Sunday, January 31, 2016

St. Ignatius Of Baltimore - EGG On Its Face, Mortal Sin To Its Charge

Two months ago I wrote of St. Matthew's Church on Loch Raven Boulevard in Baltimore.  It is infested with those promoting the mortal sin of homosexual perversion - and that includes the pastor!  When I wrote that piece, I indicated that I'd write of another sin-swamp parish and now I'll do so.

This den of iniquity is called St. Ignatius Catholic Community.  It's on Calvert Street in the Mount Vernon area.  It touts itself as "the Jesuit Church of Baltimore".  I might say that would explain a lot of what I'll detail, but then what's the excuse for the malfeasances of St. Matthew's?

St. Ignatius also has a "gay ministry", that is, a group that will lull to sleep what remains of the consciences of homosexual Catholics so that they can commit mortal sin with their consciences effectively paralyzed.  Of course in committing these sins, they are greatly increasing their chances of incurring the pains of hell in the afterlife.  The pastor and other leaders of that parish, being answerable to God for the souls in their charge, will likely have hell to pay (literally) if they don't change course while they're still on this side of the grave.

You should have the St. Ignatius site open in its own window.  Let's now take a tour, shall we?   Go to the top menu and hover your mouse over "ministries".  Click on "community building".  A new page opens up and you'll see on the left something called "Embracing God's Gifts" (EGG).  This is St. Ignatius's "gay ministry".  How did they come to adopt this title "embracing God's gifts"?  I have a theory that I think is entirely plausible.  Recall the Extraordinary Synod on the Family that occurred in October 2014.  Readers of this blog will recall that an interim report was released by the Vatican; I'll link to it on the Vatican website.  I refer you to paragraph 50, where the pope seems to be condoning homosexual conduct.  (For those interested, here are some archives for review).   If anyone ever wanted prima facie evidence of the harm caused by the pope's ambiguity, here's a prime example.

Let's examne the EGG page.  There is a video where Gordon Creamer (director?).  He talks of celebrating "gifts and contribution of gay and lesbian members"; he's hearkening back to paragraph 50 of the sin-nod's interim report.  Notice the "mission statement" that rolls by in "star wars" format.  Notice how it acknowledges being informed by church teaching, as opposed to being formed by Church teaching?  That difference is quite telling.  Then of course we have the loaded language of "open-mindedness" and "compassion".  At 2:34 Creamer states that "at various meetings we often study the Church's..body of literature".  Did you notice that moment of hesitancy?  Was he catching himself before he uttered the word "teachings" as opposed to "body of literature"?  He goes right into a book called "Fortunate Families".  I believe it's this book; it was on the table in the video.  Here is the website to "Fortunate Families".  This organization seems to be comprised of parents who are capitulating to the mortal sins in which their children are embroiled.  What they display is not charity, but cowardice and dereliction of duty.

Looking further down, we see that they have their monthly meetings and "pride cookouts" and even a "pride prayer service".  From the bulletin we see that they actually meet in parish offices; the announcement can be found right above the yoga announcement.  I now point you to an article published by New Ways Ministry.  If it can be believed (and that might well be the case), then the Archdiocese of Baltimore knows of the state of affairs at St. Ignatius and is, at the very least, turning a blind eye to the spiritual wreckage occurring at that church.  Such appears to be the case at St. Matthew's.

Let's go back to that "ministries" menu and look at "social responsibilities".  There's lots of indications that St. Ignatius falls into lockstep with the progressive agenda being promulgated.  For instance, if we look at the "economic justice"page, all we see are calls to lobby various governmental bodies for income/wealth redistribution.  No where do I see any calls for the parishioners to contribute to this "economic justice" out of their own means.  Then there's the obligatory call for amnesty for illegal aliens and such.

Now guess what's missing from that page?  I knew it wouldn't take too long to guess!  Yes!  There's no mention whatsoever of the greatest social injustice of this day - the slaughter of unborn children under the guise of legalized abortion.  With all these "ministries", where's the pro-life ministry?  The lack of such an endeavor tells me that this parish, by and large, simply doesn't care about authentic social justice nor for the teachings of Jesus Christ Himself.  Correction - it's there but you have to scroll down a good bit to see it.

I'm going to point out a seemingly unrelated incident.  It's not really unrelated as I'll elaborate in a few minutes.  On Friday, a 23-year-old seminarian was taken into custody at a San Diego airport.  He allegedly was en route to Mexico to engage in sexual acts - with helpless infants.  Yes, he was a Catholic seminarian who was about to engage in acts of brutal perversion.  One might wonder how such individuals can be so corrupted, or how the seminary did not screen him during the application process.  But all we need do is consider the corrupt parish life of parishes such as St. Ignatius, St Matthews and other "gay-friendly" parishes throughout the country and we needn't wonder.  If our parishes and dioceses aren't purified of this corruption soon, we can expect to see more such scenarios.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Father Marcel Guarnizo On The Presidential Race

Father Marcel Guarnizo, about whom I've written in the past, recently published some thoughts regarding the presidential race this year.  We do need a president who will respect and uphold the US Constitution and not just give it lip service.  For the record, I will be voting for Cruz during Maryland's primaries in April.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Parents! Beware Of The Catholic Standard!

