Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Right-Wing Bloggers" Attack Poor Little CCHD!

Doesn't that just make you want to grab a hanky and sob your eyes out? Such mean-spirited (another liberal buzz-word right out of Alinskyan text books) slobs we are, for telling the truth about the CCHD. Now from whom does this snivvel-drivvel originate? For this we can thank "Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good" - or so they call themselves. Here's their desperate plea for assistance against our truth-telling.

(Begin email)
The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) has funded thousands of projects that have lifted people out of poverty and given our struggling neighbors the opportunity to live in dignity. For nearly 40 years, CCHD has empowered communities through grassroots organizing and economic development. The campaign has been on the frontlines of community development, neighborhood change, and social justice longer than any other church-sponsored domestic program.
Now CCHD is under attack and needs our support!
In recent months, the campaign has been attacked by right-wing bloggers and partisan ideologues. While they have successfully pressured CCHD to de-fund groups that have taken some positions opposed to church teaching, these critics have also launched a concerted effort to exploit the ACORN scandal to get CCHD to stop ALL funding for community organizing efforts. At least five dioceses have cancelled this year's collection. Several bishops have threatened to raise the issue next month at the U.S. bishops' annual meeting in Baltimore ...
(and another snippet)
The campaign embodies the Catholic call to have a "preferential option for the poor." Stand up against the extreme voices, and stand in solidarity with those fighting for justice, compassion and the common good.
(End quote)

The most precursory glance at the CACG website makes very plain that they are in bed with the most rabid liberals in Congress who want to shove Obamacare, with abortion and death care panels, down our throats. They're even touting a "40 Days for Health Reform" - an obvious copycat effort of the (genuinely) prolife 40 Days for Life effort. The CACG has even had the stupidity to chide the American Life League for its "Bury Obamacare with Kennedy" poster. They are appalled that ALL would "dishonor the legacy of the late Senator Edward Kennedy." In actuality, Senator Kennedy's legacy is 1) millions of murdered babies throughout the years and 2) dopey, arrogant children who dare to chide the Church for being true to its mission.

Let's look at some of the key players at CACG. Throughout the board, speakers' bureau and staff, we see lots of Pax Christi. Now on their staff, we have their Program Development Manager, James Kralovec. Among his credentials is an internship for the rabidly pro-abortion Congressman from Maryland, Steny Hoyer (now the Majority Whip). Notice some of the affiliations on the Advisory Council. AFL/CIO? SEIU? ACORN buddies all.

Let's look at the board chair - Alfred Rotondaro. He's also a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress in DC. Take a gander at that webpage to see what's on their little minds. On the right of the page is "The Progessive Pulse". (Important aside - the word "progressive" usually indicates socialist and/or atheist tendencies). Read what they consider a hand-wringer: "Will Abortion Derail Health Care Reform?" Of course they basically try to take Bart Stupak to the woodshed for championing the Hyde Amendment. Click on the "issues" tab and you'll see the mindset of the chair of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good!

Another board member, Dr. Joseph Fahey of New York is on the State Committee of the Working Families Party. Well, go to that website. That word "progressive" is festooned all over the place there. Now from where did this WFP originate? Here it is from their site:"formed by a grassroots coalition of community organizations, neighborhood activists, and labor unions". That's somewhat nebulous, but wikipedia gives a bit more detail. Yes, indeed, ACORN is one of the founders. Of course, WFP endorsed the Messiah Most Miserable for President.

I think that's enough to bring to light the questionable alliances of "Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good." They obviously are in alliance with ACORN, union thugs and pro-abortion politicians and organizations. Their protests on behalf of CCHD renders all the more important our efforts to effect not only the defunding of the CCHD, but indeed its permanent dismantling.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Boycott Neocutis - Cannibals for Cosmetics!

Neocutis touts its skin cream products as panaceas to heal scarring and reverse skin aging. It utilizes what is euphamistically called "processed skin cell proteins, derived from a regenerating cell bank". If red alerts are flashing in your head, they should be! It turns out that this "regenerating cell bank" is comprised of skin cells taken from an electively-aborted 14-week old baby boy "donated" by the University Hospital of Lausanne, Switzerland.

This is absolutely horrible. It is no less than a form of cannibalism - to use the body of a murdered baby to satisfy one's own vanity. On its own website, Neocutis blithely admits its own abuse of the bodies of murdered babies.

We thank the Children of God for Life in exposing this abomination. This outfit is an offshoot of the University of Lausanne; email would be the best way to reach the board, as they all appear to be in Switzerland. If a retailer carries the junk, you might want to advise them what they are putting on their shelves, and why you won't buy it.

Archbishop Wuerl Prays Outside Local Planned Parenthood

On Saturday, October 24, Archbishop Donald Wuerl led a group of people praying the Rosary outside the main office of Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington. This abortuary is located at the corner of 16th and L Streets, NW. After the Rosary, he spoke some words of encouragement to the others gathered there to pray and sidewalk counsel.

He also gave verbal encouragement to the 40 Days for Life Campaign, an effort that encourages Christian witness at abortuaries throughout the United States (and some other countries) during any given 40-day span. We thank His Excellency for leading by example as well as word. The war (yes, it is war!) against abortion is primarily (but not solely) a spiritual war. Thus spiritual means must be employed. Moreover, we need our spiritual leaders, that is, our ordained clergy, to lead the way by their prayerful examples. We trust that Archbishop Wuerl's example will inspire Archdiocesan priests to come out to the abortuaries.

We encourage all people to offer Christian witness in front of the death camps, as did Mary and John the Apostle at the foot of the Cross. For those of you in the Washington DC area, we invite you to download this flyer (and distribute it!) that contains a list of ongoing witnesses, as well as contact information.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Coalition to Reform the CCHD

A coalition of Catholic organizations that are concerned about the direction of the CCHD has launched a website . Contained therein is a coupon that you can put into your Nov 22nd collection envelope in lieu of money.

They cite many information sources detailing the malfeasance of the CCHD and its grant recipients. Please read these.

With all due respect to this coalition, I am of the opinion that the CCHD cannot be reformed. The CCHD was created with the specific intent to bilch Catholics of their money and to divert those funds to left-wing causes. Its foundational principles are rotten through and through. (Read "The Legacy of CHD", by Paul Likoudis, Wanderer Press) Therefore, in my opinion, the CCHD should be completely and unceremoniously jettisoned into a trash heap. Catholics should give directly to charities that perform the Works of Mercy.

CCHD Monies Going to DC-Area Alinskyan Groups

I had searched the website of the Archdiocese of Washington (DC) to examine grants given to local groups, both from the national fund and the local fund. None were to be found. I contacted Mary McGinnity who runs the social justice efforts of the Archdiocese to ask where I could find these.

Ms McGinnity was very cordial and replied that many of her staff, including the CCHD Director, were laid off this past year due to cutbacks (I do remember that happening). She knew off the top of her head four local groups that received national funding last year. They are:

Washington Interfaith Network
Project Action
Partnership for Renewal in Southern and Central Maryland
Empower DC

Let's look at two of these, one by one. As I describe each, please click on its hyperlink to note interesting and troubling points.

