Friday, September 30, 2011

Gestapo Motors

It happens every once in a while, and this is one of those rare occasions.  Chuck Shumer and I agree about something!

Now that you've all recovered from your fainting spells, let me tell you why.  This article by Bob Barr, former US Congressman from Georgia, lays it on the line about Onstar, the supposedly benign vehicle locater found in General Motors vehicles.  You see, it not only finds you and/or your vehicle in times of emergencies, but it watches your vehicular habits - constantly!  Even if you "cancel" the service!  Your very own on-board snoop and snitch!   It keeps track of where you go, what routes you take, whether or not you wear your seat belts, how fast you drive, etc.  Shumer rightly calls this "shameless" and says it should be stopped.  He's right.

Not only could this information be made available to overly-inquisitive law enforcement types, but also to the even-more-overly-inquisitive marketing types!  Can we all say "ka-ching!"?  No wonder the Feds bailed out this bunch - they've got the perfect setting for intelligence work.  Of course that assumes we buy their products.  I believe my future automobile purchase considerations will no longer include any GM product.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

California Students Punished For Displaying Common Courtesy

When someone sneezes around us, who of us doesn't immediately reply "God bless you"?  OK, maybe some don't, but either way it's no big deal.  Certainly if someone says the phrase to you after you sneeze, you probably would thank them or at least take no offense - right?

Well, not at Will C Wood High School in Vacaville, CA.  A health teacher there named Steve Cuckovich finds the phrase to be "disrespectful and disruptive".  Yep!  He's so hell-bent on eradicating this societal blight that he has knocked 25 points off the grade of any student so engaged in such horrid behavior!  Read this, and google other sources if you're so inclined.

Naturally parents (and others with common sense) are outraged.  The school, at this time, cannot be reached for comment.  It has been said that Cuckovich has back-peddled on the grade penalization and is considering "other punishment".  I'm still trying to discern just what is the punishable offense here?  Could it just be a power-trip?  A chance to inflict atheist practices on kids?  Might he be just a nut-job?  Maybe a combination of all three?

Mr Steve Cuckovich does come across as a curmudgeonly grouch.  He needs some cheering up - so let's do it!  The school's address is:

Will C. Wood High School
998 Marshall Road
Vacaville, CA  95687   (phone 707-453-6900, fax 707-451-3656, website

To that address, send a cheery little note to Steve Cuckovich.  If you really want to keep it brief, just say to him, "God bless you!"  If you prefer sending an email, go to and scroll down to his name to create an email.

God bless all of you!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Georgetown University Scolds Catholic University - For Being Catholic!

Well, what else would one expect from a bastion of Jesuit goofiness, the same that gave the late Fr Drinan (God have mercy on his soul) a place to spread his pro-abortion poison, or that gave Fr Reese a similar place when Pope Benedict XVI fired him from the America magazine?

Georgetown University proclaims "tolerance", you see?  However, such lofty ideals fly right out the window when it comes to being authentically Catholic.  The "katholycs" really get their undies bunched when another institute of Catholic learning repents of its own wayward ways and remembers its mission.

Recently, Catholic University abandoned its disastrous policy of coed dorms and has returned to the sane practice of single-sex dorms.  The editors of Georgetown's Hoya are all in a snit-twitter about this.  Read the rant yourselves.  They say "coed dorms should not be up for debate in this day and age".  My, my!  Methinks the Hoya waxes a bit dogmatic and emphatic, wouldn't you say??   Can't you just feel the love, the tolerance, and all the good vibes??   Oh, wait!  That's only if the idea in question has nothing to do with being a Catholic institution and faithful to the Magisterium? 

Georgetown lauds its "gender-blind" policy.  Well they get one thing right.  It shows their blindness!

Baby Joseph Maraachli - Requiescat In Pace

Baby Joseph Maraachli, who defied the mongers of death in the Canadian health and legal system (aided by the determination of his parents and pro-life leaders, most notably Father Pavone), died peacefully at home yesterday.  LifeSite News gives the final details; they too have been instrumental in spreading the news of Joseph's plight several months ago and caused an outcry that helped save him from a brutal and inhumane death.

He died in peace and dignity, surrounded by his family who loved him.  Most importantly, he was baptized in the Catholic faith.  Having been incapable of sin in his short life, he is now in heaven - by definition, he's a saint.

We pray for God's consolation for his family and in gratitude for their struggle - a struggle that will benefit those who will find themselves in Joseph's shoes as they face down the culture of death.  Let us also ask little Joseph's intercession for this, and for his intercession for Father Pavone and his current predicament.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Todd Stave - What A Guy!!

I hope it's clear that I'm being sarcastic in the title of this post.  Todd Stave is the landlord for the condo where Germantown Reproductive Health Services murders babies.  He and his sister, Nancy Stave Samuels, are trustees of the Norma A Testamentary Trust, which owns the Germantown condo and its sister abortion mill in Hyattsville, the Prince George's Reproductive Health Services (southeast corner of Riggs Rd and University Bvld).  Both of these were founded by Todd's and Nancy's father, the late Carl Stave (I shudder to think of where he presently is).

Operation Rescue details these, along with criminal behavior allegedly perpetrated by Todd himself (as if he needs to add to the already heinous crime of directly facilitating the murders of babies).

Maryland Coalition for Life instituted a letter-writing campaign to Todd Stave, asking him to close down his abortion mills and to get out of the business that he acquired from his own abortionist father, the late Carl Stave (important note - Todd Stave himself is not an abortionist.  He does directly profit from it, vis-a-vis the real estate aspects).  At the time of this writing, the letter-writing campaign is in abeyance, pending some logistical details being finalized.  One of the details has to do with alleged threats of retaliation (for letters?  sheesh!).