Remember this?  From last month?  The ad still appears; I'm speaking of the January 28th edition.  It's on page 15, bottom left.  What are these people thinking?  The Catholic Standard is ostensibly the official news outlet of the Archdiocese of Washington; it should exude the Faith from every square inch of the paper.  Instead, for the sake of advertising revenue, it takes on the stench of immorality.  I hope that's not what Pope Francis meant when he talked of taking on the "smell of the sheep".

Parents, my post title should be taken seriously.  Perhaps you might have thought that you wouldn't have to screen a Catholic publication for objectionable content before your children read it, as you might have to if something was bought at a convenience store.  Who could blame you?  After all, it is a church publication, right?  At one time, that assumption would have been sound, but thanks to the Catholic Standard, that is no longer the case.  If you let your seven-year-olds read it unsupervised, you might find yourselves being asked to define "e_____ d_______" and "love life" as they are named in the ad.

Here is the "contact" page for the Standard. Please voice your displeasure at this obvious carelessness regarding Catholic morality.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Post-Synodal Exhortation And Its Dismal Prospects

From Edward Pentin of the National Catholic Register, we read that the pope's post-synodal apostolic exhortation is due to be released sometime in March.  We are referring to the rather contentious synods on the family that occurred this past October and the year before that.

This exhortation has two big strikes against it, right from the get-go.  The first is its principal drafter, Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernandez, an Argentine friend of the pope's going way back.  He's quite a writer, apparently having heavy influence on Laudato Si and even Evangelii Gaudium.  He's also the author of a rather, uh, "interesting" tome called "Heal Me With Your Mouth; The Art Of Kissing".  So the fellow who wrote crap about "art of kissing" is supposedly putting together an apostolic exhortation about family life?  This promises to be a real hoot; at least it would be if it didn't have so much potential to lead countless souls astray.

According to one of Pentin's sources, who happens to be a moral theologian, there is much danger of the latter being the result of this "exhortation".  He believes that the text "calls into question the natural moral law".

We can only hope and pray that this exhortation isn't the disaster that it could very well be.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

From The Ecumenicide Department - Pope Francis To Celebrate Sinful Rebellion Against Holy Mother Church

On October 31 2016, the Pope will go to Lund Cathedral (Lutheran) in Switzerland and participate in a prayer service to commemorate (not mourn, but commemorate) the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's rebellion against Holy Mother Church.  Rorate Caeli informs us that this event will kick off an entire year of celebration of heresy - heresy that has led to the damnation of millions of souls.

Even now the pope is off to a roaring start.  At a prayer service yesterday at the Basilica of St Paul in Rome, he stated, "as bishop of Rome and pastor of the Catholic Church, I want to beg for mercy and forgiveness for un-Gospel-like behavior on the part of Catholics against Christians of other churches."  If he was talking about the reluctance of Catholics to proclaim the full truth of the Faith to Protestants and urge their return to Rome (does Tony Palmer come to mind?), that would be wonderful.  But past conduct indicates otherwise.

Then he asked for "forgiveness for the sin of our divisions".  But the division per se is not the problem; the divergence from the One True Church is.  Ladies and gentlemen, we cannot have "unity" without all being under the umbrella of Holy Mother Church, partaking of the Sacrament and adhering to Sacred Tradition.  Those who embrace Protestantism embrace falsehood.  As long as that exists, we need division for we cannot be united in a lie.

Doesn't it sound like the pope is emulating Obama's "apology tours"?  Again I doubt that he's apologizing for Catholics not telling them the truth of their heresy.  I suppose it is rather appropriate that this debacle will happen on Halloween.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Corrupt Texas Attornies Indict David Daleiden - Please Sign Petition

As many of you know, David Daleiden and his Center For Medical Progress have investigated various Planned Parenthood centers and have caught many of their doctors and other officials red-handed in admitting to the selling of the bodies of babies whom they murdered.  Outrage against Planned Parenthood has increased, inspiring Congress to take serious measures to defund Planned Parenthood.  Of course the Messiah Most Miserable has vetoed all defunding efforts.  Still, that these bills have made it all the way to the White House is an historic achievement.

Comes now the word that Harris County, Texas has indicted for trafficking of babies' bodies not Planned Parenthood but David Daleiden.  They are letting Planned Parenthood off scott-free; or at least that seems to be their intent.  I learned of this through receiving an alert from LifeSiteNews asking all readers to petition Harris County to drop the charges and investigate the real culprit.

When I first heard the news, my immediate reaction was to think that someone in that DA's office must have ties to Planned Parenthood.  My gut instinct was correct, and Operation Rescue has pinned down the nature of the association.  It turns out that Lauren Reeder, an Assistant District Attorney for Harris County, sits on the Board of Directors of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast.  This is an obvious and egregious conflict of interest.  They need an independent prosecutor to examine Planned Parenthood and Operation Rescue has called upon them for such an appointment.

Please sign the petition.  That the investigator is being charged with Planned Parenthood's crime is an absolute farce and gross miscarriage of justice.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Pope Francis' Latest Liturgical Insult - Condemned By Vortex

Last week the pope decreed that women be admitted to the number of those who have their feet washed during Holy Thursday services.  As I stated in my post last week, the fact that he is issuing a decree that now allows this to happen stands as proof that before this decree, the washing of women's feet was forbidden.  In the past, the pope has broken canon law himself.  In fact, during one such service he washed the feet of a "transexual woman" - well, ok, it really was a man but you see the potential for scandal when Church law is disobeyed.

