Friday, February 26, 2021

The So-Called Equality Act

The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives voted to pass the so-called "Equality Act".  As LifeSiteNews said, what it does is rewrite the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include LGTBQ delusions as protected classes.  It certainly does that; here's the text so you can see for yourselves.

The LifeSiteNews piece lays out quite well just why this bill portends great danger to those of us who take seriously God's laws regarding marriage, sexuality, life and family, as well as our ability to proclaim other truths of our faith without fear of reprisals.

Unless it can be stopped in the Senate, this thing will become the law of the land.  Given the Supreme Court's abysmal patterns of behavior recently, I've no special confidence that challenges to this law will be upheld.  Elections have consequences.  There was fraud this past November, but I am still aware of those who call themselves pro-life who either didn't vote or actually cast votes for Biden.  These people need to do some serious soul-searching and repentance and then work with us to rectify these wrongs.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Our Action Required - Another Actual Priest Thrown Under The Bus In The Archdiocese Of Washington

Thanks to Canon 212, I became aware of this situation in La Plata, MD.  Father Larry Swink, pastor of Sacred Heart parish, came to the defense of a pro-life student at Archbishop Neale school in Port Tobacco who was being bullied in the school for his pro-life stance.  Let that sink in for a moment.  The student was being bullied in a Catholic school for being pro-life.  

The parents of the bullies didn't take too kindly to Father putting a stop to the marauding of their darling little hellions.  They complained to the Archdiocese of Washington.  So what did the progressives at the ADW do?  Without so much as a decent hearing (hmm... sound familiar?), they barred Father Swink from the school.

A petition has been started to get the archdiocese to reconsider their actions.  The archdiocese really needs to stop undermining the One True Faith, starting at the top, meaning Cardinal Gregory himself.  Please go to that link and sign it, and then alert others to do so.

One might ask why I'd be inclined to believe the narrative as stated on the petition page.  It's very simple.  What happened in La Plata is typical of what's been happening in the Archdiocese of Washington for years now.  As Cardinal Wuerl behaved towards Father Guarnizo, so does Cardinal Gregory behave towards Father Swink.

Gregory joins Cupich in claiming that the USCCB was incorrect to highlight Biden's pro-abortion stance.  Remember when Gregory waxed so indignant when President Trump visited the JPII Center?  Get a gander of this picture of him presiding at a Mass with Pelosi as lector; the Mass, by the way, was a public funeral for pro-abortion Cokie Roberts.  This is blatant episcopal hypocrisy.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

John Sweeney - God Have Mercy On His Soul

John Sweeney, former president of both the AFL-CIO and SEIU, passed away on Feb 1st.  A picture from the Baltimore Catholic Review shows him receiving the Medal of Freedom from the Messiah Most Miserable.  Perhaps this is one of the many reasons why?

One of my first forays into street activism was a picket of a Catholic Charities gala at which Sweeney was being honored.  At the time he was still president of the AFL-CIO.  Ostensibly that union fought for the rights of workers - but they were for the slaughter of the unborn babies of those workers.  While he was president, the union demanded of employers that they include contraception coverage.  Their webpage linked directly to that of the NOW.  Of course the Review would jibber-jabber about Sweeney's faith and how it educated his labor advocacy while ignoring Sweeney's defiance of the Church's laws regarding contraception and the rights of unborn children.

By the way - if you read my other posts regarding Sweeney, you will notice that now-disgraced Theodore McCarrick was quite chummy with Sweeney.  McCarrick was present at that gala that we picketed.  He must have felt bad about the reception that we gave Sweeney so he decided to honor Sweeney later.  We picketed that event, too! 

The Catholic News Service piece was also published in the Catholic Standard.

The Lunatics Start Wrecking The Asylum

Now that Pelosi and company have once again utterly failed in their mockery of an impeachment, they can once again give the business to, uh, I mean, do the business of the nation.  Ahem!

Important aside.  I mentioned "mockery of an impeachment", not actual impeachment.  Impeachment, by constitutional definition (article 2, section 4), is removal from office.  But Trump was already removed from office by the rather questionable election.  There is no constitutional provision for impeachment of a private citizen.  They failed - again - to get the 2/3 of the Senate to vote him guilty.

So what pressing issues now occupy the insipid intrepid leadership of Congress?  Well, we have the "No Glory for Hate Act" put forth by Linda Sanchez D-CA.  Claiming erroneously and disingenuously that Trump was impeached twice (again, that second side-show was NOT an impeachment and he was acquitted both times), she crafted this poop to state that it is forbidden that statues, monuments, etc be created in Trump's honor using federal funds.

Hmm..  I wonder how some of these funds would now be used?  Why, Sheila Jackson Lee is putting through a reparations bill to provide "appropriate remedies" to slavery and discrimination dating back hundreds of years.  So who will pay all that?  We the taxpayers will!  I'd be willing to bet that in that regard, there will be no bias whatsoever; we'll all pay, regardless of race and/or ethnicity.