Look, we understand how a man like Todd Stave might not want to be bothered!  Observe the great pains he's taken to protect his private information by ever-so-discreetly publishing it on a website with the low-key name of  C'mon, now!  Isn't that what everbody does who wants to stay out of the limelight?  Don't believe me?  Well, what's this, then?

If there are concerns that his contact information was obtained by electronic stealth and skulking about, let the preceding paragraph put such concerns to rest.

As you read the Operation Rescue article, you'll see a video where Stave attacked a pro-life demonstrator.  The venue of that was a September 13th protest at a parents' event at Robert Frost School in Rockville MD.  LifeSite News details it here.  If you cannot see that video, please click here.  The demonstrator plans to file charges.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

More On The DREAM Act - And A "Just Say No" Campaign

The DREAM Act "Sabbath Push", after all was said and one, wasn't much more than a little nudge.  Still, it wasn't entirely non-existent.  Most (not all) parishes inserted a two-sided flyer from the Maryland Catholic Conference into their weekly bulletins.  For those fortunate few who didn't have their intelligence insulted, I link to it here, as I intend to pick this thing apart.  Again, I acknowledge that good faithful Catholics can adopt a wide variety of opinions on this ACT.  In fact, that has been my entire point.  My objection is with the promotion of the DREAM Act support as the "authoritative Catholic position".  There is, in fact, no such thing as an authentic Catholic position on this particular legislative matter.

We'll now begin with the analysis of the MCC's flyer, so I'd suggest that you have the pdf open in another window as we go through this.  Since this will be rather long, I'll put a jump break before it starts.  At the end, I will suggest another action step that we can take in the wake of any future "efforts" on behalf of the DREAM Act.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

More Pro-Abortion Criminal Behavior At The Abortuary Today

Today between 9:45 and 10:00am, on a street corner near the Planned Parenthood where we offer Christian witness, a guy took extreme umbrage with that witness and tried to steal the sign pictured at the right.  We can only assume that when the truth hurts, it really hurts, especially when the one in discomfort does not welcome the truth at all.  In the name of progressive "tolerance" and "respect for diversity", he tried to steal the sign.  When I noticed the incident, he had the sign tucked under his arm.  We called out to him; one of our group called the police and I pulled out my camcorder.  He or his girlfriend (I suspect the latter) had a grain of common sense and let go of the sign by the time I turned on my camcorder.  The rest is apparent in the video that now follows.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

I realize it's probably difficult to make out the perpetrator, since it seems that these "clinic defenders" felt they had to protect a thief and vandal in his misdeed (more on that later), so here's a still-shot.

He and his girlfriend walked away as we delivered them some well-placed rebukes.  He turned as though to come back, but it appeared that his girl friend restrained him as she took his arm.  I wonder if she's proud of her knight in less-than-shining armor?  Here's a still shot of the charming couple.

Now let's get back to this escort who attempted to block my camcorder.  His orange vest identifies him as an operative of the Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force.  This bunch has their own web site.  On it is stated their goals.  Don't they sound oh-so-noble?  It sounds like their main purpose is to keep us "antis" from the women going in.  Heaven help us if we actually (gasp!) talk to them or even (shriek!) hand them a pamphlet! 

Whatever your position on abortion is, clearly the action of blocking my recording in this instance had nothing whatsoever to do with the stated WACDTF goals - unless, of course, those goals have been revised to include the aiding and giving cover to would-be thieves and vandals.  Moreover, take a look at the second line under their (so-called) Nonviolence Policy.  The escorts are there at the invitation of the clinics!  Hmmm!  Does that mean "the clinic" - in this case, Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan DC - would assume any responsibility for any escort misbehavior?  Good question!  So would Planned Parenthood be responsible for this escort's giving cover to this vandal?  Maybe they should ponder that a bit - just a suggestion!

Friday, September 23, 2011

DREAM Act Push This Weekend? What YOU Can Do About It

My colleague, A Washington DC Catholic, alerts us all that this weekend we'll see a push to support the DREAM Act when it comes to vote during the next election.  We were expecting that, given the Standard's earlier article about a "Sabbath push" in September; this is the last weekend in September.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has put up a web site called "Justice for Immigrants", to which the Maryland Catholic Conference links.  There is a "parish kit" subpage that includes, among other things, sample homilies.

So there you have it.  Both the USCCB and MCC are engaging in an effort to convince the Catholic in the pew that there is only one authentically Catholic way to view the DREAM Act, and that "way" involves unquestioned support.  You see their materials - materials that, frankly, deliberately obfuscate the reasons why good Catholics are at liberty to oppose the DREAM Act

To correct the effects of the USCCB/MCC "education", we have some materials, too.
  • On page 14 of this Defend Life newsletter is an article that explains why the emphasis on the DREAM Act is essentially misguided.
  • I will alert you to when another flyer is available, after some uploading technicalities get worked out.
  • For other considerations regarding the DREAM Act, please put in the words "DREAM Act" in the search box of this blog, and of the Washington DC Catholic blog.
  • Other materials are also in the works.  However, that page from Defend Life would be helpful to distribute.
Please let me know what transpires at your parish this weekend, via the comments.  Please name the church, as we will address matters there.  Thank you.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gay Lifestyle Coddled By Some Bishops??

Michael Voris has been devoting his Vortex series to the question of why gays are being allowed to promote their lifestyle in Church-owned venues.  I'll post his latest video at the end, but let me say that I think that Voris might be understating the problem.  Not only are gays being given a free pass in too many churches, but we have received word that two priests who have had the God-given courage to proclaim the truth of that destructive lifestyle have been thrown under the bus by their respective bishops.

The case that was all over the Catholic pro-life news services last week involved Father Michael Rodreguez,  former pastor of San Juan Bautista Catholic Church in the Diocese of El Paso, Texas.  He published a four-part series in the El Paso Times that correctly set forth the Church's teaching regarding homosexualty.  This LifeSite News article links to each of the four columns.  Please note that these links are to pictures of the actual newspaper columns.  I read them and suggest you do so as well.  Notice that Father took great pains to distinguish between the person and the sin; he did so several times.  By the way - I said "former pastor" because the bishop reassigned him to another church.  The newspaper article doesn't name the church - how odd!  And this is not the first time that Bishop Ochoa has thrown Father Rodriguez under the bus - recall this incident!