Several years ago, when Benedict XVI was still the reigning pope, Michael Voris put out an excellent Vortex that detailed why the Church had restricted the foot-washing to men.  Since the current pontiff was elected, Voris has adopted a policy never to criticize the doings and sayings of the pope.  However, he already did so, without realizing at the time what was to come.  But the truths he stated in his video are as relevant now as they were then.

I post the video now.  If it "disappears" please advise via comments - for once something is on the internet, it never ever really disappears.

Friday, January 22, 2016

To End Abortion, We Must Eradicate Contraception

From we have an excellent program today detailing how contraception and abortion are inextricably intertwined.  In the first few minutes, they briefly skim over the history of contraception just prior to that dismal 1930 Lambeth Conference.  For a more in depth treatise of contraception and eugenics in the United States, I'd suggest watching Maafa 21.  I'll post that video below the Church Militant one.

Around the 14:00 mark, Christine Niles states what should be an obvious point: that without contraception there would be no abortion, yet pro-lifers won't discuss it.  Indeed, many pro-lifers actually support contraception, a completely nonsensical stance.  The usage of contraception stems from the same anti-life mentality as does abortion.  My blogging colleague at Les Femmes asks why we don't march on June 7, the anniversary of the Griswold v Connecticut ruling that unleashed contraception on America.  That's a good question.  We should also ask why the bishops will not allow their priests to preach on its evils.

Carhart Botches His Sixth Abortion In Germantown

On December 18th, when I reported on Carhart's fifth screw-up, I predicted that it wouldn't be his last.  How could I have realized my prediction would come true so soon?  He did it yet again on January 19th.  Operation Rescue has a report with video.

So that's six - of which we know.  As Cheryl Sullenger says, it's not a matter of "if" he'll botch another; it's a question of "when".  Moreover, since he's already killed two women, odds are very high that he'll kill another.  Of course he's already murdering scores of babies as a matter of routine.

This abortion mill where the murder and mayhem occurs at Germantown Reproductive Health Services is located in Germantown Executive Park Terrace, off Wisteria Drive.  If any of my readers do business with any other occupant of this center, ask them what they are doing to drive this hell-hole from their vicinity.  They do bear some responsibility for tolerating these crimes in their office complex.

By Its Rotten Fruit You Shall Know It - God Of Surprises That Is

Events of the past three days, spawned in great part by the lead of Pope Francis as he invokes this "god of surprises", makes painfully obvious that this "god of surprises" that the pope invokes is nothing more than a filthy false idol.  As noted in a post two days ago, we saw how Lutherans received Holy Communion.  It is sacrilege for non-Catholics to receive Holy Communion; that priest knew full well what he was doing.  May God bring him to speedy repentance.  Even if the pope ordered him to offer Holy Communion to non-Catholics, he was bound by the sacrament that he received not to commit mortal sin.  On the heels of this sacrilege we have a new outrage.

The pope ordered Cardinal Robert Sarah, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, to issue a decree ordering that women be admitted to the washing of the feet during Holy Thursday liturgies.  Edward Pentin gives full details in the National Catholic Register, along with the full text of Cardinal Sarah's decree.  Note that in his decree, the Cardinal ascribes full responsibility for this foolishness to the pope; who can blame him?  Indeed, in his letter to Cardinal Sarah, the pope said he had "the intention of improving the way in which it is performed so that it might express more fully the meaning of Jesus' gesture in the Cenacle."  Yep!  For over two thousand years, the Church had no idea what it was doing when it restricted the rite to men.  In fact, Jesus Christ Himself had no idea what He was doing when He washed only the apostles' feet on Holy Thursday night.  It has always been the Church's teaching that this rite was reflective of the Sacrament of Holy Orders.  Is the "god of surprises" once again trying to get women admitted to that Sacrament?

The demon(s) that masquerade(s) as this "god of surprises" seem(s) to have in mind the complete deconstruction of the Sacred Tradition of the Roman Catholic Church.  Let's be clear - when we say "Sacred Tradition" we are talking about the revealed will of Jesus Christ as He has communicated it to His Church.  God's teaching and will do not change for God Himself cannot change.

I will note that there is one tiny piece of silver lining to this dark cloud that the pope just released.  In issuing the order stating that "from now on the pastors of the church may choose" women to participate, he is acknowledging that prior to the order, that women were not allowed to participate.  In other words, he is acknowledging his own disobedience to Canon law, as well as thousands of other progressive clergymen.  What, if anything, will be done to repent of so many sins of disobedience to the Church on those occasions?  Do we hear crickets?

I believe the order does specify that those chosen must be Catholics, although heaven only knows what he means by "people of God".  Will he add insult to injury by continuing to select non-Catholics for the foot-washing?  I suppose we should breathe a sigh of relief that he did not order priests to select women, although progressive bishops can now use this order to coerce their faithful priests into doing so.

When I first heard of this order, this poem came to mind: "Disobey!  Have your way!  Then one day, they'll say ok!"  The poem would be a perfect fit except that this papal order is not a reluctant concession, but one given in all enthusiasm.  It is right up his ally, as is apparent from his previous patterns of action and speech.

