Friday, July 31, 2015

Is Planned Parenthood Murdering Babies Outside The Womb? Do GOP Officials Have Ties To The Baby-Part Scandals?

Let's look at the first question.

Over the past few days I and many other pro-life bloggers have been sharing videos produced by Center for Medical Reform.  Four have been released so far.  These videos provide prima facie evidence that Planned Parenthood is actively engaged in trafficking of baby body parts - parts that come from the babies whom they have murdered.  Heavily implicated in this activity is a business partner of theirs known as Stem Express.

Stem Express, a California-based outfit, has obtained a restraining order from a California judge enjoining them from releasing videos that feature Stem Express personnel.  David Daleiden, the driving force behind the videos, reveals in this Breitbart article why Stem Express wants the videos suppressed.  On May 22 he and several others had a meeting with Cate Dyer, CEO of Stem Express.  It came out in the interview that they (Stem Express) had obtained intact bodies of aborted babies from Planned Parenthood.  This might indicate that the babies were born alive and subsequently murdered outside the womb.  Even in today's callous pro-abortion culture, that would be a capital crime.  No wonder they want these videos suppressed.

Now to the second question.

Again from Breitbart we learn the following troubling fact.  The Health Policy Director for Speaker John Boehner's office staff is Charlotte Ivancic.  She is older sister to Cate Dyer, the CEO of Stem Express, mentioned in the previous paragraph.  Does the phrase "fox guarding the hen house" have significance here?  Might this be a reason for Boehner's lack of resolve in defunding abortion, Obamacare, etc?  At the very least, a top staffer of the Speaker of the House has an undeniable conflict of interest.

Boehner is not the only one.  Presidential candidate Jeb Bush was founding director of the Bloomberg Family Foundation.  He was named to that post in 2010 and resigned in 2014 as he prepared to announce his candidacy.  While he was on the board, this foundation gave tens of millions to Planned Parenthood and funded international abortion efforts.  Michael Bloomberg had always been up front about his vision for the foundation.  It would be intellectually dishonest for anyone to insinuate that Bush had no knowledge of the foundation's pro-abortion fundings.  I had discounted Bush as a candidate long ago; this news only confirms my instincts.

Stay tuned to this blog and others as events unfold.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Vatican Progressives' Two-Pronged Attack On The Faith

From within the Vatican - and it probably originates all the way from the pope - there seems to be a duo-faceted attack on the faith.  On the one hand, we see the pope shilling for population control vis-a-vis "sustainable developement.

Let's be clear.  That is what he is in fact doing.  Through various Vatican meetings (many of them quite recent) he has lobbied for the acceptance of the "Sustainable Development Goals" as promulgated by the United Nations.  I wrote last week about that meeting of mayors that he hosted as did my colleague at Les Femmes.  In that meeting he constantly harped on "sustainable development" while praising the pro-abortion mayors as "consciences of humanity".  I point out now that Laudato Si is chock full of references to "sustainable development".

Michael Hichborn at Lepanto Institute released a piece to ask "Why Is The Vatican Pushing Communist Goals".  Writing in advance of yet another meeting in November that is designed to explore ways to brainwash our children into being "sustainable development" lemmings, he shows the striking parallels between the UN's goals, Agenda 21 and the Communist Manifesto.  I shudder to think how they will work all this into the Ordinary Synod on the Family (that is, sin-nod 2) next October.  But for good measure, the president of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Bishop Sanchez (that's right!  Him!) took a preemptive pot-shot at those of us who point out the evils of the United Nations (or, Useless Nicompoops).  For the record, I'm a big critic of the UN and yet I don't make my living from oil, as if that were a bad thing.  I mention it just to show the banality of Sanchez's "damage control".

So much for the "population control" and "sustainability" front.  Now let's look at the direct attack on the family and sexual morality.  We saw a major push to undermine Church tradition in last October's sin-nod.  You might recall that when that closed the pope gave a talk in which he said that we had a "year to mature" in anticipation for "sin-nod 2".  I wrote a bit on the "shadow council" that took place at the Vatican about six weeks ago.  Today reported and commented on additional details of that meeting.  They are correct in that what came from the "shadow council" truly is heresy of darkness.  As you read that, it seems like a throwback to gobblygoop from the 1960s all over again.  Since none of these participants have been ousted from any positions, we must conclude that their heresies are tolerated by the Vatican, if not embraced.

I suspect we'll see these two facets of the progressive attack on the Church in the upcoming sin-nod.   Keep those prayers and Rosaries coming!

A Fourth Video Of Planned Parenthood Selling The Parts Of Babies

In this one you can hear the little Frankensteins guffawing that their victim/specimen is a boy.  Well, golly gee!  How does "mere tissue" have gender?  Planned Parenthood is now trying to suppress these videos: not at all surprising, coming from those ghouls.  Anyway, they and their supporters - right up to the occupants of the White House - need to be held accountable.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Immorality Of Pranks

About 35 years ago, I was walking towards home with some friends, one of whom was an older lady with a heart condition.  I spied another friend hiding in the bushes up ahead.  Knowing her, I realized she was preparing to leap out of the bush to scare my older friend.  I realized it was intended to be a prank, but also realized that she was not aware of the older lady's heart problem.  Fearing that her heart might not withstand the momentary fright, I made a split-second decision to diffuse the prank by greeting my friend loudly in the bush.  I was not inclined to presume that the prank would have been harmless; any momentary "jollies" from the prank simply wasn't worth the risk.

Up until that moment I myself had been somewhat of a prankster, but afterwards never again pulled another prank.  That incident was a learning experience for me.  I pondered just what was entailed in the execution of a prank.  Usually it involves one or more people deciding that they will contrive a situation that provokes a desired emotional reaction in another person (or maybe several people are targeted).  Usually the desired emotional reaction is one of discomfort to the targeted person(s): humiliation, fright, frustration, disorientation, anger, etc.  The goal is invariably the amusement of those perpetrating the prank.  I've often heard it described as "one person toying with another person".  That actually says quite a lot about the prank - and its underlying immorality.

