its back on the families of its employees.  Go figure.  The courageous actions of the late John Cardinal O'Connor could have served as a brilliant example.  We must be faithful to God before we even begin to consider secular factors.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Archbishop Naumann Calls "Catholyc Hell Association" on the Carpet

From Lifesite News.  Thank you, Archbishop Naumann of Kansas City!

Virginia Residents! Protest Obama Friday March 19th!

The below email is from the Fairfax County Republican Committee:

TEAM FAIRFAX and beyond...
THIS JUST IN! Barack Obama will be at The Patriot Center at George Mason University THIS FRIDAY March 19 to talk about Healthcare Reform. They are trying to shove this bill through Congress THIS WEEK and we need to let them know that we Americans DO NOT WANT THIS!

I hope that you will be able to join me and the Fairfax County Republican Committee as we protest this Healthcare Bill. We will be meeting at 8:00AM near the main entrance to the Patriot Center!

I have coordinated with GMU Campus Police, they have assured me that we will be allowed a location to peacefully demonstrate in the direct vicinity of the Patriot Center, but have asked that we be sure to remain clear of any entrances. There are no tickets or admission cost. Doors will open at 9AM and the event will start at 11:30AM.

Our mission is to be outside as a visual reminder that this bill is wildly unpopular. I encourage you all to bring home made signs that respectfully protest this bill.

BE SURE TO WEAR RED and bring homemade posters if you can, car pooling is highly recommended!

If you have any questions, please give Kerry a call at (703) 629-8838 or email!

We'll see you on Friday morning!

Michael "Spike" Williams
Hunter Mill District Chair

Any who can make this event are strongly urged to do so!

Time for Some Very Relevant Music!

"The Great Reneger" is written and performed by Michael Fischer.  His website is

A Useful St Patrick's Day Thought from Real Catholic TV

This is much more relevant to Catholicism and to the real St Patrick than are lepruchans, green food dye in everything edible and that "kiss me, I'm Irish" nonsense.

In order to get the snake-purging campaign off to a good start, I'd suggest immediate expulsion of the CCHD (about which I've written copiously), Catholic Health Association and Network (who have both today wrecked much havoc).  They might want to immediately follow that up with every Catholic politician who votes pro-abortion and pro-gay.  That is not an all-inclusive list of snake-expulsion needed, but it would be a wonderful start.

Network Catholic Lobby Supports Obama Hell Bill

It's right there on their webpage.  Go to it and give them a piece of your mind.  And yes, use direct language (no profanity or imprecations of course) because now is not the time to worry about "diplomacy".  We need straight talk.

Some Bishops Are Waking Up!

As I check the American Papist blog (see right side-bar), it appears that some of the bishops are indeed taking off those rose-colored glasses.  The bishops of northern Colorado have published a warning about the bill.  They even rebuked the "catholyc hell association" (see my post below this).

Here we read of three other bishops, including the head of the USCCB pro-life, opposing the Obama hell bill.

Are there other bishops out there who are speaking against this monstrosity that looms on our horizon?  There are at least 280 more of them from whom the nation needs to hear.  I'm sure that I've either overlooked them or haven't received word.  Please advise via comments, with links to their statements.  Thank you.

"Catholyc" Health Association Kisses Up to Obama Hell Bill

(bloggers' note:  because of what will follow, I'll rename this bunch "catholyc hell association")

We read from Lifenews that the catholyc hell association, under the less-than-stellar leadership of Sister Carol Keehan is endorsing the Obama Hell bill - in its current form.  "The time is now for health reform," she stated.

In what could win a prize as "The Understatement of the Year", she admitted that the Hell Bill is "far from perfect."  BUT - then she said it "is an historic opportunity to make great improvements in the lives of so many Americans."  Conveniently she omits that it forebodes historic threats to the lives of many more Americans.

Contact information is in the article, towards the bottom, where you may go to express disgust.

Meet Maddie!

Maddie is a young lady of the Archdiocese of Washington.  She graduated from the Academy of the Holy Cross (my alma mater!) and is in college.  She plays the piano and has an active social life and relationship with Jesus.

She also has Down Syndrome.  As the clip mentions, over 90% of unborn people such as Maddie are aborted - never allowed to draw the breath of life because of their extra chromosome.  Make no mistake about this.  Should the Obama Hell Bill pass, it could well become mandatory, thanks to the rationing that will become incumbent with this bill, to slaughter any unborn child who the moguls deem to be "not worth it".

