Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Wanna Have A Mad Moment With God?

Cardinal Charles Bo of Yangon (Burma) is all enthused about the idea.  He gave an address centered around the Holy Family.  For the most part, his talk was rather nondescript.  However, as is often the case (we've seen enough of that in Pope Francis' writings) the poisonous blasphemies and heresies are buried within piles of verbosity.

This one occurs quite close to the beginning.  He opines that God "is not a macho monster, spewing fire and brimstone of vengeance.  He is a God intoxicated with love, indulging in extravagant sacrifice of His Son.  John captures those mad moments of God.."  (Italics mine)

Are you nauseated enough?  I put those words in italics because they are words associated with sinful qualities, particularly with sins of gluttony and imprudence.  Firstly, God is not "intoxicated" with anything.  He is Lord and Creator of the universe.  To suggest that He could ever lose command of His faculties is blasphemous.  I don't care what Cardinal Bo's reason is.  No good can be accomplished by blaspheming God.  Moreover, there is nothing "extravagant" about the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  God willed it, so it is in perfect order; extravagance denotes sinful disorder.

That whole section, dripping with disgusting effeminacy, is something that we might expect out of some new-age woman-priest-wannabe witches' coven, not from a Prince of the Church.  Even worse, there are too many laity in the Church who are transfixed over this ooze, who prefer cheap sentiment over the objective truths of our Holy Faith.

Until Catholics sober up and think seriously on these matters, our church will continue to be blown about by every whim and fancy given to us by secular culture.  We need to guard ourselves and take up the Rosary daily if we're not doing so already.

(HT: Canon 212)

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Montgomery County Rep Rattles A Tyrant's Sword

This link will take you to an account of typical tyranny foisted by Red China on its Christian citizens.  The CCP thugs are threatening to seize children of Christians and to send them to "reeducation camps".  Do you think you and your families are safe in the United States?  Maybe at one time you could take such safety for granted, but those days are fading fast, thanks to progressives who seem to be chomping at their bits as they anticipate a Biden presidency.  Please watch this and then continue to read below.

The 28-page tome that Voris mentioned is here.  Read it and download it, for they may try to take it down if they get blow-back because of it.  Let's take a look at this mess, but just a little for I don't have time to unpack 28 pages of gobbly-goop. 
  • On page 2, they complain that the "religious right" is well-funded.  I'm not sure about that, but even if that were true, that's a bit of the pot calling the kettle black.  Billionaires such as George Soros, Bill Gates, Rothchilds, etc have been pouring tons of money into the leftwing coffers.  So too have unwitting Catholics as they stupidly continue to contribute to CCHD and other leftwing outfits.
  • At the bottom of the same page, they deplore the imaginary imposition of religious dogmas on the public, but are quite silent about the godless imposing their immorality on people of faith, such as the bakers, florists, etc who are being sued by perverts for not facilitating their fake "weddings".
  • On page 2, they call upon Biden et al to "educate the American public by reasonably defining what religious freedom really means".  Really?  Why, oh why, should we acquiesce to their "reasonable definition"?  And just how is that "education" to occur?  Might it be done in the style of the Chicoms as discussed in this post's first paragraph? 
  • On page 14, they claim that "white Christian nationalism" is a security threat.  I suppose that's because of the terror they wreaked on Sept 11, 2001?  No, that was done by Muslims, but we see nary a word against that.  Ask yourselves some questions:
    • Why is the word "white" repeatedly mentioned?  Answer - because the three progressive would-be tyrants are racist in a twisted way
    • Who has been responsible for the riots of last summer?  Let's be honest - that was largely Black Lives Matter.
    • Why are Christians being singled out for their vitriol?  I think the answer is very simple.  Raskin and his buddies embrace baby-slaughter, sexual perversions and the general progressive agenda.  Their agenda is inherently immoral, and Christians - faithful ones - have spoken against it.  Truth stings consciences, and their consciences are stung.  They won't obey the clear message so they lash out in resentment against those who challenge their self-deception.  That is what this whole 28-page slop is about.
  • Like I said, I don't have time to unpack this entire thing in a blog post.  I urge you to read it and get a glimmer as to what we are opposing.  Pray that President Trump prevails in his bid to unearth the true election results.
One of the three would-be tyrants is Jamie Raskin.  This member of the US House of Representatives hails from lower Montgomery County, MD.  My local readers, particularly in lower Montgomery County, have a duty to call this man out for his bigotry against Christians.  In that entire tome, I did not see one call for atheists to stop shoving their anti-God agenda down the throats of Christian businesses.  That kind of bigotry is simply unacceptable in these United States.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Faithful Catholics Decrying The Hierarchy's Complicity In The Global Reset