Let's look at the Washington Interfaith Network. Right away, you'll notice that it is an affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation. This foundation was established by Saul Alinsky in 1940 "to restore the democratic way of life for modern society." Alinsky was an atheist and a socialist: qualities about which he was very frank in his book, "Rules for Radicals". In that book, he outlines what he considers to be principles for "community organizing": ostensibly to better the lot of marginalized people, but also to foster socialism. I would urge its close study, since that has become a key guidebook to all such "organizers", including Barack Hussein Obama himself. It is interesting to note that Alinsky dedicates his book to Lucifer, "the first community organizer..who at least won his own kingdom."

The motto that flashes through the lead WIN page is "we organize for power to transform communities." Well, gee whiz, if that's true, why did I not see any sign of them at last Sunday's "The People's Rally", where hundreds of local DC residents gathered to insist that they be allowed to vote on the DC Council's same-sex-marriage recognition? (Note: see my post a few down this page to see what happened at that rally).

Partnership for Renewal in Southern and Central Maryland is an affiliate of the Gamaliel Foundation. An examination of their website reveals their position on the Obama health care behemoth before Congress. They itch for the public option and they utter not one peep in protest about the multiple threats to the unborn and elderly that is inherent in this bill. At the bottome of the Partnership website is a link to the Gamaliel Foundation website. Click on that and scroll all the way to the bottom. You'll see extolled thereon the Messiah Most Miserable himself; they gush over Obama's former affiliation with them. But wait! Who else appears on that page? Why, it's Valerie Jarrett, long-time Chicago-political-hardball crony of the Messiah Most Miserable. Now an organization such as Gamaliel that ostensibly prides itself on championing the poor and downtrodden feature a woman who has had uh, some troubles managing residential real estate?

While it's true that CCHD might have disowned ACORN (after many years of pleas on the parts of alert, faithful Catholics), recipient organizations such as the two just described do indicate that the CCHD remains unacceptable as a recipient of donation dollars on November 22.

We urge a complete boycott of the CCHD collection on November 21-22. Please visit the CCHD-related and ACORN-related posts on this blog for more information and tools for the boycott. Also, please visit the blogs listed at the right. I also urge close study of the information posted on the website of the Catholic Media Coalition. Comments and questions welcome, given the already-stated rules for such.

Monday, October 26, 2009

USCCB Joins Liberal Whine-Fest Over Limbaugh

It appears that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, in its never-ending quest to be politically correct, has signed onto a complaint to the FCC against "hate speech". What "hate speech"? Why, it's the variety that comes from Rush Limbaugh and other conservative talk radio.

The USCCB has jumped onto the bandwagon of a self-styled "national interfaith coaltion for media justice" that calls itself "So We Might See". Notice that they mention Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage by name. The USCCB has its hands full with nuns doing deathscort duty at abortuaries, Catholic colleges teaching heresy and honoring pro-aborts, liturgical abuse everywhere, etc, etc - and they choose to go after talk radio? Might that be because 1) talk radio exposes so much of the USCCB's own malfeasance 2) they want to score brownie points with the liberal money-bag holders and power brokers?

The reasons are probably all of the above, and I'll suggest one more. My fellow bloggers who love Holy Mother Church, they may wish to create the legal precedent to go after us. I wouldn't put anything past this cabal.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The People's Rally at Freedom Plaza

Today, from 2pm to 5pm, the Stand for Marriage DC Coalition held a rally at Freedom Plaza (corner of 14th and Pennsylvania Ave NW). I was in attendance and was quite heartened to see people be energized and empowered to stand for their Christian principles and their rights as United States and DC citizens. I think one unforseen blessing of the current human debacle sitting in the White House is that people are beginning to wake up (you'll hear that statement in one of the videos), to come out of complacency and to take seriously their rights and responsibilities as United States citizens.

Both the presenters and attendees were predominently African-American, although there were others. All were united in their Christian beliefs and principles. The first video is that of Msgr Charles Pope, pastor of Holy Comforter/St Cyprian downtown. I hate to say this, but he was the only Roman Catholic priest that I noticed down there (and I looked!). If there were others whom I overlooked, please advise me via the comment section below the post.

I do apologize in advance for the shakiness of the videos. The sun was at an angle that made it difficult for me to see the LCD screen of my camcorder. Moreover, signs and balloons would get in the line of view from time to time. At any rate, here's Msgr Pope.

I would have hoped to have seen many Catholic priests there. At the very least, the priests from every Catholic church in DC should have been in attendance. This matter is so crucial, so fundamental to our civil culture that I cannot see how they could absent themselves. I am pleased, though, that the DC Catholic Conference at least put out a statement in favor of this coaltion.

Every now and then, the Truth Truck would drive by. Usually, the signs on the truck have abortion-related themes. This time the signs dealt with the sin of sodomy - and the effect that Obama death-care will have on it. Yes, it is nauseating, but that is precisely what you and I WILL subidize if we don't take action and support others who do.

Here is another video and I suggest you listen to it in its entirety. What these speakers have to say is quite profound, actually.

A prevailing theme, one that was chanted througout the event (as by now you've noticed) is "Let the people vote!" Well, some were a tad ineligible to vote, but that didn't stop their activism - after all, it's their future, too. I had to take this, it was just too cute!

The one below shows some "community organizing" going on - and it's probably a type that would garner the disapproval of the Messiah Most Miserable - not to mention ACORN!

Of course, what is a rally or demonstration without its - counterdemonstrators? They were there - all two of them! They were towards the back, obviously in support of the same-sex vote of the DC Council. Now watch this closely. You'll see that while they opposed the message of the Rally, at least one of them seemed to like the music! Towards the end, he really gets into it!

For those of you who are DC residents: Please contact your representative on the council. Then contact the Stand for Marriage DC Coalition and get on board with this effort. All readers would do well to lend whatever aid they can.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jennings - SAFE School Czar? NOT!!

The past May, Kevin Jennings was appointed to be Assistant Deputy Secretary of the Department of Education. He's been dubbed the "safe school czar". However, his past history (well-documented) makes very clear that he is a threat to children's safety. He most certainly was for a young boy whom he counseled while at Concord Academy in Massachusetts in the late 1980s. The young boy, a very troubled youth, came to Jennings and told him how he was picked up at a bus station by a gay male predator. Did Jennings report the incident, as we was legally bound to do? No! He just told the boy, "You know, I hope you knew to use a condom."

Jennings himself is gay. He founded the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). He made very clear that he wants only pro-gay viewpoints taught in schools. He is admittedly hostile to Christianity. The Family Research Council put out an excellent dossier; I urge its study.

Now I urge you to read this from Americans for Truth. At a GLSEN conference in 1997, Jennings gave a speech in which he extolled Harry Hay, founder of the Mattachine Society. Hay publicly supported the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). As the name indicates, this bunch advocates pederasty. Apparently Jennings refuses to say whether or not he was aware of Hay's affiliation with NAMBLA. Given his response to the boy's plight mentioned earlier in this post, it is entirely conceivable that indeed he knew. This has raised the eyebrows of even some gays who do at least repudiate pederasty. Scott Baker of shares this video:

Let's look at Jenning's affiliation with ACT-UP (Aids Coaltion To Unleash Power). He was a member and is a funder/supporter of an pornographic ACT-UP exhibit currently underway at Harvard University. As you look at the link, be advised that there are pictures that are vile and rabidly anti-Catholic. However, you must be informed as to the proclivities and sympathies of this man who will wield way too much influence over American public education.