Let us pray that these abominations end soon, for they are wreaking havoc with the eternal destinies of many thousands, if not millions of souls.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

God Of Surprises Inspires Sacrilegious Holy Communion

Yesterday I wrote how the "god of surprises" about which the pope blathers is really a false idol.  Now it seems this filthy idol is deluding Vatican clergy - possibly the pope - into allowing non-Catholics to receive Holy Communion.  This happened today after Lutherans were granted a papal audience.  Courtesy of One Peter Five, we have a report from Sandro Magister about the abomination that occurred earlier.  Yesterday another blogging colleague, Tenth Crusade, put up this piece detailing how the pope hemmed and hawed when asked by a Lutheran if she could receive Holy Communion,  Instead of the pope telling her the truth, he in fact gave veiled permission for her to commit a sacrilege.  At the time Tenth Crusade put up that post, this latest travesty had not yet occurred.

I'll now link to a post that appears in AKA Catholic (formerly Harvesting the Fruit of Vatican II) by Randy Engel.  It was she who wrote the book "Rite Of Sodomy" that helped expose the homosexual cabal within the ranks of Catholic clergy.  The post is entitled "Pope Francis: The Divinization Of Change, And The New World Order".  I'd certainly call this "god of surprises" an attempt to make a false deity out of change.  Now consider the word "change".  Ladies and gentlemen, God does not change.  He is immutable.  Whatever He was, He now is and ever will be.  He is eternal.  Likewise His Word and His laws are eternal, as they reflect His eternal, immutable will.  If anyone prattles about a "god" that changes, rest assured that "god" is a false idol.

I also have no doubt that a "new world order" is a main goal of the progressives within the Vatican.  I'd venture a guess that was a motive in allowing Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament to suffer sacrilege.  Among other things, it's a fairly blatant attempt to devalue Holy Mother Church in the minds of Catholics so that she is no longer seen as the One True Church but just as one religion among many (including non-Christian religions).  This is why so many progressives favor the empowerment of the United Nations to the point of compromising and even eliminating the sovereignty of individual nations.  The "global warming / climate change" schtick is another gimmick to coerce individuals to follow one-world mandates from some UN demagogue(s).

I'll close this with a quote from Vatican I.  I pray that Pope Francis will remember that he is the Vicar of Christ and will never again allow Holy Communion to be received in a sacrilegious manner.

"The Holy Spirit was not promised to the successors of Peter so that, by his revelation, they might reveal new teaching, BUT so that, by his assistance, they might devoutly guard and faithfully set forth the revelation handed down through the Apostles, or in other words, the Deposit of the Faith." - Vatican Council I, Pastor Aeternus

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Real Idolatry Is Worship Of God Of Surprises

In his homily yesterday, the pope lobbed another insult at faithful Catholics who adhere to Sacred Tradition.  As we all (should) know, Sacred Tradition is not just "the way things were done"; rather, it is God's revealed teaching to the Church.  It is His Word.  Sacred Tradition does not change because God, its Author, is immutable.  Here is the English translation of the homily from the Vatican's website.

He cites the example of Saul, first king of Israel.  Israel was at war.  Samuel the prophet communicated to Saul the will of God that everything pertaining to their enemy was to be destroyed - including their animals.  Saul had another idea: to keep some animals to offer burnt offerings to God.  Of course he was doing so in disobedience to God.

Somehow the pope tries to liken us to the disobedient Saul, when in fact it is those who take God's Sacred Traditions lightly who are acting along the lines of Saul.  One could say, in looking at Saul's actions, that he was merely trying to accommodate a "god of surprises" instead of acting in humble obedience to His revealed will.  Again, if it seems that God's will is akin to "what has always been done" and is not changing, it's because God Himself does not change.

Even more incredibly is that the pope calls us "idolators".  Why?  Because we're not open to this "god of surprises".  Note that he says the Holy Spirit continuously "surprises us".  Well, one can only be surprised by someone or something of which he/she has no knowledge.  But the Church teaches us through Sacred Tradition.  What she taught Catholics 500 years ago is no different than what she teaches today, for God Himself is no different today than He was 500 years ago.  Is this so complicated?

If this papal theme of "don't adhere to tradition but be surprised" theme sounds familiar, it should.  It really is a rehashed attempt at brainwashing.  See here and here and here.  Regrettably, what we have here is yet another attempt to cause us to distrust the little solid foundation that we do have in our faith, so that we will fall for progressive novelties disguised as "surprises from God".

If there's any idol here, it's this "god of surprises".

Monday, January 18, 2016

Cardinal Wuerl, Please Don't Force Catholic Parents To Cannibalize The Bodies Of Murdered Babies

Yes, you read that sentence correctly.  It seems that in order to be admitted into archdiocesan schools, Catholic students must be vaccinated against various diseases.  However, many of these vaccines are derived from the bodies of aborted babies.  Moreover, contrary to USCCB guidelines, these vaccines are mandatory and parents - at present - cannot opt out of these.

It beggars belief that a Catholic archdiocese would become complicit in making profitable the usage of the bodies of aborted babies.  Can one imagine German bishops in the 1930s purchasing lamp shades made with the skins of prisoners slain in Nazi death camps?  The thought is horrid; no less despicable is the compulsion of Catholic parents to participate in the evil of abortion by having their own children injected with cells from murdered babies.  To add insult to already grievous moral injury, parents are not being permitted to opt out of these vaccines - again, contrary to USCCB guidelines.

It is inconceivable that we should have to petition the Archdiocese to allow parents to opt out of these vaccines - to not cooperate with the mortal sin of abortion.  But alas, such is the state of affairs in the Archdiocese of Washington.  The petition is here.  Please sign and circulate - and pray.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Our Lady Of America And March For Life - Can You Help?

