Friday, February 28, 2014

Why We MUST Speak Out When Clerics Err Publicly

I post below a video by Fr Paul Nicholson, but before I do, I want to post this piece by St. Thomas Aquinas.  He is a Doctor of the Church (probably one of the leading ones) and author of Summa Theologica, from which this quote is taken.  This is from "the second part of the second part", question 33, article 4, reply to objection 2.  It reads (in part), "It must be observed, however, that if the faith were endangered, a subject ought to rebuke his prelate even publicly. Hence Paul who was Peter's subject, rebuked him in public, on account of the imminent danger of scandal concerning faith and, as the gloss of Augustine says on Galatians 2:11, "Peter gave an example to superiors, that if at any time they should happen to stray from the straight path, they should not disdain to be reproved by their subjects."

Now the video.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Why We WILL Continue The #Cookiecott Against The Girl Scouts

This Breitbart News article summarizes nicely the reasons why the Girl Scouts, once a mainstay of decency for young girls, is now inimical to their spiritual, mental and physical well-being.  Years ago, they dropped the oath to God as an integral part of their oath.  Now they hold pro-abortion women up as role models and collaborate with Planned Parenthood.

A number of Christian and pro-life leaders realized that they must be opposed and suggested that their cookie sales be boycotted.  Truth be told, I was always rather annoyed that these sales occurred during Lent so I never partook in them.  Still I am happy to support this boycott, that is now bearing the hashtag #cookiecott.

That same article also makes plain that the #cookiecott is having an effect.  Girl Scout CEO Anna Maria Chavez posted a youtube video to deny all charges.  The article cites facts to explain why Chavez is mistaken - if not lying through her teeth.

But, if you really need one more reason to #cookiecott the cookie sales, here it is!  Five months ago, the Girl Scouts created a brand new position - Chief Girl Experience Officer!  And what outstanding candidate did they hire for this key position?  Her name is Ashley Kokjohn.  She is an out-and-proud lesbian who considers herself "married" to her partner in perversion.

Let's ponder this, shall we?  The Girl Scouts create a brand new position!  Got that?  Now who do they choose for the first person ever to hold this brand new position?  A flamboyant lesbian!  There was no way the Girl Scout directors could not have known about her perversion.  Did they care?  More importantly, was Kokjohn's predilection a reason that they hired her??  Now think of the title - Girl Experience Officer!  Just what kind of "girl experiences" does this woman have in mind for the unsuspecting charges over whom she'll wield considerable influence?  Probably that is a sort of question for which the answer is all too obvious.

Let the #cookiecott continue against this once-decent organization, for it has now devolved into a brainwashing racket to twist young girls into atheistic progressives.  If your daughters are in the Girl Scouts, pull them out while there is still time to prevent damage.

Cindy Sheehan For CA Governor? Groovy, Baby!

The below is a campaign video of hers.  Repeat - it's a campaign video, not some 1960s hippy retrograde flick.  As you watch it, you might understandably think it's the latter.  I suppose she thinks that Californians might actually swoon all over this schlock.  I dunno - they voted to protect real marriage.  If she does somehow get in there, sane people in that state may want to think about leaving the flower-child commune that California will become under her.

Here it is!  Try not to laugh too hard!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Obamacare Is Killing People! Cardinal Dolan, Could The Church Cheer That?

Remember when Cardinal Dolan quipped that "the Catholic Church could have been an Obamacare cheerleader"?  Cardinal Dolan, would the Catholic Church have cheered what Obamacare is doing to Julie Boonstra and countless like her?  Are you proud of yourself for uttering such nonsense?  You should be ashamed for disgracing the Church like that!!

By the way - this is a political ad.  Obama's Minions Most Mindless are in such a snit about it that they're threatening the FCC licenses of the stations that run it.  Can we say thugs?

CMR's Post On Pope Francis And SSPX

Pat Archibald of Creative Minority Report writes also for the National Catholic Register.  On the page of the latter, Archibald wrote an article expressing hope that Pope Francis will welcome the Society of St Pius X back into the ranks of mainstream Catholicism.  After posting the article, the Register saw fit to pull it down.  After reading the article myself, I think the Register's action was quite deplorable.

Archibald posted the article on Creative Minority Report.  I invite all to read it.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Baltimore's "Rebuilt" Parish In Serious Need Of REAL Rebuilding

Below is another video of a "church of nice" gushing about how nice they are!  This is the Church of the Nativity and it's in the northern Baltimore area, within the Archdiocese of Baltimore of course.  As you look at the surroundings of the two people, they could be in any workplace lunchroom.  There's nothing to distinguish it as a Roman Catholic Church.  You'll also hear the incessant yammering about "experience".  This subjective "experience" is often registered at the level of mere emotion; forget the intellect, reason and will.