And guess what? Jennings and his gay partner hosted an Obama fundraiser at their home - with the Messiah Most Miserable himself in attendance! Are we surprised? Does the word "payback" come to mind?

Now the following may be considered by some to be a needless sidetrack from the Jennings issue. In reality, I think it is foundational not only to the matter at hand, but to the whole direction of modern public education. My first college degree was a BS in mathematics, with a minor in education. I was thu required to study education - at the University of Maryland, a school known for fawning all over liberal icons.

It was taught there, and is commonly held today, that the "father of modern public education" was John Dewey. He laid down much of the groundwork for the structures and missions. He was also a humanist who signed the Humanist Manifesto. Here's his signature on the original 1933 version. Another version came out 40 years later, but Dewey had already passed away. I urge you to read both versions and see how the hostility towards religion, particularly towards Christianity, is more blatant, as well as the call for sexual license. We see such proclivities in public education today and most certainly in Jenning's appointment to this high post. Some call for Jenning's appointment to be rescinded. Well, I'll go further and say that the entire Department of Education should be dismantled. There is no Constitutional authority for its existence, anyway.

It's way past time to consider homeschooling.

Friday, October 23, 2009

A Kennedy Makes a Fool of Himself

This time it was Patrick Kennedy's turn to stick his foot in his mouth. The Catholic bishops are opposing abortion funding in the Obamacare bill, and that has aroused Kennedy's umbrage. According to this prince of Camelot, the bishops, by taking this position, are "fanning the flames of dissent and discord." Well, arguably Kennedy is somewhat knowlegeable about being in dissent with respect to the Magisterium. He unfortunately is turning into a bit of a clone of his late father, the rabidly pro-abortion Edward Kennedy.

"If the church is pro-life, then it ought to be for health care reform because it’s going to provide health care that are going to keep people alive," he blathers on. Well, not all people, Paddy my boy! What about the people in the womb? What about the people who are seniors and who will have the specter of euthanasia foisted upon them? And who are you to lecture anyone on being pro-life? You know not the meaning of the term for your actions have been the very antithesis of a true pro-life ethic.
Kennedy's bishop, Thomas J Tobin of Providence, Rhode Island, rightly called Kennedy a "disappointment" and called on him to apologize. Good for him. But what the bishop also must do is make clear to Kennedy that he will be refused Holy Communion on his trips home (assuming he attends Mass regularly).

A Catholic Nun Is A Deathscort???

Apparently so! In Hinsdale, IL, a Dominican nun, Sister Donna Quinn has been moonlighting as a "pro-choice clinic escort". Having had all too much personal experience with these dangerously deluded individuals, let me tell you what they consider their mission to be! You see, we pro-life activists and sidewalk counselors "harrass" the abortion-bound women by offering them real life-affirming choices (Translation - we rob the poor widdle baby-butchers of at least $400 each time we save a mother and baby from their clutches!). So their "mission" is to keep us away from them. That can sometimes mean body-blocking us, body-slamming us and even slugging us every now and then.

So now we have Catholic nuns doing this to us? A professed religious woman such as Sister Donna Quinn is formally and materially cooperating with the mortal sin of baby-murder? To add frosting to this particularly putrid cake, she is grossly violating her religous vows, which most likely adds to the myriad of mortal sins upon her soul. For once, I am glad that a nun is NOT appearing in habit!

Even more stunning is that her superior seems to approve of this abetting of murder. No wonder these orders are literally dying out. On October 18th, I reported that the retired religious advocates, "Support Our Aging Religious", are themselves groveling before a pro-abortion couple. They don't want to admit that abortion is destroying their orders in so many ways; they are literally digging their own graves and maybe sealing their eternal dooms, as well.

At the bottom of the Lifesitenews article is contact information for the misguided prioress. Please contact her. Also, pray for the intercession of St Rose of Lima, St Catherine of Sienna and all other Dominican women for their wayward sisters.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

NARAL Gaffe - Mere Grammar Error Or Freudian Slip?

Our colleagues at American Papist (look at right side bar) reported on some poor wording in an online petition that NARAL features on its web page. The language in question reads, "Anti-choice extremists at the Family Research Council are launching an outrageous media and lobbying campaign claiming that Congress' health-care reform bills will deny seniors the medical care they need in order to pay for abortion."

Then the American Papist opines, "I'm very sure that Family Research Council is not worried that seniors will be paying for their own abortions. Seniors paying for abortions out of their medical coverage, after all, does not seem to be a very large demographic."

Well, I for one hope and trust that the Family Research Council is taking the safety of the elderly very seriously. Under Obamacare, they're in danger of undergoing their own abortions, that is, euthanasia. Look closely at the sections that call for mandatory "end-of-life" counseling. What do you that that is about???

There are two other considerations.
1) The elderly will most likely be paying taxes for their own extermination.
2) Sooner or later, each one of us will be there one day.

Perhaps NARAL simply tipped their hands!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Great News from the Vatican!

Archbishop Raymond Burke is one of two prelates who was just appointed to serve on the Vatican's Congregation for Bishops. Consider his excellent record as Archbishop of St Louis. He exposed "Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship" as the nonsense that it is. He pronounced excommunication over some woman-priest-wannabees who dared to mock the Sacrament of Holy Orders within his archdiocese. He upheld Canon 915.

Now consider that this Congregation oversees the selection of bishops worldwide! Do we now see the great potential for lasting good that Archbishop Burke's appointment promises?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

2009 CCHD Collection Theme: "We Made a Friggin' Mess! Let's Make More!!"

That's what it might as well be. According to the USCCB, it's "Families are struggling. Faith is calling." Well, why are families struggling? Here's a hint as to part of the reason - CCHD!

So why are families struggling today? Well, it's the economy. But what led to that? We might be tempted to say it's the mortgage crisis and such. But what was at the basis of that? One key factor is that lending institutions were largely coerced into making mortgage loans to people who most likely would have trouble repaying. Such coercion came about largely through the malfeasance of liberal politicians such as Barney Frank, and often at the behest of "community organizing" cartels such as ACORN and others. Sure enough, folks defaulted on the loans. Credit dried up without payments coming in, so house prices plummeted. I won't go into a long economic tome here, but we know that ACORN received millions from the CCHD. Therefore, the CCHD was funding much of the mischief that ACORN wrought on the housing industry, and thus, the nations and - of course, the "struggling families".

So why, oh why, should any of us drop one red penny into that second collection basket on November 22nd? The answer? We shouldn't!!!

Please boycott this collection! For more information and some tools, go to the "boycott the CCHD collection" entry at the right of this entry.

Time Magazine Article - Inadvertently Correct

Time Magazine staff writer Amy Sullivan is coming under fire for writing that the US bishops support language in one of the House bills that paves the way for abortions. Immediately she came under fire for her "wild accusation", as LifeNews puts it. Apparently a letter from Cardinal Rigali was misinterpreted to mean that he supports the Capp Amendment. While he set that straight, I'm not sure Ms. Sullivan is entirely wrong. As the saying goes, the broken clock is right at least twice a day.