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

University of Detroit Mercy - "Catholyc" in the Disgusting Pattern of Notre Dame

The University of Detroit Mercy dubs itself as a Catholic University in the Jesuit tradtion.  As we know, "Jesuit tradition" has taken on unfavorable connotations - most of them well-deserved.  Such is the case with this school.

Jane Schaberg is a Professor of Religious Studies at this institution.  She has also been a guest editor for the Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion and is considered to be a "Women's Issues Expert".  She once gave a lecture with the intriguing title "Mysticism and Eros in Magdalene Traditions".  Doesn't that just sound like it's chock-full of sound, useful doctrine?  However, there's more.

She wrote a book called "The Illegitimacy of Jesus: A Feminist Theological Interpretation of the Infancy Narratives".  I found some excerpts of this book so that you can get a flavor without actually patronizing this trash.  I do mean trash.  You can read the entire excerpt, but here's a snippet.  "I agree that the doctrine of virginal conception is a distortion and a mask, but I think behind it lies the illegitimacy tradition. Unmasked, that tradition presents us with fuller realities and therefore with deeper theological potential. it presents us not with a Goddess, but with a woman in need of a Goddess, with a woman we look at, not up at. On the one hand, Catholic attitudes toward Mary can e expected to change once they no longer have to bear the burden of the repressed feminine dimension of the devine."  Like I said, it's trash.

Gloria H. Albrecht, another UDM professor of "women's studies", produced her own plop of heresy.  She contributed (using the word lightly) a piece entitled "Contraception and Abortion Within Protestant Christianity" to a collection of essays edited by Daniel McGuire called "Sacred Rights: The Case for Contraception and Abortion in World Religions".  Albrecht's article is found via google books; take a peek.

I don't cease to be amazed how these dissidents are hired at Catholic institutions.  Perhaps, though, these universities have long since ceased to be truly Catholic.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Shall We Call This "Station-Gate"?

Below is the take of Real Catholic TV regarding the juvenile antics of CCHD, first in their misuse of the Stations of the Cross to trumpet their left-wing cronies. Then when they're caught with hand in the proverbial cookie jar, they try to remove the evidence. Here is Michael Voris..

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Open Letter to CCHD and USCCB

The open letter copied below was just now emailed to Ralph McCloud and John Carr

Open Letter to the Directors and Staff of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development in Particular, and to Those of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops as a Whole
Ladies and gentlemen:
For many years now, monies donated to the CCHD have been funneled to groups that have actively worked to trivialize Church teachings on the life issues (abortion, euthanasia, homosexual behavior, various abuses of embryonic children) in favor of causes favored by left-wing elements in high places (such as supposed “climate change”, “poverty”, “health care reform”,etc). In some cases these groups have allied themselves with those who seek to actively undermine the Church on life-issue matters. Despite any pretenses that you may attempt to offer, you are well aware of our deep grievances with you on these matters. It is no stretch of the imagination to suggest that the election of the most pro-abortion President in the history of this country would not have been possible without the financial backing of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and the recipients of CCHD grants. However, should there still be some in your organization who insist on feigning ignorance, we invite them to peruse the following websites and blogs and to follow their documentation.
and our own

For years now, concerned Catholics have been pleading with you to stop the funding of these aberrant groups, most notably ACORN. Only when the embezzlement scandal of the Rathke brothers broke (along with voter registration fraud allegations) did the CCHD cease funding of ACORN. However, funding and other support of other anti-God organizations continues.

Recently your support of left-wing organizations took on an offensive and even blasphemous dimension as the CCHD hijacked and attempted to deform the Stations of the Cross to be celebrations of some of these anti-Church outfits. I need not go into the disgusting details in this letter, as they are already exposed on our blog as well as others. Of course you were already aware of that. Hours after the first expose went online, you pulled your so-called “stations” from your website. You did so with no notice nor apology for offense caused, indicating that this removal was just another sorry attempt at damage control.

Happily, though, your attempt was a failure and the profaned “stations” are available for all of the world to see. And what do they see? They see that the USCCB is still supporting organizations whose philosophies and governing members are openly at odds with the Magisterium on the non-negotiable life issues. These “stations”, and their subsequent disingenuous removal adds resolve to many of us as we call upon His Holiness to dissolve the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and in particular, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. Should you be interested at all in restoring any shred of goodwill, we urge you to post an unequivocal apology on your website, apologizing for the support of any and all left-wing “community-organizing” outfits, making plain that you will immediately cease any and all types of support for the same. You should then support only those organizations that uphold the Church’s teachings on the life issues and who perform the various Works of Mercy – both Spiritual as well as Corporal.

