Monday, November 30, 2015

Yikes! More Papal Bombs From A Plane Interview!

I'm beginning to wonder about the composition of the air that is pumped into the plane cabin while Pope Francis jets around, for gaffes and errors abound each time.  These occurred today as he was en route from Africa to Rome and gave yet another debacle interview.

He took the occasion to rail against "fundamentalist Catholics".  Let's look at the word "fundamental", shall we?  From the Oxford dictionary we see that the word can be either noun or adjective.  The "noun" definition is: "a central or primary rule or principle on which something is based".  The "adjective" definition is: "forming a necessary base or core; of central importance".   Merriam-Webster defines "fundamental" as "serving as an original or generating source; serving as a basis supporting existence or determining essential structure or function".

I'm not sure just why the pope is using the word "fundamentalist" as a de facto insult.  He means it to be condescending - but is it really?  Using the definitions of the dictionaries as stated above, the "fundamentalist Catholic" hearkens back to the Teachings of Jesus Christ and the mission that He gave to the Church: to save souls.  The "fundamentalist Catholic" understands that God's laws of life and morality must be obeyed and that no measure of "social justice" can ever supplant these basic tenants.  The "fundamentalist Catholic" understands the inherent immorality and atheism that underlies socialism and will eschew any social novelties that only serve to make socialism more palatable to the public.  He/she will cut through any obfuscation of Catholic doctrine, no matter how artfully constructed such obfuscation might be and no matter how camouflaged it may be with items that may be good or pleasing in themselves.

He erroneously equated "fundamentalist Catholics" with "fundamentalist muslims".  Consider that the latter go back to the basics of their doctrines, that is, the Quran.  Therein lies their fundamental precepts for jihad, for "killing the infidel", etc.  The fundamentals of Catholicism and the fundamentals of Islam are by no means equivalent.  Ironically the muslims understand that point more clearly than does the Vicar of Christ.

Then the topic of condoms was broached, particularly as a strategy for dealing with AIDS.  Here the pope's brain-train really jumped the rails.  His thoughts seem to be an indecipherable mish-mash of ideas grasped out of thin air with no unifying principle.  All in all, he seemed to forget that one may not do evil that good may come of it.  Condoms block the sexual act from their procreative purpose; the use of them is always inherently evil.  That's one key reason why his "healing on the Sabbath" quote doesn't logically follow, for healing as the Lord did is not inherently evil.

But he immediately says that is a "small wound", with the "serious wounds" being the whole litany of "social gospel" topics: arms trade, environment, etc.  Now we can see why the pope railed against the "fundamental Catholics" for they understand that contraceptive sex - and sex outside of marriage - unleashes untold evils that really do dwarf "arms trades" and others in terms of destructive effects.

He also spoke of the UN climate conference that is getting underway in Paris.  He said it is most likely humanity's last chance to thwart global environmental disaster, stating that the world was "at the limits of suicide".  He complained about "retreating glaciers", when in fact the opposite is occurring!

However, there are serious environmental concerns revealed during this interview, but as mentioned at the beginning of this piece, the real environmental crisis is inside the planes in which the pope gives these horrendous interviews.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Baltimore Parish Openly Facilitates Sodomy

Our Lord Jesus Christ founded the Roman Catholic Church, that is, the One True Church, for one reason: to help souls get to heaven.  That is her sacred charge: from the Vatican on down to the individual parish.  In Baltimore there exists one parish that is doing the precise opposite.

I speak of St. Matthew's Church on Loch Raven Boulevard - quite close to one of my early childhood homes.  While we usually attended St. Pius X, occasionally we would attend Sunday Mass at St Matthew's.  In those days, during the early 1960s, all Catholic Churches embraced their God-given mission.  St. Matthew's has now reneged and is actually greasing the skids to hell for many of its parishioners.  By affirming sodomites in their mortal sins, they are showing anything but charity towards them, for true charity leads away from sin and to heaven through repentance and the Sacraments.  In fact, because they are formally and materially cooperating in mortal sin, many in the parish who participate in this enabling of sodomy are guilty of mortal sin - most especially the pastor, Father Joseph Muth.  The proverbial "millstone around the neck" appears to be a parish organization called LEAD; I'll provide screenshots of the website below.

There is quite a detailed article regarding the parish on the website of the Not-At-All Catholic Reporter.  You'll see that this LEAD outfit is not concerned at all about leading homosexuals from their life of sin into a truly Catholic life.  No, instead they revel in the fact that they have two "married" lesbians (one of them being a former Catholic sister) and that they participated in Baltimore's gay pride parade last summer.  Most disturbing is that Auxiliary Bishop Denis Madden said of LEAD, "I was impressed by them.  They are good people."  If Bishop Madden thinks that folks who are literally leading others to perdition are "good people", I can only surmise that he himself jeopardizes his own soul by giving his own affirmation to sodomy.

Here are the screen shots with some commentary.  Then please continue reading below.

What you see to the right are pictures of Baltimore's gay pride parade, a celebration of perversion and
mortal sin.  One gets the impression that this webmaster tried to get pictures that weren't too vile, but this one is bad enough.

Now you see on this subpage is a list of the usual "gang of suspects": every gay rights group that has at least a thin "katholyc" veneer.  So does that really include the National Coalition of American Nuns?  No wonder so many of these orders are dying off!  Apparently there is another parish in
Baltimore that is similarly infested: St Ignatius.  We'll look at them at another time

Here is the contact information for the prelate of Baltimore, Archbishop William Lori.  Contact him and ask him what he intends to do about this situation.  As Archbishop, he is the chief shepherd of this parish and he bears responsibility before God for each and every one of those souls that is imperiled by this scandalous situation.  Given the fact that the Not-At-All Catholic Reporter has broadcast this debacle nationwide, there is no way that Archbishop Lori can plead ignorance.  Insist that Lori disciplines Father Muth; while he's at it, he might want to address serious matters with Auxiliary Bishop Madden as well.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Deception Known As Brain Death

A man in London, after an auto accident, was thought to be in a comatose state.  In reality he was simply unable to communicate.  Another auto accident victim was thought to be brain dead.  She woke up - just as doctors were starting to harvest her organs.  A 39-year old woman suffered a stroke and was thought to be brain-dead.  She could hear everything and feared that her life support would be removed.

