Thursday, December 28, 2023

Fiducia Supplicans - Where Do Our Clergy Stand?

If there is any silver lining to the stinking, foggy cloud known as Supplicans Fiducia, it's that more and more people are acknowledging this papacy to be the unmitigated disaster that it is.  Over these past few days we've been hearing accounts of various dioceses and religious orders stating emphatically that they will not permit their priests to bless sinful unions of any sort, with some rejecting Fiducia Supplicans in its entirety.  Conversely we've been hearing of others who wax giddy about the prospect of priests greasing the skids of those headed to hell.

LifeSite News has been collecting these accounts and has published their summary.  For obvious reasons that summary remains a work in progress.  Therefore, keep checking that post for updates.

If you are in one of the questionable locales, as I am, consider what you will do if you should become aware of a planned "blessing of irregular couples".  That will be the sin of blasphemy and cannot go unopposed by faithful Catholics.

Saturday, December 23, 2023

Why Fiducia Supplicans Is Spiritually Poisonous

Some otherwise faithful Catholics are obviously having difficulty accepting that the Vatican is so depraved that it has put out such a poisonous document.  They want to believe so badly that this pope is not so corrupt as to undermine the Church that they twist themselves into pretzels believing that there might be some redeeming quality to FS as to restore their faith in this papacy.  But therein lies their error.  They put too much faith in a sitting pope rather than in the Church's teachings and traditions as handed down through the centuries.

I will now relay some of the most frequent denial tactics that I've read on social media. Here is the text of Fiducia Supplicans.  By the way- please have the FS document open as you read this post.

"The priest gives a blessing to all people after Mass".  That is a general blessing to the congregation at large, not targeted to specific people, especially those designated because of sinful relationships.  It has always been ok to bless people and ask for God's guidance.  That begs the question of just why did the pope highlight those in "irregular relationships"?  And why is the word "irregular" used when the more truthful adjective is "sinful"?

"The theology of marriage isn't challenged"  Perhaps not overtly, but it is.  A blessing on a gay couple, even though it may not be "liturgical", does lend legitimacy to the relationship that makes those two people a "couple".   "Only individuals are being blessed, not the relationship".  Read the document.  It's right there in the title to Section 3 of the tome.

Those are two common attempts to deny the harm of FS.  Let's take another look at the thing, shall we?

Since my previous post on this topic, there have been a number of commentaries that have demonstrated the fatal flaws of Fiducia Supplicans.  I see no need for me to "reinvent the wheel as it were, so I will link to them and recommend all to your reading.  An important aside - I link to articles such as these so that you can draw your own conclusions and not just rely on my understandings of what the authors say.  We ALL have a duty, no matter our stations in life, to be informed of these matters.  Ignorance is not a morally acceptable option.

The first of these is an analysis by Cardinal Gerhard Muller.  He notes several troubling aspects of FS.  First, there is the attempt to introduce another type of "blessing".  Why?  Because the blessing already recognized by the Church demand agreement between the blessings and the Church's teachings.  Having this last sentence in mind, please pop over to the other browser window with FS open, and read paragraph 12 in its entirety.  You should be getting a sense of how insidious FS is, since it overtly calls for a new type of "blessing" that is not subjected to "too many moral prerequisites",  because they could "overshadow the unconditional power of God's love".  Absolute satanic nonsense!  The "moral prerequisites" are God's Commands.  His love and His commands stem from Him.  God does not have a split personality.

Muller goes on to say that sinful persons can be blessed, e.g., blessed to ask graces to turn from their sin.   However, paragraph 31 talks of blessing homosexual couples, not individuals.  An attempt to do that would be to cooperate in the mortal sin of homosexual conduct.  One cannot bless a couple without blessing what defines them as a couple - in this case, mortal sin.  That is both sacrilege and blasphemy.  Added to that is the guilt of cooperating with the mortal sin of sodomy.

Again, I urge you to read Cardinal Muller's entire piece.  But now we'll read what others have said.

The next article to consider was written by Father Thomas Weinandy and was published in First Things.  Father cleared up a misconception held by many.  Francis did not pen that tripe.  Rather, it came from Cardinal Victor Fernandez, aka Kissy Face, with Francis' approval.  Weinandy's main focus appears to be on paragraph 31, which is quite the poison pill amidst all that word salad.  Weinandy aptly calls it "jargon, sophistry and deceit".

