Thursday, April 29, 2021

Vatican Has Been Profiting From Medical Abortions

For over 25 years I have been in front of abortuaries with other good Catholics, praying and trying to dissuade women from destroying their own children.  We have found that more and more of these women are subjecting themselves to medical abortions versus surgical abortions.  That is, they are ingesting various chemical compounds in attempts to cause the deaths and expulsions of their children.  These compounds, though varied, are collectively called abortifacients.

Over these past decades we have found ourselves baffled by the lack of support that we have received from the official structures of the church.  Yes, individual priests have been very helpful as they too have come out to the mills.  But by and large, they are few and far between, and these priests often suffer at the hands of their bishops and fellow clergy on account of their witnesses to life.

For a long time, we've simply chalked up the bishops' tepid support to us as clerical cowardice, stemming from their fears of having governmental grants reduced and eliminated or from receiving bad media attention.  With all the scandals coming to light recently, I now fear the reasons for the bishops' lack of pro-life conviction is far more sinister than I thought 25 years ago.

Understanding that many of these clerics simply sought ordination for the express purpose of undermining Holy Mother Church, and knowing that many of these wolves in shepherds' clothing are corrupt perverts, I think it reasonable to believe that they themselves favor the slaughter of unborn children.  We've seen over the past year or so how many of them have acted positively to spiritually kill their flocks by depriving them of the Sacraments under the guise of "safety from the pandemic".

Comes now the news from Gloria.TV that the Vatican held investments in companies that are largely geared towards the production of abortifacients.  That is, they derive financial profit from each and every death wrought by these demonic concoctions.  We Catholics have spent many hours trying to dissuade women from taking these poisons.  Do we now know yet another reason why the hierarchy in many cases acts to undermine our efforts?

The gloria link informs us that this scandal was discovered by Libero Milone in 2016 during an audit of the Vatican's books.  He reported it to senior Vatican officials and only then were the shares sold.  However, Milone was subsequently fired.  Aren't we surprised?  For his sake I hope he is in hiding.  His firing causes me to think that the Vatican plans to resume what is most likely a lucrative investment.

If nothing else, we have yet another reason (among many) to curtail any donations to the weekly collection basket, or online donation arrangement.  Approximately 12% of your donations will be funneled to your diocese, and they in turn will pay over a portion of that to the Vatican, where it too can be used to capitalize baby slaughter, along with the contraception and socialism of which we are already aware.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Cardinal Gregory, Restore The Mass NOW

He presented his conclusions (such as they are) in the Catholic Standard.  After stating the obvious fact that participation and membership has declined in the past generation, he quickly states that the pandemic has exacerbated the decline.  We all know that isn't exactly correct.  The bishops' craven reactions to the pandemic have caused that.  When the bishops literally barred their flocks from Church buildings and deprived them of the Sacraments for fear of temporal illness, they betrayed their own lack of supernatural faith and devotion to their mission of saving souls from hell and helping them towards heaven.

Notice how he tried to discredit those of us who decry the abuses that escalated in the wake of Vatican II.  He neglected (maybe on purpose) to mention that the decline in the Church, hence the saving of souls, predated the pandemic.  The deterioration of Catholic life accelerated after Vatican II:

  • Shrinkage of Mass attendance
  • Decline in religious vocations while already-professed/ordained priests and religious abandoned their vows in droves
  • Drop in numbers of Catholic weddings, with a corresponding rise in couples fornicating
  • Growing rebellion against the Church's moral teaching
The Church's problems happened long before the pandemic.  The headline of the Standard article mentions that the Church "must return to its central mission".  Do the bishops (including the pope) even acknowledge what the Church's central mission is?  It is the salvation of souls, for whom Our Lord died on the Cross.  The mission of the Church is not "social justice".  It is not physical safety from the pandemic or other temporal malady.