The bishops seem intent on dithering and dilly-dallying about amendments and such, but even the USCCB website betrays their support for the basic concept of "health reform" as the Messianic cabal is intent on dishing out to the public. What they adamantly refuse to accept is that the whole concept of socialized medicine is inherently anti-life. It places the state in the role of God in determining who will get inevitably rationed treatment. In doing so, it will increase the corporate arrogance of bureaucrats who will only be too greedy to grab more power for themselves. The US Church hierarchy needs a paradigm shift in its thinking, and it had better get on track to sending this health bill, and any other future boondoggles, down in flames.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sotomayor: The Empress Has No Clothes??

From what I read in today's Washington Times, such might well have been the case for the poor dear during her nomination process, if it weren't for the Messianic Fashion Consultants guiding her along the way. She said so much to the effect at her 30th Yale Law School Reunion this past weekend. Her nomination process was so tightly scripted and controlled that "governmental officials" chose her wardrobe for her during the process.

Folks, recall that Sonia Sotomayor is, by all politically correct standards, a "wise Latina woman" whose life experiences are much richer than those of us ordinary Americans who comprise the Great Unwashed. She will be passing judgment on matters of crucial importance and will have impact for generations to come. Yet the Messiah Most Miserable doesn't trust the woman to choose her own wardrobe?

Another little factor to consider is that "governmental officials" chose her wardrobe for her a few months ago. Regardless of who these fashion consultants were, this was a flagrant misappropriation of our tax dollars! If he micromanages his nominees in this fashion, you can bet your bottom dollar that's what he intends to do for you and me. This deathcare bill that he's trying to ram through Congress will be a huge step in that direction.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Call for DC-Area Picket of Catholic Org Honoring Pro-Abortion Celebs!

On Saturday, November 7th, the organization "Support Our Aging Religious" (SOAR for short) will be honoring Cokie and Steve Roberts at their benefit dinner - details on this flyer. It's at the Grand Hyatt Washington on 1000 H Street, NW. The Roberts have been designated the "2009 Elizabeth Ann Seton Awardees". St Elizabeth must be rolling in her grave up in Emmitsburg.

There has been some understandible confusion regarding the stance of Cokie Roberts, in light of the fact that her famous mother, Lindy Boggs, was pro-life. While she doesn't sound as rabidly pro-abortion as do others, that difference is not one of substance, since we're still talking of the allowance of baby-murder. An article that they wrote for the Jewish World Review criticizes the lock-step mentality of the Democrats, but it does put forth their opinion that abortion is a legitimate right. Moreover, this article from Leadercall makes manifest their dissent on other key Church teachings regarding contraception and gay rights.

Therefore we call upon area Catholic pro-lifers to join us in two activities to mitigate the disgrace on the Church that this event will occasion.
1) We will picket this dinner. We will be handing out educational flyers and showing the truth about the baby-murder that the Roberts seem to think is a legitimate "right". The VIP reception will commence at 6pm, so we should be there no later than 5pm to make our case known to attendees.

2) Please contact SOAR, located at 900 Varnum Street, NE, Washington, DC 20017-2145. Remind them that the elderly religious are in such dire straits because there are too few younger religious to support them. This reduction in younger religious exists because 1) when life is held to be cheap and family life degraded, the fostering of vocations just doesn't happen and 2) many of the young people who would have had vocations were aborted before their birth. An aside about SOAR: their former location was at 1400 Spring Street in Silver Spring. They were one floor below the Planned Parenthood abortuary where many of us currently offer pro-life witness. We approached them to ask for their support in our efforts to save babies from that Planned Parenthood. They refused! Go figure!

If you want to call SOAR, their phone number is (202) 529-7627. One person already did. The receptionist gave her some yarn about the purpose being "to honor Lindy Boggs". Well, take a look at the flyer. Do you see Lindy Boggs even mentioned on the flyer? We don't see it, either. Their email is

Questions or comments - post a comment below. Thanks!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sioux City Bishop calls for exorcism of false "spirit of Vatican II"

Most Reverend R. Walter Nickless has been the Bishop of Sioux City (IA) for four years. On October 15th, he released his first pastoral letter Ecclesia Semper Reformanda (The Church Is Always in Need of Renewal). I urge its study; it is an excellent reflection on some mis-applications of Vatican II and what needs to be done to correct some of the resultant damage. He sets these measures forth as "pastoral priorities for the Diocese of Sioux City".

First is the renewal of reverence for the Blessed Sacrament, both in and out of Mass, emphasizing the need for Confession and devotion to the Blessed Mother. In this section he touches upon reverence at Mass and respect for traditions. He reminds folks of the need for Confession in the case of mortal sin before receiving Communion. He exhorts his priests to schedule more frequent and convenient hours for Confession, and to preach on the need for Confession.

As a next priority, he posits the need for catechesis on all levels, beginning with adults. He acknowledges that two generations now have a poor grasp of their faith and this must be remedied through study of the Magisterium and the Catechism.

The next two priorities are the strengthening of the family and the fostering of vocations. I won't go into these here, as I do urge you to read this document for yourselves. It does bear special mention, however, that Bishop Nickless reminds us what the Holy Father has said about the so-called "spirit of Vatican II". The Holy Father said that the meaning of Vatican II is to be found only in the Vatican II documents themselves and that the so-called 'spirit' of the Council has no authoritive interpretation. It is a ghost or demon that must be exorcised if we are to proceed with the Lord's work." What is in italics is a direct quote from the last few sentences of section II of Bishop Nickless' letter.

Let us pray that this is a trend that will spread like wild fire!

Our Troops Are Endangered To Fund Kennedy Memorial

After reading this week how our troops in Afghanistan and other dangerous outposts are being stretched due to shortages in vital supplies, I was disgusted to read of the sqandering of $20 million dollars to build some sort of "educational institute to honor and preserve the legacy of the late Senator Ted Kennedy." A particular cause for outrage is that this $20 million dollar earmark is being syphoned from monies that were intended for troop training, fuel and ammunition.

Our troops are in harm's way, and the liberal clowns who run Washington are already hell-bent on cutting them off at the knees by strangling their funding. This nonsense is the brain-fart of John Kerry, Kennedy's fellow pro-abortion "Catholic-in-name-only" senator from Massachusetts. History lesson! In the 2004 elections, it came to light that Kerry considered his fellow Vietnam vets to be murderers. In protest of the war, he tossed his medals over the White House fence - oh, wait! Sorry! I forgot! Kerry tossed someone else's medals over the wall! My bad!

However, if we want to see the real legacy of Senator Edward M. Kennedy, please look to the right. He has, for most of his chequered career, aided and abetted the murder of millions of tiny children, such as this poor little girl shown at the right. This picture was taken on Route 219 in Deep Creek, MD during a Face the Truth Tour on Sept 5th. A state-wide tour occurs in Maryland every summer, orchestrated by Defend Life.

Just think! If you participate in this (and/or other similar efforts), you are not only giving our nation a much-needed wake-up call, but you're helping to display the "legacy" of the late Ted Kennedy. Maybe the feds can sell that monstrosity and give that money back to our soldiers!

