Thursday, October 26, 2023

November Is The Time To #SayNo2CCHD

Within a few weeks, most dioceses in the US will devote their second collections to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development - CCHD for short.  Long-time readers of this blog (and others) will recall that we've said much about the immense harm done by the CCHD - after unsuspecting Catholics have been duped into donating their hard-earned money to them.

In tonight's episode of the Anchor Team, Michael Hichborn details another chapter of his expose of the CCHD.  Towards the end of his presentation, he engages in some discussion about what we Catholics in the pews can do about them.  In the second article of the anthology to which I linked in the first paragraph is an envelope stuffer that you may wish to use when that second collection basket passes in front of you during Mass.  

Please watch the episode in its entirety, then take some action.  With the Sin-Nod droning on, it can be easy for such things as the CCHD collection to slip right by us, but we mustn't relax our vigilance.

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Maryland Company That Incinerated Aborted Babies Fined By The State

Last year I wrote of two pro-life activists who intercepted a number of aborted children who were slated to be incinerated by Cesare Santangelo.  The boxes of these children's bodies were on their way to Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services. 

It seems that Curtis Bay had been incinerating aborted babies, along with assorted medical wastes for some time, arousing the ire of the Dundalk residents because of the foul stench.  LifeSiteNews informs us that Maryland had been investigating Curtis Bay even before the discovery of the murdered babies.  Curtis Bay pled guilty to 40 violations of handling protocols and ordered to pay nearly $2 million for fines and other related fees.

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Exploring Maryland's Catholic Roots

At a gala for Collegium Sanctorum Angelorum in Arlington last September, Tim Flanders of One Peter Five gave the main address.  He gave a very interesting summary of the history of Catholicism in Maryland.  It is in Maryland where Catholicism first took root, championed by the Calvert and the Carroll families.  The Collegium posted the address on youtube and it is now posted below.

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Baltimore Catholic Review Slobbers Over Pro-Abortion Diane Feinstein

It would be commendable of the authors and editors of the Catholic Review to actually bring the Faith to bear on their reporting of the deaths of well-known people.  They eulogized the rabidly pro-abortion senator, giving only token mention to her championing of the slaughter of innocent babies.

The piece does comment about Feinstein's anti-Catholic bigotry.  Recall that when Amy Comey Barrett was undergoing her vetting for a seat on the US Supreme Court, Feinstein said to her, "the dogma lives loudly within you, and that's of concern".  Feinstein implied that faithful Catholics cannot occupy positions of authority and responsibility, an unabashed statement of bigotry.

The article actually seems to be a reprint of an Our Sunday Visitor piece.  Still, the Review had no need to publish this puff-piece about a politician who proved in every way to be an enemy of Faith and Morals.  At the very least, these "katholyc" mouthpieces could have at least reminded their readers that we'll all face death and judgment, and that we should pray that God have mercy on her soul, particularly in light of the damage she wrought.

I'm sure it's only a matter of time before Washington's Catholic Standard follows suit.

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Yoo-Hoo! Francis! God's Mercy Does NOT Extend To Demons!

The average Catholic of yesteryear understood that the truly penitent could rely on God's mercy - provided that he/she was truly penitent.  The current occupant of Peter's chair, however, has cheapened the gift of God's mercy - a gift acquired through the Crucifixion of Our Lord - to imply universal and unconditional forgiveness for everyone, even if these persons. are without repentance even continuing in sinful conduct.

Now they are trying to convince us that God's mercy will be extended to demons.  You read that correctly.  The Vatican website states it quite plainly, in the "Spirituality of the Synod" document.  Look on page 31 of that pdf; it's right there, in black and white.

By the way, this cockamamie notion is literally hundreds of years old.  It is this idea that got one of the earliest great thinkers of the Church, namely Origen, condemned as a heretic.  This is one of the several heresies of this sin-nod that Bergoglio and company are trying to insinuate into the teachings of the Church and the thinking of Catholics.

Just think.  We're only one month into this dumpster fire of a sin-nod.  What more awaits us?