Some oddities:
  1. At the 1:00 mark, we hear that to "reach the lost we must understand what their likes are..and construct your building, physical surroundings and your service to reflect those likes".  If by "construct your service" he means tweaking the Mass rubrics, he has his thinking literally upside down.  Let's look at the definition of Holy Mass, per the Baltimore Catechism.  "What is the Mass?  The Mass is the sacrifice of the New Law in which Christ, through the ministry of the priest, offers Himself to God in an unbloody manner under the appearances of bread and wine."  Here's another.  "What are the purposes for which Mass is offered?  The purposes for which the Mass is offered are: first, to adore God as our Creator and Lord; second, to thank God for His many favors; third, to ask God to bestow His blessings on all men; fourth, to satisfy the justice of God for the sins committed against Him".  To be brief, Mass is about God, not about "an amazing weekend experience"!
  2. At 2:45, the man is playing the role of the hypothetical visitor.  "Now that I'm seated, it seems like a great atmosphere; it's almost like a theater."  Whoa!  Let's pause right here!  A theater?  As in "entertainment, show-kind" of theater?  Is that an integral goal of this "amazing weekend experience"?
  3. He goes on.  He does say the "light is on the altar where it needs to be".  I'll give him kudos for that, bit it goes downhill.  "The music is great, the band looks professional."  The band!!?!?!?  I tremble at the thought of the cacophony emanating from them during Mass.  In churches of old (back when "experience" was not worshiped more than God), we had choir lofts in the back of the church.  They were elevated and more importantly, behind the congregation so that they wouldn't draw undue attention.  The choir at that time enhanced the worship of God and was not concerned about entertainment and experience. 
  4. Notice how they refer to "service"?  Whatever happened to the word "Mass"?  I find that substitution odd and a tad disconcerting.
  5. You'd have to be paying attention before 3:51 to glean what the woman considers "the capstone of the weekend experience" to be: the socializing and snacks after Mass.  Would not the capstone of Holy Mass be the Consecration?  Or at least Holy Communion??  What she uttered is the kind of drivel that spills out of the mouth of those who don't understand just what a priceless treasure the Holy Mass is.  Her focus, at least in this video, is completely man-centered and not at all God-centered.
I sincerely hope and pray that they rediscover the real riches of their Roman Catholic heritage.  They're settling for, and offering, fluffy-puff stuff.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cardinal Burke TRIES To Explain Some Recent Statements By Pope Francis

Recently the website "Courageous Priest" published a letter by Cardinal Burke in which the latter tried to clarify some very understandable confusion caused by some of Pope Francis' recent remarks, or at least their translations.   Before the text of the Cardinal's letter, they preface it by saying, "We know many feel uncomfortable with Pope Francis.  Can we let Cardinal Burke put your mind at ease?"  If that was the purpose of the Cardinal's letter, I regret to say that it flopped.  If anything, it actually justifies even more our misgivings.  Cardinal Burke has proven to be outspoken in defense of authentic Church teaching.  I understand that as a Prince of the Church, he is between the proverbial "rock and hard place" and is obliged to defend the Holy Father.  However, in trying to paint the Holy Father's missteps in the best possible light, some logical contortions can be seen in this letter.

This statement is something I find troubling. "The Holy Father, it seems to me, wishes to pare back every conceivable obstacle people may have invented to prevent themselves from responding to Jesus Christ’s universal call to holiness. We all know individuals who say things like: “Oh, I stopped going to Church because of the Church’s teaching on divorce”, or “I could never be Catholic because of the Church’s teaching on abortion or on homosexuality”. The Holy Father is asking them to put aside these obstacles and to welcome Christ, without any excuse, into their lives. Once they come to understand the immeasurable love of Christ, alive for us in the Church, they will be able to resolve whatever has been troubling them about the Church, His Mystical Body, and her teaching."

The teachings of Jesus Christ on the moral issues are NOT "obstacles". How can they disregard them (for even an instant) and expect to "understand the immeasurable love of Jesus" when by their disregard for the so-called "obstacles", they BLOCK the love of Jesus? At best, such love is reduced to a horribly mutated caricature of authentic charity. There is no mercy without repentance. The repentance must come first, for it is mortal sin that blocks sanctifying grace (and the love of God) in the life of anybody.

Further down in the letter he does point out that Our Lord began His public life with the words, "Repent and believe the Gospel".  So the "obstacles" are to be dealt with, not "set aside".  Repentance must precede any experience of God's love; else, any other "experience" is a cheap counterfeit at best and diabolical deception at worst.  In fact, the call to face one's sin and to repent of it IS an essential part of receiving God's love.

Sadly that message isn't coming through, and people are literally dying to receive it.  The fact that Cardinal Burke is putting forth this "damage control" letter is stark evidence of communications issues that didn't exist with the previous two popes.  I pray these are corrected quickly.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

An Open Letter To The Milwaukee Archbishop Regarding The Parish From Hell Under His Watch

Here's some more info on Good Shepherd "Parish from Hell" Catholic Church.  It is in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, WI.   Last week this diocese filed for Chapter 11 in an attempt to remedy their financial situation brought on (in large part) by their settlement payments to victims of sex abuse by clergy - Milwaukee clergy, to be precise.  Now hold that thought while we shift focus back to our "parish from hell".

The video from yesterday intimated that there were seventy (70) "ministries".  From their parish website, we see their list of "human concerns ministries".  Please notice the "Gay and Straight in Christ" thing.  They want to "affirm" the gays.  Nowhere do we see that they want to help them leave their perverted and sinful lifestyles.  The latter would be true ministry.  Instead what is happening is that this so-called ministry is accelerating the homosexual Catholics' descent into hell by lulling them into false comfort.  On another note, I fail to detect a pro-life group here.