Please be advised that this letter is open and even now appears on our blog. Any replies from you to us will likewise be posted thereon.

Another USCCB Partnership with Pro-Abortion Groups

On March 21st (Saturday), Roger Cardinal Mahoney will be the principal celebrant at a Mass at St Aloysius Church to support "immigration reform".  Then the attendees are expected, uh, invited to participate in the "March for America: Change Takes Courage and Faith" shindig on the Mall.  I saw this in the parish bulletin today, which suggests a visit to for further information.

That website is owned by the USCCB.  The march is being honchoed by many organizations.  Oddly enough (maybe not so oddly), the USCCB site seems to be rather cagey about divulging the names of its partners.  However, when I googled the march, I found one of the others' website.  That site is  On that one appears a list of the usual suspects of organizations supporting baby murder and gay lifestyle.  Some are:
  • CASA de Maryland
  • Center for American Progress
  • La Raza
  • Phoenix Progressive Democrats of America
You get the idea.  Once again, the USCCB makes no bones about its own left-wing procliviites. The "justice for immigrants" site should be renamed "injusticeforunbornimmigrants", as some of these organizations refer their clients to abortionists to "take care of their problems." 

Pelosi Admits Hell Bill Is For Freeloaders

Nancy "Pope" Pelosi, in an interview on March 11th with Rachel Maddow, gave us a very candid (and perhaps unintentional) glimpse into her vision of the "people's paradise", the "shangri-la" that she claims will come to pass should the Obama Hell Bill pass the House.  Now remember - she's the gal who told us that "we have to pass the bill so you can find out what's in it".  Now maybe we do have a sordid idea.

She said (and this no joke!), "Think of an economy where people could be an artist or a photographer or a writer without worrying about keeping their day job in order to have health insurance."  Well, let's think about some other things.  What she's advocating is that if some flighty individual wants to release their "inner abstract artist", they can do so and have their medical care paid by - who?   Well, look in the nearest mirror!  That's right!  Pope Pelosi is stating that these folks who might fancy themselves to be "artists" have carte-blanche permission to freeload off those of us who are responsible enough to work and to support ourselves and our own families.  Such is her vision of America!  Is that your vision?  Read more at the Washington Examiner.

TO THE LEFT-WINGERS AT THE USCCB  Please pay close attention to the following!  Assimilate this, learn this and love the followingPope Pelosi's warped vision is not - NOT!- what we mean by "Christ's preferential option for the poor"!  GOT THAT?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

While the USCCB Induces the Church to Careless Sleep

This video is from a group that appears to be named "Casting Crowns".  The singers rebuke this country for, among other things, misplaced concern for trees while facilitating the murders of babies.  Since so much of the USCCB's misguided efforts seem to be focused on "climate change", "environmental justice" and other such tripe, I suggest they heed the message.  Until then, we need to cut off their cash supply.

Friday, March 12, 2010

CCHD Profanes Stations of the Cross - Then Tries to Hide Their Malfeasance

The lines in green were writen last night as I started this post.

The "lenten carbon fast" was bad enough.  Now we have the CCHD turning the Stations of the Cross into props to push the agendas of their left-wing anti-life allies

Well, a lot happened between then and now.  The Reform CCHD Now Coaltion did their own analysis.  Oddly enough, (ahem!) just a short while later, the above link to the perverted "stations" became defunct!  Well!  Whatever could have happened?  I think we all know the answer to that now, don't we?

I had opened the page last night and left it open.  After receiving "discomike's" comment below, I saved that pdf to my computer, so that I could make it available to you right here!  Save it to your own computer if you wish, but this one ain't goin' nowhere

Now let's get down to business!  These "stations", rather than contemplating Our Lord's Passion and Death, celebrate various left-wing and/or anti-life cabals.  For the second excuse of a station, CCHD lauds the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition.  They do partner and support abortion-rights activists.  For instance, the OVEC website links to this website, which makes quite an admission.  We read, "The moral arguments about abortion rarely consider the physical limits of the planet, but if they did, and if abortion were put into the context of the long history of human attempts to avoid starvation by regulating population growth, we might come to a different conclusion about what "pro-life" really means."  Read the whole thing.  The pro-abort folks know that their arguments for baby-murder are ringing hollow, and this frosts them!  By the way - look at the OVEC logo.  Doesn't the outline resemble an - acorn?