Traditional Versus Novus Ordo - A Step By Step Comparison

This video does an excellent job at comparing the Novus Ordo Mass with the Mass of the Ages.  It is quite eye-opening to see how much of our Faith was stripped from the Novus Ordo, leaving us with a shell of a Mass.  I take issue with their statement at the end where they say it would be better not to attend Mass if all that was available was the Novus Ordo.  Otherwise I think it would be well worth your time to watch this in its entirety.  Also, here is a High Latin Mass, for Easter Sunday, that occurred in 1940.

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Archdiocese Of Baltimore - 14 Pages Of Saying Nothing Useful

Cardinal Gregory exposed his willingness to coddle sins of sodomy a few weeks ago, but he wasn't the first.   Archbishop Lori of Baltimore beat him to the punch when released a "pastoral letter" entitled "Like Every Disciple: LGBT Pastoral Accompaniment" this past July.  Concurrently, the Catholic Review published some commentary on it.  It is looooong! A 14-page verbosity extravaganza!  However, because it is chock-full of moral error, we will slog through it.

Let's count how many times certain words and terms occur in this massive missive, shall we?

  • Pastoral - 16 times
  • Accompaniment - 20 times
  • Journey - 20 times
  • Relationship
  • mortal sin - 0 times!
  • Repent - 0 times!
  • Confession - 1 time
  • Disorder - 0 times!
  • Hell - 0 times
  • Heaven - 1 time 
  • Salvation - 1 time
These word counts are quite revelatory in regards to the priorities of the authors of these things.  The last three word counts betray the utter disregard for the most important aspect of the Church's work - to save souls from hell and to help them attain heaven.  Note also that the word "repent" is not mentioned once, even though, according to Mark's gospel, it is the first word that Jesus uttered in His public ministry.

This thing yammers on and on about "accompaniment" and "journey" and being "pastoral", but what is being completely glossed over is that to engage in sexual perversions is to commit mortal sin.  We know that if a person commits just one mortal sin and then dies without the Sacrament of Confession and/or Perfect Contrition, that he/she will spend eternity in hell.

Therefore, the first - FIRST - priority is for that person to immediately make a good sacramental Confession, confessing the mortal sins committed in number and kind.  Without that, no amount of "accompaniment" will amount to a hill of beans, for no grace can accrue to anyone with mortal sin on their soul, especially if that person is still committing that sin.  That confession must happen immediately, regardless of any "journey".  Time is of the essence.

Let's now go through this mess and look at some of the most egregious nonsense.  In the early part, the question is asked: "What does it mean to follow Christ and to belong to the Church as a person who identifies as LGBT?"  Well, so see how absurd this question is, just substitute another sin, say "drug dealer" or "spouse abuser" in place of "LGBT".  If one identifies themselves by the perversion that they practice, then they are practicing it.  So "what does it mean"?  It means that the person be told, up front and with no kid gloves, that they are endangering their souls and that their destructive behaviors must cease and that good confessions be made.  If there are falls (most likely will happen), then they must get up, go back to confession and resolve to sin no more.

Further down, we read about the "desire to truly welcome and embrace sexual minorities".  No, they are not minorities, as would be the case of racial or ethnic minorities.  A person with an unwanted same-sex attraction is no more a LGBT person than a person afflicted with a violent temper be a murderous person.  We do not identify people by their disordered inclinations, especially if they don't act on those disordered inclinations.

Moving on down, this document quotes Francis during one of his plane-interview bloopers.  This is the one where he asked "if a person is gay and seeks out the Lord and is willing, who am I to judge that person?"   Well, if this conversation occurred in the sacrament of Confession (and that word occurred only once in this 14-page mess), the priest better be evaluating this person's soul, for the latter's salvation.  Again, if a person self-identifies via his/her disordered tendency, it's fairly clear that this person is acting according to those tendencies.   As far as this person being "willing", willing to do what?  If this person is repentant of the evil tendency, then indeed there is much cause for rejoicing.  Otherwise, there is no authentic "seeking out the Lord".

As we get closer to the end of this thing, we read that "often the Church and her teaching are being presented as being against LGBT persons, as if she were the enemy of human flourishing."  Who is doing this "presenting"?  Of course the secular culture is holding out that picture, but where, oh where, do we see God's teachings regarding sexuality being presented in Church venues?  All too often, the Church pulpits are silent on this matter.  When Church officials drag their feet when good people are trying to stop gay-coddling legislation from becoming law, they are showing that they are ashamed or even opposed to Church teaching.  We certainly don't see any unambiguous presentation of Church teaching in this document!  There is not one clear, concise presentation in all these 14 pages.