There are many stories like these.  But these are the lucky ones, the ones who came out of their comas (some just in time) and/or had loved ones who refused to give up on them (like Aden Hailu, mentioned a few days ago).  Countless others haven't been so lucky.  With a medical system that is shifting its focus from treating people to increasing their bank accounts, we have well-founded reason to fear that our loved ones - and ourselves - may be deemed "too expensive" or our organs deemed "useful" and will be euthanized.  The following is another talk, this one given by Dr. Paul Byrne, a physician who has faced down this aspect of the culture of death.  His website is

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Is The Pope Trying To Get The Number Of Priestly Vocations To Tank?

When he makes statements like, “There are often young men who are psychologically unstable without knowing it and who look for strong structures to support them. For some it is the police or the army but for others it is the clergy,” and  “When a youngster is too rigid, too fundamentalist, I don’t feel confident (about him). Behind it there is something he himself does not understand. Keep your eyes open!”, what are we to glean from them?

Couple those statements with what is NOT said.  Notice that he voiced no concern for the seminarian who openly dissents from Church teaching regarding faith and morals, who is not devout, etc.  Then the meaning is all too clear.  Can all this give a clue as to why the pope and/or some in the Vatican obviously had an axe to grind against the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate?  Look at the video below.  Do they strike you as "neurotic"?  Under the previous two pontiffs, the number of vocations had been increasing.  Pray that good vocations aren't once again hindered as they were in the wake of Vatican II.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Combating Murder At Later Stages In Life

Last weekend I attended a conference spearheaded by the Catholic Media Coalition (of which this blog is a member) dealing with the threats against innocent life at the other end of the life spectrum.  So many of us have been focused on the murders of babies that we may not have noticed the culture of death as it targets the old and infirm among us.  Starting now, I'll be posting videos dealing with this topic.  Some of them (like tonight's) are from the conference that I attended.

One of the things that Mary Ann mentioned in the video is the two-pronged motive that hospitals are adopting as they glom onto the culture of death: 1) not wanting to incur costs for treatment of very sick people and 2) seeking organs for transplant.  Both of these in turn have a common denominator - $$$!  I'll post a story about co-joined twins being separated.  One detail almost slips by - that the parents were encouraged to abort the babies.  They didn't and the little girls were successfully separated.  Let's not gloss over the fact that the one set of doctors wanted to take the "easy (and most economic) way out" and murder the babies.

I'll now post Mary Ann's opening address and below that, a video of Bishop Gracida's talk that she mentioned in the course of her talk.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

This post's title is that of an article written by Susan Matthiesen, my friend and colleague in the Catholic Media Coalition.  She gives an historical perspective on the persecution of Middle East Christians during the past century.  The push to allow Syrian refugees, spearheaded by the Messiah Most Miserable, is a continuation of the persecution of these Christians as well as the proverbial embrace of the rattlesnake, as only muslims are allowed in while Christians are deliberately excluded.

Without further ado, the article.

As Western intelligentsia and media elites continue to focus upon the fake and inflated refugee crisis among Palestinians, the world’s real refugee crisis, now described as the worst since World War II, is that of Syrian Christians and Yazidis persecuted by ISIS and migrating to Europe by the hundreds of thousands. The cause of this catastrophe is not difficult to grasp unless we rely on the mainstream media, not only today, but also yesterday; that is, the yesterday of 100 years ago.

In the 1930s Hitler took advantage of the silence of the media when planning the extermination of the Jews. He was not troubled about anger or retaliation because of his wicked strategies since he was aware of the world’s muteness on the matter of Turkey’s 1915 slaughter and genocide of Armenian Christians. He said, “Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?” Since no one did, Hitler well knew he could annihilate the Jews without arousing the world’s wrath.

April 24, 2015, marked the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the 1915 genocide of the Armenian people by the Turkish government, or more succinctly, the genocide of Armenian Christians by the jihadist government of the Islamic Young Turks. Such evil as was done to Armenian Christians at the hands of Islamic hatred has rarely been seen in the history of mankind, but then, since its beginning, Islam has been defined by its vicious inhumanity of bestial force against civilized societies.

The Young Turks promoted the idea of Ottomanization, that is, creating a homogeneous Turkey of one race, one language, and one religion – Islam. By 1914, with the new slogan, “Turkey for the Turks,” the Young Turks began ordering the confiscation of Christian property, then the wholesale slaughter and exile of Turkey’s Christian population began. Between 1915 -1917 mass arrests, heinous torture and murder of Christians took place all over Macedonia. The prominent of the towns and villages were first to be arrested and exiled to the interior, or killed outright.

One can receive a sound education on the Armenian Genocide by going to YouTube’s various videos and documentaries on the subject, one of which is 90 minutes long. Photographs prove the horror of the truth. The cruelty and wickedness seen in pictures while ignored by the Western media is shocking – Christian clergy, professors, doctors and lawyers from Istanbul made to march through the streets with their feet nailed to iron horseshoes, 16 Armenian Christian girls crucified by the Turks. “Each girl had been nailed alive upon her cross, spikes through her feet and hands, only their hair blown by the wind, covered their bodies.” They had refused to convert to Islam, so were raped and crucified. The 1915 photos of the crucified girls can be seen on Google Images.

Since the slaughter and annihilation of the Armenians was successful, the Turks next exterminated Pontic Greek Christians, erasing their long history from the face of the earth down to dismantling their churches, homes and villages and letting the Christians’ cultivated land and orchards go to waste. Nothing is left. No one tells that history better than Thea Halo in her book, Not Even My Name, the amazing story of her mother’s life as a Pontian Greek whose entire family was killed by the Islamist Turkish government. Thea’s mother, Sano Halo, born in 1909, recently died in 2014 at the age of 105. This book is recommended reading for anyone wanting to know the truth from an actual living witness uprooted from her home, and, as a child, watching everyone she loved slaughtered or dying of disease from starvation while being marched to the desert. Of those who made it to the desert, all that was left were their dried, sun-bleached bones lying in the sand.