Harsh though that is, the treatment meted out to an elderly Canadian priest who preached the truth is outright draconian.  Again from LifeSite News we read of the plight of Father Donat Gionet of the Diocese of Bathurst in New Brunswick.  This priest spoke truth about the gay lifestyle, abortion and cohabitation in a homily last month.  While the local chancery admitted that Father proclaimed the truth, they claimed he lacked "the proper pastoral sensitivity".  So in their own display of sensitivity, they suspended the faculties of this 85-year old priest who has spent all his life in priestly service to God and the Church!  An important aside - when you hear some cowardly bishop or chancery blather on about being "pastoral" and/or "sensitive", understand that those are thinly-disguised code-words for cowardice and/or boot-licking for money/favors, etc.

These two incidents, coupled with what happened to Father Pavone, sure makes me think that an ominous pattern of behavior is being made manifest in some chanceries.  Where will it strike next?

Now here's the Vortex clip.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

40 Days For Life To Commence Soon

All across the nation, the 40 Days for Life prayer and witness campaign in front of baby-killing centers will commence on September 28th and will run through November 6.  There are several of them occurring throughout the Maryland and DC areas.  Each locality has their own page as a subset of the main 40 Days site; thereon you can find news of rallies and you can also sign up to make a commitment to be at your local mill to pray with others.  I'll list them below.
Kick-off rallies are happening soon.  Germantown's rally is scheduled for this Sunday September 25 with Shawn Carney as the keynote speaker.  Silver Spring's is Wednesday September 28, with Mass and procession to the abortuary.  Check all sites for details of their respective events.

If you've never been in front of an abortion mill to pray and offer witness, the 40 Days for Life campaign is an excellent starting point.  I hope to see many of you there!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Food Police Tell Us To "Adjust Our Taste Buds"

They're not even trying to disguise their control-freak, dictatorial proclivities anymore!  US Dept of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told the National Restaurant Association that Americans (that's you and me, folks) "need to adjust our taste buds" to eat the foods the Nanny State deems healthy for us.  Hear the clip for yourselves at

Some choice snippets:

"It's going to take time for people's taste to adjust and they will adjust over time" (emphasis mine).  Got that?  Try that logic in other scenarios.  Substitute the word "taste" for other things like "religion", "thinking", "way of living", etc. 

"At the end of the day, though, we've got to deal with this."  Mr Secretary, sez who???   Who in sam hill do these progressive bureaucrats think they are to tell us what we'll "deal with" and how to "adjust our tastes"?  Boys and girls, can we say "Sieg heil!"?

Uh-oh!  I'd better be careful - lest the little hitler-esque gnomes report me to Attack Watch!

More "Clarification" From The Spokane Bishop

From LifeSite News we see more of what is transpiring behind closed doors at the Spokane chancery.  While it was announced (in a most wishy-washy fashion) that priests are permitted to pray at abortuaries, the bishop has privately reiterated suggestions that they not do so.

The LifeSite article gives contact information for Bishop Cupich.  Please suggest to him that if he himself doesn't hold the pro-life cause as top priority, that he at least stop trying to muzzle his priests who are inclined to act as, well, priests.

Monday, September 19, 2011

This Is A "Clarification"??

Bishop Cupich "clarified" his position on his diocesan priests participating in 40 Days for Life.  Well, kinda!  I'm not sure how clear this "clarification" is.  Read it from the diocesan website.

Here's the first paragraph; I'll interject my comments in red.

"Surveys show that Catholics by and large mirror the general population when it comes to attitudes and decisions made about life issues.  That's because the clergy have failed abysmally in their God-given missions to teach Faith and Morals. The present political environment has become very toxic no more toxic than is abortion to babies and polarizing  Truth by nature is polarizing, for truth and falsehood are polar opposites.  Polarization is nothing to be avoided, to the point that people have become fixed in their positions the pro-life side SHOULD be "fixed in its position" because it is the truth, especially in regard to abortion, and are unwilling to talk to each other. The pastoral challenge is to get people to take a second look at the issue of abortion. Actually, the "challenge is to TEACH the truth of abortion clearly and courageously."

"While the 40 Days for Life program is not a Catholic initiative nor endorsed by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, he concluded that participation in it and in vigils by individuals or associations of Catholics was possible My!  Isn't it pecular how "ecumenism" can so easily be jettisoned, when the effort in question is pro-life! . At the same time, he indicated that he would not consider it under the umbrella of the respect life efforts of the Diocese. The Catholic Church is concerned about a broad range of respect life issues Sounds like the "seamless garment" hoax is again providing a cloak for inaction by the chancery and has a pastoral tradition which shapes its approach. It is critical that we rely on programs initiated by the Church, lest our concerns and our pastoral approach be defined too narrowly. I strongly suspect that the unborn babies would appreciate a narrow definition of approach here"

"When visiting with the presbyterate, the Bishop asked the priests to approach respect life issues as teachers, for that is what they are. Teachers create new openings for learning and reduce obstacles. They must boldly proclaim the truth unabashedly, vigorously and often.  Their intense passion to share the truth leads them to greater patience and prudence and not frustration with and disdain for students who fail to respond appropriately. Their witness to the faith through teaching becomes all the more powerful when the presbyterate works together in unity and solidarity.  They also must teach by example.  That means going out to the abortuaries, where the crying need is.  That is REAL solidarity."