The third thing celebrates Baltimore's United Workers' Association.  They have allied themselves with Healthcare Now of MD, that is actively pulling for the Obama Hell bill, abortion and all.  By the way - if you want a look at who the left-wing major players are in Maryland, check out the website of "Progressive Maryland".

Station 5 tells us about Metropolitan Organizing Strategy Enabling Strength (MOSES).  Their website reveals yet another proponent of the Obama Hell bill.  They are Gamaliel affiliates.  Station 6 ballyhoos about the Pima County Interfaith Council: who happen to be affiliates of the Industrial Areas Foundation.

I will now refer you to the analysis of Pewsitter and Reform CCHD Now.  Once again, the CCHD demonstrates that it does not deserve one red penny from any Catholic.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Some Additional Thoughts On Post Immediately Below This

I just watched the "CIA" episode for the second time.  If you watched it at least once, you'll notice that one of the prominent recipients of CCHD money was an outfit called the Midwest Academy, started by Helen Booth.  This "academy" is an unabashed school for leftist radicals.  Her husband, Paul Booth, was a speaker at the USCCB "Social Ministry" meeting that I had hoped would have been snowed out.

Now let's jump back a few months, to events particularly relevant to Montgomery County and Baltimore City (and in increasing numbers of localities throughout the US).  As we are all too painfully aware, the pro-life pregnancy centers are under attack by NARAL, as NARAL tries to label them as buffoons.  I stand by my analogy of likening NARAL to the Nazis forcing stars upon the Jews, by the way.

If you recall some of the testimony that I posted on this blog, you'll hear one of the pregnancy center directors state that NARAL's plan is right out of a publication called "Choice Action Kit - Unmasking Fake Clinics - A Step by Step Guide".  All the strategy used by NARAL is spelled out in this 60+ page booklet.  I have a copy. 

In the front of this booklet, NARAL publishes some acknowledgements of gratitude.  Among those to whom NARAL expressed gratitude is - the Midwest Academy!  Now think for a moment!  This "academy" received CCHD money, meaning that Catholic dollars were channelled to a pro-abortion organization for the express purpose of facilitating baby murder!  "But that's in the past!", I hear the CCHD apologists whine.  No, it's not in the past, when the founder's husband addressed a "catholyc" convocation just one month ago!  Who are we kidding here?

Take a look at their website.  Now ask, "why are they addressing Catholics, and what business do they have receiving CCHD money?"

An In-Depth Look at Alinskyte Organizing - WIth Its Telling Ties!

Real Catholic TV has launched a new series called "Catholic Investigative Agency".  Its premiere was made available last evening.  In this episode, Michael Voris takes an in-depth look at the history of Alinsky, "community organizing" and its entanglement with the Catholic Church.

One aspect of all this network was previously unknown to me.  I knew Msgr Jack Egan was a disciple of Alinsky and was instrumental in the formation of the Campaign for Human Development.  He was in Chicago, of course.  What I did not know was that when Egan was finally booted out of the Chicago chancery, he was taken in by Father Hesbergh of Notre Dame!  In fact, Egan set up shop there for many years thereafter.  Doesn't that shed new light on the Obama commencement scandal?  It's no wonder now that our protests availed nothing!

Please watch it by clicking the link below.  It is about 1 hour and 20 minutes long (that's why it's not on youtube).  However, it is well worth the time spent.

Obama's Spiritual Advisors

The National Catholic Reporter has given us a glimpse at the various spiritual advisors whom President Obama consults now, or has consulted in the past.  The article states that Obama is "frequently summoning the spirits of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Protestant theologian Reinhold Niebuhr and even St. Thomas Aquinas to frame his policies in moral terms."  I certainly hope that this isn't being done in the same fashion as did Hillary Clinton, when she reportedly consulted the "spirits of Eleanor Roosevelt and Mahatma Ghandi".