If Cardinal Gregory and his colleagues in compromise repent and remember their true calling, that is, the salvation of souls through Holy Mother Church, they will see real vitality return.  Just witness what is happening in places where the Traditional Latin Mass is celebrated.  The churches are full, and with a healthy percentage of young and large families to boot.  I will post now a talk by Father Zuhlsdorf entitled "Save The Liturgy, Save The World".  Listen to it.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

False, Murderous Church Manifesting Itself

Some think that Padre Pio had some knowledge of the third secret of Fatima.  In the video below, Taylor Marshall discusses that, along with the prophesy of a false church being set up in the Vatican, with tentacles in many of the world's dioceses.  The pandemic (such as it is) has at least brought the false church out into the open.  When bishops - not civil government - spiritually starve their flocks, what else do you call it?  This bishop is still stating that babies shouldn't be baptized; he's not the first.  Some have denied Confession to their flocks.  Oh, it's temporary, you say?  During this "temporary" period, souls could be damned to hell for want of the sacraments, and these bishops will be held to account.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Corrupt Clergy Endeavor To Keep Young People From Holy Mass

Apparently taking inspiration from Father Reese, Cardinal Cupich followed his example, and more.  He not merely lamented young people going to Mass, he forbade Catholic students at the University of Chicago from attending Mass - all to keep safe from covid cooties, of course!  Mind you, the administration of the University of Chicago didn't issue this prohibition; it was purely the machination of Cardinal Cupich.  Cupich didn't just forbid them from going to Mass on campus, but also at nearby churches.

The article to which I linked speaks eloquently of the spiritual starvation that Cupich is wreaking on the Catholic students.  Indeed Cupich is spiritually abusing his young flock.  The author is speaking from her own experience as she herself is a student of the University of Chicago and is currently feeling the effects of Cupich's callous disregard of his episcopal duties.  He has quite a list of his transgressions over his sorry excuse of priestly life, some of which overlap my own list.

I will now link to a response to Father Reese's snit-fit, but won't comment about it.  Enjoy!  What I will also suggest is that you listen to the video, featuring an exchange between Taylor Marshall and Father Chad Ripperger about the merits of the Mass, particularly the Traditional Latin Mass.  In the interview, Fr. Ripperger mentioned an article called "Merit of the Mass", to which I just linked.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Vatican Arm-Twisting Session For The Covid Vaccines To Occur In May

An international conference will occur between May 6-8, entitled "Exploring The Mind, Body And Soul: Unite To Prevent And Unite To Cure".  Frankly, it has a New Age ring to it.  These days, that is what we can expect from the Vatican, for that is who is sponsoring this gab-fest.  Take a look at the description of the thing in that "about the conference" section.  How many times do you see the words, "God", "Jesus", "faith", "eternal salvation".  Zero-zip-nada!  Ladies and gentlemen, the mission of the Church is to save souls from hell and help them towards heaven.  Similarly, that is the mission of the various Vatican offices.  Any other temporal concerns, good though they may be, are ancillary to eternal salvation and the worship of the One True God.

The verbosity of the mission statement is quite obvious, pompous verbal diarrhea notwithstanding.  This bunch is seeking ways to cajole people into accepting the so-called corona viruses and any other medical intrusions into our bodies, preparing us for the Great Reset.  Along with that, we see thinly-disguised plugs for an "equitable health system for all", that is, socialized medicine  

The choice of speakers bears this out:

  • Dr. Falsey Fauci, the covid guru himself
  • Chelsea Clinton, who once lamented that Planned Parenthood's "services" weren't available to her grandmother (let that sink in a moment)
  • Jane Goodall, studied chimpanzees, founding board member of Nonhuman Rights Project , advocate of "population control
  • Kerry Kennedy, President of Robert F Kennedy Human Rights.  Why was her brother, Bob Kennedy Jr,  not invited?  He has been outspoken against the Covid vaccines.  Maybe I just answered my own question.
  • Joe Perry, lead guitarist for Aerosmith.  Pray tell, just what are his qualifications to speak on medical matters?
  • Cindy Crawford, model.  What are her medical qualifications?
  • Deepak Chopra - promoter of New Age practices.  The wise Catholic will understand that many of these practices are gateways to the occult and to demonic influences
  • Stephane Bancel, CEO of Moderna, one of the main producers-distributers of the morally-tainted covid vaccines.  Moderna is listed as a sponsor of this event.
  • Albert Bourla, CEO Pfizer, another producer-distributer of an abortion-tainted covid vaccine
Over the years, an unfortunate pattern has evolved.  When the attendees and speakers of these gabfests are progressives who spew forth crap that is diametrically opposed to Tradition, the nonsense produced often finds its way into "apostolic exhortations" or other official-sounding prattlings.  The objective of that is to manipulate unsuspecting Catholics into believing that these are magisterial teachings binding on a Catholic conscience, and must be obeyed.   We've seen how all those environmentally-oriented sessions featuring Jeffrey Sachs resulted in Laudato Si.  The Synods on the Family resulted in Amoris Laetitia.  Wanna bet that a soon-to-be encyclical will be named Vaccinius Obligatorium (or some such thing)?