Today’s current lack of concern that the United States government seems to have for persecuted Assyrian Christians in Iraq and Syria is likewise deplorable. Their 1915 killing by the Turkish Islamic government is identical to that of the Armenians and Pontian Greeks. Chicago attorney, Robert W. DeKelaita, tells the story of his grandfather’s escape from the killing grounds of the Assyrian Genocide. “(My grandfather) had to carefully step over the dead bodies of his relatives and friends as he made his escape from the Assyrian village of Mar Bishu in 1915. Turkish and Kurdish irregulars bombed or pillaged their village nestled in the mountains east of the Hakkari Mountains, killing everyone because they were Assyrian Christians.”

Along with 1.5 million Armenians and Greeks of Anatolia, the Ottomans extinguished 750,000 Assyrian lives and one million Greeks, Albanians, Serbs and Bulgarians. Men, women, and children were shot or hacked to pieces, their blood soaking the earth of their ancestors. Others were taken and tortured and murdered because they refused to convert to Islam. Women were raped to death, children beheaded, men castrated, disemboweled then slaughtered. Meanwhile our Muslim-friendly president, Barack Hussein Obama, is persecuting Assyrian Christian Robert DeKelaita for helping Assyrian Christians trying to escape evil at the hands of the demonically inspired religion of Islam.

Today a massive sea of humanity flows into Western Europe; however not all of them are persecuted Christians and Yazidis. Most are Muslims. In 1683 the Battle of Vienna, instigated by the Turks for entrance into Europe proper from Asia Minor through the Balkans, marked the historical end of the expansion of the Ottoman Empire into Europe. The Islamic army got as far as Vienna where they were stopped by Jan Sobieski (a Pole) and his small army. Three hundred years later, today’s descendants of those same Europeans of yesterday are allowing Muslims into Europe thereby negating everything for which their forefathers died.

Blogger Andrew Biezad ( says about today’s situation, “While American and Western European governments are saying this is a ‘refugee crisis’ and the news media, like good propagandists, run images of a few poor women and children, they neglect to show the rest of the situation. Not displayed is the mass of overwhelmingly young, healthy, well-dressed males, carrying the latest smart phones yelling Allahu Akbar. These men have come to rampage, riot and destroy in the name of Islam. This is not normal migration, this is an Islamic hijra.

“The idea of the hijra pertains to the movement of a group of Muslims from a predominantly Muslim area to a predominately non-Muslim area with the goal of establishing Islam’s dominance in it. The first hijra conquered Jerusalem in 638. The second hijra conquered Constantinople (now Istanbul) in 1453. According to certain voices in the Islamic world, the third and final hijra will be Rome and the Catholic Church which is the main obstacle impeding Islam’s domination of all humanity. Therefore, tomorrow, the Christian faithful must not only be converted to Islam, but their sacred spaces must be taken from them and given to the Dar al-Islam – the House of Islam.” As for America’s future, President Clinton’s former Islamic advisor and convicted Al Qaeda financier Abdurahman Alamoudi said, “This country (America) will become a Muslim country.”

Because of the media’s and Islam’s shared hatred of our Judeo-Christian God, the media turns attention away from today’s Christian Genocide, thereby manifesting its silence on the issue. As it concentrates on Bruce Jenner’s new transgendered facade with his carefully chosen lipstick color highlighting his high feminine cheekbones, Kim Kardashian West’s “lacy look over her baby bump,” and covering up Hillary Clinton’s wiping her server clean – “What? With a cloth or something?” – today’s current genocide of Christians in the Middle East prophesies tomorrow’s genocide of the rest of us, wiping us clean off the face of the earth with the cloth of Islam.

Yesterday’s history of Christian blood running in ancient city streets should have predicted today’s Middle East slaughter of Christians by Islamic hatred. Tomorrow’s future was predicted on August 9, 2014, by Archbishop Amel Nona, Chaldean Archbishop of Mosul, now exiled, when he said, “Our sufferings today are the prelude of those you, Europeans and Western Christians, will also suffer in the near future. Your liberal and democratic principles are worth nothing here. You must consider again our reality in the Middle East, because you are welcoming in your countries an ever growing number (millions) of Muslims. Also you are in danger. You must take strong and courageous decisions, even at the cost of your principles. You think all men are created equal, but that is not true: Islam does not say that all men are equal. Your values are not their values. If you do not understand this soon enough, (tomorrow) you will become the victims of the enemy you have welcomed in your home.”

And as the song says, “Tomorrow is only a day away.”

Friday, November 20, 2015

Say #no2cchd; Instead #SaveAdenHailu

Much has already been written about the harm that is done by the organizations that are funded by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  Lepanto Institute has gone into great depth in revealing how its origins are linked with Communism.  There is no denying that the CCHD is inexorably jaded from its inception.  In my opinion, this is one reason why the CCHD cannot be reformed.  It should be scrapped.  In the meantime, please do not feed that beast this weekend.  Boycott the collection.

Instead of donating to the CCHD, I'd ask your support of Aden Hailu, a young lady about whom I wrote yesterday.  Why not direct your money to saving innocent life, in lieu of organizations that are fomenting grave evils?

News Flash! The Refugees ARE Being Vetted!

It's true.  The Obama cartel is vetting refugees seeking asylum in this country. It's just that his criteria for so doing falls way short of decency and common sense.

On Allen West's website we see the true demographics of the population that the Messiah Most Miserable wishes to inflict upon us.  Of all those poor Syrian refugees, only 52% are actually from Syria.  Fancy that!  62% of them are males of military age: very few children.  What's up with that?  Will a goodly portion of them hightail it to areas targeted by ISIS, just like the fellow who eluded the Louisiana Catholic Charities and scurried up to Washington DC?  It was also revealed that the mastermind behind the Paris attacks got into France by posing as a refugee!  Surprise!

Now there is vetting going on, to be sure.  Christians and other non-muslims from the middle east are being denied entry.  There is even a situation where a European Christian family who fled Germany to practice their faith will be deported!  Rather selective treatment, wouldn't you say?

Why cannot so many otherwise well-meaning Christians connect the obvious dots?