Minor point!  Only ordained engage in ministry. The service proffered by a lay person is properly called an "apostolate".  Maybe that point is not so minor, as the obfuscation of language may be a deliberated part of blurring the lines between lay and clergy.

Now let's weave some points together.  This archdiocese is paying through the nose because of their out-of-control gay clergy.  Yes, gay!  Over 90% of the victims of Catholic clergy sex abuse are post-pubescent boys.  That means their predators were gay - there ain't no getting around that with politically correct spin.  Is it not reasonable to surmise that these gay priests were emboldened, at least in part, by the so-called "gay ministries" within the parishes, such as that in our Parish from Hell?  The message being communicated is "gay is okay!" so why wouldn't they believe it just hunky-dorry to "affirm their gay-ness" with an attractive young fellow?  The archdiocese greased the skids to their own financial ruin with their gay-acceptance - and they continue to grease the skids to their eternal doom if they don't repent and change course pronto.

Now I post below an open letter to Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki, prelate of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.  It is below the jump break.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Personal Immorality Causes Political Ignorance

That is a main theme of today's Vortex; it's shown at the 2:00 mark.  Voris is right.  There is a high correlation between those who are in rebellion against God and His moral teachings and those who are utterly clueless about our society at large - that is, outside the realm of sports, entertainment and creature comforts.  They may not be able to tell you who their two Senators are, but they can tell you (with great enthusiasm) which musician is hooking up with which entertainment personality, etc.  The reason for this is simple; spiritual and moral laxity will bring with it mental flabbiness in just about every other aspect of life.  For many, physical flabbiness and laziness also comes with the package.

This spiritual and intellectual malady is sadly found among those who call themselves members of the Tea Party.  In the Tea Party rallies that I've attended, scant lip-service was paid to God.  The rest of the time was devoted to protesting governmental encroachment upon our lives: a rather short-sighted focus.  In the most recent issue of the Defend Life newsletter appears an article (written by Yours Truly) that deals with this issue as it pertains to the Tea Party; I link to it now and suggest that you read it (scroll to page 17) rather than try to rehash it here.

I've even seen this sickness within the Manhattan Declaration.  In that supposedly seminal document that ostensibly treated all the moral failings of this nation, not one peep was uttered about the pandemonium caused by contraception.  In fact, a word search on that document found not one mention of the word "contraception".  That glaring omission had "conflict of interest" screaming all over it.  Either the authors were themselves dallying with contraception or were too cowardly to confront it among their family and friends.  In any event, the authors and many who signed it literally danced around that elephant in the living room.  And of course, Michael Voris interviewed young attendees at the March for Life and found many of them approving of contraception and "gay marriage".

Now the video...

From The "Parish From Hell" Department - Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Menomonee Falls, WI

It may be difficult to believe that this is NOT a spoof!  Why this parish isn't placed under interdict is beyond me.

UPDATE (as of 2/23/14)!  Since this post was originally posted, it seems that someone "privatized" the video.  Odd!  How are they going to attract all the new visitors if their advertisement cannot reach its (originally) intended target group?  But not to worry!  It was such a masterpiece that some enterprising soul archived it, so now here's the new link!  Yes!  The archbishop can still watch it!

UPDATE (as of 2/25/14)!  Pursuant to a Facebook discussion between Deacon Sites and Pat Archibald - in which the deacon did acknowledge error in the video, Pat took his video down.  Is the deacon merely engaged in damage control?  We'll keep an eye on this.  If so, I'll put my own video up.

Faithful Priest Safeguards Last Rites From Sacrilegious Reception

Yesterday at Medstar Washington Hospital Center in Washington DC, a Catholic chaplain was in the process of administering Last Rites to a heart-attack patient when the patient announced that he is gay.  The chaplain, Father Brian Coelho halted the rites.

The patient, Ronald Plishka, became incensed and cursed at the priest.  Of course the hospital staff had a snit because Father Coelho did not "adhere to our values".  One has to read further down the story to understand that the priest adhered to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The Last Rites has as an integral part the Sacrament of Confession.  Plishka did divulge his homosexuality and his struggle with it.  However, he did say about being gay that "you can't be somebody you're not; otherwise you'll end up 63 and alone."  In other words, he was justifying his ongoing commission of mortal sin.  Without the requisite repentance and resolve to forswear that sin, Plishka disqualified himself from receiving the Last Rites.  Owing to his own disposition, the Last Rites would have had no benefit for him and he would have been committing sacrilege to receive them in his state of mind.  The Catholic Encyclopedia has a thorough discussion on the Last Rites.

Medstar Washington, the Post, the Blade, etc apparently don't believe in the efficacy of Last Rites.  If that is the case, why are they so upset that Plishka didn't receive them?  A cynic might think that these entities just wanted to get a Roman Catholic priest to abandon Jesus Christ and bow to the idol of political correctness, but that couldn't be the case for these bastions of tolerance now, could it?  Could it?  Well call me a cynic.  More importantly, call Father Coelho a priest faithful to Jesus Christ.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pink Money

It doesn't take much thought to realize that the gay agenda has advanced because some individuals with loads of money are bankrolling them.  Michael Voris sheds some light on the matter.  In this video he mentions some links to resources; here they are.  Now the video.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Centering Prayer In The Archdiocese Of Washington

In the January 2014 issue of Our Parish Times appeared the article to the left.  St. Elizabeth Church in Rockville, MD  is touting its "centering prayer" program.  I believe the term "centering prayer" is an oxymoron.  In reality, it's new-age spiritual poison, having roots in Hinduism.  Notice this sentence in the article: "Meditation in centering prayer is done with a much more conscious effort at letting go of our control over our thoughts..".  This is absolutely dangerous, for it leaves the human mind open to all sorts of influences, including those of diabolic origin.