By the way - have you noticed that gas prices are rising, now that the pipeline is shut down and we're saddled with the Paris Climate hoax once again?  Just think!  This is only the first month of the Biden/Harris Debacle!  We've got four more years of this, two if we're lucky and can get Congress back in 2022.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Rush Limbaugh - Requiescat In Pace

Rush Limbaugh, long-time leading conservative talk-show host, passed away this morning after a year-long battle with stage-four lung cancer.  I first started listening to him on WMAL about 25 years ago.  He was a lone conservative voice in the midst of a liberal-dominated media mode.

His radio show, plus some of the smaller Catholic newspapers (such as Wanderer and Catholic Family News) existed some time before the internet became available.  They paved the way for those of us providing alternatives to the mainstream media and its leftwing slant.  Rush spoke truth to their falsehoods, often using cutting humor to make his points.  He grew in popularity with those of us who often thought ourselves alone in the liberal jungle.  For that, he was hated and vilified by the left-wing moguls who saw their holds on the populace being thus challenged and weakened.

When Bill Clinton took the White House in 1992 Limbaugh opened his show with the statement, "America held hostage for x amount off days" during Clinton's term.  In 1994, conservatives seized both the House and Senate, along with many state governor seats.  No doubt they were rallied in no small part by Limbaugh and some others who were coming on the scenes.

I don't believe Limbaugh was a saint; he had his flaws, as we all do.  While he voiced belief in God, I'm not sure he adhered to any particular denomination (please correct me if I'm mistaken).  That said, he was an example of someone with honesty and clear thinking being able to comprehend and appreciate natural law - hence his conservative and patriotic principles.  I don't think I'm alone among Catholics who will say that Limbaugh was more helpful to my thinking than many quisling prelates were.  Both Old and New Testaments are replete with accounts of God's people being assisted by non-believers of good will.

Let us pray that Limbaugh had the grace of final repentance and conversion before he died, as well as peace for his family.  Let us also pray for some progressives who are literally cackling in glee over his death, forgetting that death will one day come for them as it will for us all.

Today is Ash Wednesday.  We can now take this opportunity to ponder our own preparation for our end.  "Memento, homo, quia pulvis es, et in pulverim reverteris."

Monday, February 15, 2021

At Long Last! Gay-Coddling Father Muth Is Retiring! Deo Gratias!

It was just about a year ago when we learned that Father Joseph Muth, pastor of St Matthew's in Baltimore was asked/ordered to resign his position by Archbishop Lori.  He was supposed to be gone last September, but stayed on.  Of course covid was the excuse.

However, I was delighted to see, in the latest Baltimore Catholic Review, a list of parish assignments that makes official the retirement of Father Muth effective this coming July.  We pray that he will not be given free reign to continue his mischief, as is the unfortunate case with Washington's Father Peter Daley.  Rather, pray that Father Muth will be given the grace to repent and spend his remaining time on earth in prayer and penance for the harm he has done.

Father Muth will be replaced by Father Matthew Beuning.  Does anyone know his stances on the various issues?  I don't see how he can be as dissident as Father Muth.  That said, I pray that he has the fortitude to withstand any onslaughts that might be launched by the gay-pandering parishioners.  They were quite angry when Lori's first request was made known and I pray that Father Beuning will administer truth to these parishioners who desperately need it and who were ill-served by Father Muth.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Arizona Priest Rebukes Pro-Abortion Catholics In His Homily.

Last Sunday, in the Diocese of Phoenix, this homily was delivered by Father William Kosco.  Would that every parish had such homilies preached regularly.

Friday, February 12, 2021

Biden And JFK

Today's episode of the Anchor Team gives much-needed food for thought and some historical perspective on current events not only here, but throughout the world.

Monday, February 8, 2021

Left-Wing Agitators Threw A Tantrum In Dupont Circle This Past Saturday

 Originally billed as a "DC Queer and Trans Black History Month March and Rally" (Isn't that a mouthful?), a stomp down a Dupont Circle street got rather acrimonious.  Oh, what am I saying?  Of course it was "mostly peaceful" - of course!  At least they didn't throw things at people or start any fires (this time) but I understand there was some jostling with police and harassing of restaurant patrons.  But it was "mostly peaceful" jostling and harassing!  Got that talking point straight?

Apparently the little thug-darlings want to make sure they get their $2k stimulus checks (courtesy of us gainfully-employed people who pay taxes to fund their various stampedes).  They marched through the area chanting "if we don't get it, burn it down".  Thankfully they didn't burn anything, but we just know that had they done so, it would have been an act of "mostly peaceful" arson.

I don't watch mainstream news, so I'm curious as to how much coverage this latest BLM antic received.  My guess is, not a whole lot.  Had Trump's victory been formally acknowledged, I wager that this episode would have been trumpeted far and wide.