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Facilitators Of Illegal Immigration Reject Catholicism For Progressivism

In the face of Obama's scheme to import 10,000 Syrian refuges into the United States, there has been much confusion on the part of Catholics regarding what the United States, as a nation, should do.  Some have opined that we should admit them indiscriminately, prefacing their remarks with "Jesus would welcome the stranger" and "what would Jesus do".  Implicit in their invocation of Jesus' name is that they imagine He would not consider the impact such decisions might have on others.  For instance, they direct these platitudes at governmental officials, urging them to base their policies on a rather simplistic impressions of Our Lord's will.  They fail to consider that governmental officials have as their FIRST priorities the welfare of their citizens.  They have a moral duty to do all they can to protect them from real threats.  And yes, evidence pours in that the Syrians are posing a threat to their host countries.  The attacks on France last week should serve as a stark lesson to us.

Suppose, for example, there was a neighborhood that was plagued by a series of house invasions that occurred when the robbers burst into homes when doors had been opened to them.  A father of a family heard a knock at the door at night.  He calls through the door, asking the visitors what they want, and they stated they needed help and wished to be admitted into the home.  Knowing the neighborhood situation, would the father be wise to believe the visitors?  Of course not.  "But Jesus would welcome the stranger", our good-hearted but weak-thinking friends might chime.  I for one beg to differ.  Would He not approve of the father's solicitude for his family, a solicitude that is enjoined on him by the Sacrament of Matrimony and the Fourth Commandment?  Just as the father of a family have to abide by his God-given priorities, so do those in civil authority.  Their FIRST responsibilities are to their citizens and constituents.  This is NOT rocket science!  Taylor Marshall wrote a piece that is an excellent treatment of this issue, drawing on Aquinas extensively.

Today ISIS released a video that threatens more destruction in Paris and the destruction of the White House.   A few days ago, the DHS confirmed that eight Syrians were taken into custody in Laredo TX.  Five others were arrested in Honduras as they attempted to use stolen passports.

So now Obama wants to allow muslim Syrians into the United States.  Why, then, does he refuse to allow Christian and Yazidi refugees to enter the US?  His bigotry against Christians is obvious and despicable.

Too many Catholic officials, carrying on like aging hippies with stars in their eyes, steadfastly refuse to acknowledge the truth and cling to their romantized notions of the "poor immigrants" with themselves as their noble saviors.  In the midst of their semi-annual meeting in Baltimore, the US bishops pompously announce their calls for de facto open borders while chiding the governors who are following the maxims of Aquinas.  Not to be outdone by the USCCB, the Maryland Catholic Conference put forth this laughable press release as it appears in the Catholic Standard.  A little aside.  Today I did not receive my issue in the mail.  I think it's fascinating that my delivery is either missed or late when one of these whoppers is published in the paper.  But I digress!

Anyway, there is the typical call for "compassion" (selective compassion, since non-muslims aren't allowed admittance).  The MCC goes on to tout the praises (?) of the Catholic Relief Services, saying that they have "a rich history of serving potential refuges in their native land".  Really?  CRS has been caught red-handed distributing condoms and abortifacients in Africa - not merely funding said distribution, but CRS personnel themselves distributing these tools of mortal sin.  They retained a "same-sex married" man as a vice president, knowing of his immoral lifestyle.  Read here for a whole litany of their horrid endeavors and search the Lepanto Institute for more details.  Here's a snapshot of their income statement for the fiscal year ended 9/30/2014.  Notice that almost half their funding came from governmental grants: that is, our tax dollars!  I suppose that's the "rich" part of their history.

Then the MCC crows about Catholic Charities.  Yes - same Catholic Charities that:
Catholic Charities is one of the groups charged by the Obama cartel to help "settle" the Syrians as they invade arrive here.  There's most likely more than altruistic motivation for them to do so. Recall last summer when it was discovered that the feds had extended to Catholic Charities offices in Texas over $17 million in grants to take in refugees.  Wanna bet they're getting a nice chunk of change now?  Again, that's our tax dollars.  Just as they botched the three incidents listed above, they botched big-time this past week.

The Catholic Charities in Louisiana helped settle one such individual - and then lost track of him.  Governor Jindal insisted that Obama give him info on those that are being shipped to his state; he probably knows better than to hold his breath waiting.  But the story gets more interesting!  Lo and behold, the Louisiana government learned that this refugee had gone to Washington DC.  Now consider:
  • He is supposedly a poor destitute refugee.  Yet he has the wherewithal to get off the boat and hightail it to Washington DC.  It sounds like he had some direction and resources to make the trip.  The distance between LA and DC is approximately 1100 miles.  How did he afford the transportation and other travel expenses?
  • Recall from earlier in this post that ISIS made threats against the White House.  Did this "poor refugee" come up here to participate?  Was he ordered to do so?
I've received word that the House of Representatives voted today (by a veto-proof majority) to put a pause on Obama's scheme to import these refugees.  Let us pray that the Senate jumps on board.   Speaking of the House, I don't know if Trey Gowdy is Catholic or not, but he seems to have an inate grasp of Aquinas' thinking on immigration.

I'll end this rather long post with a video by Ann Corcoran detailing her research on refugee resettlement.

We CAN Help #SaveAdenHailu

I posted a few days ago regarding the plight of Aden Hailu, who is apparently being targeted by a Reno NV hospital for her organs.  The Nevada Supreme Court ruled against the hospital and is preventing them from removing her life support.  She is still not receiving the proactive treatment she needs to heal.  I refer you to the post from my colleague at Les Femmes for more details.  We need to pray, to spread the word and to contribute to the GoFundMe account to which Mary Ann links.  I'd suggest the latter in lieu of the CCHD collection this weekend.  Why not give to a cause that will actually save a person rather than undermine the Christian underpinnings of western society?

Time is of the essence.  Pass these posts along and share them on your own social sites.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Maryland - Good News And Bad News

With the insidious plot by the Messiah Most Miserable to import thousands of his "best-buds" jihadist terrorists masquerading as "refuges", I thought that Maryland (where I live) would have a massive influx.  The fact is that Maryland, for many years, has been a progressive loony bin, politically and morally speaking.  Therefore you can imagine my delight when I heard the news that Governor Larry Hogan is opposed to bringing more of these people into Maryland.  At the time of this writing, about thirty states have made moves to block the importation of these folks into their states - and they have the constitutional authority to do so.  Hogan made this very key statement: "As governor of Maryland, the safety and security of Marylanders remains my first priority."  I have friends who will be reading this who state that "Jesus would welcome the stranger so we must do the same".  I will unpack the errors of that statement in a future post.