I'm sure other bishops will follow suit.

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Is Jorge Bergoglio The Pope? We Need To Stop Dodging That Question

A few weeks ago, the Catholic Identity Conference was held in Pennsylvania.  It was chaired by Michael Matt of the Remnant Underground.  They are all Catholics who are faithful to Church teaching and tradition.  Archbishop Vigano had prepared a presentation to be given to the attendees; he could not come himself for he is still in danger.

Vigano's presentation was not given.  I'm not sure of the reason, and I frankly don't care.  The questions that the archbishop put forth are questions that we Catholics must face.  Those questions focus on the legitimacy, or lack thereof, of Bergoglio's occupation of Peter's Chair.  I think that many good people don't want to face the fact that the evil inside the church hierarchy is so prevalent as to have insinuated in the visible head of the Church.  Perhaps they fear the label "sedevacantist".  Perhaps they just want to stay in the good graces of local hierarchy and friends.  Whatever the reasons, they must be cast aside and these questions must be addressed.

Ann Barnhardt has the video of Vigano giving his talk.  For those who'd rather read it, here it is.  Consider what he is saying.  The time for kicking the can down the road is long past - if it ever existed at all.  LifeSiteNews posted an article about the Saint Gallen mafia and how they might have tampered with the 2013 papal election.  They may have tried that with the 2005 election, but were unsuccessful.

For the record, I now believe that there are reasons to doubt the legitimacy of the 2013 papal election.  Frankly, I don't believe the resignation of Pope Benedict was done validly, so that is another reason why the 2013 election is dubious.  I have questions about these.  I don't have answers, I cannot propose solutions, but that does not preclude me from voicing reservations.

What should be obvious to all is that evil is having its way with Bergoglio.  That has been painfully apparent for several years now.  If you aren't awake and praying your Rosaries, why not?

Monday, October 9, 2023

The Papal Posse On The Sin-Nod For Sodomy

The Papal Posse discusses the Sin-nod For Sodomy and the dubia posed by six cardinals now.

I understand that some conversation towards the end may have been cut out of this clip.  If that is the case and I'm able to locate the intact clip, I will post.

Thursday, October 5, 2023

Francis Plops Another Stinker Called Laudate Deum

On October 3, we celebrated the Feast of St Francis of Assisi.  If anyone heard a rumble from his grave, well, there's good cause for it.  That "rumble" would have been occasioned by the release of Laudate Deum, an apostolic exhortation that is in reality nothing more than a deliberate attempt to whip up more "climate change" hysteria.  The first few verses are spent in vain attempts to breathe new life into tired, worn-out talking points regarding climate change: rising sea levels, melting glaciers, barely perceptible temperature increases and other "cries of protests on the part of the earth".  That last quote is from section 5 of this ungodly tome.  By the way - only a person can protest anything, for there must be intent to protest.  Someone close to Francis should remind him that planets are not sentient beings and such talk is indicative of sloppy philosophy and/or theology.

Big carbon footprint here!  For shame!
He also spills a lot of ink on paper as he whines that "some have chosen to deride these facts".  That's the start of his section 6-7 screed against those of us who refuse to swallow the pabulum that he and his progressive accomplices continually try to pour down our throats.  But, as they say, we encounter flak when we're above target.  This sort of sniveling is actually encouraging to read, for it means that we are having some success in thwarting their nefarious, one-world-government, new-order schemes.

In section 10, he takes some swipes against those big, bad fossil fuels.  I'm curious!  How does he think all those sin-nod delegates traveled to that carbon-footprint-increasing gab-fest?  The picture to the right (from EWTN) is that of the sin-nod in session.  You better believe the temperature is being kept at comfortable levels.  Now look at all that high-tech?  Everyone has their own tablet, and each table has four screens in the center.  Lots of electricity is being used.  Is all that power coming from windmills?  I didn't think so, either!