People are not toys.  They are human beings, created in the image and likeness of God and deserve to be treated with dignity at all times.  That means that they are never to be manipulated, let alone for mere amusement: not even for "just a few moments".  It is the epitome of arrogance to presume to tinker with someone's emotions, often not caring about them and what they may be enduring in their lives at the time pranksters target them.  And yes, I include myself in that accusation for things I did when I was younger and a lot more stupid.  I can only thank Our Lord that when I was pulling pranks, social media had not yet been invented for now pranks are memorialized for all to see whenever they want, motivating pranksters all the more.  Another downside to the internet medium is that anyone taking issue with the prank is met with all sorts of venom.

Here is a video of a father pulling a prank on his toddler daughter.  Needless to say she has no choice in the matter but she's young enough - now - not to realize what's happening.  I do direct your attention to the comments posted thereon.  A few of us voiced objection to the video.  Notice how we are pounced upon with a great deal of vituperation.  We are told we have "serious issues" and need "personality transplants" all because we didn't join all the chortling.  But they all "love" the puzzled expressions on the child's face; in other words, her disorientation was "cute" but those of us who sympathized with the child were scorned.  Perhaps it's because we spoke too much truth to consciences and/or we didn't go along with the prescribed "group-think".

Here's another.  Here we have the perpetrators impersonating police officers and actually getting into the cars of the victims.  What right did they have to pull the people over and interrupt their lives even if just for ten minutes?  Yes, they did show the folks who laughed at it; did they apologize to those who weren't charmed by the waste of their time?  As far as the police impersonation goes, that's bad enough (last time I checked it was a crime to impersonate a police officer).  I sincerely hope that those weren't real police officers engaged in that nonsense for that would be an unconscionable misappropriation of citizens' tax dollars.

Then there's this.  Actors impersonating elderly people are crossing the street with the deliberate intent of hindering cars and frustrating their drivers.  Obstruction of traffic is a crime for very good reason.  As I said (and my friends agreed) there is no justification for treating the drivers as so many toys to be prodded for their reactions.  Those conducting the prank obviously didn't consider that the drivers might need to be about their business, nor did they give a damn.  They just had to get their internet fame and yocks, no matter the impact on other people.

As I said in the first three paragraphs, I no longer believe that participation in pranks is morally acceptable. Those perpetrating the pranks are failing, even refusing, to treat their targets with the respect and charity that is due to them as human beings.  It doesn't matter that the prank may last only a few minutes.  No one has the right to toy with another person, especially for mere amusement.

I offer this as food for thought.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

More Insight Into Planned Parenthood - Where #blackliversmatter

We knew more videos from Center for Medical Progress would come out; here is the third.  In this one, an ex-employee of Stem Express shares her perspective from the inside.  We also see undercover video of pro-aborts hovering over a petri dish with parts of a murdered child, discussing the marketability of the parts of his/her body.  Planned Parenthood - where #blackliversmatter.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

A New Hashtag For Planned Parenthood - #blackliversmatter

Today showed an interview between George Stephanopoulos and Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood president.  They were discussing the two videos (see here and here) showing that Planned Parenthood is selling the various body parts of babies whom they murdered vis-a-vis abortion.  Throughout the interview, Richards tries to say that the two doctors' comments were taken out of context.  She conveniently fails to mention that the full, unedited encounters are available for anyone to view on the website of Center for Medical Progress, the organization that made possible the exposition of Planned Parenthood's bloody but lucrative enterprise.

We've now seen two videos.  The Center for Medical Progress indicates that even more are yet to come.  In the second video link, you can see that it starts with Richards' lame attempt at "damage control".  I post below a parody of Richard's attempt.  It is from that video that I derived inspiration for the hashtag above.  Another hashtag on Twitter is #handsupdontcrush.  There will be more to post.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Pope Francis Strikes Hands With Anti-Life Mayors Promoting Death In Guise of Climate Change Concerns

This past Tuesday the Vatican hosted about 150 mayors of cities throughout the world with the ostensible goal of "combating climate change".  Ten of those were US mayors, most being pro-abortion.  They included Bill De Blasio of New York.  Joining them was CA Governor Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown.  They met in a workshop entitled "Modern Slavery and Climate Change: The Commitment of the Cities".  Hosted by the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, the meeting was hosted by rabid population-control advocate Jeffrey Sachs.  I've written about both these before in recent months.

As Breitbart points out, Tuesday's seminar was immediately followed by another, in conjunction with the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network on Cities and the Sustainable Development Agenda entitled "Prosperity, People and Planet in the Cities".  Notice how that phrase "sustainable development" keeps popping up like kudzu?  Ladies and gentlemen, I believe we are being bombarded with that phrase deliberately so that we will be accustomed to it and not notice when the death-dealing underpinnings of "sustainable development" are fully implemented in our midst.

The pope addressed the attendees at the first meeting; Zenit has the full English text.  While it is indeed a rambling mess, we can see within it the insinuations of progressive poison.  I'm going to address a few of these points.  Again, there seems to be very little organization of thought here but there are some odd things that must be pointed out.

He ended one paragraph by claiming that "wars are an element of the imbalance of environment".  No.  James 4:1-5 has a bit to say of the origins of wars.  Mother Teresa of Calcutta had words of wisdom on the topic when, at the 1994 prayer breakfast, she uttered, "But I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a war against the child, a direct killing of the innocent child, murder by the mother herself. And if we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?"  Recall that many, if not most, of the attendees of this workshop are actively facilitating this "destroyer of peace".