Now the bad news.

About 3-5 years ago, an abortionist named Steven Chase Brigham ran into legal trouble in Maryland, when he was found to be aborting illegally; one woman died as a result.  I wrote a bit about it.  To make a long story short, his various abortuaries in Maryland (one of them in Silver Spring) had to close.

Operation Rescue has broken the news that Brigham has reopened his Maryland abortuaries.  He is limiting his practice to medical abortions since licensing for that is less strict than for surgical abortions.  Still, he now poses a threat to women as well as a mortal danger to many babies.  Operation Rescue suggests contacting the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to get these places closed again.  Perhaps they may listen, since Joshua Sharfstein has left that agency.  Pray that Maryland shuts down all these hell-holes.  There is no excuse for reprobates like Brigham and Carhart to be slaughtering babies and maiming women in Maryland.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Culture Of Death - Preying On Elderly And Sick

A number of states have been legalizing "assisted suicide" measures.  Recently California joined those deadly ranks.  From Church Militant we hear that the Catholic bishops of California are initiating actions to put the measure to referendum.

Another facet of the threats to life at the "other end of the spectrum" is that posed by hospitals - some hospitals, that is.  Watch these two videos to learn some of the insidious background to the increase of "brain death" diagnoses in various hospitals; some hospitals and doctors are being motivated by considerations completely at variance with the Hippocratic Oath.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Vatican Official Fisichella Displays Politically Correct Stupidity In Wake Of Attack On Paris

The Toronto Catholic Witness reported on the response of Archbishop Salvatore Fisichella in the wake of the Muslim attack on Paris.  The head of the Pontifical Council For The New Evangelization repeated the very common modern error of equating the false idol "allah" with the One True God.  In addition, he neglected to mention the name "Jesus Christ" - not even once.  In light of this egregious blunder, we have reason to dread what this "new evangelization" will look like under his watch.

This is by far not his first blunder.  Voice of the Family published an interview in which he said he would allow adulterers to receive Holy Communion owing to "primacy of conscience".  Then back in 2010 he undermined the authority of another bishop when the latter excommunicated two abortionists  and a woman when the abortionists did their deed on the woman's 12-year-old daughter.

Let's be clear.  Pope Francis retains this man (and many other equally unqualified men) in his position at the Vatican.  As long as the pope retains him there, he shares responsibility for the crap that oozes from his mouth.


At a conference I attended this past weekend regarding end-of-life issues, we learned of the plight of Aden Hailu, a young lady who was admitted to a hospital in April 2015 for abdominal pain and is in danger of being murdered by the hospital.  The speaker who alerted us to this situation is Dr. Paul Byrne, who has been attempting to assist Ms. Hailu's family in saving her life.  I link now to an article that he wrote for Renew America; before that article he wrote others regarding Ms. Hailu's predicament.

In the first article, Dr. Byrne outlined a basic course of action, including relatively inexpensive thyroid medication and more complete nutrition delivery to her.  Yet the hospital refuses to provide these treatments.

Ms. Hailu's father is now left with no alternative but to appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court to deal with that recalcitrant hospital.  The hospital in question is St. Mary's Regional Medical Center in Reno, NV.  Their website is right here.  Please contact them and insist - politely but firmly - that they provide Ms. Hailu the treatment she needs to fully recover and to end her de facto imprisonment in her current state of medical limbo.  It looks like we can comment on their Facebook and Twitter pages using the icons at the bottom of their site page.  If you do so, please use the hashtag in the title of this post.

In the near future, I'll be posting more on end-of-life issues and how the Culture of Death is preying on helpless people at the other end of the life spectrum.  But please act now for Aden and spread the word on your own social sites and email lists.

UPDATE! - Two hours ago I posted my request to Mercy's facebook page.  Lo and behold, I am now blocked from that page!  Surprise!

Friday, November 13, 2015

The Poison Pill That Is The Final Report From The Ordinary Synod On The Family

Voice of the Family published a piece yesterday that shows closer examination of the language used in the final report of the synod that ended last month.  I urge all to study it.  The language utilized in paragraphs 84-86 is really quite insidious.  As the title suggests, the sin-nod fathers place sociology - at least the progressive form of it - on a par with, or even above, the teachings of Jesus Christ.  It also places the gobblygoop uttered by the pope about the need for a "deeply merciful" church in a more comprehensive perspective.  VOTF correctly states that repentance is needed before any "integration".  The Church has always been "deeply merciful".  But real mercy can only happen within the context of the Sacrament of Confession, and that requires real repentance along with cessation of sinful activity by which the sinner excluded him/herself from the Church in the first place.

Also published yesterday was a piece by my blogging colleague at Vox Cantoris.  He writes about how a priest is waking up to the fact that the pope wants to change the Church by causing her to be alienated from her own moorings.  Ladies and gentlemen, because he is the pope, we know that he cannot solemnly promulgate error.  That's a promise from Jesus Christ Himself - but that's all He promised!  There are many other ways that much harm can be accomplished.

Cardinal Gerhard Muller, one of Germany's faithful prelates, states that the Church is going through "painful persecution".  While true, what he said might win the "understatement of the year" award.  He uttered one piece of truth that directly confronts the apparent mindset of those who composed those three paragraphs of the synod's final report: "The work of the Church is not to reflect the opinions of her members.  The Church's job is to reflect the point of view of her Head and Founder: Jesus Christ."  Clearly those "opinions of her members would include any foolish notion of "integration" of those in mortal sin before they properly avail themselves of the Sacrament of Confession.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Happy Birthday To Cardinal Wuerl!

Today is Cardinal Wuerl's birthday - his 75th, to be precise.  He has reached the age at which all prelates must submit their resignations to the pope.  Of course it is the pope's discretion as to whether or not said resignation will be accepted.  Because they are of such like mind, I strongly suspect that will not happen, but our God is one of "surprises", right?