I wonder how many of these BLM types are beginning to realize that the Biden cartel played them for chumps?  See some coverage here and here.

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Friday, February 5, 2021

Covid - One Of The Punishments For The Pachamama Idolatry In The Vatican

Below is a Lepanto Institute podcast, wherein Michael Hichborn and Jim Maughan explain how today's calamities are most likely results, punishments if you will, for the pachamama being brought into the Vatican for idolatrous worship.  They point out how spiritual and societal deterioration have accelerated since the pachamama sacrileges, most notably the corona virus, the abject dereliction of duty on the part of Catholic clergy (more on that later) and the Democratic theft of the US presidential election.

During the covid pandemic, with a few exceptions, the Catholic bishops all over the world - and yes, that includes the pope - have been absolutely derelict in their duties to soldier through these conditions to provide the sacraments to the Catholics in their charge.  Instead, they have shuttered the churches and hidden themselves from their flocks.  Early on I thought that cowardice was the sole motivator behind their actions.  While that may have been partially true, I failed to consider the other key motivator behind many of their misdeeds throughout these past few decades - money.  Taylor Marshall, in this video, details how the US hierarchy collected billions of taxpayers' dollars via the PPP loans and stuffed them in their coffers.  Here is the AP article to which Marshall refers.  Among other things, Marshall points out how this can set a precedent for tax dollars to be diverted to churches, along the lines of Germany.

So here we see another facet of the corruption in the Church, and how it has at least been accelerated by idolatry within the walls of the Vatican.  Besides prayer, we must shine the light of truth on it so at least the perpetrators will have to operate under scrutiny.  Perhaps this is one reason why the pope has recently railed yet again against "fundamentalist" Catholics and the media outlets that they run. Archbishop Vigano is correct in pointing out how this pope directs harsh words against faithful, traditional Catholics while ignoring and even rewarding dissidents.  If he is lashing out so harshly against us, it can only mean that the truth is being heard.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

As Biden Plows Ahead With Pro-Abortion Orders, The Church Hierarchy Runs Interference For Him

President Plugs has been a busy little bee, signing the "executive orders" that his handlers have been placing before him.  Here is a list of them as of February 2; no doubt the list will be increasing as the days go by.  He also reversed the Mexico City Policy and restored funding to Planned Parenthood, meaning that our tax dollars will again go towards the slaughter of babies.

The progressives in Catholic circles aren't all that concerned about baby-slaughter, it would seem.  Indeed, there appears to be a "circling of the wagons" as it were, around Biden.  Bishop McElroy of San Diego decries "some bishops" making a "litmus test" out of abortion.  He criticizes them for making abortion the top priority in their evaluation of Biden.  He said, "if adopted, such a position will reduce the common good to a single issue".  McElroy refuses to consider that for 3500 babies every day, that single issue is all there is; no "common good" for them!  Of course, what they consider "common good" is itself debatable, but that's another post.  As you can imagine, McElroy has been mentioned several times on this blog.  Let's not forget also the fit that Cardinal Cupich pitched when the USCCB pointed out Biden's disregard of basic morality.  Not to be outdone, the nut nun on the buss Sister Simone Campbell praised Biden for having "a very developed approach" to abortion.  Very developed!  I wonder if she thinks Adolf Hitler had a "very developed approach" to relationships with Jews?

Now the Vatican itself is applauding Biden's actions on abortion.  We can only presume that it does so with the approval, if not the initiative, of Pope Francis.  This is being done by the misnamed John Paul II Pontifical Theological Institute for Marriage and Family Sciences.   After waxing lyrical about Biden's "social gospel" championing, they let loose with this whopper: "Defending the right to abortion does not mean defending abortion".  

Alrighty then!  Let's explore that line of thinking by some word substitution.  How about substituting "child rape" for "abortion" in that last quote?  Or maybe slavery?  At the very least, it seems that this "theological institute" itself may be defending the right to abortion.  But not abortion itself!  Got that?

Now we know who is running interference for Plugs - or attempting at least to do so.  

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

What's Up With March For Life?

Some time after Nellie Gray's death in 2012, I began to sense something amiss about March for Life, the apostolate that Nellie founded and guided from 1974 till her passing.  As I watched the video below, I could not help but recall one of Nellie's favorite slogans: "Not even a little bit of abortion!"  She approached this menace from a thorough, unapologetically Catholic perspective.  

As Nellie and her fellow board members got on in years, some of us wondered why new blood wasn't brought into her organization.  Well, perhaps now we can appreciate Nellie's hesitations, because the new blood that came in after her death has been a weaker, thinner blood type if you get my drift.  Not only do we see it in what Louie Verrecchio presents to us, but in the abject cowardice displayed in the cancellation of the March for Life this year.  During what other trying circumstance was a previous March canceled?  I cannot recall.

Again, please watch.  To get to the links he mentions, watch it also on the youtube page and the links will be there.  Here is The Hill article written by Carl Anderson.