We will keep our eyes on this.  Suffice it to say for now that any bloviations these people make about vaccines are not magisterial teaching.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Unhinged Father Reese Tips His Progressive And Tyrannical Hand

The above title is an apt summary for the latest rantings by Father Thomas Reese.  He is a Jesuit purveyor of dissidence and general hatred of the One True Faith.  I suppose that last statement contains some redundancies but it still bears saying.

We find his latest piece of manure at Religion News Service, entitled "The Future Of Catholic Liturgical Reform".  In truth, he is simply engaging in a death throe of the glory days of hippie priests and pant-suit nuns.  It is a hodge-podge collection of anti-Catholic and anti-God slogans, all disjointed from each other.  There is so much error in it, one scarcely knows where to begin to unpack the mess.

You'll notice that he has an axe to grind with Pope Benedict XVI.  No doubt this grudge is a result of Pope Benedict's removal of Reese from his editor position at America rag-mag.  One of the more outlandish statements he made was that "children and young people should not be allowed to attend such Masses (meaning the Traditional Latin Mass)."  One of the commenters in the article rightly pointed out that any such prohibition is a usurpation of parental authority.  Please do read the comments for that article; by and large, the readers see through the farce that pours forth from Reese.  

He no doubt notices that the abandonment of tradition is itself passing away with each aging hippy that goes to his or her eternal reward.  The young people who stay with the Church understand, even if only instinctively, that progressive wreckovators like Reese have done nothing but mock our Lord and leave many of their contemporaries rudderless and without knowledge of eternal matters.  They understand that tradition is the guardian of timeless truth and are flocking to it.  Some of us older folks get it, too.  I go to Traditional Latin Masses on Sundays these days.  A goodly percentage of those attending these Masses are young couples with their children - and often quite a few children at that.  Now we see why Reese wants them banned from the Mass.  Reese seems to have jettisoned his faith and replaced it with both ignorance and arrogance.

At least he understands, from a perverse perspective, the principle of "lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivandi".  This is why he states quite plainly that he wants the Latin Mass to disappear.  That Mass is the most sublime prayer of the Church.  He and his buddies understand that if the Latin Mass is jettisoned, then both faith and morals will likewise be lost.  We've seen it happen on a large scale now for at least 50 years.  Reese wants it to continue unchallenged.

Below I post an analysis of Reese's screed by Taylor Marshall.  Please take the time to listen to this.  I echo his suggestion that all attend the Traditional Latin Mass. 

Monday, April 12, 2021

Living The Communist Tin-Horn Dictator Dream!

This broad is a marxist, people!  I suppose some people really are more equal than others!  Now all she has to do to complete her hypocrisy is put one of those "we are the 99%" signs in her front yard.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Catholic Charities In Texas Caught Facilitating Child Trafficking - Call To Action At End Of Post

On April 7, conservative pundit Alex Jones saw several small children being stuffed into a luggage compartment in a car in Texas.  The children were leaving a facility and were being prepared for smuggling to some seedy destination.

Jones placed himself in front of the vehicle, preventing it from driving away.  Meanwhile, his crew members sought out police attention.  Read more here.

Did you notice what the facility was, from which the children were being smuggled away?  Yes, it was a Catholic Charities office.  Are you shocked?  Don't be!  This sort of underhanded behavior is par for the course with them.  I've written much about their shenanigans throughout the years.  Their dirty deeds include:

  • Taking one of their "clients" to an abortion appointment
  • Coordinating needle-exchange arrangements for drug addicts.
  • Their CEO Msgr John Enzler making political contributions to pro-abortion candidates
  • And the list goes on
Those of us with long memories will recall how various Texas offices of Catholic Charities received millions of dollars in federal grants to "resettle refuges"; I suppose that also includes stuffing small children in a car trunk.  Whatever!  Gotta keep those dollars rolling in now, don't we?  More of their criminal actions can be found here.

