Friday, September 23, 2022

Breaking - Dept of Justice Storm Troopers Haul Away PA Pro-Life Activist From His Home In The Wee Hours Of This Morning

Mark Houck is a pro-life activist in Pennsylvania and the founder/president of the King’s Men (see He has been going to the Planned Parenthood mill known as the Elizabeth Blackwell Health Center in Philadelphia every Wednesday for four hours.  On October 15, 2021, Houck was there with his young son and another prayer partner.  A male deathscort, 72 years old, was there to rush women inside the mill so that their babies could be killed. 

The deathscort took some time to harass the young Houck boy.  Mark repeatedly told the deathscort to stop harassing his son.  The boy walked down to a corner and the deathscort followed him.  Houck pushed the deathscort away from his boy.  At that, the deathscort pulled a dramatic flop scene then rushed into the mill.  All this was recorded by Planned Parenthood’s security cameras.  Soon thereafter Houck got served with papers.  The following winter, there were three different court dates.  For the first one, the pro-life attorney couldn’t be there.  The next date the pro-abort attorney didn’t show.  The judge then said if the pro-aborts didn’t show for the third date, that he would throw the case out.  The deathscort himself failed to show so the case was indeed thrown out. 

That should have been the end of it, but the Department of Justice got involved.  They were looking for a possible FACE violation.  The video taken by Planned Parenthood showed that to be nonsensical.  Pro-life attorneys have a copy of said video.  Moreover, the attached Google-Earth picture also makes a lie of the FACE charge.  Any possible corner where the altercation took place is far enough from the mill entrance to render a FACE charge farcical on its face. 

That didn’t stop the ever-intrepid feds from borrowing tactics from the Nazi Gestapo and springing into action, as it were.  On Friday, September 23, in the morning at 7:00 AM, 20-25 armed men barged into the Houck residence.  They dragged Houck out in handcuffs in front of his wife and children.  They took him to the Federal Detention Center at 6th and Market and arraigned him.  They put him in handcuffs and leg shackles.  They chained him to a table for four hours.  Afterwards they let him out on his own recognizance. 

If any of this sounds vaguely familiar, it should.  Recall this post from five months ago.  Refresh your memories regarding the pro-life activists who engaged in a rescue at the DC mill of Cesare Santangelo on Oct 20, 2020.  Armed agents of the Department of Justice burst into the homes of these pro-lifers, also in the wee hours of the morning.  They too were let go after putting them through a harangue. 

At the time of this writing, legal strategies are still being weighed and considered.  Obviously, this is a breaking situation so we’ll advise as is deemed best.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Bishop Barron Declares Bob Dylan A "Spiritual Poet"

Well, I have to give the somewhat lackluster bishop some credit where credit is due.  Dylan may well be a spiritual poet.  The million-dollar question is, for what spirit does Dylan produce poetry?  I grew up during the sixties and know very well the answer.  Michael Matt does a nice job unpacking the mess that Barron puts forth.

By the way, here's another sample of Dylan's "spiritual poetry" that Matt didn't mention.  It really is quite telling.  As far as being explicitly Christian in the eighties, I'll take that into consideration when he repudiates his left-wing warblings.

Bishop Barron, your feeble attempts to be "with it" are a farce".  Surely you can find better models for spiritual poetry.  How about John of the Cross?  Maybe Blessed Herman the Cripple?  St Thomas Aquinas?  There are others, as well, who wrote Catholic masterpieces that have withstood the test of hundreds of years.  Give it up!  You are a successor to the Apostles.  Please have the sense and sobriety of one.

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Francis Rebuked For Overt Heresy

Two events happened within the past few days.  While they were disjointed from each other, both served to make evident the heresy that the current occupant of Peter's chair is promulgating.  Bergoglio erroneously stated that Pelosi and others, in their present state of mind, could be admitted to Communion.  Several clcrgy and some prominent lay people spelled it out, utilizing Canon law, that Bergoglio uttered heresy.  The letter can be read here. From theologians, Saints and Doctors of the Church throughout the centuries, we have reasonable basis to believe that even if Bergoglio's election to the papacy was valid (and that is somewhat doubtful) that he has, by this heresy, forfeited the papacy.  We of course must pray for his immortal soul as well as those whom he led astray.