Whatever the outcome, let us pray for the Cardinal and all our clergy, that they may realize and appreciate the weight and responsibilities of their holy offices.  Both Scripture and Tradition hold that their judgments will be more stringent since they have responsibility for the souls entrusted to their care.

If the pope does decide to accept the cardinal's resignation, let us pray that his successor will be one who knows that he is a shepherd of souls and not a politician or ceo of a "social justice outreach".

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How Francis-Mercy Is Harming The Church

In a talk given to a meeting of Italian Catholics a few days ago, Pope Francis flat out said that the Church must submit itself to all sorts of "change".  All sorts?  Yes.  He opined that "our times require a deeply merciful Church that is unafraid of change".  What are the assumptions implicit in that statement?  They are:
  • "Our times" are somehow different than all the other epochs in the thousands of years that human beings have walked the earth, despite the fact that our human natures remain the same.
  • Implicit (maybe explicit) in this statement is an assumption that until now, the Church hasn't been "deeply merciful".  In fact, the Church has always been merciful, proclaiming the truths of God and being about the mission of "saving souls" via the Sacraments and teachings.  If the pope is truly concerned about getting back to mercy, perhaps he can recall the primary mission of the Church is to save souls from hell, not to be a front for "social justice", community organizing and environmentalism.
  • That the Roman Catholic Church, although it is the Mystical Body of Christ and entrusted with the Teachings of Jesus Christ and His Sacraments has been deficient in "mercy" during its two-thousand years of existence.
  • "Change" in the Church is somehow a pressing necessity in this era, although it seems the pope just can't bring himself to be specific about the "change" he thinks the Church needs.  Perhaps he just doesn't want to tip his hand.
  • All change is good.  That sentiment is clearly indicated by lack of distinction between "good change" and "bad change" in his talk.  Whether or not the pope intended it, the "change" mantra seems reminiscent of the "hope and change" slogan utilized by Obama.
Here's a very telling and ominous statement from the pope:  "Before the problems of the church it is not useful to search for solutions in conservatism or fundamentalism, in the restoration of obsolete conduct and forms that no longer have the capacity of being significant culturally,  Christian doctrine is not a closed system incapable of generating questions, doubts, interrogatives -- but is alive, knows being unsettled, enlivened. It has a face that is not rigid, it has a body that moves and grows, it has a soft flesh: it is called Jesus Christ."

There's so much mess in here so let's take it from the top.  Notice the jabs at "conservatism and fundamentalism"?  Why didn't he also say that "it isn't useful to search for solutions in novelties that occur to progressive minds out of the blue"?  Sometimes what isn't said is just as indicative as what is said.  Couple this statement with the crack about "obsolete conduct and forms that no longer have the capacity of being significant culturally".  Who or what is the pope allowing to be the determinant of obsolescence and significance?  The truths of God, of Jesus Christ, are timeless as He is eternal.  They do NOT change!  If they appear to be at odds with the culture at large, it's because the culture itself requires change to be in conformity with the Word of God as represented by Catholic doctrine and teaching, not vice versa.  As Pope St John Paul II wrote in his book "Sign of Contradiction", the Church, as she obeys God, will often speak and act in ways not in accordance with the world's dictates.  We cannot try to be "significant" to a culture steeped in sin lest we entangle ourselves in that sin.  We are not to assume the "smell of the sheep" but rather to exude the odor of sanctity.

Unfortunately it seems that this false "Francis-mercy" is infecting too many churches.  I blogged a few days ago about Our Savior Parish in Manhattan hosting a hare krishna idolatry session in front of its altar.  We now have more startling details: one being that a Cardinal was in attendance.  In that link you will find a short video of the sacrilege.  And yes, it is sacrilege; some are of the belief that this Church will need to be reconsecrated to purify it of the effects of the idolatry.

Then in the Diocese of Buffalo, NY, the pastor saw fit to put a sign outside the Church of St Columba Brigid that said "Jesus had two dads and He turned out just fine".  No one can doubt what the pastor intended to convey.  Fortunately the bishop of that diocese intervened and ordered its removal.

The hare krishna thing was not the first act of idolatry permitted to occur in a Catholic Church.  I was just made aware of a video in which a muslim carries on in a Catholic Church.  The video did not identify the Church but the video makes plain that this is a Catholic Church.  I hope that since this incident occurred that the church was reconsecrated.  Below the video I'll have more commentary.

The Bellarmine Forum has a post that addresses these atrocities in light of Our Lady's apparitions in both Fatima and Akita.  There is no doubt that she has given us ample warning.  Sadly, it seems that the Church, as a whole, is still not listening.  I realize that what Our Lady is asking of us seem to no longer have the capacity of being significant culturally (where have we heard that before?), but so what?  Again, the world does not call our shots.  Our Lord does.  Despite the fact that the Vatican seems hell-bent on hindering us, we need to pray and proclaim the truth before it's too late.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Cardinal Wuerl's Penthouse Pad

Church Militant discovered this.  I echo their questions.  Why the secrecy?  Why the harping on Cardinal Burke for his living arrangements and not a peep about those of Cardinal Wuerl's?

Church Militant wonders aloud if the donations of Catholics in the pews are funding this rather pricey home.  Given the de facto shilling of the archdiocese for various progressive causes, we can only hope that this home is receiving no other funding.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Abominations Welcomed Into The Church - What Will Be Our Response?

For Biblical context in what you're about to read, visit this site.  What is happening in the Church under this most questionable pontificate is alarming.  These incidents are happening at an ever increasing frequency.

We saw the sin-nod "fathers" (at least those in high places) attempt to render irrelevant the teachings of Jesus Christ regarding marriage by means of false "praxis".  Earlier the pope allowed blasphemy in the Vatican gardens by allowing a muslim to pray to "allah" therein.  Last week the Vatican joined the Lutherans in celebrating "reformation day"; in other words, the Vatican celebrated the sins of apostasy and blasphemy. Given the current trajectory of things, I wonder when the Vatican will get around to celebrating the day Adam and Eve ate the apple.

