Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Travesty Of Justice In DC As Pro-Lifers Immediately Incarcerated

A total of ten pro-life activists were charged under the FACE act for engaging in a "traditional" rescue at the Washington Surgi-Clinic operated by Cesare Santangelo several years ago.  Five of them, Lauren Handy, Heather Idoni, Will Goodman, John Hinshaw and Herb/Rosemary Geraghty were under trial this past week in Washington DC, a trial fraught with pro-abortion bias.  Today the verdict was handed down.  All five received guilty verdicts on all counts.  Because a violation of the FACE act is considered "violent", they were all immediately incarcerated.

Next week the others will stand trial.  They are Jonathan Darnel, Joan Bell, Jay Smith, Jean Marshall, Paulette Harlow.  We must keep them in prayer.  The judges in DC, in fact the whole "justice" system here is a bought-and-paid-for sham.  I understand that appeals are in the works.

Monday, August 28, 2023

Nevada Police - Showing The World How To Rectify Nonsense

After some "climate activists" decided to conduct a road-blocking temper tantrum in the middle of a major highway in Nevada, they received their comeuppance quite unmistakably.  The rest of the country could benefit from their example.

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

A Catholic Bishop Gives A Smack-Down To Sexual Perversion Agenda In His Schools

I speak of Bishop Robert McManus of the Diocese of Worcester in Massachusetts.   He directed that in the diocesan schools, students will conform to their biological genders.  That means no tweaking of pronouns, using the names given to them at birth, using the bathrooms assigned to their biological sexes, wearing the correct uniform of their gender and playing sports according to their sex at birth.

He's getting blowback of course.  After all this is Massachusetts.  Some state legislators are waxing indignant with his actions.  Where, oh where, is all this separation of church and state?  It seems like the libs drop that pretense when it suits them.

Please contact Bishop McManus here.  Thank him for his stance and assure him of your prayers.  You can bet that the alphabet crowd are yapping and yammering at him.

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Those Faithful To Tradition? Out! Pimps In The Vatican? Welcome!

I have just become aware of a situation in Arlington, Texas, where a monastery of Discalced Carmelite nuns are being harassed by the local bishop (diocese of Fort Worth).  This follows the pattern established by this pope of persecuting those orders faithful to the Traditional rites.  Apparently their property is not owned by the local church so the nuns have banned the bishop and his lackeys from coming onto their property.  See more detail here; within that page is a link to a statement issued by Archbishop Vigano who states his support for the nuns and their position.

Meanwhile in Canada, a former nun of the order of Dominicans of the Holy Spirit, founded by an ally of Archbishop Marcel LeFebvre, was dismissed by Cardinal Marc Ouellet.  The dismissal decree cited her "evil spirit" but gave no specific reasons for the allegation.  This occurred after an apostolic visit by an abbot close to Ouellet.  The prioress of the monastery is also allied with Ouellet.

Contrast these cases with the appointment of Eugenio Zaffaroni to a Vatican position to shill for unbridled immigration.  Like several others, he is an Argentine, as is Francis.  It was discovered that as recently as ten years ago, he was running a string of apartments that were used for prostitution.  To put it bluntly, he was a brothel pimp.  Now this isn't just a case of a shady character wheedling his way to the Vatican.  Unbridled immigration has been used as a cloak for sex trafficking.  Zaffaroni has ties to prostitution.  Connect the dots.

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Archdiocese of Washington's Director Of Evangelization - To What??

About four years ago, when Cardinal Gregory was just getting his feet wet in the Archdiocese of Washington, he held a meeting with young Catholics downtown.  Right off the bat he started singing the praises of Fortunate Families, an organization that facilitates the commission of homosexual perversions.  He was quite unabashed about it, and most likely still is.  Please watch that video.

LifeSiteNews broke a story about a rather prominent priest in this diocese, who is clearly moving up the echelons of ecclesial power.  He is Father Edgardo "Lalo" Jara.  He hails from Costa Rica and has been until recently stationed at St. Camillus in Hyattsville, a liberal parish if there was one.  Currently he occupies the position of Director of Evangelization and Parish Planning for the Archdiocese, among others.

LifeSiteNews reports a rather squalid association that Jara has with what is known as a "sexologist".  This individual, Margarita Murillo, also hails from Costa Rica.  She fancies herself to be an "expert in gender" and advocates for LGBT agenda and quite a bit of sexual perversion.  Among the perverted practices are contraception, masturbation and the use of sex toys.

From his website

Jara brought this woman to Catholic schools to spread her poison to children and to give a workshop on "healing sexuality".  Does that sound familiar?  Think Cardinal Kissy-Face!