"As for the specific question of the priests’ participation in the 40 Days for Life vigils, the Bishop recognizes that a given priest in good conscience may feel the need to participate in the vigils and he should never be forced to go against a good and informed conscience.  The bishop sounds like he's giving a reluctant concession to his pro-life priests, instead of commending these priests for their concern and zeal!  Sheesh!"

Talk about a namby-pamby back-peddling!  In the bishop's meandering verbiage, we see reason why the Church has been so ineffectual in stopping abortion.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Attack Watch!

What?  What?  Are the Reds finally attacking the United States?   Are we about to undergo massive terrorist attacks?   Or maybe it's those green men from outer space that are going to zap us?

No, no.  It's just the latest Alinskyite, mob-rule stunt from the Mindless Minions of the Messiah Most Miserable (Hey!  We can call them "5M" for short!).  They want to zealously guard the re-election prospects of their Dear Leader.  Thus, they have to stymie the spread of, well, truth.  To that end, they have launched (trumpet blasts and drum rolls, please)

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a spoof!  Click on the "attack watch" link!  These people are for real!  They are so mind-numbed by their radical progressive idealogies that they don't realize (or care) how much they resemble the KGB of the Cold War.  This is a clear indication of how they hold decent, thinking people in disdain - that is, you!  Even the Washington Post holds this web site in disdain - as well they should!

Attack Watch has given us one more reason to make Obama a one-termer.

A Curious Comment By The Diocese Of Amarillo

Monsignor Harold Waldow, vicar of clergy for the Diocese of Amarillo, had this to say regarding the assets of Priests for Life.  He stated, "This is patrimony of the church.  It belongs to the church.  People give their money over the understanding that it goes to the church or church auspices and programs and ministries."

This donor (that is, I) would like to know precisely what he means by that.  Surely he is aware that our donations, as such, are intended for the usage and control of Priests for Life.  I understand that while Father Pavone and the other priests are personally answerable to their bishops, but what about Priests for Life itself, as an entity?  To whom/what does the entity answer?  There are two parts to that answer, corresponding to civil law and canon law.

In US civil law, Priests for Life Inc is a not-for-profit corporation.  By definition, there are no stockholders.  There is a board of directors, as there is for any US corporation.  It is this board that bears legal responsibility for the well-being and conduct of the corporation.  It is they who select the executive director and other officers of the corporation.  The executive director is the "front man", if you will.  It often does happen that it is the drive and passion of the executive director that is the moving force behind the corporation.  However, if the board of directors is content to just let the executive director have his/her way without real "hands-on" oversight, that board is seriously derelict in its duties.

Father Pavone has mentioned that on this board are several bishops.  He has also mentioned in recent communications that all board members, including the bishops, have received all financial and audit reports of Priests for Life.  He also mentioned that he sent copies of all reports to his own bishop, as well as the ordinaries to whom other Priests for Life clergy report.

At canon law, Priests for Life is a Private Association of the Faithful.  Until just a few days ago, I wasn't aware that PFL had that canonical status.  On the right bar of this blog are a number of links; one of these is to the Code of Canon Law.  The pertinent section I found is between and including Canon 321 and 326.  All private associations have statutes by which they conduct themselves; I'd suppose they're roughly analogous to by-laws.  Canon 325 s1 states that "A private association of the Christian faithful freely administers those goods it possesses according to the prescripts of the statutes, without prejudice to the right of competent ecclesiastical authority to exercise vigilance so that the goods are used for the purposes of the association."  Therefore, on the surface, it seems that the statement of Msgr Waldow, as quoted in this post's beginning, is canonically incorrect.  As to what constitutes "competent ecclesial authority", I'm gathering from Canon 321 (and 305, to which 321 refers) that this authority is either the bishop in which the association is headquartered, or the bishop who granted to PFL the status of Private Association of the Faithful.  Even that understanding could be incorrect, as I am not a canon lawyer by any stretch of the imagination.  In either event, it doesn't appear that Bishp Zurek of Amarillo has sole authority over the affairs of Priests for Life, as he does for Father Pavone.

In his statement of September 13th, Father Pavone stated that "Now, although Bishop Zurek is my Ordinary, he is not the bishop of Priests for Life. Each of our staff priests has his own Ordinary, and the organization has an entire Board of Bishops. We keep them all informed of our activities, and of our financial audits."  Some in the blogosphere accused Father Pavone of arrogance towards Bishop Zurek.  Not so - he was merely stating the relationships as they exist in canon law.

Getting back to the original comment about the assets of FPL and donations to the same, they belong to Priests for Life, to be used for the purposes as set forth in its statutes.  They are not available for appropriation for other purposes, laudible though those purposes may be for that would constitute misappropriation.  LifeSite News will have updates; please check with them periodically.

Friday, September 16, 2011

An Interesting Coincidence Regarding Two Bishops In Recent News

Unless one has had their head in the sand, one could not have missed all the kerfuffle about Father Pavone being called back to his home diocese of Amarillo and away from Priests for Life.  Jill Stanek has much to say about this matter on her blog.  Here's more from LifeSite News.  The bishop of Amarillo is His Excellency Patrick Zurek.  Shortly after the bishop released his letter, he left for his vacation in the Rio.  He was gone when Father Pavone arrived.  But that is not the "interesting coincidence". 

The other bishop of interest is Bishop Blase Cupich of Spokane, who is forbidding his priests from engaging in pro-life activism (see yesterday's post).

So what do these two bishops have in common (besides squelching pro-life activities of their priests)?  Well, let's go back to May 2009, when the Messiah Most Miserable occasioned the University of Notre Dame's act of disdain of its Catholic heritage.  Although most of the bishops could not bestir themselves to utter a protest, 83 of them did so.  A list of these was compiled by LifeSite News.  Take a look - you will not find these two bishops listed thereon.  Surprised?  Don't be!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Focus On The Family - RIP

That's exactly the direction that this once-respectable pro-life organization is headed, if it continues to swill down the "common-ground" koolaid.   Yes, yes, I'm afraid it's true.  Current FotF president Jim Daly says that he has been meeting with pro-abortion groups to "reduce the number of abortions".