Back in April I wrote of Our Lady of America and devotion to the same, supported by Cardinal Burke.  One of her requests was that her statue be processed into the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.  I believe it now resides in the John Paul II Institute, located across the street from the Basilica.

Next weekend thousands of Catholics and a goodly number of bishops will descend upon Washington DC for the March for Life.  That time would be opportune for a proper procession.  To that end, my friend who is helping to spearhead this effort would appreciate assistance (that is, your assistance) in distributing prayer cards at four venues.  She asked me to publicize the following message.  Since then, she has suffered a death in her family.  Therefore, I'd ask that if you're able to assist, that you'd advise me of the time you'd like to help and your contact, via a comment.  I will not publish your information; rather, I'll forward it to her or to her designated assistant.  The following is her message, with only her contact information redacted.


               OUR LADY OF AMERICA
This is the panacea ! The remedy for all ills !
The answer and solution of the problems and difficulties plaguing America today.

Our Lady of America appeared to Sister Mildred of the Precious Blood Sisters, in 1956 requesting that her image be solemnly processed into the Basilica of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception that was being built in Washington D.C. at that time, by her “Sons the Bishops”.
If her request was fulfilled, in return Our Lady of America promised that America would be spared the Chastisement and
would lead the world in purity !
Time is running out and we must make sure this happens before more devastating evil takes over our country.

We can only be saved by Divine Intervention and Our Lady of America has promised to save us.

I am imploring you to help me distribute prayer cards of Our Lady of America on four upcoming occasions.  With these prayers “storming heaven” I am sure we can get enough bishops to fulfill Our Lady’s requests and save us from what will be utter and complete catastrophe !

These are the four occasions coming up that I need volunteers to hand out these prayer cards.

1.  “Protest Planned Parenthood” on Jan. 21st      at 9:00 - 1225 4th St. NE Washington DC.        
2.  Vigil Mass at the Bascilica of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception 6:00 pm - 400 Michigan Ave. NE Washington, D.C.20017
3.  Closing Mass for the Solemn Prayer Vigil for Life 7:30 am
4. The March For Life at the Mall-between 15th  St. and Constitution Ave. in downtown Washington DC 11:45 am

I am thanking you in advance knowing you understand there is no more time and we must storm heaven with prayer for Our Lady of America.

Catholic Charities CEO Botches Corporal Works Of Mercy

In the January 14th edition of the Catholic Standard, Msgr John Enzler (CEO of Catholic Charities of of the Archdiocese of Washington) had a piece entitled "Living The Works Of Mercy"; the online version is here.  It is ostensibly a "self-evaluation" to detail how he's implementing the Corporal Works of Mercy.  Something about the recitation of the Seven Corporal Works of Mercy struck me odd.  Therefore I looked up the Corporal Works of Mercy online; see here and here.

As I compared Enzler's list with the other two, I noticed a small but significant difference.  The work known as "shelter the homeless" was swapped for "welcome the stranger".  These two are not equivalent.  The second reveals the agenda of allowing indiscriminate immigration.  When one considers the millions of dollars that Catholic Charities has received from the federal government (which in turn are derived from our tax dollars), one can see that the CEO of a Catholic Charities office might - just might - have a vested interest in insinuating the idea into Catholic minds that the facilitation of indiscriminate amnesty is a teaching of the Catholic Church.  It's not - not by a long stretch.  I link now to a commentary on the thoughts of St Thomas Aquinas on immigration.  Bear in mind that this commentary does cite the appropriate passage in Summa Theologica.

I'm having trouble believing that this tweeking of the Seven Corporal Works of Mercy on the part of Enzler was inadvertent.  He did get all the others right, and they're even listed in the traditional order.  That the CEO of Catholic Charities would dare to misstate one of the Corporal Works of Mercy reeks to high heaven.  At least once a year there is an in-pew collection for Catholic Charities.  I haven't contributed in years due to its many shenanigans - this being merely the latest.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

On-The-Job Deathscort Training - Shoving And Bird-Flipping

In the past, I have posted some "on-the-job" training videos for DC-area deathscorts.  Yes, they ostensibly receive training and they're fed these "guidelines" (such as they are).  But that is not reality as you saw from the earlier videos and what you're about to see below.  Please keep those "goals and guidelines" open in another window as we proceed.

I won't have to say much, as the video will demonstrate how the advocacy for baby-murder corrodes both intellect and conscience.  It is helpful to note that this mill where I can be found most Saturdays is part of Planned Parenthood of Metro DC.  They have several locations in the area and usually only three have committed surgical abortions - this one being one of them.  The 16th street location has closed (awaiting completion of their new Northeast location) and I understand the Falls Church one has likewise closed.  That leaves this one the only one (to the best of my knowledge) tearing babies to pieces.  We have seen the uptick in numbers.  Also please note that the deathscorts are organized under an umbrella organization called "Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force", or WACDTF for short.

The scene you're about to see is at the driveway to the facility that empties onto First Street.  The main offender is the lead deathscort / site coordinator or whatever they call their head honchos.  For her to be carrying on this way sets an example for her underlings to emulate.  Going to the WACDTF goals and guidelines, we see their "non-violence policy".  It states (in part) that "WACDTF volunteers agree not to act in a confrontational manner or to engage in physical or verbal attacks against anyone present. We ask people to abide by this Nonviolence Policy at all times. Any person who, in the opinion of the WACDTF site coordinator acts inappropriately will be asked to remove his or her WACDTF identifier and leave the clinic property."