He is reputed to consult with some "advisors" who were consulted by previous presidents.  Such luminaries include:
  • Rabbi David Saperstein.  A Reformed Rabbi, Mr. Saperstein has sat on many boards - including that of People for the American Way.  We need go no further here.
  • Sojourners founder Jim Wallis.  He lashed out at James Dobson when the latter dared to question the wisdom of voting for Obama.  Boys and girls, can we all say "payback"?
  • Last but not least, Theodore Cardinal McCarrick.  Why, oh why, does it seem quite natural to list him along with these other two left-wingers?  The article states that the Cardinal has advised Obama about (wait for it!) - health care reform.  Now doesn't that explain a lot?
Other advisees/friends of the Cardinal include:
  • The late Senator Edward M Kennedy.  I can only hope beyond hope that the Cardinal did, in accord with his high office, preach the truth to the now-deceased Kennedy before his death.  That hope looks dim.
  • John Sweeney, former president of AFL-CIO.  Sweeney, who was president of a union that demanded contraceptive coverage for union workers, was frequently honored by McCarrick.  I led pickets of two of these functions.  By the way, if you haven't yet done so, watch the "CIA" clip from Real Catholic TV about Alinskyte organizing - and note Sweeney's role.
From 2 Timothy 4:3 - "For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine.  Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear."

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Confirmation at St John the Evangelist (Silver Spring) Dumbed Down

At St. John the Evangelist Church (Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring MD) some school children received the Sacrament of Confirmation.  Archbishop Wuerl conferred the Sacrament.  I am told that during the homily, he asked the children if they had seen the video set that he produced that explained the Sacrament.  No one raised their hand.  I am also told that his homily was someone paltry, but that could be because he had to ad-lib "on the fly" after realizing that his educational effort with the video was not utilized, for whatever reason, by the sisters who taught that class.

The lack of attention to the archbishop's educational endeavor might explain the strange program cover that you see to the left.  It is the program used at that confirmation.  Right away, we see glaring hints as to what was taught (and not taught) to the children regarding this vital sacrament.  The Gifts of the Holy Spirit, at least some of them, are not the ones about which I was taught, and I suspect that goes for a good number of this blog's readership.  Count the ones in the program; I count eight.  But I learned of seven of them!

The last two in the program are the problematic ones.  They seem to be placed there as a substitute for "fear of the Lord."  You've got to admit that "wonder and awe" does sound nebulous at best.  The question comes to mind, "wonder and awe - of what??"

When I saw this, I pulled out my Baltimore Catechism to understand the precise definition of "fear of the Lord".  Question 178 is "Why do we receive the gift of fear of the Lord?"  Answer - "We receive the gift of fear of the Lord to fill us with a dread of sin on account of the goodness of God and the punishment He can inflict."  So now the light bulbs shine!  You see, we are an "easter people"!  We are a "kinder and gentler" type of catholycs.  We don't want to think about those nasty, judgmental things like..sin..and...punishment (as in hell?).  We want to believe that God is just a jolly, lovable ole' fuzz-ball who wouldn't be so mean-spirited to send anyone to hell.  So what if they're complicit in the slaughter of millions of unborn children?  All that really matters is that we are nice and sweet and we follow "lenten carbon fasts", etc.  Ad infinitum.  Ad nauseum.

I trust that the readers know I was being facetious about the "easter people" stuff.  Sadly, though, that is how many catholycs believe and live - blithely negligent of the dangers in which they place themselves and their unsuspecting children.  The truly tragic thing as that these children do not have a clue as to the tremendous graces that are theirs as a result of this sacrament.  Not knowing this, and the other truths of the Faith will make them all the more vulnerable to the malevolent forces in what passes for culture today.

Jesuit-Run Churches in Washington Spew Forth Abuses

On January 18, 2009, then VP-elect Joe Biden received a standing ovation during Mass at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, not far from Georgetown University.  Not only did this nonsense happen during Mass, but apparently it happened minutes after he received Holy Communion!  Words almost fail me!  During Mass, Our Lord should be the One receiving honor and praise - the only One.  Well, not only was He insulted in attention being diverted to someone else, but that "someone else" was being applauded just after he received Our Lord in a sacriligeous manner.

Well, it seems that the Jesuits are continuing to profane the Mass.  The latest (of which I'm aware) happened this past Sunday at St Aloysius Gonzaga on North Capitol Street.  I am told by an eye-witness that at the 9:30am Mass, that the congregation called out the "Prayers of the Faithful" just before the Offertory.  That's bad enough in and of itself, but when the prayers expressed political and even dissident proclivities (such as ending the "archdiocese's prejudices against gays"), things clearly went over the top.  "Father Glen" said that Mass. 

