Sunday, October 30, 2022

The SSPX - Preservers Of The Holy Mass

Bishop Athanasius Schneider was recently in the country.  I had the opportunity to hear him in person a few weeks ago, and I might elaborate on that in another post.  For now, I'll post a LifeSiteNews summary of things that he stated regarding the SSPX.  First I'll post my own comments about the SSPX.

In the early days of the pandemic shutdown (spring of 2020), all the Catholic churches in the area were locked.  No one could go to Mass in person and no one could receive actual Holy Communion.  This was by order of the bishops, an order that actually exceeded the already-draconian measures demanded by the governments.  Only the SSPX offered in-person Mass, with the opportunity to physically receive Holy Communion.  Mind you, these were the "parking lot" Masses where we had to remain in our cars, but at least we were present for Mass and could receive Our Lord.  I had to drive 2-3 hours each way, but it was well worth the time and effort.  Without the SSPX I and others would have been starved of the Eucharist.  If things ever get nutty again, I will attend SSPX masses in a heartbeat.

Now for the LifeSite piece, and I especially recommend this to those who insist on claiming that the SSPX is schismatic and that I and others are guilty of schism or other such nonsense. 

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Francis Plops Another Synod Stinker Upon The Church

As many of you know, the pope and cabal initiated a "Synod on Synodality".  That is no joke.  They are literally talking about talking.  Not only that, but they've decided to extend the gabfest for who knows how long.  We know from past synods what the real deal is.  The New World Order wonks - and that includes Francis - have an agenda that will be realized through this.  They are merely putting on this charade to give the appearance that they really care about input from real Catholics.  But I suppose enough people are naive enough to believe that they aren't being played for fools, although there has been plenty of precedent for them to realize the truth.

In any event, the Vatican released a few days ago a "Working Document for the Continental Stage".  What is a "continental stage"?  Who knows?  I doubt they know or care.  As you can see, I've linked to the 45-page tome.

Michael Hichborn of Lepanto Institute worked off some time in purgatory by reading through that mess, and analyzing it for us.  You might want to have the link above opened so that you can verify for your own sakes the quotes that Hichborn unpacks in his video.  Make no mistake.  They, from Francis on down, are trying to mutate the Church into a horrid caricature of Her true nature.  The Church is the Mystical Body of Christ so she can never be destroyed, but they sure are trying.  In their efforts, these progressives will endanger their own souls, plus the souls of countless others who have the "itching ears" of which Paul warned to Timothy.

So now we have this long-winded screed written by Vatican gas-bags telling us that mortal sins such as adultery, sodomy, fornication, contraception, idolatry, etc aren't really all that bad.  Of course that is false and we see that this mish-mash is sinful in and of itself, as it is chock-full of cooperation with mortal sin.  I cannot think of a single document that has come from the Francis mockery of a papacy that hasn't explicitly promoted mortal sin and/or heresy.  If I am incorrect, please post examples in the com-boxes.

Let's not be hesitant to explain to others just why this "synod" and the countless others sure to follow are spiritual poison.  Let's keep praying our rosaries.

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Why These US Midterm Elections Matter

In this clip, Michael Matt speaks about the current state of the world and the need for Christians to vote.  I too see hopeful signs.  One of those signs is that people who, six years ago, thumbed their noses at Donald Trump for not being a pure pro-lifer, are understanding that they cannot pretend to sit elections out.  They cannot deny that had they had their way, Roe v Wade's specter would continue to hover over our heads.

In Maryland and probably other areas, it really means voting straight Republican.  It is the Democrats who've enshrined baby-slaughter and sexual perversions in their party platform.  We need to vote for their opponents.  Anyway, here's the clip.

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Maryland Catholic Conference Coughs Up Another Ridiculous "Candidate Survey"

The Maryland Catholic Conference, in anticipation of the November 8 elections, released what it calls a "candidate survey".  It appears in the latest paper issue of Washington's Catholic Standard and presumably in Baltimore's Catholic Review.  This survey is typical of its prior productions.  That is, it is worse than useless.

Please take a look at the questions as they appear for the gubernatorial race. This is actually superior to the questions for down-ticket offices.  But note the order of questions.  Abortion is clearly playing second-fiddle to "poverty assistance".  The latter issue is one in which the progressive Church establishment (MCC included in that cabal) gloms onto the "new world order" take on the matter.  The candidates who get the green check-mark, indicating agreement with USCCB positions, are the progressives who are pro-abortion.  Moreover, the abortion question only deals with public funding for abortion, not the need to eradicate abortion from Maryland.  I did say that the questions for governor-candidates are the more sensible for the pro-life candidate could earn three check marks indicating agreement with Church teaching.  That isn't the case with other races.

Look at the questions posed to the candidates for US House of Representatives.  They deal with (listed in order as they appear on the survey):

  1. Education
  2. Poverty
  3. Environment (Note how the wording in the elaboration indicates that the MCC partakes of the "carbon footprint" charade)
  4. Health care
  5. Conscience protection (Again, no talk of eradicating abortion entirely)
  6. Immigration
Four of these six questions indicate alignment of the USCCB with "new world order" goals.  Thus, a pro-life candidate who prioritizes the protection of unborn children from legalized baby-slaughter could appear that he/she is in disagreement with the Church on most of the "issues" (using that term lightly) while the pro-abortion candidate could appear that he/she is in line with Church teaching.  That is because the MCC has made no attempt to illustrate how these issues do not have equal weight in the eyes of the Church or God, for that matter.