Articulating The Pro-Abortion Mentality
My!  Doesn't that sound noble and lovely?  But these deathscorts do have a curious way of tossing their guidelines in the trash "when push comes to shove" and I mean that cliche in the literal sense.  You're going to see some shoving (e.g., engaging in physical attack) and bird-flipping (e.g., "act in a confrontational manner").  Teensy little problem here with the enforcement of this wondrous guideline!!  What happens when it is the "site coordinator" who carries on?  Hmmm...  Anyway, this is why we have these little "on-the-job" deathscort training videos - so that the newbies among the deathscorts can see the "real deal" as it were.

I'm sure once enough progressives see this video, they'll mobilize the Woodside neighborhood so they can put their leashes on their dogs and walk them in front of the deathscorts to "thank" them for facilitating baby-slaughter.

Please pray for an end to this slaughter.  Pray for that mother who was taken into the mill and for the others who were likewise brutalized today.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Voris: Half Of Catholic Clergy Are Gay

He seems to have evidence to support that assertion.  If so, that might explain Cardinal Ravasi's slobbering over David Bowie - and other strange things I've seen.

Monday, January 11, 2016

David Bowie Needs Prayers For Repose, Not Sentimental Reverie

Most people are aware that David Bowie died today after an 18-month battle with liver cancer.  For several decades he was a rock star of some renown - and notoriety.  I first want to express condolences to his family and friends and offer prayers for the repose of his soul.  What will now follow is not so much directed at his memory as it is directed towards those who are inappropriately lionizing him.  Even that must be narrowed down a bit, for while we might expect such adulation to come from those who are caught up on rock culture - with its attendant depravity - I'm aghast to see it coming from those who are otherwise faithful Catholics.

Change-Agent Of Evil
My facebook wall was awash with posts mourning his passing.  Some said that his music "was part of their youth".  Yes, some offered an "RIP" or some prayers, but I only saw one post questioning the adulation being heaped upon Bowie.  Some - even priests - praised his talent and quoted his songs.  Others remarked that he was a "pioneer".  That he was.  He was one of the first to glamorize the "androgynous look", bordering on cross-dressing.  He admitted he was bisexual.  Some of his performances included the simulation of sexual acts.  My fellow Catholics (you know who you are!), how does this escape you?

It does seem at times that while faithful Catholics can be very sober and vigilant, there is often a strange "disconnect" when it comes to figures in sports and/or entertainment.  Why is that?  Is it because they want the emotions caused by these "stars" so much that they'll allow the "stars" a "pass" when it comes to their immoral lives and proclivities?  What is it?  I don't get how good people can be so inconsistent as to turn a blind eye towards entertainment idols when they would never do so for other "ordinary" people.

Even the Vatican got swept up in the worldly group-think.  Cardinal Ravasi, head of the Pontifical Council for Culture, put out a tweet lauding Bowie and quoting from one of his songs.  I would say that I'm surprised but I'm not.  Given that this is the same office that spewed forth the "bimbo video" and its "bsdm display", we can say that Ravasi is simply being typical.  Still, it's a disgrace to see a Prince of the Church lolly-gagging with silliness while so many truly pressing issues need to be addressed by the Church.  One could have hoped that the Cardinal might have offered prayers for the repose of Bowie's soul; alas, that did not happen.

I asked questions in the preceding paragraphs, for which I cannot fathom answers.  Does anyone know?  The com-box is open (subject to moderation, of course).

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Gay Cantor Fired From Germantown Parish

Apparently the incident happened back in November but the local church kept it quiet.  However, because WJLA reported it a few days ago, the archdiocese did announce it via Cardinal Wuerl's blog.  Read the two pieces, along with what the Washington Blade (local gay newspaper) had to say about the matter.

The man in question, Jeffrey Higgins, is 29 years old.  He was born well after Vatican II, and most likely received a Catholic education that was lackluster at best.  As you read the WJLA article, you'll notice that he is a "cradle Catholic".  He knew enough of his faith to tell his priest in the confessional about his same-sex difficulties.  He says his pastor affirmed his disordered tendencies as being loved by God the way he is.  Regrettably he's most likely rendering an accurate account of that confession, and that priest will have to answer to God for the spiritually deadly advise he gave to that young man.  That said, it seemed that Higgins still understood that there was a problem for he did not publicize his situation to the parish staff.

The parish in question is Mother Seton Church in Germantown MD, pastored by Father Lee Fangmeyer.  Progressive indignation aside, Father Fangmeyer did the only thing he could do, in light of the unrepenant attitude evinced by Higgins.  To their credit, the same can be said for Bishop Knestout and Cardinal Wuerl.  The teaching of Jesus Christ on the topic of homosexual conduct must be upheld by those in service to the Church; Higgins refused to comply so there was no choice but to fire him.  We certainly pray that Higgins repents of his perverted lifestyle before he dies, lest he consign himself to hell.

In related news, Miami Archbishop Thomas Wenski reminded his employees that they could lose their jobs if they publicly support behaviors that are at odds with Church teaching, including gay #mowwidge.  This is welcome news.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Indifference To The World Is NOT An Option

"All that's necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing." - Edmund Burke

I was reminded of the above-cited quote when I came across this LifeSiteNews article that takes to task good people who absented themselves from the culture wars.  This article struck a chord within me for I have often wondered how society could have undergone such a profound decay since the time I was a child until now.