Further on down the pope said, "man is creator of lack of culture because he doesn't look after the environment."  The only way that can be accurate is if "environment" = God.  Culture becomes debased when man's disobedience to God becomes ingrained in the culture, as has happened to western civilization over these past few decades.  Hallmarks of this "lack of culture" have been:
  • the removal of any mention of God in official public life (ending of prayer in schools, removal of crosses and Ten Commandment plaques from public buildings, etc)
  • the legalization and even promotion of contraception and abortion by civil government
  • the exaltation of sexual perversion and disdain for true families by the culture at large.
These have been both cause and effect of the degradation of culture.   The size of "carbon footprints" and other such nonsense have little, if anything, to do with the health of real culture.  Most, if not all, the city officials in attendance have fostered these detriments to real culture.  The pope would have done well to address these.  Instead, he made no mention of these and chose to utter politically-correct ramblings.  After the meeting de Blasio was interviewed and the transcript is on Zenit.  De Blasio is quoted as saying, "He is moving people on an extraordinary level. And we have few truly international leaders in any sense. What he is doing is creating an international voice of conscience," and "He is literally saying to us that we need to reset our assumptions and think more deeply and morally about our actions, because our current sense of practicality is digging our graves, and I think his voice is having a very big moral impact."

I'll be impressed with this "very big moral impact" when de Blasio and ilk do a 180-degree turn and stand for the unborn babies and true marriage in their respective localities.  Otherwise it will be made plain that one effect of this whole charade is to let pro-abortion pols be enabled in their "lack of culture" policies by misguided papal affirmation.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Is The Archdiocese Of Washington Providing Benefits For Same-Sex Couples?

First, ht to An Archdiocese of Washington Catholic.  While he may have been late with this, I missed it altogether.  But this blooper by Cardinal Wuerl is a whopper, and that's saying something, coming from him.

LifeSiteNews alerted us all yesterday about Wuerl's reaction to the Supreme Court ruling.  Recall that during a Mic'd Up presentation in the wake of the #mowwidge ruling, Michael Voris wondered aloud where the Archdiocese of Washington might be.  Well, maybe this is at least a partial answer to the question.  In typical double-speak fashion, Wuerl is being very coy about the matter - so coy, though, that he may be tipping his hand a tad.

He said, "On a very practical level, there is a concern about the new definition of ‘spouse’ and its legal ramifications.  In this area for example, we must find a way to balance two important values, the provision of appropriate health care benefits for all Church personnel including their spouses, and the avoidance of the perception that by doing so we accept a definition of marriage and spouse contrary to faith and revealed truth."  Whoa!  Let's unpack this mess, shall we?
  • If a given "Church personnel" is in a same-sex #mowwidge, his/her accomplice in perversion is not - repeat, NOT - a "spouse"!  The "Church personnel" and accomplice in mortal sin are endangering their souls and each other's by virtue of their #mowwidge and attendant perversions.
  • Since when is it an "important value" of the Church to affirm people in mortal sin?  I would think the reverse would be true, to dissuade them from their sin and lead them to repentance so that they don't wind up in hell.
  • Wuerl claims he would like to avoid the "perception" of "accepting a definition of marriage and spouse contrary to faith".  In this case, "perception" is not the problem; it's the reality of the chancery's capitulation to gay-nazis' bastardization of "mowwidge.  If he really wants to avoid the "perception", he must rediscover the Faith and grow a backbone to defend Christ's teachings.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are not finished for there is more double-speak gobblygoop to decipher.

"The law of the land is the law of the land.  We certainly follow what the law says. That doesn’t mean we change the word of God. That doesn’t mean we change the scriptures, or the church’s millennia-long tradition of what marriage is... The Church has better things to do than spend millions of dollars on lawsuits.  The Church will abide by the law."
  • "The law of the land is the law of the land" says absolutely nothing.  It's like saying "the truck is the truck."  So what?
  • "We certainly follow what the law says.  That doesn't mean we change the word of God."  Well no.  But if the "law that you're following" is directly opposed to the Word of God, the act of following that law puts you in disobedience to the word of God.
  • "The Church has better things to do than spend millions of dollars on lawsuits."  So just put in that pinch of incense to the idols of the moment.  Is that how the Church Militant offers homage to the One True God?
  • "The Church will abide by the law."  Well, there you have it!  The stage for capitulation is set!
I wrote a few weeks ago how Cardinal Wuerl breathed down the neck of one of his priests who decried the #mowwidge nonsense from the State of Maryland.  Of course all this puts his maltreatment of Father Guarnizo in new light, doesn't it?

There are some courageous bishops who know their calling.  Recall Bishop Michael Jarrell and Bishop Edward Slattery.  I'll post more of these fine examples as I learn of them.

Fellow Catholics of the Archdiocese of Washington, please recall these posts the next time the Cardinal's Appeal rolls around.

Note - I was just reminded that the ADW cut spousal benefits in 2010.  However, one may well wonder if they are being reinstated.  If not, why the verbal gymnastics?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Priests Who Obey Canon 915 Put Gay-Pandering Chanceries To Shame And They Lash Back With Vengeance

In a case very reminiscent to the situation that happened in my own parish in February 2012, a priest of the Diocese of Baton Rouge denied Holy Communion to a man who is living in #mowwidge last week.  As in the case of Father Guarnizo who denied Holy Communion to a flagrant lesbian, he too was tossed under the bus by his local bishop.  There was a write-up in a local paper about the matter; Father Z does an excellent job of dissecting the journalistic goop.

Church Militant TV has an article on the matter.  In the article it is alleged that the Archdiocese of New Orleans issued an apology to the sodomite although it has not released a statement.  Unfortunately it is established fact that the Diocese of Baton Rouge did reprimand Father Mark Beard's obedience to Canon 915.  Again this hearkens back to what happened in the Archdiocese of Washington three years ago, as chronicled in the first hyperlink.

From the statements about the apologies, I gather that the Diocese of Baton Rouge is within the deanery of the Archdiocese of New Orleans.  Church Militant TV reported that the Archdiocese of New Orleans has quite a gay-infestation problem of its own.  They have screen shots of the page explicitly condoning gay sex.  CMTV reports that the site was recently taken down.  However, that occurred only after several Catholic sites correctly stated that the New Orleans page overtly condoned mortal sin.  The archdiocesan spokesperson said "an unauthorized individual" posted the material, but answered no questions as to the fate of this alleged scapegoat.  I wonder, too, how long had the material been there.  Are we to believe that not one single person in that entire archdiocese knew about that problem and did not raise their voice?  I'm sure at least one person did - and was summarily dismissed.  They took it down only because they were embarrassed into doing so.  Their unauthorized person should be fired, as should be the spokesperson of the Diocese of Baton Rouge; if they oppose Catholic moral teaching, they've no business earning their livings off the Church.