At best, it's a collassal waste of time.  Inherent in the purpose of "reducing the number of abortions" is the premise that we must settle for some number of abortions.  Think of the analogous scenario from our nation's past, when slavery was legal.  Can we take seriously the notion that abolitionists should have sat down with slave-holders and discussed "reducing the number of slaves"?  It's ridiculous, for some things are never tolerable.  We seek to eliminate evil, not reduce it.

I strongly suspect that the pro-aborts with whom Daly is "dialoging" are doing so just to waste the time and resources of Focus on the Family.  Should they succeed in so doing, the blame will lie on the shoulders of Jim Daly.  The fact is that there is no "common ground" between good and evil, between murder and life, between Satan and God.

Spokane Bishop Forbids His Priests From Engaging In Pro-Life Activism

Today, on this Solemnity of the Triumph of the Cross, comes the news that Bishop Blaise Cupich of the Diocese of Spokane (WA) has forbidden his priests and seminarians from engaging in pro-life activism.  I suspect Peter Kreeft had him in mind when he made the statement featured in my post from yesterday.

They are forbidden from praying in front of Planned Parenthood or any other abortion mill.  Moreover, they are forbidden to promote such activities.  He went so far as to name the "40 Days for Life" effort as one of the forbidden activities.  He went on to forbid the distribution of any pro-life materials on church grounds, save for those published by the Washington Catholic Conference.  I suppose that means that advertisements for post-abortion healing are also forbidden?  Such materials are allowed in my church; they fly off the literature racks.  That should give us an idea of how many Catholics hurt from abortion.  Is the bishop really cutting off that avenue of help for these poor people?

Now what are his reasons?  He allegedly said that he doesn't want anyone who "represents him"  to be associated with "extreme" pro-lifers who use graphic pictures of aborted babies.  If this is true, this statement is an utter disgrace for a bishop.

It is supremely ironic that news of this is breaking on this Solemnity of the Triumph of the Cross.  We celebrate the Cross today, with His Precious Blood shed for us.  We do not flinch from the Cross, in all its raw pain and brutality, for such was the price paid for our redemption.  How then does a bishop of Jesus Christ order his priests to turn from the babies who are being slaughtered in his diocese?  He doesn't want his priests to be "extreme"?  Does he not realize that Jesus seemed "extreme" to Caiaphis and the other religious leaders of Jerusalem?  With whom does Bishop Cupich identify - Jesus or Caiaphis?

In all fairness to the bishop, there has been no public statement from his diocesan offices.  However, it would be incumbent upon him to clarify any misunderstandings (if indeed this is merely a misunderstanding).  To that effect, I urge all to contact him.  The diocesan site is; contact information is found therein.  First let's ascertain the truth and then we'll go from there.  More later.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Good For Peter Kreeft!

Kreeft: It would be wonderful if 100 bishops got thrown in jail for marching with graphic images

That is the title of the Lifesite News article in which we see Kreeft decrying the deplorable refusal of so many bishops to attend pro-life efforts because of the presence of graphic abortion pictures.  He asks a great question, that I'll repost here: "What is wrong with exposing people to the truth?  Suppose you were allowed to show the horrors in Auschwitz to the average German citizen?  It might have toppled Hitler earlier.  If something horrible is happening, covering it up is more horrible."  
I wonder if these same bishops are in the habit of removing their pectoral crosses, that show the Crucified Body of Our Lord.
To my fellow pro-lifers who put themselves in the "squeemish camp", I have this to say.  The graphic signs at the abortion mills work.  They save babies!  Why do you think the pro-abortion folks are so itchy to vandalize them and to have them removed and even banned?  Please - decide that you are going to get over that squeemishness immediately.  If they cause discomfort (and they should), please offer it up and join in solidarity and prayer with the babies for whom such horror is the last thing they know in their short time in this life.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Canada: No Jail For Woman Who Strangled Her Newborn

From Lifesite News we read that an Alberta judge set free a mother who strangled her newborn son.  He argued that Canada's absence of a law prohibiting abortion signals that Canada sympathizes with the mother.

If the premise is the lack of protection for preborn children, his conclusion from that premise is logical.  Peter Singer, a professor at Princeton University, has long advocated for legalized infanticide stating that "there is no sharp distinction between the fetus and the newborn baby."   Guess what?  He's right!  There is no real distinction between the unborn child and the born child.

To my "pro-choice" readers:  Do you see where your warped logic is taking the thinking of too many people?  Now born infants are being murdered, and the perpetrators are exonorated.  Take a hard look at yourselves and what your advocacies have wrecked upon us.  I hope this troubles you.  If not, your thinking is stymied, your eyes are blind and your hearts hardened.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11th - Remembering ALL The Victims Of That Day's Violence

Today most of the nation mourns the loss of life that occurred at the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and that field in Pennsylvania.  Memorials and tributes galore are occurring for those 3000 innocent victims of murderous Islamic terrorism.  We join in praying for the eternal repose of these and consolation for their families and friends.

But - what about the other 3000 victims of senseless murder who were slaughtered that day via acts of violence sanctioned by the same United States of America?  What about the 3000 tiny babies that have been so murdered every day during these past ten years?  Doing some quick arithmetic, we see that between 12-15 million babies have been butchered over these past ten years.  Where are ther memorials, their tributes?  For the most part, the United States has not only turned its back on these tiny babies, but has sanctioned their murders and even moved to punish those who seek to save as many as they can (the case of the DOJ attacking Dick Retta is only the latest shameful example of this mindset).  When memorial crosses are erected to the honor of these babies, they are often vandalized.  When we show to the nation the raw truth of what they sanction (even if only by apathy) such as you see in the picture on the right, we are called "mean-spirited".