I remember as a child being able to play outside at night with no thought of perverts attempting to kidnap me; nor were my parents overly concerned about that.  This was in the city of Baltimore, by the way.  No normal person would have dreamed of slaughtering their unborn children or attempting to justify homosexual conduct, let alone celebrate it.  Of course, looking back, we can all see how the forces of evil were quietly working in the background, fomenting rot at the foundations of society.  But how and why did we, as a populace, as a Church, just passively let it happen without barely a peep being uttered in protest?

When I was a child, the adults at the time were all World War II veterans.  By no means were they strangers to conflict.  They were trained in battle and trained to be vigilant.  But something happened at the end of the war, when they took off their uniforms, laid aside their weapons, and returned to their civilian lives.  They ceased to be vigilant and assumed attitudes of complacency and indifference to the world outside their isolated, insular spheres of existence.  They were good people, as the LifeSiteNews article states.  But by and large, they took western society and its cultural underpinnings (based in Christianty) for granted.  They did not see their spiritual and cultural patrimony as something they needed to guard and cherish; I daresay they didn't give it much second thought.  Consequently, as the progressive forces started to chip away at western civilization, little by little, the good people didn't notice until the damage and destruction could no longer be ignored.

Many see the 1960s as the era in which massive changes occurred.  While it's true that many events converged in that decade (Vatican II, Viet Nam War, etc) all they did was make apparent the rot that had been systematically put in place decades earlier.  Good people were unprepared and unwilling to face the truth.  Sadly, many still are.  A main reason why I write this blog is to shine some light on the cockroaches around us.  I appreciate the support that I do get (particularly from blogging colleagues).  However, I am targeted with resentment by too many who'd rather play the ostrich as they berate me for being "negative and mean".  Well the truth is the truth.  I thank the Lord for social media, for it allows us to examine and discuss it.  Without knowing the "lay of the land", how else can we pray and act in the intelligent manner in which God desires?

Time marches on.  We need to pray and act now, for the salvation of souls and preservation of Christian society.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Synchretism And Indifferentism - Both Heresies - From The Pope's Mouth

This video was released by the Vatican on the Feast of The Epiphany (according to the old liturgical calendar).  It can only be described as the antithesis of true revelation.  Yesterday I saw it in the Italian; at that time I saw no English translation.  Truth be told, I understood it enough to realize that it was a major blow to the promulgation of true faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Recall that in Scripture, Jesus says He is "the Way, the Truth and the Life".  Note the use of the article "the".  That means "one and only".  He did not say "I am one of several equally valid ways, truths and lives".  Later in Acts, the first Pope says of the Name of Jesus "by no other name can man be saved".  Thus in this video the pope is directly contradicting Our Lord and the first pontiff.  "Peace and justice" the aim?  There will be NONE until all convert to the One True Faith; no amount of "dialogue" will ever substitute for that for we cannot "dialogue" with falsehood.

This video reeks of synchretism and religious indifferentism.  These ideas are poisonous to the soul and injurious to the salvation of any who might be duped into believing them simply "because the pope said so".  I posted on New Year's Day that these errors must be called out for what they are, lest unsuspecting and/or naive souls believe them to their eternal peril; see the two posts from New Years Day and Dec 30th, for example.  With slop like this being vomited from the Vatican, I fear this "calling out" will morph into its own full-time job.  Read more from my colleague at Vox Cantoris.  I post below the video of the heresies being committed, with a "translation" by AKA Catholic.

Monday, January 4, 2016

The Year Of Mercy, Without Obedience To Our Lady Of Fatima, Will Be A Miserable Flop

Today published an article entitled "Two Out Of Every Three Mass-Attending Catholics Support Homosexuality".  I wish I could say that this is a surprise to me, but it isn't.  I live in Montgomery County Maryland and my parish is also in Montgomery County.  Several years ago we were in the process of petitioning gay marriage to the ballot.  We had gotten permission to collect signatures in the church lobby after Masses.  Two of us were calling attendees over to sign.  We called over one lady.  She adamantly refused.  She said she "might go to hell for this but I see no reason why gays can't get married if they want".  Needless to say, my friend and I were taken aback.  Now this woman recently passed away, so I pray that her declaration of support for mortal sin was not prophetic.

Two days ago the news regarding the Southern Baptists was even more disconcerting.  One of the first Baptist churches of the nation is now conducting "gay #mowwidges" and ordaining gay AND "transexual", that is, self-mutilated/drugged "ministers".  In their condition, they can only be ministers of death, disease and damnation.  That the protestants are further down the rabbit hole of depravity than are Catholics is not surprising.  It is to the Roman Catholic Church that Our Lord has entrusted the fullness of the Faith.  However, we are not that far behind.

At Mass yesterday we heard a sermon on "mercy", in keeping with the "jubilee of mercy", no doubt.  While there was much talk of the joys of mercy, there was very little teaching on the requirements for receiving God's mercy.  Remember that this is the same parish where the woman loudly declared her support for sodomy.  The blogger at Boston Catholic Insider put up a piece recently entitled "The Error Of Preaching Mercy Without Repentance".  He/she articulated well what I was thinking yesterday.  Without understanding the seriousness of sin and the reality of hell, to which a person will go if they have one unrepented mortal sin on their soul at time of death, there will be no appreciation nor seeking of God's mercy through the sacrament of Confession.  Too often priests refuse to preach on the last four things, including hell.  They are too "politically correct" to name fornication, contraception, sodomy, etc as mortal sins that can damn a soul to hell for all eternity.  Thus they ill-serve their congregations, flowery "mercy" happy-talk notwithstanding.