In addition to Bishop Schneider, other Catholics have sounded the alarm regarding the de facto apostacy that has been made all too evident in light of today's pandemic.  Indeed, much of the hierarchy - including Pope Francis himself - seems to be in league with those who are using and who probably engineered the pandemic to bring about the reset touted by the World Economic Forum.

Archbishop Vigano released a public letter a few days ago that exposes some common underpinnings behind various happenings in the world and the Church.  He also makes no bones that the Vatican hierarchy, as well as many bishops, are in cahoots with the new world order.  He is quite right in calling the current Vatican structure a "den of thieves" with:

  • the pope's current alliance with Netflix to shill for his new book.  This is the same Netflix that produced "Cuties" by exploiting and sexualizing little girls and produced a "comedy" that pictures Jesus as gay and Our Lady as a pothead.
  • their push for the covid vaccines that use body parts from murdered babies
  • running interference for anti-God political leaders
Rorate Caeli published a letter from a sister who must remain anonymous to protect her community from retaliation.  In it, Sister elaborates on the immorality of the compulsory mask mandates and its other harmful effects.  She rightly points out its dehumanizing effects and its basis in the loss of supernatural faith.

In this LifeSiteNews article, we see an interview with Father Chad Ripperger.  The three men are discussing the legitimacy of the current vaccines (or more accurately, the illegitimacy).  This truly is worth a listen as Father delves into traditional Catholic moral theology in his considerations of the topic.  One point that Father makes is that the use of fetal cells constitutes theft of their bodies.

To be honest, one has to be completely dishonest with him/herself if they don't accept that the election fraud and this covid hype isn't part and parcel of the attempt to get us to forget our dignity as God's children and the blessings that were part of the United States, in order to cajole us into swallowing this great reset. 

Monday, December 21, 2020

Bishop Schneider On The Covid Vaccine Witchs' Brew

 Notice that this video is posted not on youtube but Rumble. Youtube has seen fit to censor the videos of LifeSiteNews, most likely because giggles is also towing the progressive line for the tin-horn dictators (that's why I deliberately misspelled the name).  This deserves a listen.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

The Newfangled Corona Vaccines - What's In It For The US Hierarchy?

Much of the world is waiting with bated breath for this much-touted "wonderous" vaccine.  They think that once they inject themselves with this miraculous substance, they will once again be freed from their de facto slave masters to live their lives.  They already can live their lives without the permission of the demagogues, if they just grow some backbones, but that's another discussion.

Pfiser and Moderna are the two leading manufacturers of these magic elixirs.  However, the tiny bodies of murdered babies have been used in the development of these things.  They claim that no fetal cells are actually in the vaccines.  True enough, but, BUT, fetal cells have been used in the testing of these potions.  However you slice it, the bodies of murdered children were used in the development of these things.

That doesn't seem to bother the nation's bishops in the least.  Read this latest disgrace to spew forth from the USCCB.  In a nutshell, they are saying, "yeah, we know that there was use of morally compromised cell lines, but the pandemic is so scary and evil that the remote cooperation with baby slaughter is actually an act of charity".  Pity that the aborted children don't seem to register a blip on their radar screens, but I don't think they have for quite some time.