But since the Vatican has celebrated apostasy, they now seem to be concerned about being "equal opportunity heresy enablers".  This past weekend the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialog (so many sins being committed in the name of "dialog") sent a message to the Hindus to congratulate them as they celebrate Deepavali.  This so-called "pontifical council" hopes they'll "experience happiness and harmony" through their idolatry.  As you read that link, you'll notice not one mention of Jesus Christ or the necessity to be converted to the One True Faith, for only that will lead to "happiness and harmony" due to worshiping the One True God.  Speaking of the necessity for conversion to Jesus Christ, we pray that the members of that Pontifical Council undergo that conversion themselves.

Given that the Vatican just affirmed the Hindus in their idolatry, what you'll see next cannot be too surprising although it should cause outrage.  In the first paragraph you read about abominations being established in the sanctuary.   That is precisely what happened at Our Savior Parish in Manhattan.  The video indicates that this happened in September, when Hare Krishnas (an offshoot of Hinduism) conducted one of their idolatrous rituals (called kirtan) in the sanctuary of the Church.  I cannot tell whether or not the Blessed Sacrament was still present.  Here is the video but below that is more commentary.

What troubles me almost as much as the sacrilege itself is the nonchalance of the parishioners in the pews.  I would hope at the very least some of them would have walked out.  The rest, by their silent audience, gave to the idolaters their tacit approval.

Perhaps we need to think these matters through, lest we be caught unprepared should this (or something similar) happen in our own Churches.  Would we walk out?  Would we attempt to prevent the blasphemy and idolatry, disrupting the satanic rituals if need be?  We may well face these unpleasant choices and we must be prepared to act.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Catholic Standard Follies - Fawning Over Female Catholic Dissidents

In today's edition of the Catholic Standard we read of a panel discussion by three so-called Catholic women "leaders", moderated by John Car, that occurred at Georgetown University.  They were offering advice on leadership.  Given who these women are, one would do well to listen to their advice and do the exact opposite.

Now one might wonder why I'm pointing fingers at the Catholic Standard since it was Georgetown University that hosted this gab-fest.  It's quite simple.  The article is written by Mark Zimmerman, editor of the Standard, and he disingenuously omits key details about these women - details that would make plain to everyone that these gals aren't qualified to advise children in tying their shoelaces much less Catholic leaders in how to lead.  But not to worry!  I and others have already supplied many of these details.  I'll recap below:
  • Sister Carol Keehan - Without her shilling for Obamacare in 2010, that deadly piece of legislation might never have been passed.  As a result, religious sisters are compelled to fund contraception and thousands (if not millions) of babies will have Keehan to thank for their murders.  Besides that, she's got quite a rap sheet.  FYI, when Keehan gave the commencement address at Gonzaga's commencement in June 2010, we were there!
  • Carolyn Woo - She is president of the scandal-ridden Catholic Relief Services.  The Lepanto Institute has exposed much corruption within the organization, such as their direct involvement in the distribution of abortifacients and of retaining as one of their vice presidents a man who is in a same-sex marriage (and quite unabashed about it).  No truly Catholic organization wants to emulate this woman's habits.
  • Sister Donna Markham - See this.  She too jumped on the Obamacare bandwagon in 2010.  She also did a stint as president of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.  When the Vatican launched its investigation into the LCWR, well, let's just say she had a lapse in memory when it came to her religious vows.
  • John Carr - He comes with his most unimpressive baggage pertaining to his promotion of progressivism while occupying positions within the USCCB.
See, Mark?  This information was not that hard to find; and I think you know that!  Now the million-dollar questions are, "Why did you not report that?  What is the agenda?  Who is dictating the contents of these articles?"

Much of what was uttered at that meeting was pure drivel and a good bit of that was a feeble attempt at "damage control" to try to dismiss the evidence of their malfeasances as reported by this blog and discovered by Lepanto, Church Militant and other organizations.

I will focus on one key admission by Markham as she pouted over the chastisement that Catholic Charities received for accepting government funding.  She mentioned that they receive approximately 64% of their budget from government grants.  Now what are the sources of these "government grants"?  Hint - stare into the mirror and you'll see one source, albeit an unwilling one.  It comes from our tax dollars.  Ladies and gentlemen, when they accept these tax dollars, they accept money that has been extorted from each and every one of us.  The feds have no authority under the US Constitution to engage in this de facto wealth redistribution; they also have no basis in morality to do so, either.  In accepting such funds, Catholic Charities benefits from such extortion and can be said to be contributing to the wrong-doing of the feds.

It can also be said that Catholic Charities is accepting bribes from the feds.  Might this be why they are so quick to jump on board with every progressive effort in which the feds engage?  In the past, Catholic Charities has been known to: allow an employee to take a client for an abortion appointment, conduct "needle exchange programs", take millions of dollars to facilitate illegal immigration, smooching up to pro-aborts in high places, etc.

The Baltimore Catechism teaches us that Jesus Christ founded the Church to help people get to heaven.  Therefore the chief purpose of every endeavor of the Church must be oriented to that end.  Not once in that article did I see the word "heaven" mentioned.  Other words that I failed to notice include "soul", "hell", "sacrament", "eternal life".  You get the drift.

This panel presented a picture on how NOT to lead any Church endeavor.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Yes, Virginia, De Facto Schism Is Underway In The Church

Last Saturday when I commented on the ecumenicide in which the USCCB was embroiling itself, I somehow missed one of the most egregious aspects of it, although it was unabashedly stated in the USCCB press release.  Here it is: "It also suggests that the expansion of opportunities for Lutherans and Catholics to receive Holy Communion together would be a sign of the agreements already reached."  Ladies and gentlemen, it would be sacrilege to allow Holy Communion to be given to those who are not in union with Rome.  Holy Communion is not a mere "sign of agreements" but is the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ Himself.

But my purpose here is not to go into a treatise on Holy Communion but to illustrate the lack of belief in the Real Presence on the part of many of our bishops.  How could the USCCB even suggest such sacrilege if they had even just a smidgen of belief in the Real Presence as taught by the Church?  And that's not the only teachings that are being disobeyed by many bishops.  Toronto Catholic Witness reports that Archbishop Henryk Hoser of the Archdiocese of Warszawa-Praga has stated quite frankly that "some bishops do not even accept the official teachings of the Church".  In the context of that interview, he is speaking of the Church's teachings on sexuality and family, particularly Humanae Vitae.