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta warned the world that "the fruit of abortion is nuclear war.  What you do to the unborn child, you do to Jesus."  As horrendous as the 9-11 attacks were, they were not nuclear war.  The warning still stands.  Was Mother Teresa's statement an infallible prophesy?  Of course not - but it makes sense.  When she accepted the Nobel Peace Prize, she had this to say:"But I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a war against the child - a direct killing of the innocent child - murder by the mother herself. And if we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?"   We understandably decry the murder of the 3000 killed by the Islamic terrorists - but then we sanction the murder of 3000 of our own babies every day. 

In my pro-life email circles, "results of polls" are constantly circulated showing that "the nation is increasingly pro-life".  Really?  How "pro-life"?  Are they "pro-life" enough to do all they can do to end the slaughter?  Are they "pro-life" enough to put the babies ahead of their own economic advantage when they make electoral and/or political decisions?  If the GOP debates of last week are any indicator, the answer to those questions is, sadly, "NO".  Not one substantive question regarding intrinsic morality and the core life issues was broached during that entire program.  To the GOP leadership, I say that is an utter disgrace and has earned you, once again, the moniker "Stupid Party".

In the first few days following the attack, American flags sprang up everywhere and the mantra became "God bless America."  But how can He bless this nation when we continue to bathe our hands in the blood of the babies we murder (or at least, allow to be murdered)?  He won't!  Before the United States, as a nation, dare ask for God's blessing, the United States, as a nation, must undergo profound repentance and a change of direction.  We are headed towards moral and spiritual collapse and destruction; the current economic woes that are in our national headlights are merely a natural consequence and symptom of the more fundamental ills of which we freely imbibe.

If this day is to be anything more than an exercise in sentimentality, we need to understand the word of God as expressed in 2 Chronicles 7: 14 "If my people, upon whom my name is called, being converted, shall make supplication to me, and seek my face, and do penance for their most wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land."  Recall that for a few weeks after the attacks, the churches were actually overflowing.  It seems some people woke up to their need for God - for a little while.  Alas, that didn't last too long, and they resumed their spiritual and moral neglect.  We must realize that our repentance must be permanent and fundamental; it won't be easy.  However this repentance must happen quickly, or Mother Teresa's prediction may ring true and the events of ten years ago seem like a wet firecracker in comparison.   Our time is drawing short.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Maryland Catholic Conference Shames Itself Again

My colleague at A Washingto DC Catholic has it dead-on correct in his post today about the Maryland Catholic Conference's attempt to shove through the DREAM Act.  Those of you who use Facebook can search "Justice for Maryland Immigrants" to see this for yourselves.

Most of the 9-11 hijackers were here illegally - mostly on expired visas, I understand.  This CNN article states that the INS mailed out Mohammed Atta's approved student visa - 6 months after he led his gang in murdering over 3000 people.  Why did he apply for a student visa?  To attend aviation school - to learn to use his weapon of mass destruction. But I digress.

Getting back to the point - Again my colleague has it spot-on when he opined that the MCC is simply following the Obama principle (it's really an Alinskyan principle) to not waste a crisis.  To them "crisis" means "opportunity to promote a progressive cause".  They got that right out of the playbook!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Obama Blame Game!

Just in time for Obama's "jobs-talk" tonight.  Recall that this is the speech with which he wanted to diss the GOP debate last night; Speaker Boehner stood up to Obama's stupid antic.

ForAmerica has come up with a nifty little game.  It's pictured to the right.  Hopefully there is time for you to see it before the talk starts.  If you want to play it, you will have to click the link above.  I don't know if there's a prize or not, but it will help while away that tortuous hour or so.

An alternative, if you'd like, is Bullshit Bingo.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Planned Parenthood And Their White House Puppets

Planned Parenthood's funds are drying up.  Thus, they are calling upon the Messiah Most Miserable to pull out all stops.  Thus he's pulling thug tactics ranging from suing elderly pro-life activists to threatening to shut down governmental services to keep dollars flowing to the PP baby-killing machine.

Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Announcing... THE EVENT!!!!! (trumpets and drums, please)

First, thanks to Acts of the Apostacy.

That is what it's called, thanks (?) to the "Climate Reality Project" (using the term "reality" loosely, of course).   The Event is also known as "24 Hours of Reality" - dedicated to broadcasting the propaganda reality of (what else?) climate change!  Apparently Al Gore is going to be presenting a multi-media message to all the world once every hour during this "24 hours".  

"And just how will this fertilizer fertile message spread?", you breathlessly ask.  Ah, that's where you and your naivte are supposed to step up to the plate!  Yes, you are being called upon - particularly if you have Facebook and/or Twitter accounts!  It is your solemn duty, as good little envirowhacko dupes, to donate access to your social network accounts during those 24 hours!   Hurry!  Hurry!  You must save the planet!  Sign up immediately!   Don't worry about access to your accounts afterwards when Mother Gaia Earth depends on you! 

Acts of the Apostacy believes that thousands have already swallowed the "environmentally-friendly" koolaid on this.  If he's right, that means that thousands lack an iota of common sense.  Well, Al Gore, you aren't getting my accounts!  And no, I will NOT buy any "carbon offsets" for my refusal to spread your crap!

More "Civility" From The Progressives And Their Union Rotweillers

Jimmy Hoffa Jr made quite the fool of himself as he warmed up the crowd in Detroit last week for Obama.  Not to be outdone, the Messiah Most Miserable proceeded to make a colossal ass of himself, but that was this morning's post.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Tea Party is having a measurable impact.  Else, these barbarians wouldn't be losing their marbles and going ballistic in public.  A few weeks ago, I posted Maxine Walters doing the same thing.  Please review that, and then go to that link of the SEIU debacle of last spring.

Michelle Malkin, in honor of Labor Day, compiled quite an anthology of union thugs behaving as oafs and morons and yes, as lawless felons.