The other event revolves around Francis' participation in this "Congress of World and Traditional Religious Leaders" gabfest a few days ago.  The official purpose was the seeking of world peace.  In reality, it's all about the establishment of a one-world religion as part of the great reset.  Of course this "religion" would be solely focused on the world as we see it, with nary a thought about eternity beyond the grave.  They believe not in an afterlife, nor do they believe in any supreme being, let alone the One True God.  The Masonic pawprints are all over this as well.

So where does that leave us?

Friday, September 16, 2022

Novus Ordo Second Eucharistiic Prayer - Composed On A Restaurant Napkin

While I attend a Traditional Latin Mass on Sundays, I am constrained by availability to attend the Novus Ordo during weekdays.  Since Traitorous Custodians came out, the Second Eucharistic Prayer is by far the most frequently used at the Novus Ordo.  What is particularly troubling and peculiar is that even priests who have a relatively decent sense of the sacred are now preferring that prayer, whereas before they were using the Third and even First Eucharistic prayer.  Bear in mind that the First Eucharistic prayer is the traditional Roman Canon with a rather sloppy English translation.

Of the Eucharistic prayers in the Novus Ordo rite, the Second is the shortest, most stripped-down version.  I think that is a key reason why even the more reverent priests are being strong-armed into using that one.  Here is some background regarding the Eucharistic prayer that was hastily thrown together in a restaurant.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Biden Slams Conservative Republicans While Francis Slams Traditional Catholics

Quite the parallel, isn't it?  Why, one might think it to be a coordinated effort to remove obstacles to the New World Order.  That is what the evidence indicates.

Friday, September 9, 2022

Maryland, Decadent Maryland

Maryland has long been known as a bastion of liberalism, with a goodly number of its citizens swallowing progressive kool-aid and wallowing in mental and spiritual muck.  I live in Maryland and am bemused by all the sheeple who continue to wear the masks, although the mandates have been lifted for some time now.  Many go so far as to wear them when alone in their cars with the windows rolled up.  They have been well-trained - or they are just virtue-signaling.  Who knows?

A priest in Great Mills, MD (St Mary's County) was charged in August for three counts of indecent exposure along an interstate.  He was allegedly flashing several male victims.  He admitted to the incidents and was placed on administrative leave.  There will be a hearing in October.

We are also aware of a late-term abortion mill about to open in Prince George's County.  Frankly, I'm surprised to be hearing of only one since the demise of Roe.  Maryland is so friendly to baby-killers so I'd think many would be flocking here to ply their trades.  Perhaps this PG mill is just the first.

Pro-life people, remember to get out and vote this November.

Thursday, September 8, 2022

More Clarity Regarding The Death Penalty

In regards to my post last week regarding the heretical "papal intentions for the month of September", I post this video for your consideration.  It is occasioned by the recent murder of a woman named Eliza Fletcher as she was jogging.

Again I emphasize that to call the death penalty "morally inadmissible" is to utter an objectively heretical statement as it runs counter to Church teaching.  We can debate its applicability to given situations.  That is something we can never do with abortion, since abortion is always the deliberate taking of innocent human life.

If we waver and state that Church teaching can be reversed with regard to capital punishment, we allow the erroneous notion that the Church's teachings can also be contradicted and mutated in other areas.  We see that Humanae Vitae is already in the Vatican crosshairs.

See the danger?

Friday, September 2, 2022

Dear Leader Biden, Fearful Of Red Sweep, Summons The Thugs

Yesterday in Philadelphia, Biden delivered what he called a speech.  It was really a panicked screed against conservatives who look askance upon the obvious cheating in 2020.  Notice that he called us "MAGA Republican extremist".  If there's anything "extremist", it's the usage of the office of the Presidency to slander millions of Americans who want to bring this country back to some semblance of moral and fiscal sanity.  For all his denunciations of politically-motivated violence, he has absolutely nothing to say about the violence that Antifa wreaked upon the nation in 2016 when Trump was declared the victor over Hillary Clinton.  There indeed is panic in his voice and words: panic that his socialistic and anti-American schemes will be stymied.  More importantly, the panic is being felt by his handlers: the ones who fed him that yarn to spin yesterday.