Today's Vortex touches on this matter.

Another High-Ranking Planned Parenthood Doctor Caught Dealing For Babies' Bodies

Last week the Center for Medical Progress released a video showing that Dr. Deborah Nucatola dealt in parts from bodies of aborted babies.  Today they released another video showing that yet another Planned Parenthood doctor doing the same thing.  Watch the video below.  She too admits to tailoring abortion procedures to get marketable "specimens" from the children that they murder.

This one is Dr. Mary Gatter, President of the Planned Parenthood Medical Directors' Council.  Towards the end she jokes about getting enough from selling the poor babies to buy a Lamborghini.  Until now, I never heard of the thing.  I just googled it and it is a luxury Italian sports car.  That would require quite a few "30 pieces of silver" to get one of those things so that requires quite a bit of bloodshed to purchase.

Watch it, and notice how Cecile Richards is shown to be the leader of liars and murderers.  I wouldn't be a bit surprised if more videos are to come.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Argentine Cardinal Ravasi Committed Idolatry Last November

Rorate Caeli (ht, by the way!) has the article - along with video - of Cardinal Ravasi doing homage to an animist "goddess".  What a travesty to see a Prince of the Church commit a mortal sin of idolatry, in the name of misguided "ecumenism".  I use the word "idolatry" for that is what it is - a sin against the First Commandment, committed in public by a cardinal no less.

Ravasi is also president of the Pontifical Council for Culture.  If that phrase sounds familiar, it's because that office spewed forth the "bimbo video" and the "bsdm art".  Given the idolater that is at its helm, it's really no wonder that such vomit was spewed forth from that council.  Please note that both those travesties were publicized shortly after Ravasi committed the very public idolatry.

Is all this part and parcel of the "maturation" that the pope wants us to undergo?

Cardinal Pell Makes Plain Why Laudato Si Should Not Be Taken As Teaching

Cardinal Pell is to be commended for reminding the world that the Church cannot pronounce infallibly on matters of empirical science, or economics for that matter, because Our Lord has not granted her any mandate to do so.  She may teach infallibly on matters of faith and morals - but that's it.  All other matters are left to prudential judgment, given the parameters of faith and morals.  The encyclical makes pretentious claims that the "science" and "economics" promoted therein are the will of God; again that's impossible for those fields are not within the Church's competence.  One immediate outcome will be the reduction of credibility that will be ascribed when the pope does speak on matters of faith and morals, for people might understandably think that if the pope can botch up matters of science and economics in an encyclical (and he has!), why should they believe him when he speaks on matters of faith and morals?  Yes, such thinking would be erroneous and cannot be condoned, but the mess that is Laudato Si renders it understandable.

No doubt Cardinal Pell sees the potential for such real damage that Laudato Si will wreak (see here and here).  It is filled with progressive screed that not only was inspired by the rantings of Sachs and Shnellnhuber, but perhaps are the prattling of the same.  You'll notice that in the first half of the thing.  Here is a collection of my posts on LS; in those posts is a link to the English translation of the document.

The Catholic World Report recently put out a piece that takes issue with the faulty economics that are peppered throughout Laudato Si.  In Laudato Si, the pope raises the same alarmist tocsins regarding the "scarcity" of resources.  Now here's a salient point that CWR raises: "If the pope and others are ringing alarm bells, at times they seem to underestimate the creative power of human intelligence and freedom in the face of extreme scarcity of resources."  Many, if not all, progressives seem to think of man as being a mere consumer.  They fail, or more aptly, refuse to recognize that human labor and ingenuity is probably the most valuable resource imaginable.  That is why they are constantly kvetching for "population control" along with the abortion, contraception and sterilization that they think is necessary to attain "sustainable development".  That is why the "Sachs and Schnellnhuber" cabal seek to bring in others of their mindset such as Noami Klein.

This week's Catholic Standard had as its theme "preparation for the Pope's visit".  One "suggested activity" was to read Laudato Si.  I agree that it should be read so that all might see for themselves that it is permeated with progressive venom.  It is not in keeping with the traditions of our Church and must be both refused and resisted.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Yet Another Vatican Conference Will Promote Climate-Change Junk Science And Population Control

From the Catholic News Agency, we read that this conference will occur next week, July 21-22.  Ostensibly its purpose is to demonstrate a linkage between "climate change" and slavery.  Well, I daresay other linkages are made even more manifest by this conference.  The title of the conference is one indicator.  "Modern Slavery and Climate Change: the Commitment of the Cities" is the title of the workshop in question that will be held during the conference entitled "Prosperity, People and Planet: Achieving Sustainable Development in Our Cities".  The conference is sponsored by (surprise!) the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

Let's focus on the conference title for now.  What two words indicate the underlying agenda with all this?  Sustainable Development!  We've seen that lots of times over the past few months, have we not?  Back in April, this same Pontifical Academy of Sciences hosted another symposium to prepare for the disastrous Laudato Si; the report produced therein specifically called for "reaching a level and sustainable population".  Recall that just after the release of Laudato Si, the Apostolic Nuncio to the UN gave the Vatican's formal approval to "the verbatim inclusion of the sustainable development goals and targets" of the UN.  That means that the Vatican has given approval for the usage of abortion, contraception and sterilization to accomplish those ends.  Oh sure, there might be the statements here and there decrying abortion, but they are far outweighed by the more insidious promulgation of concepts such as "climate change" and "sustainable development".

We also must consider whom the pope is taking into his confidence.  We've seen him include in various deliberations and conferences notorious "population control" advocates such as Jeffrey Sachs, Hans Schnellnhuber and others.  I point out that Schnellnhuber was recently appointed by the pope to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.  Can anyone doubt that he had much to do with the putrid output of these symposiums and conferences?