In his last paragraph, Weinandy suggests the possibility that FS might have been well-intentioned.  Here I must disagree with Father.  The track records of both Francis and Kissy-Face testify against any possibility that this is well-intentioned.  It is a brazen attempt to cajole poorly-educated clergy into doing the indefensible - to normalize mortal sin in the Church's teachings.

Now let's look at what Eric Sammons says in Crisis Magazine.  He speaks a bit on the role of the pope in the Church and contrasts that with Francis' conduct.  In the writings of previous popes, their footnotes are drawn upon Scripture, doctrines, writings of their predecessors.  Not so for Francis.  Sammons states, and I think him correct, that approximately 65% of his references are his own previous teachings and/or writings.  He is his own source of teaching, in other words.

Paragraph 7 states that "the Holy Father's above-mentioned response invites us to broaden and enrich the meaning of blessings."  Sammons correctly points out that it is not the proper role of any pope to "broaden and enrich" anything.  Rather, the pope's responsibility is to teach and guard what has been handed down from the apostles.

Sammon's piece deserves a close and careful read.  I need not rehash what he said, but he does do a great job in unpacking FS, illustrating its divergence from Tradition.

More on FS soon.

Monday, December 18, 2023

Using The Papal Office To Normalize Mortal Sins Via Sacrilege

Francis today issued a mess called Fiducia Supplicans - a rather verbose attempt to legitimize the blessings of same-sex shack-ups.  I linked to the English version on the Vatican's website.  Read it for yourselves - the whole thing.  I realize it's a bit of a word salad, but that appears to be his favorite strategy - bury the poison pill in the midst of a multitude of pious-sounding platitudes.

The preface of this tome is written by none other than Cardinal "Kissy-Face" Fernandez.  He yaps about the "development" of the "pastoral meaning of blessings".  Notice those two words: development and pastoral.  It's like they are saying that for the past 2000+ years, the Church's understanding of blessings was woefully lacking.

Then the screed mentions "irregular unions" quite a few times.  Irregular?  Try "mortally sinful".  Paragraphs 31 and 32 mentions those who "recognize themselves to be destitute and in need of his (God's) help" and "who do not claim to be righteous but who acknowledge themselves humbly as sinners."  Those people, if they are sincere, will immediately repair to the nearest confessional and receive the Sacrament of Confession with the intentions of ceasing their sexual perversions and removing themselves from the near occasion of sin - that is, their sinful situations.  This is not rocket science.  We learned this in second grade as we were preparing to go to Confession for the first time.

Those who persist in "popesplaining" need to consider what was said above instead of trying to fabricate some meaning out of "blessing" that justifies this tome's proposition that gay shack-ups be blessed.  Another crucial lesson in moral theology is understanding the nine ways that one can cooperate in another's mortal sin, and thus share the guilt and punishment of that mortal sin.  I just linked to them.  This is not the first time that Francis has tried to normalize mortal sin.

The USCCB issued its own commentary regarding the FS slop.  The last sentence mentions "the imparting of pastoral blessings because each of us needs God's healing love and mercy in our lives."  Again, that is to be found primarily in the Sacrament of Confession.  Isn't it telling that this "Fiddlefaddle Soup" screed utters not one peep about the Sacrament of Confession?  It's not hard to figure out why.  In order to receive God's authentic mercy, one must actually be contrite and have a firm resolve to not fall into that sin again.  This "fiddle-faddle" thing is taylor-made for those who have no intention of forsaking their perversions, even if it means damnation in the next life.  The perverts might not be alone in their damnation.  That statement isn't a judgment, but rather a warning.

Friday, December 15, 2023

Want To Stop Those Nasty Ole Green House Gases? Easy! Just Stop Breathing!

I wish that this was satire, but it isn't.  Apparently some study done by Dr Nicolas Cowan from some British scientific think tank discovered (?) that humans release trace amounts of methane and nitrous oxide when we exhale and/or emit flatulence.  He states, "we would urge caution in the assumption from humans are negligible."

Well, suppose he's correct.  Just what in hades do these people plan to do about it?  Just how much methane did Dr. Cowan emit when he put out his hypothesis? 