The only saving grace to this useless exercise is that the Democrats, by and large, didn't bother to partake in this farce.  Naturally, the MCC took great pains to emphasize that they do not endorse any candidate or party -despite the fact that the Democrats almost struck belief in God from their party platform in 2016.

This blog has no "tax-exempt status" to which it must bow.  Therefore, Maryland voters, I suggest that you vote straight Republican throughout your ballots.  As for the Board of Education, please get hold of one of those little "apple ballots" before the election.  Go to the sub-page for your own counties.  Note the endorsed candidates - and vote for their opponents.

We all need to get to the polls on Election Day.  No mail-ins, no early-voting (unless you're a poll worker).  Make sure your vote is as tamper-proof as possible.  Your vote counts.

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Our Call To Resist Infidelity In The Vatican Is Becoming Crystal Clear

More and more, faithful Catholics are acknowledging the regrettable truth that the current occupant of the Vatican is a heretic.  My colleague at Les Femmes did quite an analysis, and we see from the videos below that others in alternative Catholic media are coming forward and stating the all-too-obvious truth.  I won't rehash what the videos or what Les Femmes stated but suggest that you take the time to peruse them and understand what is happening in your Church.

Here is the Arroyo video to which Matt made reference.

Now from LifeSiteNews..

I do remain mystified as to why no one mentions the trial balloon that Francis floated several years ago, that is, the heretical notion that the death penalty is inherently immoral.  That should have been an immense red flag.  Nevertheless, people are waking up and realizing the need to resist.  Now what, in practical terms, does it mean to resist?

There are several things to be done.
  • Frequent the Sacraments, particularly Mass and Confession.  Maintain the First Friday and First Saturday devotions.
  • With regards to Mass, try to make it to a Traditional Latin Mass.  This Mass of the Ages is in the Vatican cross-hairs precisely because it is the pinnacle of the Church's Sacred Tradition, among other things
  • Stop giving money to diocesan structures.  A portion of any such donations will make its way to USCCB coffers and their grantees.
  • Homeschool your children if at all possible.  Not even archdiocesan schools are safe from the politically correct poisons emanating from our culture.
  • Network with other like-minded Catholics.
  • Protest against any insults to the faith proffered by Catholic institutions, e.g., a pro-abortion celebrity speaking at a Catholic event.
That list is by no means exhaustive.  Ideas are welcome in the comments.

Sunday, October 9, 2022

Declaration Of Filial Resistance To Francis

The Catholic Identity Conference happened in Pittsburgh last week.  Among those present were Michael Matt of Remnant TV and John-Henry Westen of LifeSiteNews.  During the conference, they, along with Eric Frankovitch who directed the CIC, gave a press conference in which they formally announced their intent to resist the current occupant of the Vatican and his obvious globalist agenda.  Here it is.

Now the question is, where do you and I stand on this matter?  It is becoming more and more clear that neutrality is not an option.

Some FSSP Commentary On The Tridentine Mass

In this video we see a Low Mass in progress.  The High Mass is quite similar.  I found this to be very helpful and informative.

Saturday, October 8, 2022

Finally! A Bishop Condemns The Raid On Mark Houck's Home

This came from Bishop Joseph Strickland of the Diocese of Tyler, Texas.  So where are the others?  We know very well that had President Trump sent agents to the home of some Antifa gang leader, the progressive prelates would be screeching and howling in protest to this day.  But let their best buddy Biden send thugs to the home of someone trying to save babies' lives, and they utter nary a peep.

Hence my question posed in the previous post remains.  Are the majority of US bishops pro-abortion?  That is a serious question.

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Are The Majority Of US Bishops Pro-Abortion?

That question above is not facetious.  I am quite serious when I ask that.  Consider the following.

While Mark Houck's situation continues to develop, we are learning of yet another antic by Federalized Bullies for Intimidation (FBI).  Brian Gibson, director of Pro-Life Action Ministries, revealed to LifeNews that FBI agents harassed two of his team.

Recently Michael Hichborn of the Lepanto Institute released a report revealing the overtly pro-abortion activities of Faith in Action, a recipient of CCHD grants totaling $500k.  I said "overtly" because Faith in Action is quite blatant about their support for baby-slaughter, their displeasure at the Dobbs ruling, etc.  I needn't rehash the report, but suggest that readers study it.  When I started looking at the recipients of CCHD grants, I wondered how the CCHD could be so negligent as to give Catholic money to organizations despite their pro-abortion leanings.  Now I realize that CCHD gives them money precisely because they are pro-abort.

Four years ago I chronicled the Archdiocese of Washington's weird attitude towards local grassroots pro-life activists.  The steps they took against us did much to undermine our ability to save lives at the various abortuaries within the archdiocese.  At the time I thought they were being incredibly stupid.  I no longer believe it was stupidity.  A few months ago, when the Dobbs decision nullified Roe v Wade, the reaction of Cardinal Gregory was somewhat less than jubilant.  He said a few laudatory things about it, but then segued immediately into a "seamless garment" soundbite.  He blathered on a bit about "ending divisions" more so than ending the slaughter of millions of babies every year.  News flash!  As long as evil exists in the world, division is not only inevitable.  It is absolutely necessary.  Under no circumstance can we seek unity with those who espouse such monstrous, barbaric evils.

All these things, by themselves, don't seem that indicative of much.  They do when considered in their totality.