New Medical Breakthroughs with Obamacare!

Ladies and gentlemen, here is a harbinger of things to come, thanks to the Messiah Most Miserable! (Drum roll, please!)


Read all the wondrous effects this state-of-the-art concoction will have on your health and wealth!

You might think this is simply a bad attempt at humor. However, in this cartoon is more truth than we might care to admit.

Catholics, please consider that the Catholic Campaign for Human Development bears much responsibility for foisting upon us all this deadly (and I do mean "deadly" in the literal sense) disaster. Bear this in mind when the bishops start trolling for the CCHD collection on the weekend of Nov 21-22. Boycott it!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

If You Thought the Term "Obama Death-Care" Was Unkind..

Sorry! You're wrong! If anything, that term is an understatement of the horrors that await us all, should we be so unfortunate as to fall into the hands of his Frankenstein-esque cabal.

Here's a "case in point". It came to my attention that Cass Sunstein, another of Obama's countless "czars", has made his grisly opinions known. Since he was just recently confirmed, we can only assume that such are the views held by the Messiah Most Macabre himself. And just what might those views be?

He defends the "possibility of removing organs from terminally ill patients without their permission." Yes, you read that correctly! The "organ donors" need not be dead before Frankenstein et al come with their knives and buzzsaws to rip out their vital organs. Of course they will be dead immediately after the removal!

He writes candidly about this murder scenario in his book, "Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth and Happiness". He calls this type of murder "routine removal". He says,"Though it may sound grotesque, routine removal is not impossible to defend. In theory, it would save lives, and it would do so without intruding on anyone who has any prospect for life." Well it not only sounds grotesque; it is grotesque! "Save lives? He is talking of ending lives. Moreover, we have the state here deciding who has any "prospect for life".

This book gets quite revelatory. Note this pivotal statement:"The state owns the rights to body parts of people who are dead or in certain hopeless conditions, and it can remove their organs without asking anyone's permission." (italics mine) Do you comprehend what he's saying here? If you fall into a coma or a condition like the murdered Terri Shiavo, according to Sunstein, it is the state who owns your body! Not you, not your family - but the state.

Such is the mindset of the left. The vast majority of leftists and socialists are atheists. They do not believe in the One True God. However, nature abhors a vacuum. Man's nature demands a god, since there is an inate instinct for a god (even though that instinct is corrupted by original sin). Thus the State becomes god. It is for that reason that Pope Pius XII pointed out that no one can truly be a Catholic while being a Socialist. Here we have crystal-clear proof of the dangers of what Mark Levin calls "statism".

One institution that had better learn this lesson is the Catholic hierarchy in this country. The bishops, at least the majority of them, still insist on their dangerous flirtations with socialism. We must help them learn that lesson. A good way to start will be to boycott the Catholic Campaign for Human Development collection in November.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Boycott the CCHD Collection on Nov 21-22

Despite the promises of the defunding of ACORN, it has been demonstrated that the Catholic Campaign for Human Development will continue to fund similar organizations. Given the very jaded origins of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, I believe that this whole corrupt pseudo-ministry of the USCCB should be dismantled and its remains thrown into the garbage. Our friends at Les Femmes (featured on "my blog list") have put together the following video.

Please study it. I also urge the studying of this by another colleague of the Catholic Media Coalition.

We simply cannot allow our donation dollars to be used to undermine the Church and to spread the Culture of Death. One of the videos suggest the dropping of an acorn in that collection basket. If acorns are not to be found in your area, write a note explaining why you're not contributing to this collection; place it in the CCHD envelope in lieu of money. You may use this template if you wish. Additionally, please make sure that you do contribute to a legitimate Catholic and/or prolife charity.

Speaking of Catholic Media Coalition, there is located on the website a repository of information regarding the CCHD. Please make use of it. Any questions/comments, please submit them.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fresh Insults to Our Lady

As the title hints, more perfidy issues forth from the formerly Catholic institution that bears the name "University of Notre Dame".

It has come to our attention that the campus' "Progressive Student Alliance" received permission to use student activity funds to send five of its members to the Equality March this past weekend in Washington. That's right! Catholic funds, presumably from Catholic parents, were used to promote the sinful gay lifestyle while further corrupting those five students.

Ask Bishop D'Arcy to take the disciplinary action against Notre Dame that he should have taken last May.

To contact University of Notre Dame:
President Fr. John Jenkins
Office of the President
400 Main Building
Notre Dame, IN 46556
Phone: 574.631.3903

Bishop John D'Arcy
Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese
114 West Wayne Street
South Bend, IN 46601
Chancery phone: (574) 234-0687

Cardinal George Congratulates (!!?!?) Obama for Peace Prize

After the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano stuck its editorial foot in the mouth when it congratulated Obama's receipt of the Nobel Prize, it retracted itself and rightly criticized that presentation of the award. However, it did so only after the hue and cry of faithful Catholics flooded its mailboxes, filled its email server and melted the fax lines.

Perhaps the USCCB needs to receive similar feedback from American Catholics, because Cardinal George, president of the USCCB, has displayed similar foot-in-mouth tendencies.

Part of the Cardinal's boot-licking included the comment, "the President of the United States has already changed the international conversation." Yes, the Messiah Most Miserable certainly has - I'll give the Cardinal credit for that statement. Obama has apologized for the US all over the globe while kissing up to insane tyrants. He has rescinded the Mexico City Policy. He is ramrodding through Congress one of the most pro-abortion and pro-euthanasia bills ever known. He is similarly ramrodding through Congress measures to change the definition of marriage to include all manners of deviancy. For this the Cardinal congratulates Obama? He should be decrying this disgrace.

If nothing else, this is just another reason why the Catholic Campaign for Human Development collection should be boycotted by all thinking Catholics this November 22nd. The USCCB has demonstrated, time and time again, that it doesn't know apple butter from cow pie. I posted a few days ago some revelations about CCHD grantees from the last collection.

To communicate to the USCCB about:
1) your concern at Cardinal George's ridiculous statement
2) why you won't contribute to the CCHD collection
Write/email here..

3211 Fourth Street, N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20017
(202) 541-3000

Francis Cardinal George
Archbishop of Chicago
PO Box 1979
Chicago, IL. 60690-1979
Phone: 312-534-8230
Fax: 312-534-6379

Hey! He is the archbishop of Chicago, the same town that spewed forth Obama. Coincidence?

An Inconvenient Truth About Nobel Peace Prizes

It appears that there was another, infinitely more worthy candidate for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, much more so than Barak Hussein Obama. Hu Jia is an attorney in Red China who has been working with Chen Guangcheng, the blind attorney who exposed a campaign of forced abortions and sterilizations in China and who was subsequently imprisoned. Hu worked on his behalf until he himself was imprisoned. If there was a human rights activist who deserved this prize for all he endured, Hu Jia would fit the bill.

But no, we can't go offending the Chi-Coms, now - can we? That is especially true when Obama and cronies are hell-bent in turning the United States into another "people's paradise" hell.

However, it seems that the Messiah Most Miserable is not the first socialistic sympathiser to have been chosen by this strange Nobel committee over a much more deserving candidate. To the best of my knowledge, that dubious distinction goes to Al Gore.