Jara, advocating for mortal sin, urges us to "respect homosexuality" and not condemn it.  He urges parents not to change the channel if their children are watching two of the same sex engaging in kissing.  Hold that thought while I now switch focus to an unfolding situation in Montgomery County.

During the 2020-2021 school year, the Montgomery County School Board enacted its "Gender Support Plan".  Among the provisions of this thing is an explicit allowance for keeping parents in the dark regarding their children's misguided wishes to "transition".  Parents became alerted when they received notices that they would no longer be allowed to opt their children out of "gender identity lessons".  So far the courts have turned a deaf ear to them.

Montgomery County is within the Archdiocese of Washington.  Given that Jara disrespects parents who try to keep gay-affirming slop from their children, do you think these beleaguered parents can expect any support from the local chancery?  Neither do I!

We have here yet another reason not to give a penny to the Archdiocese and to homeschool our children.

Friday, August 11, 2023

More Satanic Slop From World Youth Debacle

My friend from Les Femmes has another picture of the "tuppernacle" that I reproduce below.  Notice the plant on top of it (and nothing should ever be atop Our Lord).  The very first thought that crossed my mind is the pachamama plant.  I cannot find a close-up of that thing to make sure, but given the machinations of this papacy and Vatican crew, I've no reason to believe otherwise.  Those young people in adoration are very sincere and most likely ignorant of the pachamama idolatry.  They are the ones being ill-served by that.

The young people were also poorly served just before the pope's final Mass at the World Youth Debacle.  The Mass was scheduled to begin at 9am.  Starting at 7am, a priest, Father Gilherme Peixoto, a self-styled "DJ priest", played rather weird "techno" music quite loudly, awakening many of the young people who were sleeping in front of the altar on the grounds.

LifeSiteNews has a an excellent expose of what happened, along with background regarding this priest.  There are two youtube clips: one of the "performance" at WYD (the entire half-hour claptrap) along with another "performance" last year.  That one showed a performance of his that can only be called satanic.  I go to a traditional Latin Mass.  A few minutes before Mass begins, the organist will play sacred music to assist people in quieting themselves and focusing on what is about to happen.  As you watch the video of the racket that precedes the WYD mass, you'll notice some misguided kids dancing - hardly the recollection necessary to assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Peter Kwasniewski has a piece in Crisis magazine, just published today, called "World Profanation Day".  Read it.  I think most sane people will agree that the world youth debacle needs to be scuttled as of now.

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

The Guns Of Lori

Showcasing once again that the Catholic hierarchy in the USA is, by and large, at the beck and call of their socialist puppet masters and sugar daddies, the Archdiocese of Baltimore spearheaded a gun buy-back session in Baltimore.   What?  They should be about the salvation of souls?  How rigid of you!  Didn't you read what the occupant of Peter's chair said last week?  Why, priests aren't supposed to "dogmatize", didn't you know?

Here is the article from the Catholic Review.  By their own admission, most of the docile dupes are middle-aged.  They probably aren't inclined to engage in drive-by shootings, etc.  One deluded guy said he suffered gunshot wounds as a victim of a car-jacking, but now that he's in a "better area", he didn't need his gun anymore.  He gave it away with no compensation.  Now just think.  If he had a gun at the time of the car-jacking, would he have been shot?  What makes him think that his "better area" won't go to seed?

Speaking of car-jacking, here's an account of an incident in North Carolina.  One woman had some road-rage lunatic follow her into a parking lot.  He tried to force her car door open.  Fortunately she was armed and shot her would-be assailant to death.  I'm sure she would not have been inclined to fall for that gun buy-back codswallop, and probably will never be so stupid.

Both of these articles came to me by way of Canon212.com.  Both that webmaster and I wonder just where did the Archdiocese of Baltimore get that $50k to fund that gun buy-back nonsense?  Inquiring minds would like to know.

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

World Youth Day Is Over - But The Mess Continues

Yes, World Youth Day 2023 has (mercifully) drawn to a close.  As you can see, the organizers are packing up their stuff until next year.  Uh.. wait a minute!

Does that include the Blessed Sacrament?  Yes, that is where the organizers of the World Youth Dumpster-Fire have saw fit to keep the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Our Lord.  This is sacrilege, pure, simple and inexcusable.  I believe those young people on the right are in adoration, and I hope that adoration is sufficient to serve as reparation for the sacrilege.  If we wonder why people no longer believe in the Real Presence, it is because Our Lord is treated so carelessly and flippantly: passing Him around in paper bowls as though the Hosts were potato chips and then placing Him in some ugly profane crate

The pope, while still in Lisbon, gave another "surprise" interview.  During that interview, he opined that "people with right-wing ideologies were the most dangerous faction in the Church".  Moreover, he said that "we need normal seminarians, with their problems, who play soccer and who don't go to the neighborhoods to dogmatize".  