I wrote a piece two months ago explaining how I see the "smoke of satan"entering the Church through a number of specific avenues; one of them is climate change, but they all seem to dovetail into each other.  We also see how the "climate change" hoax makes it easy for guilty parties to excuse their enabling of the gay agenda.

Almost two years ago I wrote of a pastor within the Archdiocese of Washington who publicly announced that he condoned homosexual conduct while counseling Catholics.  At that time I wondered aloud if he would be allowed to continue in his post, where he posed a danger to souls.  Lo and behold, this week's issue of the Catholic Standard indicates that he still holds his post.  Not only that, but the Standard is holding Father Daly and his parish up as examples.  Why?  Because they've "gone green"!  In Father's words, it's part of "a living faith".  So, never mind about the souls of the poor homosexuals who need the truth of Jesus Christ and His sacramental graces.  As long as the parish and pastor are "green" (and don't you just love his green cap?), who care about souls going to hell?

Remember - Laudato Si and the proceeds from these junk-summits do not stem from dogma.  They fall within the realm of "prudential judgment" at best.  Truth be told, the level of "prudence" isn't that high, as these things do reek of progressivism.  We are not required, as faithful Catholics, to give assent to them.  I'll leave you with two things: the first is an excellent article by John Zmirak.  The second is a link to some very relevant entertainment for a Friday evening.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Franklin Graham Tells Truth About Fate Of Unrepentant Sinners

In light of the blitzkrieg attack that the gay-nazis and their progressive cronies are waging upon Jesus Christ and His Church vis-a-vis #mowwidge and the celebration of sexual perversion, I'd suggest we all listen to the words of Rev Franklin Graham.  He spells out the truth when he says that those who engage in such sins risk eternal hell fire.

Many should hear and obey it.  That is doubly true for those who've received the Sacrament of Holy Orders and are commissioned to preach the truth.  Sadly, too many of them demure from their task and even punish those priests who courageously endeavor to do so.  That means you, Cardinals Wuerl and Dolan!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Congress To Investigate Planned Parenthood In Wake Of Video Revelations

In the wake of the video that showed Planned Parenthood to deal in body parts from the babies it murdered, the United States House of Representatives - from John Boehner on down - announced that it will be investigating Planned Parenthood.  As the video states, the trafficking in baby body parts is illegal on many fronts, let alone an exercise in pure callousness towards innocent children.

The House's actions echo those of Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry and Ted Cruz.  I think it worth mentioning that some credit goes to Christian Defense Coalition, Operation Rescue, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust and Created Equal for bringing the matter to the steps of the Capitol.

A word about StemExpress, the "partner" that Nucatola named in the video.  To the right is a picture of their Linkedin page.  You'll notice that it cites a web page for the organization.  HOWEVER, the site is now defunct!  Like Nucatola, they are now in "damage control" mode.  Their address is still known so I'm sure subpoenas can still be served, if Congress is so inclined.

Still, much can be found by googling StemExpress.  Its CEO (at least in 2014) is one Cate Dyer.  See here and here.  As more is found, I'll post.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Planned Parenthood Blatantly Admits It Sells Parts From Babies' Bodies

A top Planned Parenthood doctor has been caught on video admitting that Planned Parenthood sells organs and other parts of babies that they murder.  She states plainly that she tailors her own abortion techniques to derive specific organ samples from her murder victims.  The doctor's name is Deborah Nucatola.  Her card is to the right.  As she speaks in the video about her murder techniques, one can imagine her sharing a pint with nazi doctors of a few generations ago.

Some are calling this revelation "breaking".  It isn't; we've known for years that abortionists were selling baby body parts.  However, this may be the first time a major abortion perpetrator has admitted to the practice.  Planned Parenthood has entered into damage-control mode; I understand that Nucola's twitter page has been deactivated.

Both Bobby Jindal and Ted Cruz announced initiatives to investigate Planned Parenthood for their engagement in this practice.  Where are all the other political leaders - that is, the ones who aren't already in the pockets of Planned Parenthood?

Here is the video, courtesy of Center for Medical Progress.

Just Another Liberal Maryland Pol Showing The Mind-Rotting Effects Of Liberalism

Her name is Ariana Kelly, a Democrat from Bethesda - one of the most liberal areas of Montgomery County.  She represents District 16 and I understand that she is one of the several candidates vying for the seat that Chris Van Hollen will vacate when he runs for Barbara Mikulski's US Senate seat.  A glance at her campaign page reveals endorsements from a gaggle of amoral progressives: Equality Maryland, SEIU, NARAL, etc.

Today the Washington Post revealed that in late June Kelly was arrested outside the home of her ex-husband on charges of trespass and indecent exposure.  When police arrived, the ex showed the officers cell-phone video of her antics.  When the officer asked her to leave or be arrested, she chose arrest.  It is said that she'll be "aggressively disputing" the charges.  Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth an encyclopedia.

The article mentions that Kelly is a member of a legislative task force that is "studying maternal mental health issues".  Is she the lab specimen for this study?

When primary day arrives for Maryland, will the voters of that area remember this incident and/or will they really care?  If the answer to either of these questions is "no", that will say far more about the liberal brain-rot that infests much of lower Montgomery County' population than it will about Kelly herself.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Pope Francis Is Keeping The Blasphemous Bauble From Bolivia

As per his usual habit, the pope gave an interview during his plane trip from Bolivia back to the Vatican.

I'll start by providing a treat to my trolls and scolds who wax apoplectic when I point out the errors emanating from Pope Francis on an almost daily basis.  When they're not avoiding me, these "tut-tut-ers" wag their fingers and chide me for being "negative" (note that they don't accuse me of being factually incorrect, just "mean-spirited" and "negative").

Well, guess what?  Thanks to Crud, I can actually agree with the pope on something!  Responding to a question on the Greek economic situation, Crud states and I quote,  "The pontiff began by admitting he’s been “allergic” to economics since he was a boy. He said his father, an accountant, would bring the ledgers of the factory where he worked home with him on weekends, and the future pope found them mysterious.  “I don’t understand it very well,” he said."  AMEN!