Something, and I think it's lots of money, is inducing these bishops to poo-poo basic Catholic morality.  What they are doing is known as cooperating with sin, and such cooperation, especially when done knowingly and willingly, is a partaking in the guilt of that sin - in this case, the mortal sin of baby-murder.  The Church defines nine ways in which this cooperation can be effected; here is the list.  Take a look at numbers 1 and 7.  The bishops are counseling the faithful to participate in the ill-gotten fruits of the slaughter of babies.

Archbishop Vigano has some pointed words regarding the vaccine and other matters, pointing to their sinister underpinnings. As you read them, you may wish to bear the video from Friday Dec 18th in mind.  Judie Brown of American Life League also has words of wisdom and warning regarding these vaccines.

On many levels, the ingestion of these vaccines would be foolish and sinful.  The testing on these has been rather haphazard and immoral.  Why would one want to accept such a vaccine that has been hastily and immorally produced?  The disease against which it would allegedly protect has a fatality rate of less than 1%, and even those are found mostly in those with other co-morbidities.  Even more insidious is that the usage of them would justify the procurement of slaughtered babies to produce them.

At one time, I might have been inclined to chalk up the bishops' capitulation to these vaccines as simply a lack of moral courage.  While that may be present to some effect, I must conclude, after so many stunts these fellows have pulled, that they are active participants in the promulgation of the vaccine to help facilitate the new world order and perhaps to gain some financial reward.

Addendum:  Here is an enlightening post from my friend and colleague at Les Femmes.  Like her, I too have looked askance at the complete lack of mention of common-sense measures that we can take to increase our natural immunities.  Vitamin supplements, as she noted, are necessary and readily available.  A general proper diet and adequate sleep are also important.  Why, oh why, do we hear - ad infinitum et ad nauseum - about "masks" and "social distance", but nary a peep regarding these measures? Why does hydroxicloroquine remain a taboo topic of discussion?  Could it be precisely because they are cost-effective?

Friday, December 18, 2020

All Roads Lead To China

Michael Hichborn put out this video today with the title quoted in this post's title.  With Jim Maughan, Hichborn delves into the pivotal role that Communist China has played in the attempted theft of the presidential election away from Donald Trump.  As an aside, on the two pro-Trump marches that I've attended in Washington DC, I couldn't help but notice the presence of many Chinese people calling for the abolition of the Chinese Communist Party; this video gives me a greater appreciation of their reasons for attending the pro-Trump rallies.

Hichborn not only asks us to watch it, but to pass this along to others.  We know that not only will the mainstream media try to stifle its message, but so will the progressives who occupy many of the chanceries in the US.  Keep praying those daily Rosaries.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Run! Run! It's The Attack Of The Giant Mutant Lego Creatures!

Yes, this hideous monstrosity is what the Vatican is using for a Nativity set this Christmas.  It makes a horrible, mocking caricature of Our Lord's birth.  See here for an analysis of the occultic symbolisms in the various creatures displayed in this scene.

The only positive thing I can say about it is that at least it doesn't smack of homosexual pornography, as did the artistic slop from 2017.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

How The Archdiocese Of Washington Mocked Our Lady Of Guadalupe

The Archdiocese of Washington live-streamed that travesty of a Mass and it remains on youtube.  Cardinal Gregory was the main celebrant at this Mass at St Matthew's.  The entrance is more of a pagan procession, with the pagan-originated prancing up to the altar, with garish headgear and loud drumming.  Of course there were the ubiquitous bowls, billowing forth smoke, being processed up to the altar.  What is with those things?  Rarely do we see a parody of a Mass without them, but I digress.  Then a number of them, in the sanctuary, line up before the altar and inflict more hideous dancing on the congregation and those watching online.

At another Mass I would lament that people were kept away.  In this case, the small number of people was clearly a blessing.

Below is the video of the Mass.  It starts normally enough, with the Cardinal and other priests, deacons, etc processing in (of course, he had to be applauded as a new cardinal).  However, the pagan debacle begins at the 1:07:12 mark.  Be prepared to turn down your speakers!