Gore was awarded the 2007 prize for his science-fiction movie, "An Inconvenient Truth". Space forbids me to go into all the reasons why indeed he would find truth to be inconvenient.

A much more worthy candidate in 2007 would have been Irene Sandler. She was a Polish Catholic social worker who worked in the Polish Underground during World War II. She was responsible for saving 2,500 Jewish children from the Nazi death camps, and suffered horrific treatment from the Nazis for so doing. She died in May 2008.

The Nobel Peace Prize is now devoid of all honor and significance. It has been rendered not much more than a bauble awarded by politically correct leftists to their stooges.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Obama's Sordid Circle

Congratulations to for this great pictoral summary of the sinister influences and activities of the Messiah Most Miserable! Click graph to enlarge.

Thank Bishop Sample!

Bishop Alexander Sample of the Diocese of Marquette (Michigan) acted courageously to keep wolves from his sheep - even if one of those wolves happened to be a fellow bishop. His statement regarding the episode with Bishop Gumbleton is on the diocesan website. We need more like him - and Bishop Martino, Archbishop Burke and some others.

Please call him or email him to convey your thanks. Our good bishops must be encouraged.

Senate Vote Tomorrow on Obama Death Bill

The Senate Finance Committee is set to vote on its version of the Health Care bill. If any of your senators are on this committee, ask - no, INSIST - that they kill this bill. Unlike other Catholic and/or pro-life activists, I'm not suggesting that you tell them, "Vote against it if it doesn't exclude abortion and euthanasia." It matters little if these provisions are removed. We need to understand and accept that socialized medicine is, by nature, anti-life. There are no safeguards for life once government has authority over its citizens' health care. It matters little, again, how benign the particular government may be. Remember the Patriot Act, how harmless and even beneficial folks thought it was under Bush? Well, now that the Messiah Most Miserable is sitting at the helm, we all see what a disaster it is now. Hindsight is always 20/20 vision!

The only way that life will be respected here is if the Author of Life is respected. That means that government must stop usurping His role in our private and civic lives.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Prayers of Pope Leo XIII After Mass

Remember the Leonine Prayers? Pope Leo XIII had a vision in which he saw the Church being attacked by the devil in the 20th century. He was dead-on correct. To call down God's graces on the Church, he directed that certain prayers be prayed after all Low Masses. After Vatican II, those prayers were dropped - with no official directive to do so.

I suggest that these be resumed as soon as possible (click on the link above for these prayers). Even if it doesn't happen in your Church, stay after Mass a few minutes longer and recite them by yourself or with companions. As an added benefit, you will be a witness for reverence to the rest of the congregation who will undoubtedly be carrying on as though the nave of the Church was a social hall.

ACORN-esque Groups by Any Other Name - Just As Nutty

We heard all kinds of assurances from the USCCB that ACORN and affiliates were defunded from the CCHD (all levels, allegedly) grants. So does that mean that all is just hunky-dorry with the CCHD and we can blithely contribute to them on November 22nd? Not so. Watch this.

Take note that one of the ACORN-esque groups, the Chinese Progressive Association in California, a recipient of thousands of CCHD dollars, published a "2008 Voter Guide" - yes, that's less than one year ago - urged California voters to vote for homosexual "marriage"; that is, it would have been opposing Proposition 8. As you've seen, there are several other anti-Catholic organizations that the CCHD funded last year.

One must wonder what will subsequent investigations uncover. As rocks are overturned, various worms and insects will be made manifest. Until then - despite USCCB false assurances - we urge you NOT to contribute to the CCHD on November 22nd. Instead, contribute to a truly pro-life ministry. Thank you.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Education for Baby-Murder Proponents

Today, at the abortuary where I and a number of others offer Christian and life-affirming witness, one of our number parked right in front of the building entrance. The clinic escorts tend to congregate there. With the parked car came an opporunity for much-needed education.

The escorts, abortuary personnel, abortion-bound people and other building tenants could not help but notice this display. Below are close-up views so that you can see what they beheld.

It served to educate folks as to the reality of what goes on in that Planned Parenthood facility. Of course there were those who averted their eyes from the truth. We pray that if such aversion is caused by abortions in their past, that they may come to salvific repentance.

I Want a Prize, Too!!

I hereby promise all the world an end to war, starvation, disease and the embarrassment of hallitosis! I promise a chicken in every pot, a car in every garage, a college diploma on every wall, free health care for all, and no crabgrass in any lawn!

There! Now that I've made all sorts of pretty promises, can I please now have my Nobel Peace Prize? What? I didn't accomplish anything? Well, since when has that been a requirement these days? After all, the Messiah Most Miserable didn't do anything, but - gee whiz! - he only talked a pretty talk and he got one. How come I don't get one?

Come to think of it, should that prize really have gone to Obama? Perhaps it would have been more fitting to award it to his teleprompter!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Here's Why Obama Won the Nobel Peace Prize

Yep! Here's his great foreign policy and diplomacy, with stellar results, for all the world to see! He emboldens enemies of civilization, and the loony left calls it diplomacy. However, inasmuch as he promotes baby-killing, dare we say that the Messiah Most Miserable is himself no friend of true civilization?

"Nobel Peace Prize" Now Ignoble Sleaze Prize

The once-respected Nobel Peace Prize has been rendered an abysmal joke by its 2009 recipient -Barak HUSSEIN Obama, the Messiah Most Miserable. As I read the Comcast piece, I see that the reason given for the prize is that "the judges found his promise of disarmament and diplomacy too good to ignore." The italics are mine, and I put them there to illustrate that all he did, and continues to do, is talk a pretty talk. The walk, however, leaves much to be desired.

His international tour-flops have been largely spectacles of him apologizing for his own country, the country that has saved European hides for the better part of the 20th century. His diplomacy has largely been one of grovelling at the feet of various and sundry deranged tyrants and insulting long-standing allies.

Of course, his dometic performance has been a good bit worse. He is foisted upon this nation a stimulus package that is sending this economy into a debt-filled toilet. He and his lackeys are trying to cram down our throats a draconian death-care bill that will further ensconse abortion and euthanasia into the cultural landscape.

Speaking of abortion, wasn't it another Nobel Peace Prize winner, namely, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who stated quite correctly and succintly, that "abortion is the greatest destroyer of peace", and that "the fruit of abortion will be nuclear war"? But that was back when the Nobel Peace Prize truly was distinguished and honorable.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pro-Lifers' Speech to Be Gagged?? Take Action Now!!

The City of Chicago City Council just passed an ordinance to limit the ability of pro-lifers to witness at abortuaries and to abortion-bound women in Chicago. It establishes a 50-foot buffer around abortion mills and 8-foot buffers around any abortuary-bound woman. Fines for violating these buffers are up to $500.00.

This is clearly aimed at the 40 Days for Life effort that has saved over 150 babies this cycle. However, its potential nationwide ramifications are painfully obvious. It is so blatantly draconian that even the ACLU has voiced opposition to the First Amendment attack that is at the heart of this ordinance. Mayor Daley can still veto this bill. Our colleagues at Les Femmes have more details and contact information. Your action is needed now!