We also read, The pontiff acknowledged that his commentary on the economy tends to focus on the poor rather than the middle class, insisting that the poor are at the heart of the Christian Gospel. However, he called the imbalance “an error of mine” and said reconsidering it is “something I need to do.”  DOUBLE-AMEN!

Enough of that.  Let's look at other things. The remarks above had to do (somewhat) with the flawed economic principles underlying the address about which I commented a few days ago.  I had done a little bit of a "word-count" exercise.  Vox Cantoris did more, and nicely pointed out the heresy of liberation theology that ran rampant through the address.

The matter of the blasphemous "crucifix" was clarified during the interview.  I say "clarified" for he made plain (once again) his approval of the piece of trash art, calling it "protest art".  Both One Peter Five and Rorate Caeli delve into the matter; rather than "reinvent the wheel" I link to their excellent pieces.

I will say this, though.  There are some who seem to believe that by laying the monstrosity at the feet of a statue of Mary, that he was "cleverly" entrusting her to deal with the blasphemy.  With all due respect, that theory makes no sense whatsoever.  If that were truly the pope's intention, that would be classified as the quintessential cop-out.  He is the Vicar of Christ.  It would be his solemn duty to point out, in no uncertain terms, why that thing is blasphemy.  He'd have no business trying to punt his responsibility to the Blessed Mother.  "Here, mother!  You take out the trash!"  No, no, no!  That doesn't cut it by any stretch of the imagination!

But we now know that it wasn't the pope's intention at all.  In addition to waxing lyrical about Father Espinal and his embrace of marxism, the pope stated that he was bringing the disgusting bauble with him back to the Vatican.  Will that, like the beach ball, find its way to an altar?

Sunday, July 12, 2015

More On The Blasphemy From Bolivia

This past Friday I wrote a bit about the blasphemous "crucifix" offered to the Pope by Bolivian president Evo Morales.  In the blogosphere there was doubt as to whether or not the Pope looked favorably upon that monstrosity.  Subsequent events indicate that he did.

The pope also gave an address to a summit of "social justice" activists.  The full text can be found on Whispers In The Loggia.  This blogger points out that this address of the pope was actually written out, complete with footnotes; it's not just some "off-the-cuff" production.  I urge you to read it.  Quite frankly, it resembles something we might have expected at some community-organizing ACORN convention.

In the first section, he asks a series of questions, each starting with the phrase "do we realize that something is wrong" then names some social ills.  None of these questions touches upon the millions of unborn children being slaughtered in the womb.  We see no mention of the ever-increasing usage of contraception and sterilization.  Neither do we see any mention of the homosexual assault upon marriage.  Of all the things that the pope lists as "intolerable" these mortal sins should top the list, for in addition to endangering the souls of all who commit these sins, they also undermine the moral underpinnings of any society, regardless of the economic condition of that society.

What you have here is a thinly-disguised commercial for Laudato Si and for world-wide government - a socialistic one at that.  Time had some commentary on this exchange.  Yes the author is waxing lyrical about the progressive elements in the events of that day.  Sadly I can understand how she would draw such conclusions.

There is a rather distasteful twist to the bauble saga.  Before he left Bolivia, he placed the "hammer/sickle crucifix" and its matching medal at the foot of a statue of Our Lady.  It would have been far more appropriate to lay these abominations in the nearest trash can.  So now not only is Jesus blasphemed but His mother is similarly mocked as well.

It now seems that what we once thought were simply unfortunate gaffes and media spins were in fact representative of what the progressives in the Vatican really want - and that probably includes the pope!  We do have Christ's promise that the pope will never solemnly promulgate error, but that doesn't mean havoc cannot otherwise be wreaked.  Pray, frequent the Sacraments and study the traditions of our faith.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Some Food For Thought

This address was given shortly before #mowwidge was given faux-legitimacy by the Supreme Court.  Is the demise of the United States - and western civilization - now written in stone?  A large part of that answer lies in whether or not the Catholics in the pew wake up, pray, repent and act.

Pope Francis And The Bolivian Blasphemy

By now most of us are aware that when Pope Francis visited Bolivia, the president, Evo Morales presented to him some bauble that can only be called blasphemous.  A "hammer and sickle crucifix" was hung about his neck and he was presented a mock "crucifix" showing Our Lord crucified upon the hammer and sickle combination that is the symbol of modern communism.  Yes, it's the same design that was on the flag of the former Soviet Union.  The Catholic blogosphere was abuzz with the news and subsequent commentary.  I remained silent for some of the accounts of the pope's reaction were mutually contradictory.

One Peter Five goes into an analysis of the situation.  Some others had opined that the pope voiced disapproval of that "gift".  However, there was examination of both the video and the audio of that exchange.  It appears that the pope did not disapprove of it at all.  In fact, he posed for photos while he was holding it.  The Gateway Pundit has video of the exchange on its site.  They also report the resultant Vatican damage-control spin, saying that the exchange "represents dialogue and commitment to freedom and progress".  History proves that "freedom" and "socialism" are mutually exclusive.

Even that pales in comparison with the blasphemy that was presented to Pope Francis.  And why did a socialist dare to present that crap to this pontiff?  I daresay that he wouldn't have dared to present it to either of the previous two pontiffs.

I suppose the blasphemous trash is accurate in one respect.  Millions upon millions of Christians were slaughtered by communists.  Perhaps we can bear that in mind as we look upon Jesus impaled on the symbols of that demon-spawned mindset.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Missing The Mark On The Definition Of Marriage

Father Marcel Guarnizo recently released an article detailing his thoughts on Obergefell v Hodges in particular and why many good Catholics are losing the battle in part due to faulty understanding of what constitutes marriage.  I won't rehash Father's article on this post, but urge all to study it as it appears on the Pewsitter site.  Reverend Franklin Graham also offered his own reflections on marriage. The tweets by Graham were written before the ruling was announced but they still are relevant as they hearken back to marriage as God ordained it when He created Adam and Eve.  These two men do understand the issues at play here and sound the clarion call to recall the true definitions of marriage as a divinely ordained institution.