Now let's address Our Lady of Fatima and her message.  We know that she asked that Russia be consecrated to her  Immaculate Heart by the Pope.  Let's be VERY CLEAR!  Our Lady took the trouble to specify RUSSIA!  Not "the world"!  Not "the universe"!  She, Our Lady, Queen of heaven and earth, specified "Russia"!  How dare anybody presume not to follow her lead in specifying Russia by name?  Is this really so complicated?  Our Lady left no "wiggle room" here!  Per her very clear instructions, Russia must be singled out for consecration.  Oh, it's very nice that the world was consecrated several times, but those consecrations were not done in conformity with Our Lady of Fatima's specific directions.

"But Sister Lucia said the consecration was done!", some might protest.  Oh, really??  Did she???  Please consider that we were told this "second-hand".  Now haven't we all seen enough of Vatican sleight-of-hands and machinations to be skeptical of anything we hear from that organization, especially when we know very well the instructions given to the three Fatima children?  Then folks might say "but look at Russia and how it seems to be returning to Christianity!"  That picture is not so rosy.  I direct your attention to the following video and urge us all to redouble our prayer efforts so that Russia will be consecrated to Our Lady's Immaculate Heart, per her specific instructions; else there will be judgment as opposed to mercy.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Errors In The Church Compromise Our Witness To The World

My colleague at Les Femmes blogged yesterday about the desecration of a statue of Mary by satanists in Oklahoma City this past Christmas Eve.  It does seem that these satanists are becoming more and more bold in their blasphemies and sacrileges.  As you watch the video, notice some points:
  • There was a Catholic presence to oppose the debacle and to do reparation.  Apparently there were enough of them so that their prayers were drowning out the satanic chants.
  • I've never noticed the satanists attempting to mock protestant faiths - only Catholics.  Their antics may well be a "back-handed" acknowledgement that the Roman Catholic Church is the One True Church.
The Catholics who mobilized for their actions, particularly TFP Student Action, are to be commended for their willingness to fight the evil where it occurred.  Several of them were interviewed.  One of them said "it's extremely important to oppose satanism publicly because the liberal media are trying to mainstream satanism".  He is absolutely correct.  We must be in the public venue wherever evil is.  It is important that we pray in churches in front of the Blessed Sacrament, but such prayer is not sufficient.  We must (note the imperative "must") muster up courage and resolve and get ourselves out there, no matter the cost.

But insidious evil exists not only outside the Church but within her walls in even in the ranks of the hierarchy - including the Vatican.  Almost a year ago there appeared in Crisis Magazine an article called "Can Christianity Survive The Sexual Revolution".  The first sentence is a question: "When was the last time anyone heard a sermon that condemned the evils of fornication, or adultery, or cohabitation, or divorce, or bearing children outside of wedlock (let alone homosexuality)?"  To be honest, I can't remember when.  In all fairness, we do hear at my parish quite frequently the need for the sacrament of confession, but without a recitation on what constitutes mortal sin, I cannot see how folks will perceive an urgent need for the sacrament.  Now once again I must notice in this article the lack of mention of the evil of contraception; that should have been added to the litany recited by the author.  Still, his point is well-taken.  We as a church will find it difficult, if not impossible, to combat evils outside the church when we are too cowardly to mention them from our pulpits inside our churches.  It's quite possible that this author is not Catholic; that might explain his ignorance about the inherent evil of contraception.  However, another protestant author has pointed out some big problems within Catholic hierarchy.

One Protestant blogger writes "Why Is Pope Francis Insisting Once Again That The Cross Of Christ Is God's Failure?"  And just in case one thinks this author is taking the pope's words out of context, here is the full text of the talk in question as it appears at Catholic News Agency.  This, plus the gaffe regarding Jesus' alleged "apology" to His parents after His time in the temple (memorialized in the Fifth Joyful Mystery of the Rosary), seem to be lame attempts to "make Jesus relevant to modern man".  That is just my speculation, but what it does is strike at the heart of Who Jesus is as the Second Person of the Trinity - God Himself.  The author is rightly perceiving the truth of the pope's ongoing scandalous gaffes, but is using the situation to urge us to leave the One True Church.  Here we have prima facie evidence of real scandal being caused by papal carelessness to those outside the Church. 

These errors must be called out, for they render the Church weak in standing for God against an increasingly God-hating world.

Solemnity Of Mary, Mother Of God

Saints Athanasius and Cyril, both bishops of Alexandria and Doctors of the Church, are the doctors most closely associated with the dogma declaring Mary to be the Mother of God.  Here is an example of Athanasius' writings; note that it is the second reading in today's Office of Readings in the Liturgy of the Hours.  The Council of Ephesus, at which Cyril presided, formalized the dogma.  It is important to realize how a correct understanding of Mary as Mother of God is critical to understanding the Personhood of Jesus Christ Himself.

So today all faithful Catholics participated at Mass since this solemnity is a Holy Day of Obligation.  Traditionally on this day the recitation of the Veni Creator is attached to a plenary indulgence (other conditions applying of course).  There are a few other key things about today.
In the next post, I'll be commenting on some recent articles that I think outline (in part) some of the issues with which we're dealing inside the Church.