Most dangerous faction, are we?  Well, I suppose that depends on your perspective.  On August 3, an openly gay priest offered a Mass for LGBTQ people.  I could be incorrect, I hope I am, in believing that these people were unrepentant and continuing with their perversions.  At any rate, a group of traditional Catholics were also in that church, and they began to pray to drown out the blasphemy and sacrilege.  They even (gasp!) wore mantillas and carried Crucifixes.  Police were called and the real Catholics were ushered out.  Then Father James Alison, the gay concelebrant of that Mass said of the traditionalist protesters, "the interruption highlights the challenges that LGBTQ Catholics face in trying to practice their faith."  

"Practice their faith"???  Father, if you really want to remove those challenges, repent of your own perversions, get to Confession, and then start proclaiming God's teachings regarding the sin of homosexuality (in all its varieties).  As it stand now, you might be eligible for that millstone to be tied around a neck.  

Yes indeed.  I do hope that we are "dangerous" to those, including the pope, who seem hell-bent on mutilating our Faith beyond recognition.  Speaking of which, remember this and this from two months ago?   If this pope says we are the "most dangerous faction", I will take that as a badge of honor.

Now orthodoxy wasn't completely ignored - just that in regards to Sacred Tradition.  In one other area, orthodoxy was mandated!  All pilgrims were told to download an app onto their phones to measure...what?  How many times they went to Mass?  Whether or not they made good confessions?  How many rosaries they prayed?  No!  Of course not!  Why, that's so, so..rigid!  Nope!  This thing was a questionnaire to measure the "carbon footprint" that each person made while at the WYD, and then told them ways to "offset" those nasty "footprints".   The priorities of WYD are clearly on display - steer the focus of the youth from things of God to things of this earthly life, with a left-leaning tilt to boot.  By the way, don't you just wonder who created that app, and what else it may be doing on the phones of those unsuspecting kids?

Friday, August 4, 2023

World Youth Mass Debacle

Take a look at the picture on the right.  At first glance, it appears to be condiment bowls that one might find at an outdoor potluck.  The bowls are paper and that is plastic wrap on top.  But it isn't.  That is how Holy Communion is being distributed at the World Youth Day this year.  That has been the case for several years now.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is sacrilege.  It is absolutely inexcusable and objectively sinful to treat the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of the Second Person of the Holy Trinity in such a banal and flippant manner.

Bishop Strickland has a few things to say about it.

LifeSiteNews has additional commentary on the bishop's remarks.  Read One Peter Five's take.  That backdrop looks like a Lego-driven nightmare.  It looks quite sterile and bleak, and probably by intent.  And the altar?  It looks like if one were to put pressure on one end of it, whatever is on the altar would topple right off.

I watched some of that clip (no time for the whole thing) and saw some of the abuses in distribution of Holy Communion (besides the potato-chip style bowls).  What was that priest thinking when he did intinction of the Host and used his hands to catch any droplets of the Precious Blood?  I am glad that the one woman ordered the other to consume the Host that she took.  It was good to see a few of the attendees receiving on the tongue, albeit from other lay people.

Still, the way in which Communion was distributed was rife with sacrilege.  It would have been better not to distribute Holy Communion at all.  Recall that there is no obligation to receive at Mass.

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

New Head of Catholic Charities USA Will Continue Left-Leaning Directions

Catholic Charities USA selected its new President and Chief Executive Officer.  Her name is Kerry Alys Robinson.  Judging from that write-up, it appears that she will help propel Catholic Charities down to its progressive abys.  She is replacing Sister Donna Markam, who will soon retire.  She hails from the Leadership Roundtable, which is fraught with its own left-wing influences.  She was a member of the national committee for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, about which I and other Catholic bloggers have written copiously.

Let's look at some of her new colleagues at Catholic Charities USA.  There's Keith Styles, the Executive Vice President, General Council and Chief Operating Officer.  He has quite the record for political contributions, donating regularly to ActBlue and to "Hillary for America" in 2016.  John Kerry received $1,000.00 when he ran in 2004.

Bill Gangluff, Chief Communications and Marketing Officer, a graduate of Notre Dame, also contributed frequenly to ActBlue.  

All in all, we have ample reason to believe that Catholic Charities will continue to champion left-wing ideologies, and they'll most likely continue to facilitate the crashing of our southern borders.  Catholic Charities remains another "catholicized" slush fund that doesn't deserve our collection dollars.