Catholic Culture puts forth an excellent treatment of this practice, detailing its roots in eastern cults and its de facto idolization of man in opposition to God.

As you read this article, it becomes clear that the author is woefully ignorant of the spiritual dangers of "centering prayer".  At least I hope it's just a case of mere ignorance, as opposed to flat out defiance of the Magisterium.  I do find myself bemused that this article would see the light of day.  The publishers of Our Parish Times have in the past been involved in "rescues" at local abortion mills; how they could be so blithely allow this to be published is beyond me.

I've seen this "centering prayer" in the bulletins of other parishes, as well but can't recall which ones.  As I learn of these I will post.  Concerned Catholics are urged to alert their pastors to this menace.  Please keep this blog posted as well, and advise us if your concerns fall on deaf ears.

Operation Rescue Obtains 911 Recordings Of Carhart Botch-Job At GRHS

Last November, abortionist Leroy Carhart and team caused another woman to be rushed to the hospital.  Operation Rescue filed a "Maryland Public Information Act" request to obtain a copy of the 911 call.  Just a few days ago, a heavily redacted version of the recording was received by Operation Rescue.  

It is common procedure to redact any information regarding identities of persons involved.  However, the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Department redacted much more; this over-zealous editing has the paw prints of the pro-abortion folks in high offices in the Maryland government.  Still, as the Operation Rescue article points out, the indications are that the woman taken to hospital in November was suffering from hemorrhaging.

This woman was not the first to suffer a botched abortion at Leroy Carhart's hands; chances are that she won't be the last.  To our knowledge she still lives.  I pray that she repents and receives God's forgiveness. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Catholic Standard Waxes Lyrical About Pro-Abortion Personality In An ADW Catholic School

Former general Colin Powell announced at the 1996 Republican National Convention that he "believes in a woman's right to choose".  In other words, he pro-baby-murder.  That's common knowledge.

Given the above, I have two questions:
  1. Why was this openly pro-abortion person invited to give a talk to students of Don Bosco Christo Rey High School in Takoma Park?
  2. Why did the Catholic Standard, the official publication for the Archdiocese of Washington, enthuse and slobber all over this episode as those this was just the most "wunnerfullest" thing to happen at that school?
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sure that the topic of abortion was not broached once during that appearance at the school.  However, the fact that he was invited to that school lends his pro-abortion beliefs a credibility that they simply don't deserve.  That point is NOT lost on anyone.  The students were the ones who suffered the greatest disservice as they were provided scandalous example.  The Standard article simply exacerbated the problem by painting this episode as something positive.  Small wonder, therefore, that the bishops aren't taken seriously by the progressives in Washington as they lobby against abortion and the HHS mandate.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fashion Wars - Metalhead Priest Versus Latin Mass

Father Cesar Scicchitano, a priest of Buenos Aires, claims to be a close friend of Pope Francis.  I suppose this is quite possible since the Holy Father hails from Buenos Aires.  He's also the front man for a heavy metal band called "Sinners".  He claims that the Holy Father urged him "to keep rocking and reinforce his message from onstage".  He also claims that the former Cardinal Bergoglio asked him to perform at many of his masses.

A very telling quote from Father Sccichitano is "I'm a musician who happens to be a priest".  Doesn't that tell you just where this man's priorities are?  They are precisely ass-backwards.  He also wrote that "faith without music is boring."  Ladies and gentlemen, faith is a theological virtue; faith does not need music or other such trapping to be efficacious to our salvation.  If Father thinks "faith is boring", perhaps he's confusing something else for authentic faith.

Now hold that thought as we address a strange statement uttered by Pope Francis regarding the Latin Mass and those who love it.  From Rorate Caeli we read that Pope Francis "cannot understand the younger generation wishing to return to it (Latin Mass)".  He holds the desire for the Latin Mass to be a kind of fashion requiring "patience".

So on one hand there is an Argentinian priest who, after masses and baptisms, puts his leather jacket over his cassock (and dons sneakers and "funky glasses") and performs heavy metal trash, causing eardrums to bleed everywhere.  That is a "fashion statement" from which sane people run, shrieking in horror.  On the other hand we have the Latin Mass, a liturgy that has produced thousands of saints and featuring truly beautiful and uplifting music to boot.  Guess which one is truly beneficial towards eternal salvation and the glory to God?  By way of example, I post below some Gregorian chant, not to be found in the repertoire of "Sinners".

More On Ruse's Lapse Of Judgment

Yesterday's post was not the first occasion in which I commented on a bone-headed position assumed by Austin Ruse.  In June 2013 Father Marcel Guarnizo wrote a piece that took issue with another lapse of judgment on the part of Ruse.  On that occasion Ruse took issue with the pro-life community in Ireland, and again he shilled for imagined political expediency over true Catholic pro-life principles.  I need not rehash my earlier writing; rather, I suggest you read that earlier post and the associated linked articles.