I will post the Biden screed.  Below that I will post an analysis by Michael Hichborn.  Throughout his piece, Hichborn asked the question "to whom was Biden talking".  I agree that this was nothing short of a rabble-rousing diatribe, calling to "action" all the antifa, BLM, corrupt government agencies, and other lowlife to action should conservatives win the November elections.  Trump endorsed quite a few candidates; 92% of those whom he endorsed won their party's nomination and are going to the general elections in November.  We saw that in Maryland, where Trump-endorsed Dan Cox won the GOP nomination for the gubernatorial race over Kelly Schultz, the RINO-anointed "heir" to Hogan.

To the White House snoops who are reading this: would you please remind your Dear Leader that the United States of America never was a pure democracy?  Our Founding Fathers rightly feared a pure democracy, knowing it would devolve to mob rule.  Rather we are a constitutional republic.  Please tell him that, for he keeps calling the USA a democracy.  This is one of the more minor ways in which he embarrasses himself and the Constitution that he is sworn to uphold.  By the way, while your Dear Leader was spewing nonsense about "threats to democracy", Steve Bannon's home was swatted for the second time.  This swatting is a real "threat to democracy", no?

Now the videos.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

September's Poop Video - A Travesty Against God's Justice

H/T Canon 212

In September's Poop Video, Francis calls upon all Catholics to "pray for abolition of the death penalty".  Here it is now.  Below that I will explain why I believe this is supremely wrong and spiritually poisonous.

So much error.  So little time.  But I'll do my level best to unpack this crap.

I've written much about Francis' dalliance with heresy in calling for the abolition of the death penalty.  I need not rehash those writings in this post.  If the reader would like to dismiss my writings as simply the opinion of some "rigid rad-trad", go right ahead.  Will you say the same of previous popes, some of them canonized and beatified?  How about two prominent Doctors of the Church: Augustine and Aquinas?

I believe this poop video schlock isn't just about the death penalty, per se.  In fact, Francis' animus towards the death penalty is simply a trial balloon, to see how much he can get away with completely twisting Church teaching to be just the opposite of what it's always been.  The death penalty is a relatively easy topic for him to use, since many Catholics are ambivalent towards capital punishment.  Their own feelings towards the matter obscures their perception of the larger picture of the totality of Church teaching.  If Francis can work his wiles with the death penalty, it would be so much easier to attack other areas of Church teaching.

And those attacks are starting.  Last month the Pontifical Academy for Life, led by homophile Archbishop Paglia, released a document called "Theological Ethics of Life: Scripture, Tradition, and Practical Challenges".  This tome calls into question the Church's teachings on contraception.  The question is, what will Francis do with this?  It appears that many of the PAL were not aware of this document.  So only a few concocted this thing in a rather secretive manner.

So this poop video appears to be an attempt to condition Catholics to passively accept more attacks on Church teaching, but maybe it's worse than that.

Not only is Francis announcing his attempt to mutilate the Teachings of the Church regarding the death penalty, that is, to commit heresy, but he is trying to con Catholics into formal cooperation with his sinful intentions.  For many Catholics who are ignorant of the tenets of their Faith, their personal culpability may be mitigated somewhat, but I doubt that it is fully erased for the heresy does exist and they would be giving their assent to it.

We now know there are proceedings underway to change the Church's teachings regarding the sinfulness of contraception.  If Francis succeeds into duping Catholics to go along with disregard for Church teaching regarding the death penalty, it's all the more easier to convince these same Catholics that "Church teaching can change" regarding contraception.  Of course we know from our 50+ years of history that the status of abortion will soon follow that of contraception.  Recall that last week, Francis confirmed and renewed Father James Martin's appointment as advisor for Vatican communications.  Recall also that after the Dobbs ruling, Martin released a tweet in which he said, "a one-minute-old zygote is not the same as a nine-month-old baby about to be born".  Yes, he did have the nerve to say that.  But maybe that's because he knows his higher-ups are of the same mind-set as he.

I certainly cannot join in prayer for that "intention".  Truth be told, I stopped praying "for the pope's intentions during my morning offerings.  Instead, I pray for his conversion to the One True Faith.