Catholic Standard Report on Red Mass - Useless At Best

Today's edition arrived, with a picture of Archbishop Wuerl and Chief Justice Roberts taking the bulk of the front page. The article was a disappointment, but that disappointment is no surprise at all. Of course there is a picture of Justice Sonia Sotomayor schmoozing it up with the clergy - the same clergy that had ignored the plight of a faithful Catholic being denied her canonical right to attend Mass. It was quite nauseating to read that Sotomayor received a standing ovation at the brunch after the Mass.

I cannot say that the pro-life presence outside was completely ignored. The article took a good page and half. So how much of that space did our efforts merit in the editorial eyes? Two sentences! Count them! Two entire sentences!

Now one might think that it would be somewhat difficult to distort our message in only two sentences, but the Standard managed to accomplish that stellar feat. According to the Standard, we used pictures of "aborted fetuses". Do you notice the acquesence to pro-abortion language here? The word "fetus", although it means "little one" in Latin, has been used by pro-abortionists to de-humanize the tiny unborn child. Mark Zimmerman wrote this article. As an editor, he really should know better that he must be precise with language. Mr. Zimmerman, what we showed was pictures of murdered babies - plain and simple!

He also misrepresented the message that we were conveying. What he omitted was that we were exhorting the clergy to fulfill their obligations under Canon 915, in addition to urging pro-abortion politicians not to go to Communion. In omitting our exhortation to the clergy, Mr. Zimmerman tacitly (hopefully inadvertently) implies that Canon 915 binds on the laity. Not so. Canon 915 binds upon the minister of Holy Communion.

Now just take a guess as to how much space was devoted to the abysmal treatment that Ms. McKee suffered at the hands of Cathedral personnel. Not one word did Mr. Zimmerman write about the sorry behavior of the Cathedral! I might add that the clergy's behavior during that episode was less than exemplary. Ms McKee is known to Bishop Gonzales. In the video, she can be heard pleading to him by name for assistance. If my camcorder's microphone picked it up while she was facing away from it, surely the bishops heard her calling as she was facing them. How can this be ignored?

Perhaps you too are disgusted with this sorry excuse for reporting. Perhaps you'd like to make your disappointment known. As most of us know, the Standard ceased publishing "letters to the editor" around the time that Cardinal McCarrick made clear that he would disregard Canon 915 (but of course, that's just a coincidence - right?). Therefore, I remind you that you can comment on this posting, and other postings. The conditions to the right do apply. As soon as I review for these conditions, I'll release them for viewing.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Arrest at St Matthew's - Mainstream Media Blackout?

As you review the video that I posted a few days ago, you might notice the media and press stands around which I had to walk in the first part of that clip. There was indeed a lot of press, with fancy equipment, and they were also recording the incident.

However, when I google "arrest at St Matthews's" and other related terms, I come up with only this post, the Christian Newswire post, and other blog entries from colleagues with the Catholic Media Coalition. There is nothing whatsoever from the so-called "mainstream media". Nada-zippo! Oh, I think in one article, there was a one-liner about "anti-abortion demonstrators", but nothing about what happened to Ms. McKee. No wonder Obama and his ilk (including VP Biden, one of the attendees at the Red Mass) so desperately want to shut us up with that "Fairness Doctrine" crap. We need to watch this like hawks.

Now here's the QUESTION OF THE HOUR! We can be certain that the Catholic Standard was there. Will they mention the travesty that occurred at the Red Mass? Don't hold your breath! We'll keep you posted.

Open Letter to Cathedral of St Matthew and the Archdiocese of Washington

Rev Msgr W. Ronald Jameson
Cathedral of St Matthew the Apostle
1725 Rhode Island Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20036

Dear Msgr Jameson,

The prophet Jeremiah states, in chapter 34:1-10, “Woe to the shepherds of Israel who only take care of themselves! Should not the shepherds take care of the flock?” Msgr, this is the kind of “shepherding” that was on display at the Red Mass on Sunday, October 4th. You and all the ordained clergy have a solemn responsibility, as those who stand as “alter Christi”, to preach the Gospel of repentance and to bestow the Sacraments upon the people in your care, in accordance with the will of God as manifest in the teaching Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. That did not happen at the Red Mass.

By now you are aware of the shameful treatment meted out to a regular Mass attendee, Ms. Joan McKee, simply because she was wearing a pro-life shirt, as is her custom when she attends Mass at the Cathedral. We’ve gone into detail about that episode in the blog Please read it, and please pay close attention to the video of the unconscionable treatment that Ms. McKee suffered simply because she wanted to attend Mass. It’s obvious that she did not receive the shepherding that she deserved as a member of your flock.

What may not be so obvious is the neglect that other sheep of the fold suffered at the hands of the clergy at the Red Mass. we speak of all the dignitaries who espouse the pro-abortion position. At that Mass, they received all sorts of adulation, compliments, etc. However, what their immortal souls really needed was to hear the unabashed truth and even rebukes, so that they would be moved to repentance and salvation. Anyone who supports baby-killing is in grave danger of hell. Were they told that? Only those outside, on the other side of the police tape, seemed to have the courage to tell them that. Monsignor, the pro-abortion dignitaries needed to hear from you the medicinal rebukes and exhortations to conversion and the Sacrament of Confession. Instead, what they received was the putrid poison of flattery.

Not only were they lulled into deadly complacence, but they even committed yet another mortal sin, that of receiving Holy Communion in a sacrilegious manner. You know full well that’s what happens when one receives Holy Communion unworthily. That is why we were crying out on the bullhorns. We were not hollering condemnation. Quite the contrary – we were trying to prevent yet another cause for condemnation.

Because the bishops and clergy at that Mass were complicit with such sacrilege, you all share the guilt of those mortal sins. We shudder to think that some of you might actually have handed the Eucharist to one of them. It takes no moral theologian to realize that this constitutes material and formal cooperation with mortal sin.

It also takes no great amount of genius to realize why false accolades are heaped upon these individuals who promote baby-killing. They do wield much political and cultural influence and many of them are wealthy (in the worldly sense). Churchmen have often succumbed to the temptation to curry the favor of the wealthy and powerful for mere temporal gain – to the spiritual detriment of all concerned. However, when you do so (as was done at the Red Mass), you betray your own sacerdotal commission. At the Red Mass, every Catholic, be it Ms. McKee or any of the pro-abortion attendees, was thrown to the wolves to obtain some (perceived) worldly advantage for the clergy. Shame!

At the very least, simple decency demands that Ms. McKee be held harmless for her attempt to attend Mass. Any charges filed against her should be immediately dropped. She in fact deserves profuse apologies from St. Matthew’s and the entire archdiocese.

Canon 915 binds upon all clergy. Adherence to that canon by the clergy is not an option; it is a most solemn obligation. Archbishop Raymond Burke made that quite clear several months ago. When all the clergy starts taking that seriously, perhaps more Catholics will take their faith and morals seriously. Only then can the prayers uttered at the Red Mass have any hope of being answered.

By way of copy to the Archbishop of Washington, we address these words to him and to the entire archdiocese as well. Please be advised that this letter is posted on the blog cited in the footer of this letter. Any reply, or lack thereof, will likewise be posted.

You are in our prayers and we ask the same of you. Thank you.