My friend and colleague at Les Femmes penned a piece similar to mine from yesterday.  However, she herself is a Virginian and brings to bear some important facts.  It appears that this push for contraceptives is not the first time that Barbara Comstock has run afoul of moral principles.  Again, I'm not going to rehash already-written material.  Please go to Mary Ann's post and read it.

From what she wrote, I gather that there is a more principled candidate running for US Congress in VA's 10th congressional district - Bob Marshall.  Mary Ann endorses him and I defer to her opinion.  Why Ruse endorses Comstock over Marshall escapes me.  Well, maybe not.  I fear that Ruse has made an idol out of political expediency, or simply wants to get in good with the RINO establishment.  Whatever the reason, that's two significant errors of judgment on Ruse's part.

From The "Et Tu Brute?" Department - Austin Ruse Shills For Dissenting Catholic Politician

Barbara Comstock, a Catholic Virginian who is running for US Congress, is asking the Obama administration to make oral contraceptives available over the counter for women over eighteen.  She is a GOP insider who has the backing of Rick Santorum, Mark Levin and other leading figures.  Why she feels it necessary to cheer Obama's contraceptive mentality is beyond me.  She has garnered well-deserved criticism of LifeSiteNews and other pro-life organizations.

Austin Ruse, president of C-Fam, wrote an article in Crisis magazine entitled "Is Contraception the Hill We Want to Die On?"  He defends Ms. Comstock's formal and material cooperation with the mortal sin of birth control.  Let's take a look at what Comstock did.  In joining that push for contraception, she is actually engaged in an act that is inherently sinful.  I cannot judge her condemned for I know not her degree of culpability; by the same token I cannot assume her excused either.  I am surprised and disappointed that Ruse did not address that facet of the issue, for that one, among all other considerations, deals with the eternal (as opposed to political) consequences of Comstock's foolishness.

The title of the article is Ruse's attempt to take LifeSiteNews and other like-minded people (such as this author) to task for "charging up contraception hill".  In reality, it is Comstock who made that foolish foray up that hill.  We're simply choosing not to look the other way.

Ruse does make some good observations.  He notes, all too accurately, that Catholic homilies on these matters are few and far between.  He also notes that the USCCB has taken no public action regarding contraceptives per se - much to their shame.  Other than these, I cannot but believe that Ruse has done the Teaching Magisterium of the Church a gross disservice.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Feast Of St Valentine - Profaned By Planned Parenthood

St. Valentine was a third-century priest who actively assisted Christian martyrs.  He was eventually apprehended by emperor Claudius II.  Attempts were made, by torture, to induce him to renounce his faith.  These attempts were unsuccessful and he was beheaded.

Today this feast is commonly known as "Valentine's Day", with the "Saint" prefix being omitted.  That word is crucial to understanding that this saint died a martyr because he lived for Jesus Christ, as we all must.  Such was the case when I was growing up.  It had been reduced to a day celebrating romantic love, with heart-shaped cards and chocolates.  We thought that was profane as it was.

But then Planned Parenthood came along and lowered it a notch or two.  No doubt they sense that a lot of romantic fervor will bubble over on this day, leading to lots of blood money flowing into their coffers within the next few months.

Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood, is ready with her message of death.

Never mind that, as Planned Parenthood's CEO, her bank account will be inflated by the murders of the babies brought to the Planned Parenthood Slaughter Houses.

But Planned Parenthood is also into contraceptives.  What better way to bolster that department than the use of this piece of crap tasteful advertisement?

What?  Did you think there might be a ring or other jewelry in that box?  Silly you!  Why, doesn't the above ad depict every woman's dream?  Or maybe nightmare?  By the way, my fellow Maryland citizens!  Look closely at the ad!  This is the brain-fart inspiration of Planned Parenthood of Maryland!  Doesn't that do us all proud?

And to think they're getting millions of our tax dollars - to put out trash like that and to murder babies.  We can stop this by voting wisely this November and in 2016.  And no, sitting out this election is not a wise move, but that will be its own future blog post.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

"Guess How Many Genders" Revisited

Almost three years ago I wrote a post in which I expressed disgust that some dopey commission determined that there were twenty-three (23) genders.  I ended the post by predicting that some other cockamamie organization might cough up new "genders".  When I'm correct, I am correct with a bang!

Now it seems that there are fifty (50!) of these "genders"!  At least there are, according to Facebook!  When one signs up for a Facebook account, that little gender drop-down box doesn't indicate merely "male" or "female".  One can select among the fifty suggested offerings. For good measure, an applicant can dream up another; yes, Facebook allows for that - all in the name of "diversity" of course!  Heaven only knows the precise definitions of these "genders", and how these politically-correct and common-sense-challenged individuals differentiate among them.

Probably in a year or two, the Facebook list will be obsolete.  And they'll happily keep adding to the list - and confusion - no doubt.

Marylanders! We Need To Defeat SB 212!

Maryland Senate Bill 212, the so-called "Fairness for All Marylanders Act of 2014", is nothing more than a bill to advance the gay and transgender life styles.  In uber-liberal Montgomery County, a similar measure passed (but not without valiant opposition).  The rest of the state doesn't reek quite as badly of progressivism so there might be hope of killing this thing.