In section 15, we read about "irreversible effects of the climate crisis".  Francis bemoans the myth that "other creatures of the world have stopped being our companions along the way and have become instead our victims".  My!  Doesn't that just make you feel icky for being a human being?  I think that's by intent.  Again, we see the heretical personification of non-human entities.

In section 35, he shills for a one-world government.  In section 39, he lauds postmodern culture - by name!  Postmodern thinkers tend to deny the existence of objective reality and objective moral values.  And this "pope" praises that??  More commentary from LifeSiteNews

Let's do a word count, shall we?  Here they are!

  • God - 11 times
  • Climate - 33 times
  • Jesus - 3 times
  • temperature - 9 times
  • global - 27 times
  • church - 1 time
  • melt - 4 times
  • environment - 10 times
I could go on, but you see the priorities of this pseudo-pontificate quite clearly.

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Ominous Yet Expected Answers To Dubia

Today, as the Sin-Nod on Sodomy approaches, Francis received a new set of dubia, another attempt to ask him to clarify his statements and actions.  This is signed by five cardinals.  The first two are the surviving two cardinals who issued the first set of dubia about seven years ago: Cardinal Burke and Cardinal Brandmuller.  They were joined by Cardinals Sarah, Zen, and Sandoval-Iniguoez.

Cardinal Burke, on his webpage, gives some critical background and information regarding the dubia, as well as its text.  Originally, five dubia were presented to Francis this past July.  Francis was rather prompt in issuing replies to them, unlike the ones from several years ago.  He did so, however, in such a way that allowed for, shall we say, "wiggle room".  Realizing the problem, the five cardinals reissued their dubia in August.  At that time, the questions were formulated so that a "yes" or "no" would be required to answer the questions.  After not receiving answers to the August dubia, the cardinals decided to make them public knowledge on October 2nd.  The full texts of the two sets of dubia, as well as the responses to the first set of dubia, are found on Burke's site.  

I should point out that the five cardinals received some key support.  Both Cardinal Muller and Bishop Scheider voiced their support for the dubia.  They praised the five cardinals for acting as true advisors to the pope and calling on him to answer the dubia.  While these dubia have not received formal answers as of this writing, recent actions seem to answer at least a few of them.  It is a case of "actions speak louder than words".

The five cardinals weren't the only ones to submit dubia to Francis.  In July, Cardinal Dominik Duka of Prague submitted ten dubia on behalf of the Czech Episcopal Conference.  These focused on the care of divorced/remarried Catholics in light of Amoris Laetitia.  Francis and Cardinal Victor "Kissy-Face" Fernandez replied that Amoris Laetitia does indeed allow those de facto adulterers to receive Holy Communion, thus committing sins of sacrilege.

During a pre-synod retreat, Father Timothy Radcliffe (where have we heard that name before?) gave an address of sorts.  He started by apologizing for his limitations.  What are these limitations that necessitated an apology?  Why, he's old, western, white and male!  Oh, the horror!  He commiserates with those who might feel "marginalized" - folks who might be divorced/remarried, in gay relationships, polygamous, etc".  Why, they "long for a renewed church in which they will feel fully at home, recognized, affirmed, and safe."  Doesn't that sound lovely?  A bastardized renewed church!  And what about that "affirmed" part?  Affirmed in mortal sin?  How will that assist the sinner as they stand before God's judgment seat?

Now recall Francis' answer to the first dubia regarding marriage, particularly, attempts by gays to simulate "marriage".  While Francis reiterated that marriage can only be between man and woman, he voiced the possibility of "blessing" gay shack-ups.   Full stop!  One cannot "bless" mortal sin.  Such an attempt would be its own sin.  Francis and many Catholics need to review the nine ways of cooperating in the sin of others, for that is what they are doing.

He's leaving it up to individual priests as to whether or not they should "bless" gay shack-ups.  So consider; he gives priests that illegitimate option, but comes down heavy-handed on them if they should celebrate the Latin Mass!  Does that make any sense?  Well, yes it does!  Both these actions are attempts to deconstruct the Church and undermine the teachings of God as revealed through His church.

Today is October 4.  This Sin-Nod on Sodomy is expected to go on all month.  Already it is proving to be a proverbial train wreck.  No doubt there will be more damage to come.