Monday, October 5, 2009

More on Yesterday's Red Mass Debacle

A press release was published on Christian Newswire today. Joan McKee is the woman who was barred from the Mass because she was wearing a pro-life shirt. No doubt the clergy were afraid she might make the pro-aborts in attendance uncomfortable - and we can't have any of that going on now, can we??? Ms. McKee is willing to be interviewed; please call the number given in the press release.

Below the press release are two links. The bottom link refers to an account written by "Janet Smith". It links to this blog, to the below entry. There is a "typo" in that statement; my name is Baker, not Smith. I just wanted to clarify that. Thank you.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Double-Shame on the Washington Archdiocese and St. Matthew's Cathedral!

Today the annual Red Mass was held at 10am at the Cathedral of St. Matthew. It is held to commemorate the start of a new session of the US Supreme Court. Many priests and bishops concelebrate this Mass. As one might imagine, all sorts of dignitaries, mostly of a political bent, attend this Mass. Unfortunately many of these politicians, while Catholic, are also rabidly pro-abortion.

At 9am, approximately 20 pro-life activists gathered outside with posters showing the truth of abortion for three purposes. They were:
  1. To educate the attendees of the reality of abortion
  2. To urge pro-abortion attendees to repent of their sin of promoting abortion
  3. To remind the clergy of their obligation under Canon Law 915 not to admit to Holy Communion those pro-abortion supporters who refused to repent of their sin
Most of the activists were constrained to remain across the street from the Cathedral. I was able to unobtrusively remain on the north side of the street to distribute flyers. All the Mass attendees were constrained to pass through metal detectors. While on one hand that was a strange infringement upon them, it did serve to make them wait outside. Even if they chose not to look at the posters across the street, they had no choice but to hear the pro-life exhortations of those of us who had bullhorns.
One of us, though, attempted to go in. She did so simply because she had to fulfill her own Sunday obligation. She simply wanted to attend Mass. Now as we know, all Catholics have the right to attend Mass provided they are properly disposed. Canon law 843 states this quite plainly.
She was wearing a pro-life tee shirt. At the metal detector booth, she was told - by Cathedral personnel! - that she couldn't wear it at that Mass. She regularly attends that Mass, and has regularly worn that shirt on other days. Can you just imagine being told that you cannot go into Mass while wearing a pro-life shirt? Moreover, at that same Mass are myriads of pro-abortion honchos. Were the Cathedral personnel afraid that the pro-abortion attendees might be offended by one pro-life shirt?
She asked to speak with a priest about the matter and waited for a half-hour for a priest that never arrived. She then left the line, went to a hotel to remove the shirt and got back in line. Everyone in front of her was admitted into the Cathedral. Just by coincidence (ahem!) they shut off admission right in front of her. Needless to say, she was rightfully indignant about being denied entrance to Mass. This video depicts the absolutely disgraceful way this woman was treated. As the video begins, you will notice the pro-lifers on their bullhorns calling out to the clergy who are lined up outside, waiting to process into the Cathedral.

The video ends just before she was taken to a police station. A few hours later, she was released (and yes, she was able to attend Mass!). This faithful Catholic was treated like dirt while inside the Cathedral, Our Lord was likewise treated as His Body and Blood were distributed to those engaged in mortal sin.

Shame upon the Cathedral of St. Matthew! Shame upon the Archdiocese of Washington! In fact, double shame upon them both! They allowed the sin of sacreligious Holy Communion to be committed, and they attempted to keep a good Catholic woman from going to Mass.

Please contact both these entities. Ask that any charges against this lady be dropped, as they are ridiculous farces. In fact, ask that they apologize to her for violating her canonical rights as a Catholic in good standing.

Cathedral of St Matthew
Msgr W Ronald Jameson
1725 Rhode Island Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20036
Phone 202-347-3215
(by the way - they seem to have an "Always Our Children" group!)

Archdiocese of Washington
Archbishop Donald Wuerl
PO Box 29260
Washington, DC 20017-0260
Phone 301-853-4500

If you write, please send letters via "certified mail, return receipt requested". Else, the letters will be lost! I'll post updates

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Help! I live in Montgomery County Liberal Loony-Bin!

I live in a county that teaches children how to put condoms on vegetables, but not what an unborn child looks like. We're taxed to oblivion while at the same time building $65k restrooms for the county executive. Yet we keep electing into office such charlatans, and I wonder at times how we can do so. I wonder at times how that can be.

Sadly, I am reminded how that can be. We elect such incompetents because many of the voters are clearly out of touch with reality. I beheld evidence of such spacy-brained mentality when I viewed some bumper strips on a car that I'll now share below.
According to this first lovely gem, I can blow my nose into a tissue, but I'd better be careful about tossing that tissue into a trash can, because that tissue might be a long-lost family menber. After all, it does say that "with all things we shall be as relatives," does it not? For that matter, does blowing my nose into that tissue constitute "tissue-abuse"? I'd better be careful what I say, because some sort of person (such as the owner of the vehicle) might take me seriously!
Moving along the bumper of that vehicle, we see the one below.
Most likely, you are reading this on a a computer that belongs to you. The computer is yours because you paid for it (or it was given to you by someone who in turn paid for it). Soooo... how much did the earth pay for you? Nada-zippo. To whom does the earth belong? It, and every human being, belongs to God. That's why it is a sin of the most grievous magnitude to murder another person - such as in the abortion of tiny babies. I could be wrong, but I suspect this car owner, and far too many folks, don't believe in God. They have no foundation in any truth whatsoever. There is a saying. "They who believe in nothing will fall for anything." Don't we see so much evidence of that? We see two pieces of that evidence on this blog right now.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Canadian Bishop Dabbling in Child Porn?

Bishop Raymond J Lahey of Antigonish, Nova Scotia has been charged by Ottawa police investigators with Possession and Importation of Child Pornography. When he was trying to re-enter Canada at the Ottawa Internationa Airport, officials of the Canadian Border Service Agency found suspicious graphics on his laptop. He has since submitted his resignation to Pope Benedict XVI, who subsequently accepted the resignation.

In the (likely) event that these charges are valid, Bishop Lahey has acted as the "hired hand who preys on the sheep" as opposed to the true shepherd, in the most gross violation of his episcopal ordination. I suspect this case is not as rare as I and many other might wish it to be. As we read books such as "Goodbye, Good Men" by Michael Rose and "Amchurch Comes Out" by Paul Likoudis, we get a glimpse as to how pervasive is sexual aberration within the Roman Catholic clergy.

The fall 2009 meeting of the US bishops will occur in Baltimore from November 16th through the 19th. I suspect this will be a hot "off-the-record" topic of discussion around many dinner tables and in small groups. I hope they take some warning.

Let us pray now for:
  1. Bishop Lahey, that (if indeed guilty) he repent for these objectively mortal sins against his vows of celebacy
  2. all clergy and religious whose spiritual eyes are similarly blinded
  3. that the bishops, as a whole, will finally find a backbone to deal properly with these problems in their midst and stop being afraid to police their own
  4. for the children who were victimized when the images on Bishop Lahey's computer were created, and for all such children who need bishops to protect them, not prey upon them
  5. in thanksgiving for the Canadian Border Security Agency and their diligence (perhaps they'd like to work for our agencies on the Mexican borders?)