 Until this past sin-nod, there were well-intentioned Catholics who could just not admit that there are serious problems with this papacy.  The truth is becoming harder and harder to deny, as evidenced by some very recent articles.  Please read:
I'd also suggest reading One Peter Five's piece.  He is spot-on.  What some people are just now seeing has been ongoing for decades now.  I'll echo my colleague's last line: "Welcome to the war.  It's about time you showed up."

Once Again It's Time To Say #no3cchd

In most dioceses in the United States, November is still the time for that USCCB-sponsored scam called the CCHD collection.  All you need do is put "CCHD" or "Campaign for Human Development" in the search box above to view a plethora of documentation regarding this decades-old scheme to fool Catholics into funding organizations that are anti-life and anti-God.

Below is a video put together by Mary Ann Kreitzer, blogger of Les Femmes and my Catholic Media Coalition colleague.  Below that is an envelope stuffer that you may wish to put in your CCHD envelopes in lieu of money.  I don't know when the collection is for the various dioceses, since my own held its collection in August.  Please be prepared and say #no2cchd.  Please spread this around.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Houston, You Have Big Problems

My title refers to the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, led by Cardinal Daniel DiNardo.  They have turned a blind eye, it appears, to two glaring evils occurring within its borders.  The first is the huge abortion center built by Planned Parenthood only a few miles from the archdiocesan offices.  It is the second largest abortuary in the world (with the largest being in China).  Two years ago Randy Engel wrote an article about DiNardo's silence regarding the largest baby murder center in the US operating just miles from his offices.

Now comes the news from Church Militant that a satanist den has opened a few days ago on Halloween.  Over one hundred Catholics came out in prayer and protest.  This effort was spearheaded by Tradition, Family and Property.  Again, the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston is silent in the face of overt evil establishing itself within its boundaries.

Does anyone really think it's a coincidence that a satanist den would be opening within such close proximity to a place where murder occurs en masse, with the legal permission of the government?  It would seem that they have at least passive permission from the Church establishment as well.  A huge spiritual battle is underway; sadly the Church establishment (by the way - DiNardo is Vice President of the USCCB) is not taking it seriously.  Pray that they wake up.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Holy Communion - The Divorced Who Ask Will Be Admitted

Remember Eugenio Scalfari, the Italian atheistic journalist who interviewed the pope several times but allegedly never bothered to record the proceedings of the interview?  Supposedly he simply wrote from his memory.  He reported some whoppers by the pope and immediately sent the Vatican press office into a tizzy; at least we're supposed to believe the tizzy was authentic.  I actually think it was quite an act: the pope can let a little heresy out with the help of his friend, and when the resultant flack starts to fly, they can claim it was all just some sort of mistake.  It's a neat way to insinuate heresies into people's minds while taking no responsibility for it, isn't it?  Recall these incidents from last year.  You'd think that if Scalfari really was misrepresenting the pope, that the pope would avoid him.  In this latest interview from a few days ago, the pope and his press office may have tipped their hands.

Rorate obtained a translation of La Repubblica.  It contained another "telephone interview" in which the pope said of divorced folks and Holy Communion with regards to the sin-nod outcome, "all the divorced who ask will be admitted".  One question that popped immediately into my mind is, "if it's just divorced folks and not remarried, what's the problem?"  Immediately following that another thought, a reply to my question, came; "if they're just divorced and not remarried, they wouldn't need to ask".

One Peter Five has a great analysis of this strategy of using Scalfari to insinuate heresies into unsuspecting minds.  Well, maybe he isn't using Scalfari per se, but rather working in concert with Salfari.  There's too much of a pattern now for us not to notice.  I truly hope that the "it's not the pope's fault, he's just controlled by the Vatican meanies crowd" will finally acknowledge what is as plain as the noses on their faces.

May God help us all.

Update - Rorate Caeli has published a reply to the sin-nod's back-door attempt to admit de facto adulterers to Holy Communion, written by Bishop Athanasius Schneider.  The length and depth of this reply causes me to believe that he did not have in mind this Scalfari interview (probably knew nothing of it at the time of his writing).  Please read it on Rorate's site.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Why Is Church Militant Laying Into The Pope Emeritus?

Yesterday a Vortex was released that, when taken in conjunction with the one released this past Thursday, paints a puzzling picture as to the modus operandi at Church Militant.  Last Thursday, Michael Voris painted a picture of Pope Francis being victimized and exploited by various villains in the Vatican.  Yesterday he seemed to lay much blame for that situation at the feet of Pope Emeritus Benedict.  He lays out a case for damage done to the papacy by Pope Benedict's resignation, stating "Benedict's leaving of office has engendered a whole host of problems (most likely unforeseen and unintended) and given them impetus."

I for one agree.  I also believe that one of those problems is the papacy of Pope Francis.  That problem is one that Church Militant won't acknowledge.  Ladies and gentlemen, Pope Francis has been in the Vatican for several years now.  This papacy has been one freak show after another and he owns this mess.  Why is Church Militant refusing to acknowledge this "elephant in the living room" and instead portraying the Pope Emeritus as a legitimate scapegoat?  Well, we do have a parallel situation in Washington and the disasters of the Obama administration, don't we?  Years after the Messiah Most Miserable took office, his Minions Most Mindless are still trying to dismiss Obama's bungles by blaming Bush.  More and more, the parallels between Obama and Pope Francis are increasing.

Towards the end of this Vortex, Voris says of Benedict's resignation, "we must be honest enough to look at that and say, yes, he made a mistake (a big one)" and "mistakes must be called out and recognized even when they are distasteful".  True enough.  Now I call upon Church Militant to apply the same logic to the various blunders of Pope Francis.  To take Pope Benedict to task and yet to say nary a word about the mistakes of this current papacy is nonsensical at best.  The blunders of Benedict are now a matter of history while those of Pope Francis, because they are ongoing, are currently inflicting much harm on the Church.  It is the latter that must be addressed, and will be by this blog.