Then, as the Canon was about to begin, Father "invited" the congregation to join him around the altar.  This is liturgical abuse - pure and simple.  The laity (unless they're designated ministers) do not enter the sanctuary.  The Canon of the Mass is a most solemn occasion, when Christ Himself is called down upon the altar by the priest during the Consecration.  It it not to be treated as a huggy-kissy kumbaya-fest.

This sort of stunt is not new, though.  About 20 years ago, I worked close to St Rose of Lima in Gaithersburg.  I attended their noon Masses during the day when I could.  At that time, they were plagued with some left-wing priests - including the pastor at the time.  The pastor was fond of calling the laity to join him around the altar.  I and another brave soul stayed in our places and (gasp!) kneeled.  Well, one day the pastor just decided he had enough of our lack of compliance with his disobedience.  He took the opportunity - during Mass, just before the Canon - to mock us.  We both stood our ground - by remaining kneeling.  Don't you love it?  Those who pride themselves on not conforming with the Magisterium are the first to have hissy-fits when others don't jump at their strange beck and call.  That's because we were pricking his conscience.

Those of you who are so plagued with these priests and their similarly ditzy-minded fan clubs, be bold and speak out.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Reagan Exposed Socialized Medicine for Snake That It Is

Obama's Hell Bill is nothing new, despite his pathetic attempts to so portray it.  Watch the following as Reagan exposes charades such as the one that Obama and Company (including the USCCB!) are trying to pull.

USCCB! Act NOW Or Forever Forfeit Any and All Moral Credibility

Obama has announced that he wants the House to pass the Senate version of the Hell Bill by March 18th, before he leaves on an international trip.  No doubt a vote for the mess would give him something about which to bragg (apology tours must be boring him).  So now he and his puppets are pulling all the stops on their lobbying efforts.

That means we can do no less.  By and large, the Catholic and pro-life population who take seriously the teachings of the Magisterium have been combatting the Hell bill, and we will continue to do so.

This brings us to the topic of the USCCB.  As of the time of this writing, they continue to push their delusional view of the Hell Bill as being the will of God: that is, after the abortion funding is removed.  Those of us who aren't closet socialists know that such is a fairy tale at best.  Abortion will  be facilitated.  Moreover, the bishops seem to be paying no attention to other threats embodied in the Hell bill: euthanasia vis-a-vis the death panels, health care rationing, the government taking over our medical decisions (Hey!  Where's the "My body, my choice!" crowd when we need them?  Why, they're supporting this intrusion!  But I digress!)

Yesterday, Judy Brown of American Life League wrote an excellent article detailing just why the actions of the USCCB have proven to be utterly abysmal.  It is entitled "Troublesome: The USCCB's Embrace of Obamacare".  It can be found at  You may have to scroll down a little bit to find it.

It now seems that we must, in addition to lobbying our Congressional Representatives, lobby our bishops to at least keep their bazzoos out of matters that really are the rightful purview of the laity.  Contact information is at the bottom of the article and on your diocesan websites.

Duchy Tractenberg's Lame Attempt to Justify Vendetta Against CPCs

As most followers of this blog and/or citizens of Montgomery County MD know, several months ago Montgomery County followed Baltimore City in legalized persecution of pro-life pregnancy centers.  In Montgomery County, the thinly-disguised vendetta was led by Councilwoman Duchy Tractenberg.  I wrote to her at least a month ago, and just today received her reply in my email box.  I reproduce it word for word below, in green color.

Dear Resident:

Thank you for your letter regarding Resolution 16-1252, which passed on February 2, 2010. The amended resolution requires that all Montgomery County pregnancy centers that do not have a licensed medical professional on staff must notify clients of this fact by posting at least one sign in their waiting room.
During the consideration of this regulation, widely disparate views were heard and fully considered. I understand that reproductive health issues resonate deeply with people and that we did not agree on this particular issue. However, I am sure that we can both agree that protecting the health and well being of women in Montgomery County is important. And providing optimal information on reproductive health in a timely manner defines a more favorable health outcome for every woman.
Thank you again for your letter. I welcome all input from county residents and appreciate your taking the time to tell me how you feel on this issue. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact my office directly.
Duchy Trachtenberg

So there you have it.  The hearing to which she alludes was held on December 1st.  I attended and recorded it.  Various pieces of it, along with commentary, appear throughout this blog.  Now generally, these hearings are archived on the County's official website, and they are available for viewing.  However, oddly enough (ahem!), this hearing remains "unavailable" after over three months have lapsed!  My, my!  I wonder why!  Surely it can't be because most of the council behaved like biased buffoons now, can it?  Just for giggles, here's the link.  Make sure that the date is set to December 1, 2009 and that the segment is set to "15".  When the thing finally (if ever it does) becomes available, please advise me via comments. 