It is now before the Judicial Proceedings Committee.  I understand that they were slated to vote on it tomorrow; I don't know if the weather will cause postponement of that vote.  Please call each and every person on that committee and tell them to oppose it.  Let's kill it before it goes to the floor.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Obama Says He Can Do Whatever He Wants

He made that quip at Monticello two days ago, while showing the sights to France's president Hollande.  Before we get all outraged about this arrogance, we might be able to see his point.  He has no real opposition in Congress.  Any illusions to the contrary have been soundly obliterated these past few days as a result of the debt ceiling vote.  Let's face it; the RINO leadership, starting with John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, showed themselves to be spineless, sniveling wimps.

This past Tuesday, Boehner allowed the debt ceiling vote to proceed in the House.  He attached no requirements for spending cuts whatsoever.  Moreover, he joined in the vote for the passage of that reckless measure.  Typically the Speaker of the House does not cast a vote - but he did, to ensure its passage.  The measure passed, with 28 Republicans voting for it.  Here is the list of the GOP who voted for it.  I am most disappointed that Chris Smith of New Jersey saw fit to lower himself on Tuesday.

It then went to the Senate.  Ted Cruz attempted a filibuster, but Mitch McConnell cut Cruz off at the knees.  He then went on to vote against it: as though that duplicity will go unnoticed.

So now we understand that Obama's quip, while arrogant, is not without basis.  As long as the RINO establishment is allowed to reign, there will be no true "checks and balances" as was envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Systemic Ills Of Catholic Hospitals

On Tuesday I put up a post detailing why the bishops' suit against the HHS mandate is compromised by their own checquered history when it comes to holding Catholic hospitals to Catholic standards.  I mentioned that Michael Voris would be going into great detail on his Wednesday Mic'd Up program.  He did.  As guests, he featured Judie Brown of American Life League and Dr. Sandra Happeny of  The youtube archive has been released for your viewing.

On Christianity, Socialism And Communism

On February 5, Father Marcel Guarnizo's article, On Christianity, Socialism and Communism was published by Hot Air.  If you haven't read it yet, please do so asap.  He refutes the errors of socialism and communism, with detailed and rigorous use of Christian teachings on human nature, inherent rights of man and economics.  He echoes what all the modern popes, from Pius IX onwards, have said in their various encyclicals regarding these evils.

Since then, Father has done two internet-radio interviews:
  1. The Ed Morrissey Show on Feb 7
  2. Forward Boldly with Christine Le Niles on February 8
I strongly suggest that you listen to them both.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have mid-term elections coming up this November.  In Maryland, we will be electing every office from the governor on down.  The matters broached by Father Guarnizo must be considered and understood by us all, and by all those whom we know.  We know our chanceries won't touch on these matters; certainly the DC chancery will do all it can to ignore this - if not oppose it outright.  Please share this post, blog it yourselves, use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, websites, email, etc.  Whatever the means, please spread this far and wide.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

More On Duck Blurb In My Parish Bulletin

Yesterday I took issue with a blurb in my parish bulletin regarding Ruth Duck.  In looking into Duck's biography, I found this on the GIA website.  Have both of them open at the same time.  The language is identical.  Whoever put the bulletin blurb in my parish bulletin just lifted it from GIA.

On one level I am pleased that such nonsense was not originated from someone in my parish.  It's still distressing on another level since it implies agreement with the ideas behind the language.  As I mentioned yesterday, my singing voice (such as it is) will be ready.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Father Marcel Guarnizo On The Ed Morrissey Show

Today on the Ed Morrissey Show, Father Marcel Guarnizo discussed his recent article regarding socialism, communism and Christianity.  He made clear that three types of freedoms are inherently intertwined: cultural, political and economic.  We cannot have one of these be trampled and expect the others to remain intact.  Here is the link to the video.

As a supplement to understanding these matters as they're unfolding before our eyes, I recommend the following book.  It's called "The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes Of Political Madness", written by Lyle H. Rossitter, Jr, MD.  I recommend it particularly so that we might understand why socialism has such seductive sway over so many, as Father Guarnizo noticed.  It's not an easy read, but well worth the time investment.

Father Guarnizo will be interviewed tomorrow night, 10:00pm est, by Christine Le Niles on her Forward Boldly blog-talk radio show.  Here is the link:

Saint John Neumann Bulletin Praises Feminist Song-Writer

In its bulletin for this coming weekend, St John Nuemann Catholic Church has a rather laudatory blurb about Ruth Duck (scroll to page 4 of this link and look in the right-hand column).  Two years ago I posted my own blurb about her; let's just say it helped reveal her true progressive colors.

Let's unpack this bulletin blurb, shall we?  We read  "The issue of language that is fair and just is still a crucial
concern for those who worship in the vernacular."  Doesn't it make you wonder what the writer considers "fair and just" and what they consider its opposite to be?  If you read my link, you can see all the new-age tinged language with which Duck insults God.

Then we read "people passionately are committed to developing a language whose style and tone is as reverent as it is relevant. One of the leaders in this movement is Ruth Duck."  Well, no one can doubt that Duck is "passionately committed to developing a language."  Again, you can see what kind of language she's "developing" in my earlier blog post.  And now, it is NOT reverent!