In contrast are some very pathetic instances of dissembling of clergymen before the onslaughts of the gay-nazis.  For some, they are quite blatant about their approval of mortal sin.  Others seem to display mere cowardice and/or stupidity; hopefully that display is not merely a smoke screen to camouflage their own approval of depravity.
  • On Fox News a few days ago, their in-house Catholic commentator, Father Jonathan Morris uttered sheer nonsense when he said that county clerks could issue marriage licenses to sodomites without incurring sin themselves.  If signing a marriage license for a sinful situation is not formal and material cooperation with mortal sin, what is?  Father Morris has a sister, a lesbian, who is in a #mowwidge relationship.
  • Father Guarnizo pointed out the error in making the procreation of children a focus during the Supreme Court arguments.  Some clergy have gotten even sloppier, framing the issue as merely one of religious freedom.  In other words, they are more concerned with threats to their own liberties (and yes, they are real threats), than they are about the inherent offense to God.  Take for example this statement from an Alabama priest.
  • Then we have this disgusting situation from Fordham University, a Jesuit institution in New York.  "Jesuit" and "New York" are indeed harbingers of disaster.  The chair of the theology department entered into a #mowwidge with his sodomite accomplice.  Rather than fire him, the school administration has extended to him and his "husband" the typical wedding wishes.  The sodomites conducted their #mowwidge in an Episcopal Church where the sodomite accomplice is a (sit down!) youth minister!  I'm sure Georgetown University is jealous of Fordham, but I digress.
We have so much gay rot in the Church it's no wonder why we can't withstand the assaults from without.  Before we address the culture at large, we have so much house-cleaning to do first.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

What Are You Doing About The Impending KofC Rosensteel Debacle?

Last week I wrote about an impending scandalous situation at Knights of Columbus in Silver Spring Maryland.  The event is scheduled for August 8th.  I've contacted several officials there; the feedback I've been getting is that they intend to allow this event to proceed.

I'm troubled by that, but I'm more troubled by the silence from those whom I thought would be zealous for the honor of the Knights and for the Church.  In my last post I provided contact information for all to register their protests. I must ask if that has been done.  I realize that some may be reticent to act, since this situation is "in our back yards" and implicates friends, colleagues, etc. Perhaps they are cowed by the specter of gay-nazi retribution.  They may hope that this will "fall by the wayside", "blow over", "be forgotten", etc. Well, guess what?

While I draw the breath of life, that won't happen!  We will face this!  We will deal with this!  Get used to it!

If some of us lack the will, determination and discipline to face this now, we will not withstand the tyranny when it literally comes to bash down our own doors.  Again, I beg you to take the recommended actions - or your own - now.

The Pope's Remarks To Charismatics A Few Days Ago

First a word of "personal disclosure".  For most of my young adulthood I was involved in the Catholic "charismatic renewal"; more specifically I was affiliated with Mother of God Community headquartered in Gaithersburg.  I am now an "ex-charismatic", to coin a term, and some reasons will be made clear.

At an address to a charismatic convocation in St. Peter's Square a few days ago, the pope uttered this statement: "It is preferable that every service, even in the Church, come to an end. There should be no lifelong leader. This happens in some countries ruled by a dictatorship."  IF he merely meant to refer to leadership as found in charismatic groups, I'll be the first to cry "AMEN!"  Let me provide a little "history-refresher".  During the mid 1990s, many of the charismatic groups, under leaders who firmly ensconced themselves into their positions, claiming divine unction in so doing, became cults (see right side-bar, to the bottom).  They utilized thought-reform techniques on their members; most members, not being schooled in psychology, fell victim to these techniques.  This was doubly true of younger members; I was among that number.  But eventually some members snapped out of it and took matters up with their bishops and the press.  This happened nationwide.  For Mother of God Community, that saga was chronicled in a series of articles found at Washington Post.  Normally I don't ascribe much credence to things proceeding from the Post, but I can attest to what was written therein based on my own 20+ years of first-hand experience.  I urge its review, for those who refuse to learn from history will repeat it.

If you read the series, you'll see that the problems stemmed largely from a stubbornly-entrenched leadership.  While our situation was playing out, so were several other situations across the country.  I'd not be surprised if this happened world-wide.  In this context, the pope's remarks are understandable.  I do wonder about the "every service" part, for that language does encompass the papacy itself, regardless of intentions.  Given past miscues, I'm not inclined to just write it off to sloppy verbal presentation.  Was he utilizing a very real problem in recent history to undermine the life-long office of the Vicar of Christ?

We now move to another part of this address.  Speaking of the murders of Christians in the mid-east, he says, "If the enemy unites us in death who are we not to be united in life?"  First, our enemies don't "unite" us in anything.  Their murderous acts do not arbitrate who is Christian and who isn't.  What I just said is not intended as a judgment on those murdered, but merely to disavow us of the notion that muslim terrorist attacks determine our unity.  Second, how does real unity come about?  Through common belief in objective truth, namely, belief in the fullness of truth contained in the Roman Catholic Church.  There is no "short-cut" when it comes to unity. We don't just decide to "be united" and lickety-split, there unity is.  We Catholics must proclaim the truths of our faith and then others must accept them.  Without that, there is no basis to even pretend at unity, muslim terrorists notwithstanding.  By the way: in interests of "unity" and "ecumenism" we American Catholics backpedaled from preaching the fullness of our Faith to non-Catholic Americans.  That is why abortion, contraception and homosexuality are running rampant through our culture at this very moment.

Pray and offer sacrifices for Holy Mother Church.  Until she's set aright, I cannot see how there will be a channel for God's grace in a world that desperately needs Him.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

On July 4, 2015 - As Clouds Darken Our National Horizon

Let's not kid ourselves.  Because we, as a nation, have rejected God and disobeyed His laws, particularly those laws touching upon marriage, sexuality and family life, we have incurred His wrath and are now beginning to experience the ramifications.  The time is late.  We need to sober up and recall the One who made us and for Whom we are made.  Not only is our nation in peril but civilization in general, with many souls in danger of hell.