Now will someone - puleezz! - tell me why the USCCB, Just Faith, etc insist on singing the praises of these reincarnations of the gangs of Al Capone?  Or do we already know the none-too-pretty answer to that?

Dang That Messianic Teleprompter!!

When the Messianic Teleprompter bombs, it bombs!  Or was that just a freudian slip that he made in Detroit?  Listen closely, particularly at the 28-second mark!

Monday, September 5, 2011

A Democrat Candidate For President To Challenge Obama

So much attention has been focused on the different Republicans running that most folks assumed that Obama was not going to be opposed by any other Democrat.  Not so, it seems!

Obama's first-announced rival for the Democratic nomination is Harry Braun of Texas.  He has filed his candidacy papers, according to his website.  Take a look at it.

There are a number of progressives who seem to think that Obama isn't ruining the country quickly enough to suit them.  Mr. Braun seems to be of that ilk.  I will say one thing for him, though.  He is correct in acknowleding that the United States of America is not a pure democracy.  He states that the USA is a republic, but even there his definition is lacking.  We are a constitutional republic, governed by rule of law as set forth in the United States Constitution.  He wants to obliterate that and reduce us to mob rule - something which the Founding Fathers feared (perhaps even then they could see the nightmare of the French revolution and subsequent Reign of Terror on the horizon).

As one can see, he is of the "evil, industrialized man is destroying Mother Earth" brainwashed cabal.   His lack of scientific knowledge (not to mention any common sense of decency) was revealed in this statement, breath-taking for both its arrogance and ignorance, made recently at the Iowa State Fair, "Are you going to go and have your blood checked to see how many poisons you have in it or do you want a child like Trig who is never going to grow up?”  He's referring, of course, to Sarah Palin's son who has Down Syndrome.  Sane people realize that Down Syndrome has its basis in a specific genetic anomaly and not in "poisons in the blood". 

By the way - why can't these progressives leave that little boy alone?  Do they resent him so much for actually being born and for showing one and all that he (and all Down children) are human and thus deserve to live?  Braun's rantings are proof that radical environmentalism is, at its roots, anti-human-life.

As this man travels about, we can expect more "precious pearls of wisdom" (or whatever) to spew forth from his mouth.  At least he doesn't appear to be tethered to a teleprompter!

So when will the Democratic Candidates' Debate be held?  Will the DNC allow it to be televised, or will they be too afraid that their candidate-offerings will make fools of themselves and a laughingstock of the Democrat Party?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Do Maryland DREAM Act Suporters Intend To Profane The Mass?

On July 21st, I posted about an announced campaign by the Maryland bishops for a "sabbath push" with the stated purpose of "devoting a weekend in September to teaching their congregations about the faith-based reasons to work for its passage", "it" of course being the DREAM Act.  On that same post, I mentioned a few reasons why a faithful Catholic could, in good conscience, oppose the DREAM Act.

This "sabbath push" is supposed to be in September - this month.  Obviously they would not have planned it for this weekend, since so many are away for the holiday.  However, this "push" could happen any weekend from now.  So how do they plan to accomplish this "sabbath push"?

According to the General Instructions of the Roman Missal (GIRM), the homily is "a living commentary on the word", that is, on the Scripture passages of the day.  The homily is also legitimately used to expound upon Church teaching, that is, faith and morals.  These are articles in which all Catholics must believe.  However, there can be legitimate differences of opinion on how to implement due respect for all of God's people.  The DREAM act contatins many areas of legitimate differences as this act impacts many people and not just immigrants here illegally.   Therefore, I believe it would be downright unethical for the DREAM Act supporters in Maryland's three chanceries to use the Sunday homily as a "bully pulpit" to insinuate that their particular opinion on the DREAM Act constitutes "the Church's position".  

Let me state this further.  I believe such use of the Sunday pulpit would constitute liturgical abuse and profanation of Holy Mass to espouse an agenda that is purely political.  Yes, yes, I know that statement is hurled at us all the time when the issues are abortion and gay marriage, but abortion and gay marriage are intrinisic evils.  About these there can be no morally licit "differences of opinion".

I have not heard of specific plans for this "sabbath push".  However, if we Catholics are forced to be "captive audiences" to propaganda-speeches, there will be protests.  To those in the chanceries who read this blog (and you do!):  I beg you not to profane the Mass in this manner.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

How Planned Parenthood Dodges Govt Funding Restrictions

As you watch this, bear in mind that CCHD-funded progressive groups can - and do - pull the same budgetary tricks.  That is why we insist that no Catholic money be given to organizations with questionable partnerships with harmful organizations.

Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Will The GOP Ever Learn That Morality Takes Precedence Over Economy?

Yes, I must rebuke the GOP now - and by the way, that includes Rush Limbaugh!  Today on his 3-hour program, he had this to say.  I quote from his transcript and will highlight the erroneous part. 

"There is a news report from the Washington Post today, and I want to warn you, this report is intended to sabotage the Republican presidential campaign. John Boehner said yesterday that there is a triple threat that exists to this country, three items that the Republicans need to stay focused on and nothing else. The triple threat is higher taxes, more stimulus spending, and federal regulations. All three undermine the creation of jobs. If you remember Ronaldus Magnus had a three-legged school. Three issues. You remember what they were, Snerdley? Defeat communism, rebuild the military, lower taxes. Those were the three things. And he never lost focus of them. Three things constantly discussed, makes it simple, doesn't complicate things.  The left would love for the Tea Party to get distracted, start talking about immigration, abortion, gay marriage, all this other stuff, because right now the chief vulnerability faced by Obama and the Democrats is the economy."