I would say this woman veers close to heresy, but she isn't Catholic.  That's all the more reason why she is completely unqualified to tinker with the language and worship of Catholics.  I for one will not let that happen.  If As A Fire Is Meant For Burning is sung this weekend, I will substitute the lyrics, "We will preach our creeds and customs, for immortal souls we care" in place of the indifferentism-spawned slop that is embedded in that song.  I invite my fellow parishioners to do the same.

UPDATE!  I just heard from a good source that the above-mentioned Ode to Indifferentism is indeed in this weekend's repertoire!  Who will sing my improved lyrics??

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Why Some German Bishops Are Getting So, Uh, Pastoral, Shall We Say

"For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs."  (1 Timothy 6:10)

Can it truly be, though, that these German bishops would go so far as to try to distort the teachings of Jesus Christ Himself?  Of course!  And the problem certainly is not limited to Germany.  It festers even now within US chanceries.  For example, we need look no further than the DC bishops who fawn all over the CINO heavy-hitters who wield political and financial clout.  What are they doing - especially in regard to Canon 915?

Here is the link to the Not-At-All Catholic Reporter article that Voris mentioned.

The Feeling Zone

On Christianity, Socialism and Communism

Father Marcel Guarnizo today released an article entitled "On Christianity, Socialism and Communism",   detailing why socialism is poisonous both spiritually and materially, and why Christians should never allow themselves to be seduced by it.  It's a well-done piece; please read it and pass it along.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

United Nations' Attempt To Bully The Holy See

Two months ago I blogged about Ken Hackett being appointed by Obama as Ambassador to the Vatican - and the subsequent move of the American Embassy out of Vatican City into Rome.  Please re-read these posts and then put them on the back burner.  Some context is needed.

Last week the United Nations' so-called "Committee on the Rights of the Child" issued "Concluding Observations on the Second Periodic Report on the Holy See".   It's both a blatant assault on the autonomy of a sovereign state and shameless bigotry against the Roman Catholic Church.  Read Section IV, paragraphs 12 and 14 for starters.  This Committee might as well be asking the Holy See to become a complete subject of this "committee" (doesn't that have a Soviet-esque stench to it?)

But of course it worsens.  Read paragraph 26, where the Holy See is being asked to work to decriminalize homosexual behavior.  Going on to paragraph 55, this committee "urges" the Church to approve of the child-murder known as abortion.  Gee whiz!  I thought this thing was all about protecting children, not allowing for their full-scale slaughter!  The following two paragraphs could easily have been written by Planned Parenthood, for all their shilling for contraceptives; perhaps they were!

The Holy See is speaking out against the UN's unwarranted meddling.  See this LifesiteNews article.  I must say that I find Archbishop Tomasi's statement to be diffident.  He replied, "The Holy See, cannot certainly give up certain teachings that are part of their deep convictions and also an expression of freedom of religion. These are the values that in the tradition of the Catholic Church sustain the common good of society and therefore cannot be renounced.”  He should have added why they are the Church's teachings.  The are so because they are the teaching of Jesus Christ, Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.  Like God Himself, His teachings are immutable.

Consider this situation with what I mentioned in the beginning of this post.  I see a pattern here.  There is clearly an attempt to isolate, marginalize and attack the Catholic Church on all fronts - including the international.  This attack is showing itself to be well-coordinated.

I link now to C-Fam's Declaration in Support of the Holy See at the United Nations.  Not only Catholics but all of good will should sign.  If nothing else, it will demonstrate that we are at least watching and aware.  The real long-term solution would be to scrap the entire UN (Useless Nincompoops) is it has shown itself to be a vehicle for all sorts of progressive plots.  But let's at least stand with the Vatican for now.

The Coke Commercial's REAL Moral Poison

We've all seen the murder mysteries, where some person is deliberately poisoned by another.  Sometimes the poisoning process is immediate and sometimes the plan is carried out over time.  The poison is often disguised, such as being mixed in with food.  Now that food may be healthy and beneficial on its own, but because of what it bears and disguises, the food itself is a medium of death.  That is an apt analogy for the Coke commercial that has occasioned much debate over the past few days.  Please watch it and then read my comments below that for what they're worth.  They are below the jump break so

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Why The Bishops' Suit Regarding HHS Mandate Is Weak

Michael Voris is spot on in this Vortex - and I'll take it a step further.  Not only do they refuse to defend and promulgate Church teaching regarding matters sexual, but some of them punish the priests who have the temerity to act like - priests of Jesus Christ.  Just put the name "Father Guarnizo" or "Father Rodriguez" in the search box for an eye full.

After you watch the video, I'll have additional remarks below that.

In the beginning of that clip, Voris made mention of the Archdiocese of Detroit knowing that the Catholic hospitals within its bounds were blatantly violating Church teaching regarding dispensing of abortifacients.  I regret to point out that the Archdiocese of Washington is no better.  I link now to a letter that I wrote to Cardinal McCarrick almost ten years ago.  This is the letter that was the unofficial launching point for my earlier website and eventually this blog.  It is a compilation of various outrages that occurred with the Archdiocese's knowledge and even instigation.

Pay close attention to the tenth item.  Georgetown University was engaging in embryonic stem cell research with approval of Cardinal McCarrick.  The letter speaks for itself.