Meanwhile, I invite you to review past postings and commentaries.  I'll reiterate that Duchy Trachtenberg is a past MD president of NOW.  One of her office aides, in June, was elected to the national presidency of NOW.  Most of the councilmembers lent their names to NARAL in the latter's October fundraiser, allowing themselves to be designated "champions of choice" (Ike Leggett did that, too).  One more time I whisper a phrase in your electronic ears: "CONFLICT OF INTEREST".

I've no bones saying this, although some knickers will be knotted.  Forcing pro-life pregnancy centers to post those signs simply because they're pro-life is akin to the Nazis forcing Jews to wear those yellow stars simply because they were Jews.

The good news is that every one of these folks is up for election this coming November.  We can send them packing.

Paying Tribute to the Messiah Most Miserable!

Monday, March 8, 2010

More on Gay Prostitution Ring in the Vatican

According to this Lifesite news article, two Vatican officials have been removed since one was caught procuring male prostitutes for the other.  Please read the article.

Like the dandelion flower is just the above-ground manifestation of a pernicious weed in the garden, so too are these two men.  Pray that the ongoing investigation may root out this poison from the Vatican.  Chances are that as this "weed" is traced, many in high places will likewise be removed.  May God purify His Church this Lent - in every way!

More on Dutch Catholic Situation

After his bishop apparently ordered Father Luc Buyens to administer Holy Communion to a flamboyant gay activist, a priest and canon law professor, Fr Cor Mennen has come to the defense of Holy Communion.  He stated the requirements of Canon 915 quite plainly.

Go to Lifesite News to sign an online petition to support Father Buyens against the cowardice in his chancery.

Man Who Confronted Patrick Kennedy - Charges Against Him Dismissed

We're happy to report that Christopher Young, a candidate for mayor of Providence, Rhode Island has had charges against him dismissed.  He confronted Patrick Kennedy during a town hall meeting.  I showed the video of it on December 2nd.  Notice that the dvd that Young puts on the table is Maafa 21; I'd suggest that you get it and view it.

I am glad that common sense and the Constitution prevailed in this situation.  Read the Lifesite News account here.

A Song - For All The Commies Everywhere

This was on the page of  Enjoy!

There are also a few of those creatures at the USCCB!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Bishops to Directly Lobby for the Hell Bill??

Today's Politico tells us that "The Roman Catholic bishops signaled Thursday that if agreement is reached with House leaders on anti-abortion language, the church would work to get the votes needed to protect the provisions in the Senate — and thereby advance the shared goal with Democrats of health care reform."  Further on down the article, we read, "In November, the bishops drove a tough bargain, winning an amendment by Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) that would severely restrict the ability of even private companies to provide abortion coverage under new state insurance exchanges....the bishops moved forcefully to squelch Republican efforts to derail the Stupak amendment."

"Tough bargain"?!!?!  Where are the results now of that "tough bargain"?  Moreover, in the Senate, it was not those "mean-spirited", "party-of-no" Republicans that derailed the Stupak amendment.  It was the Democrats.  Truth be told, though, the Stupak Amendment wasn't worth beans in terms of trying to put lipstick on the rattlesnake called the "health bill".

Now the bishops want to do that again?  How does that saying go, "Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me."  Now pardon me if this seems cynical, but I'm not sure who's trying to fool whom!  On the surface, it would appear that the USCCB wonks are really the lovable but hopelessly naive dolts - or are they merely playing the dunces?  Given what we've learned of the socialistic proclivities of those in high places of the USCCB, I think they're dumb as foxes - and ravenous ones at that!

The Unabashed Socialists Controlling the Catholic Bishops (another understanding of "USCCB") want this Hell Bill to pass, anti-life provisions and all.  Have you noticed that there is not the slightest peep about the myriad threats to life for the infirm and elderly?  That's because they're using abortion as a red herring, a diversion.

One of my colleagues in the Catholic Media Coaltion suggested that maybe we need to contact our bishops - much like we contact our elected officials - and tell them to stop their nefarious push for the Hell Bill!!

By the way!  The bishops worked in November to get the Hell Bill through last November.  Do you recall hearing Pelosi, Reid, Biden et al squawk about "separation of Church and State"?  Neither do I!