The fact is that some of these envirowhackos want to limit human population to "save the planet", and the Vatican, under Francis, is right on board with this murderous agenda.  They have been for quite some time and they are getting more and more brazen about it.

Monday, December 11, 2023

In A Secret Bunker Below Vatican City....

(Parody alert!)

Once again, dear readers, we have managed to eavesdrop on the machinations of those who try to subvert and destroy the Mass of the Ages.  They can't, but oh how they try!  See here for the inside scoop.  I'd say "enjoy", but given the previous post, this is too close to reality.

Friday, December 8, 2023

Cdl Gregory: "Tradition Dies A Slow Death, Sometimes A Bloody Death"

Yes, he actually said that during a question-and-answer session in which he participated at Catholic University of America yesterday.  The meeting was called "Celebrating Diversity".  You will probably see the irony of that in a few minutes.   It's a long meeting, but the area of our focus starts at the 1:05:00 mark, when he responds to a student's question.  I'll post the video now, with some more commentary to follow.

Watch his expressions how he talks.  At the 1:12:25, when he mentions how he saw the Tridentine Mass grow in the Washington archdiocese, his face gives the impression that he thinks the TLM is some plague or pestilence.

The exchange on that question was about to end, but at the 1:13:25 mark, he says "I want to add something", then plops a blooper.  He said that, "in many of the places where it grew, the Tridentine rite, it grew because priests promoted it."  That is flat out incorrect.  The laity are the ones who clamored for it.  Granted, there were no "listening sessions" at that time, but it was largely a lay effort.  Even if priests promoted it, I for one fail to see the problem with that.  Anyway, he almost accuses priests of "creating the need".  No, Your Eminence!  Priests do not "create needs".  They may recognize needs, but they don't create them.  Now the priest might present the Tridentine Mass and then the people understand just what they've been missing for so many years, and they want it.  We see that sort of realization happening in John 2:10, when Jesus turned water into wine.  That newly transformed wine was far superior to the one that ran out.

Immediately afterwards, we see the reason for his canard when he revealed, "I think the Holy Father is right to say 'deal with the priests'."   And that was the end of that screed.  Well, we see how good and holy priests are being dealt with, and some prelates too.  The names Strickland, Burke, Muller, Vigano and others come immediately to mind.

Now regarding that quip that is the title of this post, Nick Donnelly has a great observation on how real bishops should regard tradition, particularly sacred Tradition.  

Friday, December 1, 2023

Francis On A Mission To De-Masculinize The Church

This past week, Bishop Strickland released an open letter to faithful Catholics regarding his removal from Tyler by Francis.  We thank Complicit Clergy for publishing it and now link to it.  Please read.  Strickland cites several causes for his removal, such as his refusal to strangle the Traditional Latin Mass and his opposition to the monkeyshines that emanated from the Synod on Synodality, or more accurately, Sin-Nod for Sodomy.

This past Sunday, several people from Slovakia attempted to go into St Peter's Square with a banner supporting Bishop Strickland.  LifeSiteNews has video of them being maltreated by Vatican police.  Why, one might think these cops took some pointers from their counterparts in the Capitol Police department after their thug-like behavior on Jan 6, 2021.  Watch this

A local DC priest, Msgr Charles Pope, put up a tweet to defend those prelates who got axed by Francis.

Another bishop who just might find himself the target of a "apostolic visitation" and subsequent removal is Bishop Rob Mutsaerts from the Netherlands.  From the LifeSiteNews article, it sounds like he and Strickland are of the same mindset in many ways.  Mutsaerts questioned the lack of canonical protocols that are put in place to govern the removal against bishops.

From the current issue of the Catholic Review, which is actually just a rehash of a Catholic News Service piece, we read of some of Francis' remarks to the International Theological Commission.  He said, and I quote, "one of the great sins we have had is masculinizing the Church".  Does that mean Our Lord committed a great sin when He chose men as His apostles?  Anyway, Francis told the commission that they need to take up the issue of "de-masculinizing the church".  He closed that screed by saying he "talked too much".  To that last sentence I add a hearty "AMEN!"

I believe Francis is doing a bang-up job all by himself of purging the Church of authentic, healthy masculinity.  A key part of that mission seems to be the canceling of prelates who are godly and manly enough to stand up to his nefarious plans and to be actual bishops.