Some passages from Scripture (Douay-Rheims) that are most appropriate for today:

2 Chronicles 7:14  "And my people, upon whom my name is called, being converted, shall make supplication to me, and seek out my face, and do penance for their most wicked ways: then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins and will heal their land."

Joel 2:12  "Now therefore saith the Lord: Be converted to me with all your heart, in fasting, and in weeping, and in mourning."

Come home to Jesus Christ in His One True Church.  Go to Confession.  Receive Holy Communion as often as you can (provided you are in a state of grace and have fasted properly).  Pray the Rosary.  Speak out when you see evil.  Time is running short.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Vatican's Flirtation With Climate Change Leads To More Squalid Associations

Almost two months ago, I wrote of "the smoke of Satan" infiltrating the Catholic Church.  As you read the first post in that anthology, you'll notice that there are a number of avenues by which progressivism and by extension, Satan, is insinuating his anti-God agenda into the minds of Catholic leaders; I regret to say that evidence indicates that some of his nefarious ideas are seemingly being entertained by the pope.  Obviously with the Obergefell v Hodges ruling, our attention has been focused on the second bullet point.  However much has been happening with regards to the first and fourth points.

Again we owe much gratitude to the Lepanto Institute for smoking out some "smoke of Satan".  They discovered that within days of the issuance of Laudato Si, Archbishop Bernardito Auza, Aposotoic Nuncio to the UN, gave formal approval to the "Sustainable Development" goals of the United Nations.  The official Vatican statement, made on behalf of Pope Francis, stated, "We support the verbatim inclusion of the sustainable development goals and targets as in the Report of the OWG (Open Working Group)."  We all know what that term "verbatim" means in this context; the Vatican has put its stamp of approval to all the sustainable development goals; that includes "sexual and reproductive rights".  Of course that means contraception, sterilization and abortion.

Read the Lepanto article for more detail.  I do have one minor disagreement with Lepanto.  Towards the end, they opine that the archbishop and the pope don't understand the ramifications of the sustainable development goals.  I believe the only way that could possibly be true if both the pope and this archbishop were absolutely clueless dunderheads.  Can we believe that without being simpletons ourselves?  Of course not: not when "sustainable development" and various synonyms are splattered all throughout Laudato Si itself.

But there is evidence to make clear that the Vatican, all the way to the pope, understand very well what is entailed by the phrase "sustainable development".  A key component of that evidence is the plethora of progressives and anti-life personalities who, at the behest of the Vatican, are providing input to the "climate change" initiatives of the Vatican: Ban Ki-Moon, Jeffrey Sachs, Hans Schnellnhuber.  It seems that this evidence is growing before our very eyes.

Word now comes to us via Catholic News Agency that yet another such individual will be working with Cardinal Turkson.  She is Naomi Klein and she describes herself as a "secular Jewish feminist".  She states that she was "surprised" to be invited to speak at a Vatican environmental summit.  Well, many of us share her surprise, albeit for different reasons.  She clearly has Marxist leanings (like so many in the Vatican these days) and has gone so far as to support the Occupy movement.

We clearly are getting an unambiguous picture of the attitudes of many in the Vatican when it comes to population control.  Whether they intend it or not, they are lending credibility to baby murder.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Derelict Bishops And Sodomy Supremacy

This week's Mic'd Up is titled "Sodomy Supremacy".  Michael Voris and his crew were at the steps of the Supreme Court when the Obergefell v Hodges ruling was announced.  At 3:20 he asked "where was the Archdiocese of Washington DC?"  He was shocked at their absence.  I'm not.  In fact, I rejoice that they weren't there for some of them might well have joined in the jubilation of #mowwidge being deemed a "civil right".

Prior to that Voris had spoken earlier of corrupt clergy softening the minds and morals of Catholics with thinly-disguised heresy.  But here in the Archdiocese of Washington it's been worse than that under the tenures of Cardinals Wuerl and McCarrick.  I wrote a post about this Wednesday after I became aware of a slap-down received by a faithful priest within this Archdiocese; and this is a recent event.  I had also reminded all of the despicable way that the Archdiocese treated Father Marcel Guarnizo.  I had linked the post to my Facebook page and received a comment from a friend relating how two other priests were similarly mistreated by Wuerl: one in this archdiocese and the other in Pittsburgh.  For the high crime and misdemeanor of preaching against immorality they were forced to undergo "psychological evaluation".  Fortunately they are now reincardinated in more deserving dioceses.  I am aware of a priest who was silenced after he had the audacity to teach classes on Humanae Vitae; as he is still in this diocese as a priest I'll give no further details.  So that makes five priests - and those are only the ones of whom we are aware.

Anyway, please watch the video.  I'll put up more commentary later as time permits.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

#Mowwidge And Cardinal Wuerl

In the Vortex from Monday June 29, Michael Voris laments the abysmal dereliction of duty displayed by Catholic bishops over the past few decades.  We know they haven't (by and large) spoken forcefully against moral evils such as homosexual conduct.  But the situation is even worse than Voris presents.  At 0:44 he asks, "where have her leaders been?"  Well, not only have the bishops been awol, but some of them have actually punished their priests for speaking out against homosexuality and other grave evils.

I've written before about the horrid treatment dished out to Father Marcel Guarnizo by the Archdiocese - no doubt ordered by Cardinal Wuerl.  My blogging colleague at Les Femmes informs us all that Cardinal Wuerl struck again very recently at a priest who publicly preached against #mowwidge.  So now is anyone surprised at his own pathetic statement in the face of Obergefell v Hodges?

Getting back to this latest punishment of a good priest, I believe I know the identity of this priest and will be keeping an eye on things.  So to the archdiocesan personnel who've been assigned to monitor this blog, would you please tell your higher-ups to cease hindering priests from fulfilling their divinely-mandated mission to save souls?

Now the video.

Why #mowwidge Will Never Cut It

An excellent video.