I think it is fair to opine that the Obama administration doesn't take the US bishops seriously because the bishops don't take seriously their own call to proclaim the truth boldly.  For once I don't blame the Obamanistas.

Obamacare Exploits Helpless Animals In Shameless Production

Apparently the Richard Simmons wiggling-and-spasm tactic did not produce the desired results for the pimps promoters of Obamacare.  So the college chums of Michelle highly-trained marketing professionals have gone back to the drawing board.  Now they have produced yet another marketing masterpiece (our tax dollars at work).  Oh, yippee!!

Do we sense some desperation here on the part of these lackeys for the Messiah Most Miserable?  Now another burning question must be answered: where was PETA when all these poor animals were being forced to degrade themselves in this nursery-school-mentality flick?

Wanna bet the website is still not up to snuff?  Not to worry - I don't think it'll be crashing due to overload.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Join The #Cookiecott

The Girl Scouts are NOT the helpful organization that they were several decades ago.  At that time they began espousing and promoting feminist and progressive causes, going so far as to officially approve of child-slaughter.  Recently they held Wendy Davis and Kathleen Sebelius as honorable for their "accomplishments".  Read this flyer from to learn more of the poison that they pour into the mind of young girls in their charge.  (Note: The flyer won't open if you're using the Chrome browser; use Explorer or Firefox instead.)

Soon little Girl Scouts will be selling their cookies outside of grocery stores, etc.  While it will be difficult to pass them by, realize that the bulk of the proceeds will go the national office so that they can promote more brain rot with which to corrupt their minds and morals.  I never appreciated that these sales occurred during Lent, but I digress.

Many pro-life groups are calling for a boycott of the Girl Scouts, owing to the danger that they now pose for young girls.  Please see for more details.  In tweets and reposts, use hashtag #cookiecott.

Solid Truth Or Shallow Feelings? Difference Between Life And Death!

When I posted the Vortex videos last week detailing serious problems with the formation of Catholic pro-life youth, a friend bemoaned that Michael Voris "killed the buzz" of the March for Life.  Now that I think about it, I realize that he probably did "kill the buzz".  THANK THE GOOD LORD THAT HE DID!  Our young people need solid, complete, objective truth - not this giddy joy-pop "buzz"!  No one does!

Today's Vortex delves into our need to be formed in solid truth rather than trite, squishy "highs" and "feelings".

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Vile Orgy! Thy Name Is Superbowl!

I wish that were mere hyperbole, but it isn't.  In my post on Jan 30th (last Thursday) I embedded a rather lengthy video.  One of the points mentioned (almost in passing) is that many - if not most - Americans (and probably others in the western world) are more in tune with sports and celebrity gossip than they are with current issues dealing with morals and public policy.  I've seen it myself in folks with whom I deal.  Simply put, this is an abysmal disgrace and is most likely sinful.  It certainly is a sin of neglect for those of us living in democracies and republics where we can influence - via our votes - the directions of our respective nations.  We will at the end of our lives, have to give a strict account to Our Lord for how we discharged our civic responsibilities.  That's correct; voting isn't merely a right but a solemn duty.  We must be awake and sober, 24/7/365, no respite.  Consider:
  • "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." Thomas Jefferson
  • "From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded.." Luke 12:48
Today, at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey, much of this wisdom will be jettisoned.  "But it's only innocent fun", you'll say.  Is it?  Consider now that tickets are going for thousands of dollars each.  Of course for fans coming from out of town, there will be additional travel and lodging expenses.  There will be "entertainment" aplenty.  I speak not only of the drunken behavior that is so typical, but there will be much sexual immorality.  Much of that immorality will be at the expense of young girls (and boys) who have been roped into the sex trade and are quite literally being sold as sex slaves.  Yes, the Superbowl makes sex trafficking all the more prosperous for pimps and other unscrupulous vermin.  To further fuel the fire, Robin Thicke and Jay-Z will be among the "entertainers".  Both have made names for themselves with their songs (?) glorifying rape.  During the half-time show, a gay-wedding farce will be thrust in the faces of the game attendees.  I'd imagine many of them will be too drunk to recognize what's going on - and the rest simply won't give a rip!

Karl Marx once said that "religion is the opiate of the masses."  Well, Marx got that wrong (among many other thngs).  In America today, the opiates are sports, celebrity ogling, entertainment, creature comforts.  And there will be some overdosing on these opiates not only in New Jersey, but in any home where people are prostrating themselves before those Electronic Deities known as "televisions" and allowing the Superbowl proceeds to spew forth into their sponge-like brains.  I link now to an excellent article about the slop that is occurring as I type this.

Turn the TV off.  Pray a little extra on this Lord's Day.  Heaven knows we all need it.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Pope And Notre Dame - Does He Know??

My friend at Les Femmes and I have similar questions such as the one voiced by Michael Voris.  Just how much does Pope Francis know regarding the sorry state of affairs at Notre Dame University?  In regards to his remarks about Cardinal Wuerl "whispering sweet nothings" into the Holy Father's ear, well, it wouldn't be the first time a DC bishop muddied communications between the Holy See and affairs in the United States.

How all this pans out will be told in two things:
  1. If Notre Dame recants all its errors and returns to the faith.
  2. If not, what will the Holy Father do in the wake of continued disobedience and scandal?