This travesty is a great advertisement for the Traditional Latin Mass.  There is none of  that "celebrate this and that culture" garbage, just the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Monday, December 14, 2020

Dec 13th Jericho March

The #JerichoMarch #StopTheSteal rally in DC happened Saturday, Dec 12, Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Most of the activities, including the three concurrent marches, happened in the morning.  Because I was at my usual spot in front of a local abortion mill, I was not able to make those events. 

After I finished my time at the mill, I took the Metro to the Smithsonian stop.  I had an inkling that I had missed most of the events since I saw Trump supporters on the Metro who were leaving the area.  I saw more of them departing as I left the stop - but several thousands still remained.  The picture to the right, from the facebook page of a friend of mine, shows the crowds on the mall during the earlier hours.

I passed by a rally going on in front of the Smithsonian and proceeded to the Capitol and the Supreme Court building, where I knew Jericho Marches had occurred.  Several thousands still lingered.  As I arrived, so did two progressive hecklers on bikes.  One of them had some kind of recorder strapped to her back that was playing loudly the words "f*** Trump".  That's all it said.  The other carried some little cardboard sign that didn't say much of anything.  They were promptly contradicted by Trump supporters.  One of them told the hecklers that he respected their right to be there.  Indeed, the hecklers must have known that such would have been the mindset of us all.  Others of their ilk don't extend to us the same courtesy: more on that later.

Here's some amusing "street theater", in the person of the man in the skeleton costume.  The sad thing is that there are many progressives who did precisely that during the election, and probably cast more than nine votes.

As I was leaving and headed towards Union Station, I spotted DC police at the intersection of Constitution and First getting into riot gear.  This was in the area where the antifa person attacked a Trump supporter at the rally last month.  They were clearly anticipating trouble.  Several hours later, trouble did happen at McPherson Square, where antifa thugs stabbed four Trump supporters.

I saw one very important display in front of the Supreme Court, below.  These ladies have the right idea in calling to mind Our Lady of Fatima and her requests.

The fight for our nation, and by extension western civilization, is far from over.  Above all, our Rosaries and prayers are needed.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Carhart's Catastrophe Count Continues To Climb - Class Action Suit To Be Filed On Behalf Of Abortion-Injured Women

 When Leroy Carhart was slaughtering babies in Germantown MD a few years back, he sent approximately 10 women to the hospital due to his careless blundering.  One woman died.  This pattern was repeated at his Nebraska location, with one woman dying there.  I remember quipping in one of my posts that the Germantown condo management should just put a reserved-ambulance parking space in front of his mill.  When he moved to Bethesda, some of us passed out some flyers wherein we warned the neighbors to get used to the sight and sound of ambulances at his Wildwood location.

Sure enough, the ambulances are pulling in with some regularity.  Below is a Live Action video detailing how two women were severely injured by Carhart, to the point of their lives being put in danger.  I only regret that there was little mention of the horror wreaked upon the murdered babies.

Operation Rescue has more details of these two incidents, plus a rather long list of his previous medical disaster - a list that will continue to grow as long as he continues to slaughter babies.

One key fact that I don't think OR touched upon is precisely what caused the injuries of these two particular women.  Both these women were given a drug to ingest, called misoprostol or cytotec.  These are part of the RU486 abortion procedure and they operate by causing violent contractions of the uterus.  In both the video and the OR account, you can see how their wombs literally contorted around themselves and the babies, causing the ruptures.

A class-action lawsuit is being prepared on behalf of the hundreds (if not thousands) of women injured by this drug cocktail.  Please visit if you were injured by this drug or know someone who was.

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Important Information Regarding The Election

Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue published a piece on what the current election debacle means for pro-life activism and the babies.  I will add that this will greatly determine whether or not the progressives implement their diabolical plans for their atheistic one-world government.  Towards the end she gives excellent suggestions as to what we can do to assist in the effort to clean up our electoral process.