The car trunk incident happened in Donna, Texas.  It appears to be in the Diocese of Brownsville Texas, headed by Bishop Daniel Flores.  I would hope that a criminal investigation is underway now regarding this office of Catholic Charities.  I believe child endangerment is a crime, is it not?  Anyway, one can see here the song and dance that the bishop is using to cajole his flock into submitting to an immorally tainted vaccine.  I am willing to bet no social distancing happened in that car trunk.

Contact Bishop Flores' office.  Let him know that you are outraged that a Catholic organization in his diocese is maltreating children in such an inhumane fashion.  They are in damage-control mode and have a "communications person" assigned to this.  I suspect we will have to call often; let's melt their phone lines and fill their email in-boxes.  Please let us all know the results of your conversation in the com box at the end of this post.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Nazis Run Alberta Providence In Canada

When I wrote my April 5th post, I neglected to mention that incident happened in Calgary within the province of Alberta.  Today we all received word of another incident of jack-boot behavior, this time in Spruce Grove, still within Alberta.  The church that is literally under siege by local police is Grace Life Church, pastored by James Coates.  

This pastor was recently jailed for not limiting the number of attendees at his church services.  He was recently released, but made clear that he did not intend to humor the little despots who currently occupy local government there.  Anticipating that Coates might engage in the dastardly deed of conducting church services, the local jack-boots erected a barricade around the perimeter of the church

My!  Alberta must be so free of petty little crimes - you know, teensy little nuisances like murder, rape, robbery, etc - that the police departments can focus their attention on the real nefarious threats like people praying in churches, listening to Bible readings and acting like normal people.

While Canada has, in the past, conducted itself like a free nation, I don't believe that they have anything like the Bill of Rights enshrined in their laws.  We do.  However, we have had incidents this past year.  Like Pastors Coates and Pawlowski in Canada, we must stand up to the tyrants, not violently but forcefully.  We must do the same with their enablers, even if those enablers wear clerical collars.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Hats Off To This Canadian Protestant Pastor!

Would that our Catholic priests had half the backbone that Artur Pawlowski displays in the video below.  This gentleman does not have the graces of the Sacrament of Ordination, yet he stood against the thugs in uniforms who apparently intruded on his church service.  Let's all take some lessons from this man.

The Calgary police tried to justify their wanton actions; Vox Cantoris has a copy of their ridiculous tome.

Important note: when I implied that Catholic clergy lacked backbones, I was referring to those who aren't actually in cahoots with the progressive, great-reset crowd that includes many bishops.  They too, like the ones who refuse to apologize to Deirdre Hairston in Texas, need to be resisted to their faces.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

On This Holy Thursday, Pray That Wayward Bishops Stop Strangling The Mass And Holy Priests

Today is Holy Thursday, when Our Lord celebrated the first Sacrifice of the Mass and ordained the apostles as the Church's first priests and bishops.  Yet today we see both the priesthood and the Mass coming under vicious attack.  Most egregiously, that attack is not arising from forces outside the Church, but from within - from corrupt prelates and even the pope.

Father Clay Hunt of San Antonio is one such attacked priest.  When he expressed his desire that all his flock receive the Sacraments, his bishop, who has many times displayed his progressive stripes, initiated canonical action against him.  Read about it in this Church Militant link and watch the interview embedded therein.

LifeSiteNews informs us of prohibitions enacted by the Archdiocese of Boston, limiting lay ministry at the altar to vaccinated persons.  While it may be a blessing in disguise to be rid of lay lectors and "extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion", that places unconscionable burdens and yes, conflicts of conscience on altar boys.  It is utterly immoral, considering that this archdiocese is in fact mandating that their flock make sinful use of the bodies of aborted babies.

I wrote a few weeks ago on the banning of private Masses from the side chapels in St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican.  Both Archbishop Vigano and Cardinal Burke rightly decry this state of affairs.

There will be more of these.  As I become aware of them, I will publicize them.  Only if these priests and bishops feel the rebuke where it hurts, that is, their bank accounts, our pleas will fall on deaf ears.  That means when we stop our donations, we must tell them precisely why.  Please pass this along to your other networks.