So you see that Limbaugh is agreeing with Boehner's attempt to repeat a tired, old practice of shunting the core moral principles of this country off to the sidelines.  When I say "core moral principles", that also includes the 4000 babies that are being murdered every day via abortion in the USA alone.  It almost seems like Limbaugh is forgetting that silly talk such as what he uttered this afternoon is precisely why the Tea Party is frosted at the RINO establishment.  In fact, the Tea Party arose because good, decent people are tired of the RINO establishment being willing to compromise core principles for economic advantage.  Let's try to consider that "taxes, spending and regulations" are not threats to the unborn children, as the children are murdered long before they are able to confront them!

Let me make this very clear to the RINO and "GOP establishment" moles who are reading this.  The GOP nominee to the presidency MUST have a clear-cut plan to end the scourge of abortion, to re-establish the primacy of marriage between one man and one woman, to restore respect for the role of the family in society.  Moreover, these matters MUST be made priority over and beyond economic issues.  Boehner, Limbaugh et al forget that we were founded as a nation under God.  Since Limbaugh is so fond of quoting Ronald Reagan, here's a quote to ponder: "If we ever forget that we are one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under."  And this is what Limbaugh dismisses as "all this other stuff"?

Please notice the use of the word "must" in bold font.  There is a reason for that.  I wish to emphasize to my RINO readers that unless the GOP nominee does indeed deem these matters to be "top priority", he/she will not be able to count on the support of social conservatives (particularly pro-life people) and many of the Tea Party.  Should there be a third candidate who will espouse those "MUST" matters, he/she will receive a large percentage of our support.  No more can you take the support of social conservatives for granted, only to have our concerns - and by extension the unborn children - shoved on the back burner.  We know that our God will not be mocked in that manner anymore.  Haven't we learned that yet?  To coin a phrase from the Clinton campaign of the recent past..

It's NOT the economy, stupid - IT'S THE MORALITY!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Catholic Standard's Fluffy-Puff Piece On Hilda Solis - A Gross Disservice To All Concerned

It's on page 10 of today's paper edition of the Catholic Standard and online here.  Current Labor Secretary Hilda Solis claims that "her parents' example of faith and hard work shapes her public service".   She has an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in her office, along with a Crucifix and other religious decorations.  In addition to the example of her parents, she also cites Caear Chavez and Frances Perkins (Secretary of Labor under FDR).

The article mentions that she was a congresswoman from California and that while serving in that capacity she attended Mass at St Joseph Church on Capitol Hill.  The Standard mentions nothing more of her career as a congresswoman or the positions she espoused and votes she cast.  The Catholic Standard excels at lobbing "soft-ball questions" at those to whom the chancery and USCCB would kiss up, but I digress!  The fact is, while she claims that her faith motivates her, her voting record tells a different story.  The following is some research that the Catholic Standard should have done -assuming it takes its journalistic responsibilities seriously.

Now think.  She's a Democratic congresswoman from California.  Knowing that, her voting record on abortion, as reported by On The Issues, reveals Ms Solis to be another flaming pro-abortion supporter.  To wit:
  • She voted repeatedly to support embryonic stem cell research.
  • Like her boss, she voted against the Partial Birth Abortion Ban.
  • She voted for all manners of abortion funding.
  • She was endorsed by Emily's List and has a 100% rating from NARAL.
I trust no one would really think that the Messiah Most Miserable would nominate to his cabinet a Catholic who took the moral teachings of her church seriously.  She's Catholic in same vein as the other CINO cabinet member, Kathleen Sebelius, HHS Secretary.

Moreover, in 2004 she was one of several CINO pro-abortion congresspeople who sent a letter to Cardinal McCarrick almost insisting that he not deny them Holy Communion because they promote abortion.  Women for Faith and Family has that letter archived on their site.  It did originally appear on the official website of Rosa DeLauro but that has since been taken down.  I do have two side comments to make about that letter:
  1. By now they must realize that they need not have bothered to write that letter, as His Eminence never did have any intention of obeying Canon 915, as subsequent behavior has so amply demonstrated.
  2. Look down the list of signers.  In light of the Obamacare passage of March 2010, does one name stand out?  Bart Stupak!  He never was "pro-life".  Don't the events of March 2010 make sense now?
Instead of singing her praises, the Catholic Standard should be holding her out as an ideal recipient for the medicine of Canon 915.  She is not the exemplary Catholic as the Standard article implies.  Mind you, I don't pretend to be the judge of her heart.  However, her actions as a congresswoman have been an abysmal disgrace to her church, as well as a danger to her own immortal soul. 

One wonders just what favor the chancery might be trying to curry from Ms. Solis.  Else, why would the Standard content itself with such a simplistic, shallow piece of happy-pap-crap in place of a news article.  In just 30 minutes I did research that the Standard should have done.  I now report it, but the Standard should have done so too - if it's interested in being a real journalistic enterprise.  My fellow blogger reported last week that big changes were afoot at the Standard.  Now all can see yet another piece of evidence why I look askance at these changes.

Lunch Is On The House!!

When some people say it - they mean it!  Case in point?

That would be US Representative Laura Richardson (D-CA).  The Washington Times reported last week that her local office hosted a "briefing" for 1,000 senior citizens, paid from her congressional office fund.  The Times reported the elaborate menu, with "singing and dancing" reported.  The office funds are not to be used for social events.

This is not the first such alleged abuse by Rep Richardson.  Two months ago, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington asked the FBI to investigate her use of her office staff for campaigning functions.

Such is the arrogance of the progressives (and yes, the majority of these are by and large Democrats).  They seek to pick our pockets via taxes, self-righteously claiming that they know better what to do with our money than do we.  Now we see what they mean.  They have the complicity and cooperation of their partners who run that bureaucratic machine known as the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  I hope this piece, and the Times article, sheds much needed light on these cockroaches.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you just how much that little "briefing lunch" cost us.  Sit down.  They shelled out of taxpayer funds, $20,000.00!  Let me spell that out, just to make sure there is no confusion with all those zeros.  That is Twenty Thousand Dollars!  Isn't that just....special???