Please read it carefully, and watch the video embedded in that article.  In that video, President Trump outlines many manifestations of fraud that occurred during the election time.  We all need to have eyes and ears open as we pray our Rosaries.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

More Developments In The Examination Of the Election Debacle

We can rejoice that President Trump is not backing down in this fight for the elections.  At stake is not only his next four years, but the integrity of future US elections.  If the progressives get away with this election theft and are successful in their evil quest, we will never have another truly free and honest election in this country ever again.  They will tighten the noose about our necks with both wrath and impunity.  Our God-given rights to live and speak openly as Christians will go up in flames, as will countless souls experience eternal flames in the next life.

There definitely are signs of hope.  The evil is being exposed.  In Maricopa County AZ, a GOP poll watcher testified that she saw machines switch Trump votes to Biden votes.  The state GOP chair was allowed by a judge to examine 100 ballots.  After she discovered that 2 of them were switched from Trump to Biden, the judge is allowing a larger number to be examined.  Bear in mind that Biden allegedly beat Trump in AZ by only 10,000 votes.

A group of PA House Republicans are calling for the withdrawal of vote certification and their naming of Presidential electors.  They are simply asserting the authority granted to them in their state's constitution to guard against electoral corruption.

Below I will post video of a GA Senate hearing, where a Trump lawyer shows video from Georgia's State Farm Arena showing that poll watchers were evicted and then suitcases full of "ballots" were brought from hiding, with the ballots being feed into the tallying machines.  If that isn't cheating, what is it?  In response, Governor Kemp is calling for a signature audit of all ballots.

Please keep praying your Rosaries, not only that the actual victor be made known, but that the integrity of our electoral system be preserved and the filth purged and perpetrators punished.

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Common Ground With Pro-Abortion Supporters Is A Deadly Myth

I wrote several times in the past about the futility of seeking "common ground" with pro-abortion people and/or those who vote for pro-abortion politicians.  After a rather startling and distasteful exchange I had with someone (a former pro-life leader) on facebook a few days ago, I must now conclude that any attempt to seek such "common ground" will be fraught with great spiritual and intellectual peril.

The background is this.  A friend who is caring for a disabled relative complained of treatment that she received when she went about in public without a mask.  I will call her "Mary".  The former pro-life leader, whom I will call "Bill", lashed out at her with over-the-top venom and vitriol.  He accused Mary of "attacking her relative", about to "have his blood on her hands", etc.  I and a number of others took him to task.  Mary pulled down his remarks; I don't blame her a bit.  I remain flummoxed at the vehemence with which he addressed Mary simply because she didn't go along with being treated like a sheep.

As mentioned earlier, Bill was a pro-life leader several years ago.  He's since embraced some liberal causes and has voiced disappointment that other pro-life people, particularly those of us who remained on the front lines of activism, didn't follow his lead.  He made mention of trying to seek "common ground" with pro-abortion proponents.  A key problem with that ill-advised attempt is that it lends moral legitimacy to the pro-abortion position, a legitimacy that is completely erroneous in every way, rendering that attempt immoral on its face.  Moreover, I have seen other pro-life people, similarly deluded, befuddled in their thinking to such great extents that they now embrace inherently immoral positions.

Here is a perfect "case-in-point" to illustrate that danger.  There is an outfit called "Catholic Common Ground Initiative".  That link is to its website.  When I visit sites like this, I always examine its leadership and the people with whom they collaborate and/or honor.  Right away you'll notice that this cabal is the brainchild of Cardinal Bernardin.  Other notables who pollute(d) its leadership include Cardinals Gregory, Mahoney and Tobin, and honorees such as John Carr, Carolyn Woo, etc.  You get the picture.  You take up with dogs, you take up their manners.

The meme in this post is absolutely true.  That can be hard to acknowledge when the pro-abortion mentality is found amongst one's relatives and friends, but the truth must be faced.  We must treat them with respect and dignity, of course, but realize that they have embraced objective evil.  The Spiritual Works of Mercy include "instruct the ignorant" and "rebuke the sinner".  We want to see them attain heaven, and they can do so only by repentance and conversion.  Charity of the "tough love" variety may be in order.